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John Smith 18/04/02(Mon)06:45 No. 46494 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 152264432894.jpg - (132.87KB , 1280x720 , lecture_hall_gray.jpg )

I was attending a lecture the other day and I noticed the instructor had a very strong tendency to use the word “okay” as a filler word. Most people tend to use words such as “uh” and “like” when giving a speech or presentation so I didn’t think much of it. However, there were instances where she would say “okay” three or more times in a period of less than ten seconds. It got to a point where I could predict exactly when she would say it. I kept a tally in my notebook every time she said “okay”. In total, she said “okay” one hundred thirty-six times.

What kind of filler words do you use John?

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John Smith 18/04/24(Tue)23:47 No. 46549

If you don't use "fuckin'" then you're not allowed to be my friend

John Smith 18/04/25(Wed)05:32 No. 46552

R u fuckin serious?

John Smith 18/04/29(Sun)14:24 No. 46554

Haha. While public speaking I figure if I have nothing to say I don't say anything at all. Haha. I like to think that is a good habit, or lack thereof. Haha.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 17/08/16(Wed)05:58 No. 5061 Board: /pr/ [Reply]

File 150285589835.jpg - (9.09MB , 3800x5244 , jasmine4.jpg )

results.Sort((g1, g2) => g2.depth.CompareTo(g1.depth));

Can someone explain to me what the hell this C# does?

results is a System.Collections.Generic.List

It's some kind of interface shortcut I guess? But what is => and why write it like that, does it save CPU cycles or just time for the coder himself?

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 17/08/18(Fri)05:06 No. 5065

Darn, the formatting got completely fucked. Oh, well.

Nattack!upUGcHlgU2 17/08/18(Fri)10:55 No. 5066


Here bud

Function currying and lambdas combine to make a thing called Streams (as my college puts it anyway), they are not quite the same as a filestream, however.

It's a great thing to learn, a bit tricky at first but can eliminate the need for complicated nested loops with slightly less complicated nested lambdas.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 17/09/04(Mon)00:29 No. 5071

File 150447779632.jpg - (181.57KB , 650x922 , jasmine2.jpg )

Thanks for explaining! I think I'll need to do a bit more research on lambdas before I grasp them.

I win, duh Well, we win 16/12/24(Sat)06:41 No. 19933 Board: /x/ [Reply]

File 148255806279.jpg - (11.29KB , 181x278 , kay.jpg )

Victory Speech

Brexit, the victory of Donald Trump, the Impeachment of the South Korean President, the victory of Duterte, and other world-class events occurred, even though we did not own billions of dollars, and even though we do not have a princess by our side.
We were plainly lucky. The CNF of the Guardians is so fortunate that we can indirectly influence the world, though we also used our wits in the process. Anyone can oppose Imperialistic interests. Anyone with Einstein’s luck and tactics.
We Filipinos can be happy, even without wealth. And we can influence the world, covertly. We can appear younger, happier, even without the princesses.
The defeat of Hillary Clinton is proof, that wealth does not guarantee victory. Television networks do not dictate the outcome of elections. Clinton’s supporters were not as fortunate, nor as blooming as the CNF of the Guardians.
And so, I say: In sickness and in health, shall we brag, and rejoice. Brand me as a villain, or as a demon, if you will. But this villain has a happy ending.
I have learned how to love, but my enemies will never fully recover. I do not fear to live alone, even in a damaged world. But my enemies can never quell my happiness. And they will always live in fear of my luck.
-With love, from the Philippines.

Tin Foil Enthusiast 16/12/26(Mon)09:08 No. 19936

What are doing in here pinoy? Do some putang ina shit somewhere else

bong Anonymous 16/06/06(Mon)17:57 No. 13172 Board: /rx/ [Reply]

File 146522865216.jpg - (26.09KB , 644x484 , fp1.jpg )

does any one know what type this is or where to get one

Anonymous 16/06/20(Mon)19:59 No. 13185

Is that an fish tank air pump?

I have no idea what's going on there; sure it isn't someone's home-made solution?

In particular, I am unsure how one lights this bowl that is inside a closed dome. Perhaps it is also heated electrically? I could see that working if the bowl could reach ignition temp itself, then the pump pressurizes the upper chamber--filling the lower one with smoke (an inversion of the gravity bong's vaccum principle).... but wtf seriously no idea.

Anonymous 16/06/20(Mon)20:15 No. 13188

Found it using the filename "fp1" and "bong"

It pretty much works like I expected, except the bowl is not electric so it sounds rather inefficient and complicated to use. I very much doubt any have been made since the 80s.

Shambler 14/08/20(Wed)17:36 No. 5192 Board: /zom/ ID: 7fa8aa [Reply]

File 140854898453.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hellrisinghand.png )

Hey /zom/, so about half a year ago I posted about this game here.

