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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 17/12/27(Wed)06:12 No. 21788 ID: ae8f36

Step 1 - Don't ask for advice.
Step 2 - ???
Step 3 - Profit

Meta-Adolescence Disheartened Maiden 18/08/04(Sat)07:27 No. 21991 ID: e3561c [Reply]

File 153336044954.jpg - (116.81KB , 600x793 , DC-bqR4UIAQmrzq_MRM.jpg )

I think adults nowadays are schizophrenic. Full blown meta-adolescence schizophrenic.

Now, I never believed in the moral integrity of older men nor believed them to be mature. But, I expected them to be self aware of their own vices. Now, their faux paternalism is gone and replaced with this snotty jocular nihilostic attitude of "Fuck you, Im an adult, I can do what I want" as they bitch at schoolkids online for not knowing grunge rock, brag about all the girls they fucked in school, sit pn the porch all day guzzling, pig out on fast food and yet they accuse the young people of doing said things.

This is not a Boomer vs Millennial thing. I notice it with Generation Xers, early Millennials, and even college kids towards high schoolers. Apparently, people now use their physical seniority as some sort of free pass and universal logic to be degenerate.

These 30-somethings ogle at middle school girls yet they get pissy at fourth grade boys making a single tame sex joke. Or, these middle-aged men who cannot remember their anniversary dates or anyones name for more than a minute, dont know shit about physics,nor the full Bible, yet they accuse the young of being illiterate.

The ansty 25 year old who cannot find love, scouring 8chan /cuteboys/ flirting with other anons and yet complains about teens being whiny attention whores.

I mean adults are now literal META-ADOLESCENTS!

Our current American president is a 72 year old senile manchild who by Boomer standards is a "Millennial" and ironically is praised by Boomers for being "tough." Interesting times we live in.

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Disheartened+Maiden 18/08/05(Sun)04:41 No. 21999 ID: 0995a2

I am OP.

Teenage Girl 18/08/12(Sun)05:44 No. 22003 ID: 45c254

>the bible
God's not real, stop being a christian.

Arm The Poor!WBRXcNtpf. 18/08/12(Sun)07:38 No. 22004 ID: 02a042

You could wait until they end up on the street and then when you see them holding signs or asking you for money give them vitamins.

Everything is made from the mind. God isn't outside, he's inside you.

Actually God isn't inside or outside. It's your mind that is inside or outside.

Breed is greed.

Teenage Girl 17/11/29(Wed)00:15 No. 21757 ID: 39cac8 [Reply]

File 151191090139.jpg - (226.00KB , 1200x853 , 050_051.jpg )

not exactly /rnb/ but teens nowadays act like they are going thru their mid-life crisis and thats fucking sad

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Disheartened+Maiden 18/08/05(Sun)04:40 No. 21998 ID: 0995a2

No. Theyre drunks, grumblers and former delinquents.
The shit they did: destroying traffic signs, sell weed in school, fuck every girl in town, drag race and yet they accuse the younger generations of being out of control. Theyre delusional. Quick to bitch at you for not knowing their favorite rock band is.
I dont know why adolescent girls like these older guys so much. Theyre no more mature than a middle school jock.

Teenage Girl 18/08/05(Sun)20:04 No. 22001 ID: 0f52f2

>I dont know why adolescent girls like these older guys so much. Theyre no more mature than a middle school jock.
Partially answering your own question there. They exhibit a pattern of behavior similar to what adolescent girls associate with what they believe are the "alpha males" of their school, but on top of that they're old enough to have cars and money. It's not exactly a mystery why a stupid underage cunt looking to get her stupid underage cunt stuffed might act on a lazy pattern.

Disheartened+Maiden 18/08/05(Sun)22:02 No. 22002 ID: 397719

This. The big key is capital/resources. These young girls go after these older fucks knowing theyre just as immature but they want to "step up the social ladder." And they know that they will be fawned over just because they have estrogen oozing from their chromosomes.
Girls are desperate to grow up.

