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Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/13(Wed)22:06 No. 24379 [Reply] Stickied

File 145271919729.jpg - (116.63KB , 604x594 , 16082-1370887101-12.jpg )

This is now the, official, request thread for /co/.

I shouldn't have to say this, but: Spamming, Flaming, and the such will result in a ban.

Take it easy~

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Anonymous 20/06/08(Mon)06:32 No. 25671

File 159159074875.jpg - (50.07KB , 634x457 , 383bbe7b0d117113009361de48a7487afe62012f4372f65858.jpg )

Like cats

Comic Uploads Anonymous 09/07/25(Sat)16:37 No. 7618 [Reply] Stickied

File 124853265492.jpg - (1.54MB , 2560x1972 , Crecy-00.jpg )

I figured that I'd start up the comic upload thread again. I will also try to deliver any requests to the best of my ability. Let's start off with the obligatories and some of my favorites.


Batman- The Killing Joke:

Batman- Dark Knight Returns


The Death of Superman:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 20/11/20(Fri)01:26 No. 25778

Is this a joke? Megaupload doesn't exist anymore.

Princess Adora as Despara commits atrocities. How to redeem her: SHE-RA ! Anonymous 13/04/03(Wed)21:09 No. 23511 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136501617191.jpg - (170.46KB , 768x811 , Despara aka Princess Adora.jpg )

Notice the sadness in Adora's face?
Masters Of The Universe 8 reveals that Adora, now Despara, is a lethal weapon in the service of evil! This means a great deal. This young beautiful girl is deprived of her true calling; a heroin who is meant to represent hope and inspire good. The Horde is to be despised for making her a villainess who ignites despair and enforces evil. As a reader I rejoice in Adora's yearning for a better life. I read it as a sub-conscious expression of weeping for being kept from what she was truly destined to be and being forced to endure this nightmare of a life. Adora must be freed from the Horde and be allowed to choose the kind of life she wants to lead. I am grateful that Despara is covered from head-to-toe. Adora (and her face) should be engaging opponents as a warrior for GOOD and not evil! The bond and friendship with her steed Spirit, can be given more weight to. They can encourage each other to always strive to do good because the guilt of committing horrible acts under Horde-control hangs heavy on them. Also, their desires to be (and stay as long as possible) She-Ra and Swift Wind is great because these are identities that are used in the service of good and have not, in the past, been used for acts of evil! The short-haired Adora can be transformed into the long-haired She-Ra. To have Adora's hair, height, mass, clothes and voice change when she transforms into She-Ra makes for a much better secret identity (a dark tan like He-Man got in the cartoon when Prince Adam turned into him, would also be nice).

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Happy New Year! Anonymous 21/01/03(Sun)23:17 No. 25807

File 160971226562.png - (706.91KB , 914x1150 , Happy2021.png )

Happy New Year wishes from Melendy Britt, Voice of "She-Ra, Princess of Power"


January 24th: Skeletor & She-Ra Virtual Experience 6pm ET Anonymous 21/01/03(Sun)23:40 No. 25808

File 160971365379.jpg - (219.60KB , 1280x720 , Skeletor-_-She-Ra_article_Sunday_January-24th-2021.jpg )

Meet the stars of Skeletor & She-Ra with GalaxyCon Live at 6pm ET on Sunday, January 24th! https://galaxycon.com/blogs/january-2021/skeletor-shera


Anonymous 21/01/03(Sun)23:48 No. 25809

Alan Oppenheimer: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed, SALES CUT OFF 1/18/21 https://galaxycon.com/products/alan-oppenheimer-send-in-your-own-item-to-be-autographed-january-24th?variant=37427328942248

Melendy Britt: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed, SALES CUT OFF 1/18/21 https://galaxycon.com/products/melendy-britt-send-in-your-own-item-to-be-autographed-january-24th?variant=37427333922984

Alan Oppenheimer & Melendy Britt: Send In Your Own Item to be Autographed, SALES CUT OFF 1/18/21 https://galaxycon.com/products/alan-oppenheimer-melendy-britt-send-in-your-own-item-to-be-autographed-january-24th?variant=37427335364776

Cheetah (dc) Anonymous 20/08/04(Tue)19:31 No. 25719 [Reply]

File 159656230636.jpg - (309.88KB , 1032x1566 , 1596411040773.jpg )

Cheetah from "Wonder Woman #761" preview

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DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED: WONDER WOMAN / CHEETAH Anonymous 20/12/27(Sun)18:48 No. 25799

File 160909130384.jpg - (197.82KB , 686x1023 , wonder-woman-cheetah.jpg )

DC Comics’ most iconic heroes have equally iconic villains. Lex Luthor is as prevalent in the collective consciousness as Superman, and the same, of course, can be said of Batman and the Joker. And yet, of the so called “big three” – Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman – the latter is the only hero whose arch-nemesis isn’t as readily conjured to those who have not read the comics, and yet the rivalry is no less iconic. That nemesis is the Cheetah.

