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andrew+van+uden 21/01/03(Sun)04:07 No. 18147 [Reply]

File 160964323577.jpg - (86.55KB , 1080x1352 , tumblr_3542e3673b0aaf2f477dff86bfd983c6_dbe1de70_1.jpg )

best work by marx and why is it capital?

Wizardrous by Hinsvark Hipster Slut 21/01/02(Sat)01:47 No. 18146 [Reply]

File 160954847259.jpg - (28.93KB , 313x500 , download (6).jpg )

Read this book on New Years eve. It's a hell of a laugh. Lots of wizards, wankers, and weed. The main character is a dodgy drunk who doesn't know fuck all about being a proper wizard. He drugs his nephew off his tits to frame him for robbing his work, but ends up getting pinched, and so they're both on the run. It's fucking ridiculous.

pirate books Hipster Slut 17/11/11(Sat)19:24 No. 17845 [Reply]

File 151042464950.jpg - (96.83KB , 970x545 , MerchantsMarauders.jpg )

i recently watche black sails and now i want to read some pirate books/revenge stories like crusoe or treasure island any recommendation on good ones?

Hipster Slut 20/11/13(Fri)05:57 No. 18138

Try reading the elder Dumas, I guess

Hipster Slut 20/11/13(Fri)06:32 No. 18139

The Count of Monte Cristo was a good movie all about revenge, I think it had a book

Hipster Slut 20/12/27(Sun)17:07 No. 18145

"A captain at fifteen" by J. Verne fucking rules

Can't get no books for free Hipster Slut 20/12/27(Sun)17:05 No. 18144 [Reply]

File 160908515027.jpg - (4.27MB , 2500x1667 , genericlibrary.jpg )

Sup guys. Probably the wrong place to ask, but you may have noticed how increasingly difficult has getting online books for free become up to this days, and I was wondering if there are some resurces I may be overlooking and you could share. Thanks in advance.

Hipster Slut 18/04/29(Sun)22:52 No. 17873 [Reply]

File 152503517136.jpg - (34.46KB , 330x499 , 51K6hPJ0buL__SX328_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg )

i don't get it, is this supposed to be a dystopia or a utopia? seems like a good place to me so far but then again im only 5 chapters in.

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Kristina Barkley 20/08/19(Wed)16:39 No. 18106

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Hipster Slut 20/10/20(Tue)10:35 No. 18126

He kills himself because the women are skanks, so dystopia

Hipster Slut 20/12/22(Tue)05:45 No. 18143

cums on this thread

Just open for NEW TheMindTrick 20/12/07(Mon)14:05 No. 18142 [Reply]

File 160734629831.gif - (39.06KB , 300x250 , 300x250_918dce8a.gif )

Just open for NEW

Anyone Got Barron's ielts latest edition? Nerdone 20/09/24(Thu)11:42 No. 18118 [Reply]

File 160094053133.jpg - (237.31KB , 1200x800 , nswleasing20-cbdwest-iStock-jamenpercy_u6qtje.jpg )

I really need to study ielts amd need this book as ebook pls it's Barron's Ielts latest edition or 4rth

Hipster Slut 20/11/16(Mon)16:25 No. 18140

try libgen

New writer on the block Hipster Slut 20/09/16(Wed)03:14 No. 18115 [Reply]

File 160021886117.jpg - (711.74KB , 3480x4640 , 1599533960583.jpg )

I wrote a book of poetry. Let me know what you think 7chan peeps ^_^


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Hipster Slut 20/10/28(Wed)23:09 No. 18129

My email is on the last page why dont you talk to me directly instead of following me around online like the scared little BITCH you are. You playing with fire faggot

Hipster Slut 20/10/29(Thu)15:55 No. 18133

>why dont you talk to me directly instead of following me around online like the scared little BITCH you are
>following me around online
Sounds like you're the one running away rather than staying in one place and facing his critisicm.

Hipster Slut 20/11/08(Sun)15:57 No. 18137

I'm here now. And he has offeredno criticism justbaseless claims that I am a scammer

Ray Bradbury The Martian Chronicles Hipster Slut 19/11/24(Sun)15:42 No. 18048 [Reply]

File 157460654347.jpg - (51.18KB , 235x380 , cvr9781451678192_9781451678192_hr.jpg )

What do you think about this author and this book anon ?

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Hipster Slut 20/01/15(Wed)13:57 No. 18061

The Martian Chronicles is nice and interesting story which I liked to read. Now unfortunatley I have not time for reading some books because I need to write my assignment in time but sometimes I ama customer of https://anonymous-essay.com/essay-writing-service.html

Hipster Slut 20/02/05(Wed)22:18 No. 18065

File 158093752642.jpg - (34.82KB , 318x472 , stories ray bradbury.jpg )

I like that post

Youre right, everything Ray Bradbury wrote felt to me like
it had some kind of sickness behind it.
Was it Bradbury who wrote "The Illustrated Man"?

This is a great book
pic related

Hipster Slut 20/10/30(Fri)08:00 No. 18136

As I have already seen, it is important for a student to have a reliable and proven place where you will be provided with quality essay writing services. I was lucky and found PapersOwl https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/papersowl.com, which has helped me out many times. Therefore, I can safely advise it to everyone, here they will do everything quickly and efficiently. You know how many scammers nowadays want to make money on you.

Hipster Slut 20/10/29(Thu)00:36 No. 18130 [Reply]

File 160392818828.jpg - (17.87KB , 217x346 , cotc.jpg )

I have a Halloween present for you, /lit. A horror novel I've written. It's completely free, tonight. Happy Halloween.

Call of the Crocodile. A dark fantasy horror novel, set during Halloween. After a boy is eaten alive by a crocodile, his family begins a descent into madness and terror in this odyssey of modern horror.


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Hipster Slut 20/10/29(Thu)15:53 No. 18132

Shit. Don't have a kindle, anyone willing to dump a .pdf

Hipster Slut 20/10/30(Fri)02:27 No. 18134

You don’t need a Kindle. You can read it on your computer, tablet, or pretty much any phone. Kindle is just Amazon’s brand.

Hipster Slut 20/10/30(Fri)03:02 No. 18135

This sounds alright but I don't want to set up an amazon account just to skim it :-/

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