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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 23/10/29(Sun)19:42 No. 48732 [Reply]

File 169860497066.png - (1.57MB , 1920x1080 , mattress bitch.png )

I threw up twice in one week.

John Smith 23/11/02(Thu)18:00 No. 48733

I drink liquid , it helps clear out the passageways

John Smith 23/10/27(Fri)23:31 No. 48731 [Reply]

File 169844231480.png - (140.74KB , 241x346 , a witness.png )

I find it abhorent that people tend to ignore me and close the door before I even mention Jehova. One man thought I'd come about the car crash he had the previous day. Asked if jehova was the other driver.

John Smith 21/12/07(Tue)23:33 No. 48030 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 163891643662.jpg - (266.37KB , 806x604 , Discarded Big Button.jpg )

Dear John,

I miss the posts about cheese. I brought some none sliced cheese yesterday. Parmesan, which I actually have cheese grater for and some more Jarlsberg. Which meant to get a cheese slicer for, yet got distracted by the person I was with. Who need a tin opener and a 13 amp fuse. Funny thing they did not need the fuse. They had just accidently switch their fridge off. Anyway I digress. I'm still thinking of buying a cheese slicer. Although sliced cheese is way easier.

Hope this finds you happy and well


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John Smith 23/09/28(Thu)03:02 No. 48727


Dear John,

After using some of that cheese that had pass it sell by date.
I gave it to someone else who would eat it.
Now I have no cheese to make cheese toasties
yes, this could be a commmon problem

as ever


John Smith 23/09/30(Sat)20:20 No. 48728

Dear John,

I went the local store to get some non-alcoholic drinks. I was looking at the very small selection, when a teenage student female said "Exquese me".
So I moved slightly to one side, saying "no worries", quitely. She took a small step forward and pick a bottle of peach ice tea off the shelf.
I could not remember the last time I had had ice tea and don't think I have ever had peach flavour. So I bought a bottle as well.
I know this has nothing to do with cheese, yet at the same time I hope you find this particular and equally uninteresting conversation. Has not been a waste of your time.

As ever

John Smith 23/10/21(Sat)23:49 No. 48730

Hey guys. Bought some pepperjack today for burritos. Looking forward to it.

John Smith 20/04/11(Sat)09:58 No. 47273 [Reply]

File 158659191914.jpg - (203.39KB , 1112x923 , 20200320_015149.jpg )


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John Smith 20/10/17(Sat)04:28 No. 47535


John Smith 20/10/20(Tue)10:23 No. 47546

Seem like you're doing just fine

John Smith 23/10/13(Fri)18:31 No. 48729


Dear John,

They removed that page from their website.
So am I to conclude that 'How many people died from hunger'. Is now not even a Particularly uninteresting conversation.
It just means nothing, is nothing.

kindest regards


John Smith 20/07/23(Thu)04:09 No. 47472 [Reply]

File 15954701425.jpg - (274.33KB , 1400x700 , w1440h700q85_WBG.jpg )

Oh no, I put a few too many diced carrots into my chicken soup. The concern is not the flavour that carrots lack but the colour dominance and liquid volume per bowl.

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John Smith 23/09/24(Sun)20:54 No. 48721



John Smith 23/09/26(Tue)22:24 No. 48725

File 169575988936.png - (1.04MB , 1165x752 , CARROT WINE - How to make Wine at Home from Carro.png )



Haven't watched it yet, although i'm bored now so might do it next

John Smith 23/09/26(Tue)22:36 No. 48726

File 169576059879.png - (843.96KB , 1129x635 , CARROT WINE - How to make Wine at Home from Carrot.png )

Having watched video now
I say yes to carrot wine

John Smith 20/09/13(Sun)16:28 No. 47519 [Reply]

File 160000731831.jpg - (130.73KB , 434x483 , Wayne_Deur.jpg )

Hey John,

Do you feel particularly uninteresting because the interesting times have passed? Or perhaps that they have yet to come? The isolation as of late surely hasn't helped but what's your prognosis John?

