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symbion 19/01/23(Wed)12:19 No. 787839 [Reply]

File 154824236678.jpg - (54.79KB , 650x650 , not with my ass card.jpg )

So I was thinking, what If radiation is a fourth state of matter.

I know, the picture is hilarious, but this is airwolfing serious you guys...

Remember that test where they found that random particles pop in and out of space? What if those are particles stretched extremely thin and spread extremely far, to the point that they go through things?

When you have solid water, you have ice. Liquid water is considered still liquid water. Vaporized water is turned to mist, but this fourth state would spread water and radiation through things. Just like heat is a product of the vaporized water, radiation is a product of this next state.

Solid, Liquid, Gas, Radiation

>not with my ass card

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r000t 19/01/24(Thu)04:37 No. 787875

File 154830104869.png - (658.23KB , 1080x1272 , sketch-1548301187219.png )


Steve 19/01/25(Fri)05:33 No. 787908

File 154839082763.jpg - (36.09KB , 278x400 , youreahomo0zu.jpg )

Damn crows.

Brony 19/01/25(Fri)22:55 No. 787924

File 154845334862.gif - (2.95MB , 500x281 , wat.gif )

¡Por favor, escriba en español!

Bill 19/01/23(Wed)12:17 No. 787838 [Reply]

File 154824225191.jpg - (21.76KB , 356x500 , 417elukPtcL.jpg )

Okay, so today, I gotta go to the halfway place and get some annoying papers, and then continue, and get an inky paper, print a paper, and go talk to people about papers.

Don't let me forget!

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Liru Fanboy 19/01/25(Fri)20:59 No. 787920

Wednesday you should have gone to the halfway place and get some annoying papers, and then continue, and get an inky paper, print a paper, and go talk to people about papers.

ian 19/01/26(Sat)04:04 No. 787926

I know, I should have! But I didn't! I hate myself.

symbion 19/01/26(Sat)14:34 No. 787933

take it easy~

He-Man 19/01/05(Sat)20:12 No. 787167 [Reply]

File 154671557447.jpg - (96.70KB , 1200x800 , 1563095.jpg )

Every stepfather abuses the stepdaughter.

I'm not here to vomit truths or parade arrogance, I'm just here to make a request:

If you have a daughter who lives with her mother or has a sister who lives with her stepfather, keep an eye on her. Make calls to her house, preferably at night. Try to arrive by surprise, to follow her if she leaves alone with her stepfather.

Ask neighbors to keep an eye out, to snoop whenever they can. Every stepfather does this. Man does not want to raise children, if he's going to do it, he'll have to have something in return, and the only coin we know is sex, you know that.

Trust me, it does not hurt to try. You will have unpleasant surprises.

And do not forget: being a father, never stop indirectly threatening your daughter's stepfather when you are together. Always tell me if you can. "If one day someone abuses my daughter, I will kill with cruelty. I will not even denounce it, I'll take his head off the body in the police station."

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Nyan Cat 19/01/23(Wed)07:32 No. 787833

You deserve some good ol' red text for your heretic behavior!

Mudkip 19/01/23(Wed)12:10 No. 787837

This is actually pretty good twatter bait

Sazpaimon 19/01/23(Wed)23:37 No. 787869

File 154828302164.png - (23.84KB , 600x584 , k.png )


Brony 19/01/02(Wed)01:43 No. 787074 [Reply]

File 154638982517.jpg - (45.87KB , 400x261 , qy52ee506a.jpg )

You will all bow before my superior cyborg mind.

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Marisa Kirisame 19/01/20(Sun)10:52 No. 787755

File 154797797116.jpg - (411.71KB , 1280x960 , bow tinman.jpg )

We gave them to him.

The things we’ve seen in your head…

p4ch3c0 19/01/20(Sun)20:52 No. 787763

File 154801395933.gif - (433.35KB , 350x271 , tMqE1Lf.gif )

Are you saying that a secret cabal of neckbeards and conspiracy theorists has been running my life?

PrettyPony 19/01/21(Mon)10:30 No. 787771

File 15480630422.jpg - (15.06KB , 220x191 , we are the lizard people.jpg )

You wouldn't be the first; >>787219

Miku Fanboy 19/01/18(Fri)21:38 No. 787707 [Reply]

File 154784390780.jpg - (64.03KB , 240x240 , 123467485472.jpg )

I have a confession to make and since Imageboards tend to become more and more like Forums I’m not afraid to do this here.
I’m the illegitimate daughter from Sazpaimon and Ponbiki, but I want to be a Cat-Trans and Uncle Yourgay touched me in a inappropriate way.

What to do?


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Sazpaimon 19/01/20(Sun)04:23 No. 787749

File 15479546254.jpg - (186.47KB , 1280x720 , AiuraWot.jpg )

Why Danishes and no Norwegians?

Moot 19/01/20(Sun)05:57 No. 787750

File 154796024738.jpg - (74.44KB , 576x768 , FreeOfCharge.jpg )

Because nobody likes the Nords.

Mudkip 19/01/20(Sun)10:31 No. 787753

Just make sure there is enough booze and they totally fit into a 7chan potluck!
Maybe he has a hot sister too?

Reimu Hakurei 19/01/17(Thu)14:18 No. 787657 [Reply]

File 154773111961.jpg - (34.37KB , 720x540 , Fotoram_io[14].jpg )

My ex and i broke up over a month ago so Ive been really sexually frustrated lately. My cousin is coming to visit me tomorrow. Weve always flirted with each other, and when shes drunk she gets loose. Weve even kissed a couple of times but never bring it up.. Should I airwolf her? Im just friggin horny.

