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Minecraft Technic 1.7.10 Pack deadbabies 15/01/19(Mon)21:07 No. 143678 ID: a2579f [Reply] Stickied

File 142169804159.jpg - (272.71KB , 1264x682 , chk_jschl.jpg )

Looking for people interested in playing a semi-cooperative game of modded minecraft. We're using the 1.7.10 Pack using the Technic Launcher (Yes, you have to use another launcher, but it won't overwrite your other Minecraft installs). You must have a legit copy/license of Minecraft to play. The setup is fairly straightforward.

The server is 24/7 dedicated, regularly backed up to both protect against errors and griefers, and if we get enough interest I will probably enforce a whitelist policy

If interested, please join the IRC channel on irc.7chan.org #ftb. We have all kinds of tech and magic mods to satisfy mostly everyone. You're welcome to co-op with our core group or set off on your own.

This version of the server's been running for a few weeks and is pretty stable. The server itself through vanilla and various modpacks has been running for two years and we could use some new, creative blood who is interested in playing!

For basic information on setting up and connecting the information is in the topic. If you're having problems, deadbabies (me) and DIMT can probably help.

All we ask is that you're interested in having fun and creating stuff. We can help you out with getting set up! Some vanilla experience and modded experience is helpful, but not required.

Java version 7 (not 8!) is required to play. The launcher works on Windows/Linux/OSX.

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15/06/09(Tue)02:39 No. 144155 ID: b75f8b

Don't wanna shit up deadbabies' thread anymore, but we've been getting Factorio games going on the IRCs.


lars rolls his eys Anonymous 15/11/21(Sat)01:25 No. 144351 ID: 3dd886 [Reply]

File 144806554914.png - (104.73KB , 644x486 , tumblr_nemoc6K6251s62b7no1_1280.png )

this is like half the fucking game i swear

15/11/21(Sat)04:37 No. 144352 ID: b75f8b

What game?

need help remembering a game 15/11/21(Sat)00:57 No. 144349 ID: 6ef8d7 [Reply]

File 144806382375.png - (125.05KB , 580x435 , starcraft.png )

I was wondering if any of you know. It is an FPS RTS hybrid which allows you to take control of various vehicles. It is most likely fairly old, with its imagery consisting of heavily war torn landscapes and buildings, mostly destroyed cities. The enemies frequently consisted of geometric shapes. The intro trailer might have had something to do with a person getting turned into a machine or a cyborg. It is not the Battlezone series. It's pretty heavily stylized to match the apocalyptic sci fi/military aesthetic. The trailer had a female voice and it might have involved discussion relating to fighting the geometric shape enemies. Extremely difficult to find because I have no concrete ways of identifying it.

15/11/21(Sat)01:22 No. 144350 ID: 6ef8d7

found it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_Assault

15/10/13(Tue)07:02 No. 144322 ID: 46b479 [Reply]

File 144471254223.png - (4.74KB , 64x64 , Ninty Knight - AvatarPic.png )

Does anybody know of a Anime styled (non-Chibi) MMORPG preferably with a fantasy theme that Doesn't have a job/class system, or might not restrict your equipment to it like diablo 2 did. been searching, and keep finding stuff just off the mark
(Image not related)

15/11/16(Mon)09:35 No. 144348 ID: abd671

File 144766291316.png - (2.19MB , 1920x1080 , butts.png )

mabinogi i guess, but last time i played (about a year ago) there wasn't really much to do besides grind skills and play dress up

It Just Works 15/11/10(Tue)12:51 No. 144345 ID: 5c6575 [Reply]

File 144715631448.png - (1.26MB , 1920x1080 , nice.png )


15/11/11(Wed)09:24 No. 144346 ID: b75f8b

You do realize we have youtube embedding here.

15/11/11(Wed)21:03 No. 144347 ID: 5a53ee

Youtube - Toggle Video
  You don't say.

15/08/26(Wed)06:23 No. 144268 ID: b75f8b [Reply]

File 144056302044.png - (9.09KB , 320x224 , Gradius II option hunter.png )

What does 7chan think of the Shoot Them Downs?

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/10/31(Sat)12:00 No. 144341 ID: b75f8b

File 144628921218.jpg - (123.14KB , 640x639 , Seirei Senshi Spriggan.jpg )

Dear god I can't imagine why. Please play Seirei Senshi Spriggan or Spriggan Mark 2, those are the "good Spriggans".

15/11/07(Sat)06:15 No. 144342 ID: 7404ee

File 144687333456.jpg - (80.39KB , 640x480 , succsess.jpg )

For those of us without PCEngines or weird shit like that, spriggen powered is a great SNES game, lots of great snes shmups, Gradius, biometal,twinbee, Parodius is pretty sexy...that had good pcengine versions too....there's always the Touhou series too, errryone loves bullethell right?

15/11/09(Mon)04:32 No. 144344 ID: b75f8b

File 144703992795.png - (32.63KB , 256x224 , R-90 hyperspace.png )

I agree the SNES had plenty of fine scrolling shooters, but seriously Spriggan Powered is complete dildos.

15/01/02(Fri)03:07 No. 143609 ID: 55decf [Reply]

File 142016445691.jpg - (157.95KB , 800x571 , Harkness.jpg )

So this is Harkness from Fallout 3...

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Mightyena+Fucker 15/10/21(Wed)23:38 No. 144336 ID: 21c438

Its relevance to the thread. Especially as Harkness, Keller and LaCroix are all men.

