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John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 21/12/07(Tue)23:33 No. 48030 [Reply]

File 163891643662.jpg - (266.37KB , 806x604 , Discarded Big Button.jpg )

Dear John,

I miss the posts about cheese. I brought some none sliced cheese yesterday. Parmesan, which I actually have cheese grater for and some more Jarlsberg. Which meant to get a cheese slicer for, yet got distracted by the person I was with. Who need a tin opener and a 13 amp fuse. Funny thing they did not need the fuse. They had just accidently switch their fridge off. Anyway I digress. I'm still thinking of buying a cheese slicer. Although sliced cheese is way easier.

Hope this finds you happy and well


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John Smith 22/05/25(Wed)13:09 No. 48204



John Smith 22/05/25(Wed)19:07 No. 48206

Dear John,

My local grocery chain used to carry raw cheese from wisconson, which is more than one state afar, but not that far. It was brilliant, and it cost much less than imported raw cheeses. But then the jews got back in to office, and jews are lactose intolerant and cheese products make them even more irritable than normal, so they destroyed the economy out of spite and nobody could afford luxury cheese even if the supply lines weren't burnt to the ground.

But I do not live too far off from the Amish, and they make some nice bactierum cheeses that do not specify on the packaging that they've been neutered and kosherized.

John Smith 22/05/27(Fri)11:08 No. 48212

File 165364248182.jpg - (7.02KB , 197x197 , 15.jpg )


>But then the jews got back in to office, and jews are lactose intolerant and cheese products make them even more irritable than normal, so they destroyed the economy out of spite and nobody could afford luxury cheese even if the supply lines weren't burnt to the ground.

Sounds to me like you have a classic case of Jew Derangement Syndrome. Better get this checked out.

John Smith 21/12/28(Tue)18:34 No. 48052 [Reply]

File 164071284854.jpg - (137.82KB , 717x388 , tents_720.jpg )

Tent Industry has moved their headquarters to the west coast to reduce shipping costs.
1/4 of USA homeless live in California.
Lets Go Brandon

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John Smith 22/05/27(Fri)00:31 No. 48209

rage more kike. we didn't let the evil satanic kikes bring us down.

John Smith 22/05/27(Fri)05:27 No. 48210

You are a bad person.

This thread is awful. Belongs on /rnb/.

John Smith 22/05/27(Fri)11:04 No. 48211

File 165364227657.jpg - (274.06KB , 795x990 , 158_14_Constantin_Venizelos.jpg )


>we didn't let the evil satanic kikes bring us down

Well, you sure ain't shit doing anything about them by bitching on a spinoff of a Federal honeypot nobody gives a fuck about, now are ya? Like I said, typical Pretender Syndrome faggot. Gotta post as many buzzwords as you can so you can look like you really matter!

Millennials are such lazy fucks they have to pretend to be racist, misandrist or whatever just to get attention. No wonder your parents just said fuck it and took the participation trophies. I can't imagine being a father and seeing you come out of my wife's pussy and thinking my God, I spent eighteen plus years for THIS?

John Smith 20/08/02(Sun)20:55 No. 47493 [Reply]

File 159639453428.jpg - (522.62KB , 1925x1877 , Manual_film_projector.jpg )

I visited 7chan
the web player wasn't working so I left again

John Smith 20/08/31(Mon)10:31 No. 47515

Dear John
I visited 7chan
the web player was working, playing gay trek
so I left again
regrettably John

John Smith 20/10/13(Tue)01:45 No. 47529

Dear John,

I am on my yearly, depressive mid-autumn visit here. The player is wokring, and the music is quite comforting. I also have a heating fan on, and a blanket over my shoulders.

John Smith 22/05/25(Wed)14:36 No. 48205


John Smith 21/03/27(Sat)05:51 No. 47747 [Reply]

File 161682070425.jpg - (263.10KB , 804x1072 , 1317315895578.jpg )

Hello, John.

I interviewed for a job today. I felt it was going well until I asked how they saw "work/life balance" there. They avoided answering how many hours employees work in a week, but they gave me the impression that they frequently pressure people into working overtime. They tried to make up for this by bragging that they allow people to take a break for a couple hours if they have a dentist appointment or something. They also highlighted the fact that they don't allow people to continue working past 10PM. I was shocked that they felt this was even worth mentioning.

The cherry on top was when they asked me to complete a 4+ hour homework assignment before I'd be considered for a second interview. This confirmed that they have no respect for my time, if there was any doubt. I've lost all interest in the position.

Have you interviewed with any shitty companies, John? What was it like?

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John Smith 22/05/16(Mon)08:48 No. 48195

Factories are always fucking garbage. I worked at a warehouse an hour outside of town that gave you the BENEFIT of:
two fifteen minute smoke breaks (WALKING TO AND FROM SMOKE AREA -NOT- INCLUDED)
one half hour lunch (TIME TO PISS OR SMOKE -NOT- INCLUDED)

Heaven forbid you ever have to take a shit on the job and literally lose your livelihood over something normal and trivial, like shit

John Smith 22/05/22(Sun)21:58 No. 48200

My Dad used to have to find a supervisor and tell them he was going to the bathroom because someone at the mill thought he was taking too many bathroom breaks. This same mill also made you find a supervisor when it was time to take your 15 so they could watch you while on break to make sure you got back on time. I once had a really awkward visit with my Mom at work because her supervisor insisted he stand right next to us while we spoke.

