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Anonymous-San 2022年03月29日(火) 01時26分13秒 36864 ID: 0a68f0 [返信]

画像ファイル名 164850997223.png - (1.68MB , 2582x503 , Sailor Cuckshit.png )

Was this Ikuhara's way of telling greasy, middle-aged otaku to stop obsessing over a show for little girls?

Anonymous-San 2021年08月22日(日) 22時46分34秒 36574 ID: 754beb [返信]

画像ファイル名 162966519422.jpg - (21.86KB , 225x350 , 250.jpg )

Confirmed a girl just flat
Like me, Reize (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Anonymous-San 2022年02月15日(火) 01時50分39秒 36834 ID: 52099d

I love everybody in this anime (◕ᴗ◕✿) 💖

Anonymous-San 2022年02月16日(水) 10時31分02秒 36835 ID: d1c4a2

r u a grill?

This board is too slow This board is too slow 2021年02月14日(日) 03時50分38秒 36449 ID: 6a7930 [返信]

画像ファイル名 161327103811.jpg - (75.11KB , 1280x720 , 785478ikk98579.jpg )

I am sick of only talking to one bloody person. I don't have the same taste as them and I'm straight and natural.

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Anonymous-San 2022年01月10日(月) 02時44分27秒 36822 ID: 25213a

There's nothing worth going to 4chan for anymore. It's a real cesspool of niggers arguing about this and that who just use the place to say whatever they want without consequence. Nothing of value is posted. It's become so well known now that it's swarming with normies. It's essentially just like a gigantic Facebook comment thread but with more swearing. Plus it's teeming with bots who ruin any actual discussion.

Anonymous-San 2022年01月10日(月) 04時43分37秒 36823 ID: c88813

画像ファイル名 164178621717.jpg - (334.92KB , 1280x960 , 119821206311.jpg )


What did happen to etna?
That fat black bastard just vanished from the internet.

Anonymous-San 2022年01月10日(月) 06時04分09秒 36824 ID: d9819e

I never undestood why we haven't played this up in the future. One of the biggest flaws of 7chan is that it is so far stuck in the past. It's anarchronistic.

Oshii 2021 is done already? Screw this relativity shit 2022年01月01日(土) 05時23分47秒 36807 ID: 79c87a [返信]

画像ファイル名 164101102745.png - (212.68KB , 704x396 , vlcsnap-2021-12-11-22h59m19s007.png )

Damn. This year flew by. Not like I was off guard, but rather unprepared. But yeah, time for the yearly spreading of fertilizer.

All done on the fly this year. Not like i use a script anyway. Being the old fart has it's advantages.. But this year, is anyone wants to chime in, please do. My viewing fell off a cliff this year, as I think i've opined before.
Combination of things-doing ebay 5 nights a week, watching a streamer 3 times a wek, my stoopid wrasslin' 1-2 times a week (one is Tokyo Joahi Peo, so it kinda counts.), so i've been selective, catering to my crap tastes.
Like I sais, won't be long on my part.
Shall we?

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Anonymous-San 2022年01月01日(土) 06時01分31秒 36812 ID: 79c87a

画像ファイル名 164101329118.png - (571.19KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2020-01-16-19h56m58s743.png )

oh, and happy new year, 3 minutes late. It's late, i'm hammered, I can't read clock.

Anonymous-San 2022年01月01日(土) 06時09分01秒 36813 ID: 79c87a

画像ファイル名 164101373693.gif - (3.00MB , 620x348 , ulp.gif )

Okay, look. This is a total cop out. Long day at work, caught something I get into for a few hours, am hammered as all fuquola, and can barely see straight.
I will finish this, but will have to wait until sober enough to see someting other than clouds.
back, probably tomorrow. Armed.

Anonymous-San 2022年01月09日(日) 02時42分23秒 36818 ID: 899b14

i dont get this thread

Looking for friends Bronya Zaychick 2021年12月14日(火) 00時07分19秒 36806 ID: 6c886f [返信]

画像ファイル名 163943683940.jpg - (108.56KB , 600x829 , 258753306_637468457622552_5126767301374529260_n.jpg )

Hello im Bronya and im looking for new friends .

Edens Zero Anonymous-San 2021年07月19日(月) 20時48分58秒 36552 ID: 39a9ea [返信]

画像ファイル名 162672053873.jpg - (907.61KB , 1920x1080 , 1626562412939.jpg )

is this Hiro Mashima's best work? So far, it's already way better than Fairy Tail.

Anonymous-San 2021年10月11日(月) 05時52分10秒 36790 ID: d2a5e8

It's very colorful, but other than that it's okay, and at least it had unique plot elements other than being another power fantasy harem iseikai.

Howdy Anonymous-San 2021年08月22日(日) 12時41分08秒 36573 ID: 5776db [返信]

画像ファイル名 162962886897.jpg - (58.29KB , 839x478 , mpv-shot0017.jpg )

Howdy folks, i was watching kino no tabi recently, an enjoyable show i have to say, and to be honest the newest season of the show felt wrong, what do you think of it ( i know am late on the party )

Anonymous-San 2021年07月16日(金) 10時50分52秒 36550 ID: ceffdd [返信]

Youtube  Worth every moment, yes, it's that beautiful.

Anonymous-San 2019年08月07日(水) 22時07分11秒 36005 ID: 602775 [返信]

画像ファイル名 156520843144.jpg - (1.30MB , 1600x1200 , one-piece-newanimationworld.jpg )

One piece is probably the best shonen anime in existence.

I just capped off my latest binge on episode 650 in the middle of the donflamingo arch, and, I have to say I am pretty impressed. I mean, yeah the anime's quality has taken a pretty hard hit and fishman island was a hti and miss arch, but, I still think the show is going incredibly strong after all this time.

I really enjoy the dressrosa arch and, frankly, I loved punk hazard.

I loved the characters introduced in Hazard and I think it was awesome to see Law actually doing some kick ass shit for once; law being one of my favorite characters.

That being said, yeah, I think the pacing of the anime is way off.

I don't know I still love it. Hopefully I can finish it up after this break before we hit the thousandth episode.

What do you think, /a/?

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Anonymous-San 2020年11月07日(土) 16時30分53秒 36363 ID: b83bb7

As far as Shonen jump is concerned it's a good anime, lol.

Anonymous-San 2021年06月22日(火) 06時02分23秒 36523 ID: 6c88c7

Yeah there are more Dressrossa Episodes then Manga chapters. Mr. Moji is a great channel that covers the rich themes and symbolism in One Piece if you're interested in that.

Anonymous-San 2021年06月22日(火) 07時43分51秒 36524 ID: 6c88c7

Sorry, it's actually Mr. Morj.

Odd Taxi Anonymous-San 2021年06月17日(木) 15時59分06秒 36521 ID: 994dfe [返信]

画像ファイル名 162393834658.jpg - (392.34KB , 1920x1080 , 2350457.jpg )

This show is the best anime I've seen in years. It ends in two weeks. Watch it before it's over. New eps release on Mondays. I can't give away too much without spoiling, but it's basically a crime drama with furries.

Anonymous-San 2021年06月20日(日) 02時41分05秒 36522 ID: 237adb

Is this the gay furry show? beaststars?

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