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TF Thread 9.0 Cacoethic Cavalier 14/09/13(Sat)13:17 No. 19301 ID: 7da86f [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 141060705511.jpg - (99.42KB , 1280x405 , 1324055218_leoian_1.jpg )

TF and TG pics!

[1] Requests must be accompanied by content (at least one relevant image; not the cover or a random excerpt of what you are requesting).
[2] Do not offer to post content only if you receive something you are looking for first ("holding it hostage")

Please follow these simple rules so we can encourage a community where we all help each other find the content that we want willingly, without expectation of compensation, with each person contributing what they can to the better experience of all. Thank you.

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Vulpes Inculta 14/11/23(Sun)11:26 No. 19780 ID: 3466a8

can someone post Silver Bullet Proofs The Cougar and the Zookeeper?

Comic Dump thread Vulpes Inculta ## Mod ## 11/09/23(Fri)20:25 No. 7276 ID: 9a8416 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131680230249.jpg - (124.64KB , 611x597 , 62aa79cfa7e113ce97972fd6738abeb3.jpg )

Since I noticed that there's a lot of two-post threads being made for topical content, it's starting to make some clutter. So I am making this thread.

This is a thread for posting any comic rips/dumps. I'm not putting a straight ban on other threads getting rapidshare posts for thread-relative content, but for new comic dumps I ask that you do use this thread to keep the clutter down.

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Vulpes Inculta 14/11/04(Tue)07:06 No. 19671 ID: 8e4210



#/fur/ Ink-Eyes!JitteXIo9w ## Mod ## 12/10/23(Tue)05:37 No. 13355 ID: fb972c [Reply] Stickied

File 135096344596.jpg - (181.95KB , 1000x1000 , f50f6e40ec26b0198c1f6cab9f8f0afb.jpg )


Now that I have your attention, did you know that 7chan has an IRC? We do! Though I must say that it's fairly sad the state that the #/fur/ channel is in, it's Me, an IRC bot, and an idler. Nothing happens at all.

Let's change that. Can we? Just have a general chat space for people to come in and just have good chatter. Who's and where's and what's are all abound. I do want to see this channel be successful, even if I have to bring in a trivia/uno bot to give entertainment!

So, start up your favorite IRC client and hit us up!

#/fur/ for furry, #7chan for general chatter. Let's have some fun!

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Harpo+!COATL.qfHU 14/05/23(Fri)13:35 No. 18076 ID: 6225e3

Help, I cant seem to connect to 7chan's irc.
My settings are the exact same as shown in the site's FAQ.

Request Source Vulpes Inculta 14/11/23(Sun)08:28 No. 19776 ID: 75da4c [Reply]

File 141672769458.jpg - (257.16KB , 800x945 , 1308348356_cooner_hw-faposter.jpg )

Does anyone know how to find a copy of this folio?

read the rules bro Vulpes Inculta 14/11/23(Sun)10:56 No. 19778 ID: 89d01e

>Keep in mind that along with the rest of 7chan, requests must be accompanied by 3 related images. If you do not have these, lurk moar before posting.

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/23(Sun)12:28 No. 19781 ID: f29bb9

This seems to be the artist, no idea if he'd be willing to offer the folio in digital, but you could always ask.


sonic and socks sonci foot fetish GO 14/11/22(Sat)23:17 No. 19772 ID: 49c938 [Reply]

File 141669465033.png - (246.08KB , 498x358 , d767b4af2264538780bb4e16662135e3.png )

socks plz

sonci+foot+fetish+GO 14/11/22(Sat)23:29 No. 19773 ID: 49c938

File 141669539042.jpg - (79.77KB , 480x575 , b84105b307c6078b33035ef75eb93cc2.jpg )

sonci+foot+fetish+GO 14/11/22(Sat)23:30 No. 19774 ID: 49c938

Vulpes Inculta 13/07/02(Tue)19:17 No. 16316 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply]

File 137278544851.png - (432.12KB , 920x778 , 460277_Eiko_bastionschoolbus.png )

Cub thread. Old one hit the bump limit

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Aogami 14/10/26(Sun)05:48 No. 19614 ID: e45d21


Sorry guys, not mine. That one belongs to:

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/20(Thu)20:20 No. 19758 ID: 59ed7e


Who is the artist of these? They're adorable!

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/21(Fri)07:09 No. 19769 ID: f29bb9


Found 'em, artist seems to be Drychicken, with those particular pics from the 'Groups pictures' set.


And to the person who was asking for the Bencoon/Mother pic, I believe this is what you're looking for:


SUNEQUEST Ponefag 14/11/17(Mon)08:16 No. 19731 ID: 63f0f3 [Reply]

File 141620856892.jpg - (124.65KB , 611x960 , naruko_c_uzumaki_volpe_a_nove_code_by_jadenarukouz.jpg )

Allrght kids, in honor of the TF thread getting stickied, I decided to go head with this, so gather 'round, it's STORY TIME!

Warning: Sunequest may contain the following: transformation, guys turning into girls, lesbians everywhere, mind control/alteration, hot foxgirls, ninjas, language, purple prose, corruption, magic pregnancy, bad writing, plot holes, humor, gratuitous Japanese, zany schemes, and Ramen tacos. Do not consume with goat milk. Do not swim for at least one hour after consumption unless you enjoy being a mermaid. Any resemblance to actual persons is entirely a coincidence, unless you happen to be a Sune, in which case CALL ME.