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John Smith 23/09/03(Sun)09:59 No. 48714

You speak of 20 v 60.
You don't sound like you have done either.
When I was 20 I did every stupid thing.
When I was 60 I paid the price for the stupid things.
Oh to be 60 again, lithe, energetic and not the only living member of my beloved family whom I undeservedly outlived.

t. Assembly language programmer from way back.

John Smith 23/09/26(Tue)00:32 No. 48723


Speak for yourself.
Peopl act like age numbers have inherent personality traits. They dont.

If anything, while you gain experience, wisdom is still purely optional.

Men especially seem to assume that their age is a badge of virtue within itself.

John Smith 23/09/26(Tue)05:11 No. 48724

Also I tire of older people reminisicng of their youth in a patronizing way.

Youth is not inherent innocence or happiness.
If parents and teachers wouldnt be so fucking neurotic about everything pertaining to the kids and allow them breathing space, youth would be alot more enjoyable.

John Smith 23/09/25(Mon)18:51 No. 48722 [Reply]

File 169566067135.jpg - (151.83KB , 1077x1077 , aliengorillajesus.jpg )

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DxmzymDIBdhsuzTlUytuYclefcELefsC?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iLLJoa7D4kUrvxt3qfAAAi61zLAJDNDd?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UceYrz8dCsozAw0zs_QCTO8kTyW2yWcc?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PsHCnB4gPqEOhjOXGsLTa4VuhaeLstgC?usp=drive_link, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/197DwynBiDdJlVVXmY7D3NF7LUcZsknhi?usp=drive_link

11 Months of physical and psychological torture to "get me to eat vegetables" (make better life choices). I found out they were pedophiles and they've ruined my life. Audio files contain all the torture, beratement, humiliation I endure 24/7 and to this very moment done by illegally bombarding me with EM radiation (sound is in the air). Videos, images, text documents contain information I've been collecting, cars that I've seen following me all over the country, etc... it may not all be accurate, but I'm fearing for my life and not sure how much longer I have to live. I most likely now have cancer from prolonged em radiation exposure and have severe PTSD from the trauma they caused me. Patterns emerge over time, and the pattern is clear: I was never supposed to know this was happening, and because I found out, they've been ruining my life in various terrible ways using technology and social engineering. As far as I can tell, they've been doing damage control for months now, perpetuating the whole ordeal while keeping everyone else who is involved in the dark while they tried to figure out what to do with/about me. Now most people involved know that they've been lied to and that I never consented to any of this nor wanted it in the first place. Even to this very moment as I type I'm hearing, "nobody is going to believe. just kill yourself" over and over. I'm not sure if anybody can help me and I'm suicidal at this point, not because I want to die, but because I've been tortured for 11 months now with no end in sight all to emotionally blackmail me into not doing things they don't want me to like leaving my own house or eating sugar. I was literally actually tortured (isolation, sleep deprivation, drugging, shocking, food/water deprivation, and beratement) for 2 weeks straight earlier this year until they coerced a "confession" out of me to both use as emotional blackmail and to shift their blame o Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

John Smith 23/09/13(Wed)19:14 No. 48718 [Reply]

File 169462528874.jpg - (19.63KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )

Remember how god is apparently rape and have to abide by the legal police laws that say no rape I think I'm better than god too imagine having to abide by forced blasphemy laws eh. Rape not good and can't break the law.

John Smith 23/09/10(Sun)01:53 No. 48716 [Reply]

File 169430358653.jpg - (1.54MB , 2592x1944 , IMG_20230908_113617607_HDR.jpg )

Idea 3d printer that prints 3d printer robot people that can assemble themselves rather quickly as image of a person in various types of download the internet style installed chips and ai personality also knows the laws and that various people can be analysed and facial recognition software and colour paint drop tool shapes gifting capabilities and removal of persons deemed unfit to society and unnoticeable without a trace and even scares with idea of perpetual holocaust and immortality and eternal prisons!

John Smith 23/09/10(Sun)01:54 No. 48717

Also maybe could be 5d or 8d or more and that the 3d printed people also are like3d printers that can print 3d printer people. Allalalla

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