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/di/ - Sexy Beautiful Traps

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There is a hookup thread for /di/ and /cd/. It's on /cd/, any hookup threads posted to /di/ will now be deleted.

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Video Download Links Closet Homosexual ## Admin ## 12/06/25(Mon)20:20 No. 75933 ID: bb4fc0 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 134064841598.png - (15.16KB , 600x387 , links for videos go in this thread.png )

There has been at least three separate large scale video threads since /di/ was made, I thought stickying the old one would keep people from making new threads but it hasn't. I've been pretty lenient until now, but having more than one thread is just a waste of space.
From now on all video download links should be posted in this thread. The only rules are as follows:

1) If at all possible post a screencap of the video along with the name of the video/scene.
2) Don't substitute any part of your links for something stupid (Ex: www(dot) downloadsite(dot)com/xiufbgigr) You will not be banned for posting links here.
3) Lastly, but most importantly, please, please, please report all dead links using the Report Post feature, I'll just delete those posts to keep the thread clean.

Other than that, go wild.

Also: No conversation in this thread, if there is any it'll just be deleted

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Young Jordi Fucks Hard His Babysitter anony 14/09/14(Sun)03:49 No. 97785 ID: ce4e4a


Image dump thread Closet Homosexual ## Mod ## 12/03/03(Sat)01:12 No. 66482 ID: e9d3b3 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 13307335323.png - (10.79KB , 600x387 , image dumps go in this thread.png )

Okay, I'm going to sticky the image dump thread and see how that goes, it should be fine but we'll see.

Just a few of rules:
1) Please only dump one set at a time with all the relevant info you have on the pornstar(s) involved, if at all possible.
2) Please keep conversation to a minimum, irrelevant conversation may be deleted.
3) As always, no requests.

Generally this will be a pretty free thread; don't be discouraged from posting because you think you might be banned. If you're contributing to the thread in a positive way you will not be banned.

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Rules & Requests Closet Homosexual ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:18 No. 60866 ID: e04fb8 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131912031544.jpg - (8.19KB , 259x194 , She's actually a guy.jpg )

After a bit of toying with the system, we feel like we've come to a point where everything is where it should be, but just so it's clarified:

1) "Who is this?" "Source" "Moar?" etc.. Go in this thread. Only reply to this thread if you have something to contribute.

2) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

3) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed. Reverse Traps are allowed.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Cross-dressers go to /cd/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

Update: 5) All video download links should be posted in the video links sticky. Having 4 separate threads for downloads is a waste.

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Closet Homosexual 14/09/14(Sun)02:20 No. 97782 ID: 7723ca


Went by 'Lasers'. I think they've quit taking pictures.

Anyone have caiden halls transition timeline? looserpantsmcdude 14/09/15(Mon)02:12 No. 97796 ID: ea8d94 [Reply]

File 141073997750.jpg - (111.07KB , 457x800 , 00cd1de23e5a30b03cce20169441eaee.jpg )

I swear it was on the frontpage of reddit not long ago, can't find it now

image is relevant because she was a furry

Closet Homosexual 14/09/15(Mon)04:38 No. 97799 ID: 324746

also interested in this

Closet Homosexual 14/09/15(Mon)06:22 No. 97800 ID: 6403fb

she's a stuck up cunt

Closet Homosexual 14/09/10(Wed)15:27 No. 97714 ID: 1ba21a [Reply]

File 141035562526.png - (2.73MB , 1536x1280 , 141034806499.png )

There's a phenomenon more beautiful than that?

Closet Homosexual 14/09/14(Sun)18:44 No. 97792 ID: 074a37

Jesus H. Christ, the one on bottom left is just... Wow

Closet Homosexual 14/09/15(Mon)01:31 No. 97795 ID: 8832af

Left and middle too hot

Closet Homosexual 14/09/15(Mon)03:38 No. 97798 ID: 863413

We've all seen boys who looked like that. They're just hotties waiting to happen.

acuriousboy Closet Homosexual 14/07/14(Mon)15:18 No. 96445 ID: b5ad4b [Reply]

File 140534393229.jpg - (85.45KB , 500x667 , 285044795.jpg )


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Closet Homosexual 14/07/16(Wed)10:26 No. 96476 ID: 8eb0d1

>Birth: 01/01/1918
Too old.

