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O.P. 15/07/30(Thu)04:10 No. 743452 [Reply]

File 143822221852.jpg - (41.04KB , 709x472 , 9651a53e8f14bafd31afbba5244e6b0c.jpg )

So I was browsing around on that OkCupid shit am came across a girl. Although turns out she was actually born a he. I've never really thought about what I'd actually do in such a circumstance till now, and I really have no clue what to think. Now take a look at these two pictures. This isn't who I'm talking about, but what's your opinion on actually sticking it inside of such a thing? Part of me thinks if it was well done enough, even though I'm straight, I would have absolutely no problem with it... Except with the other part of my mind that's saying "I'm having sex with an inside-out penis."

On a related note; say you were in the future and there was a like some sort of giant tumor thing grow in some sort of incubation device, and it had a vagina. If someone would have sex with such a thing, would they be called a "Tomaphile"? (Lover of Tumors). (go google "Teratomas")

These is ridiculous and disgusting, so I thought this would be the right place to ask. LUL. I have an idea of what possible thoughts and responses could be to these matters, just thought I'd ask though because I'd like to hear what you think, especially if it's something I'd never think of otherwise.

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Optimus Prime 15/07/30(Thu)07:59 No. 743457

You're probably a faggot so go for it. Just don't enter in a relationship with him because anyone crazy enough to cut off their own dick is too nuts to have around.

Liru Fanboy 15/07/30(Thu)15:24 No. 743475

I've had a problem with girls. When I'm on my way to scoring with a hot chick, I begin to question their gender. I over obsess over their looks. I start to think they used to be men, and it makes me insecure and afraid.

>How airwolfed up am I /b/?

poe 15/07/30(Thu)17:15 No. 743477

File 143826932891.jpg - (23.32KB , 250x298 , cehd01a.jpg )


lol, sounds a little paranoid there, but hey it's a legitimate question. Ever seen Sick Nurses? I mean like, if they're hot, but have the same sort of drive that makes them almost questionable, I mean I wouldn't be too surprised. Not to say women are probably incapable of having a high sex drive.

Conductor Cat 15/07/30(Thu)17:08 No. 743476 [Reply]

File 143826891978.jpg - (425.02KB , 3264x2448 , DSC1132.jpg )

p4ch3c0 15/07/20(Mon)09:04 No. 743150 [Reply]

File 143737587525.jpg - (1.04MB , 3072x1728 , 1437368527889 haha.jpg )

Hey /b/, some airwolfing Jape decided to do this to my computer while I was gone, hacked in my computer, and my computer ended up like this.

Pic related.

How do I fix dis?

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Mudkip 15/07/26(Sun)02:41 No. 743359

buy a new hard drive
go to friends house, mount hard drive on his computer, install windows, unmount hard drive, go to your house, unmount bricked hard drive, mount new hard drive.

Liru Fanboy 15/07/29(Wed)00:07 No. 743421

Lol this happened to me once when I was a win loser. I remember spending a lot of time looking for a copy of Hal.dll online, and then after copying one from a compooter at work, realizing i didn't know how to go about overwriting it. I think that was about the time I installed Red Hat.

h 15/07/30(Thu)15:24 No. 743474

>namefagging for no good reason
nexipoo pls

herp 15/06/05(Fri)06:29 No. 741440 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143347859353.jpg - (7.36KB , 207x228 , skeleton-cobwebs-waiting.jpg )

I haven't been here since 2007.

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Steve 15/07/30(Thu)14:27 No. 743471

airwolf means faggot, strawberry means ether sex or gay one

4chan user 15/07/30(Thu)14:34 No. 743472

Uhh no, airwolf means airwolf.

derp 15/07/30(Thu)15:21 No. 743473

Well i was right, it means fùck

poe 15/04/25(Sat)20:04 No. 740179 [Reply]

File 142998504623.png - (1.51MB , 1920x1080 , scr00096.png )

Do you guys like Space Engine? The game is free and super-duper comfy.

It uses a procedural engine that generates millions upon millions of planets, stars, solar systems, and galaxies.

Let's find 7chan's home planet.