15/10/25(Sun)20:11 No. 144337 ID: ca3ceb

I don't think that person plays video games.

15/10/26(Mon)02:54 No. 144338 ID: b2c2db

this thread is now about the evolution of cammy into harkness in reverse order

v20 15/06/06(Sat)12:39 No. 144146 ID: d893b3 [Reply]

File 14335871822.jpg - (222.25KB , 1000x531 , 1425124280353.jpg )

v20 caqme out today
tried it, but found this version of v20 underwhelming!
Played this for weeks
it's called "Jays Brutal Doom v20"
and it's far superiour to the delayed v20 imho !

The sound-effects! (listen to the rifle!!! and the pick-up-sounds!)
the voxels make it look more meaty

12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/10/13(Tue)21:40 No. 144327 ID: b75f8b

>here's OPinhuman, it uses CoD weapons, it requires GZDoom and brutal doom's pk3
Absolutely disgusting.

15/10/14(Wed)07:18 No. 144329 ID: b2c2db


not really, it improves on a lot of doom's failings as an older game while keeping it in line with the feel of it

I wouldn't mind if it were to use unreal style weaponry instead which would make it perfect doomwise, but given where things stand overall it's one of the best mods around

I remember doom multiplayer over LAN at a computer games store in the mid 90's, and that was mindblowing and fast paced, but doom's aged a bit, and is a bit too slow for my tastes now all on its own

I've found a doom3 mod for doom called ultra doom 3, there's another one called space pirate which is interesting weaponry wise as well

15/10/14(Wed)23:33 No. 144330 ID: 10d6c2

I have very fond memories of participating in the Quake beta program. So many exploitable bugs, so many frustrated coworkers who didn't understand the bugs, and a very annoyed John Carmack at E3 when we first met and he realized I was the cause of all those error logs being submitted.

We had Doom multiplayer games, but by the time Quake was in beta my employer had tripled in size and everyone jumped on my private beta server during the mid-afternoon blahs...

War 15/10/12(Mon)06:42 No. 144318 ID: ac77b0 [Reply]

File 144462494886.jpg - (123.15KB , 1237x237 , space-marines.jpg )

You niggers will argue about anything
Which faction will crush the others.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/10/13(Tue)00:55 No. 144321 ID: ca3ceb

Man if you're talkin like objectively who would crush the others, Space Marines are the only ones who aren't afraid to commit afternoon genocide.

Plus they got numbers and shit.

15/10/13(Tue)12:30 No. 144323 ID: b2c2db

wouldn't like, a single space marine chapter annihilate the entirety of every single one of the other 3 options?

like masterchief would kind of get along doing his thing and then suddenly giant orbital bombardments would occur for exterminatus which is something completely doable on routine by the space marines, the reapers would just get wasted, and terrans are kind of wimpy in general actually, not having that many planets

thing is, space marines are the only ones with an entirely different style of existence, relying on psychic abilities above and beyond those of ghosts who are just vindicare temple assassin wannabes

while masterchief's luck would run out when facing swarms of warriors who basically have a bruteshot level of power in their "assault rifles" per shot, and spartan lasers as a routine armament on their vehicles, while the N7 crowd would probably just get annihilated the first time they tried to use anything other than cover

I mean, it's only remotely equivalent if it's just blood ravens, if it's anything else it's all over for everyone else within about 10 hours at most

15/10/13(Tue)12:33 No. 144324 ID: b2c2db

I mean, honestly, the elusive man, gravemind, queen of blades/overmind even?

these are like the routine enemies space marines go for to stab with their combat knives or something, soon as a dreadnaught comes along it'll absolutely tear everything else to shreds, even an ultralisk won't last soon as plasma weapons are fielded, and librarians' abilities are wielded on a level almost par with kerrigan's in combat or zeratul's easily and that's just individually, what happens if they decide to work as a group or support normal space marines?

TES:O General Discussion 15/06/29(Mon)08:39 No. 144201 ID: 36172b [Reply]

File 143555997141.jpg - (544.50KB , 1024x768 , a4e1d60b9a413b2dbd90ef299340b33f.jpg )

So i got TES:O for Xbone the other day and am having fun with it. Pop in is rare but it does happen. Has a few glitches and I've had to restart the game once because i just randomly lost control of my character, but that's the worst I've had and its been a while since anything like it has happened. The community is cool, and some quests are better when you have more than one person taking it down at the same time, however some missions, especially those involving dungeon crawling, are hindered by players spawn scumming spiders for random item drops when you need to kill x amount for a quest. Sometimes it takes you out of it, especially since the main plot is about how you are the sole hope for the universe. Overall i think it's a good game for what it is. I'm just making this thread for other people to give their opinion or inspire somebody else to give it a try. I know critically it was shit on last year, but since it went sub-free, at least on console, it's a lot better than had been before.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/08/31(Mon)01:35 No. 144272 ID: 56cebc

But I heard it shit all over the lore, and that people generally disregard it as an Elder Scrolls game and as just another MMO.

15/09/09(Wed)00:51 No. 144286 ID: ca3ceb

No mods for giant tits.

dsfdsfsf 15/10/10(Sat)00:28 No. 144317 ID: e5dcd3

How is it compared to Skyrim? (how bland it is).

>enjoyable to anyone that likes the Elder Scrolls lore

iirc this game rapes the original lore of the series (something that i really enjoy).

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