Closet Homosexual 14/09/13(Sat)20:06 No. 97776 ID: 752430

Do I see boobs in a couple of those pics??

sr 14/09/15(Mon)02:40 No. 97797 ID: 50e5e0

no there an ass i would gladly fill up

~Sora 14/06/13(Fri)01:16 No. 95656 ID: 42099e [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 140261496372.jpg - (246.29KB , 1088x1920 , IMAG1585.jpg )

Ehm so i was told this was a kind of safe (not very hateful place) to post in, so i'm very doubtful of me passing or not, any opinions ?

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Closet Homosexual 14/09/09(Tue)07:00 No. 97682 ID: 865e53


super cute, would definitely boink you.

Do you have anything like drawing or writing to pour yourself into? Something you can keep coming back to and improving on can really help combat depression

+~Sora 14/09/14(Sun)17:41 No. 97789 ID: 42099e

File 141070929094.jpg - (606.70KB , 1520x2688 , cHzYrfb.jpg )

M 14/09/14(Sun)18:07 No. 97790 ID: be3d41

*deep sigh*

If only so many things. :(

PartialAsian PartialAsian 14/08/14(Thu)04:51 No. 97147 ID: 1b718a [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140798468763.jpg - (802.79KB , 1088x1687 , IMG_20140813_170848.jpg )

Just getting into this whole posting thing, lemme know if I do something wrong

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PartialAsian 14/09/14(Sun)02:29 No. 97783 ID: ac90e0

Here's some more! I'm on my phone and it won't let me upload images, otherwise I'd put the actual images instead of just the imgur link :P

I can do that when I get home though if that's preferred.

Heels are coming in Monday!


PartialAsian 14/09/14(Sun)03:46 No. 97784 ID: 1b718a

Here's some out of the album, felt bad for just leaving text posts and links!

Closet Homosexual 14/09/14(Sun)12:03 No. 97786 ID: f3d969

File 141068901249.jpg - (57.42KB , 640x853 , 1979723_632175773487087_556515711_n.jpg )

25/M here, hot pics all around, got me horny and hard.any sexy traps wanna help me nut ;)
snapchat: bakeit420

Clover 13/06/17(Mon)21:11 No. 87420 ID: 4a5bea [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 137149629823.jpg - (27.99KB , 320x240 , Picture 217.jpg )

Sooo ... sup 7chan. Im just gonna dump a some of my stuff and hope yall like it.

So. Hey.

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Closet Homosexual 14/09/13(Sat)02:52 No. 97756 ID: e6660e

And again... She deleted all of her accounts. Not even interested in ask why anymore.

Closet Homosexual 14/09/13(Sat)06:06 No. 97763 ID: 6403fb

probably because like most traps she's fucking psycho

Closet Homosexual 14/09/14(Sun)02:14 No. 97781 ID: 7723ca


Moscow Radcliffe, went by slipperydigit on tumblr, now is just moscow-radcliffe. and i think his twitter is moscowradcliffe.

He's just some black guy into trannies, really.

Norwegian trap Closet Homosexual 14/06/26(Thu)16:27 No. 96036 ID: fd8dd7 [Reply]

File 140379285933.jpg - (120.19KB , 1280x720 , 2014-06-26-142634.jpg )

This is me and...
I take request.
Let me know what you think or want...

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Closet Homosexual 14/08/29(Fri)22:28 No. 97418 ID: ce2916

Where in Norway do you live?

Closet Homosexual 14/08/29(Fri)23:09 No. 97419 ID: 0d3cea

Cross dressers go on /cd/

Closet Homosexual 14/09/13(Sat)19:44 No. 97775 ID: d14f55

Would fuck it for hours.

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