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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 17/02/20(Mon)09:46 No. 45900 [Reply]

File 148758036819.jpg - (339.18KB , 1006x1241 , adsad.jpg )

Learning how to use Gimp. Will post some stuff I been practicing. Why not?

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John Smith 17/02/20(Mon)09:51 No. 45903

File 148758066223.jpg - (232.80KB , 1006x1241 , 6746b9f3e178da95d4b52c42b80ef706.jpg )


John Smith 17/02/20(Mon)09:54 No. 45904

File 14875808678.jpg - (517.33KB , 1280x1634 , harley before.jpg )


John Smith 17/02/20(Mon)10:00 No. 45905

File 148758120225.jpg - (796.43KB , 1280x1634 , harley after.jpg )


John Smith 17/01/03(Tue)11:39 No. 45806 [Reply]

File 148343998234.jpg - (7.04KB , 225x225 , download.jpg )

I am John Smith, and I have been on this board for a long time now. Things aren't as eh as they used to be. So, if you don't mind, let us talk about the mundane, the dull, and all that is eh.

today is my birthday and I'm probably going to eat some good food and thats about it.

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John Smith 17/01/24(Tue)03:44 No. 45845

I made some lasagna during the weekend. It turned out ok. Lasagna is easy to make, but it takes a while to cook.

If no news is good news, then it's all good news over here.

John Smith 17/01/24(Tue)20:47 No. 45846

I got up late yesterday and was out the door in, no word of a lie, five minutes.

John Smith 17/02/18(Sat)02:55 No. 45899

I hope that once in a while I will have time for a good lonely walk in the park

John Smith 17/02/02(Thu)03:15 No. 45868 [Reply]

File 148600173652.jpg - (68.74KB , 1000x882 , tv-series1.jpg )

I watch a lot of TV.

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John Smith 17/02/14(Tue)06:35 No. 45893

too much commercials.

John Smith 17/02/16(Thu)21:28 No. 45897


I do not own a television. I find that I am much more prone to thought without it.

Yours truly,

John Smith 17/02/18(Sat)02:32 No. 45898

Satellite with DVR is included in my rent. I have three hundred or so channels but I just end up watching the same four channels because t.v. sucks.

John Smith 15/11/19(Thu)12:17 No. 44947 [Reply]

File 144793187441.gif - (0.96MB , 500x333 , drugsarebadmkay.gif )

I was on my way home from work tonight when I noticed a half-smoked cigarette sitting on one of the entry posts outside of the train station, still burning steadily. I was overcome with a brief but compelling desire to pick it up and finish it. I've never smoked in my life, mind you, but the smell of cigarettes has always been comforting to me. I reckon they smell better than they taste, though.

Do you have any psychologically telling moments to share, John?

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John Smith 17/02/07(Tue)23:26 No. 45883

I had a not very /eh/ moment yesterday. I banged my head on the fan above my stove as I was preparing dinner. I would describe the reaction I normally get as pain, annoyance and perhaps anger or slight despair.

But yesterday I experienced pain and a split second of vision-darkening rage. It honestly frightened me a bit. Here I thought I had recovered the stress I experienced last year.

On a more /eh/ note, I enjoy formulating my writing so I can begin a sentence with the words "and" or "but."

John Smith 17/02/09(Thu)02:09 No. 45885

I also enjoy starting sentences that way.

John Smith 17/02/16(Thu)21:25 No. 45896


I like the smell of lake water and mud.

Yours truly,

John Smith 17/02/16(Thu)02:53 No. 45895 [Reply]

File 148721000476.png - (111.18KB , 1920x1080 , wienna.png )

Hier ist mein Ding von Google Ngram Wieuer hahaha
Interesting stuff, in my opinion, but only very slightly.

John Smith 16/12/22(Thu)19:26 No. 45784 [Reply]

File 148243121637.jpg - (374.56KB , 1920x1200 , f2fdd387724eb3856fa70a36069c8303.jpg )

Life, for me, has been more /eh/ than ever.

