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Requests Thread Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)18:40 No. 121910 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 149443443889.jpg - (762.99KB , 800x574 , The seventh seal.jpg )

Requests thread is back. Go wild.

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FG2 Module Anonymous 17/07/24(Mon)11:51 No. 126651

Tried the Tome of Beasts module,it seemed to work good.looking forward to version with monster tokens as well.Good luck, I am sure others would like to see similar stuff in the future.

Anonymous 17/07/24(Mon)10:03 No. 126648 [Reply]

File 150088338296.jpg - (17.92KB , 648x162 , FS.jpg )

Kindly requesting the 2nd Edition Revised Fading Suns Rubeook. Its the 2012 Redbrick version not the 1999 2nd Edition by Holistic.

And the Shards Collection Vol 1 would be great too!

I managed to find all the other Fading Sun stuff but these two prove elusive.


Anonymous 17/07/24(Mon)10:04 No. 126649

sorry I made a thread, I'll repost in requests.

Found Osprey! JaZZ 17/07/23(Sun)18:57 No. 126606

Osprey - GMN - Instrument of War The German Army 1914–18 - Dennis Showalter.epub
Osprey - GMN - Instrument of War The German Army 1914–18 - Dennis Showalter.mobi
Osprey - GMN - Instrument of War The German Army 1914–18 - Dennis Showalter 249.pdf

Anonymous 17/07/24(Mon)06:45 No. 126640

Looking for any Silent Death rulebooks.

REQ:+1101+-+PULP+LEAGUES 17/07/24(Mon)07:39 No. 126643

Hey buddy, https://www.mediafire.com/folder/meedbza42sp4m/Kings_of_War#sniz7x2s6qgde

The 7chan Wargames Request Thread Vol.2 Has Destiny of Kings

Anyone have Pulp Leagues?
Or Kings of War Clash of Kings?

Star Wars FFG Anonymous 17/07/12(Wed)18:57 No. 125917 [Reply]

File 149987863238.jpg - (1.05MB , 849x1200 , thrawn_by_wraithdt-db5ecu5.jpg )

Since the last thread died (54453), lets begin a new one?

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Anonymous 17/07/18(Tue)19:10 No. 126272

I dont know...
Simply vanished =/

Anonymous 17/07/21(Fri)11:02 No. 126449

Very cool list thanks :)

Watcher 17/07/23(Sun)20:24 No. 126610

Disciples of Harmony book is missing several pages, Has anyone else noticed that?

Papercraft board? Acedra 15/03/21(Sat)05:50 No. 79238 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 142691341759.jpg - (332.88KB , 1024x768 , ravenfell.jpg )

Just wondering where the papercraft discussion board went?

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Cobblestone streets Ferdi+greydy 17/07/21(Fri)14:16 No. 126453

Isthere any file with cobblestone streets tiles? Maybe medieval, victorian, ww2...

Anonymous 17/07/23(Sun)15:52 No. 126598

Use the MEGA link above for the largest collection currently available.

Looking for more Finger and Toe sets Rusty_Trombone 17/07/23(Sun)16:04 No. 126600

I have searched through the trove and didn't see the Slagtown , Tango:Prime, Omega:Prime, or any of the sci-fi sets. Would anyone have a link or location for these sets? Thanks in advance.

RPG Scanning and Corrections Project Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)21:02 No. 122795 [Reply]

File 149565254991.jpg - (903.58KB , 2454x3234 , serialexperimentlaincover.jpg )

Had some pdf troubles earlier but I think I got it mostly resolved. Had a crash and lost most I was going to say so I'll abridge it.

Planning to scan rpg books that haven't had official pdfs available. These are the books I have and I think haven't had pdfs made yet. Will try to buy the missing rpg books that people suggest as soon as I have the cash for it.

Abyss, Afterwars, Age of Ruin, Attack of the Humans, Batman- Role-Playing Game, BESM Anime Card Game, Chi-chian Roleplaying Game, Demon City Shinjuku Resource Book, El-Hazard Resource Book, Evangelion-RPG- The Descent of ANGEL & The NERV White Paper (Jap), Ghost Dog Roleplaying Game, Gregory Horror Show Card Game, Guardians of Order Ultimate Fan Guide for Fushigi Yugi #1-3/ Hellsing #2/ Parallel Dual!/ Revolutionary Girl Utena- Black Rose Collection/ Serial Experiment Lain/ The Slayers #1-3, Hahlmabrea, Heaven & Earth 2nd Edition- Game Master & Player's Guide, Link West, Silver Age Sentinels/ Champions- Reality Storm, Tenchi in Tokyo, Tenchi Muyo! GM Screen & Adventure, Tenchi Muyo! Character Diary, Tenchi Universe, The Lost World: Jurassic Park- Roleplaying Game (not actual roleplaying but it does have an Ian Malcolm card), The World of Tank Girl, Webs Basic Gaming System 1st Edition, Web of Horrors & Web of Stars, and Wyrd is Bond.

