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Celsius ## Admin ## 09/12/28(Mon)07:43 No. 1 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12619825919.png - (268.28KB , 600x750 , 122872653197.png )

Now that this is a real board, it's time to lay down some rules:

1. Don't be a faggot

Thank you, and enjoy

Historian 14/11/11(Tue)09:03 No. 14463 [Reply]

File 141569302939.jpg - (474.12KB , 858x1139 , 1415245660292.jpg )

Rough idea just coming together here, but at least half the people who live in the USA want to live in another USA. ...a USA without most of the US government. ...if the Native American reservation lands are technically Sovereign Nations unto themselves, but reside within the borders of the US... they get the security of the USA by default, but...

and they were to say "heyyy, huge corporate & biotech & energy companies, all the shit the squeamish US Gov doesn't want you to do, Stem Cell research, Cloning, Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor, etc... We're gonna designate this area over here, where you can do it all, & if your corporate headquarters & employees want to relocate here, we're simply going to extend everyone a 4% flat tax to you and your employees, and you can tell the US Gov and the IRS and SEC and their costly bureaucracy to go get stuffed.

The US Government would be woefully unable to compete with what a Tribe could offer. Those lands would quickly become the most valuable lands in the world, still owned by the tribes, because of the legal protections the tribes provide, and even on such a looow tax rate, those tribes would ensure the companies remain happy, and grow wealthy enough to not need the unreliable pittance from the US Gov, begin to acquire more of their own lands back, and finally prosper as the cool landlords of the worlds most desirable, powerful nations, probably the best role anyone could ever hope for, could stop relying on & self destructing from the casino racket, could afford to develop modern cities reflecting their own culture (instead of all the displaced european replica cities we're used to), the world would get the science it wants, etc etc etc.

If we willed our lands to Native Tribes, we'd be willing it away from the shitty US Government...

...I can't believe I'm thinking what the native americans need are giant corporations, but fuck there's a way to build an alternate USA.

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Historian 23/07/17(Mon)22:22 No. 15667

Cringe is how ignorant, and rasict, you clearly are yet still feel the need to pollute the world with your stupid generalizations and lack of knowledge.

Historian 23/08/17(Thu)17:53 No. 15670

Use your words, little boy.

Historian 23/09/04(Mon)02:21 No. 15672

Oh is that what gets ya? Words? Are the ones I used to big for you?

I dislike racist idealogies Anonymous 23/08/23(Wed)02:29 No. 15671 [Reply]

File 169275055420.png - (158.15KB , 393x262 , thanos.png )

I was thinking about black people in Africa. How they are starving and poor. How all the foods Americans throw out and waste. And no matter how much food you throw out, it will have no effect one way or the other on Africa. Even if you don't throw out 1 piece of food the whole year, Africa will still starve.

I was thinking how to save the Africans. Keep giving them care packages and support. But it seems futile. They just keep fucking women, making more and more babies. JUST STOP FUCKING WOMEN. Is what I said. But a life of being incel is not living. Telling a male to not fuck women is like telling a bear to not eat honey.

I realize now the only way to save Africa. Sterilize half the population. There is no criterion to who gets sterilized. Its a coin flip. Its just. Its fair. It only applies to countries in Africa that have starvation. After many years of thinking how to save Africa, this is the only way.

I dislike racist ideologies. They try to dehumanize Africans, try to make them seem as less than people. But they are people. They are suffering. This is the way to save Africa. We sterilize precisely because we care. Or you can be a lib, act outraged, tell me I'm wrong, tell me you're offended, so you can feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back. Pretend there isn't an issue and pretend your lib doctrine is somehow helping the situation. While there are actually people out there suffering.

Also, I was banned from 4chan for no reason, fuck them. That place is infested by tards anyway. Literally banning the person who's going to help civilization the most, no wonder civilization is a dystopia. I was gonna post in the International forum but I don't see one here, this is the closest I could find.


