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Historian 16/07/03(Sun)03:16 No. 14879 Board: /hi/ [Reply]

Youtube  Do you think that future historians will view isis as a legitimate successor to the ottoman empire some 100+ years from now?

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Historian 19/10/16(Wed)20:56 No. 15239

Why would they?

Historian 19/10/18(Fri)16:05 No. 15240

Yeah what is the explanation for this? I'm having a hard time tracing the line. Isn't ISIS on the terroristic side, messing with people's lives? How do you connect them? Mesopotamia and Rhodesia both had irrigation systems but I don't call them comparable in the first place in conversation. lol
I want to know why you associate them. Were there close amounts of power for these groups? I would think there's a disparity, right? They both don't exist in the same amount on that metric. I can't see why you'd equate them, it's a mystery to me. I've encountered a Herculean task of managing the mystery of this scenario. lol

Historian 19/10/20(Sun)07:37 No. 15241

It doesn't have to make sense, it just fits in with a narrative he's being paid to push online. If he doesn't write a post he doesn't get paid.

He doesn't put a lot of thought into each one so you shouldn't either.

batgirl capture batgirl capture 21/07/09(Fri)07:57 No. 108711 Board: /di/ ID: 0eb582 [Reply]

File 162581022895.gif - (2.37MB , 640x480 , _batgirl captured_480p_final.gif )

batgirl capture

Captain Tsubasa Anonymous-San 20/11/01(Sun)17:52 No. 36359 Board: /a/ ID: c2a3d1 [Reply]

File 160424956423.png - (1.50MB , 975x642 , Tsubasa.png )

I like this picture :)

Nihzanni 21/03/15(Mon)04:15 No. 36462 ID: 31ed39

File 16157781437.jpg - (150.20KB , 1000x600 , CaptainTsubasa-Post.jpg )

Awesome, are you a fan of the show? I've never watched it, but I can imagine it rocks. The classic anime style is cute.

Anonymous-San 21/03/16(Tue)04:34 No. 36469 ID: 0fd860

File 161586565726.jpg - (56.78KB , 250x392 , aq4e5t6hwa4.jpg )

Older japanese sports shows were amazing. They make you feel good and want to go out to be a real man.

Anonymous-San 21/03/26(Fri)10:17 No. 36473 ID: 7cb4c3

Have you seen Battle Athletess? It isn't the best show and for some reason every season is just a remake of the original show but I find it pretty entertaining

??? Poe 21/09/04(Sat)01:26 No. 2641 Board: /irc/ [Reply]

File 163071158727.jpg - (110.22KB , 728x883 , gfngfd.jpg )

???irc still alive???

Poe 21/12/26(Sun)10:53 No. 2645


1992 Batman: The Animates Series Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)18:06 No. 26327 Board: /co/ [Reply]

File 166239398293.gif - (2.75MB , 498x498 , Batman TAS 30th anniversary.gif )

Developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Mitch Brian (and produced by Warner Bros. Animation) it originally aired on Fox Kids from September 5, 1992, to September 15, 1995, with a total of 85 episodes.

The series became the first in the continuity of the shared DC Animated Universe, spawning further animated TV series, feature films, comic books and video games with most of the same creative talent.

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Anonymous 22/09/05(Mon)18:30 No. 26330

File 166239543671.gif - (1.81MB , 500x315 , batman batarang.gif )

Batman the animated series 30th anniversary tribute

Anonymous 22/11/11(Fri)19:06 No. 26391

File 166819000385.jpg - (395.63KB , 1428x744 , kevin-conroy-died-batman-voice-age-66.jpg )

Batman Legend Kevin Conroy Passes Away aged 66!


Anonymous 22/12/24(Sat)15:41 No. 26415

>>26329 "One actor has inhabited the role of Batman more iconically than any other -- Kevin Conroy,
the voice actor who holds the record for having played Batman for longer than any other performer,
starting with Batman the Animated Series in the early 90s.
There was a reason Kevin could relate to Batman like no one else:
because for decades, he too lived a double life. Just like Bruce Wayne and the Caped Crusader,
Kevin spent years split between worlds, hiding a secret identity of his own."

sounds mathematical Anonymous 19/07/09(Tue)23:45 No. 16796 Board: /sci/ ID: 407f46 [Reply]

File 15627087474.jpg - (37.19KB , 640x360 , 3dkmmfq2co731.jpg )

sounds that were created using mathematical formulas affect a person ?




