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derp 14/08/20(Wed)05:30 No. 729385 [Reply]

File 140850542971.jpg - (376.77KB , 1944x2592 , 12.jpg )

Would you guys band this girl, I have a chance to airwolf her for an hour for 150 bucks.

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Novice Equestrian 14/08/20(Wed)11:22 No. 729430

You'd pay to airwolf a farm animal?

tee 14/08/20(Wed)15:26 No. 729435

fat girls have low self esteem and will airwolf you free. if you're paying then at least get a hot girl

ian 14/08/20(Wed)15:33 No. 729436

Escorts are riddled with disease

derp 14/08/19(Tue)07:16 No. 729297 [Reply]

File 140842540724.png - (899.33KB , 1280x720 , Archer_partying.png )

Let's bring this shit dead site back to life. If you see this thread, I want you to post in it. It doesn't matter if you have nothing of value to contribute, after all I sure as hell don't, but post anyway!

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W. T. Snacks 14/08/20(Wed)13:17 No. 729431

Speaking of dead chans... I miss 99.

airwolf man... I'm too old for this shit.

Closet Furry 14/08/20(Wed)13:33 No. 729432

File 140853440852.jpg - (3.16KB , 126x122 , 1294161445548.jpg )


I'm visiting and this time I didn't have to be suffering a ban to get here.

N3X15 14/08/20(Wed)14:54 No. 729434

File 140853929350.jpg - (6.93KB , 250x249 , www_tism_wanker_com.jpg )


r000t 14/07/09(Wed)08:18 No. 726939 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140488673357.jpg - (750.12KB , 2560x1600 , 00027461_Vladimir_Putin.jpg )

Putin thread.

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Lorf 14/08/19(Tue)08:44 No. 729312

That facial waster was probably dieting anyway, only a dumbass would support those skanks without looking into their ridiculous stunts funded by the US. Like senor Putin says 'why are faggy groups funded by other countries attacking our sovereignty for?' to paraphrase, he's much more diplomatic.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/08/20(Wed)07:09 No. 729409

LOL Israeli AI.

tee 14/08/20(Wed)13:48 No. 729433

File 140853528719.jpg - (179.62KB , 601x638 , h1KPKTb.jpg )

Marisa Kirisame 14/05/06(Tue)10:38 No. 722687 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139936549850.jpg - (546.82KB , 2048x1536 , 0505142326.jpg )

Dream thread. Post any dreams that you remember. Pic related: my bed.

I was looking at a CD album art that looked like a gray arch and some clouds, or maybe a girl's butt, but probably a grey stone arch and some grey clouds. Señora S., my Spanish teacher, was explaining to us about the artist, and I looked forward and saw a larger image of the painting. There was a tornado in the ocean, and I asked if God was angry. Señora S. said no, it was only a demon. The tornado turned into a storm that generated some orange light. It plunged down into the water and then exploded, and out of it came an aircraft. This aircraft was similar to the Halberd (Kirby, video game) in shape, but mostly it resembled what I imagined Howl's castle (Howl's Moving Castle, movie) to look like when it was first created. It was a great airship with many wings and Howl was there shouting about how great it was to be flying in the airship, and I was there with him. He said to someone who I now assume to be Calcifer that he should have brought another blanket. We were flying low over great mountains now, and then we were upon them, sliding along the ridge, being pulled by a rope. The ridge was sharp. There was no flat area on the ridge, only an edge where the two sides of the mountain came together. We continued along for some time, slowing down and climbing a bit more upward now. I was holding on to the rope, and pulling myself up, and I realized that I was the last in the band of climbers who perhaps resembled the band of dwarfs in The Hobbit, and so I ran. We came to what seemed to be the top of the mountain, because there were bushes and a stone path. We went up this stone path, amid some apprehensions. I was still the last in line, along with some other person, and we heard someone say "Get out of here!" and so I ran the other way. I soon decided that I should not abandon my company, and I went back up the stone path, grabbing onto the bushes to pull me along because it is hard to run in a dream, and there were some of our men and some soldiers with brown stone blocks as part of their heads or their hats, I'm not sure. We were lined up along what looked like a runway for a plane, and there might have been a castle in the background, but I was not paying attention to that. It was like a turn-based RPG. I did a combo attack with my spear, and woke up.

