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16/04/24(Sun)21:13 No. 144543 ID: 456cf2 [Reply]

File 146152519489.png - (2.24MB , 1280x1024 , AP74NF.png )


16/04/25(Mon)01:27 No. 144544 ID: 6eadfb

they censor just everything.. rite?

16/04/26(Tue)10:37 No. 144545 ID: b75f8b


15/12/09(Wed)19:14 No. 144401 ID: ce8365 [Reply]

File 144968489011.png - (1.35MB , 1366x768 , fo4cow.png )

As this year comes to a close, it's time to look back and judge how shitty the industry is nowadays. So what do y'all think was the most over-hyped game this year?

Pic is somewhat related but I think Star Wars: Battlefront takes the cake.

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16/04/09(Sat)07:46 No. 144536 ID: 6382d3

File 146018076268.png - (2.24MB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot0.png )

if you guys would like I could give a list of mods to get to change the game into something more fun

using the full power of modding I've managed to change the game into something where instead of "wander around and occasionally run into a molerat" into full on fucking syrian refugee syndrome

enemies see me from way further away so I can't just run up to them and stab their face, and they mostly hurt (although I'm still having difficulties finding the exact balance I want with them but it's mostly solved, but not entirely)

I've changed various things like the storms so that it's hard to see, loot drops are way lower, upped my carry load so I can carry more of the stuff because fast travelling around was irritating just to drop loot off (my least favourite part mostly, although I like the requirement I've put on myself to have to make more bullets often) and I'm using different calibre weapons because I potentially run out of ammunition with them

so far in this playthrough I don't think I've made it to the police station
commonwealth spawns extender, and more spawns lite, medium and ghouls edition combined make for some rather large amounts of spawns, and the increased sight and responsive range for hearing gunfire makes, well, syrian war refugee simulator really fun

I was inspired by that NV mod, can't remember the name, but it's the one where bullets are rare, everything's emptyish, and terrible and you really have to take care of yourself and probably avoid some fights

although I've tweaked it so that I'm not avoiding them so much as save scumming through them at times, also used perk mods and so on to keep things in order

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16/04/11(Mon)21:01 No. 144537 ID: 0bfba7

I still haven't even played Fallout 4. I'm waiting for a complete edition of the game so that I can have a seamless experience with all the expansion packs.

16/04/22(Fri)11:45 No. 144542 ID: 621f7c

I'm waiting for the complete edition to be available for under $20.

I'll have a long wait, but I have a shitload of sub-$20 games to play in the meantime, plus all the EA games I pirate because fuck if I'm gonna install Origin.

16/02/10(Wed)07:03 No. 144486 ID: 26f465 [Reply]

File 145508420742.png - (1.68MB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )

Desktop thread.

Post your desktop.

No cleanup.

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16/03/20(Sun)07:27 No. 144517 ID: cab2a0

File 145845527783.jpg - (157.65KB , 1920x1080 , Desktop.jpg )

Stuff is where I throw things that you'd normally clutter up your desktop with.

16/03/22(Tue)03:47 No. 144520 ID: f99a3d

File 145861486084.jpg - (347.97KB , 1920x1080 , desktop.jpg )

Well, I did do s fresh install of Windows a about 2 weeks ago, so it's pretty squeaky clean if I do say so myself.

Seth-Rah 16/04/17(Sun)10:32 No. 144539 ID: 3a86d8

File 146088194333.png - (1.44MB , 1599x899 , desktop.png )

14/12/30(Tue)03:58 No. 143588 ID: 797845 [Reply]

File 141990832023.jpg - (0.98MB , 3000x2250 , mount and blade.jpg )

What are the best mods for pic related? Mount and Blade general, I guess.

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16/04/01(Fri)03:36 No. 144532 ID: 0dd0c9

what are good strategies for this game? i finally just reinstalled it, is there multiplayer for this game?

16/04/03(Sun)14:05 No. 144533 ID: 6382d3

how's the RPGish side of things in M&B anyways
it seems a bit light on that, but good for some action and army building
also seems to have a heavy emphasis on leading the armies yourself instead of having them garrison stuff

16/04/08(Fri)07:41 No. 144535 ID: e6eefb

It's okay, nothing really important.

16/04/04(Mon)15:06 No. 144534 ID: 2545a8 [Reply]

File 145977517073.png - (2.16MB , 2048x1329 , 12916283_895561713889351_5964341157792500333_o.png )

Does any one here play Crusader Kings 2? I'm looking for some mod suggestions

>pic related

War Thunder 15/07/02(Thu)23:00 No. 144204 ID: e846fa [Reply]

File 143587083016.jpg - (388.19KB , 1045x1045 , image.jpg )

Anyone here play War Thunder?
I've been playing it for a few months, and I really like it, aside from a few things, like Russian bias with a FEW things, but it is pretty nice
Any War Thunder players here?

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16/03/27(Sun)19:35 No. 144528 ID: 6382d3

now that I can run it I think, I might be interested, what's it like in your opinion

16/03/28(Mon)23:02 No. 144530 ID: c73d97

>I might be interested, what's it like in your opinion

It's quite good but has it's broken bits:

Russian Bias is an obvious one, the game uses Tiers 1-5 to break up the planes and the tier you fly at is based on the average tier of your top 3 planes so you can't take Jet fighters up against bi-planes (but you can still bring them into lower tier matches), unfortunately the Russian Planes are ranked lower than their equivalents from other nations so a full wing of Russian planes will rank at 2.6 while the equivalent Germans will be 3.6. There's also some broken hit-boxes that benefit the Russian tanks/jets that have been on the to-fix list for multiple years, and post WWII ammo available to some Russian tanks. Any discussion of this on the forums tends to get you banned (forum bans carry over to the actual game).