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Anonymous 19/08/15(Thu)13:11 No. 16848 ID: 830de8

* waves

Anonymous 19/10/26(Sat)18:19 No. 16868 ID: 5454f2

Yeah I was doing some reading about this.
The CIA released some documents about their investigation into the Monroe Institute's Gateway Experience and found that they could not reproduce the effects of the hypnotic tones while using vacuum tubes or some such, so that they concluded the hypnotic effects were caused by the electromagnetic waves in the headphones and not the acoustic waves of the recording. Of course, any neurotransmitters in your brain are going to resonate with some specific frequency, so it's no surprise to me if sound waves can effect cognition.

help me please Anonymous 22/10/14(Fri)16:22 No. 18366 Board: /sci/ ID: 233623 [Reply]

File 16657573648.jpg - (15.15KB , 320x318 , IMG_20221014_095828_475.jpg )

can't really get the click to solve physics numericals... how do u guys do it? like I understand after seeing the solution but can't do it on my own

Anonymous 23/01/10(Tue)13:06 No. 18440 ID: 8b7613

File 167335240760.png - (80.99KB , 502x336 , Graphic-description-of-tribology-interacting-with-.png )

Physics as a subject has three areas to master. First theory, second notation, third is application. You got to get all three to pass and understand and they build on eachother. It seems you're having trouble with application. Start solving easy problems and work your way to harder ones.

The+Red+Barron 23/01/22(Sun)10:36 No. 18473 ID: 7cb4c3

You look the answer up on google and memorize it just like your teacher did

Anonymous 23/01/28(Sat)06:34 No. 18478 ID: c9d146

File 167488406828.jpg - (745.98KB , 1080x5284 , 18.jpg )

Color theory of the physics of light

I need good advices. Sarah Palin 13/12/15(Sun)02:27 No. 14861 Board: /w/ [Reply]

File 138707082131.png - (110.55KB , 300x205 , guncrafterindustriesmodelno1.png )

Hello Anon.

First of all, I'm a neophyte.
But since a long, long time ago (and I wasn't even playing video games or watching movies with weapons and explosions everywhere then though I still totally don't) I want to shoot with .50 caliber weapons (anti-material rifles and handguns, mostly). Don't ask, I don't really know why I'm not any more attracted by assault rifles or submachine guns…
I'm also not really attracted by gas operated weapons simply because as far as I've searched (I never owned my own gun, too expansive for me right now) it is more likely to become dirty and jam…

But whatever. I hear a lot of people talking about the M1911. Apparently, this gun is reliable as fuck. I know someday I'll look into a .50 caliber revolver but this is another point. And after searching for a .50 caliber pistol, I heard a lot about the Desert Eagle being the most overrated piece of shit ever (because it apparently jams for nothing because of its gas operated system that quickly gets dirty) so I searched for a .50 caliber chambered M1911 equivalent and I found one : the Guncrafter Industries Model Number 1. It looks good to me but a bit… Expansive. That's why I'm interested in your knowledge about those.

Also, I was wondering what were the "best" .50 B.M.G. chambered anti-material rifles in their categories (I heard a lot about the M82 and M107) but I think I'll just begin with a "simple" handgun for now.

A gun being some sort of investment by being expansive, I really want to get as much tips, advices, points of view, ideas and feedbacks as possible before making my choice. I really want a good, precise and reliable weapon but with more personal characteristics and that's why I need you.

Thanks. :)

Post-scriptum : My english may not be very good. In that case, feel free to correct me, it would be much appreciated.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Sarah Palin 14/01/27(Mon)04:54 No. 14892

>not owning a Hi Point C9

Acroth+Nilsson 15/10/13(Tue)20:45 No. 15180

M1911 is more than having the cock in hand.
I need to shoot straight in through the door and through a protective vest at the same time.
Then this is the best.
But how the hell do I hide the spectacle.
By burying pigs twelve feet under.
God made man and Yahoo made me God!

General! acroth+nilsson 16/01/11(Mon)21:21 No. 15226

After a slide mount to a peepholes through the door.
Then caliber 45 best.

John Smith 23/09/10(Sun)01:53 No. 48716 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 169430358653.jpg - (1.54MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20230908_113617607_HDR.jpg )

Idea 3d printer that prints 3d printer robot people that can assemble themselves rather quickly as image of a person in various types of download the internet style installed chips and ai personality also knows the laws and that various people can be analysed and facial recognition software and colour paint drop tool shapes gifting capabilities and removal of persons deemed unfit to society and unnoticeable without a trace and even scares with idea of perpetual holocaust and immortality and eternal prisons!

John Smith 23/09/10(Sun)01:54 No. 48717

Also maybe could be 5d or 8d or more and that the 3d printed people also are like3d printers that can print 3d printer people. Allalalla

Yagum 13/08/26(Mon)07:10 No. 1023 Board: /banner/ ID: d24a49 [Reply]

File 137749382673.jpg - (7.49KB , 300x100 , yagum.jpg )

Is this any good?

Bruce Banner 13/10/06(Sun)21:37 No. 1050 ID: cf727c


Bruce Banner 13/12/30(Mon)00:07 No. 1083 ID: cc55d9

What is /s/ all about?

Bruce Banner 14/01/22(Wed)08:48 No. 1088 ID: a59819

This looks more like /rnb/ stuff

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