But its not really their fault though. Society wants boys and girls to fullfill the "chevalier and dame" scenario. Boys supposed are to be fearless trained warriors who suffer silently and greatly for "muh country, muh Gud, muh fam" and get slain to protect their dames honor. Girls are supposed to be innocent naive blushing giggly dames who fawn easily over any gift, act of valor, fathers debt paid for, in their name. Its dumb. Thats why I sometimes think that third-wave feminism is not purely bad. Now that women want to have rights and responsibilities of their male counterparts, men are not obliged to kill themselves for a maidens honor.

Ripoff Report BigMad 18/07/30(Mon)19:57 No. 21986 ID: daf553 [Reply]

File 153297343140.jpg - (395.82KB , 1200x627 , American-Psycho-16.jpg )

Me: Ex-btard progressing through life as an adult.

Adult situation: A company brings me on to help them grow. I'm there for a while, helping them every step of the way for marginal pay in comparison for the industry. They've promised me a-z and we never got to a.

So, while working there at the beginning it's like okay half of the things go well and half don't. That's cool. But then they grew, and it spread like wildfire. Once it grew, everything went to shit. Absolute, chaotic, nonsensical, cannot fix myself because I don't know how I got here shit.

Basically, it was an interstate moving broker and they are paying everyone from A-Z for coverage and to nuke reviews, etc. On paper, they look amazing compared to everyone they compete with. The problem is that they just rip people off in every way imaginable. They take too much money. The mover won't do the job. People that don't get their movers are the lucky ones. It's when the movers actually show up that everything goes terribly. Recently, 1/5 of their storage went up in flames "accidentally" and they're receiving an insurance payout. Whenever a mover shows up, if a move was $8,000 it will always be $16,000+. The people need to move. They schedule the moves to coincide with closing terms, so the customer is left with no option but to do it.

What will the customer do? Leave a bad review. But of course, they have every single review site in their pocket. Every single one. BBB. Mymovingreviews. Yelp. Google. Everywhere.

So, I leave these assholes and land a higher paying job within ~1 hour. These people are literally ripping off everyone in America. Meanwhile, the owner is 4 years out of prison after doing 10 years for embezzlement and then changed his name. Albeit, the inner tard in me will never die. The company's name is Best Interstate Moving and Storage.

Do your best.

Teenage Girl 18/07/31(Tue)03:05 No. 21987 ID: 8794b3

This post has nothing to do with being a b-tard; you're just spamming your corporate slander on imageboards, aren't you?

Teenage Girl 18/08/05(Sun)19:55 No. 22000 ID: 0f52f2

Nigga please. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Welcome to the Hotel /b/lifornia.

That's the first giveaway that you ain't from around here. The second is a blatant disregard for the concept of NYPA. Shill elsewhere, faggot.

Teenage Girl 18/08/14(Tue)04:04 No. 22005 ID: b87abe

If you have definite evidence of fraud then you may report them to the DOT and BBB

reclusive Jody-bait Teenage Girl 17/10/17(Tue)17:26 No. 21705 ID: f73021 [Reply]

File 150825399649.png - (558.56KB , 886x626 , CF mil wife what i really do.png )

me: mid-20s, cis-F, ex-camgrl, 5'5, 110lb, surgically sterilized, mil-wife, goth, childfree

I've had issues with unwanted male attention since before puberty, but this shit is really getting to me right now. Yeah, I used to cam for cash for a while years ago to survive, but I'm one of those lame prudes who's repulsed by anything sexual outside of my committed relationship. I've dressed in black and been "goth" since I was a kid, so there's one fetish angle I've had to deal with. Now that I'm a military wife who's not a fucking hippo with the standard three crotch-dumplings, it's only ramped up.

