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technicolor-cock 17/07/26(Wed)15:24 No. 123003 Board: /men/ [Reply]

File 150107547254.jpg - (79.76KB , 540x720 , tumblr_otku8waF7A1s5l26do1_540.jpg )

Hi guys!
I always had problems about my self esteem and was ashamed with my body. This week for the first time ever I decided to try something different and posted some nudes of myself online.

So, party (;

(P.S: Yep, i enjoy my nudes with some colorful lights, and this is the tumblr where I intend to keep posting: http://technicolor-cock.tumblr.com/)

Wine Connoisseur 11/03/15(Tue)18:55 No. 1656 Board: /v/ [Reply]

File 130021171486.png - (189.75KB , 451x302 , 1291435839235.png )

What do the gentlemen of /v/ think of box wine?

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Doxy 12/07/16(Mon)09:51 No. 2211

Box wine is akin to Mike Tyson. Given a chance it will gladly fuck you up, nobody likes it that much. No true patron of the arts would admit to partaking in such an abomination. Moreover, op, your crabs have herpes. Ergo, i deem you unworthy of continued life for speaking of such a hideous creation.

Pee+Know+Nwahh 12/11/16(Fri)05:59 No. 2253

File 135304196927.png - (400.12KB , 631x394 , Winequal fail.png )

This is what i think of such tripe.

Stork+ 12/11/16(Fri)06:32 No. 2254

I disagree with your complaint on the milk, good sir! Bagged milk is delicious, and remains in similar quality depending on the manufacturer.

However, bagged wine is tripe. Inedible tripe.

Swap, Set, Match EC 16/07/14(Thu)07:41 No. 24430 Board: /elit/ ID: 5cd996 [Reply]

Before you read: I'm not sure of the policy on this, so feel free to just enjoy the story and move along...

As an author on Smashwords, I need some help. I'm very critical of my own writing and my greatest desire is to deliver the best end product I can, but I could never bring myself to share my stories outside of the Anonymous venue of the internet. I need an editor but i can only offer free copies of my stories as payment.

The story I'm posting is free and I can post a link to my profile, but I don't want to make it sound like i'm schilling for my paid stories. They're all gender swap. I just want someone other than me to give me critical feedback and/or edit if they enjoy such things. You can criticize this story as well, and it would still be appreciated, I just can't post my paid work here. It feels wrong to ask, but i don't know where else to turn and this site has always been good to me :)

TL;DR - Read the story, if you like it and enjoy it, i can give you more in exchange for criticism and/or editing

Tags: MF,TG

Swap, Set, Match

I couldn't help grumbling to myself as I turned off the highway in my '98 Civic. The problem that had been gnawing away at my psyche for the last 2 months had now reached a point where inaction was simply impossible. I felt betrayed, angry and very much at my wit’s end. I was going to find out for certain if my wife was cheating on me, whatever that took.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/07/15(Fri)20:46 No. 24442 ID: 5cd996

Also the first 20% of every story is available for download for free, so you can see if it's your cup of tea.

Anonymous 16/07/17(Sun)06:01 No. 24449 ID: 882c1d

hi Emily! loved the story, never actually bothered to read a gender-bender story before. how would I go about getting a free copy of your stories? I'd be thrilled to offer some constructive criticism if you're still looking for a friendly editor

Anonymous 16/07/17(Sun)17:53 No. 24455 ID: 5cd996

Sure, email me a detailed review and/or edited copy of this story and I'll send you another!

Bruce Banner 12/06/04(Mon)15:36 No. 792 Board: /banner/ ID: 764293 [Reply]

File 133881698854.jpg - (12.51KB , 300x100 , 7chan Banner.jpg )

MS Paint isn't completely useless, is it?

Interest 12/06/24(Sun)23:45 No. 803 ID: 6c411a

You could've made the letters glow to match the symbol, but otherwise it's fine

Bruce Banner 12/07/11(Wed)11:01 No. 829 ID: b83832

Hmm, ok. I'll see what I have.

Getting a glow effect in MS Paint is tricky. I'll throw it into GIMP or something and fiddle around with it there.

