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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Src 21/01/08(Fri)09:54 No. 23276 ID: 510068


Computers Teenage Girl 20/10/12(Mon)17:35 No. 23051 ID: 2e3548 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 16025169164.jpg - (405.70KB , 1800x1062 , 03A2263C-A8ED-4E21-B8AF-C90BDD7AE733.jpg )

Computers literally run the economy.
Computers literally control the Police.
Computers control the military.
Computers control the criminal Justice System.

Why the fuck are conformists so fucking stupid?

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Teenage Girl 21/01/18(Mon)21:01 No. 23309 ID: 0a137a

Love how lawless thugs assume anyone who hasn't been rawdogged in county is a bootlicker. "Either or, either or! Caw caw!"

Teenage Girl 21/01/20(Wed)20:26 No. 23312 ID: 835021

>Cops bust unions but don't stop fascist insurrectionists
How can any of your retards actually think they're good people? There is no such thing as a good cop. Either they're psychopaths that get off on abusing people they think are "lesser", or they leave and go do something else. Police don't DEFEND or HELP. They ENFORCE! Their job is literally nothing but violence at the bequest of the State.

If someone's job is to hold a baseball bat, walk around a group of people, and whack some of them over the head when they do something they are told is "wrong", what kind of people do you think this job is going to attract? Cops are the same.

Teenage Girl 21/01/20(Wed)22:14 No. 23313 ID: 0a137a

>How can any of your retards actually think they're good people? There is no such thing as a good cop.
So you're okay with that cop those MAGA rioters killed storming the capital?

Teenage Girl 14/10/21(Tue)09:55 No. 20162 ID: a8ac35 [Reply]

File 141387814288.jpg - (186.64KB , 960x720 , angrymarine.jpg )

As a young Vietnamese-American guy, I have to say that my life couldn't be any better. I live in a brand new beautiful home and grew up in one of the safest cities in America with my loving family and I'm fortunate enough that my college is only a 10 minute drive away from my home. Just a little bit about myself, I've been described as sweet, loyal, and I was popular with girls in high school. Everyone believes that I'm a person with a big heart. This is in no way a "my life sucks" thread. This is trivial compared to the other threads on here, and I sympathize with the other posters on here that are actually facing real problems.

But the thing that just annoys the hell out of me is the fact that the city I live in is full of superficial, materialistic cunts. Every other person that I've met my age was a stupid, fucking idealistic shit head. I also fucking hate these Pretty boy/Fake bitch Koreans that populate my area. Why the fuck are these sub-humans allowed to exist? Nothing annoys me more than seeing a group of these fuckers being the pompous shit-stains they are. All of them drive these brand new, expensive cars that their parents bought for them. They all look the fucking same with their stupid-ass haircuts and bright colors that they put in their hair. Like seriously, why can't we just exterminate these fuckers? They have no humanity within them, let alone any personality.

Pic Semi related

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Teenage Girl 21/01/15(Fri)21:43 No. 23297 ID: 2563d3

>he says as he deflects to more poo
Bravo, anon. You truly are the master paradigm of genius.

Teenage Girl 21/01/20(Wed)03:54 No. 23310 ID: 754154

You're arguing in bad faith on 7chan, don't act like shit isn't smeared on your face, too.

Teenage Girl 21/01/20(Wed)20:22 No. 23311 ID: 835021

In bad faith? As opposed to what, exactly? Arguing with what you've been by QAnon conspiracy theorists that colleges are nothing more than Communist Recruitment Centers?

Teenage Girl 21/01/12(Tue)03:11 No. 23286 ID: 8bf6d2 [Reply]

File 161041750663.jpg - (123.37KB , 650x650 , 1586038822627.jpg )

I have so many undiagnosed issues psychologically. Nobody can figure out what is wrong with me. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Teenage Girl 21/01/12(Tue)16:37 No. 23288 ID: 298ee3

File 161046586975.png - (340.21KB , 420x543 , bob-ross-dead-deformed-babby-pastel.png )

Welcome to 7chan.

Teenage Girl 21/01/14(Thu)19:43 No. 23295 ID: 8567b3

She's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake.

Sheeeee's watching the detectives! Oooh, he's so cute!

