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Request Thread. comatoast ## Mod ## 16/01/14(Thu)10:07 No. 98039 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 14527624792.jpg - (217.85KB , 1280x720 , 7683321498.jpg )

This is now the new, official, request thread for /tg/.

Like any other board on 7chan, any requests outside of this thread will be deleted and the poster may face a temporary ban.

We have request threads to keep the board (in this case /tg/) from getting shitted up with endless requests.
Many of you may be familiar with this but I want to make sure it's noted for any new comers who may have an interest in /tg/.

I, also, want to make something perfectly clear: There will be no flaming, trolling, or shitting up this thread with incipient bickering.
This is not the FailTrain and we should act like it.

I will personally be lording over this thread day and night to make sure everything goes well for the users of this board who want to enjoy the ability to communicate and trade information about their hobbies.

I, personally, do not take kindly to people flaming the users of 7chan with, narcissistic, ramblings about their, myopic, opinions.
These types of flame wars with in the thread will be dealt with and the posters involved may face a reprimand.
Among that, those type of, pointless, arguments also shit up the post and make it harder for requests to be met and heard.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)18:46 No. 107550


Just browse the entire thread. there are links for all pyramid issues you are searching

#dungeoneers is still alive Roberick 15/09/12(Sat)20:26 No. 90086 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 144208240964.jpg - (176.68KB , 500x500 , Sansa.jpg )

Howdy folks.

Just dropping in to let you know that #dungeoneers, 7chan's roleplaying channel and other assorted faggotry, is still alive and kicking and that we're looking for more players for the game I'm currently running.

The system is 13th Age, a d20 system made by the lead designers of 3e and 4e that seeks to unfuck D&D and return to the roots, and the setting is a homebrew I came up with.

It is a setting inspired by dark ages europe, but without any empires or kingdoms to centralize civilizations and with demons instead of the huns. The world is dark and chaotic and there is very little communication between the few patches of civilization left, which aren't very advanced. Think of it as a time of living legends and heroes before writing and communication advanced to the point where historians could factually document events and where the living societies are just barely starting to form, but their nascense is threatened by ravenous, unholy demons.

The idea behind this is to give players more agency and to make their actions have a meaningful effect on the evolution of the world instead of it feeling shallow like it does in most pre-established settings since there is no status quo. You can read more about it here http://robworld.wikidot.com/start (Though it is still work in progress).

Does it sound like Points of Light? Kind of, but I intend to do more with it than Wizards did and I remembered PoL existed long after I wrote the core of setting, as most of us who came up with a campaign like this did, I presume.

So, if you wanna join for some irc tabletop games or just to hang out, download an irc client and fill in this info:
Server: irc.7chan.org
Port: 6667
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

New PDF Arrivals and Discussion #13 volcanohound!!ExMGNlAwL4 16/07/21(Thu)09:43 No. 107262 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 146908702994.jpg - (93.30KB , 564x568 , New PDFs and Discussion4.jpg )

> NOT FOR REQUESTS/reposts. Use current request thread https://7chan.org/read.php?b=tg&t=98039&p=l50

> post new shares
> discuss new and upcoming releases

https://www.notehub.org/7jxsr for cleaning services, donation info, missing lists, and updates

> old thread #12 >>106286 http://archive.is/rKJlP
> old thread #11 >>104913 http://archive.is/l4IMc
> old thread #10 >>102503 http://archive.is/kXjY7

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Edge RPG volcanohound!!ExMGNlAwL4 16/07/26(Tue)14:04 No. 107543

File 146953467424.jpg - (125.69KB , 800x1035 , Edge RPG.jpg )

Edge RPG.pdf - 51.8 MB
Mirror: userscloud.com/0k3u1a0lw2x4

Shadow of the Demon Lord - With My Last Scream (Master) volcanohound!!ExMGNlAwL4 16/07/26(Tue)14:04 No. 107544

File 146953468224.jpg - (163.27KB , 800x1039 , Shadow of the Demon Lord - With My Last Scream (Ma.jpg )

Shadow of the Demon Lord - With My Last Scream (Master).pdf - 11.9 MB
Mirror: userscloud.com/qt0s160188bn