I'm the type who likes to make casual, friendly conversation with complete strangers out in public, and it keeps biting me in the ass. At the airport OMW to/from my husband's BMT graduation and again to my current base I PCSed to, the men I'd talked with all started acting differently when the subject came up that my husband was in the military. Other chicks reading this, you should know what I mean. You know the look. The change in tone. That creepy glint in their eyes. While waiting in the boarding area for my connecting flight to get here, I was sitting next to a guy who was pretty great to converse with, and he brought the subject up, even giving me some answers. He said that he'd noticed how much I was being noticed. I told him that I didn't understand why, since I was wearing very plain clothes (black boots, black knee-high socks, black skort, black tanktop, black light jacket, not much makeup) and that I didn't like it. He said that it's the way I carry myself. That I come off as "approachable and relatable". I guess I'm glad to finally get that information, but I don't know what the hell to do with it. I don't think I could just turn into a cold bitch even if I wanted to.

FF to mid September... After waiting a couple of weeks, internet is finally getting installed at the new place. The fat neckbeard tech who came over to install it had that look in his eye and was staring way too much right off the bat, but in stead of being a bitch, I just wanted to make the most of things and got the casual conversation over to gaming. Make some Dark Souls jokes and rip on modern-day WoW, shit like that. When it came time to test the wifi signal on my phone, I unlocked it, tried to connect and it didn't work. I absent-mindedly left my unlocked phone on a box by the doorway of the computer room where he was working on the modem (on the opposite side of the room as him) and got some water. When I came back, my phone was in his hand, and he acted like he was just using it to test the wifi again. You know, in stead of using his own phone like the other techs from the company did later. When I took it back, my personal files folder app had been opened. Fucking seriously? Since then, the service guys who� Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 18/07/19(Thu)23:48 No. 21975 ID: f2694c

Damn man, I thought I was the sad little puppy for making this thread. I'm gonna fuck and suck my husband that much better today just for you, jealous little Cheeto-receptacle. Prost~*

Teenage Girl 18/07/21(Sat)04:38 No. 21979 ID: 22ebb8

The way you taunt >>21802 really illustrates his point.
You could have humiliated him without making it sexual, but you made it sexual anyway.

True, there will always be horny dudes who see you as a sex object for no reason other than you have tits, but you also invite attention with that pride you have in your sexual liberation.

>me: mid-20s, cis-F, ex-camgrl, 5'5, 110lb, surgically sterilized, mil-wife, goth, childfree
This is an advertisement. You give off every possible signal that you are ready to welcome dick in any hole. I don't think you should complain so much that most men are willing to oblige.

Teenage Girl 18/08/02(Thu)02:43 No. 21989 ID: 53f505

>me: mid-20s, cis-F, ex-camgrl, 5'5, 110lb, surgically sterilized, mil-wife, goth, childfree

The first line of your post advertises your sexual selling points. And then you complain when people see you like a sexual object. Quit being such a hoe-bag.

As for your husband, off course guys are going to act different with him on the scene, you come across as someone putting it out there for half a Mars bar and two jellybeans until he shows up. You bait and switch like any other cheating mil-wife.

The problem is I'm not sure if you're feigning ignorance or just denser than that log I squeezed out last Tuesday.

Teenage Girl 18/05/16(Wed)15:21 No. 21903 ID: af6329 [Reply]

File 152647688655.jpg - (35.52KB , 425x425 , classicbike.jpg )

Had a bicycle accident with kid today. The kid was hurt pretty bad, so we called the police and an ambulance. The officer immediately assumed there were sides to be taken and sided with the kid.

After the ambulance wheeled him off this exchange happened:
>Kid's friends demonstrate for the officer their version of events, in which their friend was on the proper side of the sidewalk.
>I point out that if he had been on that side, we would have passed like ships, we would not have tried to dodge each other, and there would not have been any accident.
>Officer look at me like a criminal and says "But there was an accident."

I tried to give him some time to process that, but he never really got there. I had to do two complete reanactments of the accident--moving both bicycles myself--to get the officer to admit the possibility that I had not gone out of my way to attack this kid with my bicycle.

