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John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 16/08/24(Wed)22:13 No. 45559 [Reply]

File 147206961827.jpg - (16.00KB , 489x500 , seven.jpg )

I'm an American but I put a line through my sevens. What a delicious waste of ink.

What do you do when you want to feel wicked John?

John Smith 16/08/25(Thu)08:50 No. 45561

I put a line through 0 to distinguish it from the letter O when written. Especially when I fill in a logbook at work where stuff is labeled with ID numbers made of random letters and numbers.

John Smith 16/08/13(Sat)02:18 No. 45533 [Reply]

File 147104748650.jpg - (132.35KB , 499x718 , Moomatora.jpg )

I played Mother 3 today.

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John Smith 16/08/19(Fri)23:31 No. 45542

I've never played a game from that series, but I like the characters from it that are in Smash brothers

John Smith 16/08/20(Sat)02:14 No. 45548

I've not played Mother 3. I have only played Earthbound. Though I did enjoy Oh! Buta-Mask.

Enjoy your game, John.

John Smith 16/08/25(Thu)07:28 No. 45560

2 > 3 > 1
But all three games are good. Have fun John.

John Smith 15/12/28(Mon)06:35 No. 45038 [Reply]

File 145128092983.jpg - (5.14KB , 225x225 , carpet cleaner.jpg )

I went to the store earlier and picked up a candle, carpet cleaner, a binder, and an index card case. What did you do today, John?

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John Smith 16/02/06(Sat)18:24 No. 45166

There was a time when I could spend hours on wikipedia too.

Now, like everything else on the internet, I find it too boring to attempt.

What's happening to me John?

John Smith 16/08/23(Tue)23:26 No. 45557

File 147198759882.jpg - (40.12KB , 281x315 , Mitchel_Musso.jpg )

not much

John Smith 16/08/24(Wed)19:30 No. 45558

I somehow cut my calf open taking out the trash before I walked to work. I only noticed when I was just around the corner from the building. My leg, sock and shoe were covered in blood. But maybe this is too interesting for here...

John Smith 16/08/13(Sat)01:01 No. 45532 [Reply]

File 147104288981.jpg - (27.25KB , 480x360 , Greenslevel.jpg )

Should I? Or should I?

John Smith 16/08/16(Tue)17:06 No. 45538

Just a few days ago I pulled into a gas station off US Interstate 70. The cash register buttons had been programmed to make the ring sound from sonic; I'm sure it was exactly that sound.

John Smith 16/08/23(Tue)21:17 No. 45556

I have certainly noticed that too, John.

John Smith 16/08/23(Tue)21:15 No. 45555 [Reply]

File 147197971669.png - (279.27KB , 450x600 , Isabella.png )

I remember watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb in July 2013 sitting on the sofa. 2013 was a disappointing year.

John Smith 15/12/04(Fri)03:39 No. 44985 [Reply]

File 144919679217.jpg - (30.88KB , 1055x791 , 435be47c-4300-40c6-8d04-66ea61bec847.jpg )

Let's share penmanship tips and tricks. I put a diagonal line through my zeros to differentiate them from the letter O.

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John Smith 16/08/19(Fri)23:35 No. 45545

I do the same thing but only for the 7s, not the 0s

John Smith 16/08/21(Sun)23:15 No. 45553

i think this is the standard in handwriting at least in Germany and Finland. Germany uses horizontal lines in Z too, but Finnish uses so rarely the letter Z so it's not necessary to teach that.

John Smith 16/08/22(Mon)19:58 No. 45554

It's standard in most of Europe. Not in the UK, strangely. I had to change my 1s into |s because I grew up writing them without the line underneath but with the trailing line on top, therefore people kept mistaking them for 7s. My 7s remain as shown in the picture above, because even if they look strange to natives, no one has trouble understanding them.

John Smith 15/12/23(Wed)23:20 No. 45021 [Reply]

File 145090923222.jpg - (218.88KB , 446x750 , tumblr_nx942qFCQ01te3j6ko1_500.jpg )

I'm holding my son who is 5 weeks old and he started to be fussy. I have been demanded by my mother to go to her Dad's Xmas gathering tonight. honestly I'm just tired but I am going anyway.

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John Smith 16/08/19(Fri)23:37 No. 45546

You shouldn't let your mom boss you around

John Smith 16/08/20(Sat)23:12 No. 45550

Have you started to determine his personality?

John Smith 16/08/20(Sat)23:25 No. 45552

You are a parent yet you allow yourself to be bossed around by your mom. Not a good example to set for ya boy.

John Smith 16/08/10(Wed)01:29 No. 45524 [Reply]

File 147078538657.jpg - (56.90KB , 408x364 , image.jpg )

I am over weight and slightly embarrassed by my man boobs.

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John Smith 16/08/13(Sat)02:20 No. 45534

Don't worry my autistic friend all you need to do is lose weight, seek sunlight, hit the weights, take a shower, and get a clue.

John Smith 16/08/16(Tue)02:39 No. 45537

OP here, ummmm I said "slightly" embarrassed. I didn't say I wanted to do anything about it!

John Smith 16/08/20(Sat)23:13 No. 45551

That wasn't very nice, John.

John Smith 16/06/12(Sun)22:04 No. 45412 [Reply]

File 146576186031.gif - (958.02KB , 500x282 , I like saying no_.gif )

Could have had plans today, then remembered /eh/ exists.

Dear John, I hope you are doing well.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 16/07/13(Wed)20:32 No. 45467

Thanks for the kind thought, John.

I've been unusually uninterested in my life as of recent, crippling depression does that to you.

Best of regards.

John Smith 16/08/19(Fri)23:34 No. 45544

You don't know me, why should you be invested in my well-being? Thanks regardless, but it doesn't mean much to me.

John Smith 16/08/20(Sat)23:11 No. 45549

What kind of plans, John?

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