23 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
h 19/01/24(Thu)09:28 No. 787878

Yeah, but did you read that?
Wat? the airwolf? Seriously, Wat?

>dress witch

>some waker

Sazpaimon 19/01/26(Sat)16:41 No. 787935

File 154851731495.jpg - (108.76KB , 691x918 , dumb.jpg )

>did you read that?
Do I really look that dumb?

p4ch3c0 19/02/03(Sun)01:05 No. 788186

File 154915234764.jpg - (103.09KB , 1024x673 , drunk fuck.jpg )

Ply her with liquor until you can stick her.

Miku Fanboy 19/01/09(Wed)02:38 No. 787317 [Reply]

File 154699791486.jpg - (220.74KB , 650x850 , The-6-Alien-Species-Currently-Fighting-for-Control.jpg )

If aliens really exist I wonder what they are like.

11 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
ian 19/01/17(Thu)06:09 No. 787654

>>787650 >>787649
At this point I'm wondering if 7chan shouldn't just close /phi/ for the good of humanity, but it may be serving as a sandbox like /fur/.

Bill 19/01/17(Thu)14:57 No. 787663

File 154773343218.jpg - (25.30KB , 680x287 , md_4f879aa33b89-79243282531645c0d1a29fb217ffb22a-1.jpg )

Oh /phi/ and /civ/ are no doubt strawberry bins to keep that shit off of the other boards, and the best part of it is people still line up to take the bait.

Also here's a concept for a cool looking alien so we're not completely off topic.

N3X15 19/01/17(Thu)22:22 No. 787683

I line up to poke them with pointy sticks, but its no fun if they just keep replying to themselves.

Closet Furry 19/01/17(Thu)10:27 No. 787656 [Reply]

File 154771727616.png - (6.04MB , 2880x1800 , Screenshot 2019-01-17 01_30_34.png )

A Japanese guy describing gaijin:

Someone who is tall.

And has a prominent nose.

His face is well shaped.

Someone who Japanese people admire.

I think they can be a bit sloppy.

It's cool that they don't use an umbrella even if it's raining.

10 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
zeneslev 19/01/21(Mon)00:45 No. 787767

File 154802795598.png - (918.87KB , 1024x654 , KoyZvbhAOYoUhdLBMCVubMXrvfAL5znPEVQkgKdznDQ.png )

Someone didn't get accepted for JET.

Weeabot 19/01/21(Mon)11:03 No. 787772

Do you know what the purpose of the JET is?

The Japanese government puts foreign people into classrooms throughout the country to help children adjust to the reality of such people existing, lest they should have a panic attack if they ever meet one later in life. To this day, the Japanese consider their race, nationality, culture and country to be the epitome of monocultural glory. No matter how many generations an ethnic Korean's family have been legally citizens of Japan they are still excluded from every thought of what it means to be "Japanese"; no matter how often you hear Japanese people say how handsome or cute biracial children are, they can never accept them as members of their society. Foreign people are gawked at everywhere they go, presumed to be intellectually incapable of learning Japanese cultural norms and praised whenever they display the least ability to do so with words like "Wow, you are just like a Japanese!" because they consider only themselves to be human.

Japanese people are extremely polite; their service industry is among the best in the world; their country is rich and the safety of their streets, water, and food are top notch (aside from a little irradiation). Tourists usually leave with the impression they've been to one of the best parts of the world, but if they'd stay a little longer, they might get to know the xenophobic, incompetent, small-minded, group-thinking, amoral buffoons the Japanese are.

Panawave 19/01/22(Tue)07:10 No. 787794

Almost everything about the Japanese culture seems schizophrenic.
Population decline from no sex, huge porn industry.
Fascination with foreigners, making their protagonists in anime/games/etc. look western. but massive racism
fetishizes the past/ancestor worship, futurism obsession/robots etc.
Almost any area of life or society that I look at, I see massive polar opposites in Japanese culture. Not that I'm an expert, or that other countries don't have similar issues, but I think Japan is fascinating in it's weird extremism.

Sonichu 19/01/14(Mon)14:46 No. 787551 [Reply]

File 154747360297.gif - (486.87KB , 491x324 , tumblr_lqbawtbLQL1r1lawqo1_500-1.gif )

You chose the wrong profession 7chan. If you had become an R & B singer you could have all the lolis you wanted with no consequences whatsoever. But you chose a 9 to 5 like the rest of us poor smucks.

4 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
N3X15 19/01/15(Tue)21:59 No. 787602

File 154758594348.gif - (2.60MB , 476x272 , jeez.gif )

Why do you assume, I assume anything?

Brony 19/01/15(Tue)23:13 No. 787604

File 15475903883.gif - (2.30MB , 244x180 , downloadfile-54.gif )

And then we went inside and served us pancakes.

tee 19/01/15(Tue)23:36 No. 787605

File 15475917907.gif - (6.49MB , 578x426 , Chappelle-3.gif )

You think so, Nigger?

I served you more than that.
I served the The Fresh Prince on the B-Ball Court.


derp 19/01/14(Mon)19:51 No. 787559 [Reply]

File 154749191579.jpg - (90.57KB , 530x444 , tumblr_m5z5nqN0gk1rndinto1_500dasdasdddasddasd54da.jpg )

Anons do you know creepy-disgusting pages?
(Ultra official creepy sites threat)

He-Man 19/01/14(Mon)20:27 No. 787564

I'll airwolfing deliver
/grim/ has creepy shit on it.

Plane crash last recordings
Death row inmates last words
Jonestown recording
Google the transcript of the Toy Box killer.

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