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h 14/08/19(Tue)01:31 No. 729272

>>723050 here.
Just because this thread is older than the moon... follow your dreams /b/

Nyan Cat 14/08/20(Wed)09:57 No. 729428

Is this the oldest thread on /b/?

poe 14/08/20(Wed)10:02 No. 729429

Please tell. There would be no better place. What have you got to lose? Here in this place of ours, we thrive on that which would be deemed unfit elsewhere. No one will judge you here.

Sazpaimon 14/08/20(Wed)07:36 No. 729412 [Reply]

File 140851299372.jpg - (39.56KB , 425x425 , why.jpg )

I've done a bit of thinking guys. I get all the arguments for and against why fapping to traps/trannies is or is not gay. To begin with, I don't bother with labels of homosexual, bisexual, straight, etc. As far as Im conserned, there are men and women, and some like exclusively the same sex, others the opposite exclusively, and there are tons of people in between. But Im facing a crisis guys. The thing is, I need and want my life to be simple. I want to just be happy with one direction and be done with it. I generally roll with women and what looks like women. I was fapping to drawn traps a short time ago, which I guess some would say is pretty gay. Now, Im a theist of sorts, but nonreligious. However, I have principles.

Id never touch a guy or kid in real life (what some drawn traps supposedly are), and I am uncomfortable with real life trannies and cross dressers. Actual pedophila and obviously small shota/loli makes me uncomfortable even if I fap to drawn traps.

Can somebody come up with a compelling argument from a nonreligious perspective for why I should kick my gay tendencies as I feel I should?

5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sazpaimon 14/08/20(Wed)09:39 No. 729424

Well its been established that Im a faggot I guess. Not gonna fight you guys there. I do feel that what I do is wrong, but question is: Why do I feel that? What is telling me that it is wrong? Its just so bizarre to me that it seems something outside me says it is, but what?

OP 14/08/20(Wed)09:42 No. 729425

It's probably the society we are brought up in, but of course society is a product of human nature. So I'd say there is a part in you which got accentuated by the society we live in, which makes you want to eliminate another part in you, which the society condemns. There are no rights or wrongs at this, as they are both part of you, and you can function as an individual and a member of society with either of these traits.
You feel the need to categorize, which is a rational thing to do if you want to understand. However, the rational thing has backfired, and is causing you to become emotionally distressed (I might be exaggerating).
There was also this buzzword which I can't help but mention: "porn intoxication". I hate the word because it was used by a moralist. It means when you can't enjoy anything apart of porn. Might this be similar to your situation with dickgirls?
And also, pedophilia: Do you have ethical qualms, or are you just not attracted to children? Which age group are we talking about?

Miku Fanboy 14/08/20(Wed)09:57 No. 729427

I am just simply both unattracted to small children IRL (18 and under) and have issues with it from a societal and intrinsic standpoint, though I do make an exception and fap to young drawn traps/femboys that look like flat girls, which can be underaged. It does connect to how IRL I like women at extremes: Absolutely flat and slim, or puffy with huge tits and ass. Futa/boobs and dicks on the same do nothing for me. When Ive fapped to shemales, they must have no tits.

I am not scared or distressed, mostly just trying to make sense of my dillema, and why I feel that homosexuality/crossdressing and overaged having sex with very underaged is wrong. And why would soceities out of nowhere all of a sudden condemn homosexuality and certain practices, as well as form religions that do? Why? Why would they just *do that*?

Personally, I feel the age of consent should be lowered to 16 for practical reasons, though younger teens dont have frontal lobe as developed as say an 18 or 19 year old.

Liru Fanboy 14/08/14(Thu)00:04 No. 729005 [Reply]

File 140796744057.jpg - (188.56KB , 666x1000 , horse.jpg )

I am a centaur looking for more of my kind.

Will you kindly help a mom out with more pics like this?

7 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Optimus Prime 14/08/19(Tue)02:28 No. 729278

Strictly speaking, humans don't need underwear. I imagine the range of reasons for a centaur wearing two pairs of panties would run a similar range to the reasons for a human wearing one pair of panties.

Closet Furry 14/08/19(Tue)04:46 No. 729283

Those are not centaurs, but airwolfing human centipedes! I thought the appeal of "monster girls" were in the half-human half-animal, these are just bad shops of people.

tee 14/08/20(Wed)07:19 No. 729411

seriously somebody answer this I'm really airwolfing sincerely curious. I'm not trying to judge, I'm just wandering.

