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16/02/18(Thu)02:14 No. 144497 ID: c8a923 [Reply]

File 14557580599.jpg - (277.26KB , 1200x1440 , maxresdefault.jpg )

total noob here.

Can someone tell me how I can make Doom look like this
and this?

how can I make the eyes glow in the dark for example?

(pic unrelated)

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16/02/26(Fri)00:53 No. 144504 ID: 1707c2

File 145644442147.png - (244.75KB , 500x313 , 253423240.png )

>need to find submod that lets bulletholes glow
>only need that submod

>what mappack is that?

>need more from this Author

>fucking hate it when people don't put their mods in the description!

well, yes. it's in the description,
but doesn't work.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16/02/28(Sun)13:32 No. 144509 ID: 5a83b8

File 145666274286.gif - (603.28KB , 245x245 , CreepyRiker.gif )

Sorry bud, but > is only for quoting other replies, not for cancering up the place with 4chanisms.

Perhaps you should try reading the comments at moddb since they explain how to make those two work together. In short, the order the mods are loaded matters, and the engine you use to play the game itself matters too.

16/06/22(Wed)16:38 No. 144593 ID: c798b5

File 146660630017.jpg - (43.77KB , 680x680 , 1213213.jpg )

Sperglord Edition

Recurring Nightmare:

Haven & Hearth wilko 16/02/16(Tue)17:21 No. 144496 ID: c2e18f [Reply]

File 145563967351.png - (240.86KB , 650x430 , mjlg81.png )

I haven't played this game in years, have no idea if it is still a thing, but I miss Seventh Haven. Good memories. SeVenezuela on eRepublik was fun as well.

I miss you all.

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16/05/13(Fri)03:23 No. 144555 ID: 0b97c0

i miss my little shit house in the swamp in world 3.

Rodrigo 16/05/13(Fri)07:39 No. 144556 ID: e4712b

I miss you too, Wilko

16/06/11(Sat)23:08 No. 144585 ID: 5f9f33

If you knee the basics of business you'd understand why micro transactions are preferred over just paying for the game now, since millennials are buying games more than any other generation since. Considering that video games went from a somewhat small industry in the 90s to a billion dollar industry in just a couple years. That is remarkable growth.

Dark Souls Anon 16/05/16(Mon)21:16 No. 144558 ID: 014d4d [Reply]

File 146342621540.jpg - (189.94KB , 1280x615 , image.jpg )

How do you guys feel about SoulsBorne?
The first game, in my opinion, is the best (DkS1). I'm trying to get every chan's opinions on the series. /vg/ seems conflicted, and you're my second chan I'm asking. I plan on going to the infinitychan and asking there.
Thanks boys.

16/05/21(Sat)00:33 No. 144562 ID: 2122dc

Dark Souls 3 was my first game in the series. Over the years previously I had been around friends playing it, but the little look I got from that gave me an idea that it was something very different from what it actually was.

I'm the kind of guy that grew up on extremely difficult ASCII rougelikes. Games that "winning" was some far off goal you might complete only after years of playing the game. I'm used to crazy difficulty curves, and I love the feeling of a game that does not care if I can win, and requires strict levels of performance.

I like Dark Souls 3 for a lot of the same reasons.

16/05/24(Tue)07:01 No. 144565 ID: 5b123b

File 146406607571.png - (278.49KB , 633x489 , 1463876249284-v.png )

Dark souls 1 was my first, moved onto dark souls 2 when it came out, then I went back to the roots of the series with demon souls and then bloodporn and then dark souls 3.

Demon souls was good and quite rich lore wise.

Dks1 had great visuals, well designed levels and was very rich lore wise.

Dks2 was pretty, levels felt meh, combat was terrible imo, but it kept the lore going so I guess that's one thing

Bloodporn was a nice change from souls with its gothic victorian setting and grim lore and heavy lovecraftian influences.

