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John Smith 21/01/01(Fri)16:47 No. 47670 [Reply]

File 16095160645.jpg - (24.13KB , 480x360 , ibuhybub.jpg )

Dear John.
How do you deal with normalcy?
How do you deal with knowing you will never be a big shot? Always living in the shadows? Always being another face in the crowd?

Should we even care?

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John Smith 21/06/20(Sun)11:27 No. 47832

File 162418127864.jpg - (42.10KB , 1280x720 , t.jpg )

I avoid normalcy by living like it's 2005. Cutting off that very superficial level of interaction and servitude, is very calming.

John Smith 21/07/16(Fri)23:29 No. 47843

>Living like its 2005
>Avoid noramlcy

The only difference between then and now was tech level.
If you really wanna cut iff noramlcy, live like its 1605.

John Smith 21/07/19(Mon)22:38 No. 47844

The "tech level" itself doesn't differ all that much between 2005 and the current year. However, its impact on society has changed greatly. I am not against technological progress, but I do dislike a certain technology becoming needlessly entangled into the simplest of things.

John Smith 21/06/03(Thu)18:17 No. 47817 [Reply]

File 162273706725.png - (914.28KB , 1920x1080 , image_2021-06-04_021749.png )

Hey John,

Just checking in on how you've been doing. I haven't been around much, mostly because of personal stuff and losing track of everything, but I've managed to set myself back on-course and I thought I'd write to you. I hope you're doing alright.

Thanks, John

John Smith 21/06/04(Fri)06:23 No. 47819

Hey John
Ive been doing fine. Yesterday I started a grass garden.
Your best friend john

John Smith 21/06/11(Fri)07:17 No. 47826

My dearest & oldest companion John,

I'm doing quite well considering the big picture. Work is a bit stressful and I'm busy outside of it as well. This creates a lot of anxiety, but I remind myself every day that these are relatively small issues. I'm very happy with my situation. I just need to get out of my head sometimes.

With a sincerity that can derived only from a lifetime of the most intimate friendship possible,

John Smith 21/06/13(Sun)21:26 No. 47828

File 162361239476.jpg - (16.27KB , 452x602 , THE boot.jpg )


A mellow hello to you too, John.

And well, I wish that you're doing well as well.
It makes my mouth widen into a slight smile to see that you're still alive.

Keep on fighting,


What kind of grass garden?
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John Smith 21/04/12(Mon)23:54 No. 47759 [Reply]

File 161826448010.jpg - (79.79KB , 640x426 , 1618261440185.jpg )

Dear John,
I've been on vacation leave for a short while now. I still have a couple of days left.
So far I've spent it with a few walks, and a bit of entertainment in the form of movies I wanted to watch.
However, this week is quite a rainy one.. I do wonder what I should do inside. Perhaps a few more movies?
Who knows...

Regards, a bored John

John Smith 21/04/15(Thu)10:40 No. 47762

File 161847605763.jpg - (274.66KB , 480x641 , HST.jpg )

Dear John,

I think I uderstand, although i could of course be wrong.
So this is just something have been doing over the last year or so.
Rereading books I own that I have kept. Now I see not just the point of have library. Also that I wasn't being sentimental or it was an ego thing.
They have real come in useful.
Currently about finish, its in the pic.
And wow the amount of insight i've got by rereading it all these years later, jaw dropping.
So John switch everything off pick up a book you've once read and reread it. Like the old saying goes it's like meeting up with an old friend.

Hope this is halpful.

Regards John

P.S. I'd recomend the book
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

John Smith 21/06/16(Wed)07:00 No. 47830

My dearest John,

In the last few years, there has been a fad of remastering popular videogame trilogies. You can argue that some or most of these are just "cashgrabs", but it can be fantastically exciting to revel in the nostalgia of some of the best games of the millennium with modern graphics/mechanics. I would advise looking into some of these - especially those you never got to play the first time around.

Find the right RPG, and you'll find yourself wishing you had MORE free time by the time your vacation ends. Or your vacation has already ended, and I've wasted my time by writing this here. This is fine too.

With love,

John Smith 21/06/08(Tue)23:51 No. 47822 [Reply]

File 162318909565.jpg - (111.26KB , 960x647 , 197484200_10223228109229709_3459740656935014503_n.jpg )

please discuss this man's confession, and also his pronunciation of the word celibacy

keep in mind this is probably the person in your meme group


John Smith 21/06/08(Tue)23:53 No. 47823

File 162318922659.jpg - (364.68KB , 3120x4160 , IMG_20210205_080741.jpg )

I just want to make ever more powerful energy weapons.

John Smith 19/09/08(Sun)03:18 No. 47099 [Reply]

File 15679055042.jpg - (21.43KB , 450x450 , crt.jpg )

What websites do you visit, John? I remember when I used to have catalogues and bookmarks upon bookmarks. Now it's just youtube and a handful of places to get the news or a few laughs.

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John Smith 21/05/04(Tue)20:44 No. 47783

File 162015386210.jpg - (71.49KB , 1024x618 , y3v5agwa6bw61.jpg )

I do not mind at all. I'm glad you like it.

