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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith ## Admin ## 13/03/17(Sun)06:48 No. 39798 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 136349930298.jpg - (117.29KB , 522x800 , 6a00d8341c4df253ef010536bfc6e5970b-800wi-jpg[1].jpg )

Dear John,

I have come to visit you for the first time in quite a while, and I must say that your board is dreadfully boring.
Now I know you may see this as a compliment, but I assure you that it is not. This was once a source of pride for me - conversations were held on many topics and the superiority of Pepsi-Cola was never in question. It seems that through the years you have all forgotten the statement of this board: Every conversation is uninteresting.
This does not mean that only excessively droll conversation is allowed. You may talk about anything, especially topics that may not be suited for other boards.

Why am I telling you this, John?
I fear the trends over that past year have created a circlejerk in shades of gray; every man stroking unenthusiastically and not a single climax reached. The board approaches an insipid singularity and the userbase stagnates and shrinks.

What do I feel I can do to halt this monotony?
Remove this monochrome veil.
Turn off the elevator's wail.
Take back your own names.
Move from completely uninteresting to mild interest.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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John Smith 15/02/20(Fri)08:48 No. 44205

File 14244185122.jpg - (15.38KB , 480x360 , bbelevator.jpg )

This elevator music is too exciting. Please tell the drummer to tone it down a notch.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 15/04/13(Mon)06:44 No. 44426 [Reply]

File 142890025682.jpg - (826.11KB , 1024x768 , Desert.jpg )

I live in the American Midwest, so I hear people refer to the daily meal schedule as breakfast, dinner, and supper. I've never liked this. My family always had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I associate the word 'supper' with backwoods hicks. I've never liked it. Do any of you Johns have anything to say about this? Little language peeves of yours?

New computer, so here's a stock photo of a desert mesa.

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John Smith 15/04/14(Tue)07:31 No. 44433

And a pleasant evening to you, John. Yes, people seem to refer to the noontime meal as dinner here. Almost to a man, they do.

My dead grandmother would use 'tea' in this fashion, from time to time. I will agree with crusty, but moist is perfect for describing a freshly watered flowerbed, and chunk reminds one of chocolate.

This is more common I think, but people here refer to carbonated soft drinks as 'pop' almost exclusively. These are the same heathens who say supper, I scarcely need remind you, John. Once I realized this, as a child, I switched to the term soda. In addition, the local populace has a troubling habit of pronouncing 'milk' akin to 'melk', which only serves to conjure images of a monstrous albino forest horse.

John Smith 15/04/18(Sat)04:30 No. 44442

I'm from the deep south US and we call lunch, the mid-day meal, dinner, and the evening meal supper.
A lunchbox is called a dinner pail.

John Smith 15/04/18(Sat)05:35 No. 44443

I live in southern Ohio and around here it's breakfast, lunch and dinner, at least with my age bracket, around 50. My parents generation used the word supper a lot, as did my grand parents.

John Smith 15/04/16(Thu)06:49 No. 44439 [Reply]

File 14291597574.gif - (645.12KB , 480x264 , 133762257477.gif )

My sister bought Fallout 3 a few weeks ago. While playing I made it to Tenpenny Tower for the first time. Hearing the music brought a small smile to my face.

John Smith 15/04/16(Thu)12:26 No. 44440

That's nice, John. Do you like Fallout 3?

John Smith 15/04/16(Thu)13:18 No. 44441

if i may invade this conversation,
i enjoy fallout 3 very much.

interestingly, sometimes when i come here, later on i'll go to youtube and "fallout 3 tenpenny tower lobby song" will be in my youtube watched history.

i like when little things like that bring smiles to peoples faces. mine, really, but it's good to know that little things like that make other people happy as well.

i hope you have a good day today my friend.

- John

John Smith 14/11/28(Fri)01:43 No. 43954 [Reply]

File 141713538252.jpg - (1.37MB , 1819x1080 , 1317632566740.jpg )

Hello John,

tell me something interesting about the city you live in,
I would find it uninterestingly amusing.

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John Smith 15/04/13(Mon)06:41 No. 44425

Hello, John.

I live in the town where Bobcat loaders are manufactured. Production HQ anyway. The wikipedia page was clearly written by the company.

John Smith 15/04/14(Tue)07:40 No. 44434

Fascinating, what would this place of awe and wonder be called, John?

How awfully depressingly pretty. You write almost like a miniature Nabokov.
Do you like koans, John? Ever make sand mandalas?

John Smith 15/04/16(Thu)06:09 No. 44438

There are quite a few gas stations!

John Smith 15/04/14(Tue)01:54 No. 44431 [Reply]

File 142896928232.gif - (1.82MB , 250x182 , 1416405143962.gif )

in this thread we have a conversation one day at a time.

There was a lovely storm last night in my town

How is the weather up there?

John Smith 15/04/16(Thu)06:08 No. 44437


John Smith 15/03/11(Wed)18:03 No. 44235 [Reply]

File 142609342929.jpg - (41.42KB , 640x480 , lindsey2.jpg )

live in michigan and complained about the cold for 3 months
now it's getting warmer and everything is melting

i'm kinda sad

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John Smith 15/03/17(Tue)22:00 No. 44395

File 142662603046.jpg - (1.55MB , 1600x1068 , _DSC5859.jpg )

hm. Seems I've momentarily take over this thread with piccers of my old bike.

