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Hookup Thread Anonymous ## Admin ## 17/09/25(Mon)22:36 No. 45302 [Reply] Stickied

File 150637179248.jpg - (127.82KB , 850x464 , fark_ixu6tLficyrJ_DyALK6VR3Uc_go.jpg )

It's become apparent to us as of late, that /cd/ & /di/ are in need of a hookup thread, and since we care so little about you, it's taken us quite a while to get around to doing it. Anyway, here it is.
This is going to be a shared thread, that means that both /di/ and /cd/ will be using this thread.. Don't let it turn to complete shit, report rule breaking posts and most importantly, don't be desperate as fuck.

The rules for this thread are as follows:

1) A/S/L is important. Post your age, gender (or post/pre-op), and location. Oh, also, specify if you're a top or bottom if it's relevant.
2) Contact information! If you don't post contact info your post will be deleted. There's no point in posting without contact info. Skype, MSN, E-Mail, IM, anything will do. I'd steer clear of facebook etc, but it's up to you.
3) Post a fucking picture, seriously. Posts without pictures are way less likely to even be acknowledged by the userbase. You're all horny perverts, you're all drawn to images. Use this to your advantage.
Optionally, you can post what you want to do, if you want to meet up with people or just chat etc..

This thread is on trial basis at the moment, if it's still here in a few months then it's probably not going to be deleted/I'm too lazy to delete it.

Pic related: It's you.

Oh also: I forgot to say that irrelevant conversation is discouraged and will be deleted. Please keep all conversation to a minimum, it just clogs up the thread.

That and if you're just looking to meet guys and not traps/crossdressers then check out /fag/'s hookup thread.

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Anonymous 20/12/12(Sat)07:13 No. 47346

File 160775361044.jpg - (113.21KB , 409x1000 , 11.jpg )

26 M/cd 6'2 150lbs usa,florida,mia

Kik: trapkittyofficial

xhamster: https://xhamster.com/users/trapkittydrool

looking for sex or friends

Rules Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:32 No. 138 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 131912116616.jpg - (6.58KB , 300x168 , Crossdressing Anime.jpg )

1) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

2) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed.

3) Camwhoring is encouraged. If you're going to camwhore, don't just post one image and ask if /cd/ wants more. Post as many as you can, and if they do they'll tell you. Posts with only one image will be deleted and you'll be banned (for an hour or so) just so you know where you went wrong.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Traps go to /di/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

5) At the minute we don't think /cd/ needs a request thread. If however it should need one, this thread will be altered to allow requests.

If you want more content ask for it in the thread, posts asking to be e-mailed more will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

3 d wonder woman and power girl Anonymous 21/01/20(Wed)04:17 No. 47372 [Reply]

File 16111126274.gif - (2.04MB , 176x144 , B2XwsBEC_o.gif )

video http://aporasal.net/-81198NGWJ/2Dyiy?rndad=3203158448-1611112638

Anonymous 19/10/18(Fri)01:21 No. 46724 [Reply]

File 15713544832.jpg - (444.23KB , 1200x1210 , 20190924_2008172.jpg )

Quality sucks ass sorry lmao

30 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/09/20(Sun)12:33 No. 47267

Man sorry I'm in Ireland lmao, but if I'm ever over I'll reply again lol

Anonymous 20/10/07(Wed)03:14 No. 47271

File 160203325020.jpg - (2.09MB , 1836x3264 , IMG_20201006_115450.jpg )

Anonymous 21/01/18(Mon)10:10 No. 47370

File 161096103268.jpg - (514.79KB , 2448x3264 , IMG_20200815_161734 (1).jpg )

What do you think? Anonymous 20/02/18(Tue)01:42 No. 47016 [Reply]

File 158198652554.jpg - (12.46KB , 338x451 , ds1.jpg )

Hi there! ;) This is me, what do u guys think?
I'm also seeking to meet people ;)

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/11/07(Sat)23:24 No. 47301

WOW is all I can say my dream gurl
Do you kick?

Anonymous 20/12/03(Thu)12:37 No. 47337

Wow, you're really fucking cute. If you're near me and wanna fool around with a married man some time I would love to fuck you and suck your cock.

Anonymous 21/01/17(Sun)02:32 No. 47369

Wow ! Super cute and sexy !!!!!

Anonymous 20/06/13(Sat)08:06 No. 47181 [Reply]

File 159202836330.jpg - (1.35MB , 2576x1932 , 20200613_050418.jpg )

hi all
im nancy x
here is my xhamster, updating it over next few weeks

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Anonymous 21/01/11(Mon)02:24 No. 47364

File 161032828282.jpg - (151.07KB , 1920x1080 , WIN_20201229_23_48_38_Pro.jpg )

any pointers on how to do my makeup better?

Anonymous 21/01/11(Mon)02:25 No. 47365

File 161032830728.jpg - (248.13KB , 1920x1080 , WIN_20201229_23_38_41_Pro.jpg )


Anonymous 21/01/11(Mon)02:27 No. 47367

File 161032842168.jpg - (184.68KB , 1920x1080 , WIN_20201229_23_48_22_Pro.jpg )


New here Nordictrap 15/06/11(Thu)22:32 No. 39603 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143405473994.jpg - (3.96MB , 2592x3872 , DSC_0486.jpg )

Hey !

Horny, ask me what to do, also hava kik

68 posts and 46 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sissyanon 19/09/21(Sat)16:11 No. 46645

Post moar dear

Anonymous 19/10/25(Fri)18:56 No. 46742

Back back

Anonymous 21/01/06(Wed)16:39 No. 47361

Looks good as hell

Anonymous 19/10/19(Sat)11:01 No. 46733 [Reply]

File 157147571361.jpg - (179.07KB , 1080x1920 , Picture 1664.jpg )

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/03/13(Fri)04:53 No. 47047

Sweet Ass!

Anonymous 20/03/23(Mon)01:57 No. 47103

Tight Looking Pussy.

Anonymous 21/01/04(Mon)16:57 No. 47360

I see it as naked and invite for the man to love.

futanari schoolgirls 2 Anonymous 21/01/02(Sat)04:02 No. 47359 [Reply]

File 160955653362.gif - (2.63MB , 176x144 , cF70fsMK_o.gif )

video http://yoalizer.com/1Jtp

This thread got me started 10 years ago Alwayz-throwaway 20/12/17(Thu)13:35 No. 47350 [Reply]

File 160820851626.jpg - (431.65KB , 571x1139 , Screenshot_20201217-001931_Samsung Internet.jpg )

So here's a little something for you all

23ciccio 20/12/20(Sun)15:10 No. 47351


i love how that pink lingerie fits on your delicate body and the way it embraces your sexy bottom. i can only imagine how horny that string must feel on your tight asshole. seeing your feet in those fishnets drives me so crazy that i can‘t decide wether i would prefer feeling your cute feet touching my cock while you sit on my face and i worship your asshole with my tongue, or rather pulling your hair while i fuck you from behind as hard as i can so that i can ram my cock inside your asshole as deep as possible. either way i don‘t think i would last very long as i couldn’t withstand neither your bossy, devilish dirty talk nor your loud, horny and painful screaming and i would look forward to both eating my cum off of your feet and licking your asshole clean from the mess i just made.

> tl;dr moar

Alwayz-throwaway 20/12/20(Sun)21:36 No. 47352

You sir, have earned my kik @ probsathrowaway1

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