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Ponefag 14/11/17(Mon)08:19 No. 19738 ID: 63f0f3

Naruto moaned, and some distant part o him realized he sounded exactly like the apparition now, a unmistakeably feminine voice that dripped with the promise of pleasure. The apparition, now matched in size with Naruto, captured his legs with her own, and he began to reciprocate the sensual rubbing even as hips widedned, leges shifted and soft ass grew out, matching the vision. She Moaned again, and this time he moaned with her, as her legs started to fade “that's-” she gasped out “-right~” HE finished, gasping in pleasure as an immense pressure drove on his rapidly shrinking cock and new thoughts invaded his mind. “Almost Done~” they moaned in unison, even as He became She, and fading fingers massaged growing breasts.
The fading apparition gave one final moan, which was finished by the changed Naruto even as foxy ears and tails burst from her body and a fire ignited itself in her body- “SOOOOOOOOOO-” “GOOOOOOOOOOOD!” she collapsed into unconsciousness, moaning even in her sleep as new whispers and truths embedded themselves in the new kitsune's mind.

One day later, she woke in the cave, moaning from orgasm that had woken her. She needed to convert humans, all of them, into lovely kitsune like herself. But who to attempt first?

[]Ino- This spitfire fellow blonde would make an excellent kitsune- why, she's halfway there already!
[]Sakura- her former self had such a crush on the girl. And she'd be so happy, thinks the kitsune, to find real love at last.
[]Sasuke- one of the Poor, forsaken MALES, who must be shown how much better it feels to be sensual and beautiful and curvy like her.
[]Someone Else (note: must be someone who Naruto would know about or reasonably be able to encounter within or in the vicinity of Konoha during the interim period before the final phase of the exam. This includes, but is not limited to: loyal Leaf ninja (Ne and Nukenin don't count) Sound, Rain, Sand and Cloud nin, Leaf Civilians (please keep it to characters with actual characterization, like Ayami Ichiraku, rather than 'random shopkeeper #4856,' if only to make my job as a writer somewhat less hard. This is basically porn with a bit of lot thrown in, I'm not going to spend a bunch of time developing Ocs.)
any ninja above the rank of Tokubetsu ('Special') Jonin (IE, full Jonin, ANBU, Kage or S-class nin) will be rejected unless you have a DAMN good write-in stunt.

Ponefag 14/11/17(Mon)08:20 No. 19739 ID: 63f0f3

note, IF you can come up with plausible people to run into that are Ne/Root, or nukenin (say, Itachi, for example) for Narusune to be able to ensnare, go right ahead. If I decide Narusune can't beat the winning vote, I'll just move down the list until I find one. This quest is operating in no-bad-ends-mode.

Well, unless you decide that Narusune's motivation of 'Turn all humans into horny lesbian Kitsune sluts' to be a bad end in in of itself, but if so, WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/19(Wed)12:03 No. 19752 ID: 2ef46c

Ino seems like she would make a good start

cow Vulpes Inculta 13/09/05(Thu)00:25 No. 16579 ID: e93de7 [Reply]

File 137833354297.jpg - (515.00KB , 800x1129 , f_1344557568986.jpg )

help with cow folder?

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Vulpes Inculta 14/11/06(Thu)20:50 No. 19690 ID: f71659

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/09(Sun)12:35 No. 19700 ID: 62cf83

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/19(Wed)06:07 No. 19749 ID: f71659

File 141637364133.png - (898.70KB , 1125x1025 , 9b32a0f1158d0eb869d710143468092c-d86tppv.png )

Is anyone still supporting this?!

Vulpes Inculta 13/11/02(Sat)22:52 No. 16800 ID: 8885ee [Reply]

File 138342912558.png - (31.17KB , 321x241 , px1.png )

Thoughts on Project X, /fur/? (http://projectx.zetar02.org/)

I think the game kind of sucks but these two are cute. Too bad there isn't much art with them.

41 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vulpes Inculta 14/09/03(Wed)22:36 No. 19159 ID: a13c59

How do you get the gifs to play?

Vulpes Inculta 14/09/08(Mon)23:01 No. 19247 ID: 99b7c1

File 141021009670.png - (667.16KB , 1053x1489 , pxcomic_page02_i.png )

And so, just like Palcomix, MartheDog has bailed on the Project X comic. This was the last page done and it shall be forever unfinished.

Vulpes Inculta 14/11/17(Mon)04:32 No. 19729 ID: 99b7c1

File 141619515528.png - (30.57KB , 640x484 , pxtea.png )

So until it's time for a new game-rip, anyone have any idea on what new stuff is incoming, aside from a new Blaze sprite set?

Stuff and Things Nymeria 13/08/16(Fri)19:33 No. 16505 ID: 93f2e8 [Reply]

File 137667438819.jpg - (266.49KB , 1040x1040 , 40_130903625476_u18chan.jpg )

Looking for someone to have as a fuckbuddy over kik or skype, male or female, I am 17 male Wolf Bi. Post your kik or skype and I will add you :3


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Serious master requires more sissies. Norem Greymane 14/09/20(Sat)08:40 No. 19358 ID: 99cb5b

File 141119522197.jpg - (1.09MB , 1280x1280 , 1331384221_aaron_terri_naughty.jpg )

Large, muscular, musky, and hung wolf looking for sissies to dominate.
kik: Norem_Greymane

BDSM/inflation/hyper furry rp kik greytheslave 14/11/08(Sat)22:54 No. 19696 ID: 9ec90f

Looking for a BDSM/Inflation/Hyper Roleplay!

Looking for:
Rough dominant master
Furries(Not required though)
The master to have BIG MUSCLES
Huge cock
Lots of cum
Lots of kinks;)

Things I like:
Anything with cum
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

GreyTheSlave Vulpes Inculta 14/11/16(Sun)01:17 No. 19724 ID: 9ec90f

I'm a young homeless male sumbissive wolf that just got kicked out and is living on the street. Abduct me and force me to be your pet femboy maybe brainwash me

Things that I like
Public use
Pet Play
Extreme Bondage
Super Dominant master

Anything with cum
Age play
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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