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Minecraft Technic 1.7.10 Pack deadbabies 15/01/19(Mon)21:07 No. 143678 ID: a2579f [Reply] Stickied

File 142169804159.jpg - (272.71KB , 1264x682 , chk_jschl.jpg )

Looking for people interested in playing a semi-cooperative game of modded minecraft. We're using the 1.7.10 Pack using the Technic Launcher (Yes, you have to use another launcher, but it won't overwrite your other Minecraft installs). You must have a legit copy/license of Minecraft to play. The setup is fairly straightforward.

The server is 24/7 dedicated, regularly backed up to both protect against errors and griefers, and if we get enough interest I will probably enforce a whitelist policy

If interested, please join the IRC channel on irc.7chan.org #ftb. We have all kinds of tech and magic mods to satisfy mostly everyone. You're welcome to co-op with our core group or set off on your own.

This version of the server's been running for a few weeks and is pretty stable. The server itself through vanilla and various modpacks has been running for two years and we could use some new, creative blood who is interested in playing!

For basic information on setting up and connecting the information is in the topic. If you're having problems, deadbabies (me) and DIMT can probably help.

All we ask is that you're interested in having fun and creating stuff. We can help you out with getting set up! Some vanilla experience and modded experience is helpful, but not required.

Java version 7 (not 8!) is required to play. The launcher works on Windows/Linux/OSX.

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deadbabies!rfBia8M6N2 15/01/24(Sat)09:34 No. 143717 ID: a2579f


You don't have to. I'm just inviting people who want to play to play.


No problem bud :3 I do the same thing myself.

/kspg7/ - Kerbal Space Program General (7ch edition) 13/10/03(Thu)02:06 No. 141583 ID: 277f72 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 138075877490.jpg - (708.49KB , 4000x4000 , N3X15_w.jpg )


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkDOOsGg-9I [Embed]

/kspg/'s mod list & FAQ

Game site
KSP is also on Steam.

Latest news (weekly)
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15/01/26(Mon)08:14 No. 143729 ID: 2684d5

hullo, anyone here?

15/01/27(Tue)00:26 No. 143730 ID: 10d6c2

It's hard to post when Jeb's glowing red hot.

15/01/27(Tue)03:53 No. 143731 ID: 10d6c2

File 142232718774.jpg - (103.02KB , 1024x768 , AnyLanding.jpg )

Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, right?

15/01/25(Sun)02:03 No. 143720 ID: 1a3da1 [Reply]

File 142214782277.jpg - (87.95KB , 570x435 , palkia_dialga_giratina.jpg )

What version/gen do you think Pokemon had a point where it started to go downhill?

Personally I thought diamond/pearl/platinum was good, then the games started to go stale a bit.

what do you think /vg/?

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15/01/25(Sun)20:19 No. 143724 ID: b75f8b

I stopped caring about Pokemon when some punk stole my copy of Red back in school--so I could no longer collect 'em all on my Blue version. I pretty much recognized it as a scam then and there and have very little respect for it anymore at this point. The fact that it has been over a decade now and they still have not bothered to give people more than a single save slot really speaks volumes I think.

15/01/25(Sun)20:28 No. 143725 ID: 81df50

File 142221412390.png - (11.85KB , 596x294 , Pokeopinion.png )

This chart summarises my feelings:

Gold/Silver/Crystal was where the series peaked, after that they started running out of ideas and tacking on annoying shit to try and make each series "unique" (because admitting it's the same game in different packaging isn't the Nintendo way). Even the Pokemon themselves looked like the rejects they dug out the bin complete with fold lines that gave them ridiculous geometric features and a lot of the charm of the universe fizzled out as a result. For me the series has pretty much flatlined, they're still good, don't get me wrong, but I doubt the quality is ever going to pick up again.

I think FireRed/LeafGreen are the best ones.

15/01/26(Mon)05:32 No. 143728 ID: f99a3d

File 142224673974.jpg - (2.98MB , 5000x5000 , mega ultra hyper super fuck you row row fight the .jpg )

I used to think that Pokemon got progressively better with every generation, that Game Freak would surpass their last title in terms of quality, and, until Black 2/White 2, that was true. Every game was better than the last, and I always felt like I had more fun than before.

And then X and Y were announced. I was hyped as fuck, with all the new 3D graphics and the new region that looked awesome, I thought that it was gonna be the best Pokemon yet.