John Smith 15/04/14(Tue)07:43 No. 44435

It looks to be a fine bicycle, John.
Why is it your old bike?

John Smith 15/04/15(Wed)02:33 No. 44436

File 142905798865.jpg - (100.79KB , 500x667 , Jersey.jpg )


It's frame was handmade by a little frame company of artists and craftsmen in 1994, and its components were handmade in Italy that same year. A year later, Fat Chance would shut down, and Campagnolo would stop producing mountain bike parts forever. So, this bike sort of marks the pinnacle and end of an era.

I was a senior in high school, and I bought it with all the money I had made working since I was 14, about $4800. Everyone else bought cars, and souped them up to impress the local girls who hung around in parking lots. All I really wanted to do was race mountain bikes out in Colorado, so I put everything I had into the finest racing MTB money could buy at the time, got it, and immediately hitched a ride out to Durango. ...where I got my ass handed to me a hundred times in a row, because people who are born and grow up in mountains develop greater lung capacity and VO2 Max and endurance, and you can't spend the first 18 years of your life out in the midwestern flatlands at 200ft of elevation, and then just suddenly show up in the rocky mountains, without getting absolutely murdered on the race course.

Disillusioned, I sold the bike to a friend, who sold it off to collectors across europe, but eventually, I was able to track it down and found it in the hands of a collector, bought it back, and to my surprise discovered none of the owners had ridden it. It still had my original tires, grips and saddle on it, and all were mint condition. Everyone just wanted it to hang on the wall because of its status and artistry.

So nowadays, I usually ride something modern, but when I don't want to mess with suspension, or the conditions are super muddy, or it's a special event group ride or something social, I grab it, and truly enjoy and appreciate how smooth and crisp its ride quality and handling are, and its lovely craftsmanship and design. To other cyclists who rode in the early 90s, it draws a lot of attention, but I find talking about material possessions vulgar, so I just smile and say thanks. To most people though, it's just an old bike, so that's usually what I call it.

It's a long and uninteresting story, but this is /eh, so there you have it.

John Smith 15/04/08(Wed)09:09 No. 44410 [Reply]

File 142847695727.jpg - (206.22KB , 675x967 , 1425096141251.jpg )

I yawned a lot today. I was really tired. There were a couple of yawns that teared my eyes up a bit.

How does /eh/ yawn?

John Smith 15/04/08(Wed)17:54 No. 44411

I'm in the middle of taking a test John and can't stop yawning. It's making my eyes tear up. Making the test difficult to focus on.

John Smith 15/04/13(Mon)14:02 No. 44430

This thread made me yawn, but not because it's particularly uninteresting. I feel such kinship with you all that just knowing you yawned causes me to yawn in sympathy.

John Smith 15/04/09(Thu)00:45 No. 44414 [Reply]

File 142853311731.jpg - (263.57KB , 733x798 , 1428035037001.jpg )

Finding employment is difficult in our time.

John Smith 15/04/11(Sat)09:48 No. 44422

File 142873853892.jpg - (129.34KB , 668x951 , work.jpg )

That's true. You'll find work eventually, though. Don't give up, keep putting in effort.

John Smith 15/04/11(Sat)10:48 No. 44423

You know OP, the antiquated expectation that we should all work 40-80 hours a week, has enough serious flaws and negative consequences to it become more and more glaringly obvious the larger the population gets and the more technological our lives become, that it's long since time we consider adjusting it again.

...especially when we've also inherited a culture that claims that your 40-80 hours is the only thing that actually gives your life value. When those are conditions, and people then don't have get their 40 hours, they devalue their own lives until they give up on everything and become street urchins.

After over a century of technological development and production engineering and increasing productivity, we should be working less. Especially when even though the job market is the best it's been since the banks wrecked the global economy, there are still shitfuckton millions of people out of work and looking. Ideally, the expectation that a Full Time job = 40 hours per week, needs to change to 24 or even 20.

Then, there's enough work to go around, for everyone to be a productive pleb, and we can spend the rest of our time in the sunshine, reading stories, or writing poems for children, or making love to our mates, or in some way raising our quality of life, actually making life worth living, instead of less and less of us doing all the work faster and harder than ever before with the feeling that we're all indentured servants to a fucking machine of doom and destruction, while everyone else lines the streets in the gutter on welfare rotting of disease and shooting up gas stations.

Now, how you square a 20 hour workweek with the cost of living is a very interesting economic problem. ...though, we did it once before.

John Smith 15/04/13(Mon)04:06 No. 44424

Work for yourself and collect ssi or unemployment or workmans compensation.

John Smith 15/04/08(Wed)23:35 No. 44412 [Reply]

File 142852890767.jpg - (11.68KB , 362x139 , download (28).jpg )

Today at school we were taking an online test in which one had to write an essay about difficulties and value of long lasting friendship. I found it quite interesting that a subconscious battle was going on amongst us over who could type the fastest. Do you ever notice any of these things, John?

John Smith 15/04/09(Thu)00:02 No. 44413

No. Because I always write essays alone in my free time because classrooms are always shit.

John Smith 15/04/09(Thu)02:24 No. 44415

No, because I'm 37.

John Smith 15/04/09(Thu)15:56 No. 44416

I would always swell with pride whenever I finished my test first, which was often

The grades don't even matter
It's all about finishing first

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