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Strike Bitches Anonymous-San 2019年06月25日(火) 08時24分21秒 35985 ID: eb60a2 [返信]

画像ファイル名 156144386169.png - (782.95KB , 1920x1200 , 749156.png )

Have you watched Strike Witches?
-gun porn

-the main cast NEVER WEARS PANTS

The story is pretty good too, but that alone should sell you

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Anonymous-San 2022年08月30日(火) 20時33分07秒 36985 ID: b80031

画像ファイル名 166188438710.jpg - (158.88KB , 1600x1000 , acake.jpg )

Agreed. When's Das Finale episode 4?

Anonymous-San 2022年09月06日(火) 06時03分07秒 37019 ID: c472c6

画像ファイル名 16624369874.jpg - (0.97MB , 1920x1080 , FN.jpg )

Strike Witches S1, good. S2, ehhh. Later seasons/spinoffis, very fun. Brave Witches? Back to the ehh.

I have never seen GuP. I should have gotten into it when aired. But now, with so much material, and having to keep up with current seasons, catching up on that is something I guess I'll have to pass on. But-given it's popularity, I've heard plenty already.
That's hardly the best of "gun" series with, well yeah, lolis.
For seriousness and bloodshed, you start with Gunslinger Girl. Anime good-manga better, though will rip your heart out.
For drama/action/comedy, there's Stella Women's Academy Class C3 can get slow, but the story is good, and it has Miyuki Sawashiro, which is automatic win.
There's shows about being a gun/person, Upotte!
And for absolute insanity, there's Sabagebu.

I may have to come back with some smackdown on Strike Wtiches though. They were hardly the first of the flying girls genre.

Anonymous-San 2023年11月15日(水) 03時37分30秒 37748 ID: a0bb67

画像ファイル名 170001585092.png - (1.74MB , 1180x1338 , 671F7AC8-94C9-4C1C-BB30-4BE3D52579F7.png )

Needs more love, less hate

Anonymous-San 2023年10月12日(木) 14時29分50秒 37713 ID: 6e8e6a [返信]


One Piece Chapter 901 Anonymous-San 2018年04月01日(日) 20時14分00秒 35596 ID: 461115 [返信]

画像ファイル名 15226064407.png - (695.79KB , 1600x900 , 267687.png )

Hey Guys!! Early leak Spoiler
One Piece Chapter 901- Big News After Big News has suddenly surfaced.
Whole Chapter leaked online.

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Anonymous-San 2023年09月20日(水) 09時35分38秒 37707 ID: 27fa78


Anonymous-San 2023年10月09日(月) 07時53分16秒 37710 ID: b97172

When Luffy finds the One Piece, which is royalty, Roger is properly father to the main female villian or something, lol.

Anonymous-San 2023年10月21日(土) 08時32分51秒 37720 ID: 2c127d

Isn't Luffy kind of related to him anyway?

Kinnikuman Anonymous-San 2023年09月18日(月) 05時07分05秒 37705 ID: b64817 [返信]

画像ファイル名 169500642581.png - (166.27KB , 640x320 , vlcsnap-2023-09-18-12h27m16s322.png )

Well i found that it was weird they made mari sensei look young on nisei while bibimba looks way older then her.
also i wonder if rinko is in reality mari sensei daughter.
points for this
>She found rinko on the street
>She found her in front of the kindergarten
>Normally in days with snow the students and teachers stay at home in japen so she had no reason to be in the kindergarten.
as you see most point to mari being the biological mother of rinko.
Those points of her story are weird yet reasons to suspect this is because both love muscular men's (more then pro wrestling)

Anonymous-San 2023年08月22日(火) 00時13分58秒 37698 ID: c71552 [返信]

画像ファイル名 169265603826.jpg - (240.22KB , 1280x720 , er224.jpg )

Could some one please tell which anime this charactor is from
I have forgotten and would like to watch it again.

Thank you

also it was great and one has not seen, I would really recommend

Anonymous-San 2023年08月31日(木) 00時34分17秒 37699 ID: a9a5bd


found it myself, to anyone lurking enjoy

Anonymous-San 2023年02月10日(金) 08時37分17秒 37445 ID: d14041 [返信]

画像ファイル名 167601463713.jpg - (335.37KB , 750x840 , 1631329100052.jpg )

Do you like JJBA?

