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John Smith 18/06/06(Wed)17:38 No. 46595 [Reply]

File 152829952823.png - (300.86KB , 1188x591 , 1523660655793.png )

just why anymore

kind regards, John

John Smith 18/06/06(Wed)19:25 No. 46596


John Smith 18/06/07(Thu)02:41 No. 46600

This sounds mopey. We don't mope here. We /eh/ here.

John Smith 18/03/24(Sat)07:08 No. 46460 [Reply]

File 152187168166.jpg - (347.15KB , 1000x750 , books.jpg )

So...read any good books lately?

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John Smith 18/05/11(Fri)22:06 No. 46575

File 152606919486.gif - (473.46KB , 500x355 , 1520449732598.gif )

Hey John,
Do math books count? I've been reading Logic: The Laws of Truth by Nicholas Smith.
It's... interesting so far. I've learned how to use logic and truth tables to determine if an argument is valid or not as I'm only on page 67.
Don't know how I would apply this to the real world except for math.

John Smith 18/05/20(Sun)06:58 No. 46580

File 15267923009.jpg - (191.15KB , 681x900 , 1272598355076.jpg )

the half=life is debated on book


John Smith 18/06/03(Sun)01:25 No. 46590

Hello John.

To answer your question: yes, in fact, I have.

I picked up a book that I had been reading last year which, because of the bad habit of mine to nearly-never finish a book that I start to read, had not read to completion and decided to make this particular book into one of the few that I do indeed finish.
The book in question is written by japanese author Haruki Murakami and is named "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running".
In it the author writes about his hobby of running and training for marathons, and expressing his thoughts and experiences regarding it.
It is written with quite a casual, near mundane mindset that reads much like an ordinary running diary (which it practically was for him) and is by no means an exciting book in my book.
He tells about his somewhat impressive running feats and his diligence to his training, which in itself could be deemed interesting to read about, but it all comes off as really.. eh.. and I quite liked it for that.

It even got me interested in running myself and have for the last week been running instead of bicycling and have noticed an increase in my overall level of energy, which I don't mind.

The thing that makes this a good book-experience is the fact that I actually finished it.

Next one to re-pickup is Fellowship of the Rings..
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

John Smith 18/04/14(Sat)07:14 No. 46542 [Reply]

File 152368286196.jpg - (0.98MB , 1477x2339 , image.jpg )

John Smith 18/04/14(Sat)07:10 No. 46541
File 15236826436.jpg - (0.98MB , 1477x2339 , image.jpg )

"GPS tells me it’s eleven minutes. I don’t think that’s right. It’s too short. How can you cross a border, go from one country to another, and be there in eleven minutes? It took us two weeks to get here.
The others laugh because I say I want them to call me Obama. We are sitting down by a tree to plan the eleven minutes.
‘Why not Clinton?’ Calculate says. ‘At least it would sound like you got some action.’
I don’t know what he means(...)"

So, tell me John, how do you like Breach? Bring it to surface.

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John Smith 18/04/23(Mon)21:58 No. 46548

I've always loved how /eh/ the face in the logo looks. It's like, you fucking know your child isn't going to be very happy to go here, so why pretend otherwise?

John Smith 18/04/30(Mon)16:20 No. 46567

I've always thought it was a "not getting it" face, and I've never been sure if the point was to advertise that you can bring your educationally challenged children here to be drilled into normalcy or that they overwhelm normal children with so many drills it almost gurantees they'll end up making this face when given any creative challenge forever after.

John Smith 18/06/03(Sun)00:33 No. 46588

I don't quite get what is happening in this thread, although that's fine.

John Smith 18/05/18(Fri)16:43 No. 46579 [Reply]

File 152665458386.jpg - (294.47KB , 1920x1200 , 08 - YwAmPYu.jpg )

Here's a photo of the Eiffel Tower. Have fun with it.

John Smith 18/05/27(Sun)07:07 No. 46584

That really is a nice picture Jhon.


John Smith 18/06/02(Sat)23:10 No. 46586

Did you just...?