As I said some time before, you get to pick two I do for free. The others you'll get once I get certain digital pdfs released in relation to its value and verified authenticity. You have until tomorrow at 6 AM my time to decide which two is done first.

Long overdue for pdf collectors, some pdfs out there have varying quality or issues that need to be addressed and hopefully fixed. To ensure everyone is aware or has the right versions, I'm planning a checklist that goes over all available pdfs in a series to make sure they are complete or list issues that need to be fixed. I'll fix them if I have the book but many will rely on you people out there that have the books themselves to help fix these issues.

First one on list is Zero Corebook by Archangel Entertainment. 19.9mb-
PDF doesn't include Steve Stone Artwork and all images are greyscale when some pages are in color. I do have the book so I'll scan the artwork but I don't plan to do the rest of it since the pdf is okay and I'd rather focus on other books to scan. I'll scan it if there is demand and I get the appropriate payment of a digital pdf.

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Anonymous 17/06/04(Sun)15:15 No. 123485


Seconded. I've been looking for bloody ages and found nothing.

Anonymous 17/06/06(Tue)06:31 No. 123634

Serial Experiment Lain

Anonymous 17/07/22(Sat)18:11 No. 126524

How is this going?

OSR Request Thread Kindly+Little+Old+Warrior+Noble 17/05/29(Mon)18:44 No. 123046 [Reply]

File 149607627968.jpg - (61.46KB , 460x460 , OSR Compatible Logo.jpg )

Was wondering if we could start up an OSR request thread (for either D&D Clone Or Official material). The latest materials would be wonderful!

42 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/07/20(Thu)17:34 No. 126412


The man that lives up the load


Anonymous 17/07/21(Fri)20:23 No. 126467

I don't know which site this string attaches to.

Anonymous 17/07/21(Fri)21:52 No. 126472

It took me a while too, but the solution is in plain sight.


Tell me about 7chan's /tg/ Anonymous 17/07/15(Sat)13:23 No. 126075 [Reply]

File 15001178112.jpg - (114.67KB , 625x625 , D_5fd426_5453443.jpg )

i randomly found this place, i was on 4chan's /tg/ for awhile but you probably know its pretty mixed over there, half of them are arguing against fun and the place is full of hate spewing. aside from the Generals and the occasional small threads.

hows the culture over here?

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
DMD 17/07/19(Wed)19:10 No. 126353

TG is basically just a request thread with occasional confused people posting things that get ignore.

And in basically you have a lot of trolls who try to kill the request threads by acting like, well, trolls. And sadly, it's working, many people who actually provided or cleaned stuff have moved on.

I guess you should expect that sort of thing from a chan

Anonymous 17/07/20(Thu)08:47 No. 126389

So what's a better place?

Anonymous 17/07/20(Thu)15:33 No. 126397


Glad to hear. Don't let the door hit you on the way out

3d print files thread? 3d frenzy 16/11/30(Wed)02:03 No. 113162 [Reply]

File 148046783235.jpg - (38.12KB , 450x297 , 1034189.jpg )

I recently back Tilescape™ Modular Building System, and am in the processing of getting a printer. Are there any individuals that want to create a thread much like the sharing thread for papercraft?

15 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/05/02(Tue)04:22 No. 121563

But the instructions PDF might...

Anonymous 17/06/22(Thu)06:22 No. 124618

Anyone have any of the Gambody stuff? I'm specifically looking for the Macharius, Malcador, Dreadnough, and all the Battletech stuff.

3d Printed Files Exo 17/07/15(Sat)21:33 No. 126102

I would very much like to get a hold of some 3d printed file. I am looking into getting a 3d printer. Does anyone have access to the Fat Dragon Games, DRAGONLOCK 3d printed set? I would greatly appreciate it!

Nu ts Fin anal Edition Anonymous 17/07/14(Fri)16:18 No. 126022 [Reply]

File 150004190844.jpg - (35.68KB , 288x128 , NutsF.jpg )

I have version with missing page in it.

Do I need to u/l this item?




Anonymous 17/07/15(Sat)02:21 No. 126058

Nope, was posted in the Requests thread a while back... https://www.sendspace.com/file/2yblvz

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