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/grim/ - Cold, Grim & Miserable As always ideas for rules, anonymous names and better headers are always welcome, post them in the main sticky and we'll consider them.
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Eeyore ## Admin ## 12/10/14(Sun)22:41 No. 1 ID: 8ff395 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135024730515.gif - (499.57KB , 500x291 , I googled Creepy gif and got this_ Not bad imo.gif )

Yep, this is an actual board. Congratulations to you.. you sad, lonely individuals. I think the best way to describe this board is to just copy paste the post that inspired it's trip on to /777/:
"There's too much happiness on this site already. We need more cold stuff, more darkness and unhappiness.
I propose a /grim/ board. Where we gather to share jokes that aren't funny. Grim stuff like gore perhaps. Murder stories. Genocide. Results of war. Pictures of areas in the dark. Pictures of crumbling ruins. Pictures of thing that are decreasing in value or are stagnant in value in the sense that they cannot get any more undesired. Also, Nigrachan is obligatory."

Lets have a minor tweak of the rules from the /777/, version. This board is not for gore. Gore posters will be banned. It's just for generally miserable shit, just go with the stuff that is in the above quote and you should be fine. Any further rules will be made up as we go along if necessary and will be added to this post.

Go Wild.

To request future /777/s use this thread.

New Admin post 30th Sept, 2013.

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Eeyore 19/12/10(Tue)08:00 No. 6295 ID: da92ae

>There's too much happiness on this site already. We need more cold stuff, more darkness and unhappiness.
we were so fucking naive

Eeyore 22/11/30(Wed)00:49 No. 6913 ID: 9b5239 [Reply]

File 166976578158.jpg - (710.35KB , 1200x1900 , atXK1Cx.jpg )

This is Tim Grim.
He lives in Grimsville.
He has no friends or family.
He is unemployed.
What should he do?
a. nothing
b. asses his situation
c. kill himself

Eeyore 22/11/30(Wed)17:41 No. 6916 ID: e1f8a4

Considering he lives in Grimsville, I assume he'll either pick A or C.

Eeyore 22/11/30(Wed)18:33 No. 6917 ID: 698e6f

it's a game, you can only pick one.

i need a friend lonelybros Eeyore 22/11/27(Sun)19:29 No. 6906 ID: 179f27 [Reply]

File 166957375518.jpg - (77.30KB , 1920x1080 , nyan cat.jpg )

posting this is really soy but im not exactly a socialite and i have no friends. on my mother's fax machine i have 0 added friends and im in 1 server (ghetto smosh official) and on iMessage i have my dealer & my nigger hating uncle. i need some tips on how to talk to people and meet people online or IRL. i am a catatonic schizophrenic so that also really fucks with my ability to branch out. ive tried finding people with similar interests but i dont know where to find people and honest to god i just need someone to fucking talk to. also i got banned from og runescape yesterday for calling someone a boot lipped porch monkey so ive been extra down in the dumps. i just need a buddy i promise im really super cool

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you were on 4 yesterday! Eeyore 22/11/28(Mon)13:44 No. 6909 ID: e218b5

hey! it's me, anon! i saw you on the "other website." did you still want to chat somehow? maybe i could join your my mother's fax machine server

Eeyore 22/11/28(Mon)16:14 No. 6910 ID: 179f27

oh shit, sure
slashstab asher#1975

Eeyore 22/11/30(Wed)13:19 No. 6915 ID: cfd7be

What kind of server is it?

Homelessness and Wandering the States Eeyore 22/11/26(Sat)10:12 No. 6905 ID: 024284 [Reply]

File 166945395626.png - (1.06MB , 602x838 , ivy (small bg photo).png )

Real quick, I'm a schizophrenic NEET on disability but because Murica I do not make enough to live off of on my own. I've always had to take roommates to share the rent with, and because most people don't do that for free, it's usually a romantic partner I move in with. Because I'm vulnerable and stupid, I end up falling for a person who hurts me, or even starts beating me and insulting me just to put me down. So I run away. I call a friend somewhere else in the States who can move me somewhere else, and then it starts again. I meet a person, they hurt me, I leave.

You get the point, basically. Medicaid is state based, so when you move elsewhere, you need to reapply for that state's version of Medicaid. As I've already been to half the states in the country, and already moved twice this year, it's been very hard to keep my medical benefits steady (they can take up to 100 days to approve an applicant after the forms are filled out or, if you have SSI, respond to a change of address.)

