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#/fur/ Ink-Eyes!JitteXIo9w ## Mod ## 12/10/23(Tue)05:37 No. 13355 ID: fb972c [Reply] Stickied

File 135096344596.jpg - (181.95KB , 1000x1000 , f50f6e40ec26b0198c1f6cab9f8f0afb.jpg )


Now that I have your attention, did you know that 7chan has an IRC? We do! Though I must say that it's fairly sad the state that the #/fur/ channel is in, it's Me, an IRC bot, and an idler. Nothing happens at all.

Let's change that. Can we? Just have a general chat space for people to come in and just have good chatter. Who's and where's and what's are all abound. I do want to see this channel be successful, even if I have to bring in a trivia/uno bot to give entertainment!

So, start up your favorite IRC client and hit us up!

#/fur/ for furry, #7chan for general chatter. Let's have some fun!

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Vulpes Inculta 16/03/16(Wed)20:30 No. 23010 ID: 7dd627

sorry about that, accidentally click on the wrong forum. >.<

Comic Dump thread Vulpes Inculta ## Mod ## 11/09/23(Fri)20:25 No. 7276 ID: 9a8416 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131680230249.jpg - (124.64KB , 611x597 , 62aa79cfa7e113ce97972fd6738abeb3.jpg )

Since I noticed that there's a lot of two-post threads being made for topical content, it's starting to make some clutter. So I am making this thread.

This is a thread for posting any comic rips/dumps. I'm not putting a straight ban on other threads getting rapidshare posts for thread-relative content, but for new comic dumps I ask that you do use this thread to keep the clutter down.

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Vulpes Inculta 16/04/05(Tue)06:55 No. 23162 ID: c48d60

File 145983214386.jpg - (283.28KB , 1529x1087 , 003.jpg )

Just got this book in the mail! If I post it would anyone be interested in translating it? :U

I'll post it up tomorrow!

General Furry News Thread Vulpes Inculta 16/07/12(Tue)09:02 No. 23676 ID: a72b37 [Reply]

File 146830695625.png - (975.65KB , 1280x720 , whats black, white and red all over.png )

For posting about significant website updates, furry convention news and chlorine attacks.

Consider the relevance of your news to other users before posting. Politics and drama go elsewhere.

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/12(Tue)09:05 No. 23677 ID: a72b37

File 146830713459.png - (114.78KB , 882x602 , unpredictable.png )

Daily reminder that U-18chan is abysmal at staying online.

Felis Catus 16/07/25(Mon)15:42 No. 23848 ID: a72b37

The site's back up... WITH NO SURVIVORS

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/25(Mon)15:29 No. 23847 ID: 35d457 [Reply]

File 146945336778.jpg - (183.34KB , 480x481 , 57584606.jpg )

Searching for an OLD COMIC. It was like a tales-from-the-crypt, like, thing.. 'hosted' by a talking brain. There was this sexy blue female furry, I /think/ she was a fox but I could be wrong. At one point she got fucked with a huge drill. The brain did lots of sexual experimentation-Luke stuff on her.

The stories were all horror, like this one woman who tries to get her husband to stop cheating on her, drinks this potion, turns into a sexual she-hulk, and shoves him into her vagina.. another story was with a guy the killed women to drain their blood for some reason..

At this point I'd actually PAY just to see those comics again.. I wish I could give anything to go by, but thats all I remember. This was like,at LEAST 10 years ago. I'm pretty sure I found the artist on furnation, but I can't anymore and don't know where else to look, bc I've searched in so many ways.

Pic unrelated

Tf thread 15.0 Yan+O&!esycog0TDc 16/07/10(Sun)11:54 No. 23663 ID: 085eba [Reply]

File 146814447714.png - (238.95KB , 582x800 , 1335722447_blackshirtboy_ac_2.png )

The TF thread is slowly going away, so here comes the new one!

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Felis catus 16/07/23(Sat)12:26 No. 23842 ID: a72b37

>female TFing into different female

It shouldn't be this rare, honestly. Thanks for dumping, Anon

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/23(Sat)17:40 No. 23843 ID: cbbf09

File 146928845393.png - (2.43MB , 1213x1197 , 1469206257_husdingo.png )


Vulpes Inculta 16/07/24(Sun)07:36 No. 23846 ID: d135b8

Here ya go!

First Class Entertainment Vulpes Inculta 14/05/13(Tue)00:55 No. 17991 ID: f29bb9 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 13999353462.png - (187.01KB , 869x1280 , redrusker_comiccover.png )

RedRusker's latest work in progress comic, about Sea Salt's efforts to make flying just a little more enjoyable.

Planned updates are currently once a week for the rest of May, then twice a week until complete, with the page count clocking in at 50ish or so.

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Vulpes Inculta 16/07/01(Fri)02:14 No. 23606 ID: b462e1

File 146733208136.png - (937.78KB , 825x1275 , redrusker_First class entertainment 35.png )


Vulpes Inculta 16/07/09(Sat)09:18 No. 23649 ID: b462e1

File 146804871480.png - (895.60KB , 825x1275 , redrusker_First class entertainment 36.png )


Vulpes Inculta 16/07/23(Sat)19:29 No. 23845 ID: b462e1

File 146929494295.png - (814.21KB , 825x1275 , redrusker_First class entertainment 37.png )


Vulpes Inculta 16/06/17(Fri)22:55 No. 23572 ID: 5ae46f [Reply]

File 146619695375.jpg - (170.56KB , 622x866 , furry.jpg )


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Vulpes Inculta 16/07/01(Fri)20:16 No. 23608 ID: 279b64

Either way, if former, treating as latter will really piss him off. So, BDSM starter?

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/08(Fri)16:09 No. 23641 ID: a72b37

File 146798694580.jpg - (201.01KB , 1280x1024 , dont complain, this is slash-fur.jpg )

eh, no use wasting a thread.

You got any bondage or sub/dom? Preferably female but anything goes.

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/23(Sat)18:00 No. 23844 ID: 139407

You're all freaks

Chubby solo pussy shots?? Bruce 16/07/22(Fri)04:34 No. 23834 ID: edc2d5 [Reply]

File 146915486339.png - (1.63MB , 1280x1808 , 013f1dd766ed2e568dfa23eb4a768311.png )

Kik and Skype Vulpes Inculta 15/06/08(Mon)20:23 No. 21185 ID: c4cfb3 [Reply]

File 143378780219.png - (509.47KB , 1100x1000 , 85adbaf215db742c8af738a77af6779a.png )

Hey all,

I didn't see a kik and skype thread.


kik: jonsolie

skype: give on request

Fond of footpaws and nylons on everyone among other things.

Feel free to hit me up for chat too.

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Vulpes Inculta 16/07/14(Thu)11:22 No. 23681 ID: 4e3763

Hey ppl
20/f/red panda/bi/deu
Skype: depends how u msg me
Looking for new buddys anything from games to rp to meme shtuff to imgur browsing

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/16(Sat)00:16 No. 23690 ID: f5f0b2

Hay! My fursona is a lion. I'm 18, into history and gaming. And VERY into tf.
I recently discovered I'm bisexual.
My Kik is thatravenfag

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/22(Fri)03:21 No. 23833 ID: b68c97

I'm no longer using the Kik don't message me

Post your original art Vulpes Inculta 16/07/16(Sat)02:12 No. 23691 ID: 542911 [Reply]

File 146862793812.jpg - (289.56KB , 600x856 , image.jpg )

What do you think about it ?

Vulpes Inculta 16/07/19(Tue)14:15 No. 23792 ID: faa011

Lookin' great, OP! Not a really strong critique in any one place but you seem to have busts down pat. :o)

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