When examining what exactly it is about this rivalry that makes it so dynamic, it does not take long to reach the conclusion that these two characters are incredibly similar – they have similar powers, they share much in the way of personality (determination, competitiveness, aggression), and of course they are both iconic powerful female characters. What all of these similarities do, however, is highlight all the more brightly the fundamental differences between them.

Diana was raised from birth to be a warrior. She was trained every day of her life to gain mastery over her Olympian powers as well as her Amazonian abilities. That mastery is very much a physical exercise, but also one of character – the wisdom to know when and how to use those powers and abilities is just as valuable as the capacity to use them. It is this level of training that makes Diana more than just a warrior. What makes her Wonder Woman is not just her powers, but her ability to discern how to use them justly. By contrast, Barbara Ann Minerva seizes her powers in haste. She does not even take the time to learn fully the requirements of the guardian before becoming the Cheetah, with disastrous results. And though she gained many of the same abilities as Wonder Woman (speed, strength, agility, etc.) she is still as untrained and impulsive as she was before – rendered even less in control by her thirst for blood. This is both a strength and a weakness, as she lacks the mastery to ever truly best Wonder Woman but remains a vicious and unpredictable foe.

Anonymous 20/12/27(Sun)18:49 No. 25800

File 160909137316.jpg - (120.58KB , 600x842 , wonder-woman-star-sapphire.jpg )

Likewise, Wonder Woman represents the force of love in heroism. For all of her fierceness and warrior nature, what is the most key component of the Amazon culture is the propagation of love among people. This is seen by the Amazons as a gift only they can bestow, as “Man’s World” is incapable. It’s a rather blunt metaphor, as far as gender goes, but it is something central to the mythos of Wonder Woman and has been reinforced time and again throughout the DC Universe. The best example of this outside of the Wonder Woman mythos is within that of the Green Lantern, where the Star Sapphires – those who wield the Violet Light of Love – are exclusively female, and Wonder Woman herself was deputized as a Star Sapphire during the Blackest Night event. The Cheetah, however, is driven only by her own ambition. As an archaeologist see sought fame, as the Cheetah she seeks power, and ultimately it is her shame at being defeated so many times by Wonder Woman that fuels her continued vendetta – a vendetta in which she effectively abandons the tribe that gave her power so that she could be their guardian.

That isn’t to say that women aren’t capable of aggression and brutality (as both the Amazons and the Star Sapphires has proven numerous times), nor is it to say that men are incapable of love and compassion, but rather the mythology proposes that within the context of the Emotional Spectrum, women have a more natural affinity to love, whereas men’s affinity lies in rage and greed. And herein lies the key to the Wonder Woman / Cheetah rivalry. By forsaking love and compassion and embracing rage and greed, Cheetah denies to herself a key part of her identity – she denies her “female” strength. Their rivalry, therefore, is one of feminist ideology, where the Cheetah represents the act of becoming more “male” in order to achieve fame, power, and respect. Wonder Woman then represents the much more progressive view that strength and independence do not have to be won at the expense of one’s female identity.

In essence, Wonder Woman is a symbol of female empowerment – literally meaning the empowering of what is “female” – which, in this case, the mythology proposes is the ability to love. The Cheetah’s opposition to Wonder Woman then is not just a physical threat, but a threat to the very foundation on which Wonder Woman stands, which is why this rivalry stands among the greatest in the DC Universe.

Anonymous 21/01/01(Fri)03:44 No. 25806

Holy balls, that art style is hideous

Anonymous 18/11/12(Mon)21:17 No. 25381 [Reply]

File 154205383756.jpg - (657.66KB , 1800x2452 , gettyimages-610708138-1.jpg )

The last of the greats, and someone who helped shape my childhood, is gone. Go in peace, Stan. Excelsior!

