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Comic Dump thread Vulpes Inculta ## Mod ## 11/09/23(Fri)20:25 No. 7276 ID: 9a8416 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131680230249.jpg - (124.64KB , 611x597 , 62aa79cfa7e113ce97972fd6738abeb3.jpg )

Since I noticed that there's a lot of two-post threads being made for topical content, it's starting to make some clutter. So I am making this thread.

This is a thread for posting any comic rips/dumps. I'm not putting a straight ban on other threads getting rapidshare posts for thread-relative content, but for new comic dumps I ask that you do use this thread to keep the clutter down.

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Vulpes Inculta 15/02/26(Thu)18:47 No. 20583 ID: 35e157

File 142497286833.jpg - (544.63KB , 1296x972 , Red Lantern.jpg )

Anyone have the full version of Red Lantern Crimson Divine? Would be much appreciated.

#/fur/ Ink-Eyes!JitteXIo9w ## Mod ## 12/10/23(Tue)05:37 No. 13355 ID: fb972c [Reply] Stickied

File 135096344596.jpg - (181.95KB , 1000x1000 , f50f6e40ec26b0198c1f6cab9f8f0afb.jpg )


Now that I have your attention, did you know that 7chan has an IRC? We do! Though I must say that it's fairly sad the state that the #/fur/ channel is in, it's Me, an IRC bot, and an idler. Nothing happens at all.

Let's change that. Can we? Just have a general chat space for people to come in and just have good chatter. Who's and where's and what's are all abound. I do want to see this channel be successful, even if I have to bring in a trivia/uno bot to give entertainment!

So, start up your favorite IRC client and hit us up!

#/fur/ for furry, #7chan for general chatter. Let's have some fun!

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Vulpes Inculta 15/02/19(Thu)00:25 No. 20501 ID: a1d58f

You are in luck, I love spoonfeeding. What IRC client are you using? I am using irssi. For me, to join, you would have to type:

/server irc.7chan.su

You are now in the 7chan server. To change your nick, you would type:

/nick faggit

You would need to change it for every server, not channel, server. Next, you need to join the channel, which is as simple as:

/join #/fur/

All channels are preceded by a pound sign. There are more servers available too, such as #netplay and of course #7chan. I believe the IRC client Pidgin has a channel browser and you can see em all.

TF Thread 9.0 Cacoethic Cavalier 14/09/13(Sat)13:17 No. 19301 ID: 7da86f [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 141060705511.jpg - (99.42KB , 1280x405 , 1324055218_leoian_1.jpg )

TF and TG pics!

[1] Requests must be accompanied by content (at least one relevant image; not the cover or a random excerpt of what you are requesting).
[2] Do not offer to post content only if you receive something you are looking for first ("holding it hostage")

Please follow these simple rules so we can encourage a community where we all help each other find the content that we want willingly, without expectation of compensation, with each person contributing what they can to the better experience of all. Thank you.

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Vulpes Inculta 15/02/28(Sat)05:09 No. 20587 ID: e2089b


Pet Life After Fusion 1 is out of print and was never scanned.

Burning Curiosity comic Vulpes Inculta 13/02/28(Thu)06:34 No. 14577 ID: 5d8ea3 [Reply]

File 136202969677.jpg - (322.56KB , 773x1000 , HerrAardy_elanteaser02.jpg )

The following is a work-in-progress comic drawn by HerrAardy containing(among other things):

- M/M
- Incest
- A cross-dressing ninetails

The comic (and therefor this topic)updates on a weekly basis, every tuesday.

And finally, for those that like their comics in hi-res or dead-tree format, you can pre-order a physical copy of the finished comic, a CD with hi-res versions of the comic, or both, here:


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Vulpes Inculta 14/07/30(Wed)15:34 No. 18947 ID: f29bb9



Vulpes Inculta 14/08/25(Mon)02:47 No. 19082 ID: a2a27a

cbr is an archive format for comics, it's just a renamed zip.
there are cbr readers you can get for most any operating systems.

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/28(Sat)19:50 No. 20588 ID: 85e183

You... can't RAR or ZIP a bunch of images together and give the archive a CBR or CBZ extension?

Seth-Iova Comic furblur 15/02/28(Sat)03:56 No. 20584 ID: 24dc0c [Reply]

File 142509218039.png - (299.02KB , 500x647 , test.png )

Does anyone here support Seth-Iova on patreon that'd be willing to leak some of his Furs of Summer comic?