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The+Red+Barron 2023年03月10日(金) 14時42分01秒 37458 ID: fff4f2

Show sucks honestly

The original season especially, I have to admit the Golden season kept my interest for a few episodes

Anonymous-San 2023年07月07日(金) 02時45分47秒 37694 ID: 802dfc

its ok for what it is the anime could been better i say more episodes would have helped the show but it is overhyped

Anonymous-San 2023年07月07日(金) 02時48分58秒 37695 ID: 802dfc

when you watch from part 1 to part five you already seen everything so when part 6 starts you feel no desire to keep watching

Anonymous-San 2022年10月16日(日) 07時56分55秒 37073 ID: 5d5a60 [返信]

画像ファイル名 166589981587.jpg - (419.63KB , 1920x1200 , Kanagi.jpg )

Kanagi was a great series, destroyed by fans.

Utawaremono, Shuffle! and yes, the Fate franchises were all originally eroge.

People think Chainsaw Man is deity-tier. These people have not seen Akiba Maid Wars.

Anonymous-San 2022年10月16日(日) 07時59分20秒 37074 ID: 5d5a60

画像ファイル名 166589995517.gif - (3.58MB , 373x498 , kirino-ahh.gif )

Dammit, forgot to add title to thread. Inconvenient truths, as you might guess

Anonymous-San 2023年07月18日(火) 04時55分40秒 37696 ID: 83384d

画像ファイル名 168964894060.png - (402.90KB , 640x480 , SSJ3 GOKU.png )

DBZ mogs it.

Anonymous-San 2023年04月25日(火) 04時16分12秒 37480 ID: 26189d [返信]

画像ファイル名 168238897181.jpg - (3.31MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )

I forgot how good the story to Bible Black was

Y'all should rewatch

Anonymous-San 2023年05月18日(木) 00時04分10秒 37494 ID: 32af12


Wait there was a story behind it?


Anonymous-San 2023年07月07日(金) 02時42分43秒 37693 ID: 802dfc

ohhh.... you have no idea man

Anonymous-San 2019年09月08日(日) 07時24分55秒 36045 ID: ca4970 [返信]

画像ファイル名 156792029557.jpg - (191.63KB , 598x383 , 4io1q3pn.jpg )

What do you, fellow anime fans, think about motorcycles?

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Anonymous-San 2022年08月23日(火) 13時22分43秒 36960 ID: 0d44b4

画像ファイル名 166125376312.jpg - (144.75KB , 800x912 , asian (4).jpg )

Bicycles are better

Anonymous-San 2022年08月24日(水) 12時02分22秒 36965 ID: a6ed4a

I want a MOSPEADA motorcycle mecha. Please?

Anonymous-San 2023年07月04日(火) 20時51分07秒 37692 ID: 581244

画像ファイル名 16884966636.gif - (2.59MB , 540x304 , tumblr_fa20411d803f50d81f3514d8004bd6d2_48d8306d_5.gif )

How about a motorcycle Mecha?!


Anonymous-San 2018年10月03日(水) 00時14分34秒 35685 ID: 39cacb [返信] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

画像ファイル名 153851847472.jpg - (48.59KB , 666x340 , B_SWubNVAAA3Wos.jpg )

What is your top 5 favorite anime list

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Anonymous-San 2022年10月04日(火) 12時21分30秒 37064 ID: d6cc23

画像ファイル名 166487889030.jpg - (164.08KB , 572x1000 , a2.jpg )

Fushigi Yuugi
Samurai X

Anonymous-San 2022年12月29日(木) 10時54分05秒 37401 ID: c9d146

Fave for 2022
Bocchi the Rock
Paripi Koume
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Akiba Meido Sensou
Link Click (Chinese)

Anonymous-San 2023年06月17日(土) 15時03分15秒 37688 ID: 88736e

画像ファイル名 168700699510.jpg - (65.50KB , 450x252 , asample-ae14ee5684679826dfeecd402bfc15ef.jpg )

Street Fighter

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