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Info Sticky Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時15分17秒 30466 ID: b35d09 [返信] Locked Stickied

画像ファイル名 132805891655.jpg - (2.76MB , 2600x3860 , 1325193706996.jpg )



Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時20分05秒 30467 ID: b35d09


Don't forget to join us on IRC at:

Game Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 04時51分42秒 29003 ID: 06d28a [返信] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

画像ファイル名 131881990230.jpg - (27.87KB , 380x318 , SS.jpg )

I have a game for you /a/, take an anime you like, and describe it in a way that makes it sound shitty. I'll start:

Samurai Champloo is about an orphaned girl, and two hooligans who do nothing but bicker with each other. They are all jobless, and thus never have any money.

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Mr!Akemi.DEzE 2018年03月10日(土) 10時28分11秒 35584 ID: 1dee54

Post some CRACK!
Let's attack!


Anonymous-San 2013年07月04日(木) 18時42分34秒 33629 ID: 324f31 [返信] [Last 50 posts]

画像ファイル名 13729561547.jpg - (232.62KB , 560x700 , 78e8f9a967c44ac56eff6ed693d8a6bd5f09775e.jpg )

This place is a fucking ghost town. Dumping Squid Moe for a larf.

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Anonymous-San 2018年03月10日(土) 10時31分26秒 35585 ID: bedf45

This person is out to try to "bait" and "summon" people to cause problems and ruin threads.

It's out right insane how fucked up the head he is.

If there are any mods on this boards you really need to do something about him.

Mr!Akemi.DEzE 2018年03月10日(土) 10時32分26秒 35586 ID: 1dee54

画像ファイル名 152067434697.jpg - (1.60MB , 2000x1000 , EliUmi7.jpg )


Anonymous-San 2018年03月11日(日) 05時20分53秒 35589 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 15207420527.jpg - (3.55MB , 4608x3456 , vacation2018 010.jpg )

This sucks. Here I go away for a week or so (FPOB, ya done with Kaijo yet?) and this freaking board has disintegrated to less sense than I make. I didn't belive it could happen, thanks for proving me wrong.
Screw meds, these posts have a fuckton of something. I dunno what. All these last few posts just remind me of a series I re-watched while away. I agree: "Lyrical Tokarov Kill Them All"

Lots of tequila and /a/ this vacation. I'd post a Punie-Chan gif, but don't have one. Settle for a pic of Osaka and her bodyguard instead.

....now to decide how to handle the stickied thread. Like I'll have a problem.

Azumanga Anonymous-San 2018年03月02日(金) 21時29分57秒 35580 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 152002259747.jpg - (870.53KB , 2000x1480 , FEJsI0o.jpg )

For what purpose?
Osaka's face looks like shit now....

Anonymous-San 2018年03月12日(月) 09時47分23秒 35590 ID: a89f4e

kiyohiko azuma was never worth reading, the only people who care about him are meme chasing niggertiters wannabe posers

Dokin Anonymous-San 2018年02月22日(木) 20時07分32秒 35575 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151932645260.jpg - (17.40KB , 600x600 , 00000003605265_A01.jpg )

Easy on the sweets, Dokin chan.

Anonymous-San 2018年02月22日(木) 20時13分07秒 35576 ID: 24ac78


Anybody Know What Anime This Is? Anonymous-San 2018年02月13日(火) 00時45分42秒 35562 ID: 53b059 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151847914270.png - (304.58KB , 1280x800 , Screenshot_2017-08-22-18-58-13.png )

So I watched an episode of this about a year ago and I want to continue watching but I can't remember the title. Also, I started on episode 9 so if it sounds stupid then that's why. A middle school/high school couple that want to have sex. They begin to do it at boy's house but his mom comes home early. Boy sees friends and they ask him how it went, he says sex is sacred. Girl and boy meet up to decide where they'll do it, she wants to do it at Disneyland, he wants to just go to a hotel overnight because he's the one paying for it. I know it's not much to go off of, but if you recognize it then please tell me the name.

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Anonymous-San 2018年02月13日(火) 04時02分52秒 35564 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 15184909719.jpg - (42.96KB , 704x396 , Claes.jpg )

I don't have any clue as to what your pic is from, but feel I need to know.

Anonymous-San 2018年02月14日(水) 01時53分59秒 35565 ID: d18aab

It's called Vixens or Visionary. Never seen it myself, but after googling it and finding out its a hentai, I just might.

Anonymous-San 2018年02月15日(木) 04時17分51秒 35568 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 151866467176.jpg - (666.50KB , 984x1384 , Miko_Mido.jpg )

Much appreciated. I haven't seen that one ...yet, but hope to do so soon. 1995 though? Man, I was still enjoying watching Miko Mido in La Blue Girl and the Venus 5 back then.
Still have those-and a few more on VHS of all things.

Boruto mousedragon 2018年01月12日(金) 17時21分15秒 35540 ID: c1406a [返信]

画像ファイル名 151577407591.jpg - (72.17KB , 600x579 , mirai_sarutobi_by_vashperado-d9119t6.jpg )

Will she die like her dad?

