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I dislike racist idealogies Anonymous 23/08/23(Wed)02:29 No. 15671

File 169275055420.png - (158.15KB , 393x262 , thanos.png )

I was thinking about black people in Africa. How they are starving and poor. How all the foods Americans throw out and waste. And no matter how much food you throw out, it will have no effect one way or the other on Africa. Even if you don't throw out 1 piece of food the whole year, Africa will still starve.

I was thinking how to save the Africans. Keep giving them care packages and support. But it seems futile. They just keep fucking women, making more and more babies. JUST STOP FUCKING WOMEN. Is what I said. But a life of being incel is not living. Telling a male to not fuck women is like telling a bear to not eat honey.

I realize now the only way to save Africa. Sterilize half the population. There is no criterion to who gets sterilized. Its a coin flip. Its just. Its fair. It only applies to countries in Africa that have starvation. After many years of thinking how to save Africa, this is the only way.

I dislike racist ideologies. They try to dehumanize Africans, try to make them seem as less than people. But they are people. They are suffering. This is the way to save Africa. We sterilize precisely because we care. Or you can be a lib, act outraged, tell me I'm wrong, tell me you're offended, so you can feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back. Pretend there isn't an issue and pretend your lib doctrine is somehow helping the situation. While there are actually people out there suffering.

Also, I was banned from 4chan for no reason, fuck them. That place is infested by tards anyway. Literally banning the person who's going to help civilization the most, no wonder civilization is a dystopia. I was gonna post in the International forum but I don't see one here, this is the closest I could find.


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