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/lit/ book club 2017 edition Hipster Slut ## Mod ## 17/03/14(Tue)21:26 No. 17719 [Reply] Stickied

File 148952316918.jpg - (175.40KB , 1024x1279 , jupitercat.jpg )

I'm going to put this in motion, but since the response to the sticky was so low, I'm going to set a glacial pace. At least for now.

I struggled with whether to pick something fiction or nonfiction, so I'm selecting two books for the rest of the year:

Permutation City by Greg Egan


The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

You may also use this thread to suggest a book, but I'm more likely to pick the suggestion that comes at the end of the best post about one of these books.

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Hipster Slut 17/03/23(Thu)01:57 No. 17722

File 14902306398.jpg - (1.76MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

Got mine

Celsius 09/07/12(Sun)16:23 No. 3532 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 124740858955.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , 12440595449.jpg )

Post some goddamn books

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Hipster Slut 17/03/01(Wed)20:08 No. 17714

File 148839531371.jpg - (117.97KB , 869x1383 , cover-.jpg )

This fucking work of madness

Hipster Slut 14/01/30(Thu)10:35 No. 17101 [Reply]

File 139107455243.jpg - (23.41KB , 232x346 , 51NH5J5Q0KL__SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_S.jpg )

Hey, /lit/. I'm going to start attending a class on Thomas Pynchon soon. I've already read through The Crying of Lot 49 and Bleeding Edge. Gravity's Rainbow is next on the chopping block for me. I've skimmed through it, and I can already say that it's gonna be a bumpy ride. I'm looking for all the critical material I can find in regards to it. That being said, I'm especially on the lookout for the Gravity's Rainbow Companion by Steven C. Weisenburger. Does anyone have it and would they be willing to share?

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Hipster Slut 14/12/30(Tue)12:31 No. 17383

the thing that throws most people is, it doesn't follow the 'hero's journey' plot. i won't give it away, but it weirded me the hell out the first time i finished it. i can appreciate what he was doing now, and it's a little like building an incredibly ornate and perfectly crafted bridge that goes half way across a river then twists and goes straight up.

Hipster Slut 17/01/15(Sun)09:38 No. 17698

the companion: http://libgen.me/view.php?id=1420283

Hipster Slut 17/03/19(Sun)00:54 No. 17721

Is "Against the Day" being studied?

How do you find books? Hipster Slut 17/02/15(Wed)06:43 No. 17712 [Reply]

File 148713743962.jpg - (1.09KB , 53x53 , DocInBooks.jpg )

Curious as to the methods people use to find books online.

To share, I use a Chinese app (iOS) named Dou Ding Shu Fang or "DocinBooks". It's green. Tends to have most titles I look for most of the time, but sometimes it's missing some.

Hipster Slut 17/02/27(Mon)06:53 No. 17713


Hipster Slut 17/03/06(Mon)06:32 No. 17717

I've put myself in the habit of being a very good critic, well above average, and I haven't read that many books. Wat do?

LINDËFIRION Crow 17/03/14(Tue)20:33 No. 17718


Hipster Slut 16/09/11(Sun)16:43 No. 17605 [Reply]

File book1anincidentinvolvingahumanbody.pdf - (4.51MB )

I have come into possession of a 5 book series of unpublished memoirs.

They are very interesting to me, but they are written in a style that I think is probably a divisive "love it or hate it" thing.

I am attaching the first book of the five.

This find has made me interested in what other "secret" or unpublished works might be out there somewhere. If you are in possession of or are aware of any such thing, I am interested to hear about it.

Also if you read the attached book, I would be interested in your thoughts on it. It's an odd artifact.

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Hipster Slut 16/11/16(Wed)04:16 No. 17620




Hipster Slut 16/12/18(Sun)06:34 No. 17685

If you are still taking request for the link


would love to take part in the unknown books

Hipster Slut 17/03/02(Thu)00:11 No. 17715

If you're still doing this, please email me at



Chinese Whiskers? Hipster Slut 17/02/15(Wed)06:14 No. 17711 [Reply]

File 148713568427.jpg - (8.16KB , 183x276 , Chinese Whiskers.jpg )

Anyone got a pdf/any format for Chinese Whiskers by Pallavi Aiyar?