I can't get my meds right now so it's harder and harder to go outside, I can barely get food, and might be moving again in another few months too.

My family says they're willing to house and feed me and take care of the cost of my medicine, but the only stipulation is that I cannot bring anyone home with me. The problem with this is that I'm extremely codependent, too broken to live for my own sake, so I need someone to lean on and be my purpose. But after 6 or 7 consecutive relationships that turned abusive, I'm really just thinking there isn't much hope for me living comfortably, or doing anything other than struggling like an animal every day to survive.

Are there any other diagnosed schizophrenics here whose conditions are severely disabling? If so, I'd love to know how you're all getting by, because I'm having a really tough time out here. (pic unrelated, just a drawing I did when I moved here)

Eeyore 22/11/30(Wed)13:17 No. 6914 ID: cfd7be

File 166981062092.jpg - (11.31KB , 225x225 , 1669412058843358.jpg )

I'm not a full blown skito but it runs in my family and I have had vivid experiences where I have hear voices. Only a handful of times but I think this could be the onset of my genetic predispostion to it, anywho; I'll tell you what every therapist has told me: Change the narrative you tell yourself. It seems lame but it really is the only thing that truly works. Read some stoics like Marcus Aurelius and learn how to control your reactions to your emotions better because the truth is that the world is a cold and dark place and doesn't give a shit about you or anyone and will do everything in its power to try and kill you and will if you let it.

You are a meaningless spec floating through an infinite cosmos. Just choose to be ok the best you can. I understand what its like to be on food stamps and be codependent with an abusive partner and that is what has helped me regain my independence. That and an insatiable thirst for the truth and this is what I have come to realize. Good luck.

so alone transporter319 21/03/31(Wed)11:02 No. 6620 ID: d3d7d7 [Reply]

File 161718136631.jpg - (71.21KB , 500x500 , corgilove.jpg )

I feel more alone than ever how do I cope? I would love to be in the arms of a woman but they want nothing to do with me. I am 41 my loveless life makes me feel so hopeless. A woman called me an incel recently and it stung so bad because it was absolutely true. I haven't had much luck with the ladies but it's even harder to smash right now with the pandemic. It's taking a toll on my life I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel either

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Eeyore 22/01/15(Sat)00:58 No. 6720 ID: 182caf

You have doing it wrong all the time. To have a couple should never be a worry for a man. You are just feedfing the same black hole in your soul that lures you into chasing illusions. You 41? What you should really be worried about is that filth inside you...

Were you ever happy as child, when you didn't think about sex nor infatuation? Your mind is sick with worthless desires

sad loser transporter319 22/11/29(Tue)12:49 No. 6911 ID: 5db423

update I am still alone and worthless. I am just like those losers women complain about on tiktok though I'm actually nice and charming

Eeyore 22/11/29(Tue)17:14 No. 6912 ID: 990371

>nice and charming
Self-loathing and being miserable are not nice and charming.

Eeyore 18/05/04(Fri)18:36 No. 5791 ID: ee3ced [Reply]

File 152545179027.jpg - (86.56KB , 838x549 , night-sky-new-moon_jpg_838x0_q80.jpg )

No friends or anyone. What do you personally do to cope?

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Eeyore 22/01/17(Mon)19:43 No. 6722 ID: 182caf

Why does such a thing to be a misfortune? What a poor mindset.

Eeyore 22/10/08(Sat)07:58 No. 6875 ID: 67b693

https://my mother's fax machine.gg/7C2GwSE

hiki neet sui sh

Eeyore 22/11/19(Sat)03:37 No. 6903 ID: feac70

I have fantasy friends in my head, and we live in a fantasy town, but my fantasy girlfriend broke up with me, so I've been having a fantasy hard time.

Grim Music Eeyore 22/11/04(Fri)13:03 No. 6893 ID: e8ed6e [Reply]

File 166756343130.jpg - (57.40KB , 500x500 , 5fr454.jpg )

ITT: Post music made for the Cold, Grim & Miserable.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 22/11/07(Mon)23:53 No. 6897 ID: 5a9d6f

Cold cave is upbeat pop music
They're not miserable or grim at all


Have some grim miserable music

Eeyore 22/11/11(Fri)12:55 No. 6899 ID: 52cec3

File 166816772485.jpg - (122.11KB , 1024x683 , 1668028511288665.jpg )

God, fags like you are so annoying. Pretentious as fuck. Sure Cold Cave is "core" as far as C-G-M music goes, but, you're in denial if you think they don't invoke emotions of sadness and distain/nihilism. The music makes me feel very apathetic and I enjoy it.