Premium Planes, the pay to win side, whilst some of the premium planes are fairly well balanced some are massively broken, either by having major advantages or by being at a much lower tier than their non-premium counterpart (we're talking 3.7 vs 1.7 at the most extreme), and if you want rocket tanks, a showcase feature of their last major update, prepare to pay $50 per tank... yep that's right, $50.

Want to earn Premium Currency for free? You can sign up to their affiliate post videos on youtube; terms and conditions include having 500 pre-existing subscribers to your channel, NO criticism in any form, no praising of competing games and a whopping $10,000 fine for breaking these or any other T&C's including discussing the T&C's

NVidia GameWork is also a big source of problems, they forced it into the game to get an NVidia payback, killed performance for many players and haven't even developed hydroplane gameplay (they shoe-horned a recycled domination event, ran it for a week and that was it).

Gaijin are basically money grabbing censors. Don't get me wrong, the game is fun but by the time you get your first T4 you'll realise how many things they do wrong and likely give-up unless you've invested real-world cash.

And whatever you do, don't play with a joystick, the game flies much better with mouse aim than you could ever get with stick.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16/03/29(Tue)06:34 No. 144531 ID: b75f8b

I've been meaning to get into it with a netplay friendo for a while now but I have like a gigabyte of updates to download before I can even attempt to use it.

15/01/02(Fri)03:07 No. 143609 ID: 55decf [Reply]

File 142016445691.jpg - (157.95KB , 800x571 , Harkness.jpg )

So this is Harkness from Fallout 3...

10 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Mightyena+Fucker 15/10/21(Wed)23:38 No. 144336 ID: 21c438

Its relevance to the thread. Especially as Harkness, Keller and LaCroix are all men.

15/10/25(Sun)20:11 No. 144337 ID: ca3ceb

I don't think that person plays video games.

16/03/27(Sun)20:40 No. 144529 ID: 6382d3

from Czech robotnik "slave," from robota "forced labor, compulsory service, drudgery," from robotiti "to work, drudge," from an Old Czech source akin to Old Church Slavonic rabota "servitude," from rabu "slave," from Old Slavic *orbu-, from PIE *orbh- "pass from one status to another" (see orphan).

/kspg7/ - Kerbal Space Program General (7ch edition) 13/10/03(Thu)02:06 No. 141583 ID: 277f72 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138075877490.jpg - (708.49KB , 4000x4000 , N3X15_w.jpg )


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkDOOsGg-9I [Embed]

/kspg/'s mod list & FAQ

Game site
KSP is also on Steam.

Latest news (weekly)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

100 posts and 52 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/02/24(Tue)03:10 No. 143836 ID: 401a9f

I guess I never paid attention to how they looked after the landing :D

16/03/24(Thu)21:30 No. 144524 ID: f36edd

That was supposed to be an ingame feature, by the way.
Another thing they never implemented.

16/03/26(Sat)07:16 No. 144525 ID: cab2a0

File 145897298480.jpg - (242.76KB , 1920x1080 , ICU.jpg )

Well, 1.1 is supposed to drop soon. Hope springs eternal.

16/03/21(Mon)17:23 No. 144518 ID: ac0e21 [Reply]

File 145857743067.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , 1377429908574.png )


Hey since this is the videogames board i thought i would just let you guys know about this.
Hellrising is a browser based online game, which is completely free and requires pretty much just a internet connection to play.
It is a apocalyptic horror survival mmo where you can play three different races, which are zombie, human and vampire that are all stuck in a quarantined city named serling. Ill give you a quick rundown how the races work.

Humans are all about survival skills. They can get skills to craft special items (such as electric fences to keep the undead out or upgraded weapons like sawed off shotguns from regular ones), barricade buildings, trade supplies, use guns ect

Zombies are infectors. Most of their skills cause infection damage, they work best in groups or even alone, with skills to pull unsuspecting victims out of buildings, or pretend to be corpses.

Vampires are the hunting race. They have skills to find their prey, with abilities to track the last person they attacked/got attacked by, sense if somebody is in a building. They can also be the strongest race in the game with the bloodthirst skill, which increases the damahe they do with every few kills.

There are also lots of items all races can find and use. One can create groups to work together using group chat with walkie talkies. There is a power plant that can be turned on and off, affecting the whole game making it easier for the undead to hide in the dark or easier for humans if its on because they can find and loot supplies easier.

Also do not be put off by death in the game, it happens alot, it can be quickly reversed with a revival shot from a fellow survivor, or in the case of the undead that has been revived being killed by vampire/zombie.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16/03/21(Mon)21:55 No. 144519 ID: 2dc8da

UrbanDead is still the original and the best.

16/03/22(Tue)07:46 No. 144521 ID: 46335a

What makes it so much better, if I may ask

15/12/13(Sun)14:44 No. 144419 ID: 621beb [Reply]

File 145001425637.jpg - (215.23KB , 1920x1080 , ac.jpg )

Armored Core thread, post your ACs.

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
16/01/04(Mon)03:27 No. 144449 ID: ca3ceb

Woops yeah they were.
I was thinking of MechWarrior on the PC.

But Armored Core always seems to have shitty controls from what I remember.

16/01/20(Wed)08:24 No. 144468 ID: 75964e

That start button looks vaguely like a PSP's. Which AC is this?

16/03/18(Fri)06:52 No. 144516 ID: 2caa0f

Not OP but it looks like the PSP version to me, just with slightly better grafix. So I would guess it's either a Vita version or someone's running some good-looking filters on ppsspp.

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