John Smith 17/05/15(Mon)01:40 No. 46035 [Reply]

File 149480521552.jpg - (323.21KB , 2048x1152 , shrine.jpg )

elevator music thread


John Smith 17/06/10(Sat)20:49 No. 46070

I love mallsoft. That's just a really relaxing genre

John Smith 18/05/04(Fri)09:53 No. 46572

Does reception area music count

John Smith 17/12/11(Mon)10:26 No. 46317 [Reply]

File 151298439452.jpg - (10.57KB , 275x206 , 275px-A_small_cup_of_coffee.jpg )

I bought a drip coffee machine today from a second hand store. I'd never used on before today. I had some coffee for a French press i used to use til i broke it and made a pot.
I hadn't used the coffee for a few moths and it tasted a little "dirty", I think I need to try a few different brands to find one I like.
I didn't want to be wasteful so I drank the lot, it was nicer than in the French press but it got me quite worked up as since I quit smoking I have cut back to only one cup of instant in the morning.
How do you have your coffee? Are there any particular types of coffee you use?
I like my coffee strong and with some milk and two teaspoons of sugar.

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John Smith 18/03/18(Sun)17:06 No. 46454

I always pour boiling water over my coffee grounds and let it steep for as long as I think is necessary. It makes it very strong and dark, and I don't add anything like milk or sugar. When I feel it's done I transfer to a new cup with a small sieve, the grounds mostly stay in the bottom of the old cup anyway but I like to make sure as sandy coffee is unpleasant.

I've been using espresso grounds lately. I think the dustier grind leads to more particulate making it through my sieve, giving the coffee a creamier texture despite being black. I like it.

John Smith 18/04/01(Sun)07:35 No. 46491

Indeed John. Personally I avoid them, for I find them to be wasteful

John Smith 18/04/29(Sun)14:36 No. 46556

Very recently I have begun boiling my coffee in a pot. They call it "cowboy coffee". Before then I had used a coffee machine and never saw a reason to stop using it until I ran out of filters and was recommended cowboy coffee which is where you just boil water on a stove and then throw in coffee grounds. I like the taste more, it is far less acidic tasting than my coffee maker could do, and the person I learned it from said this was because boiling brought it to a far higher temperature.

John Smith 18/04/02(Mon)06:45 No. 46494 [Reply]

File 152264432894.jpg - (132.87KB , 1280x720 , lecture_hall_gray.jpg )

I was attending a lecture the other day and I noticed the instructor had a very strong tendency to use the word “okay” as a filler word. Most people tend to use words such as “uh” and “like” when giving a speech or presentation so I didn’t think much of it. However, there were instances where she would say “okay” three or more times in a period of less than ten seconds. It got to a point where I could predict exactly when she would say it. I kept a tally in my notebook every time she said “okay”. In total, she said “okay” one hundred thirty-six times.

What kind of filler words do you use John?

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John Smith 18/04/24(Tue)23:47 No. 46549

If you don't use "fuckin'" then you're not allowed to be my friend

John Smith 18/04/25(Wed)05:32 No. 46552

R u fuckin serious?

John Smith 18/04/29(Sun)14:24 No. 46554

Haha. While public speaking I figure if I have nothing to say I don't say anything at all. Haha. I like to think that is a good habit, or lack thereof. Haha.

John Smith 18/02/14(Wed)22:13 No. 46430 [Reply]

File 151864281744.jpg - (1.34MB , 2070x2760 , DSC_1238 - Copy.jpg )

Good evening John.
I wanted to share a recurring dream, hoping you could make sense of it.
Although it slightly varies every time, I am a hundred percent sure, that I only imagining having this dream in regular, although distant intervals.

It starts with me being chased on some kind of vehicle, once I remember it being on a bike, last night it was in a car.
This chase partakes in the street and surrounding where i grew up most of my life. The instance in pursuit with me is never visible, or lets say recognizable.
The transition to the second part is unclear, however I end up standing next to a small lake, standing on green grass. Just next to the shore is a huge metal boxed shape structure. Recalling it from my mind, it is about as high as a three story building and very long, id say about a hundred meters. There are rocks in the water, so I can jump from one to the other, until I reach the object. There is an opening which I enter. Usually as soon as this happens, the urge and tense feeling from the pursuit subsides and I am calm and the joy of adventure starts arising.
Inside there is water, up to my ankles, but above there are many smaller metal boxes, rather narrow bridges, seemingly randomly placed. Usually I just dream of exploring all the rooms and places.
Last night I dreamed of holding my cat in my arms when "arriving" at the shore of the lake. It seemed very stressed, as he would be outside, just like me, even after entering the structure. I put it the cat down after climbing some stairs. For some reason I then could not move anymore, the cat walked off. I was just standing there for what seemed an eternity, I was able to see rust forming on the metal hull. Nothing ever happened. The cat did not return. Eternal silence until I woke up.

The only other recurring dream I know I have is me standing in the flat of my grandparents, which have died in the meantime. I look out of the window and see a person looking at me which a face that makes me instantly wake up. I can never actually see the face long enough to remember its details.

