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13/12/03(Tue)08:42 No. 141868 ID: 6fa42a [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138605652362.png - (44.08KB , 1400x1050 , ´・ω・).png )

Whatcha playin', /vg/? Tell us about it.

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16/08/19(Fri)20:39 No. 144650 ID: ca3ceb

File 147163196621.png - (210.50KB , 256x424 , Dragon_Force_Coverart.png )

Dug out my Saturn and Dragon Force. Finally got around to playing it.

Currently one of my favorite strategy games.

16/08/20(Sat)03:36 No. 144652 ID: a870df

I'm currently fighting my way through Arkham Knight on Game+ mode.

Crossed the 180% threshold not too long ago but the fighting mechanics are even more annoying w/o prompts so I doubt I'll finish it - they obviously were intended for a controller. Many of the keys you're expected to hit in the middle of a multi-person fight (where 10, 20, or more people are all crowding around you trying to attack you) are absolutely fucking retarded. Yeah, sure, I'm going to hold down control and 3 in the middle of mashing the keys I need to mash in order to not get beaten to death.

They try to cram them all into the first three-to-four rows of keys on the left side of the keyboard, instead of just using the entire thing, which is why the alt/control thing comes in, which necessitates too much movement of your hand to do it smoothly in a time-sensitive fight.

Apparently this game was even worse at launch, but I only got it a couple weeks ago... until I hit game+ mode it was fun. And even now the rest of it is still fun, just the no-hit challenges have become retarded due to the lack of counter prompts & adequate camera control (alternately they could stop the AI from traveling 50 feet in under 2 seconds, zooming in from off camera, then hitting you from 10 feet away even though you dived away before his attack animation started).

Anonymous 16/08/24(Wed)12:09 No. 144664 ID: dd4404

Playing some classic Doom 2 on PC right now fam.

16/08/20(Sat)01:44 No. 144651 ID: 957f50 [Reply]

File 147165026269.jpg - (113.90KB , 541x600 , interior_dante_divinecomedy_par_31_1.jpg )

This is an objective list of the best games ever made,
rated in terms of entertainment, vision/actualization ratio and intrinsic poetry:
10 Final fantasy 6
9 Another world
8 Castlevania dawn of sorrow
7 Deus ex
6 The beginner’s guide
5 Shadow of the Colossus
4 Spelunky HD
3 Metal gear solid 3
2 Quake Live
1 Dark souls
In none of these games there's a defined line between good and evil, the characters and the events are blurry, just like the meaning of life, their creators followed Aristotle's teachings for the creation of masterful works of art and created grandiose games that are better than any other in the sum (THE SUM) of gameplay, visual style, story and poetry.

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16/08/21(Sun)03:55 No. 144659 ID: ca3ceb

>This is an objective list of the best games ever made,
>rated in terms of entertainment, vision/actualization ratio and intrinsic poetry:

All of which are subjective criteria.

16/08/21(Sun)20:46 No. 144661 ID: ca7e87

I don't think you know what "objective" means. Subjectively, your list is highly flawed.

16/08/22(Mon)22:13 No. 144663 ID: b270de

Objectively, his whole post is flawed.

🎮🌿 🌿 16/08/21(Sun)22:27 No. 144662 ID: 9051ba [Reply]

File 147181127414.png - (381.82KB , 750x1334 , image.png )


Discoverability, marketing, and Steam in the modern games market 15/12/11(Fri)05:24 No. 144415 ID: d51918 [Reply]

File 144980786741.jpg - (19.58KB , 604x361 , nihilist.jpg )

This show is hosted by three small time game developers.

The most recent episode was way more business oriented than their program usually is, and touches on a lot of aspects of their experiences with marketing and discoverability (from the point of view of a small developer). It brought up a lot of subjects that I, as a customer, don't get to hear talked about very much, and wanted to bring the conversation topic to a wider audience.

They start off talking about personal anecdotes of times when they discovered a game, and how, and slowly begin to circle into a dissection of the current state of affairs.

I thought it was pretty interesting, and I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts and personal experiences. You can skip to 8:20 If you want to skip the opening banter and get to the questions.

Listening to it is not really necessary to contribute to this discussion, though.

I want to pose to you the same questions they posed to each other, and I'm interested in hearing your answers:

What is the last game that surprised you?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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16/08/20(Sat)05:25 No. 144654 ID: 57621a

Youtube - Toggle Video
That's a funny way of spelling potato.

16/08/20(Sat)12:33 No. 144655 ID: d0c768

I meant pringles, which was a mistake. They are much less appetizing.

16/08/21(Sun)08:46 No. 144660 ID: 097150

Yeah, there's a reason they're called potato crisps instead of potato chips.