Anonymous-San 2018年01月20日(土) 12時59分48秒 35541 ID: ec311b

Is Naruto still going?

Anonymous-San 2018年01月22日(月) 15時13分33秒 35542 ID: 9eab1f

Probably not, otherwise we'd have boring-ass posts again from Candleja

Anonymous-San 2018年01月25日(木) 14時16分25秒 35545 ID: ec311b


Why was the Keroro Gunso anime so shit when the manga was so good? Anonymous-San 2017年12月07日(木) 23時02分57秒 35500 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151268417769.jpg - (869.96KB , 1642x980 , 戞15姫_130.jpg )

I mean C'mon!

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Anonymous-San 2018年01月07日(日) 14時46分09秒 35537 ID: e65e01

nah, i think it's just a cartoonish camel toe.

Anonymous-San 2018年01月23日(火) 03時33分37秒 35543 ID: 24ac78

画像ファイル名 151667481751.jpg - (65.22KB , 548x834 , zmndfe7osJa1rga89io1_1280.jpg )

That's a girl.

Anonymous-San 2018年01月23日(火) 05時28分51秒 35544 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 151668173129.jpg - (52.47KB , 640x480 , 02+Natsumi+model.jpg )

Asukafags are humbled in the true majesty of redheads.

That Time Again 2018年01月01日(月) 03時48分37秒 35519 ID: 10e3b3 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151477491682.png - (0.97MB , 1280x738 , vlcsnap-2017-11-15-23h39m05s828.png )

Greetings to one and all /a/holes, whether you're one of the few who still stick around here, or even if you just stumbled in. Hey, it's New Year's Eve, stumbling is pretty much par for the course. Anyways...
If you go a few pages in on this board, you'll see last year's pathetic excuse for wasting 7's bandwidth. It will be annoying, it will set off some of the grammargestapo of other places.
Yes, I am looking across Chan Avenue. But this isn't there, if you don't like it, go back already.
This is my annual screed about the state of /a/nime as I watched in 2K17. My taste generally sucks. I'm a seinen fan. And this year started pretty hot, but damn, did it ever slack off as the year went on. A bit too late, but I know, this will be lots of tl;dr.
heh. Pic related, though not pertinent, as it's from '14. AOTY for me then.

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Anonymous-San 2018年01月01日(月) 06時11分37秒 35533 ID: 10e3b3

画像ファイル名 151478349784.png - (448.34KB , 864x482 , vlcsnap-2017-12-30-20h28m36s756.png )

A show that I picked up on a whim, and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite it's premise. It's both seasons (so far) of Classicaloid. Choosing Bada-Chan as a character sent many to find out about her irl persona. Since I work in a record store, I have access to these composers and it's fun to interplay the LPs of the originals, and then play one of the soundtracks I got from this series. I just wonder what other composers are going to show up next season.
And best of all, this has the best Shoebill.

see ya /a/round

Anonymous-San 2018年01月05日(金) 17時25分22秒 35535 ID: cc4c6a

There were a lot of edgy animes last year, DIES IRAE, Evil or Die all that shit but I have to say that my favourite one had to be. EROMANGA-SENSEI

Anonymous-San 2018年01月06日(土) 01時34分22秒 35536 ID: 10e3b3

Watched Eromanga-sensei, and though I liked the ED song, I don't see myself ever re-watching. Considering I did get through both seasons of Oreimo, and then deleted them off my esternal drive soon after S2 fiished, Ero-Sensei will share that fate.
I didn't watch Dies Irae, doesn't look my a genre I follow, though it did help kill a long-time eroge game maker, as I believe Light is getting out of that business. I just wish I could find the Nuiguruma video Light put out last decade. And seeing DMM pitching in, looks like hentai pays off.....But we knew that, right KEY? But still no help from OverDrive, as KiraKira never got a series. An ova, but no animated series.

Oh well, time to get into more of the current season, I've watched one, and have 3 dled, so my night's busy.
and, I've already had a few beers.

Things that happened Anonymous-San 2017年12月19日(火) 06時33分06秒 35509 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151366158653.jpg - (546.01KB , 1118x1600 , klady2_0001.jpg )


Anonymous-San 2017年12月19日(火) 16時42分01秒 35510 ID: 9eab1f

画像ファイル名 151369811615.gif - (1.97MB , 372x209 , Keijo Butt_Cannon.gif )

For a moment there, I thought this was more Keijo...something that will never ever happen. But does look promising.
Any good?

Anonymous-San 2017年12月21日(木) 07時26分28秒 35512 ID: 24ac78

Very good in fact.

Anonymous-San 2018年01月01日(月) 02時21分10秒 35518 ID: 10e3b3

I appreciate the lead on this manga, even though I've never gotten into Kinnikuman (too far ahead to start now), I am a wrasslin' fan, and have been waiting patiently for another volume of Rorikura Clutch.

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