I got my copy of Y day one, and I was hyped for the first week I played. But after the initial hype died down, I felt bored. The game, the region, and the Pokemon felt so bland, and one I beat the Elite 4, I had no interst to pick the game up again. I felt a little empty after it was over, and I was disappointed.

And then OR/AS came out. I got it after the hype died down, and it felt more boring than Emerald, which I played almost 10 years ago as a child.

So yeah.

TL;DR It got progressively better until X/Y came out.

This might be an unpopular opinion 14/10/08(Wed)00:33 No. 143277 ID: e5801b [Reply]

File 141272120524.jpg - (13.55KB , 303x166 , ssb.jpg )

I think the new Super Smash Brothers is... I don't want to say terrible, because overall I think it's a well designed game, but it just feels lazy.

I mean, there is so much reused shit from Brawl and the older editions. While I'll be the first to bitch that Brawl felt more like an expansion pack to Melee, I'd almost equate this to DLC. There are so many assets reused. Old characters have very little changes, same stages, same music, etc.

The only thing that they really added that I think is neat is the bit of character customization they allow but if this game is all they have accomplished in the 7 years they had since they finished Brawl, there is a lot of disappointment found.

And from what I can tell, I'm the only one who has this opinion. Most review sites seem like they either bought the hype or sold out, and all my friends are telling me that I don't know what I'm talking about. Anyone else shares this sentiment?

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Kerfuffle Thoughts? 15/01/23(Fri)04:55 No. 143706 ID: f99a3d

File 14219853126.jpg - (507.93KB , 1920x1080 , HNI_0003.jpg )

Didn't feel like making a new thread for this, so fuck it. I'll reuse this one.

Does /vg/ still play Kerfuffle? Do you wreck people in For Glory? Do you still play with friends?

I found the single player to be lacking, and the character choices were good. (For the most part. Dark Pit can eat a dick.)

The best part that I found about Kerfuffle was that I actually have friends that I hand out with at work, and on breaks we'll play Kerfuffle on our DSs for a while without having to bring a console and TV. The 3DS version's portability really adds a lot to the game.

Online sucks for me though, as I can never get a connection, even on the Wii U version. Maybe it's just Comcast, but I really wish I could play online properly.

15/01/23(Fri)07:37 No. 143708 ID: d0502a

I actually just got a WiiU for Christmas and I'm loving smash. Granted, I completely skipped the Wii and this is honestly my first smash game since the 64. My opinion is one formed from years of being taken in by the hype machine. GTAV was the straw that broke the camel's back and ushered me to Nintendo this Gen. I know my situation probably isn't the same as OP's, but take it add you will.

15/01/26(Mon)05:16 No. 143727 ID: f99a3d

>this is honestly my first smash game since the 64.

Did you miss you on Melee back in the day? Shit was tight. Came out only 2 years after the original.

As someone who's first Smash game was Melee, and who was hype as fuck for this game, I felt like it delivered for the most part. The online's pretty shit, but playing local multiplayer is agoddamned blast, and 8-player is so fucking hectic and fun. The roster is really good, but I wish the stages were better (especially on the 3DS version.)

Re: 14/10/24(Fri)23:46 No. 143413 ID: 13d3ab [Reply]

File 141418720922.jpg - (400.12KB , 1188x1335 , TFTEQnd.jpg )

How do you guys feel about Lords of the Fallen?
I watched some leaked footage from full version and it looks bretty good.



As a poorfag I must carefully choose games to buy.

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/01/15(Thu)22:39 No. 143655 ID: a62d53

>bob geldof is not really worried about all the children in africa.
Christmas has been and gone, he won't care for another 11 months when he can start cashing in on it again.

15/01/24(Sat)02:08 No. 143712 ID: 0bfba7

I was initially interested in this game until the devs said it's "more forgiving" than Dark Souls. I wasn't impressed at all.

15/01/24(Sat)17:20 No. 143718 ID: 13d3ab

Watch some videos.
It's easier than Dark Souls. You get more challange playing as a Rogue. Warrior is really hard to kill, so it's basically an easy mode. Of course, wearing heavy armor will make you really slow. Long story short, you will die if you play recklessly, but if you take it slow, you won't die as much as in DS. You can take a couple of hits and still get away with it.


15/01/22(Thu)05:19 No. 143700 ID: a1d58f

8chan has only existed for a couple of months, it isn't to blame. /vg/ has been slow for awhile, but other boards such as /be/ are getting even more posts. Other chans suffice for the lack of interest either with shitposting or making the interest boards more general.

