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File 141902514745.jpg - (48.83KB , 500x364 , My posts are bad and i should feel bad.jpg )

There's a new /777/ up, it's /selfhelp/ - You're Pathetic, We're Pathetic, We Can Do This! Check it out. Suggest new /777/s here.

Sazpaimon 15/02/21(Sat)20:54 No. 738452 [Reply]

File 142454849337.jpg - (184.65KB , 1089x776 , bruegel-triumph-of-death.jpg )

I just realized that there is a fundamental flaw in my main argument for my PhD thesis. Final draft is due in a month. 3 years or work ruined by a stupid oversight. Might not even be able to stick around and finish, making this a 6 year masters degree in horse shit.

How's your day going?

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Cryomancer 15/03/01(Sun)08:19 No. 738636

..yeah, but about that curing AIDS part?

Liru Fanboy 15/03/01(Sun)08:57 No. 738637

Math is gay, suck a dick.

derp 15/03/01(Sun)10:59 No. 738640

File 142520397033.jpg - (32.71KB , 879x659 , You+can+totally+throw+that+in+bathtubs+aswell+the+.jpg )

Yeah! airwolf maths!

1+1=3 bitch!

Marisa Kirisame 14/05/06(Tue)10:38 No. 722687 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139936549850.jpg - (546.82KB , 2048x1536 , 0505142326.jpg )

Dream thread. Post any dreams that you remember. Pic related: my bed.

I was looking at a CD album art that looked like a gray arch and some clouds, or maybe a girl's butt, but probably a grey stone arch and some grey clouds. Señora S., my Spanish teacher, was explaining to us about the artist, and I looked forward and saw a larger image of the painting. There was a tornado in the ocean, and I asked if God was angry. Señora S. said no, it was only a demon. The tornado turned into a storm that generated some orange light. It plunged down into the water and then exploded, and out of it came an aircraft. This aircraft was similar to the Halberd (Kirby, video game) in shape, but mostly it resembled what I imagined Howl's castle (Howl's Moving Castle, movie) to look like when it was first created. It was a great airship with many wings and Howl was there shouting about how great it was to be flying in the airship, and I was there with him. He said to someone who I now assume to be Calcifer that he should have brought another blanket. We were flying low over great mountains now, and then we were upon them, sliding along the ridge, being pulled by a rope. The ridge was sharp. There was no flat area on the ridge, only an edge where the two sides of the mountain came together. We continued along for some time, slowing down and climbing a bit more upward now. I was holding on to the rope, and pulling myself up, and I realized that I was the last in the band of climbers who perhaps resembled the band of dwarfs in The Hobbit, and so I ran. We came to what seemed to be the top of the mountain, because there were bushes and a stone path. We went up this stone path, amid some apprehensions. I was still the last in line, along with some other person, and we heard someone say "Get out of here!" and so I ran the other way. I soon decided that I should not abandon my company, and I went back up the stone path, grabbing onto the bushes to pull me along because it is hard to run in a dream, and there were some of our men and some soldiers with brown stone blocks as part of their heads or their hats, I'm not sure. We were lined up along what looked like a runway for a plane, and there might have been a castle in the background, but I was not paying attention to that. It was like a turn-based RPG. I did a combo attack with my spear, and woke up.

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Nyan Cat 15/02/24(Tue)11:57 No. 738558

I dreamed of boobs.

Liru Fanboy 15/02/28(Sat)21:19 No. 738627

File 142515476412.jpg - (95.84KB , 546x658 , 1424686322242.jpg )


Liru Fanboy 15/03/01(Sun)08:07 No. 738635

File 142519366014.jpg - (66.25KB , 640x480 , [Kotomi] Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan 12 [DVDxH2.jpg )

For some reason... I see Liberace in that man.

N3X15 15/03/01(Sun)08:03 No. 738634 [Reply]

File 142519339977.png - (34.15KB , 337x357 , ayy.png )


Marisa Kirisame 15/03/01(Sun)10:33 No. 738638

decaprio x nicholson?