Steve 14/08/20(Wed)07:04 No. 729407 [Reply]

File 140851109031.png - (2.23MB , 1240x1060 , hj.png )

Why hello

h 14/08/20(Wed)09:22 No. 729423

I chose out of my own recognizance to go to the city. To see this city I won't name. Use public transportation, respond to niggers who want money, respond to city dwellers and touch the same mass transit lines handles and sit in the same seats as these deviant airwolfs. My god, I would never live in a city... Breathing the same exhaled air and... God damned... I feel like I need an acid burn cleaning. At least this Ritz Carlton appears to be clean.

Bill 14/08/20(Wed)04:12 No. 729374 [Reply]

File 140850075859.jpg - (31.33KB , 642x413 , tumblr_m28jmrjk2R1r9fsvp.jpg )

I've always behaved completely different on the internet, in real life I am:

-Laid Back, I barely go angry, I'm quiet and never insult others or let others insult me, I don't smile a lot but most of the time I'm happy.

On the internet I am:

-A huge dick, I insult whenever I can, and let insults slip, I tend to correct people in a very douche way.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not repressing anything, I'm actually being a douchebag on the internet to be cool IRL.

How about you airwolfers.

2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
zeneslev 14/08/20(Wed)05:17 No. 729382

Exactly the same, the internet are real life aren't the same which is why it's especially strawberryed to hear about 'cyberbullying', some lamers have killed themselves over it, shit.

We are forced to act responsibly and repressed IRL, where the hell is our outlet for free thought and action?
Would whiners who complain about online hostility prefer it in the real world?

Brony 14/08/20(Wed)05:58 No. 729402

File 140850711396.jpg - (75.56KB , 450x298 , 77fb642d660fbc545a19525a4322fa05[1].jpg )

Some would prefer it IRL, yes.

Sazpaimon 14/08/20(Wed)06:32 No. 729405

File 140850914672.png - (190.21KB , 800x455 , 138556647277.png )

IRL: I'm easy going, like to avoid conflict and like to crack jokes to help the mood when I can.

Online: I never take anything seriously I also never do that "Social Networking" stuff so I never see anyone I talk to online as a friend I also like to get under peoples skin just for fun.

r000t 14/08/20(Wed)04:45 No. 729378 [Reply]

File 140850272764.jpg - (18.34KB , 350x371 , tumblr_mji57eBXSO1s4tr27o1_400.jpg )

Cringethread. post your best cringepics

Closet Furry 14/08/20(Wed)05:46 No. 729397

File 140850640086.jpg - (155.43KB , 956x726 , PLAYING FPS ON A LAPTOP.jpg )

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/08/18(Mon)23:54 No. 729270 [Reply]

File 140839888927.png - (211.27KB , 1024x597 , hakase_with_ponytail_by_leeh_chan-d3i83k7.png )

how can i quit internet porn for good?

11 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
herp 14/08/20(Wed)03:45 No. 729373

Well if you are just trying to quit porn that's not quite as hard as quitting masturbation. Masturbating without porn is easy enough, just delete all your shit and masturbate in bed or whatever.

Christian Weston Chandler 14/08/20(Wed)04:26 No. 729376

Why would you? Just learn how to not masturbate 5+ times a day.

h 14/08/20(Wed)05:18 No. 729383

File 140850473239.gif - (841.18KB , 500x281 , 1406748735410.gif )

If the man could not satisfy the woman, it was probably because he either did not masturbate often enough or did not even try to please her(as in no foreplay, no idea where the clitoris is, no consideration whatsoever) or she is just like that. Supposedly some women are not actually capable of climax.

Masturbation is like training for sex. When I have not masturbated in a while, I inevitably ejaculate prematurely. When I have been masturbating three or more times a day, practicing pacing, maintaining an erection after ejaculating, climaxing multiple times in a small span of time etcetera, I do very well with my girlfriend. This is especially vital since we only see each-other on weekends, and even then, often do not have the privacy needed. No one improves with something by refraining from doing so.

Also masturbation and thinking about sex is healthy because unless a person does these things, they end up inevitably in bed with someone, too shocked and disgusted by all the fluids and holes and whatnot to make it anything but awkward. That is why I think this lingering concept of "purity" is pretty anachronistic and unhealthy for the kind of world we live in now. I think it is more influenced by fiction than realism.

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