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Sazpaimon 19/03/16(Sat)07:40 No. 789092 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 155271844560.jpg - (8.57KB , 228x243 , M'Pepe 1.jpg )

Since NIGGERTITS got geo-blocked in my country I had to migrate here. Any major differences I should know about?


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Closet Furry 19/03/16(Sat)09:44 No. 789096

File 155272585131.gif - (961.78KB , 245x213 , shame.gif )

To help all our friends in new zealand go right the airwolf back to NIGGERTITS, I'll help spoonfeed you.

Use or any open DNS provider.

Problem solved.

Sazpaimon 19/03/15(Fri)05:38 No. 789062 [Reply]

File 155262471955.jpg - (140.37KB , 768x1024 , imagejpeg_0_10.jpg )

Fat ugly girls

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herp 19/03/17(Sun)05:07 No. 789110

Probably some guy who want to jack off to fake porn of his mom.

W. T. Snacks 19/03/18(Mon)09:55 No. 789120

File 155289932759.jpg - (412.99KB , 1129x1600 , IMG_20190318_033807.jpg )

OP 19/03/18(Mon)19:42 No. 789121

Or it's someone else's mom and he wanted to humiliate them.

Liru Fanboy 19/03/16(Sat)06:57 No. 789087 [Reply]

File 155271584410.jpg - (67.73KB , 639x841 , 81746-74010.jpg )

i win!

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Closet Furry 19/03/17(Sun)07:11 No. 789112

As an intellectual, I'm positive that interracial porn hasn't gone far enough!

Closet Furry 19/03/17(Sun)16:54 No. 789117

The only good interracial is WMAF.

Weeabot 19/03/17(Sun)17:49 No. 789118

Not if you're a hapa.

Sazpaimon 19/03/14(Thu)20:21 No. 789048 [Reply]

File 155259127811.png - (152.66KB , 800x800 , Silly-Sausage.png )

I submit a proposal, that there is no better feeling than going home. I can't count the number of times I've thought "This sucks, I'm going home" or "People are airwolfing strawberryed, I'm going home" or "airwolf this, I'm going home". Hell even when you want to leave, like on vacation it's still great to come back home.

Well there is pussy too. Pussy feels airwolfing great 100% of the time. But still going home feels airwolfing good.

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N3X15 19/03/15(Fri)18:11 No. 789079


Homicide 19/03/15(Fri)18:32 No. 789081

I may rarely clean, I may rarely cook, but my home stye is still a hell of a lot more comfortable than work.

Spider Expert 19/03/17(Sun)16:51 No. 789116

It's all about comfortable and familiar vs. uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Of course the human mind prefers the living space its been accustomed to.

W. T. Snacks 19/03/01(Fri)10:26 No. 788641 [Reply]

File 155143237469.jpg - (161.97KB , 736x1000 , 18-24-06-446966685.jpg )


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Marisa Kirisame 19/03/08(Fri)03:11 No. 788863

Those are pretty lousy Risk maps

r000t 19/03/08(Fri)08:07 No. 788871

File 15520288222.gif - (3.70MB , 347x244 , lol_vladimir_putin.gif )

So what?

OP 19/03/17(Sun)08:03 No. 789113

is that my boy vlad?????

He-Man 19/01/05(Sat)20:12 No. 787167 [Reply]

File 154671557447.jpg - (96.70KB , 1200x800 , 1563095.jpg )

Every stepfather abuses the stepdaughter.

I'm not here to vomit truths or parade arrogance, I'm just here to make a request:

If you have a daughter who lives with her mother or has a sister who lives with her stepfather, keep an eye on her. Make calls to her house, preferably at night. Try to arrive by surprise, to follow her if she leaves alone with her stepfather.

Ask neighbors to keep an eye out, to snoop whenever they can. Every stepfather does this. Man does not want to raise children, if he's going to do it, he'll have to have something in return, and the only coin we know is sex, you know that.

Trust me, it does not hurt to try. You will have unpleasant surprises.

And do not forget: being a father, never stop indirectly threatening your daughter's stepfather when you are together. Always tell me if you can. "If one day someone abuses my daughter, I will kill with cruelty. I will not even denounce it, I'll take his head off the body in the police station."

