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Nyan Cat 14/04/15(Tue)05:25 No. 721744 [Reply]

File 139753233746.png - (50.52KB , 300x274 , FUSED.png )

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Lorf 14/04/15(Tue)22:26 No. 721780

Still is on certain sites, if you keep an eye open you can spot the occasional 'oversized' image here as well that have slipped under radars.

Novice Equestrian 14/04/16(Wed)01:55 No. 721791

> C:\Users\User\Desktop> copy /b "file1.rar" + "file2.jpg" "file3.jpg"

Christian Weston Chandler 14/04/16(Wed)12:54 No. 721798

but that won't get op your credit card number.

derp 14/04/14(Mon)06:09 No. 721670 [Reply]

File 139744856557.jpg - (226.17KB , 1460x1023 , commonwealth[1].jpg )


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derp 14/04/16(Wed)01:30 No. 721790


PrettyPony 14/04/16(Wed)11:36 No. 721796

hmm. I considered that, but for one thing... in all these decades, every leader in every administration we had sold nato on the promise that Russia would not, could not ever stand up to it due to the implied threat of mutually assured destruction. Everyone believed there was no way to defeat it. Putin, or rather Russia, not only found a way to defeat both, but found a way to get nato to self-destruct on their own without a single shot fired in conflict, or a single pail of boots on nato soil. Pretty clever.

Putin isn't single-handedly running Russia's strategy by any means, & if it weren't him it'd just be someone else, but he's doing what it takes to accomplish his goal of shaking up the world power structure again.

Obama or the next joker matters not. There's nothing the US Gov can do about it other than try controlling the message to our own public, because 1, the US built this trap we've fallen into in the first place & 2, Russia won't fight usa, their policy is to go straight from ignoring us to nukes with USA. We know this. So while the heads have an obligation to talk, all the talk is onnly to appease us. To Russia, it's meaningless hot air at best.

Nyan Cat 14/04/16(Wed)11:39 No. 721797

Because putting a pail of boots down is the international symbol for declaring war. Fukken spellchecque

Closet Furry 14/03/23(Sun)03:46 No. 720255 [Reply]

File 139554277335.jpg - (59.82KB , 700x296 , portugal_1991_10000_escudo_f_mm.jpg )

Lobotomy. For or against?

Picture related, you can obviously get your face printed on money of some backward country for doing it.

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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 14/04/13(Sun)02:38 No. 721595

It is a medical procedure. It should not be controversial.

Steve 14/04/16(Wed)01:14 No. 721788

Aren't they all the airwolfing time? Bird-flue, children vaccines etc. I men, is there anything that is not controversial anymore?

symbion 14/04/16(Wed)05:04 No. 721793

File 139761748249.jpg - (11.29KB , 193x261 , expert.jpg )

LOL, medical procedure, that's a good one.
Those idiots go and treat a patient against he's will for a so called disease they can't explain at all, which they presume is radicated in an organ (the brain) that shows to be anatomically identical to the normal one of a healthy person.
Psychiatrists have brought nothing but shame to medicine on the last century, hopefully one day they will assume it's not medical nor scientific what they are doing but just police, and go find themselves some decent thing to do.

He-Man 14/04/09(Wed)22:10 No. 721427 [Reply]

File 139707423294.jpg - (47.49KB , 640x480 , 1011528_10151778600611814_1163092311_n.jpg )

What happened to all the Tor websites like anonchan?

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Optimus Prime 14/04/13(Sun)03:09 No. 721601

How about i2p?

Spider Expert 14/04/15(Tue)16:28 No. 721768

I have destroyed them all of them, soon I will reverse time and stop the invention of tor specifically. I will make onion soup....idont even like onion soup but ill eat it!