Dks3 is beautiful, it plays like dark souls 1 with better graphics, lore wise it's very rich, but the levels feel almost linear, I don't know why but it just feels less open than Dks1.

Either way my favourite has to be Dks1

(Pic unrelated)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16/06/11(Sat)22:12 No. 144584 ID: 9537f8

I love it, but I hate its weapon system, most weapons are useless.

I really like the atmosphere and the way the game unfolds, I still haven't finished the first one due to weapon problems.

Prima's Official Strategy Guides for 2 Mario games? 16/05/25(Wed)20:43 No. 144566 ID: d9e061 [Reply]

File 146420181553.jpg - (14.73KB , 128x164 , content.jpg )

Does anyone know where to acquire reliable free PDFs of these?

I am looking for two in particular:

2000 for Mario Party 2 https://books.google.ca/books?id=_XFa3rPUvSMC

2003 for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga https://books.google.ca/books?id=8bpFw-oJTqgC

These are of interest because I heard rumors that both of these affirm Mario being named "Mario Mario" in them, supporting the 1993 film and Charles Martinet in July 2012.

August 2012 Satoru Iwata disputed this, saying Mario had no last name, and while September 2012 Shigeru Miyamoto fell in line and agreed with Iwata, after Iwata's death July 2015 at the 30th Anniversary of SMB on September 2015, Miyamoto said it was Mario Mario.

I want to see if it was used in these guides.

16/04/24(Sun)21:13 No. 144543 ID: 456cf2 [Reply]

File 146152519489.png - (2.24MB , 1280x1024 , AP74NF.png )


1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
16/04/26(Tue)10:37 No. 144545 ID: b75f8b


16/06/01(Wed)16:01 No. 144576 ID: 52ade4

Wiimote should be the standard controller for all games. To look. Copy MP3's look controls. Work on a wiimote and nunchuck that don't need a sensor bar.

Should sell a phone OS, use the average or below spec as the standard for games to be made to. Use head mounted display for 3D. Use wiimote.

Zelda and Metroid have appeal to all ages. Mario doesn't. Lot of potential for both in a head mounted display.

Sell a system with the OS pre installed. Most people will buy that anyway. Or not, if not people won't blame nintemdo for ow spec.
, nintendo make their money from hardware though.

Metroid as Prime styled explorer only. Freeram from start but outer areas from the landing point on planets or areas are much harder. No keys, just difficulty, and lots to do besides struggle, ability to call ship in open area to save and fast travel to different areas. Maybe look over a 3D model in the ship and pick landing points. Need to find through progress where to go. Randomised so the interet can't spoil it.

New abiloties but start with all known ones.

Lots of easy area.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

16/06/03(Fri)01:34 No. 144579 ID: bce3f8


15/12/13(Sun)14:44 No. 144419 ID: 621beb [Reply]

File 145001425637.jpg - (215.23KB , 1920x1080 , ac.jpg )

Armored Core thread, post your ACs.

4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
16/01/20(Wed)08:24 No. 144468 ID: 75964e

That start button looks vaguely like a PSP's. Which AC is this?

16/03/18(Fri)06:52 No. 144516 ID: 2caa0f

Not OP but it looks like the PSP version to me, just with slightly better grafix. So I would guess it's either a Vita version or someone's running some good-looking filters on ppsspp.

16/06/01(Wed)16:54 No. 144577 ID: 52ade4

Flying machine guns with back missiles. Use landscape, boosting to avoid attacks.Never went for a heavily armoured walking build with multiweapons.

Problem with AC like a lot of games is what works break it, you don't need variety, just some style you do well, which makes every mission the same.

If AC was made to a constant high fps with low frame times aiming changes everything, then consider blast radius, time explosions on shots. Still have auto aim and auto guns, but with a need to shoot things yourself, gui highlighting what it determines am enemy but no option to cover fire, shoot where enemy may be. Use weapons the tracking doesnt compute lead right.

Just more hectic battles that aren't predictable so ypu habe to be ready for everything.

