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symbion 16/06/14(Tue)03:36 No. 754252 [Reply]

File 146586821290.png - (1.25MB , 750x1334 , image.png )

So I had an outer body experience
I got possessed
The entity posing me forced me to sit and meditate
My conscious shot into space
A blue spirit was speaking to me
He told me I have one question and one question only
I asked "what does it mean that we are all made in the image of God"
He said I'm not going to tell you I'm going to show you
Then I descended from space into my body instantly
Had infinite knowledge and still was not controlling myself
He then said "this is what it means my son, would you like this forever?"
When I told it no it immediately left
Then I write this in my sleep

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zeneslev 16/06/29(Wed)20:57 No. 754957

holy shit son, I'm not worried about the other thing in you I'm worried about that airwolfing terrible handwriting.

Homicide 16/06/30(Thu)08:04 No. 754966

Nigga you gonna be doing a lot of worrying in your life. Penmanship is a dying art, because here in the future we type everything.

Anonymous 16/06/30(Thu)22:12 No. 754989

Type? That's for overachievers.

Kids today just take pictures of everything. And that includes taking pictures of pages and pages of text.

How the airwolf they expect to read it after JPEG compression gets done mangling the image is beyond me.

Bob Ross 16/06/30(Thu)20:17 No. 754984 [Reply]

File 146731062222.png - (73.05KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2016-07-01 01-11-03.png )

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Panawave 16/06/30(Thu)20:40 No. 754986

File 146731204235.png - (373.30KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2016-07-01 01-24-29.png )


h 16/06/30(Thu)20:41 No. 754987

File 14673121057.png - (497.99KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2016-07-01 01-38-47.png )

N3X15 16/06/30(Thu)21:34 No. 754988

File 146731523862.gif - (1.05MB , 1360x849 , Screenshot from 2016-07-01 02-28-26.gif )


Homicide 16/06/29(Wed)00:49 No. 754930 [Reply]

File 146715414717.jpg - (1.06MB , 3678x2747 , DSC014172.jpg )

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Bob Ross 16/06/29(Wed)01:10 No. 754938

Marisa Kirisame 16/06/29(Wed)04:43 No. 754946

Makes me nostalgic for the gothic years of my youth.

Oh those lovely days, when I had the time to stick spooky quotations and creepy artwork all over my walls, dress myself in black head to toe, and do my best impression of the crow/alex delarge; when I still lived on my parent's money (sort of, I had a job as well). Where have you gone, skinny, pathetic, gothic me who was always getting attention from chcks like this but to socially stunted to do anything about it?

ian 16/06/30(Thu)19:04 No. 754983


Liru Fanboy 16/03/28(Mon)12:22 No. 751282 [Reply]

File 145916054288.jpg - (108.08KB , 520x695 , tumblr_inline_o3zqiuu5P61tphe7i_540.jpg )

You may have heard that the far right parties of Europe have been on the rise lately.

Germany is constituted of 16 states, the “Länder”, which all have their own parliament, which also means the states can decide a lot of stuff for themselves (this includes everything school related for example) without needing it to be accepted on a national level. Each Land votes for its parliament at least every 5 years. And today (3rd of March), was the Super-Wahl-Sonntag aka the day three different states elect their respective parliaments: Baden-Würtenberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Sachsen-Anhalt.

The far right party AFD excelled. At the moment, the estimations lie at 24,3% in Sachsen-Anhalt (2nd place with 19 seats out of 102), 15,1% in Baden-Württemberg (3rd place with 23 seats out of 143) and 12,4% in Rheinland-Pfalz (3rd place with 13 seats out of 101). (as of 21h50)

Their political plans include:

-against the “educational exaltation of non-heterosexual people” (schools would only teach about heterosexual relationships)
-stop the “hypersexualization of children” and by this they basically mean abolishing sex-education in schools
-civil partnership (the only possibility in Germany for same-gender couples to get their relationship officially recognized) not to be put on a level with marriage
-against renewable energies
-cancel or at least, reduce subsidies
-suspend the Schengen-Contract (which allows free passage between EU countries) and close the border for the duration of the current wave of migrants
-Migrants should get social benefits solely according to their country of origin or not at all (which means no financial support at all)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Closet Furry 16/06/18(Sat)04:15 No. 754540

Some hand rubbing humanoids would profit from it. A reason to stop big bombs. So they don't get in bunkers with all the white women and other entertainment, for the sake of the entertainment.

All the terrorism telling you it's the end times isn't new.
Just bullshit to get you begging some parasites for instruction. Which will be to die for them or slave for them in setting them up. Which means setting up more of the same slavery.

Funny how people rarely try to attone for being born a parasite. By looking after everything under them.