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Sazpaimon 19/01/23(Wed)23:37 No. 787869

File 154828302164.png - (23.84KB , 600x584 , k.png )


He-Man 19/03/17(Sun)02:20 No. 789109

>If you have a daughter who lives with her mother or has a sister who lives with her stepfather, keep an eye on her.
Well, that kind of shit wouldn't happen if you didn't try to get your daughter aborted. The courts always side with the mother if the father tries to get out of fatherhood. You don't have any right to be around your child if you tried to get the kid aborted. That's just a fact.

derp 19/03/17(Sun)08:40 No. 789114

File 155280840850.jpg - (13.14KB , 300x100 , rotate.jpg )

Wtf, you're back? Yes, I remember your shitty thread. The world isn't the way you want it to be and you're going to have to learn to live with that like everyone else. Now pack up your pro-life propaganda and go.

O.P. 19/02/28(Thu)16:01 No. 788624 [Reply]

File 155136607718.jpg - (20.89KB , 276x183 , 621A701A-864F-4E70-B409-B00AA94F0355.jpg )

Seattle is the best.

Prove me wrong.

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Anonymous 19/03/01(Fri)17:40 No. 788658

could argue alternative rock wouldn’t have its place in history without u.k’s punk rock.
always one thing influenced by another so don’t give all the credit to that shit hole in the northwest

Sazpaimon 19/03/01(Fri)22:03 No. 788663

What made grunge?



I think Kurt really said it properly when he wrote that he was just tired of overproduced 80's garbage being played on repeat all day. So without the massive distaste for the radio music of the time we would have never had grunge, regardless of what small band came up with the first downtempo power chords

If you want an example of the kind of shit music he had to go through look up the Paula Abdul song with the cartoon nigger

poe 19/03/17(Sun)02:15 No. 789108

File 155278533075.jpg - (170.71KB , 960x672 , The Wall.jpg )

Its a city. Urban areas are disgusting and urbanites aren't human.

Reimu Hakurei 19/03/08(Fri)19:27 No. 788910 [Reply]

File 155206967264.png - (532.98KB , 644x438 , CNFmHIt.png )

Goodnight sweet prince.

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ian 19/03/16(Sat)10:08 No. 789098

Youtube  >>789085
I've got bad news for you

Sazpaimon 19/03/16(Sat)10:54 No. 789099

File 155273006830.jpg - (91.37KB , 633x832 , xqe3ig.jpg )

Srsly, you totally forgot how to be excellent and to take it easy~
Probably not even some Mudkip or Chill Murray could bring back the old vibes.

We lost more then a virtual country.

4chan user 19/03/16(Sat)20:07 No. 789105

File 155276326458.jpg - (44.08KB , 300x373 , Takeiteasy4.jpg )

We can fire up some old school 7chan vibes if we take it easy.......... together.

symbion 18/12/19(Wed)03:29 No. 786549 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Youtube  I woke up with this tune on my head. What song is in your mind?

71 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 19/03/05(Tue)06:03 No. 788794

Youtube  >>788793

poe 19/03/15(Fri)03:12 No. 789061

Youtube  Here's 50 bucks.

Brony 19/03/16(Sat)07:11 No. 789090

File 155271671198.gif - (17.16KB , 96x96 , 15214226753.gif )


poe 18/12/26(Wed)23:48 No. 786864 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 154586451017.gif - (1.99MB , 400x241 , 4e50f30c4f3cc3ebb276677dd328da559e40b4bedda54d2fe7.gif )

It's Caturday.

74 posts and 78 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
4chan user 19/03/15(Fri)16:30 No. 789075

File 155266384987.jpg - (512.87KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20181001_001727.jpg )

Hey guys, it's >>786924. I just wanted to tell anyone who cares that Miss Kitty (the fluffy one) took the Big Sleep about two weeks ago. I'm really sad and I miss her a lot. Sorry to bother anyone who wanted to keep this thread light.

OP 19/03/15(Fri)17:23 No. 789076

Shit man, I'm sorry! Losing a pet is horrid and they become much more than just "pets", they're friends, company, joy, and so much more.

O.P. 19/03/15(Fri)18:29 No. 789080

File 15526709641.gif - (1.17MB , 500x252 , KatBoom.gif )


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