Nothing beats the Disintegration loops.

Eeyore 22/11/12(Sat)15:38 No. 6902 ID: 7e9da6

File 166826392192.jpg - (79.25KB , 359x478 , atrax.jpg )


Noise, Death Industrial, Post-HipHop.
Both sonically and lyrically it could be considered as /grim/ music.

Civil war Shaman 22/08/21(Sun)23:13 No. 6840 ID: 7eed0e [Reply]

File 166111641314.jpg - (26.03KB , 339x270 , download (31).jpg )

Do you believe that America us on the verge of a civil war, what side would win?

16 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Eeyore 22/10/21(Fri)04:20 No. 6889 ID: 9d9c43

>shitty book
Not an argument.
>braindead facebook browsing boomer like myself
Ad hominem.
>bro you mentioned him
Plain lie that anybody in the board can see.
>I just mentioned the conspiracy he is responsible for spawning
Another lie. Inform yourself better.
>and raking in billions off
IDGAF, but you do apparently.
>gullible dick heads like myself
Ad hominem.
>Bro read a book
Not an argument. Also, you think staying ignorant is a virtue? I see.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Eeyore 22/11/11(Fri)12:57 No. 6900 ID: 52cec3

>doesn't give any retort to my argument just texas sharp shoots me arguments and says nothing but personal attacks all the while calling the fallacy police on me for shit I didn't even commit.

Damn nigga, what a bitch.

Eeyore 22/11/11(Fri)16:24 No. 6901 ID: 049bc8

The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy is about interpreting statistics, I think you meant Shotgun Argumentation (throwing out a long list of random appeals and hoping one works).

Eeyore 21/10/21(Thu)05:48 No. 6692 ID: d2a5e8 [Reply]

File 163478812350.jpg - (57.61KB , 540x540 , 3upZx2gxxLpW7MBbnKYQLH-1200-80.jpg )

Is it worth saving /grim/?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Americium!Metal3G/gs 21/10/31(Sun)07:38 No. 6697 ID: d2a5e8

In this big universe, I'm sure there are plenty of planets just as or even more beautiful than Earth.

There are planets that even rain diamonds. Imagine how beautiful that must be.

Eeyore 22/01/12(Wed)12:42 No. 6717 ID: 5f37af

File 164198773831.jpg - (70.57KB , 828x468 , greta_2.jpg )


>Humanity? I've been thinking about this a bit, but watching humanity fail to deal with climate change is an eye opener.

>I've started to think that we just don't deserve to survive. We're a cruel, selfish species that can't work together to solve large problems. We don't deserve it, not in a moral sense, but in a practical one. It would be negative for such a primitive abusive force to spread in the universe.
I think that the most underrated hindrance to save the climate is NOT the polluters. Especially not coal miners. Because they are predictable. Mine coal. Get money. Repeat.

What we see now is a bunch of hibernated commies or never-was-commies or was-commies-but-had-good-intentions-also-Singapore that are scenting the morning air. Wich is really interesting, because they had not been able to think new thoughts after 1969 and not after 1989. I've been to a few climate demos in Stockholm. And if you gave me 1 SEK for every time I heard someone play "Bella ciao" I could...buy you a cup of coffee.

The best solution would be to have some kind of greenhouse gas dividends. Foot the bill to the polluters. This will cause prices to go up. But if every citizen gets an equal share for pollution produced in their own country and every citizen of EU gets an equal share of imported goods, then the problem will pretty much solve itself.

Of course this system will cost, because surveillance and maintenance isn't free. But the huge advantage is that it gives corporations an incentive to do what they are already doing best: Scale economics. Yeah, there's a bunch of sad sacks that wants more and even more regulations. Also the bunch of sad sacks that wants some kind of revolution. Wich is quite funny, because they can't tell the difference between a generator or a carbureator OR can do a violence.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Eeyore 22/11/06(Sun)17:38 No. 6896 ID: ea28ff

Should never have existed

Eeyore 22/11/02(Wed)06:32 No. 6892 ID: 759357 [Reply]

File 166736716687.jpg - (306.71KB , 1600x1000 , 7f199e3913fe61bceac0c8d2a09c13dd.jpg )

All I can do is cry, these days

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