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New request thread. [April 2015] Anonymous ## Mod ## 15/04/09(Thu)20:54 No. 80221 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 142860564043.jpg - (24.93KB , 425x320 , 131489369166.jpg )


All requests go here. Request threads outside of this may be deleted/banned.

1.)Label your uploads legibly so they can be searched easier. Shit like "R0tt3d C@pe$" is not acceptable. Leave at least one word without symbols.

2.)Small off topic discussion is fine but trolling, arguing, and generally being a dick will result in a ban.

3.)Because the thread fills up fast and it's hard to mod it, report dead links and shitposting.

Go wild.

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Thanks! Q-25!UbWWYPj9XY 15/05/26(Tue)19:14 No. 83326

File 143266049858.jpg - (129.75KB , 620x350 , Tip.jpg )


You are my prince among men. As always, thanks for the coolest of the cool stuffs.

Waragmes Rules Request (May 2015) 2for£1 15/05/17(Sun)00:51 No. 82591 [Reply]

File 143181668228.jpg - (37.76KB , 294x354 , T3WCUmu.jpg )

Seen as the old thread has virtually disappeared enough to make it hard to find i thought id start a new one.

Here is my offerings to the Gods

Looking for
45 Adventure Series
A Fistful of Kung Fu
Bolt Action: Ost Front
Chain of command campaigns
Deus Vult
Empire of the Dead
Empire of the Dead: Requiem
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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CY-6 Jet age One more time! Fatman 15/05/25(Mon)23:02 No. 83274

I thought that is what I did with the second link, I really am crap at this but I'll try again.


Heres hoping this time. If you think I'm bad at this you should watch me with an android phone.


Anonymous 15/05/26(Tue)01:44 No. 83278

Thanks Fatman

very sorry for this scribd link
Long rifle rules :

Use simply debrid :

Lotsastuff 15/05/26(Tue)16:22 No. 83313

Thanks man, it's fine now. Much appreciated.

MF link:

PDF Cleaning Instruction Mariposang Bading 15/05/03(Sun)06:12 No. 81634 [Reply]

File 143062637235.jpg - (7.13KB , 286x176 , download.jpg )

Below are the best solution for the peeps who like their shared pdf cleaned. Please don't clutter the Request Thread by asking how to do it. Anything related to PDF cleaning shall be replied here.


How to remove embeded name in DrivethruRPG:

1.) Use pdf password remover;
2.) After removing pdf lock, open the pdf file using Adobe acrobat XI PRO;
3.) on the menu panel located at the upper left panel, click View;
4.) click Show/Hide;
5.) Click Navagation Panes;
6.) click Content;
7.) on the left panel click the + on the pdf viewed;
8.) if done correctly, there are pages comming out, click the + besides the page;
9.) you will find the information stored there;
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)10:33 No. 82914

Wasn't me, eejit.

Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)11:37 No. 82918


You keep using that word, why?

Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)11:56 No. 82919

Because it's Thursday.

Mecha Rpgs Simpaticote 15/05/23(Sat)23:18 No. 83129 [Reply]

File 14324158811.jpg - (18.02KB , 288x377 , mekton.jpg )

I updated my mecha rpg collection with a lot of Jovian Chronicles supplements. Here's all the collection:

D&D Adventurers League Anonymous 15/05/20(Wed)08:03 No. 82829 [Reply]

File 14321018349.jpg - (41.56KB , 406x183 , ADVExpedition.jpg )

Is there a password for the D&D adventurers league or a repository of the pdfs for season 2, e.g. DDEX2-1 City of Danger?

Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)00:45 No. 82885


Mad Max-ish cheesecake bkmcdevitt 15/05/19(Tue)06:18 No. 82726 [Reply]

File 14320091253.jpg - (232.03KB , 465x567 , CAC350-Post-Apocalypse-Gunfighter-Babe-lo.jpg )


In honor of the new Mad Max movie!

A 300 dpi .tif image for you to use in your personal or commercial projects, depicting a scantily-clad but very dangerous survivor of some world-wide disaster, perfect for... well... you know we all right now are furiously writing our own Fury Road inspired adventures!

Subject to the included license information. Printed size will be a generous 1736 x 2117 pixels, almost large enough to be a full page or a cover!

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DM+Dude 15/05/20(Wed)07:35 No. 82827

You are an excellent artist, but that picture is just terrible, both artistically and conceptually. You have a lot of talent, you should use it better than that.