Brickle Group are bad employers, is what I'm getting at.

John Smith 22/05/25(Wed)07:41 No. 48202

File 165345728338.jpg - (396.10KB , 724x1200 , __mokuren_kunoichi_tsubaki_no_mune_no_uchi_drawn_b.jpg )

Geez, imagine how bored the supervisor was and he was likely just following orders as well, ridiculous bureaucracy in those places

John Smith 22/01/12(Wed)00:26 No. 48067 [Reply]

File 164194360584.jpg - (189.28KB , 1400x1400 , The-Pigeon-HAS-to-Go-to-School_Main-1.jpg )

Dear John, I feel the more I think about it, the more it annoys me.
Forgive me for sounding whiny, though.
I think young people have been socially emasculated. Or rather, they never stood a chance at all.
Do you know that children and teenagers are the only demographic in which stereotyping is not only accepted but endorsed?
What if I told you that innocence and idealism arent inherent in development?
That theyre parental farces?

I believe that adolescence was a self-fullfilling prophecy and its a slow but steady burning/pillaging of society.

How can you sit here and classify young people as defective because of "brain development" when before the 1940s, they were active members of society?
Why are adults hell-bent on raising the age of majority and blocking off kids from playing outside, working, and dating?

Ive heard that teen turmoil is exclusively a Western phenomenom that doesnt exist in any other culture.
Quarter-life crisis wasnt a thing before the 1990s.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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John Smith 22/04/15(Fri)15:35 No. 48168

I've always said God made a mistake with Adam and Eve.
God should've made us androgynous hermaphrodites. Also, He should've made us independent of food, water, and sleep.
And most importantly, the need for kinship.
Humans are so inefficient, physically and psychologically.

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)08:31 No. 48178

I beg you - just get away from the young.. Are you out of 25? Welcome from here. Your place has been taken. Deal with it. They will take care of their own desires. I have a younger brother. He understood all the gadgets better than me, although I was older. Now he hooks chicks through the site - https://www.onenightfriend.com/ And he also does this more successfully than me .. Work? many whine that young people do not want to work .. But this is not entirely true .. They just do not want to spend a lot of effort and get something that is not enough for life (( That's why they go to Instagram)

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)22:55 No. 48179

25 is still young. I dunno why this obsession with 25 as the new 35.
Brain development is a terrible metric of maturity.
Also, this post reeks of premature midlife crisis.

John Smith 22/03/08(Tue)08:15 No. 48105 [Reply]

File 164672374592.jpg - (45.74KB , 767x241 , Screenshot_20220308-071538_Chrome.jpg )

I got this captcha and I though eh that looks like the pingas meme

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John Smith 22/03/16(Wed)21:26 No. 48135


>Likety, cs188, Aliantos, awfulfawful, etc

That's peak internet culture, right there. Now it's all "own duh libz" bullshit.

John Smith 22/03/18(Fri)18:36 No. 48140

Joj and hoh sis

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)06:56 No. 48177


John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)06:52 No. 48175 [Reply]

File 165051676155.jpg - (13.35KB , 300x300 , B1A38D10-6B3C-4AF7-B289-ABBAD0E4F8AE.jpg )

Hello Why does this look so much like 4/8 Chan :;)

John Smith 22/04/21(Thu)06:54 No. 48176

Wait this is so cool actually :D

John Smith 22/01/19(Wed)05:00 No. 48070 [Reply]

File 164256483745.jpg - (79.35KB , 540x960 , IMG_20211225_171639.jpg )

Hi, John.
Everytime i access to this website, and, when i'm done reading the first page, i like to go to the catalog. This site doesn't have one. What can i do to remember that? I don't access this website very often, to be honest.

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John Smith 22/02/08(Tue)01:44 No. 48084

Dear John,
You correct, thank you and I hope that it help any other John reading this thread. Whomay have got confused.

kindess regards

John Smith 22/02/27(Sun)05:18 No. 48092

File 164593552666.png - (480.07KB , 1714x985 , Screenshot from 2022-02-27 13-16-53.png )

>>48074 >>48070
Dear John,

You are wrong, look harder.

Pic related.


John Smith 22/04/15(Fri)20:25 No. 48169


I didn't say there wasn't one, just to try thinking there wasn't one.


Now to go and have a tab, er.., ciggarette

John Smith 22/03/04(Fri)15:53 No. 48096 [Reply]

File 164640559167.png - (61.29KB , 187x269 , Untitled9_20220304083324.png )

John Smith 22/03/18(Fri)20:00 No. 48145

File 164763002181.jpg - (7.54KB , 227x225 , kden.jpg )

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