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Channel7: Several Years Strong! deadbabies ## Mod ## 16/10/05(Wed)02:23 No. 758332 [Reply] Stickied

File 14756269804.jpg - (410.49KB , 1836x2804 , channel7 skeletor.jpg )

Hey guys. For those of you who don't know 7chan has a daily video stream with different content daily called Channel7. It's been running nearly nonstop since about 2008-2009, and all 7channers are welcome and wanted to share in our stream.

We stream TV shows, Movies, and Anime mostly, new and old. We don't have a set schedule planned far in advance, but generally you can expect these things: Anime is shown every Monday and every series shown on Monday will pick up where last Monday's series ended - so you will see the whole series start to finish if you watch every Monday. TV is shown Thursday and sometimes also continues on Friday where Thursday lets off. You can rely on each TV show being shown to its completion through this. Some Fridays we show movies instead. Most other days of the week we show movies and some of these are reruns, some stuff we haven't screened before.

Links and methods to watch the stream are as follows (capitalization counts!):
VLC (any platform, including Android/iOS)/MPC-HC (Other players may work but aren't tested): http://radio.7chan.org:8000/CH7.xspf
Firefox and Chrome on Win/Linux/Mac: http://www.7chan.org/channel7.html
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Note: iOS support in-browser is unknown

The stream starts on a timer at 15:00 Pacific / 18:00 Eastern / 23:00 UK. Each schedule lasts between 6-8 hours normally and is played on a loop for each 24 hour period from the start of the stream, so there's multiple options for when to watch.

We do have our own board and while we've left it kind of dead lately I will be transitioning IN THE FUTURE to to posting the day's schedule back on there, but until I decide otherwise the day's schedule will available on this thread on /b/. You can access Channel7's board at http://7chan.org/ch7/ - Sorry that we haven't kept it updated, we just have gotten out of the habit of doing it. As always, last minute schedule changes are most accurate on IRC, not on here, so check IRC if you need up to date information.

Watching and commenting on the stream with others is part of the fun of Channel7, and you're welcome to join the chat and watch via IRC (I recommend the client HexChat, available for all desktop OSes or AndChat on Android, but do not try web services, specifically Mibbit) on IRC server irc.7chan.org in channel #channel7. Our channel ops can help you wtih issues and take suggestions and comments you might have. Just please be patient with us, we get slow and quiet - or just asleep -

Anyway, happy viewing, thanks for taking your time out to read the thread, and we hope to see you around on IRC! :3 Sorry to any oldfags who have heard this several times before.

The schedule is as follows...

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Bill 16/10/28(Fri)23:13 No. 759421

How is 7chan doing these days?
I stopped browsing regularly after 2009 or so, but every time nostalgia brings me back, I'm a bit surprised that the website is still active.
Does it still get a lot of traffic? The site will prosper for a long time, I hope?

h ## Admin ## 16/10/04(Tue)23:33 No. 758307 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 147561679873.gif - (497.01KB , 640x360 , fark_M1F7eOiqnQiSFKsWDnymPJLrYZU.gif )

I know that 4chins is going through some of the usual drama, and some of you are making your way here to post about it.

  1. Don't post about 4chan. We don't fucking care.
  2. 7chan is smaller and doesn't move as fast as 4chan. This means more moderation, but less room for bullshit. Don't make shitloads of the same thread for the same topic.
  3. We also heavily enforce our rules, so be sure to fucking read them.
  4. LURK MOAR. We have a different culture and some unwritten rules.


Bob Ross 16/09/17(Sat)10:10 No. 757450 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 147409982612.jpg - (21.64KB , 750x480 , californiasl.jpg )

If workers get paid the same but are more productive... and the products get cheaper... wouldn't the real value of their wages still increase because then they can buy more product?

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Cryomancer 16/10/28(Fri)18:07 No. 759414

Anything left of me is the enemy and there's nothing to my right but the wall.
Call yourself whatever special snowflake ideology you want but it doesn't change the fact you're just some lukewarm moderate faggot who thinks both "sides" are dumb.

Sazpaimon 16/10/28(Fri)21:03 No. 759417

>both "sides" are dumb
But they are dumb.