Historian 14/03/09(Sun)21:12 No. 14202 [Reply]

File 13943959345.jpg - (141.44KB , 749x546 , freidrich-750.jpg )

We need a giant battlefield movie, set in any period with gunfire... preferably the Seven Year's War, this would be the best way to vicariously live in the most interesting parts of all of history

With all the funds... GoPro's in the actors playing the cavalry, artillery, officers, rankers, battlefield observers.. jumping to the king's point of view ( in some cases the General himself ) showing BOTH sides of the conflict. or third parties like nearby villagers or deserters

The scale will need to be huge, 40,000 ideally...

With so many perspectives (goProCams) you'd get a like a movie in the third dimension, you wouldn't necessarily sit down and watch it, though it could be edited that way for multiple movies within the battle, or you'd click on different cameras while the movie is playing throughout time and choose what you are watching and from who's point of view

6 hours worth of a continuous acting on a battlefield with high tech special effects and scripting would produce the most content ever

If Europeans are considerate to their ancestors they could work together to make it happen, i mean by god! they've been doing it for 300 years, this is a minor project to them!

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Historian 23/05/06(Sat)04:43 No. 15642

File 168334102589.jpg - (24.47KB , 474x266 , 1783286639287077.jpg )

I'm following the Russia-Ukraine war (2022 to present)

Historian 23/05/25(Thu)13:03 No. 15655

When's China gonna take back the island of Taiwan?

Historian 23/07/17(Mon)22:25 No. 15668

Never, that place Is going to burn to the ground before China ever takes it back. China needs it intact and undamaged cause they can repopulate it but they can't rebuild it.

I have real tresure. Historian 23/07/01(Sat)01:51 No. 15664 [Reply]

File 168816908434.jpg - (544.28KB , 1774x1774 , 20211031_084335.jpg )

This is some real life treasure I have. I know it's Masonic, 32nd degree maybe. It is clearly handmade. I am going to calculate the specific gravity soon. That is all I am going to say for now, unless someone else has meaningful info. But this is real tread I found while looking for actual treasure.

Historian 23/07/01(Sat)01:51 No. 15665

File 168816911852.jpg - (473.35KB , 1474x1474 , 20211031_084405.jpg )

Historian 23/07/01(Sat)01:52 No. 15666

File 168816915789.jpg - (541.12KB , 1684x1684 , 20211031_084356.jpg )

Historian 22/12/30(Fri)22:22 No. 15620 [Reply]

File 167243533014.png - (566.69KB , 605x799 , 53443534534534.png )

Is there any explanation for the mysterious creature that the HMS Daedalus encountered on 6 August 1848?


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Historian 23/06/19(Mon)13:20 No. 15660

File 168717363761.jpg - (33.72KB , 850x748 , 20230619.jpg )

Does it worship the moon?

Historian 23/06/19(Mon)16:11 No. 15661

Moons been kinda wildin lately?

You feeling the new moon yet?

Historian 23/06/22(Thu)15:24 No. 15662

File 168744025798.jpg - (427.25KB , 2000x2832 , 20230624.jpg )

Chinese chick next door is mooning me

Food Culture Historian 23/05/24(Wed)13:03 No. 15653 [Reply]

File 168492622182.jpg - (695.06KB , 3218x2000 , 20230523.jpg )

Does every culture have a version of meat on a stick?

Historian 23/05/25(Thu)13:00 No. 15654

File 168501245014.jpg - (0.97MB , 5259x2781 , 20230526.jpg )

Also fried dough. I think every culture has that too.

Historian 23/06/08(Thu)11:57 No. 15658

File 168621822120.jpg - (243.73KB , 2048x2048 , 20230608.jpg )

Coffee culture is best

Ukraine & Belarus (Belorussia) and their mythical nationalisms Historian 15/06/06(Sat)06:11 No. 14625 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143356391557.jpg - (153.98KB , 733x480 , BRFPB.jpg )

Both Belarussian and Ukrainian nationalism are so misguided. They side with the Western, Latin occupiers (Poland, Lithuanian, Austria-Hungary) and ignore the fact that Belarussians and Ukrainians are part of Rus. They have more in common with the so called "Great Russians" of the Russian Federation than with Westerners.