Its a browser based survival game where you get to play one of three races during the apocalypse, those being that of humans, vampires or zombies.
As a human you have to try to survive, generally by searching for items that will be of use to you, teaming up with other humans and annihalating the undead.
And as zombies and vampire's its your job to attempt to kill off the humans.
If you played before, lots of features have been added as well as a new map, NPC's with some new types of buildings and items.
Will post some guides

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Shambler 14/09/02(Tue)00:37 No. 5205 ID: e23869

Nevermind, as I was writing that I got gunned down by a human with an assault rifle lol

Shambler 17/09/04(Mon)19:16 No. 5571 ID: f15f4c

Bumpong thread

Shambler 17/12/29(Fri)13:33 No. 5586 ID: c50b25

You can find healing supplies (Hearts/ Blood bags) in hospitals though they're a bitch to find. Human wretches are about as easy as it gets to killing so you should use them to grind up exp to get higher hit ratings, then plasma feeding so you can heal with fangs.

Report loop for an SQL-table? Neckbearded Basement Dweller 15/08/19(Wed)13:57 No. 4789 Board: /pr/ [Reply]

File 143998544042.jpg - (93.86KB , 1000x646 , CP00990-002.jpg )

Please don't laugh. I know it's not normalized. The data is supposed to be able to entered achronologically without fugging things up. It looks something like this:

#01 2009-11-11 Bookstore Book Art 200.00
#01 2009-11-11 Bookstore Book History 50.00
#01 2009-11-11 Bookstore Paymt. Cash -100.00
#01 2009-11-11 Bookstore Paymt. Card -150.00

#02 2009-11-09 Gaym'aven Vidya Mario 20.00
#02 2009-11-09 Gaym'aven Vidya Zelda 25.00
#02 2009-11-09 Gaym'aven Vidya Sanic 28.00
#02 2009-11-09 Gaym'aven Candy Skittles 10.00
#02 2009-11-09 Gaym'aven Soda Cola 2.00
#02 2009-11-09 Gaym'aven Paymt. Cash 85.00

#03 2009-11-12 Dress Gud Shoes Autist 75.00
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Requests go here! Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/28(Thu)20:07 No. 10149 Board: /pco/ [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 145400803295.jpg - (105.08KB , 457x700 , Harley Quinn.jpg )

Due to the amount of requests this board is generating we are implementing a request sticky.

From hence forth requests outside of this sticky will result in the deletion of the thread and may, or may not, result in a ban depending on staff judgement.

Do not flame or troll other posters.
Doing so will result in a ban in accordance with the global rules.

-Dickson Benedict

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Anonymous 18/05/19(Sat)22:46 No. 12915

Awesome. Exactly what I was hoping for. I won't be overlooking libgen again.

Much thanks, anon.

Christine Chubbuck film "Christine" Anon 16/09/16(Fri)01:25 No. 20915 Board: /me/ [Reply]

File 147398190211.jpg - (3.38MB , 1690x2500 , christine_web.jpg )

New trailer!

Anonymous 16/09/24(Sat)20:04 No. 20917

I wondered why people started talking about this a year or so back, even though the news was ancient and dead and the video never to be released. It was strange to me that a topic so old was making rounds on the internet... now there's a movie.

Did anyone else notice this? Discussion of her sucide picked up for no particular reason at all about a year ago, and now there is a movie....

instant exchanges john chapman 18/03/08(Thu)05:32 No. 17 Board: /777/ ID: cfa289 [Reply]

File 152048354768.png - (867.68KB , 1365x620 , Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 11_35_48 AM.png )

Yes, we all know that there is no shortage of crypto tools (wallets, exchanges, etc) but some are clearly shit and some are worth using.

Instant exchanges are the future and prevent entities from becoming the gods of the crypto world. After you factor in fees, services like shapeshift (or switchain) are not really more expensive and can be cheaper. They also don't require an account.

They are convenient for trading altcoins. If, for example, you want to buy Dash with your Monero, you will have to sell your Monero for something like Bitcoin, Ether or something similar first. Then you buy Dash with your bitcoin or ether, etcetera.

Instant exchanges will dominate. Switchain is a good option that compares rates of shapeshift to similar services and even has its own rates for some pairs http://www.switchain.com/?utm_source=exchange
. So you always get the best rate. Try it out. But most importantly, FEED CRYPTO!

Mother Up Anonymous 14/02/08(Sat)05:50 No. 23824 Board: /co/ [Reply]

File 13918350376.jpg - (69.02KB , 406x644 , image.jpg )

Hey /co/ can we talk about this show?

Personally, I just want rule 34

Anonymous 14/09/22(Mon)20:44 No. 24044

File 14114114794.jpg - (63.52KB , 580x432 , Pilot.jpg )

I just saw the pilot episode.

It was funny that Rudi Wilson and the black guy were hunting kids and when she broke the news to her kids that their father left them and her when they were in the kitchen.

Shoe I Am Anonymous 14/10/10(Fri)17:18 No. 24080

2Bit; Rud, your robot butler's giving me attitude.
Sarah; I'm not a robot.
2Bit; - Ah! It's self aware. We gotta destroy it!

That was very funny to me!

Double D Moms Anonymous 14/10/10(Fri)17:27 No. 24081

Sarah rules!

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