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Closet Furry 14/11/01(Sat)07:55 No. 734026 [Reply]

File 141482491845.jpg - (99.08KB , 570x857 , il_570xN_346654138.jpg )

it's a cold and rainy day. what movie should i download and watch?

Steve 14/11/01(Sat)10:20 No. 734032

Saoirse Ronan seems to do some kinda cool flickas. I just saw... that... other one she did with the WW3 and the running and, hey man, it was alright.

p4ch3c0 14/11/01(Sat)11:38 No. 734036

cool. got it.
i never heard of her before. if i dig this the i'll check out her other shit.

p4ch3c0 14/10/27(Mon)10:57 No. 733693 [Reply]

File 141440387118.jpg - (23.93KB , 339x429 , hitler-tits.jpg )

Hi /b/. I'm getting old.

When I was a little shithead, I loved the web. I loved the untamed web of the '90s. I loved being a script kiddy, and poking around where I didn't belong. I loved the old chan, and I came here when it got rotten.

Most of all, I loved porn.

I've been away for years. I come back and poke around the old neighborhood, and what do I see? Neo-Reactionaries. The gigantic unholy fusion of: basement-dwellers who read "The Game" and want to brag on the internet about all the sex they're not having; inbred neo-nazi hicks; anal-retentive authority-worshipping closet cases who would make Wayland Smithers roll his eyes; mormon youth ministers; silicon valley douchebags...

And to top it off, who's their long-winded prophet? Curtis Goddamn Yavin. From the Cult of the Dead Cow.

He betrayed the spirit of the internet. You know I'm right.

I want people to stop taking this cancer seriously. Rule 34 on "Reactionaries." I'll take each one, print it, and mail wax-sealed scrolls to some upstanding monarchist douchebags.

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Spider Expert 14/10/31(Fri)23:23 No. 733992

Gee, I did all that? I was trying to make a guy voice more of his crazy vision of blissful human existance through oppression, endless explotation, and race purity. Sorry if my contribution to the discussion was "unsubstantiated" compared to the others. As for superiorty...please. your attempt to make yourself the victim of my posts is hilarious. There is no political point to be made here, I have no agenda. GO ahead and tally this up to a win for you. YOU CRUSHED THE OPPOSING POSTER.

The fact that a thread about how airwolfed up the internet is with crazy contributors devolved into this conversation is frankly airworlfing typical.


W. T. Snacks 14/11/01(Sat)02:21 No. 734007

Hey guys what's going on in this thread?

Liru Fanboy 14/11/01(Sat)11:00 No. 734035

If you're so offended by people that aren't 100% enthusiastic about all of the "vibrant diversity" that's been visiting cities like Rotherham, then perhaps you should airwolf off to SomethingAwful. It's a nice left-wing circle jerk where you'll never have your feelings hurt by all of the racists. Who knows, if reactionary thought continues to spread across 7chan we might even start using words like "ni**ertits" to refer to other websites.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/10/31(Fri)21:12 No. 733983 [Reply]

File 141478636439.jpg - (47.02KB , 640x480 , 2014-10-31-142731.jpg )

Is this racist?

Is it racist to give a little white girl $10 in candy if she promises never to miscegenate?

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sonichu 14/11/01(Sat)06:51 No. 734022

Bribing potential candidates to avoid the contest violates the charter of the Miss Congeniality Competition, but it isn't racist.

symbion 14/11/01(Sat)09:53 No. 734031


Steve 14/11/01(Sat)10:37 No. 734034

Nah, both are cool. airwolf niggers.

Optimus Prime 14/11/01(Sat)06:25 No. 734020 [Reply]

File 141481951381.png - (54.75KB , 500x500 , kickass.png )

Kickass.to is down

Kickass torrents is down

Repeat this is not a drill.

dns propagation still works, but page only loads a blank screen.

tried many proxies. could be host cut them off and they are relocating.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
He-Man 14/11/01(Sat)08:10 No. 734027

File 141482580015.jpg - (91.83KB , 800x600 , 99oi.jpg )

They probably just lost hosting, this has happened before.
Cool your jets trooper, everything will be okay.

Closet Furry 14/11/01(Sat)09:38 No. 734029

Most likely just lost hosting, or DDoS attacks maybe. I really doubt it's permanent.

Nyan Cat 14/11/01(Sat)10:33 No. 734033

I take it back. I just signed in and everything. Looks like only certain pages aren't working, like community forums and stuff. Everything for downloads is working fine.

tee 14/09/03(Wed)05:31 No. 730386 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140971509019.jpg - (7.25KB , 243x200 , 1409688910063s.jpg )

Wtf is wrong with japan?