15/01/22(Thu)06:19 No. 143701 ID: b75f8b

8chan has been around for over a year actually, but they didn't start getting big until five months ago when jewt pissed everyone off.

15/01/24(Sat)08:28 No. 143716 ID: b4ce36

That sounds familiar.

15/01/23(Fri)19:24 No. 143709 ID: b75f8b [Reply]

File 14220374409.png - (1.59MB , 815x1021 , factorio research loop mk5.png )

Factorio is a pretty fun game. It's even more fun with a friend.

We should, like... Play it together sometime or something.

15/01/24(Sat)05:05 No. 143714 ID: a1d58f

Would you be willing ti teach it to people?

15/01/24(Sat)08:23 No. 143715 ID: b75f8b


15/01/10(Sat)18:52 No. 143640 ID: 021cc6 [Reply]

File 142091235258.jpg - (25.04KB , 250x355 , HitmanAbsolutionPackArt[1].jpg )

>That irritating level structure and design
>That shit uninspired all American road trip storyline I wanted to do hits in Rome and Monaco not some shithole middle american town
>That complete lack freedom the previous games gave you to perform your hits

Easily my biggest gaming disappointment, what's yours?

>user was banned for this post

13 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/01/21(Wed)00:00 No. 143692 ID: f86070

File 14217948457.gif - (108.82KB , 96x118 , animsallfinal.gif )


I've heard Dear Esther described as a 'digital installation', and I think that suffices. It honestly states what you're doing; looking around, like you would at a museum. You're not riding the woolly mastodon, you're looking at one.

15/01/21(Wed)01:06 No. 143693 ID: f8010a

I have to respectfully disagree, fusion is amazing despite being a lot more linear than its predecessors.

-Cramped space station missions instead of lush, expansive worlds
-Stupid bosses
disagree, the first couple of bosses are kind of weird but once you hit things like Yakuza-X and Nightmare you're in for a ride.
-No exploration and extreme linearity due to story railroading
this is blatantly wrong, railroading maybe a little, but the exploration is definitely there.
-Dumb additions to the character ("Half-human, Half-metroid hybrid" and some nobody involved in her past I’m supposed to give a shit about)
Samus has been half-human half-bird since the original metroid - as per the canonical manga, she just added Metroid to her reportoire.
-Survival-horror segments utterly forced into an action game to really drive home the fact that you have absolutely no freedom
There are two and they're less than a minute each, often driving you into a new zone
-Poorly-written melodrama with unskippable dialogue to anger you should you ever even give a thought to wanting to replay the game
I wouldn't call the sparse interactions between Samus and robot Adam melodramatic. there is only one point where she actually expresses some emotion over the matter and that is when the program allows her to complete the mission her own way, drama maybe, but melodrama? that's best left to other M
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

15/01/23(Fri)21:13 No. 143711 ID: c1948b

>It actually constitutes a game,
No, not really. All you do is chose a path and watch what happens. There is no strategy or skill and very little thought involved (the only thought is "I wonder what happens if I do this).

A game has to test you in some way. A point/click adventure tests your attention to detail and your problem solving ability. A puzzle game tests your problem solving ability, your reflexes, and/or your ability to think under pressure.

In Stanley Parable, your progress is determined only by your willingness to do so. Any such "game" isn't actually a game. You can call it an adventure, but not a game.

14/11/16(Sun)23:58 No. 143484 ID: e41fff [Reply]

File 141617869288.gif - (6.54KB , 291x66 , logo.gif )

So, I just noticed CoolROM doesn't have roms for any nintendo console anymore. I can't be the only one upset about this.

19 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/01/21(Wed)15:18 No. 143696 ID: 0fef5c

**More thought is put into Fucking phones amiright?

15/01/21(Wed)15:21 No. 143697 ID: 0fef5c

dammit, I give up. It will remain illegible.

15/01/22(Thu)03:38 No. 143698 ID: e577f8


>More though is pinto halo hames than CoD though.
*More thought was put into halo games than CoD, though

>It's stinking up the only good arena active arena shooter
*Only active good arena shooter

Sorry for the mess, I typed this on the bus to work with my phone.

Xenoblade X music from E3 ,2013 trailer Heropon 14/12/25(Thu)22:38 No. 143576 ID: 342b0f [Reply]

File 14195435006.jpg - (318.25KB , 1280x700 , vRS7lRE.jpg )

New music from Xenoblade X

15/01/20(Tue)00:27 No. 143682 ID: 56410f

nice to see xenoblade fan.

ill be getting the n3ds to play Chronicles port on it :)

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