Why is this? Why do they love their myths so much?

Nationalists lie, and one would be remiss to think that Russian nationalists are immune. But through a purely historical analysis, one can see the holes in the nationalist movements of Ukraine and Belarus. The departure from Rus which is present in both is not only a betrayal of ancestors but a change of identity. Ukrainian and Belarussian nationalism are far more Polish, far more Lithuanian, far more Austrian, than they are Ukrainian and Belarussian.

Ukrainians and Bealrussians are in fact Russians who lived under Western European rule. That is the only difference between them and Muscovy. Why embrace the foreign chains? Why deny one's identity in favor of a foreign force? Why seek to create weak, poor states continually begging for alms from the West? Why not re-unite with the Russian Federation to restore Rus?

48 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 16/07/26(Tue)06:54 No. 14895

File 146950886477.png - (651.12KB , 1244x1144 , 33.png )

ur saying baltic through balkans isnt latin anglo? lewwwl

Historian 18/06/18(Mon)16:01 No. 15086

OP is dimwit faggot

Historian 23/06/03(Sat)08:37 No. 15657

File 168577426836.jpg - (479.63KB , 2048x1536 , 20230603.jpg )

Himars stands with Ukraine

More historical nonsense from Manly Men Historian 15/05/21(Thu)13:04 No. 14616 [Reply]

File 143220628368.jpg - (36.67KB , 460x276 , Heenan-v-Sayers-001.jpg )

Found this article about octopus wrestling and eating contests with animals, and I started thinking, can we fill a textbook with historical nonsense done by men trying to be manly? So fare I've turned up the article from above http://statbonus.com/2015/04/06/2-manly-feats-of-idiotic-strength/ and this cracked bit http://www.cracked.com/article_19246_5-manliest-hobbies-youve-never-heard-of.html except that one only has a few "historical" entries.

Historian 15/05/21(Thu)16:47 No. 14617

>can we fill a textbook with historical nonsense done by men trying to be manly

No lifetime is long enough to write that book, ha!

Historian 23/06/03(Sat)08:35 No. 15656

File 168577412884.jpg - (174.48KB , 1443x895 , 777.jpg )

Nothing manlier than afternoon tea.

FINLAND Historian 23/05/08(Mon)11:27 No. 15645 [Reply]

File 168353802525.jpg - (572B , 442x270 , 20230510.jpg )

Finland joins NATO

Historian 23/05/08(Mon)11:29 No. 15646

File 168353819720.jpg - (56.90KB , 750x977 , 20230510.jpg )

Finland has become the 31st member of the Nato security alliance, doubling the length of member states' borders with Russia.

The Finnish foreign minister handed the accession document to the US secretary of state who declared Finland a member.

Then in bright sunshine in front of Nato's gleaming new headquarters, Finland's white-and-blue flag joined a circle of 30 other flags.

Finland's accession is a setback for Russia's Vladimir Putin.

He had repeatedly complained of Nato's expansion before his full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said by attacking his neighbour, the Russian leader had triggered exactly what he had sought to prevent.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that Russia would be "watching closely" what happens in Finland, describing Nato's enlargement as a "violation of our security and our national interests".

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Historian 23/05/21(Sun)01:34 No. 15651

File 168462568489.jpg - (208.35KB , 1920x1275 , FullRetard.jpg )

Russia mad. And they really don't like this international squadron of F16s the Scandies are putting together either.

-General Surovikin May 20, 2023 ‘Russia will deploy all 4 of its Maritime Multirole Fifth Generation Aircraft Sukhoi 57 against the American F-16 in Ukraine"

lol russia can't even get a fucking hypersonic missile past UKR's handful of donated air defenses. Now they're going to send their most asspensive jets and pilots into that same airspace. Life expectancy of a WWII tank op's got nothing on these poor bastards.

Finland I think ur a-ok.

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