All I do is work, come home, and sit on the internet. . .
I used to have an interesting life with drugs and sex and travel. But, after some legal problems coming back to bite me in the ass I have been forced into a state of mundane existence by the powers that be. More of just "existing" in time rather than, actually, living.

I sort of am starting to like it, though. . .the outside world is full of ignorant people who have no understanding of the world around them, tbf.

I find reading much more enjoyable than going out and being wild now. Maybe it has something to do with my age, or what is going on with the state, I dunno.

Either way, I am starting to enjoy the /eh/ life.

Yours Truly.

- John Smith

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John Smith 17/01/19(Thu)11:08 No. 45835

File 148482053515.jpg - (36.90KB , 728x530 , rrare19-4.jpg )

I've entered the /eh/ life recently, I'm attending night welding classes and ever since I got out of highschool I've been very isolated. One of my close friends is dead now so I don't have very many people to spend time with.

There aren't exactly a lot of females in my classes either. Most of my classmates are older than me. I've made one friend who's an alright guy.

I was working but then I quit because I didn't like waking up at 6 am.

I've been trying to spend more time with my dad which has been nice. Drug use put me in a negative place for about a month but I am better now and sober.

Video games aren't as fun as they used to be for me either.

I'm doing OK though


John Smith 17/01/31(Tue)21:00 No. 45862

I've never smoked anything in my entire life, I often avoid most medicines since I'm distrustful. I rarely ever drink alcohol and am perfectly happy to spend a night alone. I actually felt the need to end a relationship because of how overwhelmed I felt by constantly having to be near a person, even though I dearly loved them.

I'm ashamed to say I have been very non-/eh/ as of late with frequent hook ups. I think I will stop doing those too now for awhile.

Don't do drugs John, they're poison and cost too much.

John Smith 17/02/15(Wed)03:39 No. 45894

File 148712635094.gif - (2.89MB , 405x270 , black and white version was superior.gif )


John Smith 16/01/27(Wed)08:24 No. 45153 [Reply]

File 145387945326.jpg - (23.38KB , 600x600 , 52-100-thickbox.jpg )

I really love soda. I can't get enough it.

Do you like soft drinks?

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John Smith 17/02/07(Tue)15:42 No. 45882

Try to go for drinks that have more good things going for you than soda does, things like fruit juice or milk or something. That's how I kicked it, I just drank something less unhealthy whenever I would have been drinking soda. It's a pretty easy vice to do away with, especially if you're not heavily addicted.

John Smith 17/02/12(Sun)22:56 No. 45891

I drink mineral/sparkling water daily, usually have a smoke with it.

I consider it as /eh/ as a drink can get.

Hope that helps, John.

John Smith 17/02/14(Tue)06:30 No. 45892

i love stars and stripes + it's hella cheap, alas they don't sell it anywhere i'm living right now

John Smith 17/02/09(Thu)01:13 No. 45884 [Reply]

File 148659922742.jpg - (14.01KB , 300x300 , iStock-Books-300x300.jpg )


last night I was doing revision for my accounting exam. I'm not too worried about it, but I don't expect to do spectacular anyway.

Have you been doing much study recently?

John Smith 17/02/12(Sun)22:46 No. 45890

I've been studying for hours and hours every single day for the last 2 years. Pursuing a STEM degree really is one of the most uninteresting lives one can lead.

John Smith 17/02/09(Thu)19:33 No. 45887 [Reply]

File 148666522717.jpg - (50.80KB , 450x530 , download (5).jpg )

Yesterday was my birthday , and when i was about to blow the candle , someone said , ``make a wish`` but... I DONT HAVE A WISH!!!!! as much i try to think in one wish nothing comes, NOTHING!!!! im dead? im souless? can someone give me a clue WHY i have no wish... or maybe that`s my wish?

John Smith 17/02/10(Fri)10:54 No. 45888

Sorry to say John, but wishes are a little to interesting to be here

John Smith 17/02/11(Sat)08:20 No. 45889

okay mate tty

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