Spiderman 15/02/28(Sat)05:12 No. 738608 [Reply]

File 142509672133.jpg - (57.26KB , 700x445 , 2203176.jpg )

So who they will kill next?

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symbion 15/02/28(Sat)21:17 No. 738625


[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/02/28(Sat)23:08 No. 738629

>What is this about?
A Russia opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov, has been shot dead in Moscow. Both the Ukrainians and Russians are treating it with suspicion believing it's an attempt to destabilise current talks between the countries.

>So who they will kill next?
It's the CIA, they've already killed a dozen people since it happened.

4chan user 15/01/05(Mon)09:06 No. 736599 [Reply]

File 142044517749.jpg - (38.61KB , 156x196 , 1358010093000.jpg )

I love you 7chan. You're the only imageboard for me!

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Sazpaimon 15/02/23(Mon)08:58 No. 738510

The problem is you've all grown up.

Miku Fanboy 15/02/23(Mon)20:13 No. 738524

>mainstream anonymous image board
You're either in the wrong place for the right reasons or the right place for the wrong reasons.

ian 15/02/28(Sat)21:20 No. 738628

File 14251548043.jpg - (31.34KB , 476x316 , gfs_77128_1_7.jpg )


Mudkip 15/02/27(Fri)16:51 No. 738595 [Reply]

File 14250522638.png - (78.53KB , 285x448 , thedress.png )

wut color you see

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N3X15 15/02/28(Sat)21:06 No. 738624

I see a facebook meme

Nyan Cat 15/02/28(Sat)23:14 No. 738630

Well how come I haven't seen it anywhere else... oh wait... that's right... you're bullshitting. Stop trying to force your fail on us. We don't swing that way.

Correction: We have a whole board for /FAIL/, go post it there.

Novice Equestrian 15/02/28(Sat)23:21 No. 738631

File 142516207784.jpg - (929.62KB , 1908x967 , Untitled-12.jpg )

An image of a dress caused a bunch of people to piss their pants over what color they thought it was.

Left is color corrected to be white/orange.
Middle is original image.
Right is color corrected to be black/blue.

Some people think the middle image looks like the right or left images.

That's what this is about. It's the most strawberryed viral thing to have ever gone viral.

Can't sage this thread enough.

Liru Fanboy 15/02/28(Sat)20:59 No. 738623 [Reply]

File 142515356889.jpg - (5.71KB , 300x168 , orewachinchingadaisukenandayo.jpg )

Ey b0ss gibe some of them pussyfits

Panawave 15/03/01(Sun)10:57 No. 738639

File 142520382624.gif - (620.29KB , 120x600 , 148652_20150218103704_148652_20150116054118_120x60.gif )

zeneslev 15/01/02(Fri)12:55 No. 736402 [Reply]

File 142019971759.png - (314.66KB , 940x521 , femaleniggers.png )

Why is suicide illegal?
Because it is a loss of federal tax dollars or because it reminds us all that life is trivial?

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Moot 15/02/27(Fri)00:52 No. 738589

>recommend me some good reads
wayback machine

>how has Mozilla ruined things?
Not the mozilla you know.

Conductor Cat 15/02/28(Sat)08:50 No. 738611


Cool, thanks. No actual literature anyone can recommend?

Moot 15/02/28(Sat)20:08 No. 738622

I don't know where you sad folks are living, but suicide is not illegal in the US or the UK. Assisted suicide by doctor is legal in some of the US as well.

r000t 15/02/24(Tue)10:49 No. 738556 [Reply]

File 142477139325.jpg - (102.89KB , 1024x687 , 1.jpg )

women like this look like they airwolf good. not really attractive but looks like extremely good in bed?
do you get what i say? the rectangle face,reddish white skin and airwolfed up hair

8 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spiderman 15/02/27(Fri)23:39 No. 738603


I like how you can make all of these expert judgements from one shitty posed picture.

Congrats on sounding fat neckbeard apes.

Steve 15/02/28(Sat)01:48 No. 738607

Eat shit, faggot. It's part of the exercise. "Oh lookit meee anon, I TAKE EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY!!"

Go choke on a dick, shitsucker.

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