Bruce Banner 12/10/30(Tue)00:52 No. 890 ID: 386c4a

You don't need "effects". Just paint it.

zales 16/12/17(Sat)16:59 No. 61525 Board: /cake/ ID: ccaecf [Reply]

File 148199034371.jpg - (51.18KB , 774x596 , IMG-20161108-WA0049.jpg )

zales 16/12/17(Sat)17:00 No. 61526 ID: ccaecf

File 148199040888.jpg - (52.77KB , 600x800 , IMG-20161108-WA0050.jpg )

zales 16/12/17(Sat)17:00 No. 61527 ID: ccaecf

File 148199045756.jpg - (46.75KB , 500x745 , IMG-20161108-WA0051.jpg )

Anonymous 15/10/23(Fri)05:21 No. 57221 Board: /h/ ID: b9119a [Reply]

File 144557051573.jpg - (509.00KB , 800x534 , foxynost-43-071236500 1285568143.jpg )

I still haven't found a hentai I enjoy more then Foxy Nudes. Bible black coming close behind I suppose. Oni chi chi was alright too.

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Anonymous 15/11/20(Fri)05:49 No. 57287 ID: 0008cc

File 144799496381.jpg - (24.74KB , 640x480 , [KH]_Ride_of_the_Valkerie_01_(h264)_[CB1A2512]_mkv.jpg )

Good taste, OP.

For me, it's Ikusa Otome Valkyrie. It's not even my favorite, especially with how it turns into a shitty futafest in the second episode.

But seeing Valkyrie getting put down and wrecked so hard is just beautiful.

Anonymous 16/01/04(Mon)03:05 No. 57381 ID: 9c3171

I pretty much enjoy anything with lots of tenticals.

Anonymous 16/09/13(Tue)19:55 No. 58078 ID: 825cf6

Panty Flash Teacher.

Pretty good unknown one.

Bruce Banner 14/03/26(Wed)08:57 No. 1111 Board: /banner/ ID: 945c0b [Reply]

File 139582065560.png - (40.88KB , 300x100 , grim.png )

A little something for one of my favorite boards.

Bruce Banner 14/05/17(Sat)03:18 No. 1134 ID: 873781

File 140028952466.gif - (177.34KB , 300x100 , 7chan - Grim.gif )

more /grim/

Rom is da Bomb! Anonymous 13/08/07(Wed)02:04 No. 5104 Board: /pco/ [Reply]

File 137583388729.jpg - (65.47KB , 728x227 , ROM is da Bomb.jpg )

His art speaks for itself

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Scotch and other lesser spirits Skunch 17/08/25(Fri)05:17 No. 3274 Board: /class/ [Reply]

File 150363107798.jpg - (104.23KB , 1920x1080 , 16bit city3.jpg )

Scotch fucking rules. Buy the cheap stuff, mix it with soda, stop getting bloated and hung over.

Example: J&B

The good stuff is best when it's room temperature. A table spoon or two of water can expand flavors, but is not necessary for every glass.

Ice is for scotch you don't like.

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)00:25 No. 477 Board: /civ/ ID: ee2f87 [Reply]

File 151173870933.jpg - (101.57KB , 1067x600 , NKKILLAMERICA.jpg )

Just remember, anybody who doesn't want to go to war is gay.

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Anonymous 18/03/22(Thu)12:52 No. 575 ID: bf3618

It's only coordinated in the sense that their all playing the game.

Worst case scenario is Japan gets a little more nuclear radiation(they're used to it by now), everyone nukes nk(china loses a pawn, but keeps it's border proxy exchanging a hostile state for a nuclear wasteland), and then it's back to the status quo.

Anonymous 18/03/22(Thu)14:31 No. 576 ID: c69d68

I have to thank you for this reply. It restores my faith in humanity, to a small degree, that at least one place exists where people who do not necessarily agree about political issues can talk about them and find common ground.

Anonymous 18/03/26(Mon)06:19 No. 581 ID: 6636d3

Anytime. I try not to be a polarized idiot.

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