(REQUEST) スプ○ンター先生危機一発 14/12/11(Thu)22:55 No. 19929 ID: 5db6b0 [Reply]

File 141833495726.jpg - (51.08KB , 600x424 , 742538.jpg )

Anyone have this or know where I can download it?

Please and thank you!

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Vulpes Inculta 15/01/04(Sun)08:16 No. 20144 ID: 954231

How is it that no one has this to share??

Vulpes Inculta 15/01/15(Thu)07:17 No. 20309 ID: 7b7723

Well I bought it off of Alice Books and I should get it in a few weeks. Found another preview image too.

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/26(Thu)09:56 No. 20581 ID: 67cd6f

any word on this?

pregur thread? pregur thread ononynous 14/06/25(Wed)05:58 No. 18605 ID: 7335a8 [Reply]

File 140366869346.jpg - (55.92KB , 368x745 , 1311628902_fisk_jn-lizpregnant-sktch.jpg )

Who wants a pregfur thread?
Post them swollen bellies, booties and tits.

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Vulpes Inculta 14/06/25(Wed)10:30 No. 18609 ID: 7335a8

File 140368505882.jpg - (84.28KB , 1280x1024 , 1355456336_riddleaellinea_shakoraovi_png.jpg )


Vulpes Inculta 14/07/29(Tue)09:16 No. 18936 ID: 159125

File 14066181964.png - (293.11KB , 399x576 , 5b1285598d7d38c1310ecfbf089d58df.png )

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/26(Thu)07:43 No. 20579 ID: 3a22e2

reviving for them cute bellies

Girly Thread Vulpes Inculta 12/02/21(Tue)06:12 No. 10439 ID: 987c92 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 132980113541.jpg - (227.34KB , 1100x1135 , 1329598332437.jpg )

Because it's necessary

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Vulpes Inculta 15/02/24(Tue)21:55 No. 20561 ID: b009c1

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/24(Tue)21:59 No. 20562 ID: b009c1

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/24(Tue)22:00 No. 20563 ID: b009c1

Vulpes Inculta 14/06/26(Thu)01:20 No. 18613 ID: cc1dd9 [Reply]

File 140373844562.jpg - (91.76KB , 1024x640 , Fox2.jpg )

hello 7chan
I am searching for a doujin I read a few years ago.
There was a male protagonist who met a female furry (fox or cat, dont remember) in the woods. later the furry defends the human against other anthropomorphs. very strange. I dont recall the rest of the plot.

Can you help me out?

pics (sadly) not related.

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Vulpes Inculta 14/06/26(Thu)01:41 No. 18616 ID: cc1dd9

Friend, I owe you something.
This is it!

Thanks alot.

Vulpes Inculta 14/06/26(Thu)01:51 No. 18617 ID: 7335a8

File 140374030743.jpg - (117.88KB , 560x700 , 1397744833423.jpg )

No problem. Mind you, I was able to read just about all that there was in 2 sittings. (And it really slowed down towards the end)

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/24(Tue)21:19 No. 20559 ID: 85e183

I really enjoy Two Kinds. I love the Sparta-like Basitin (with the great exception of the Basitin taboo on nudity), and the whole Templar towers and magic mechanisms seem quite interesting.

Vulpes Inculta 13/05/17(Fri)02:15 No. 15345 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply]

File 136874973632.gif - (378.54KB , 500x281 , http%3A%2F%2F25_media_tumblr_com%2F42a7fedd3462aa9.gif )

Post yiffy gifs

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Vulpes Inculta 15/01/31(Sat)03:02 No. 20403 ID: 28a3a7

File 142266974889.gif - (361.82KB , 860x1000 , delete.gif )

Vulpes Inculta 15/02/17(Tue)14:01 No. 20486 ID: 4906d7

Wolfy nail did the art and Jasonafex did the "animation" aka tweening in after affects or whatever.

Jay Naylor AKA Fisk did the art and Jasonafex did the "animation" aka tweening in after affects or whatever.

ni mas ni menos isaac 15/02/23(Mon)22:47 No. 20549 ID: ab72a5

File 142472807365.png - (421.69KB , 658x534 , 15 - 1.png )

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