People are dumber than they think Teenage Girl 14/07/24(Thu)21:16 No. 19817 ID: 5c2228 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 14062294012.gif - (418.49KB , 125x92 , 14023781138s.gif )

My wife has a temporary job grading standardized state education tests. In the course of her work she has made some rather disturbing findings. Aside from the fact that a very large majority of American children have no critical thinking, problem solving, or basic math skills form 5th grade to high school, the grading and testing programs are biased. During her work she is encouraged and rewarded for giving tests what are called "glimmer points."

For instance if a question asks the students to compare the movie Planet of the Apes to real life. A large number of the test takers have no idea what a comparison is and write their essay about how important it is that a film like Planet of the Apes was made to document the ancient history of Earth.

Missing the point entirely they should get a zero score but because the mentioned apes or used the History, they get a score of 1 or 2, their "glimmer point."

This all tells me that Americans are becoming increasingly stupid, and that the reality of the situation is being carefully and knowingly covered up by the educational system. So, when you see a report on whatever news channel talking about falling test scores in the United States, remember the score should be much, much, much, lower.

De-evolution is real

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Teenage Girl 20/02/12(Wed)13:30 No. 22492 ID: c3a5b7

File 158151062517.jpg - (53.66KB , 536x767 , Its Just That Simple.jpg )


Teenage Girl 20/12/26(Sat)12:26 No. 23224 ID: 046c96

The real problem is asking a stupid question like Planet of the Apes. Why in the world would they be expected to watch some random ass movie? Since when was that mandatory viewing? The only possible way to make up for such a dumb question is glimmer points where they're rewarded for BS'ing the dumb question. Why are we surprised that a dumb problem warrants a dumb solution?

Teenage Girl 21/01/07(Thu)22:59 No. 23274 ID: 8567b3

That's a fucking awful picture, bro. Holy shit, I hope you're the type that never leaves the house.

Teenage Girl 20/10/28(Wed)21:22 No. 23082 ID: 16d48c [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 160391653337.png - (111.62KB , 364x364 , stopthinkingthoughts.png )

Maybe I'm wrong to say this, but from my experience so far, men are more sentimental  than women.

I don't  mean "sentimental" as in (just) "overreactive".

Men seem to feel more deeply about anything than women. Or rather, they take things (and themselves) too seriously.

Most conversations with men, they always wanna tell me what they think is wrong with the world, how it should be fixed, and  who should be in it.

They have homemade "profound" quotes they always spout out when proving a point.

Even when talking about favorite stuff, it can easily go into "I once read a book/watched a movie about (insert semi-related political subject here)."

They're also awfully picky about what they find beautiful  in a woman. Not just physique, but her fashion, tastes, and vocabulary.

Every piece of pop culture or hobby or habit of gesture has to have "deeper meaning."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 21/01/05(Tue)05:42 No. 23260 ID: 0ce235

So youre saying treating young people like secondary toddlers, which is what Western society has done for the past five decades, is a good idea?
Back in the old days, at 15 you were an adult helping out with trades and by 20 already built your own abode. By your logic, by the middle of this century, 35 will be the new 25.

Teenage Girl 21/01/05(Tue)05:44 No. 23261 ID: 0ce235

So you think treating young people like secondary toddlers is a good idea?
Thats what the West has done since the 1970s.
How is it logical that a century ago, at 15, you were a gallant tradesman and already built your own house at 20, yet nowadays, at 15, you cannot even go to the mall by yourself?
By your logic, 40 will be the new 25 by this mid-century.

Teenage Girl 21/01/07(Thu)20:49 No. 23272 ID: 34fddc

It's a long, long stretch from "immature" to "toddlers". No idea what prompted you to think that, other than it must be your own argument and you're just conveniently seeing it everywhere. Stop that. Respond to what is actually said, rather than responding to some random bullshit you made up out of nowhere.

What you're doing is basically:

Anon 1: "It's a nice day outside."
Anon 2: "So you're saying it's okay to light children on fire?"

It goes so far beyond a simple strawman that it's almost non-sequitur.