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Spider Expert 15/07/16(Thu)21:21 No. 743014

Like Op said, "comfy"
Speed from km/sec to 326 mly/sec
All the galaxies, control time, orbit, examine theorized planets, selena, desert, warm terra, etc., nebulas, edit planets rotations, whatever basically, rendering is amazing, 961mb

Flaws: patch for 9.7.3 breaks my version,
haven't seen a black hole yet

Bob Ross 15/07/21(Tue)19:49 No. 743215

File 143750095037.png - (1.03MB , 1920x1080 , scr00167.png )


There's one at the center of each galaxy and globular star cluster.

He-Man 15/07/30(Thu)08:29 No. 743459

File 143823774014.png - (1.58MB , 1920x1080 , scr00169.png )

Liru Fanboy 15/07/25(Sat)17:26 No. 743351 [Reply]

File 143783800044.jpg - (55.38KB , 457x322 , unnamed (2).jpg )

I read this article:

And I thought, wow Turkey's really sticking it to the PKK... and although the word ISIS comes up a dozen times... no specifics on the ISIS targets hit or prisoners captured... in fact the 600 captured "militants" are nameless ghosts (or secretly kurdish)...

Turkey is suppressing the Kurds in grand style and CNN is spinning it off as an anti-ISIS campain, apparently because giving them permission to eradicate the Kurds got the US militarty into their airbases.

Nice deal, US and Turkey. Too airwolfing bad for the only middle easterners too fully comply with westernization and the only friendly guerilla force in the region.

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He-Man 15/07/30(Thu)03:33 No. 743450

Precisely my point! The North American effort was successful:
1. Sustained (international) colonization
2. Military occupation, forced relocation, etc.
3. Total economic ruin (until the Cherokee Casinos came up.

I feel that the sustained colonization effort (as put forth by the Spanish, British, Dutch, French, etc. and perpetuated by "Manifest Destiny") is a critical element in the disenfranchisememt of an entire culture.

Look at Australia, another fine example. Even Africa and South America, though no longer fully colonized, were so dominated they still bend over and ask the west for more centuries later.

Force them to live like us, and with us, as our dogs while we occupy their territory with our soldiers and settlers and bleed their land for resources.

ian 15/07/30(Thu)07:35 No. 743456

Helps when 99.9999% of the population is killed off too.
...and when you make a sport out of hunting and killing the survivors. And rounding up any women & kids & kicking them from concentration camp to concentration camp for the next couple centuries. ...and have your holy missionaries burn all their texts and punish them for speaking their language & telling their oral history by ripping out their tongues and burning them at the stake.

...and instituting a forced breeding program to wipe out their genome.

Do all that, tear up their villages and historic & sacred places and pave over their graveyards and sell off their lands to developers for a couple centuries. Then ridicule the descendants for being depressed and drinking and doing drugs as they die out.

Truly USA is gods country, full of noble people... hahaha. Land and culture of airwolfing psychos.

Mudkip 15/07/30(Thu)08:14 No. 743458

>Helps when 99.9999% of the population is killed off

This is what a little colonization could do for our war effort. Once we have control of their resources and occupy their territory, we can begin to ingrain their perpetual poverty and reduce their poulation through starvation.* Unfortunately we're a few centuries late to wipe them out with natrual communicable diseases, which was a big help during the European colonial period. There may yet be time to release engineered pathogens into refugee populations, but if their artificial nature came out, blaming islamic terrorists for developing genetically engineered plagues will be a hard sell.

*I can see how the current strategy may attempt to capitalize on indefinite conflict to reduce resources and induce poverty, but it doesn't seem to be working: they aren't killing each other or wasting their resources fast enough.

Nyan Cat 15/07/28(Tue)13:14 No. 743409 [Reply]

File 143808207623.jpg - (48.11KB , 505x374 , joke.jpg )

What's the point of it all?
We all die in the end. Poor, rich, happy, sad, male, female, black, white, smart, dumb, big dick, little dick. If none of it matters in the end, is every one of our goals pointless? The status or material wealth, or even the personal satisfaction that we gain from accomplishing them will not matter one day. They will not matter because we will be dead. Is it all just one big distraction that we all willingly allow to fool us because the truth is too horrifying to live with? That every thing, evry single little thing that has ever been accomplished on this planet will cease to exist because the sun explodes? And that contact with alien life forms is unlikely?
It's just that..
airwolf, man

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Sonichu 15/07/29(Wed)12:16 No. 743438


Spider Expert 15/07/29(Wed)17:40 No. 743443

>politics and religion. Without those things,humans would go wild and become insane blood thirsty animals.

