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Newbie Thread patchouli!!SyAQpmZGyw 13/05/26(Sun)19:31 No. 3818 [Reply] Stickied

File 136958949722.jpg - (25.15KB , 293x324 , bjarne2.jpg )

What's this? Just a compiled list of resources silly!
(Also, check out the book thread, lots of lovely stuff)
Ask newbie/where to begin questions in this thread!

Language Agnostic:

http://www.codeblocks.org/ (great IDE for C/C++ and supports many libraries, cross platform)
http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ (good for scripting languages)
http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ (great editor with large learning curve)
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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/07(Sun)00:46 No. 4579

File 141004358945.png - (39.58KB , 432x270 , 0507_sdt-github-language-chart.png )

It doesn't matter much which language you choose for that. Use the one that looks less retarded to you. If you want a graphical interface, you will probably want to avoid bash and the like.
Also, you should've made a new thread for this you faggot.

Nattajerk 11/09/07(Wed)10:31 No. 6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File Structure_and_Interpretation_of_Computer_Programs.pdf - (2.21MB , Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.pdf )

I heart /pr/

lets start with a book thread. I have some cached learning.

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/10(Sun)04:57 No. 4553

It might be, but..
Well said.

C++ Quiz Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/19(Fri)20:14 No. 4586 [Reply]

File 141115047244.png - (43.99KB , 462x261 , play.png )

http://q.viva64.com/ - C++ Quiz: are you a code guru?

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/07(Sun)23:19 No. 4580 [Reply]

File 141012474693.jpg - (11.01KB , 225x209 , mrS3f1BVoz6qoQOv5UJdgBQ.jpg )

I was told to make a new thread.
I want to make my own cipher machine, like the Enimga.
What language will be better for this?
I want something like this: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~andlaw/engindex.htm
A simple graphic interface where one imputs the setting, encode and decode.

patchouli!!MxLwWzZ2L4 14/09/11(Thu)05:55 No. 4581

I am assuming you are new.

There are boundless options for you; as >>4579 said.

That being said, I would try out OCaml, it is really neat and it has quite a nice gtk wrapper.

It is considered a functional language, akin to Lisp and Haskell, and if you have already got used to imperative languages: C, Java etc, it might be tough to start out, but don't get discouraged. You can overcome anything with a bit of practice.

Good luck!

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/14(Sun)01:53 No. 4584

I have no previews experience in programming.
Can I jump straight to OCaml or should I learn something else beforehand?

Colorscheme jerker 14/07/29(Tue)07:18 No. 4534 [Reply]

File 140661111262.png - (252.31KB , 1366x768 , 2014-07-28-231738_1366x768_scrot.png )

Which looks better?

Also, Colorscheme thread.

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/13(Wed)08:22 No. 4558

Doesn't work on rxvt either. It could be bash's fault, though.

gamefag Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/11(Thu)07:11 No. 4582

File 141041228159.png - (5.38MB , 1869x1005 , example.png )

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/12(Fri)06:21 No. 4583

For urxvt, at least, you have to configure the ctrl+arrow to keybinds.

Add this to .Xresources

URxvt.keysym.M-Down: \033[1;3B
URxvt.keysym.M-Up: \033[1;3A
URxvt.keysym.M-Left: \033[1;3D
URxvt.keysym.M-Right: \033[1;3C

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 13/10/11(Fri)23:41 No. 4156 [Reply]

File 138152768546.jpg - (85.38KB , 587x551 , 138119478561.jpg )

Is... is it ok if I just skip C and move right on to C++?
I... seem to find it easier reading cpp code than C, without all those enums, links, arrow operators, and shit.

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/16(Sat)00:45 No. 4564

Well the only think that changes using C is the code that runs in server side, the response is a html document

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/16(Sat)07:55 No. 4565

OP here. Been a while since I started this, didn't think itnstill dxisted lol.
Anyway I learned both. Of course I didn't *really* learn them, I'm in the process. But I learnedn the basics of both and I'm using them both (though mostly c++) so I actually *learn*

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/09/02(Tue)20:48 No. 4576

If you have no programming background, honestly just jump in with something easier like Python. Easier doesn't mean worse or not useful, I think with Python the time you go from 'what is programming' to making something actually useful and not just textbook example code is a lot shorter.