New weapons from salvage, draw ln out battles, the longer you are there without caisong havoc the better the slvage. Enemies out of ammo dimling their weapons and using secondaries before running away.

AC like all From Software games needs a lower resolution so the detail doesn't seem as lacking. Mechs need to be suits, not giant robots. Needs to be an option to stay on the battlefield and freeroam. All missions reachable by freeroam. But no repair unless extracted. Long distances flown to using
detatchable jetpack. All equip looking functuonal. No flippant or samurai style geometry. Different combat computers/FCS have very different guis. Even differnt languages.

Parts not collectible, have to choose from the salvage from the last pickup what to trade with. Refining all the time and making mistakes. Stats different in obvious ways during play, each for a specific purpose. What you are used to doing is generally redundant upon next majior encounter. Always one step behind but just equopped well enough to survive. Completing missions is the real reward for the right loadout.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Monster Hunter Newfag 16/05/26(Thu)04:34 No. 144568 ID: 6c0d61 [Reply]

File 146423005691.png - (630.85KB , 1010x720 , nUgPkeM.png )

Any Monster Hunter players here? I started with MH3U but I've played MHFU as well. Haven't gone back before that though, yet.

16/02/10(Wed)07:03 No. 144486 ID: 26f465 [Reply]

File 145508420742.png - (1.68MB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )

Desktop thread.

Post your desktop.

No cleanup.

10 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
16/05/10(Tue)16:30 No. 144554 ID: ca7e87

Shhh, we're pretending nobody noticed.

16/05/18(Wed)18:10 No. 144560 ID: a8a0d9

File 146358784388.jpg - (259.00KB , 1920x1080 , any6.jpg )

Not too exciting.

Newfag 16/05/26(Thu)04:16 No. 144567 ID: 6c0d61

File 146422901660.png - (1.19MB , 1366x768 , 406806 - Copy.png )

My current theme has multiple League pictures but this was my favorite out if them. Currently working on a new theme in Photoshop.

15/01/02(Fri)03:07 No. 143609 ID: 55decf [Reply]

File 142016445691.jpg - (157.95KB , 800x571 , Harkness.jpg )

So this is Harkness from Fallout 3...

10 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Mightyena+Fucker 15/10/21(Wed)23:38 No. 144336 ID: 21c438

Its relevance to the thread. Especially as Harkness, Keller and LaCroix are all men.

15/10/25(Sun)20:11 No. 144337 ID: ca3ceb

I don't think that person plays video games.

16/05/22(Sun)11:42 No. 144563 ID: e4210a

But why? Does The Institute have tentacles that reaches that far away? And remember that The Institute didn't know the looks of the fugitive Harkness. (Strange name, sounds more like an adjective. A name a confused synth would pick.)

If Harkness makes his getaway, regardless if Dr Zimmer is killed or not, The Institute still doesn't know what he looks like.

But let's assume that he did a second face job and left New England. Taking a job as an undercover agent doesn't seem plausible. The dialects of the eastern and western coast must be really different. So if Harkness doesn't discovers some kind of "undocumented features" and can change dialect at will, then him working as an undercover cop seems really implausible.

If anything, a free and enlightened Harkness would stay far away from anything that even reminds you about sticky human business. Remember that you can kill Keller without anyone batting an eye.

Yo-Kai Watch 16/05/18(Wed)07:57 No. 144559 ID: abfb33 [Reply]

File 146355103715.png - (1.07MB , 1023x936 , Yokai-watch-boxart.png )

Is it wrong that I want this franchise to do well in the US just so it can piss off the same kind of loud ignorant pastors in the Bible Belt that said Pokemon was the devil? Depending on how they choose to define "youkai" they'd have a field day ranting about demons influencing children.

The actual game is a critter collection RPG. Its biggest weakness is that it isn't Pokemon, which everyone will inevitably compare it to. "Not being Pokemon" is also its biggest strength, if you're tired of the same formula and want to try something slightly different.

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