Random+Gamer 15/05/20(Wed)16:34 No. 82850

Dicks will be dicks, Brad. What with this being the internet and all. I like the style, myself. Very reminiscent of the early Shadowrun art, especially the archetype portraits in the 1E and 2E core rulebooks.

Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)10:34 No. 82915

And shit artists be shit.

Papercraft board? Acedra 15/03/21(Sat)05:50 No. 79238 [Reply]

File 142691341759.jpg - (332.88KB , 1024x768 , ravenfell.jpg )

Just wondering where the papercraft discussion board went?

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2+terra+burned-out 15/05/16(Sat)00:26 No. 82530

What is this negative commenting? Either participate or just let us be

Anonymous Bump 15/05/19(Tue)18:41 No. 82765


Anonymous 15/05/19(Tue)19:15 No. 82770

Bump your ass back to 4chan eejit. Things don't work here as they do there.

Star Wars FFG RPG Anonymous 13/11/07(Thu)10:04 No. 54453 [Reply]

File 138381509892.png - (649.54KB , 600x821 , SWBET_Book.png )

Hello /tg/. I’ve managed to find a better scan of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. https://mega.co.nz/#fm/zsgQwJrQ

Both the EotE Core and AoR Beta were scanned at 600dpi, and then processed with Clearscan OCR. With the exception of a few pages skewed (due to conflicting font orientation), it's about as perfect as you can get.

Also included are all the downloadable adventures, better scans of the adventures included in the EotE Core and AoR Beta books, and most of the premade characters.

Also, if you don’t want to use the app or buy the dice, here’s a browser dice rolled built specifically for this game. http://heyitsthatdog.com/apps/empiredice/

A fillable character sheet that auto-calculates dice pools is available in the folder. And here is the link to the thread its creator posted. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86822-edge-of-the-empire-form-field-pdf/

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Azgara 15/03/11(Wed)17:29 No. 78599

I'm looking for this PDF's as well, anyone have copies?

donkey!KJ9LE7VEPU 15/03/11(Wed)17:56 No. 78600

Not the best scans, but look here -
Next time ask in the request thread!

wtf vehemut 15/05/17(Sun)08:16 No. 82610


Recasting Questions Anonymous 15/04/27(Mon)20:43 No. 81276 [Reply]

File 143016018815.jpg - (1.05MB , 2513x2263 , recasting.jpg )

So, I originally posted this on yoyohammer, but it turns out that they are a bunch of insufferable faggots who all went berserk over me saying "jewgolds" so I figured that in the future, I'd just stick to /tg/

First off, I got my RTV sample in (2 gallons), scale, vacuum setup and a few other things..... although I'll still be waiting until I get the pressure setup before I actually attempt any recasts or make any molds for recasting. Actually, most of the RTV will be used up on a different project too, but if I like the RTV, I'll probably be ordering about 20 gallons so I can use some of that....

I may also be holding off on the pressure pot since it looks like 9e may be coming sooner than I expected and I'm fearful of models going OOP. So I'll probably try to at least get the Empire ones before I buy more equipment.

Anyway, on to the questions....
1) Looking at the costs, I kinda wanna sell some to the community on here since I can't find too many WHFB friends to share costs with.... but I also really don't wanna get sued/arrested/nuked-from-orbit. If I did sell recasts and got caught, what would happen? Would I get my butt sued ASAP or would they just demand I stop? Also, If I did sell any, should I be looking at something like bitcoin then mailing out packages without any return address? Would I have to worry about reddit leaking out my info to gee-dubah?

2) Do you think I'd be alright using Zs stuff as masters? Or would it be better to shell out the jewgolds to get official Gee-W ones to recast? The RTV and resin are part of something else, so I can justify the costs.... minis? Not so much.... Also, with 9e on it's way, how long do I have to get models (from official stores and/or Z) before they go OOP? Oh, and does anyone know what legit online stores have more than a 20% discount?

3) What does /tg/ think the best resin is?
I've been looking at Smooth-cast 310 for it's price and long pot life but I've also been thinking about Task 3 (which is 50% more expensive) for it's strength as well as pot life. Also, What is this neo-resin I hear about occasionally on here?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15/04/28(Tue)01:20 No. 81287

I can't help you I'm afraid - although hopefully others here might - but you could also try 4chan/tg; they have a lot of people there "knowledgable" in this sort of thing.
Good luck!

Anonymous 15/05/11(Mon)04:42 No. 82188


It's been awhile since I've actually been doing mold making and recasting, but I'll drop some of what I know, or can remember off the top of my head.