From there you can honestly pick up whichever, I do feel it's advised though. C gives you a good base to really figure out what's going on and if you have any intention of looking at something like x86 eventually, I'd consider it.

Just start man.

feh a shit nigger 14/08/28(Thu)01:08 No. 4569 [Reply]

File 140918089256.png - (695.93KB , 1366x768 , 2014-08-27-170529_1366x768_scrot.png )

why the fuck does feh do this?
any better alternatives other than qiv or sxiv?

The problem might be an extension to my non tiling wm, which gives it basic twm abilities. Anyways, in the extension, I set it to get rid of window borders for all windows, but even if I command "feh -x file.jpg", it will still do this.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/29(Fri)03:51 No. 4573

Post the image here.

nigger 14/08/29(Fri)20:11 No. 4574

File 140933589730.jpg - (62.06KB , 640x483 , sleeping pizza.jpg )


Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/30(Sat)05:44 No. 4575

It works for me with feh v2.12-1.

tilda tabs nigger 14/08/29(Fri)03:40 No. 4572 [Reply]

File 140927640081.png - (183.90KB , 1366x768 , 2014-08-28-194015_1366x768_scrot.png )

how to get rid of those ugly tabs in the tilda program in the top?

Terminology and ranger i need halp 14/08/08(Fri)03:09 No. 4544 [Reply]

File 140746015548.png - (35.14KB , 1366x768 , 2014-08-07-190518_1366x768_scrot.png )

Hey guys, I have a problem and I know is not /pr/ related but I have nnowhere else to go to.

The problem is that my file manager ranger won't display images on my terminal called Terminology, even though i set it in the rc.conf to preview images.
w3m-img does work in Terminology as show in pic related, I don't know what is the problem even though it works in other w3m-img friendly terminals like xterm, xvt, kterm, etc.

Please halp.

sage sage 14/08/14(Thu)04:56 No. 4561

go back to niggertits, /g/ would love to help you

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/23(Sat)19:42 No. 4568

Have you set draw borders to true?

3,5 Bucket Problem Noah Fischel 14/06/21(Sat)03:09 No. 4492 [Reply]

So I'm in the running to get an internship with Zappos, and the guy I interviewed with said that I had to write a program (ANY CODING LANGUAGE) to solve a problem (that I can't even solve on paper). It's sort of like the 3,5 Bucket problem. But there's more to it. Instead of getting 4 gallons in the 5 gallon bucket, I have to get 31 in the 86, 41 in the 75, and 59 in the 309. Theres only 3 legal moves:
Fill the Bucket
Empty the Bucket
Pour Bucket X into Y.

Could anyone maybe help me figure out this problem?

here's the link to the website that describes it, along with the prompt at the bottom.


Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/06/21(Sat)10:13 No. 4493

Why do you want a job you're not qualified to perform?

By the way, I find this degree of sophistication surprising for a website about fucking shoes.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/06/21(Sat)10:31 No. 4494


Yes, we could help you figure out this problem.

You start with the fact that there is no solution in this particular case, because none of the three buckets end up being empty nor full in the end, which means that “magic happens” and magic is not allowed.

Now you simply have to write something that will prove it. And no, no code; you are required to write that one and it would be a disservice to do that for you.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/23(Sat)04:33 No. 4567

Couple of hints :
You can only produce volumes that follow the form n*gcd(v1,v2) where v1 and v2 are the bucket volumes.
This means that target volume must be
t_v mod gcd(v1,v2) = 0.
From there the only moves that make sense are filling B1 up if it's empty, emptying B2 if it's filled and if none of the above transfering B1->B2.
Same thing for the other route(B2->B1)
Run both cycles alternatively until one of them hits the solution and you've got it in O(2*short path).

I know this is outdated as hell but someone could use the reference.

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