Your idiotic, uneducated rantings about how things "used to be" are similarly not useful. I bet you also think, in the "old days", people got married and pregnant at age 12 and died by age 30? What utter nonsense. Do you know what the age-of-majority being 18 came from? That's when a squire became a knight; before that time, in his preteen and teen years, he would be apprenticed and learn how things were done. This same thing applied to merchants and other "tradesmen"; literally nobody was going around at age fucking 15 running a guild or even their own shop. That's absurd.

Yes, in the lower classes children could and did often perform farm work or labor. But that is something that HAS NOT CHANGED. In poor communities and countries there are still pre-school age kids in mines and making bricks.

Teenage Girl 21/01/02(Sat)01:13 No. 23252 ID: 8bbed7 [Reply]

File 160954641638.jpg - (45.38KB , 750x742 , 1608769226645.jpg )

i hate being disrespected so goddamn much, and im fucking tired of being a drunk fool and a sad clown. i dont wanna be naive, gullible and at the butt of jokes anymore
from now on, no alcohol. no more acting like a crowd amuser. no more silly, infantile shit
and imma get bigger and stronger. maybe if i treat my body proper and respect it, others will follow along

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Teenage Girl 21/01/05(Tue)03:55 No. 23259 ID: 046c96

Also gonna add but now that I think about it, alc has fucked me over more times than it's helped me. I got super drunk once when hanging out with this girl I liked (she liked me back) and ended up acting such a fool I could see the disgust in her eyes. Obviously no relationship formed out of that.

I think it's normal for everyone to have a few stories of them being drunk and embarrassing themselves. But the older you get the more you're expected to be able to handle it in moderation.

Teenage Girl 21/01/05(Tue)05:54 No. 23262 ID: 0ce235

You know what I don't understand?
How the fuck are video games viewed as the anti-elixir for proper recreation?
Why are video games, after four decades, still classified as "arrested development" and/or "bloodlust conditioning", yet alcohol is still championed as "classical/mature aesthetic"?

In the West, people go to prison for smoking crack in their privacy of home. Yet, drunk drrivers who killed a handful of people are let off with long probation.

Alcoholism is taken too lightly in the West. Its no wonder why especially i the US, its the most abused drug. Even most drug overdoses often involve alcohol.

Teenage Girl 21/01/07(Thu)20:42 No. 23271 ID: 34fddc

I don't understand, either. It's probably because America is just a giant frat house filled with racist lunatic psychopaths.

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)17:24 No. 21412 ID: 0b0a9f [Reply]

File 149062826178.jpg - (6.10KB , 259x194 , me.jpg )

So this is where I whine about shit when there's no other place to post it because literally no one in the world gives a shit?

2 weeks ago I was a 25 year old kissless virgin that no girl had ever had interest in. On a vacation in Thailand I managed to get dates from tinder and I spent all of last week with her in my hotel, making out, cuddling, having sex, hugging, sleeping together and just having a lot of fun.
She left for work and school but missed classes most days because she was busy with me, she also stopped seeing her friends temporarily.

We both enjoyed the time a lot, she was really nice and cute and overall great, she seemed to like me too and seemingly couldn't get enough of the cuddling, kissing or fucking.

In the last night she started crying and then I started crying too, same the next morning at around 4:30 when I was packing the last stuff and right after that when we said goodbye before I entered the taxi.

This was the best week of my life and saying goodbye to her, knowing that we might never meet again, was the most painful thing I've done.

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Teenage Girl 17/07/03(Mon)22:18 No. 21501 ID: 3f12c9

File 149911309368.jpg - (24.65KB , 400x400 , 1313991.jpg )

I'm in a similar place anon. I have no friends since I left boarding school and now that it's summer I've spent everyday playing video games and getting drunk alone. How do you meet new people?

Oh but I'm not interested in becoming a trap unlike you.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)04:05 No. 21548 ID: 99429b


Without meaning to samefag, I am also in this situation. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a mental bear trap too, since I have both depression and anxiety that doctors and therapists are either unwilling to or incapable of treating, and it becomes more and more tempting to an hero every day.

Teenage Girl 20/12/26(Sat)12:05 No. 23223 ID: 046c96

I'm with you two. I thought I'd be happy after I achieved "success" with my job and career but the glow faded after a year and now I'm back to the old habits of drinking alone, playing games and shitposting on image boards. COVID didn't help because now I'm really stuck with nothing else to do.