Shadow of the Demon Lord - Wretched (Expert) volcanohound!!ExMGNlAwL4 16/07/26(Tue)14:04 No. 107545

File 146953468949.jpg - (203.66KB , 800x1039 , Shadow of the Demon Lord - Wretched (Expert).jpg )

Shadow of the Demon Lord - Wretched (Expert).pdf - 8.4 MB
Mirror: userscloud.com/hbids4fe421j

The Coral Coast Joseph 16/07/17(Sun)06:42 No. 107088 [Reply]

File 146873056539.jpg - (931.88KB , 2560x1536 , 20160716_182321[1].jpg )

(I know the photo sucks, sorry!)
So I read alot of Pathfinder books, and I enjoy making my own worlds so this is what I have come up with using what I've read from those books. This is a tiny piece of much larger map that I have made that I felt like sharing. If you enjoy it I'll add more !
Welcome to the warm waters of the Coral Coast, to the right we have the budding frontier lands, lawless and free, settlement attempt to carve out their own nations and pirates patrol dangerous waters for their next mark.
In this area we have.
Fellic: A small coastal frontier village located at the bottom of the northern woods. (Bloomwood) Unaffiliated to any nation Fellic serves as a gateway into a wild land filled with untapped potential and a home for those tired of the seas, allowing an unbiased stop for any to resupply.
Rise of Thiclin: Creasing the coast south of Fellic is a collection of rolling hills know as the Rise of Thiclin, home to wondering bands of hill giants that stumble about most of the year finding food and pillaging where they can. Once a year they gather in a valley to celebrate their survival of another year. This celebration normally involves drums and load stomp-dancing which can be heard miles away.
The Brazen Fields: Just south of the Rise of Thiclin is The Brazen Fields which are baked into a golden brown by an unforgiving sun beating down on its land. Scattered in its high grass, one can hear the laughter of stalking gnolls, whose nomadic tribes travel the lands in ever search of prey to feed their packs. Dinosaurs roam through, making large packs of imposing herbivores, while carnivores hunt those who do not. Here is a land filled with savagery and primal instinct waiting to burst at any moment.
Alken, The Primal Heart: Within a lone wood set aside from the the larger Witchmyre forest is the Druid conclave of Alken, saurian worshipers and protectors. These primal druids protect their borders from those who would disrupt the balance of the Brazen Fields. Riding atop Triceratops, Utah-raptor, or even Stegosauri compainions to keep their domain from the scavenging Gnoll tribes that roam their lands. Vil'Krec , the current ruler of Alken, keeps most of these tribes in check on over hunting in their lands, but there are some that contest their power. Leu-klin outright ravages the lands of Alken much to Vil'krec's dismay and the shamen fights with the growing power of the gnolls daily. While the current high shamen Vil'krec has been in power the last twelve years, it is almost time to crown a new ruler. Every four years the tribes gather together here in Alken to renew their pacts with their charges and place upon the Suriia Throne a new high priest to lead them into the years to come
Blistering Bog: Scarred with large boiling tar pits that can shear the flesh straight from any creature that is unlucky to fall into them, while the rest of this hellish marsh is Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/07/21(Thu)01:33 No. 107244

GIMP is free, but like Photoshop, it has a high learning curve.

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)05:53 No. 107506

How does Paint.net compare to GIMP?

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)11:51 No. 107518

Never used it so I can't be of help there; I've only used Paintshop Pro (When JASC owned it) and Photoshop.

Print and Play Board Games - Sharing/Requests Anonymous 15/12/23(Wed)16:43 No. 97066 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 145088538369.png - (18.62KB , 433x162 , Print-N-Play.png )

Looks like the old thread fell off the board. Here's an archived copy of it: https://web.archive.org/web/20151202210605/http://7chan.org/tg/res/72853.html

I'll start by sharing the Ancient Terrible Things PnP. If you like Elder Sign, you might like this.


Next is a card game definitely worth the paper and ink: Sushi Go!


Lastly is another card game direct from the publisher's own website: Red 7.


That's all for now, but what have you got to share/request?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Container Anonymous 16/07/25(Mon)19:33 No. 107475

Thank you very much!