Spider Expert 14/04/16(Wed)00:04 No. 721786

Nah hidden wiki has links and the tor chan I browse works fine

zeneslev 14/03/23(Sun)17:53 No. 720290 [Reply]

File 139559363936.jpg - (44.60KB , 640x535 , wot4.jpg )

how do you redeem yourself after you paid a cute erotic masseuse from backpage $150 to suck on her 9/10 feet for an hour and receive a footjob? The money itself isn't the problem, I just feel kinda gross and pathetic that I paid money to do that despite how much fun it was.

pic related

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herp 14/03/30(Sun)10:55 No. 720789

Was this your first time to pay for your perversion? It's unlikely to be the last.

p4ch3c0 14/03/30(Sun)19:19 No. 720811

File 139619997691.jpg - (48.28KB , 281x400 , romantic-comedy-moodboard[1].jpg )

how do you redeem yourself after you paid a movie theater and restaurant money to impress someone enough to let you airwolf them? The money itself isn't the problem, I just feel kinda gross and pathetic that I paid money to go through that charade despite how much fun it was.

pic related

Optimus Prime 14/04/15(Tue)23:05 No. 721783

You're giving too much thought to it, trust me she has dates like this every other week.

N3X15 14/03/17(Mon)23:08 No. 719922 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139509413288.jpg - (176.13KB , 1206x674 , the virgin meter.jpg )

I turn 20 in may of this year any suggestions on how i lose my virginity before that and win this epic battle against time?

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N3X15 14/03/30(Sun)03:25 No. 720776

This guy...deserves uncle of the year award

Optimus Prime 14/04/15(Tue)22:22 No. 721779

The fact that i haven't gotten laid yet is due to two things

Fear of humiliation which include being rejected which that she has to ask me for it

And that fact that i am socially strawberryed which mean that i do not go to social gatherings or other places where there are plenty of opportunity to get in contact with the opposite sex

symbion 14/04/15(Tue)23:12 No. 721784

>i am socially strawberryed
Not just socially, you're a strawberry full stop. The first road on the path to recovery is admitting you are a problem.

Steve 14/03/18(Tue)09:33 No. 719942 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139513160339.jpg - (37.55KB , 300x300 , 1380314343128.jpg )

I believe in taxing junk foods and everything unhealthy. What say you /b/? What's your unpopular opinion.

128 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spider Expert 14/04/15(Tue)17:11 No. 721771

That would dissolve or reduce to manageable levels nearly all, certainly all the biggest, problems our species, all species, face. I'm with him. And even if I weren't, resources are not infinite, so push it too far & eventually at best the accountants make the decision for you, like in China, & at worst nature does the job itself through famine & disease. ...which is far more likely that this species ever exercising self control.

4chan user 14/04/15(Tue)19:20 No. 721775

Maybe >>721755 is onto something, here. This program would take a global government so ruthless that it would make the People's Republic of China, the most bloody, murderous regime in human history, seem absolutely benign in comparison. This would be terrible for the people living under it, but in the long term it might be the salvation of the human race; the program reduces human population to the level that the global government can no longer be maintained, society collapses, the surviving human population is thrust back into a world of Darwinian natural selection which continues to reduce said population until a new society evolves to adapt to conditions, hopefully having learned a hard lesson about the dangers of overpopulation and failing to properly exploit finite natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Think Malthusian philosophy on steroids...with teeth.

Marisa Kirisame 14/04/15(Tue)22:21 No. 721778

When you're ground into nutrient paste to fertilize the NWO's GMO crops don't blame the rest of humanity who stood against it, strawberry.

Cryomancer 14/04/15(Tue)00:42 No. 721728 [Reply]

File 139751532597.jpg - (411.01KB , 1125x1125 , 6d628da4df15180e1403702f6ade1c1d.jpg )

Don't you want to be a little girl?

Conductor Cat 14/04/15(Tue)01:45 No. 721731

File 139751912852.jpg - (110.42KB , 640x853 , moot-i-wish-to-be-the-little-girl.jpg )

I wish to be THE little girl.

Brony 14/04/15(Tue)18:13 No. 721773

File 139757838419.png - (248.96KB , 4000x4000 , Yaranaika.png )

dem legs

Conductor Cat 14/04/15(Tue)17:02 No. 721770 [Reply]

File 139757412670.jpg - (8.76KB , 216x310 , skull.jpg )

Blaze it!

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