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Nattajerk 11/09/07(Wed)10:31 No. 6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File Structure_and_Interpretation_of_Computer_Programs.pdf - (2.21MB , Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.pdf )

I heart /pr/

lets start with a book thread. I have some cached learning.

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/10(Sun)04:57 No. 4553

It might be, but..
Well said.

Newbie Thread patchouli!!SyAQpmZGyw 13/05/26(Sun)19:31 No. 3818 [Reply] Stickied

File 136958949722.jpg - (25.15KB , 293x324 , bjarne2.jpg )

What's this? Just a compiled list of resources silly!
(Also, check out the book thread, lots of lovely stuff)
Ask newbie/where to begin questions in this thread!

Language Agnostic:

http://www.codeblocks.org/ (great IDE for C/C++ and supports many libraries, cross platform)
http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ (good for scripting languages)
http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ (great editor with large learning curve)
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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/10/04(Sat)04:50 No. 4596

File 141239105849.jpg - (65.12KB , 640x556 , 00000BwMQjEMCYAEeU7J_jpg:large.jpg )

Scheme is a lang built for learning programming by actual Wizards at MIT (Sussman & Steele). Learning it is easy, read the following books and do the assignments.

How to Design Programs http://htdp.org/2003-09-26/Book/ is a pretty slow intro, you can just read SICP if ready. You use Racket (DrScheme) which is similar to MIT Scheme. There's a course for it too: https://www.coursera.org/course/programdesign

Little Schemer https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/little-schemer basically a book of exercizes to get you used to programming in Scheme. Teaches you recursive thinking for functional programming.

Structural Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) https://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/ is a masterclass in programming still used today. Uses MIT Scheme. More info why you should do it here: http://hackerretreat.com/why-how-start-sicp/ you don't need any math to do this course, though there is some in it. Students took first year calculus (single variable) with this course traditionally so if stuck on a question skip it. Come back later when you've done single variable calclulus.

Seasoned Schemer https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/seasoned-schemer another book of exercizes, introduces the Y-Combinator.

Reasoned Schemer https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/reasoned-schemer a book about logical programming.

Essentials of Programming Languages https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/essentials-programming-languages use Scheme to learn everything about other languages and make your own.

Congrats you can easily learn any other program at this point by reading a tutorial on it's syntax and libraries because you'll already know fundamentally what's going on. Clojure is a Lisp-1 dialect, easy to pickup after doing these books. Ruby is somewhat Lisp like and easy to start doing after. Lisp flavored Erlang (LFE) and other functional languages.
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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/20(Thu)02:39 No. 4621 [Reply]

File 141644754369.jpg - (137.40KB , 1200x1200 , 1416435128698.jpg )


>The Male Programmer Privilege Checklist

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/22(Sat)16:02 No. 4622

Not nearly as funny as the C+= documentation. They still get points for trying.

A New Guy 14/11/05(Wed)02:40 No. 4611 [Reply]

File 141515165046.png - (15.38KB , 370x370 , photo.png )

Hey /pr/!
First time here..
4chan doesn't have a /pr/ which is what brought me here.

I'm looking to start developing android apps. I have a great grasp on anything computer related, dabble in web development and am currently looking to expand my knowledge.

At this point in time I'm running Lubuntu 14.04 with Android Studio installed. I decided to install this as I saw Google was looking to sway away from eclipse and possibly end plugin development.

My question is, where should I start?!

Does anyone have any good sites for tutorials, torrents or video tuts they can link me to?

I've started using CodeAcademy to learn Java but was looking for something that tends to be more specific to what I'm doing (Android Apps).

Thanks everyone.
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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/06(Thu)04:20 No. 4614

File 141524405488.jpg - (172.60KB , 2834x1530 , android.jpg )

For whatever it's worth, 4chan had a programming board. Unless it has been purged they should still have it. The only time I went there it was shit.
If I were you I'd start on PC with a Java book then move to Android afterwards. I don't code for Android though.

One more thing: you don't need to bump here. The board is slow.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/06(Thu)21:19 No. 4615

As far as I know, C# is the basis for mobile devices. I could be totally wrong though, since I only took a course in C#. If I'm right, it couldn't hurt to start off with the basics: C#

I'm too scared of the internet police so I just paid for a course.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/20(Thu)01:44 No. 4620

You can enroll at the online university udacity and take the free short course (without grading)
"developing android aps".

Search in google for other options.

Java Beginner Lamoa 14/08/06(Wed)06:17 No. 4541 [Reply]

File 140729862373.jpg - (72.60KB , 500x500 , Front.jpg )

Hi guys, I just discovered /pr/ and I think this is really great. Im a first year I.T. student,and right now we're at Netbeans Java in our programming class. Im really a beginner and before taking college I have no idea about programming but I really like it.
Can you give any tips and advice on how to be a great programmer and how can I improve my logic skills.