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)05:45 No. 107503

I'm looking for the Warhammer Diskwars expansions, they've been shared? Or they were never scanned?

anrikudou 16/07/26(Tue)08:18 No. 107516

Can someone reupload the scythe pnp? I didn't get it in time and on the website its links been deleted.

Star Wars FFG RPG Anonymous 13/11/07(Thu)10:04 No. 54453 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138381509892.png - (649.54KB , 600x821 , SWBET_Book.png )

Hello /tg/. I’ve managed to find a better scan of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. https://mega.co.nz/#fm/zsgQwJrQ

Both the EotE Core and AoR Beta were scanned at 600dpi, and then processed with Clearscan OCR. With the exception of a few pages skewed (due to conflicting font orientation), it's about as perfect as you can get.

Also included are all the downloadable adventures, better scans of the adventures included in the EotE Core and AoR Beta books, and most of the premade characters.

Also, if you don’t want to use the app or buy the dice, here’s a browser dice rolled built specifically for this game. http://heyitsthatdog.com/apps/empiredice/

A fillable character sheet that auto-calculates dice pools is available in the folder. And here is the link to the thread its creator posted. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86822-edge-of-the-empire-form-field-pdf/

160 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/07/22(Fri)14:05 No. 107336


I have no idea, hopefully someone can keep in touch with him or whatever. Anyone know how to contact him?

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)01:11 No. 107493

even if neuro can't find a new lair god bless em for doing all that hard work

hopefully a new premiere torrent site pops up

Anonymously+anonymous+user 16/07/26(Tue)02:14 No. 107497

It's back as a .co FYI.

No sign of Neuro on it as of this post thou.

F.Y.I. - Page 5 missing Anonymous 16/07/25(Mon)14:36 No. 107464 [Reply]

File 146945019164.gif - (20.29KB , 122x185 , weg40011.gif )

It is in fact, WEG40011 - Starfighter Battle Book: X-Wing vs. TIE Interceptor Page 5 is missing, there is a duplicate of page 8 in its place. The numbers are in Roman Numerals.

My RPG Collection G Rlongin 16/07/21(Thu)07:08 No. 107254 [Reply]

File 146907770972.jpg - (8.50KB , 300x300 , G.jpg )

For those of us who have been looking for years. I found it on an old forum post. The first link didn't work, but this one does.

Anyone Downloaded? Fantompencil 16/07/24(Sun)16:46 No. 107415

Excellent find! I've also been looking for this torrent and had all but given up hope.
Download was pretty fast, but I've now been stuck at 96.9% for the last few days. Anyone completed this..?

Anonymous 16/07/25(Mon)07:11 No. 107455


It's dead for me; got very little before it
went belly-up.

Tabletop RPG Music Requests A Dark and Stormy Knight 15/08/12(Wed)03:41 No. 88042 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143934371543.jpg - (226.49KB , 640x918 , Bard.jpg )

Haven't been active in a long while, but no matter. I wanted to bring back the RPG music request thread, so here it is.

First off, here's some contributions:
Deadlands Weirld Wailins
Mark Morgan - Vault Archives (Fallout)
Mark Morgan - Planescape Torment
Michael Hoenig - Baldur's Gate 1 & 2

In terms of requests, I'm looking for the Baldur's Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal soundtrack as well as Dragon Age 1 and 2 OSTs

76 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/07/22(Fri)12:28 No. 107333


Thank you very much. :)

Free Music Anonymous 16/07/24(Sun)21:36 No. 107428

Also, if it wasn't posted before:


lots of free music.

Anonymous 16/07/25(Mon)07:09 No. 107454


Well, if you use Firefox and have Flashget, you can play songs on almost any site and um, download. Not that I'd endorse it or anything you understand. *Cough*

Pathfinder Hell Vengance Files CaesarCzech007 16/07/22(Fri)19:40 No. 107347 [Reply]

File 146920923759.jpg - (82.57KB , 750x750 , Bolton Food.jpg )

does anybody here have the files from

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Hell's Vengeance ?
preferably in pdf.

I got the first part but the i cant find the other six on net.

Anonymous 16/07/23(Sat)02:49 No. 107359

Only the first five installments were published in pdf format. Next one on 04/08. Here you go :

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