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#/fur/ Ink-Eyes!JitteXIo9w ## Mod ## 12/10/23(Tue)05:37 No. 13355 ID: fb972c [Reply] Stickied

File 135096344596.jpg - (181.95KB , 1000x1000 , f50f6e40ec26b0198c1f6cab9f8f0afb.jpg )


Now that I have your attention, did you know that 7chan has an IRC? We do! Though I must say that it's fairly sad the state that the #/fur/ channel is in, it's Me, an IRC bot, and an idler. Nothing happens at all.

Let's change that. Can we? Just have a general chat space for people to come in and just have good chatter. Who's and where's and what's are all abound. I do want to see this channel be successful, even if I have to bring in a trivia/uno bot to give entertainment!

So, start up your favorite IRC client and hit us up!

#/fur/ for furry, #7chan for general chatter. Let's have some fun!

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DrGonzy!!H3ZwMuLGyy 20/06/02(Tue)10:29 No. 28069 ID: 49b20f

File 159108659191.jpg - (169.90KB , 1200x480 , IMG_20171207_110524_121.jpg )

Get your ass to #/fur/

Comic Dump thread Vulpes Inculta ## Mod ## 11/09/23(Fri)20:25 No. 7276 ID: 9a8416 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131680230249.jpg - (124.64KB , 611x597 , 62aa79cfa7e113ce97972fd6738abeb3.jpg )

Since I noticed that there's a lot of two-post threads being made for topical content, it's starting to make some clutter. So I am making this thread.

This is a thread for posting any comic rips/dumps. I'm not putting a straight ban on other threads getting rapidshare posts for thread-relative content, but for new comic dumps I ask that you do use this thread to keep the clutter down.

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lol DrGonzy!!H3ZwMuLGyy 20/06/02(Tue)10:28 No. 28068 ID: 49b20f

File 159108648932.jpg - (90.34KB , 780x960 , IMG_20190421_172346_890.jpg )

who are you?

TF Thread 16.0 Vulpes Inculta 16/11/02(Wed)07:22 No. 24181 ID: 037ee1 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 147806775013.jpg - (63.89KB , 750x638 , 1411536584242-1.jpg )

It's about time.

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Vulpes Inculta 20/10/16(Fri)20:25 No. 28238 ID: 53ee1d

File 16028727532.png - (1.19MB , 1908x2500 , acecomx_spore_anne.png )

Vulpes Inculta 13/11/02(Sat)22:52 No. 16800 ID: 8885ee [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138342912558.png - (31.17KB , 321x241 , px1.png )

Thoughts on Project X, /fur/? (http://projectx.zetar02.org/)

I think the game kind of sucks but these two are cute. Too bad there isn't much art with them.

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Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)13:06 No. 28204 ID: 308855

bump lol

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)13:10 No. 28205 ID: 308855

I just realized it's almost been a fucking year since the last update.

no D3lt0 20/10/09(Fri)05:42 No. 28235 ID: bf4d8f


Furry Game Blastermaster 20/09/21(Mon)15:43 No. 28213 ID: e45481 [Reply]

File 160069580889.jpg - (34.16KB , 370x430 , Capture2.jpg )

Hey guys

I'm an indie dev and I shall develop a Furry game soon.

Could you please respond to my research? It would be wonderful to understand if there is an audience for the kind of game I'm thinking of.



Vulpes Inculta 20/09/28(Mon)13:29 No. 28221 ID: f34fbe

I call such "researches" bullshit. Do you even have an idea of your future game? I'm asking, because that "research" looks like a way to collect people's thoughts without having a real task behind of it and being in "danger" to be digitally abused via the Net.
Also, being a namefag in 2020 (~_~)

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/29(Tue)05:27 No. 28222 ID: 5c253b


Instead of inquiring anons about what people want in a furry game, why don't you try using your head for once...You know, FUCKING brainstorm. You should try it sometime.

Seeking Wyntersun/Zoqi harder stuff Poptato 20/09/18(Fri)22:41 No. 28199 ID: 44964c [Reply]

File 160046168643.jpg - (263.32KB , 850x655 , 11Explosion.jpg )

Hey there, hoping anybody can help me out. I'm looking for the harder stuff done by this artist. Gore, nipplefuck, popping, that sorta thing.

More images of said artist will be posted soon.

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Poptato 20/09/19(Sat)05:09 No. 28203 ID: 44964c


Poptato 20/09/21(Mon)18:27 No. 28214 ID: 44964c


Vulpes Inculta 20/09/27(Sun)02:14 No. 28219 ID: 20acb0


VR and RP Vulpes Inculta 19/12/27(Fri)17:37 No. 27580 ID: dc1c67 [Reply]

File 157746463295.jpg - (1.03MB , 1754x1240 , space.jpg )

Get up to any good roleplay lately?

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/20(Sun)21:17 No. 28211 ID: 23c1ac

I have. Both on MUCKs, and on F-List, recently.
Cuddled a cute lazy deer with a fat ass, then left him messy with cum.

Hetero stuff Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)21:25 No. 28207 ID: 1e5fb7 [Reply]

File 160054351488.jpg - (250.93KB , 1200x1709 , FuTJEuZz_o.jpg )

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)21:25 No. 28208 ID: 1e5fb7

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)21:27 No. 28209 ID: 1e5fb7

File 160054361597.gif - (839.11KB , 176x144 , cpx1YLOu_o.gif )

Furry Cub/CP Vulpes Inculta 20/05/30(Sat)20:19 No. 28041 ID: b22b7e [Reply]

File 159086275793.gif - (2.72MB , 1077x1336 , af57d4d688caecabfd0681b1ea42528a.gif )

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Vulpes Inculta 20/08/14(Fri)23:55 No. 28168 ID: edebab

File 159744213411.jpg - (366.61KB , 1433x908 , c3fbe8503223a694c96d9c6125d5a564.jpg )

Vulpes Inculta 20/08/15(Sat)03:53 No. 28169 ID: 547650

File 159745642613.png - (437.35KB , 2168x3050 , 25428c4007ae4379966e5e4a3b023296.png )

Vulpes Inculta 20/09/19(Sat)21:19 No. 28206 ID: 1e5fb7

'ello Vulpes Inculta 20/04/30(Thu)23:49 No. 27982 ID: 151dc8 [Reply]

File 158828339419.png - (269.70KB , 1124x632 , is.png )

Drawfag here. I've been lurking for a while, though it's my first time with a thread so forgive me if I've made some sorta mistake. If anyone has any commission ideas, just tell me. I'm fine with whatever ideas anyone here have.

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Vulpes Inculta 20/08/03(Mon)14:12 No. 28151 ID: 9cc7a4

Still taking requests?
cobalion fucking lucario

Vulpes Inculta 20/08/04(Tue)21:51 No. 28157 ID: 33736c

Vice versa, pleasw.

Vulpes Inculta 20/08/16(Sun)07:33 No. 28171 ID: 26ff28

Draw Tersilla from Geronimo Stilton

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