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Liru Fanboy 14/10/23(Thu)09:53 No. 733558

Texas is also not what you've been led to believe.

It is in fact only one of fifty states in a Union, known in lands far beyond the borders of Texas as "The United States of America". This is not a nickname for Texas itself and Texas neither comprises nor represents the whole of the Union; neither is it part of, comprising, nor representative of a separate confederation.

Reimu Hakurei 14/10/23(Thu)12:37 No. 733563

File 141406063210.jpg - (4.06KB , 267x189 , images (5).jpg )

Every country has some pretty fruitcake shit. I used to think we were pretty vanilla in my country until this guy started going international.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/11/01(Sat)09:44 No. 734030

File 141483146251.jpg - (19.01KB , 291x414 , texasisREAL.jpg )

Good. Yeah. Cuz Texas is real. That's for sure.

Conductor Cat 14/10/28(Tue)11:59 No. 733745 [Reply]

File 141449396074.jpg - (887.77KB , 1000x728 , stolen_sun_by_poison_free-d4t8cxj.jpg )

What do you truly regret 7chan?

When i was 15, during passing period on a very rainy Friday i shoved my friend jokingly and he bumped into the nerdiest most awkward girl in our entire high school could only be described as a lanky buckteeth, under developed ect.

she fell into a puddle got all wet and dropped her weird army/navy surplus boot-camp cap witha buncha anime buttons and yelled "jerks!" and ran off.
She never picked up her hat. It was there when i left that day.
She never came back to school.

14 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Brony 14/11/01(Sat)07:06 No. 734023

serious love


Anonymous 14/11/01(Sat)07:09 No. 734024

this is terrible misuse of orbital

Nyan Cat 14/11/01(Sat)07:11 No. 734025

Youtube - Toggle Video

Moot 14/10/31(Fri)23:41 No. 733994 [Reply]

File 141479530914.webm - (2.73MB , 1280x720 , Liru7chan.webm )

Happy Halloween 7chan!

7 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/01(Sat)05:34 No. 734016

Where can I get/play this? Never heard of Liru before, interested.

Homicide 14/11/01(Sat)05:40 No. 734017

File 141481684839.jpg - (13.41KB , 320x243 , fffffff.jpg )

>Never heard of Liru before

Lorf 14/11/01(Sat)05:52 No. 734018


Nyan Cat 14/10/31(Fri)04:28 No. 733948 [Reply]

File 141472610723.png - (546.83KB , 343x430 , Lanky_FB.png )


poe 14/10/31(Fri)07:52 No. 733960

File 141473834399.jpg - (285.44KB , 1600x1600 , arniold.jpg )


r000t 14/10/31(Fri)18:03 No. 733979

File 141477499148.jpg - (151.79KB , 580x872 , Hey Arnold.jpg )

Hey Arnold!

OP 14/11/01(Sat)05:08 No. 734015

File 141481489997.png - (225.53KB , 630x409 , who built the pokeman.png )


Panawave 14/10/31(Fri)22:15 No. 733989 [Reply]

File 141479010827.png - (12.49KB , 667x116 , 7CHAN.png )


Sonichu 14/11/01(Sat)03:54 No. 734011

File 141481046684.gif - (2.44MB , 460x259 , 1409702125541.gif )

The question you should really be asking is "why should we care" but don't answer that because it's a rhetorical question.

p4ch3c0 14/11/01(Sat)04:12 No. 734013

>using social media
I bet you have a smart phone and eat processed food too

Miku Fanboy 14/10/28(Tue)03:53 No. 733716 [Reply]

File 141446479696.png - (341.75KB , 452x402 , 1414036520971.png )


what are some fun things to do

36 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Moot 14/11/01(Sat)03:04 No. 734009

Idk what you just said dumb it down.

Brony 14/11/01(Sat)03:16 No. 734010

He's basically saying:
Just because two drugs come from the same family it doesn't mean they are the same drug.

All he's done is gone on wikipedia and looked up a list of amphetamines to bulk up his argument; he could of done the same thing using steroids...

tee 14/11/01(Sat)04:11 No. 734012

File 14148115139.jpg - (49.39KB , 600x820 , drossel_von_flugel_by_Nyot_Nyot.jpg )

Oh i see.
Thanks anon.
I used to get 70mg of vycance & i'd trade it for weed, since i was trying to hide my drug use i started doing my homework, then i started acing tests
lololol shame i'm an idiot or else my luck would lead to riches

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