Weeabot 16/10/28(Fri)22:51 No. 759418

You are dumb.

Spiderman 16/10/28(Fri)17:34 No. 759412 [Reply]

File 14776688528.png - (46.30KB , 770x430 , anthropology.png )

I think there are two things here that are important to touch on: the first is how sexism and patriarchal worldviews *held by anthropologists* affect the practice of Anthropology, and the second is how useful the concept of sexism is for understanding other cultures.

The first one is, I think, relatively uncontroversial at this point: Sexism has and continues to be a huge problem in Anthropology, and it has a pronounced effect on how research is done. Lots of great people are trying to fix this with a combination of reflexivity–trying as best you can to become aware of your own biases and account for/be transparent about them–and feminist theory. @ruralarchaeologist is an excellent Feminist Archaeologist on tumblr who is doing archaeology in a way that strives not to make gendered assumptions about the past, but feminist theory is useful in all of the four fields of Anthropology, especially for guy-type anthro people like me who have a lot of extra unlearning to do. Basically: Feminist science is “better” science, wherein feminism is a deeper understanding of the role that gender plays in your own society and how it effects your thoughts, actions, and day-to-day life. At least, that’s how I was taught.

Regarding pre-agricultural societies specifically (by which I assume you mean “societies that predate the invention of agriculture anywhere in the world”), there’s not a lot of data to go on (compared to, you know, people we can directly observe and interact with), so checking your gender assumptions at the door is super-important.

The second thing–how useful is the concept of “sexism” when understanding cultures that are very different from our own (agricultural, state) societies–is, I think, a lot more debated. It’s important to remember that gender roles are not inherently sexist, so when you are studying other cultures one should not necessarily start with the assumption that women are subjugated and men hold power. Or the assumption that power and violence are common and normalized. You shouldn’t even start with the assumption that there are two genders. This is all related to the idea of cultural relativism: peoples attitudes towards anything, gender included, should be understood in the context of their own culture; not in the context of ours.

However, it’s important to recognize that patriarchal state societies have had an influence all over the world: colonization is a thing; and capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy probably shouldn’t be completely ignored while doing research on contemporary societies. If you want an interesting viewpoint on the obligation of researchers to be social justice-y, check out Philippe Bourgois’ landmark piece on Anthropological Ethics. It’s free and accessible!

ian 16/10/28(Fri)10:05 No. 759407 [Reply]

File 147764190291.jpg - (1.47MB , 2392x1615 , Likelihood-of-Imprisonment.jpg )

Is the US judicial system racist?

Sonichu 16/10/28(Fri)12:53 No. 759408

Yes. I mean, they only imprisoned like half of the black population with their drug laws.

Spiderman 16/10/28(Fri)15:22 No. 759410

They don't make the laws...

W. T. Snacks 16/10/28(Fri)16:55 No. 759411

No you liberal dumbshit. Niggers won't stop breaking the laws so they end up in jail.

Spiderman 16/09/21(Wed)09:28 No. 757552 [Reply]

File 147444292093.jpg - (42.73KB , 600x338 , social_justice_warrior_hipster_sjw-600x338.jpg )

Here’s what I think…these ideas about how words have deep and sometimes hidden impacts on people…they developed in isolation at academic institutions. They sat around in the collective consciousness of liberal-arts educated folks like myself for a long time before finally leaking out as the internet brought over-educated people together with people who had never been exposed to these ideas.

When that started happening, it mostly resulted in harmless frustration as people who were 10 steps deep into these issues expressed frustration at people who were busy living lives that did not include feminist critique (and vice versa).

But the internet doesn’t amplify harmless frustration, it amplifies the voices of the most outraged. And the outrage pulls useless, angry, poorly-reasoned arguments out of both sides. Then one side shares the worst of the responses from the other side. And the other side responds in kind.

The anti-SJW side never actually got exposed to the original arguments, they were either exposed to the worst reactions of angry feminists or to the imagined, inflamed, and even impersonated versions that have popped up over the last few years.