No reason to feel any bond with them I suppose.
Definitely when all are on the take. And all siphoning everything to somewhere else, not keeping it there.

OP 16/06/30(Thu)11:43 No. 754971

What was deleted?

Liru Fanboy 16/06/30(Thu)18:59 No. 754982

May have just scrolled off the board; it was a reference to another thread.

My point was, one does not say "disreagard that, another person sucks cocks".

This is only used for self-deprecation, eg "disregard that, I suck cocks" which was in the other thread.

I would hear an argument for "disregard that, OP sucks cocks" however, as OP is know to be a fag. No offense, >>751282; that's just how it is.

By the way, how long until we can expect Germany to abandon ship?

O.P. 16/05/19(Thu)10:59 No. 753099 [Reply]

File 146364838852.jpg - (191.42KB , 800x571 , h.jpg )

I can make paragraphs with p.

I can make line breaks with br.
I prefer br.

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W. T. Snacks 16/06/17(Fri)11:19 No. 754516

it's not that i don't agree with your sentiment, but it sounds like a gothic 7th grader's writing.

i was a gothic 7th grader.

N3X15 16/06/30(Thu)11:42 No. 754970

Wow, apparently, center, big, and many other tags are not supported in HTML5.

CSS is supposed to be used instead.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Mudkip 16/06/30(Thu)18:47 No. 754980

Things have really changed since i was a gothic 7th grader with a hand-coded HTML 1.1 homepage; www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616.html

I like what using multiple coding languages, especially for different purposes, can offer to web design; however I am appalled by how modern webpages almost dictate the use of multiple languages on every page.

Once again, no one is thinking about limited bandwidth or device principles anymore. What if my device doesn't support CSS, Java, Javascript, or PHP?

He-Man 16/04/26(Tue)20:13 No. 752294 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video

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Mudkip 16/06/19(Sun)11:20 No. 754587


Brony 16/06/30(Thu)12:00 No. 754973

The trend came back in about 2015 but the content was very...silly. The Afro-American slam poetry culture evolved from the beatnik poetry in the 50s. In the 60s and 70s it was a dramatic voice for the African American community to express themselves in the civil rights community.

Sonichu 16/06/30(Thu)17:42 No. 754979

There was a time, when I was in 8th grade and reading Kerouac for the first time, that I probably would have done this sort of thing--subliminal video edits and all.

The beat poets did this with a greater authenticity. They were expanding on the "automatic writing" of the surrealists, turning it into a pop-culture medium. They were very open to incorporating the pop-culture of the time--particularly african-american driven musical movements and east-asian philosophy which had become much more real to the american people when the GIs brought back tales of Japan.

Spider Expert 16/05/10(Tue)07:17 No. 752785 [Reply]

File 146285742925.png - (466.91KB , 2754x1397 , English_Wikipedia_–_Most_popular_edition_of_Wiki.png )

Does English have a richer technical vocabulary than any other language?

30 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
OP 16/06/18(Sat)05:32 No. 754546

What gibberish speaking alien wouldn't want to speak English. if it wasn't the best people wouldn't be on fire in the Middle East for saying black bed sheets are sexier than bikinis. I realise they want white skin, but that is ok only there, don't try to stop girls being horny for Japanese sake why the airwolfing airwolf would anyone want to do that what a airwolfing stupid idea women should be walking around in airwolfing lingerie. Still not asking for it? Slut, I don't care of you are telling me the magic words to growing my dick I want a horny little girl on a woman's body not a woman in a woman's body.

women only have mouths to suck dick like beavers only have buck teeth to open beer cans. Beer is for alchiholics real men drink water, supermen drink vodka. Pidgeons snort sugar powder. lemonade is a reasonable compromise provided cordial is applied.

Patriotism is for the patriarchy what the hell does patriarchy mean? It means patriotism is your patriotic duty.

Show me a woman that doesn't need dick and I will deem her a broken woman. Who can be fixed with dick.

Women say many things, scentence this words within does have.
Woman don't want to be muzzled, or cuddled they want entertainment. As Cindy Lauper? Said girls just want to have airwolf.

r000t 16/06/30(Thu)11:52 No. 754972


tee 16/06/30(Thu)17:28 No. 754978

Sometimes I wonder if people do this because they really don't know anything, or they are driven by a paranoid distrust of anyone claiming to state fact on the internet...

de jure (Latin, which composes about a third of English vocabulary)
tsunami (Japanese, along with "skosh" and others more obvious)
RSVP (French, which provided a second dose of Latin grammar and vocabulary)
forte fortissimo (Italian; they didn't invent music, there are other ways to say this)
algebra (Arabic, you's be surprised how much arabic you speak)

I'd find you more, but you get the picture. English is a giant, mutant mess of a language.