In fact, the kid wasn't even looking forward (talking to friends riding behind him) and tried to dodge by going two directions at once (first at me, then away from me). I'll admit, I should have been paying attention for him. It was just at the opening of a tunnel; two bicycles came out on the correct side just before I entered to find him coming straight at me. I saw him coming for a second or two, but I really thought he'd be somewhat more capable of piloting a two-wheeled land vehicle, and I had nowhere to go (I could only move a few centimenters over, into a concrete wall)

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Teenage Girl 18/07/21(Sat)04:34 No. 21978 ID: 22ebb8

>this could be the argument
I was worried about precisely this for a while, but it seems to be resolved. I haven't heard from the boy, his mom, his school, his coach, the police, or anyone for over a month.

>kids do stupid shit, often spontaneously
How I long for the days when mother nature was in charge of who lived and who died. I bet neanderthal children weren't half as dumb as modern human kids. When failing to pay attention very likely meant death, they probably paid a lot more attention.

Teenage Girl 18/07/23(Mon)03:09 No. 21981 ID: 4dcc03

>How I long for the days when mother nature was in charge of who lived and who died.
Odds are you'd be just as dead as the next Neanderthal.

Teenage Girl 18/07/23(Mon)17:08 No. 21982 ID: 774a1c

Entirely possible; I've done a lot of dumb shit in my life.

I still wish humanity hadn't screwed up natural selection.

Teenage Girl 18/07/16(Mon)17:14 No. 21967 ID: 16ca02 [Reply]

File 15317540656.png - (63.62KB , 370x320 , 1528676119593.png )

Why do people still think that youth should a separate reality fron the adult world?
This is not the "good ol days" of the 1970s. Kids and young adults cannot afford to be toothy-grinned rugrats running around in lily fields using pure speculation about the outside world.

It's really annoying to listen to 30-somethings whine about how Gen Z is "not familiar with pre-1997 culture." Who cares? They dont need to indulge in "old school" culture to feel enlightened (though they already do that) when we have politics, science, and world events being thrown in their faces every minute.

Stop whining about how young people dont go out to dine, play golf, get married, buy jewelry, etc anymore. We cant afford that and honestly who cares? Of the Boomers (and Gen X) want to physically relive their pasttime customs thats cool, but the young dont have time for it.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 18/07/17(Tue)04:47 No. 21969 ID: 270fde

Cant tell if youre mocking youth culture or not with that "stop liking what I dont like" but ok.
Adolescence is a 1940s invention. Thanks, pre-Silentt Generation folks.

Teenage Girl 18/07/18(Wed)22:04 No. 21973 ID: 59fee1

I mean, culture has been objectively going steadily downhill since the 80's. It might be debatable whether Boomer or GenX media is the better, but basically nobody fails to recognize that today's offerings are shit compared to either.

Teenage Girl 18/07/21(Sat)04:45 No. 21980 ID: 0f52f2

All media you get to live through is shittier than the media curated by the process of history. The passage of time washes away a lot of things, including most of the mediocre to bad shit. What today will stand the test of time? Probably not most of the things you're mad at, but also probably not a few things you actually liked.

Actually meant to mock the adults getting exasperated at youth for falling into the exact same patterns that the adults lived through, but as it so happens, no one comes out of that looking good, as well it should be.

Korean Style 007 Spectre Shame On Korean Assholes 18/06/22(Fri)10:31 No. 21952 ID: 746f50 [Reply]

File 152965627456.jpg - (758.23KB , 2832x1815 , Korean Style Internet Trolls.jpg )

During the trial of the rape threats against U.S. President Obama's 2nd daughter by a South Korean man, the Korean government attempted to close the case by the death of the suspect in order to avoid diplomatic friction with the United States of America.
So, the Korean government mobilized South Korean Internet trolls, who were suspected to be employed at the South Korean Cyber Command, to very badly harass the suspect mentally, forcing him to commit suicide by a nonsensical means.
See the level of comments from South Koreans:


2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 18/06/26(Tue)18:37 No. 21957 ID: 9d90ec

The persistence of this one leads me to believe it's likely both; either a bot operated by a crazy person, or an artificially intelligent--but insane--bot.