John Smith 21/05/06(Thu)16:23 No. 47786

Usually these are the simplest entertainment sites, reddit, sometimes dating sites - https://www.steamylocals.com/latino-chat-room.html The latter option became especially relevant when bars and clubs were closed. I have nowhere to meet other than online. There are also games, but guys often play there under the nickname of a girl. This is not a very good alignment)

John Smith 21/05/10(Mon)06:45 No. 47792

About the sites I visit I mostly visit gore hentai pussylickin good websites. Oh and lolis too. Have I already mentioned my fetish for tick glasses? Anyway have a great day john

Your dearest friend John

John Smith 21/05/31(Mon)06:06 No. 47810 [Reply]

File 162243400290.jpg - (3.13MB , 2227x1649 , Stallman.jpg )

Why is it people that run dark (TOR/Loki, etc) servers to do illegal things do so from their down home?

Wouldn't make more sense to just repurpose a laptop bought from a pawn shop and just open the shop when people park near a library or coffee shop?

Even the Silk Road runner got caught because he went into the library itself and opened the store in full public view.

I mean, GITS (the original film) had a garbage man hack every time he stopped his truck, but wouldn't make more sense to not even get out?

If you wanted a stationary box, couldn't you just disguise it as a junction box and place it on an adjacent roof to a library, coffee shop or other establishment you have no direct connection to?

I just don't understand why people do this from home or actually go into public places.

John Smith 21/05/31(Mon)15:31 No. 47811

File 16224679163.jpg - (45.75KB , 720x606 , 8943ACE4-4721-4540-9EAD-27B6ED1DE4FC.jpg )


John Smith 20/07/17(Fri)04:19 No. 47467 [Reply]

File 159495233391.gif - (1.98MB , 421x307 , cut.gif )

I wish life everywhere could be boring. No conflicts, no ancient mysteries, no divine plan.
Adventures should take place in alternative canons. We can reincarnate to the "main canon" when the alternative realities get too much.

John Smith 20/07/17(Fri)08:58 No. 47468

Can't you just sit in a room?

John Smith 21/03/03(Wed)12:07 No. 47732 [Reply]

File 161476964346.jpg - (70.75KB , 480x484 , file_d77ae3c5ab_large.jpg )

Whale penis, as you can guess, is large

John Smith 21/03/03(Wed)12:08 No. 47733

File 161476970855.jpg - (109.25KB , 2000x1333 , whale-penis-371.jpg )

Sorry wrong pic

John Smith 21/03/07(Sun)22:25 No. 47734

Dear John,


Sincerely, John.

John Smith 21/03/11(Thu)20:55 No. 47735

something something sperm whale

John Smith 20/12/17(Thu)13:04 No. 47656 [Reply]

File 160820669390.png - (1.38MB , 1171x1080 , sketch-1607850069235.png )

Dear John,

Forgive me, I wasn't paying the slightest attention to where I posted.

So much was I overwhelmed by my satisfaction with the new tomato bucket.

It is smaller than its predecessor, but I see this as a feature: it takes up less space in the refrigerator, and packs of tomatoes rarely filled the old one.


4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 21/01/21(Thu)14:10 No. 47696

Not to disagree John, but I mostly eat them as snacks.

Once in a while I chop a few up for a salad.

John Smith 21/02/26(Fri)16:42 No. 47729

File 161435414265.jpg - (3.83MB , 5504x3096 , DSC_2077.jpg )

Dear John,

Tomato Bucket 2.0 has made a friend.

This is ice bucket.


John Smith 21/02/26(Fri)18:21 No. 47730

Dear John,

Im glad your tomato bucket has been gifted with a new friend.

Your friend

John Smith 20/04/18(Sat)21:59 No. 47279 [Reply]

File 158723997527.jpg - (19.34KB , 567x370 , klimt-masturbation.jpg )

Hey John.
I've been addicted to masturbation for a while now, started at an early age and it has now become a daily thing. I really want to put an end to this cause it's unethical and I feel disgusting afterwards. Has anyone been through the same situation? Were you able to put an end to it?
I'm a woman btw if that's relevant

22 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 21/02/18(Thu)05:56 No. 47721

Well, I guess you'll have to eat in my stead then.

John Smith 21/02/22(Mon)01:06 No. 47726


Ok, this has been puzzling me for many, many months now
>it's unethical
What's unethical?
(Wanking is unethical?, well that is real /eh/?)

And seeing how I'm asking a question I'll answer one of your's
>Were you able to put an end to it?
Well rubbing one out is way easier and fast for women and I can't say, I had as bad problem as bad you say you have.
Yes I have total control over my wanking.


John Smith 21/03/27(Sat)04:35 No. 47746

Agreed, what do you find unethical about wanking as a woman? You can't even say that you're wasting life, because the fact of whether you cum or not doesn't change whether an egg will get fertilized or become blood in your panties(many women can attest to this, sadly), nor does a thought of whatever you fap to really do anything. Unless you're somehow using kids or animals to get you off, I don't really see the issue here. Perhaps fapping in itself is not the issue here?

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