Can you help me interpret this? If not feel free to share your dreams, John.

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 18/02/16(Fri)21:41 No. 46433

I always have weird dreams taking naps during the day. Also lucid sometimes.
The wet floors are interesting.

John Smith 18/02/17(Sat)01:58 No. 46434

File 151882910129.jpg - (21.58KB , 256x327 , ecoco.jpg )

John, I have no idea what the wet floors mean, but it seems like it's just water and needs to be mopped up. There's never any pools or shower/baths involved either. I have no fear of water either, so this is a mystery to me as much as anything.
One more thing though about my dreams-they always happen during the 8 o'clock hour. If an evening nap, they'll wake me up when they finish. When I was able to sleep until 9 in the morning (can't anymore due to work), they hit in the 8 am hour as well. So my rem cycle does not hit during the middle of sleep/naps, usually toward the end. Go figure.

John Smith 18/04/23(Mon)21:10 No. 46547

i was told i murmur movie titles and coordinates during my sleep. I cannot remember any of it though.

John Smith 18/03/25(Sun)03:44 No. 46468 [Reply]

File 152194229898.png - (48.35KB , 320x320 , kaico-kettle-by-makoto-koizumi-for-shoei-kogyo-pd-.png )

Dear John,

In part for conservation, and in part because I find it the /eh/ of drinks, I've taken to brewing my tea in three stages; it's kind of my own little tea culture:
'First tea' is brewed within seconds. The taste is very light but also fruitful, the best tea for the morining.
'Second tea' can be brewed after first tea, or in place of it if the tea is left to steep too long for first tea. This is the full-bodied, general-purpose tea most people drink.
'Third tea' can only be brewed after second tea. Brewing third tea takes the longest, due to the depletion of the leaves. The taste is light and deep. This has become my favorite kind of tea, best as a nightcap.


3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 18/04/01(Sun)07:07 No. 46488

I brewed my coffee grounds twice, and was surprised to find it drinkable

John Smith 18/04/03(Tue)17:23 No. 46497

Sleepytime is delicious. Unless you want to bother with loose leaf teas, and all of the stuff you have to buy along with it, boxed teas are just as good.

John Smith 18/04/04(Wed)12:22 No. 46502

Second coffee is an economical and satisfactory dink choice.

John Smith 18/03/25(Sun)05:34 No. 46470 [Reply]

File 152194886184.jpg - (36.01KB , 500x375 , mother_nature.jpg )

Hello, John. I don't know if you still feel like you feel like being called John, time may have ravaged you in ways I cannot possibly understand - the human psyche and complexity is not a thing to be underestimated.

I haven't posted on 7chan in approximately 3 years, and the first board I was concerned about still existed was, you, /eh/.

The internet and social media is bringing about a revolution in social recollection, isn't it? What you do and post on the internet truly is forever.

I'm pleasantly surprised you still exist. That's as much love as I'm able to communicate. I'm not autistic (at least no psychologist has thus far diagnosed me as such) - this is simply the way I feel - about you in this madness which is my life situation.

As for my life, it's become extremely complicated, a ridiculous extreme - that I've found trying to communicate to others is rather tedious. Very tedious. I simply stopped trying and instead make friends with those who understand me in as few words as possible. This is not depression (I know what depression is; this is not it).

Well, I'm glad this is accessible, and that the banner is still something about spiders. This is certainly a relief. How are you, John, or whichever designation you now prefer? (I apologize, I did not read the other threads - I was unorthoxically ecstatic! I shall do so immediately. The Firefox browser is telling me that 'unorthoxically' is not a word, but I no longer trust it)

I don't know how many of you were here 3 years ago, but I'm welcome to more recent acquisitions of /eh/ just as well. To be clear I was here almost 10 years ago (wow do I feel old), but /eh/ was unfortunately not invented that long ago. Then again, this is an argument for progress, is it not? I never felt that much kinship for Usenet, myself.

John Smith 18/04/01(Sun)07:28 No. 46490

I too have returned after a long sojourn. I used to regularly visit this place about 5 years ago, but life got busy and complicated for a while. After a time the novelty of a complicated and busy life wore off a bit, and here we are again. In a way, it is nice to see that this place has not changed much since I left.

I also had internal struggles. For a time I was depressed, but after many years I found contentment in my situation, and indeed I am glad to have the luxury of struggling with abstract concepts such as self-actualisation, rather than having starving children to feed. Humans do seem to invent a new problem whenever they solve an old one.

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