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Comic Uploads Anonymous 09/07/25(Sat)16:37 No. 7618 [Reply] Stickied

File 124853265492.jpg - (1.54MB , 2560x1972 , Crecy-00.jpg )

I figured that I'd start up the comic upload thread again. I will also try to deliver any requests to the best of my ability. Let's start off with the obligatories and some of my favorites.


Batman- The Killing Joke:

Batman- Dark Knight Returns


The Death of Superman:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 20/11/20(Fri)01:26 No. 25778

Is this a joke? Megaupload doesn't exist anymore.

Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/13(Wed)22:06 No. 24379 [Reply] Stickied

File 145271919729.jpg - (116.63KB , 604x594 , 16082-1370887101-12.jpg )

This is now the, official, request thread for /co/.

I shouldn't have to say this, but: Spamming, Flaming, and the such will result in a ban.

Take it easy~

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Anonymous 20/06/08(Mon)06:32 No. 25671

File 159159074875.jpg - (50.07KB , 634x457 , 383bbe7b0d117113009361de48a7487afe62012f4372f65858.jpg )

Like cats

Storm (aka marvel's Wonder Woman) in the comics and cartoons Anonymous 20/08/30(Sun)09:58 No. 25740 [Reply]

File 159877431411.jpg - (49.73KB , 491x709 , Storm is marvel's answer to Wonder Woman.jpg )

1975 was the year marvel comics finally introduced their equivalent to dc's Wonder Woman.

2020's decade to feature Ororo Munroe to headline her own stand-alone movie titled 'Storm'?

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The 2020s decade Anonymous 22/05/21(Sat)07:20 No. 26008

The cream of the crop from the MCU and the DCEU

Anonymous 22/05/21(Sat)21:42 No. 26017

A Pitch for 10 Years of X-Men Films https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZtOzSkqn54

Anonymous 22/05/27(Fri)07:53 No. 26027

How should Marvel introduce mutants to the MCU? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhrheeYOqpo

How do you imagine Venom symbiote? Anonymous 22/04/24(Sun)17:16 No. 25969 [Reply]

File 165081340213.png - (718.90KB , 1920x1080 , revenge.png )

I imagine it to be mysterious like it was before it was revealed to be alive.

Symbiote never shows the monstrous form. We never see if it feeds on negative emotions nor eats the host.
Symbiote at first copies Spider-Man's look, but like in Spectacular Spider-Man, the more the suit looks classic, more control the symbiote has, but it also gets a bit buffer and shinier.

5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/05/18(Wed)08:40 No. 25986

File 165285600785.jpg - (274.91KB , 950x1529 , RCO031_1470711112.jpg )

In fact, she sees him as her best friend and understands how he could have misunderstood her. She then tells him not to say anything more and jokingly threatens him if he tells anyone about this private conversation. With that, Jean goes back to her fellow officers, prompting the symbiote to swing Spider-Man's body away.

Anonymous 22/05/20(Fri)19:42 No. 26005


Man, they did symbiote dirty after 1994 show.

Anonymous 22/05/25(Wed)17:16 No. 26026

File 165349180612.png - (952.61KB , 593x935 , irst.png )

ITT 80’s comics Anonymous 18/12/31(Mon)05:09 No. 25442 [Reply]

File 154622937364.jpg - (423.68KB , 690x1080 , 847D5656-4A69-4735-9E25-A33A5084E3F0.jpg )

Looking for some new inspiration for a new drawing project. Need more 80’s/90’s series
>pic related

Will post more examples. The more cable the better, maybe some x-force or 2099 series. Let’s have a nice radical comics thread

10 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)20:11 No. 26021

Nova vs. Gladiator

Inspiring art by Chris Marrinan and Mark Stegbauer

Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)22:44 No. 26023

Obligatory Deadpool and early Image Comics WILDCats

Anonymous 22/05/23(Mon)14:31 No. 26025

That's one big gun.

Anonymous 20/10/08(Thu)04:37 No. 25756 [Reply]

File 16021246712.jpg - (177.32KB , 1392x1004 , b.jpg )

Thoughts about this FOP episode
Was it worth that wish?

Anonymous 20/10/15(Thu)19:33 No. 25757

File 160278323390.jpg - (168.64KB , 1024x768 , fop__worst_episodes_on_season_7_by_cookie_lovey.jpg )

FOP: Worst Episodes on Season 7

Anonymous 22/05/23(Mon)11:27 No. 26024

File 165329805388.png - (179.00KB , 708x464 , FOP Season 8 Scorecard by MrAnimatedToon.png )

FOP: Season 8 Scorecard

Cartoon series that need to be made/brought back Anonymous 18/10/08(Mon)18:14 No. 25308 [Reply]

File 153901528644.jpg - (39.01KB , 720x340 , splash_780-1849-720x340-1.jpg )

A Star Trek animated series set in the Lost Era or post-Nemesis would be amazing.

4 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
A continuation of.... Anonymous 20/12/21(Mon)20:23 No. 25795

...M.A.S.K.(Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)!
Just pick up right after season 1!
Completely disregard season 2 (which is utter crap!).
Maintain the secret identities!
V.E.N.O.M.(Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem)agents are NOT to know the true identities of M.A.S.K. agents.

Anonymous 22/02/19(Sat)20:01 No. 25937

A live-action M.A.S.K. theatrical film is currently in development by Hasbro Studios and Paramount.

A continuation of.... Anonymous 22/05/22(Sun)22:34 No. 26022

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light! Just pick up where they left of after the first season.

Anonymous 18/09/02(Sun)21:57 No. 25276 [Reply]

File 153591825013.png - (125.17KB , 377x327 , Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow America.png )

Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?

Anonymous 18/10/05(Fri)01:39 No. 25304

File 153869639363.jpg - (335.85KB , 962x720 , bb.jpg )

Hit the rooooad

Out of context comic panels Anonymous 18/10/28(Sun)13:15 No. 25357 [Reply]

File 154072891982.png - (259.73KB , 271x537 , dick is good.png )

22 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)12:27 No. 25764

File 160362522249.jpg - (43.94KB , 453x456 , c7b924a8e559765d20b44fc325801bff.jpg )

Anonymous 20/10/25(Sun)12:27 No. 25765

File 160362524250.jpg - (174.19KB , 738x966 , 455603a245bcbe5e684eebfbe1889500.jpg )

Anonymous 22/05/21(Sat)21:15 No. 26015

File 16531605306.gif - (1.28MB , 640x358 , masters-of-the-universe-id-sure-like-to-fist-him.gif )

>>25484 Fisto "I'd sure like to fist him!"

Infamous Kevin Smith line from MOTU:R episode "Cleaved in Twain"

2024 All new MCU...Magneto and his progeny sporting red and green colors Anonymous 22/05/21(Sat)19:46 No. 26014 [Reply]

File 165315519111.jpg - (47.58KB , 460x326 , Red and Green colors means family unity.jpg )

MCU Magneto look = Silver, red and purple

MCU Scarlet Witch look = Red
MCU Quicksilver look = Silver and green (sometimes Silver and blue)
MCU Magnetrix/Polaris look = Green (sometimes green and purple or green and blue)

MCU Wiccan look = Silver and red
MCU Speed look = Silver and green (sometimes Silver and blue)

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