Teenage Girl 18/07/17(Tue)18:17 No. 21971 ID: 4dcc03


It's not CB9FA8, that's for sure.

Teenage Girl 18/07/17(Tue)19:46 No. 21972 ID: a8b827

File 153184959399.jpg - (32.88KB , 1864x1067 , _20180718_025540.jpg )

Does that one still post?

Teenage Girl 18/06/27(Wed)06:41 No. 21958 ID: 9450aa [Reply]

File 153007448054.jpg - (7.10KB , 229x226 , angry_sun.jpg )

Two of my friends are fighting.

If I talk to either one--even to advise them how to get along with the other--and the other finds out, they will take it as a betrayal.
If I never make contact with one or the other, they will assume I've taken the other's side and take it as a betrayal.
If I tell either or both not to involve me in their fight, they'll call me a hypocrite for not standing up for my friends and take it as a betrayal.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 18/07/01(Sun)09:05 No. 21962 ID: 5fc4cd

>If it were truly hopeless, you would have cut your losses already.
It's worse than you think. These are adults in their early fourties, and we have professional relationships as well. Cutting either off isn't really an option for me; I wish it were.

Actually, It never occured to me to tell them to stop fighting because I see their conflict as unresolvable: one is tired of the other because of his bad attitude and the abusive relationship he always complains about but won't get out of; the other is fed up with that guy because of his bad attitude and lack of work ethic. It's a wonder they ever became friends to begin with.

>they'd rather hate each other than like you.
I like the way you said this. It might even be true; they both seem intent on using me to get at the other, like divorcing parents use a child.

I'm not asking for suggestions, just venting my /rnb/ about being put in this position against my will.

Teenage Girl 18/07/10(Tue)05:10 No. 21963 ID: 0f52f2

You reckon it would change anything if you linked those friends to here?

Teenage Girl 18/07/12(Thu)08:46 No. 21965 ID: ca355e

Not likely.

Neither of them are the type to moved by other people's feelings.

Teenage Girl 17/09/09(Sat)03:10 No. 21590 ID: fe9887 [Reply]

File 150491944047.jpg - (171.23KB , 1101x1280 , tumblr_ovu8bzzcia1tcshnqo1_1280.jpg )

How can men be attracted to women? Because women have stayed indoors looking after the children and doing housework for however many millennia, their bodies have now atrophied to fat, and their brains have atrophied to emotion. Doesn't this fact that they are almost an entirely different species from you in every regard turn you off? Personally, I look for what resembles myself physically and mentally with the opposite reproductive organs. Am I narcissistic, or like almost all species in the animal kingdom that are not sexually dimorphic?

"Sexual dimorphism is the condition where the two sexes of the same species exhibit different characteristics beyond the differences in their sexual organs. The condition occurs in many animals and some plants. Differences may include secondary sex characteristics, size, color, markings, and may also include behavioral differences. These differences may be subtle or exaggerated, and may be subjected to sexual selection. The opposite of dimorphism is monomorphism."

I am not attracted to lazy blobs of fat ridden with illogic and emotion. I'm sorry, I'm not. What creature would want such stupidity? I want what resembles myself.

41 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 18/06/25(Mon)23:44 No. 21955 ID: d28da9

lol thats good shit man i like that. its a giggler for sure

Teenage Girl 18/06/28(Thu)09:09 No. 21959 ID: ce49e5

It's all about reproduction, dude. If everyone were homosexual, the human species would've been already extinct. All the female traits you disgust (fat, emotions) are all required to raise babies in the womb. It's all about biology, not your fuckin personal taste.

Cuntboy Beach Party Teenage Girl 18/07/10(Tue)22:51 No. 21964 ID: cd1ed4

File 153125589516.jpg - (252.39KB , 1800x1264 , Cuntboy at the Lake.jpg )

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