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Panawave 14/09/19(Fri)08:58 No. 731761 [Reply]

File 141110992346.jpg - (8.95KB , 205x246 , images.jpg )

It's happening guys. The chan of 5-1 will soon be dead. Rotting like the whale carcass it is. Everyone is starting to jump ship. I have chosen you, 7chan, as my new home. I only wish you welcome me with open arms.

I chose you because I heard the community actually airwolfing delivers. However most others are fleeing to eight chan. Will you accept our apologies and let us in?

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Miku Fanboy 14/09/19(Fri)09:06 No. 731763

Lurk before posting.

Christian Weston Chandler 14/09/19(Fri)09:27 No. 731764

File 141111163089.jpg - (57.53KB , 640x480 , 1406530465004.jpg )

I know making threads about being from M00txico is bannable and all, but this guy seems like he will make a good addition in time, you know, like an immigrant who actually wants to assimilate into the culture of his new country, even if he is ignorant of it at first.

OP 14/09/19(Fri)09:43 No. 731765

m00txico sounds wonderful.

O.P. 14/09/18(Thu)20:44 No. 731718 [Reply]

File 141106584771.jpg - (38.72KB , 680x383 , 038.jpg )

teacher gave us an assignment on the consequences of sexting. give me your most sarcastic responses.

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poe 14/09/19(Fri)00:33 No. 731746

File 141107959944.jpg - (289.11KB , 1500x1125 , children-of-men.jpg )


He-Man 14/09/19(Fri)07:49 No. 731759

They'll be used against you when you campaign for the white house, but you've prepared for this day and hired unparalleled spin doctors.

Your popularity with women soars due to your expression of care towards your partner's vaginal needs.

Score one for USA. If you don't get an A+ your teacher is a terrorist and probably a bitch

...who needs some sexting.

Panawave 14/09/19(Fri)08:04 No. 731760

Erections are a consequence of sexting

Weeabot 14/09/11(Thu)19:05 No. 731092 [Reply]

File 141045513420.jpg - (33.50KB , 385x330 , pirate.jpg )

A bunch of Google accounts were leaked recently. ~5 million, but apparently it is mostly outdated information.

Check if yours is listed and change your passwords.

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Marisa Kirisame 14/09/18(Thu)17:32 No. 731711

Clear all on browser close can still miss things, it's best to run an independent cleaner between executions. If his browsing habits push him to that point of concern he should run a script that scrubs then starts up his browser for him all in one go, bonus/paranoia points if it scrubs again on close.

And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD he better not be running I.E.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/09/19(Fri)04:54 No. 731753

Or use a different profile, or even user, for serious business.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/09/19(Fri)07:18 No. 731758

Actually I've been using Pale Moon for quite a while since Firefox started completely ignoring users.

OP 14/09/19(Fri)06:45 No. 731757 [Reply]

File 141110190562.jpg - (9.09KB , 274x184 , download.jpg )

Where're the cock ra8 threads babyfags?

Steve 14/09/17(Wed)21:06 No. 731650 [Reply]

File 141098079221.jpg - (14.10KB , 319x480 , th.jpg )

ITT: Post the best TV psycopath

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herp 14/09/19(Fri)01:11 No. 731748

Dennis is a sociopath not a psychopath, other two dweebs are psychopaths.

poe 14/09/19(Fri)04:46 No. 731752

From what I understand, "psychopath" means the guy saying the word thinks the defect is mostly due to nature. "Sociopath" means the guy saying it thinks it's mostly due to nurture.

Mudkip 14/09/19(Fri)06:06 No. 731755

The way I always interpreted it, a sociopath is out of touch with human emotion, while a psychopath is out of touch with reality.

A sociopath is Patrick Bateman in the first few scenes of American Psycho. He feigns interest in what other people have to say. He might even pretend to sympathize. If he is friendly and polite with people, it is only because he sees some way to benefit from it. The truth though, is that he is almost incapable of caring or even completely understanding.