Homeworld Remastered 15/02/27(Fri)04:52 No. 143854 ID: b97d82 [Reply]

File 142500912987.jpg - (131.08KB , 1920x1080 , HomeworldRM 2015-02-26 10-59-31-31.jpg )

Definitely breathes new life into the series. Cleaned up UI, new harder AI, and a slew of other things makes it perfect. Anyone else feel the same way?

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15/03/08(Sun)20:56 No. 143888 ID: b97d82

Dunno. The original looks like garbage compared to this. And they didn't really change anything. This feels more like the final version

15/03/11(Wed)19:14 No. 143896 ID: ff0278

Can you still send a probe past their mothership to the far end of the map, drawing their entire fleet away with it?

16/08/20(Sat)14:03 No. 144656 ID: d0c768

I can confirm the remake is basically unplayable. Half the functions do nothing now.

🌿 🌿 16/08/19(Fri)05:11 No. 144648 ID: 30608c [Reply]

File 147157630688.png - (498.95KB , 750x1334 , image.png )


🌿 🌿 16/08/17(Wed)18:19 No. 144646 ID: d71289 [Reply]

File 147145079075.png - (616.05KB , 750x1334 , image.png )

jon kumar is the astrologically and homosexually arrogant youth Sun in Pisces Moon in Gemini that refuses to deny Mars in Aries energy so he can live a murderers nightmare lie life of taling guyana and the united states of america for india against Monotheism God AND HELPED TO KILL ZANE THE MINECRAFT STREAMER BY BEING TOO HIGH AND CRAZY TO CARE !!

good luck /vg/ .

16/08/18(Thu)16:01 No. 144647 ID: 57621a

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Dark Souls Anon 16/05/16(Mon)21:16 No. 144558 ID: 014d4d [Reply]

File 146342621540.jpg - (189.94KB , 1280x615 , image.jpg )

How do you guys feel about SoulsBorne?
The first game, in my opinion, is the best (DkS1). I'm trying to get every chan's opinions on the series. /vg/ seems conflicted, and you're my second chan I'm asking. I plan on going to the infinitychan and asking there.
Thanks boys.

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16/06/30(Thu)17:02 No. 144601 ID: 422197

File 146729895186.jpg - (215.33KB , 1680x1050 , 5749362+_28b3de0f7efb3f41acecdd3710c767ba.jpg )

I've only played Dark Souls 2, it was fun though apparently I missed out on some complete gems by being oblivious to the first two as a kid. I'll get to Bloodbourne and Dark Souls 3 when I manage to get myself a PS4.

16/07/10(Sun)15:16 No. 144609 ID: befd20

I've only played and finished Demon's and Darks. Both are good...
But they fall short of what they alluded to. Grinding JRPGs with actual combat and a decent camera, strict medievalish themes.

Shown that anything other than such combat is redundant, in regard to menus.

Isn't anything approaching how it should be, combining the play of SotC, OOT, Final Fantasy XII, and the bow action of RE4. Splinter Cell with swords works.

Too confined as is to appreciate great settings, all of them seeming small.

Scale doesn't seem as large as it is because the camera is too high and far away. Needs to be looking up enough so a flat ground should appear tote neutral camera as a flat line.

Needs a low resolution and that extra performance gained put to better shading, much better lighting and more animations, should be interacting with the terrain in a multitude of ways, climbing, mounting, stepping from rock to rock as normal movement and combat done on uneven ground tripping the character.

May need to move away from monsters and instead present human characters, if silent then the setting saying who they are. Japs may be bad with dialogue pretense but are magicians when it comes to settigs if they are given enough care. Character looks and settings speak more than a few scentences.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Dark Demon Souls 16/08/17(Wed)13:34 No. 144645 ID: 743ba7

File 147143368899.jpg - (39.23KB , 720x405 , g20160918.jpg )

Only played Bloodborne
Should I still D.Souls?

Snack Options 15/09/01(Tue)00:41 No. 144277 ID: c1db96 [Reply]

File 144106090069.jpg - (628.86KB , 1680x1050 , 178549.jpg )

Getting ready for an all-nighter with TTP after release. I Got my Baja Blast 24oz'ers on standby. Just need a great snack to accompany the Dew. Something that is not just a bag of Doritos. I would like something that will both minimize the amount residue that will gunk up the controls and give me enough energy to get through the missions.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/09/01(Tue)16:00 No. 144279 ID: b75f8b

File 144111603448.png - (27.10KB , 952x739 , Video Games.png )

I was about to redirect you to 7chan's food/cooking board but I now realize we don't have one.

15/09/04(Fri)04:14 No. 144281 ID: 10d6c2

7chan used to have one but nobody posted to it so it got nuked, as was the case with a lot of other boards.

Drinks 16/08/17(Wed)13:28 No. 144644 ID: 743ba7

File 147143328573.jpg - (103.80KB , 1500x1088 , g20160920.jpg )

I prefer drinks

16/08/13(Sat)11:36 No. 144641 ID: 4163f0 [Reply]

Game Trailers - Toggle Video


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