For what it's worth though, most people seem to be in this situation right now. At least there's some solace in unity, even if the unifier is misery.

I told Chad to go fuck himself Teenage Girl 20/10/05(Mon)16:21 No. 23038 ID: 406386 [Reply]

File 160190770333.png - (257.61KB , 1043x882 , chad.png )

I started being friends with this guy.
We bonded over nerdy shit.
This guy was one of those nerds who was totally blessed physically.
He was a 9/10 easily, very tall, broad shoulders, slender physique and handsome face and thick black hair.
I on the other hand am like a literal 2/10, not even joking physically below average in all aspects.
Anyway, this Chad comes crying one day.
His gf left him.
Now I never talked about this stuff with this guy because it would be like a peasant talking about money problems with a billionaire.
I never vented and never complained about my lack of success with women (I have never ever had a gf or anything).
I just didn't want to hear about his problems.
Fucking guy could have easily got a new gf that same day if he wanted.
I just told him to go fuck himself in not so many words.
I don't think I was in the wrong.

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Teenage Girl 20/12/14(Mon)23:18 No. 23193 ID: 72281e

If by "up for grabs", you mean "...only if you fulfill complicated and irrational social contracts and have the money to buy it", yeah sure.

Never forget, all adult relationships are a form of prostitution. You have to purchase the sex in the form of movie tickets, dinners, gifts, jewelry, or the very least your time which (being an adult who most likely must labor for the "privilege" of mere survival) has an equivalent cost at whatever you local minimum hourly wage is. The only difference is the money is first transformed from the symbolic into the material, nevertheless losing symbolic value through what is essentially economic entropy.

Children don't usually have to work to survive, because their parents pay for them to do so. This means their time is not worth money, so they can use it or give it without any associated "loss". And because both parties value sex for sex, they will agree to participate (which is consent) without needing to fulfill any social contract. A child usually can't "pay" another child for sex, not only because a child typically doesn't have anything of monetary value to exchange as symbolic value (as opposed to, say, a toy or Pokemon cards which are enjoyed as material); but also because if the other child wants it anyway, the rest is superfluous.

In a vacuum, outside puritan propaganda, no children would ever refuse sex. Why would they? It would be like refusing tasty food or a comfortable bed. So the idea that they can't "consent" to an activity they all naturally crave and enjoy is illogical at its very genesis.

Teenage Girl 20/12/15(Tue)23:51 No. 23195 ID: 36f843

This. The idea of children not knowing/desiring money, fashion, sex, or status is parental denialism.
Elementary schoolgirls are already practicing pelvic moves to seduce men/older boys into buying them stuff bc parents would refuse them otherwise.

"But theyre just kids they dont know what theyre doing."

Some boys learn to bottom to satisfy their curiosity and wanton for affection they can never get heterosexually.

Or, even in school, kids trade for candy, new games or smokes.

Teenage Girl 20/12/26(Sat)12:00 No. 23222 ID: 046c96

100% agreed. If you're so bitter about your lack of success with women that you bite back at your friend just 'cause he's upset over a girl then I'd advise you to take a deep look at yourself. This is probably why you're so bitter and alone.

The love complaining thread (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ Teenage Girl 20/10/17(Sat)04:21 No. 23061 ID: ac32d6 [Reply]

File 160290128276.jpg - (24.91KB , 236x418 , 30f7cfcb377cc81da3835610c22bbdc5.jpg )

Please complain to me here! (≧▽≦)

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Teenage Girl 20/12/13(Sun)04:48 No. 23187 ID: a56800

If you don't mind making a thread on fur for it, that would be nice. Although, would you not rather prefer to put it on a site that has every image in a folder like Dropbox, so you don't have to single upload every image?

Teenage Girl 20/12/16(Wed)02:26 No. 23197 ID: 5bd9ec

Alt-right sperglord detected.
When will you manchildren learn that not everything bad in life is bc "muh Jews/wrath of God/leftism" etc?
Grow the fuck up. You don't care about people of other nations (especially if theyre not of "le master race") suffer so why should you personalize your suffering as divine performance?

Teenage Girl 20/12/16(Wed)10:10 No. 23198 ID: a56800

There's a thread now in /fur/ of Asriel. Do you mind sharing it there if you don't mind?

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