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Cake Torrents Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)09:42 No. 26274 ID: 8919b4 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 128211736096.png - (216.33KB , 400x300 , 126372220737.png )

More info: http://pant.su/index.php/2010/02/batch-torrent-v4/
>this is almost a comprehensive pant.su archive.

Alternative links:

11.3gb doujin torrent
Password: sd-lolicondoijins

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Anonymous 14/01/30(Thu)05:54 No. 54278 ID: 3fbaff


So it's all Japanese? Not a single translated one?

Rules and Regulations Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/04/16(Sat)11:56 No. 32149 ID: 3e3c00 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 13029477868.jpg - (1.14MB , 1754x2480 , 582cd72f49aff54bddf590379e2657eb.jpg )

Welcome to /cake/, 7chan's board for drawn lolicon material.
The rules are as follows:

  • The definition of "drawn" is obvious. Drawn does not mean 3D "art", and posting such material will result in deletion and a temporary ban.
  • This board is not for the discussion of real life lolicon experiences. All threads relating to such content are subject to deletion and a ban.
  • Cartoons and photorealistic images will be deleted on sight. Offenders will be banned.
  • A character's canon age is irrelevant on this board. Should a character appear to be a loli, for all intents and purposes, they are.
  • This board is for porn, not for in-depth discussion of the subject matter of said porn. Repeat offenders will be banned and their threads deleted.
  • Posting a request thread without at least three related pictures is a bannable offense.
  • Toddlercon is NOT permitted. Any such posts are subject to deletion. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Remember that the global rules and FAQ still apply here, just like on every 7chan board.

Massive Cake by the Slice Cum Covered Cake 12/03/09(Fri)09:09 No. 37325 ID: 2acf37 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 133128054853.jpg - (93.30KB , 960x1200 , 0b187e52b08ebef833ea033b15a13947e971e4e8.jpg )

yarg who wants my cake

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Anonymous 14/08/12(Tue)03:57 No. 55514 ID: 1ec940

filesharing thread Anonymous 11/10/02(Sun)07:13 No. 35600 ID: a7a630 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131753243036.gif - (387.15KB , 160x160 , 129115231418.gif )

Shove fileserve, medifire, rapidshits etc into this thread.

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[Kishibe] Black Magic [English] Anonmen 14/08/05(Tue)14:35 No. 55460 ID: 8d544f

File 140724212997.jpg - (418.24KB , 1426x2024 , Moog164_186.jpg )

Guy summons loli demon. Guy wants bigger penis. Loli demon wants guy's life. Guy retaliates.

Request pic Kodocha 13/04/21(Sun)16:06 No. 49877 ID: 465601 [Reply]

File 136655316983.jpg - (69.70KB , 501x730 , 1366326348485.jpg )

This pic of the Kodomo no omocha is a very rare, I search in web but i find only three and a horrible doujinshi....
Someone find more?

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Cable 14/07/27(Sun)19:39 No. 55405 ID: c49e6f

Then man the fuck up and look for it anyway, coward.

Anonymous 14/08/03(Sun)23:02 No. 55447 ID: 800849

Oh. Found a better engine that doesn't track.

Anonymous 14/08/19(Tue)03:00 No. 55563 ID: 400336

File 140841000313.jpg - (26.69KB , 700x525 , kodomo02.jpg )


Public !ButtSexk2U 11/09/06(Tue)04:21 No. 35343 ID: 0065e8 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 131527571366.jpg - (341.76KB , 984x1400 , [SaHa] Welcome to Animal Ear Hot Springs 01.jpg )

Dumping my favourite loli doijin~

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Anonymous 14/07/03(Thu)07:56 No. 55161 ID: de96c2


Anonymous 14/08/05(Tue)07:32 No. 55457 ID: bedb2a

I know this thread started like 3 years ago.. but thank you, OP, just in case you're reading this.

Anonymous 14/08/19(Tue)01:20 No. 55561 ID: 09aec9

OP is my hero.

Samaritan TheDude 14/02/28(Fri)11:30 No. 54393 ID: d786ab [Reply]

File 139358345842.jpg - (93.18KB , 1024x640 , cool-armored.jpg )

I found myself privy to some delicious content, which I thought that I should share for those interested. So here is the new collection!
>25000 Loli pictures
https://mega .co.nz/#!VJc0FI LS!0tXo4ij_dLQ 2Pa_tiExK25 br3xSP4ctT tmaBbJfkQ5k (no spaces)

>150+ loli comics (Doujin)
https://mega .co.nz/#!scEVFZ KI!I415QNHWa XMm9rJ2X8L8XQK bmsx3 LuFxZ3dJNx2taj0 (No spaces)

Contributions thanks to the lovely Darkstar! Please enjoy!

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Ty Sir Anonymous 14/03/05(Wed)11:35 No. 54414 ID: 4a4197

Cheers :D

Anonymous 14/08/17(Sun)20:25 No. 55546 ID: c0ecda

Can't fap. Password doesn't work. :(

reply to 55546 Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)22:59 No. 55559 ID: d786ab

File 140839555280.jpg - (653.87KB , 970x1120 , cool trip.jpg )

I was just able to get the info from a chan post that was taken down soon after I clicked it (so was luckily able to salvage the link and pass). But not my work, don't know how to help, sorry.
(Original poster was Darkstar, as mentioned in the first post.)

General loli thread. Peppercat 14/07/10(Thu)02:46 No. 55209 ID: 154454 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140495321315.jpg - (156.19KB , 799x597 , 1359932235726.jpg )


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Anonymous 14/08/17(Sun)18:04 No. 55544 ID: 11fbcf

Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)02:11 No. 55552 ID: d26171

Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)07:11 No. 55555 ID: 820b22

Assorted To Aru Kagaku No Railgun Anonymous 13/10/01(Tue)03:06 No. 50935 ID: c96fe6 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 138058961054.jpg - (1.42MB , 2000x1408 , 3e07f42e69552dc814475a28fe2754e6c0f7d7a7.jpg )

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Anonymous 14/05/26(Mon)23:03 No. 54917 ID: b0fb2d

Anonymous 14/06/22(Sun)17:00 No. 55101 ID: 98a64a

Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)02:06 No. 55551 ID: d26171

Anonymous 13/06/07(Fri)19:04 No. 50165 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply]

File 137062468477.jpg - (1.14MB , 1000x1200 , 37c5db627e39987a0f52bd0a8651ab5b72898237.jpg )

Prostituting lolis

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Anonymous 13/06/07(Fri)19:48 No. 50171 ID: 9a2f83

Anonymous 13/06/07(Fri)19:51 No. 50172 ID: 9a2f83

Anonymous 14/08/07(Thu)03:16 No. 55472 ID: 582b36


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