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Anonymous 20/10/17(Sat)21:44 No. 25758

The Mighty Marvel Mayhem Show Episode 13: Stan "The Man" Lee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PDVhbSMepg

Birthday Tribute Stan "The Man" Lee Anonymous 20/12/28(Mon)21:30 No. 25801

File 160918740420.jpg - (948.26KB , 1815x2579 , hugh-tims-stan-lee-is-god.jpg )

Marvel Fans Remember Stan Lee On What Would Have Been His 98th Birthday https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/stan-lee-birthday-marvel-fans-downey-avengers/#3

Anonymous 20/12/30(Wed)21:23 No. 25805

Remembering Stan Lee on What Would Have Been His 98th year https://bleedingfool.com/blogs/remembering-stan-lee-on-what-would-have-been-his-98th-year/

Anonymous 17/05/30(Tue)05:43 No. 25117 [Reply]

File 149611578068.jpg - (195.84KB , 1017x786 , heman_vs_hulk_by_daetymn-d93popx.jpg )

Strength or power, who wins?
He man is"the most powerful Man in the universe" Hill strongest there is.
Which is superior, per our strength?

Anonymous 20/12/30(Wed)18:58 No. 25802

File 160935112680.jpg - (60.07KB , 600x900 , He-Man hoists Hulk.jpg )

He-Man has strength enow to hoist Hulk!

Anonymous 20/12/30(Wed)19:07 No. 25803

File 160935162823.jpg - (169.47KB , 471x721 , The Hulk and He-Man.jpg )

After the obligatory misunderstanding-leading-to-a-fight trope, Hulk and He-Man team-up in order to spar with Skeletor's Spydor!

Anonymous 20/12/30(Wed)19:11 No. 25804

File 160935187015.jpg - (92.63KB , 1057x994 , Skeletor&HulkHogan.jpg )

He-Man/Hulk Hogan EXPOSED!

Cartoon series that need to be made/brought back Anonymous 18/10/08(Mon)18:14 No. 25308 [Reply]

File 153901528644.jpg - (39.01KB , 720x340 , splash_780-1849-720x340-1.jpg )

A Star Trek animated series set in the Lost Era or post-Nemesis would be amazing.

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A continuation of.... Anonymous 20/09/24(Thu)09:22 No. 25754

...Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors! Just pick up where they left of after the first season.

Anonymous 20/09/24(Thu)22:24 No. 25755

Holy shit I forgot all about this cartoon!!

A continuation of.... Anonymous 20/12/21(Mon)20:23 No. 25795

...M.A.S.K.(Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)!
Just pick up right after season 1!
Completely disregard season 2 (which is utter crap!).
Maintain the secret identities!
V.E.N.O.M.(Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem)agents are NOT to know the true identities of M.A.S.K. agents.

Anonymous 20/12/17(Thu)03:12 No. 25793 [Reply]

File 160817115588.jpg - (410.80KB , 1536x2048 , de7rgt4-421ab086-30f8-43f7-84d2-8c51c8091cff.jpg )

Well you guessed the hint

Its Krogzilla

Share the adventure with your friends and family


Storm (aka marvel's Wonder Woman) in the comics and cartoons Anonymous 20/08/30(Sun)09:58 No. 25740 [Reply]

File 159877431411.jpg - (49.73KB , 491x709 , Storm is marvel's answer to Wonder Woman.jpg )

1975 was the year marvel comics finally introduced their equivalent to dc's Wonder Woman.

2020's decade to feature Ororo Munroe to headline her own stand-alone movie titled 'Storm'?

6 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)20:40 No. 25768

He says to her that he wants her and that he always get what he wants. Then he says her heart beats strong next to him but Jean wants him to stop. Storm is flying freely when Angel joins her and asks for a kiss.

Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)20:45 No. 25769

Suddenly Angel sees what Wolverine is doing to Jean and flies towards him. Wolverine tries to cut him with his claws but Jean stops him. Then Storm uses her powers to stop Wolverine's fury and Angel shouts at him, saying Xavier is crazy to have a guy like him join their group. Then Jean comforts Wolverine but he doesn't want pity because he really is a killing machine. Next, in the morning, Xavier talks to Jean about the events during the last night, and that she did good with Wolverine.

Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)20:46 No. 25770

File 160365521443.jpg - (370.28KB , 903x1339 , cxm033_1466352800.jpg )

Then Jean says she loves Scott but she is also attracted to Wolverine, and that is the main reason she is leaving the X-Men.

Then she thanks Xavier for everything and he says they are all free to leave, or he would be just like Magneto if he doesn't allow them to go.

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)07:04 No. 25346 [Reply]

File 154018469552.jpg - (12.77KB , 180x169 , Peter_Parker_(Earth-616)_from_Amazing_Spider-Man_V.jpg )

Why is he so Amazing?

11 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/11/29(Sun)01:34 No. 25779

Because Spiderman.

Anonymous 20/11/29(Sun)20:46 No. 25780

He keeps on fighting after getting knocked down

Anonymous 20/12/01(Tue)07:19 No. 25781

A brief discussion on the importance of STEVE DITKO to comic books https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqSvE-MrFH4

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