Horror Hipster Slut 15/08/03(Mon)23:53 No. 17455 [Reply]

File 143863883158.jpg - (174.10KB , 1600x800 , 143847584277.jpg )

Why are some people so infatuated with Lovecraft? He is probably the most overrated horror writer ever.

He is basically emulating Hindu mythology and name drops 40 000 different gods while building some pseudo-imaginative netherworld where everything boils down to madness and hurr nothing makes sense durr. Pretty much every neckbeards wet dream besides watching anime.

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Hipster Slut 16/12/05(Mon)01:01 No. 17625


Arguments? Is this a debate? Calm your tits, son.

Hipster Slut 17/01/24(Tue)20:23 No. 17703


autists can't handle the truth about lovecraft

Hipster Slut 17/02/04(Sat)00:18 No. 17707


Lovecraft literature...it is boring as fuck. Not only that its not even really scary due to the fact that it constantly depends on two factors and that's pointlessness and madness.

The mystery starts, they discover great monsters of long ago or monsters are among us and dont even try to fight back cause they are hopelessly more advanced than us even though they are just fucking blobs of mesh that dont really ever do anything unless of course they scale down to our level to cause chaos but whatever.
He also plays with madness at the mere sight of these things or learning about them but it just comes off as silly to me as there is really no reason for this besides that theyre uber advanced and we are pointless, and yet nothing happens. Events that take place are usually isolated to a handful of characters to make it scary but whatever cause at the end of the day the blobs of madness are just whatever and the fear lies in that nobody is aware of them besides the ones who had the experience. But nothing ever happens even though there several of these entities so from now on I am going to assume the lovecraft characters who have these experiences are just that, insane. Yep the the whole lovecraft universe is just a hallucination tapped into by any of the main characters and what drives them insane is its own babble which is well represented as giant sentient blobs of madness.
And that basically describes lovecraft. So the next time someone makes a comment about cthulu I will respond with boat. If someone goes on about azathoth, i will think oh that blob in space that isnt going to do shit and whos form I could never comprehend so why bother.

Beta 14/12/02(Tue)06:41 No. 17364 [Reply]

File 141749888236.jpg - (10.25KB , 236x274 , wpid-wp-1413471761904.jpg )

26/M. Can someone recommend a book on how one would become an alpha fucking male? I'm too generous and nice. I want to learn how to not give a fuck. And how to talk to women because I have absolutely no game.

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Hipster Slut 16/10/30(Sun)23:04 No. 17617


This. This book a million time sover.

Hipster Slut 16/12/27(Tue)12:00 No. 17694

you should read a book called The Naked Ape. It'll be useful to you.

Hipster Slut 16/12/27(Tue)12:02 No. 17695

The Ego and Its own.

Notes From Underground Hipster Slut 14/04/17(Thu)08:08 No. 17144 [Reply]

File 139771493755.jpg - (8.79KB , 209x241 , download (1).jpg )

I just read this- I'll start off by saying that I really liked it just for the feel of Dostoevsky in my head. However, I'm a little conflicted as to whether or not Joseph Frank's interpretation is a good one. Conventional wisdom says D. was just almost mindlessly rebelling against nihilism and rational egoism (think what's to be done), but this guy says it was a deliberate parody of those ideas, and stemmed from a logical examination of radically extending the impacts of science. Can anyone offer clarity as to what D. was more likely doing. I'd appreciate it.

Expressionist literature Hipster Slut 16/10/12(Wed)11:37 No. 17612 [Reply]

File 147626501790.gif - (3.65MB , 381x294 , 1391264004092.gif )

So I have "A Companion to the Literature of German Expressionism" and it pains me that it talks a lot about writers and books I will never get to read because they're untranslated.

What does /lit/ think? Anyone else read it? Anyone here that reads german has read any works by writters that are considerated expressionist?

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