A psychopath is playing a Grand Theft Auto game for real. Things that normally matter to people are of little concern to the psychopath, because he has such blurred lines between reality and fantasy.

I am not a real psychiatrist though, so do not quote me on any of that. It is all probably just a Hollywood simplification.

Weeabot 14/09/13(Sat)06:07 No. 731196 [Reply]

File 141058127877.jpg - (132.03KB , 792x533 , amt203_291.jpg )


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Miku Fanboy 14/09/18(Thu)23:22 No. 731742

I too am aware of the airwolfing meme. In case you hadn't noticed, this thread did not appear in a fur thread, because we don't have those on b here. And perhaps you will also have noticed, that there are to be no GOD DAMN MEMES.

Posting trains: OK
Posting trains in a memetic context: reported.

PrettyPony 14/09/18(Thu)23:55 No. 731744

I understand and mostly agree, but that is not mentioned in the rules anywhere.

So far it just seems like one of those spirit of the law things which not all of the staff has agreed to enforce.

Memes are annoying now though. They were fine as little inside jokes exclusively on image boards when /b/tards were first reviving the term coined by Dawkins, but now are just far too... big. For airwolfs sake when South Park makes an entire episode referencing the concept, doge T-shirts are being sold at F.Y.E., and McDonald's adopts "eco-nom-nom-nomics" as a slogan, it might be time to consider returning to the style of the pre-memefied internet. Some running jokes still make me laugh though.

Weeabot 14/09/19(Fri)02:39 No. 731749

File 141108715451.jpg - (213.09KB , 1200x772 , lw9wxsmxbbaqcetmxn1k.jpg )


I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of this trains testicles slapping against your ass.

W. T. Snacks 14/09/13(Sat)22:26 No. 731218 [Reply]

File 141063999736.jpg - (120.33KB , 788x420 , dadak.jpg )

should i do implants?be honest pls!

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O.P. 14/09/18(Thu)22:28 No. 731731

yes, my ex had those above the vagina and it turned me on

Marisa Kirisame 14/09/19(Fri)00:21 No. 731745


O.P. 14/09/19(Fri)00:38 No. 731747

File 141107989155.png - (60.68KB , 325x971 , 1407729341046.png )

Is OP even still alive?

He-Man ## Mod ## 14/09/18(Thu)23:08 No. 731738 [Reply]

File 141107449397.gif - (43.87KB , 205x148 , scotland.gif )


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Brony 14/09/18(Thu)23:15 No. 731740

There are no exit polls, because they are illegal. No other numbers mean dick.

We have no way of knowing anything til the AM, when the pro-union corporate masters and political establishment have had all night to tally the votes.

poe 14/09/18(Thu)23:21 No. 731741

Youtube - Toggle Video

Miku Fanboy 14/09/18(Thu)23:47 No. 731743

File 141107685588.jpg - (60.56KB , 420x350 , braveheart.jpg )


Homicide 14/09/17(Wed)20:05 No. 731647 [Reply]

File 141097710989.jpg - (52.02KB , 332x363 , character_large-minka.jpg )

Whats the weirdest shit you have fapped to?

14 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Optimus Prime 14/09/18(Thu)22:30 No. 731732

File 141107222813.jpg - (56.66KB , 559x800 , de01d2a77f64644958da170100870bfb[1].jpg )


Minka is good. only a couple floating around.

Bill 14/09/18(Thu)22:37 No. 731734

File 141107267712.png - (16.88KB , 500x300 , 1406686457186.png )

I can fap to this.

zeneslev 14/09/19(Fri)06:22 No. 731756

People really like pushing the boundaries into furry territory huh?...