Cost is going to be a strange thing. They can't do much aside from order a cease-and-desist if you get caught unless they have reasonable evidence that you have been directly effecting their sales. This is all going to depend on how much you've sold, in what volumes, and how good your casts actually are. Many of the stores though will kick you, or at the very least ban you from official events if you are caught using recasts. I was given a pass at my local store because I was buying my masters from them. The easiest way to avoid getting caught is to hand-deliver stuff and always get payment in cash, but that kind of limits how much product you can actually move and how much you can earn. This isn't something you can really make money off of IMHO, but it's awesome for personal use and for getting others involved in your hobby.

Put out the money and get the figures you want. Get them soon. Once a new edition comes out, those models are only available until they are sold out. After that, they are gone and gone for good outside of old stock at the local shops or Ebay.

Smooth Cast is amazing, but if cost is a factor and you need something on the cheap Michaels Arts and Crafts has moldputty.com's "Amazing Casting Resin". It's not as good, but with Michaels penchant for handing out a 40% discount every 2 weeks or so, it's better than nothing if you want to test out a few new molds. Bottom line though, Smooth Cast is probably the best I've used. I used to work in a studio that used it, and that stuff was amazing.

To get the bubbles out of the molds, we used to place the molds in a plastic bucket, seal the top with a rubber gasket, and suck the air out of the bucket with a regular shop vac. It worked like a charm.

Unfortunately I can't remember how much RTV I used to make my molds. More is usually better since the resin is going to heat up a pretty substantial amount. An average infantry figure is going to take about 6 g of resin to cast, but for some reason I think it was about 16 oz of RTV to make a mold for 2 figures side-by-side. You're going to need a lot of the stuff.

Waste is an odd issue. You actually want to mix more than you know you'll use, because you will spill something, and the stuff is going to stick to the containers, and so on and so forth. Always have a spare mold handy so that if you have more resin left at the end of a project, you end up with SOMETHING other than a useless cup full of resin.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

randomNPC 15/05/16(Sat)12:30 No. 82566

Bravo for your initiative! Hope would be more people like you. I got a friend who made recast for a wile, now he makes his own minis, but I remember a couple of things, so I hope I can help you:

1)If you keep a low profile and sell only via mail, I don't think you'll have much of an issue, hell! even you can sell internationally! but always be carefull!

2)Although Zs has great casts, they don't lack flashing, or miscastings, also, sometimes the models come with missing pieces, and he don't have them in the mold. So I would go with the gee w models just to be safe. Sadly I don't know where to get cheap models, but amazon and ebay are good places to look for some discount.

3)I can't give you much info on this, I'm from another country, so the resins you named, don't have the same name here (or even exist) but I recall one crystal clear polyester resin (the hard one), wich hold all the detail, and was very sturdy, it was more or less cheap.

4) This friend started using a pressure cooking pot, and it worked like a charm, he buyed an used one, but from the best brand.

I hope my answers could help ypu a little, and please, if you start selling, send my an email (click on my name)

Anonymous 15/04/24(Fri)20:17 No. 81063 [Reply]

File 142989942044.gif - (79.30KB , 1147x916 , url.gif )

Can someone explain Lamentations of the Flame Princess to me?

I mean - there's a core book and there's some grindhouse edition. There are various adventures like Magnificent Joop something, and there's Red Pleasant land. Do they all take place in same setting?

And what has Vornheim to do with that?


5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/05/01(Fri)12:29 No. 81522


This explains a lot.

My US$0.02 Q-25!UbWWYPj9XY 15/05/01(Fri)17:36 No. 81532

LotFP rules system is a generic OSR system that is essentially like all the rest. Nothing bad, nothing special, just another one.

Supporting text and art generally have a "dark, gritty" feel to them, which makes the game unique.

The numerous adventures, etc., do not tie together in any special way. There are a few game/world settings offered--they are unrelated. There is no over-arching cohesiveness to any of the various releases. Pick what you like; they are all "episodic" in presentation.

Game's success doesn't come from the rule system or any super-special setting system. It comes from the dark feel and the art featuring lots of boobs and violence.

Anonymous 15/05/15(Fri)22:10 No. 82520

The books, while full of the the sort of player-murdering nonsense that fill Tomb of Horrors, are also just chock full of awesome ideas. Even if you don't run the adventures per se, they are fantastic as resources to pull cool things from.

Check out Better than Any Man. It's their pay-what-you-want RPG day adventure and it's fantastic. Or, you know, just look around here, I'm sure you can find Death Frost Doom, The Monument from Space, or The God that Crawls.

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