Not+A+Douche 14/08/06(Wed)06:33 No. 4542

Do yourself the biggest favor and jump all into programming!
Think of real world objects as classes and do little write-ups of the code that would be necessary to use those objects in a program.
Subscribe to a legitimate programming site where people actually go to discuss their problems like www.dreamincode.net.
Also start on projects that you and the people around you need. An example is my wife wanted a desktop application that would tell her when to go to bed if she wanted to wake up at a certain time. Even if there are already pieces of software that do an idea. WRITE IT YOURSELF!
Read over source code, see what methodology people use to solve problems. It will help you when you run into a similar problem.
Above all believe in yourself, this is one of the few professions where all of the skills can be learned, the only thing you need to bring to the table is your intellect and your imagination.
Above everything learn what the different languages are good at. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. There is no silver bullet language that is good at everything.
Happy Coding. And watch out for the bugs!

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/18(Mon)03:42 No. 4566


I was in almost exactly the same position as you, OP. Barely finished my BSc.

Now I'm finally going all into it.

Not+A+Douche 14/11/15(Sat)19:15 No. 4619

Just caught my wife still using that program. It has been 2 years

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/09(Sun)03:05 No. 4616 [Reply]

File 141549870368.png - (41.13KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )

I'm trying to get into doing contracted work for people seeking Wordpress themes, what is a typical request that clients will ask me for?

I'm considering in throwing together a small game in JavaScript and having it interface with MySQL and other Wordpress technologies to show people that I am capable of putting together Wordpress themes that can perform a wide range of functions with HTML5/AJAX/CSS/MySQL/PHP.

Sorry if it sounds like I have no idea what I'm doing, but that's sort of the reason why I'm asking this question in the first place.

feh a shit nigger 14/08/28(Thu)01:08 No. 4569 [Reply]

File 140918089256.png - (695.93KB , 1366x768 , 2014-08-27-170529_1366x768_scrot.png )

why the fuck does feh do this?
any better alternatives other than qiv or sxiv?

The problem might be an extension to my non tiling wm, which gives it basic twm abilities. Anyways, in the extension, I set it to get rid of window borders for all windows, but even if I command "feh -x file.jpg", it will still do this.

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nigger 14/08/29(Fri)20:11 No. 4574

File 140933589730.jpg - (62.06KB , 640x483 , sleeping pizza.jpg )


Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/08/30(Sat)05:44 No. 4575

It works for me with feh v2.12-1.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/05(Wed)04:06 No. 4613

Try, 'feh -. file.jpg'

need help with c# Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/02(Sun)20:47 No. 4610 [Reply]

File 14149576639.png - (6.31KB , 571x349 , lameapp.png )

hy pr
i am stuck with one windows form app i am trying to do for my practice in c#
i need an app which has 3 buttons and one textbox ( pic related )
mechanism is very easy but i kinda cant solve it to work
Plan is to make an app which does:
-generates random number ( 0,1 or 2)
-writes that number in read only textbox

waits for button click

-button click sets user input variable to a specified value .every button has its own value ( 0,1 or 2)
-sends that value to main code

checks if randomnumb = userinput
raises numberofcorrect by one if its correct
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

JSON loading Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/10/13(Mon)23:13 No. 4602 [Reply]

File 14132348201.jpg - (305.67KB , 612x1008 , we_can_do_it__portal_2_propaganda_poster_by_aelice.jpg )

I want to use multiple jsons (one for every lang) for ex: the english one:
"key1" : "value 1",
"mainMenuText" : "Main Menu",
"thisIsAnArray" : [
"ThisIsASubObject": {
"SubKey1": "SubValue1"

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/10/14(Tue)23:38 No. 4604

While I've never used JSON I've never seen it described quite like you have it there.

perhaps something more like;

would make more sense, as I am pretty sure everything has to be wrapped in curly braces. as far as I know, JSON uses nearly the exact same syntax for defining an object in Javascript, so that may be your problem.

That guy who replies to posts eons later 14/10/31(Fri)15:14 No. 4609

Make an array of objects instead.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 13/01/31(Thu)20:18 No. 3387 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135965991476.png - (4.10KB , 640x320 , Girls-Who-Code.png )

What do you anons think about those people who are trying to increase the number female programmers in the world?

67 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/10/16(Thu)11:30 No. 4605

>The point is. this kindof community, riddled with an unwarranted sense of self importance and superiority, turns a lot of people off from even bothering with Comp Sci. Who would want to be associated, or worse, have to work with these people.
Okay, but the question is, do people get turned off CS because of those behaviors, or are people who would be interested in CS just predisposed to them? Also, if you're an outsider, how would you find out about them?

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/10/18(Sat)07:49 No. 4606

File 141361136013.jpg - (98.89KB , 800x640 , average_archlinux_user.jpg )

>One point I do give them(although not on the same train of thought) is the toxic culture of the tech community, especially OSS.
Important projects are tired of dealing with idiots, but if you try to contribute to a small project you will be treated nicely. If for no other reason, because they really need the help.

>who do you see in CS classes? Neckbeards and kids with autism who usually have delusional beliefs, whether it be worshipping anything with a vagina, or immediately discounting anything with a vagina.
>On top of that is already a deep sense of elitism.
Pot, meet kettle.

Nattajerk 14/10/20(Mon)22:42 No. 4607

when I was in CS there were a few weirdos but for the mostpart it was your standard sitcom lineup. a hot asian girl, the token black guy, the token gay guy. the older "restarting my career" 40 year old. and a bunch of teenagers who got a free ride into post secondary learning.

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