This is indeed advantageous in some ways however. In particular, English probably lacks a word for a new thing shorter than most other languages--it easily adopts from romance and germanic languages and English speakers have no linguistic pride to prevent them from borrowing words from any other source.

The main disadvantage, in my opinion, would be the haphazard fusion of German, Latin, and French grammar (SVO, SViOdO, SVOC; article adjectives; countable and uncountable nouns; irregular verb conjugations, etc). Most ESL/EFL student headaches result from attempting to reconcile the vastly different mechanisms of English into a unified system.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/06/30(Thu)11:29 No. 754969 [Reply]

File 146727894950.jpg - (1.50KB , 78x92 , search.jpg )


Why isn't there a way to actually just turn off the display?

Why can't Finder preview webm?

Asians tend to have very high metabolisms due to centuries of strict low caloric diets?

Why is it okay to reward blood donation with movie tickets? Wouldn't that encourage lying? Why is saying you're donating blood to learn your blood type grounds for denial?

Should I pay dues for a political club whose values I only partially agree with?


Is it good to make political contributions at all, when politics is a zero sum game, and there are other more worthy causes?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

OP 16/06/30(Thu)10:38 No. 754968 [Reply]

File 146727589237.jpg - (23.58KB , 400x266 , political-scince.jpg )

I learned about realism, liberalism, and constructivism, mostly as they pertain to foreign policy.
Very interesting. I am very much a liberal in the John Locke sense of the word.
We also compared parliamentary and presidential systems as well as single member district plurality vs. proportional representation. I'll tell you more later.
Perceptions we have based on schematic reasoning can lead us to ignore or distort information that doesn't fit our preconceived notions.

Spider Expert 15/12/21(Mon)07:01 No. 747634 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 145067768096.png - (179.58KB , 553x553 , Turkey_(orthographic_projection)_svg.png )

Turkey fights for ISIS.

I'll say it again: TURKEY FIGHTS FOR ISIS.

This has always been the case. Their support has been overt and obvious from the begining. Why won't anyone report on it? Because the US is clinging to their status as an "ally". They are allied with ISIS.

Let me count the ways:

Arab Spring: lethal oppression of protests, partiularly non-muslim and pro-western advocates murdered in the streets by police and military.

Onset of Syrian Civil War: Quite happy to do nothing about it; leave those non-muslim arabs to die and let any non-kurdish belligerant forces cross their territory for military campaigns.

Early US intervention period: The only reason they join the fight is explicit endorsement for genocide of the Kurdish people in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. They commence their campaign of genocide--completely ignoring ISIS still crossing their territory and shipping oil through their country. Every international recruit to ISIS passes through Turkey; vidoes and photographs of this are published--Turkey is never held responsible.

Onset of Russian intervention: Russian intelligence gathers hard evidence that most ISIS supply routes--including mercenaries and wealons--as well as oil exports pass primarily through Turkey.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

56 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Bill 16/06/16(Thu)16:50 No. 754480

I mean, I'm already a libertarian, which means non intervention.
It seems pretty obvious that war is a bad idea.
I don't think it would really make things better by turning against our allies, would it?

ian 16/06/18(Sat)03:48 No. 754537

Pseudo Chicken schemes for money like the rests of the hoards. Would have declared being invaded when Iraq was if they were full durka. Europoofs. Help government take over and pick scapegoats to show how honourable they are.

Character is worth something, find it in every place. Generally tells fences to airwolf off. Put a bit of themselves everywhere and other people claiming it as them is fighting woids.

If Muhammad Jihad and his merry men dropped religion and died against everything wrong I'd have to get my 73 virgins. Better not be children or asian, cool Asian is ok. Styling like a Thai.
Getting crushed by a Tank religion isn't that bad except the churches, priests and entitled acting boredoms. Polite and enthusiastic family men are ok, but the same from all religion, the religion is the downer to that, but trying to be good is good. Pretending you don't have to be better than that guy in your favourite book just isn't acceptable, though being mildly traitorous such as listening to the news and paying tax, so on, so family have less of that scapegoat scope on them, meh, I can hate on that and invalidate them as a person.

Bob Ross 16/06/30(Thu)09:50 No. 754967


NY Times, today:
"From the start of the Islamic State’s rise through the chaos of the Syrian war, Turkey has played a central, if complicated, role in the group’s story. For years, it served as a rear base, transit hub and shopping bazaar for the Islamic State, and at first, that may have protected Turkey from the violence the group has inflicted elsewhere."


"Some analysts saw this as the Islamic State trying to have it both ways: punishing Turkey for starting to act against it, but leaving enough of a gray area that it avoids a full-on clash with a country that has been valuable to its operations."

maybe they're gonna break up?

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