After having been been exposed to those judgements (or the imagined versions of them) people feel as if they’ve been told that they are evil or bad or whatever and MUST BEAHVE DIFFERENTLY. And the response of young people, especially young men, when they think someone is trying to control them with what sounds like adversarial and made-up bullshit tends to be frustration and anger. This isn’t just young people and it’s not just men, but it tends to be young men because there’s a tendency among both young people and men to chafe at people attempting to control them.

And, yes, it tends to be young white men, because white people are, on average, less used to people attempting to control them. And, yes, it gets worse if the person attempting to do the controlling is a woman because, well…maybe let’s not go there right now. And there’s nothing like a person who is unused to feeling persecuted, and is maybe also feeling insecure and searching for a way to identify with strength and masculinity (and, in the most severe cases, might even be feeling very lost and lonely and rejected for other reasons), for spending a lot of time getting really angry really publicly.

So that’s what I think it’s about. And I think both sides participated handily in airwolfing it up. Because this was all supposed to be about empathy, and yet so many people’s first exposure to these theories was being shouted at for being in the world incorrectly. And as much as young white men do not sound like the group of people that needs the most empathy in the world, I think there has been a lot of damage done to the world by belittling their frustrations and calling them unimportant. Even if those frustrations are comparatively unimpo Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Moot 16/10/18(Tue)01:14 No. 759079

Like what would you say is the best race?

herp 16/10/28(Fri)14:15 No. 759409

How about white and black?

derp 16/10/28(Fri)18:29 No. 759416

-1 merit to your race

O.P. 16/10/13(Thu)12:46 No. 758858 [Reply]

File 147635557353.png - (44.03KB , 500x450 , bringed-a-plain.png )

don't mind me just dumping some old shit i found

45 posts and 159 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 16/10/27(Thu)10:10 No. 759382



(I can make up rules, too.)

Christian Weston Chandler 16/10/27(Thu)15:55 No. 759386

Happy to see you chose life mod-kun.

Liru Fanboy 16/10/28(Fri)00:05 No. 759394

File 147760593037.gif - (1.00MB , 500x212 , team-america.gif )

>(I can make up rules, too.)

Christian Weston Chandler 16/09/27(Tue)11:52 No. 757833 [Reply]

File 147496997225.jpg - (455.48KB , 4272x3204 , Trump_0.jpg )

hillary: i was a senator, i was secretary of state, i am familiar with these topics

trump: i built a COUNTRY CLUB once it was BEAUTIFUL and i didn’t properly pay my architect but you know what it’s okay it has a GOLF COURSE

28 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spider Expert 16/10/27(Thu)18:39 No. 759390

Reminds me of a cartoon I watched.

Bob Ross 16/10/28(Fri)03:36 No. 759398

Hilary's a murderer

Spider Expert 16/10/28(Fri)06:05 No. 759402

heading to robotmetal.net

poe 16/09/29(Thu)05:29 No. 757880 [Reply]

File 14751197676.jpg - (16.62KB , 320x320 , 62044.jpg )

Anti-Defamation League just made Pepe sad.

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Homicide 16/10/28(Fri)04:13 No. 759399

As a matter of law nobody gives a flying rat's ass if it's justifiable. Speech does not lose its freedom merely because you or anyone says it's icky.

O.P. 16/10/28(Fri)04:44 No. 759400

>Speech does not lose its freedom merely because you or anyone says it's icky.
Yell fire in a crowded theater then.

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/10/28(Fri)18:09 No. 759415

And just because you're a faggot doesn't mean your speech or existance is justifiable.

Time to get with the program, we are the future, not you.

tee 16/10/23(Sun)09:27 No. 759297 [Reply]

File 147720767779.jpg - (106.33KB , 750x499 , 1ctoz5.jpg )

Is this even legal?


3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 16/10/26(Wed)07:31 No. 759347

Gotta pay for those corporate and upper class tax cuts somehow.

Spider Expert 16/10/28(Fri)02:16 No. 759397


in this case, more like the salaries of the crazy amount of high ranking officers

Bill 16/10/28(Fri)22:54 No. 759419

How do you pay for something you never take? Congratulations, you exposed yourself for the dumbass you are.

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