There are a couple big flaws in this rationale:

One is the matter of time, specifically the vast majority of our species' past..

Another is how different human nature operates between individuals and groups.

Another is a matter of how much time and effort it takes just to actually support a human life, and how little of both that leaves for going around being a bloodthirsty animal. The aggressive psychopath who doesn't spend all day being productive and thinks they're going to survive by robbing others, does not live long.

Without politics and religion organizing humans into tribes and suppressing the individual in favor of the group, you have a bunch of individuals. Your (and Kants) wanton ignorance of how individuals have lived outside an imposed social order is a luxury afforded you by living so far removed from all many many people who grow the food you eat and make the clothes you wear and all the shit you buy and resources you use. If you had any idea of how much work it takes to be an individual, you would understand why, unlike vidya games and movies depict, when you're out in the wilderness, and you encounter another person, you stop to talk, see if each other are alright or need anything, and exchange useful information or a story. You don't rape & murder the person and steal their shit. This is not how human nature operates on an individual level. Only under the extreme ignorance and poverty the protection a city and its social constructs affords a person, are people allowed to become so desperate they go against their nature and become that aggressive and savage.

This has been the problem plaguing "civilization" since the beginning, and it ruined all of them eventually.

O.P. 15/07/30(Thu)04:02 No. 743451


That's all cool. Some people aren't suited for an active lifestyle. I think that occupying your time with activity will be more enjoyable than being sedentary.

Marisa Kirisame 15/07/29(Wed)07:42 No. 743429 [Reply]

File 143814853845.jpg - (54.42KB , 1542x1028 , scratchBoardPecker.jpg )

Anybody else enjoy drawing peckers? This here is one I drew. I use to draw many. I would take a pencil to a night club. On their wooden outdoor bar I would draw a single penis to cover the entire table I was seated. All in great detail. I didn't care who watched me I would go autistic servant and draw these really amazing Dicks. Thing is, I only ever drew but one cock. I just drew it hundreds of times.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/07/29(Wed)11:06 No. 743437

File 14381608167.gif - (72.22KB , 503x673 , 1.gif )

That's awesome. Very dada of you.

Conductor Cat 15/07/29(Wed)12:47 No. 743440

>cover the entire table I was seated. All in great detail. I didn't care who watched

You are not invited to my bar-be-que.

poe 15/07/29(Wed)23:15 No. 743448

Everyone draws penises on things.

If you want to really stand out, draw a vagina.

Sazpaimon 15/07/22(Wed)12:42 No. 743238 [Reply]

File 14375617757.jpg - (395.68KB , 2000x3000 , who.jpg )

What's his name again?

23 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
h 15/07/29(Wed)05:32 No. 743426

Benficial cucumber

derp 15/07/29(Wed)17:17 No. 743441

Perrinial Cuntpunt

Closet Furry 15/07/29(Wed)19:11 No. 743446

File 143818988773.jpg - (65.49KB , 390x470 , 1353450696754.jpg )

I don't know which I like the most

4chan user 15/05/09(Sat)16:09 No. 740596 [Reply]

File 14311805448.jpg - (248.58KB , 705x800 , mail.jpg )

"Anon! there is package left for you at the door!"
Open it up and see this, what do?

40 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
N3X15 15/07/26(Sun)06:55 No. 743361

If you have to ask how much it costs to rent out the sweatshop to make clothes for your niece you can't afford it.

PrettyPony 15/07/29(Wed)05:48 No. 743427

File 143814171980.jpg - (44.38KB , 450x600 , 600full-julia-joyce.jpg )

I'd pet that pussy.

Spider Expert 15/07/29(Wed)07:44 No. 743430

Aww,she's cute!

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