W. T. Snacks 14/09/17(Wed)09:52 No. 731639 [Reply]

File 141094033499.jpg - (686.32KB , 2048x1360 , image.jpg )

I think the dilemma is, for humans to achieve an intelligent, fully sentient, sensible positive constructive happily sustainable future, which we like to think we're headed toward, people first pass through stages of being just smart enough to be dangerous, which they can remain in indefinitely or perish completely in. Having some survivors outgrow that is only one possibility and may very well be an extremely slim one at that.

How long do we wait for the stragglers that hold us millennia behind? At what point is it more humane to drop nukes? In WWII it was during the firebombing that incinerated and boiled hundreds of thousands of civilians in their own skin every day and night.

The western 1st world nations have their own long road ahead out of feudalism, tribalism, and selfish zero-sum greed-based economics, and though those are enormous hurdles to overcome we've only barely started looking at, they aren't as insurmountable as what the Middle East cultures face in merely catching up to where the west or east were a thousand years ago.

I think the time for a reminder of what nuclear conflict looks like is at hand. Only question is, who will go first?

Sonichu 14/09/17(Wed)11:24 No. 731640

If you are referencing the fact that the Russian Federation and the United States have both begun to reactivate nuclear arsenals because we cannot seem to keep our fingers out of things that are none of our business in Crimea, it only takes one faulty computer or one misinterpreted blip on the radar to begin the nuclear holocaust. If you are aware of things like the the 1979 NORAD Computer Glitch, the 1983 Soviet Nuclear False Alarm Incident, or Able Archer 83, you know that we were just hours or minutes away from mutually assured destruction.

We might not be so lucky this time. On top of that, people still seem to have this "Oh well, death will be instantaneous so I shouldn't be concerned" mentality. It very well may not be, depending upon where you live: http://www.ki4u.com/survive/doomsday.htm

Given that the Russians have a smaller amount of active nuclear arms compared to the 1980s, they would likely prioritize targets with nuclear missile silos first, then airbases. Even if the civilian population was left intact, the electro-magnetic pulse of the detonations would permanently incapacitate all electronics within range and severely damage the electrical grid. In an increasingly electronic-reliant society such as we have, this could lead to anarchy, starvation, death by exposure, and disease for many months or even years.

Two industrialized democratic republics, who were previously in generally favorable relations before, are now ready to try annihilating each-other. The situation is so unbelievably absurd, it makes me lose faith in humanity, and I am not entirely sure who is at fault.

Spider Expert 14/09/18(Thu)22:24 No. 731730

Here here! I agree with your conclusions. As for OP, its easy to point fingers to parts of the undeveloped world and claim certain populations are "holding us back" as a species. But if you take a close long look at the developed world you see that it's the majority of humanity that is keeping humanity back. In one word: Stagnation. Life has become comfortable and basic essentials are easily acquired. On paper this allows us to put more effort into science, technology, and social progress. Look at the reality instead... Have you watched TV recently? Have you seen our politics and the lack of historical understanding every reactionary crusade of the month shows?

Spiderman 14/09/18(Thu)22:36 No. 731733

Also, in terms of what developing nations are striving towards. You only have to look at the current state of the developed world to see it. Does that inspire confidence? In my opinion, we're going nowhere fast. The financial system is basically money circulating at a higher echelon than most of the population is either conscious or in touch with. Entertainment and Finance have given us a hybrid Orwell-Huxley near dystopia. Funding for science in all areas of study continues to be defunded. Football coaches meanwhile are consistently making more annually than some DOW indexed company corporate executives. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/salaries/ Money is how we quantify desire. What we as a species desire mostly is food, entertainment, sex, and occasionally war. War drives innovation and shakes up the stagnating order of the world. I'm convinced though that the population is only convinced to go to war by leaders and warmongers because of emotion. I can't think of a single war in the last 400 years that was fought for purely rational reasons. So maybe the problems will fix themselves. We will cease to stagnate when the current order structure is destroyed! But what will be left in the aftermath? Is there a guarantee that it will not make humanity extinct? Or that the order structure will fall back into this state many years later?

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