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Stardew Valley 18/07/19(Thu)12:35 No. 145312 ID: 498391 [Reply]

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

Anyone here who plays Stardew Valley? It's pretty comfy
Personally, I struggle to find anything to do past a year or more.
Post your farms if you want to show off

18/05/18(Fri)07:33 No. 145261 ID: a9d87b [Reply]

File 152662163695.png - (675.20KB , 1920x1018 , 2018-04-29_14_15_45.png )

hey guys whats your opinion on minecraft

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18/07/06(Fri)12:19 No. 145303 ID: 380c52

fun to play with friends but as the majority of games that have a multiplayer aspect, the community ruins it.

18/07/07(Sat)19:09 No. 145306 ID: 3c3d77

A disappointment that will never be finished. Maybe some day Minetest can finish the job that Notch failed.

18/07/18(Wed)10:26 No. 145311 ID: 5878e7

Pretty good with mods though I feel like it reached its peak. The community is decreasing every day

18/06/27(Wed)01:46 No. 145299 ID: 789691 [Reply]

File 153005678962.png - (246.18KB , 1280x640 , tumblr_mb6i4pmodG1qh1z75o4_1280_png_876b8b0fb16955.png )

which visual novel or whatever is this from?

18/07/06(Fri)14:21 No. 145305 ID: 380c52

This look like any wallpaper on a youtube lo-fi mix

The Best Skunch 18/05/30(Wed)05:59 No. 145277 ID: 992393 [Reply]

File 152765279732.jpg - (757.38KB , 1200x1600 , Dota 2.jpg )

Dota 2 is the best game

Fight me.

18/06/20(Wed)22:28 No. 145298 ID: 606f65


18/07/06(Fri)12:23 No. 145304 ID: 380c52

I think It's the best game in Its genre but you can't really have a "best game", for such a large spectrum It is really hard to have a set of "things" to define what the "best game" is

favorite games 18/05/23(Wed)11:16 No. 145269 ID: 36c3ff [Reply]

File 152706699765.jpg - (76.81KB , 272x386 , 4a47a5e93adbc54e953f9d23fea5dfa7960f48e78632e41406.jpg )

do you have favorite video games

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18/06/07(Thu)18:09 No. 145285 ID: 405475

File 152838775257.png - (1.33MB , 1024x1024 , Sonic-Adventure-2-artwork-Sonic-and-Shadow.png )

18/06/07(Thu)23:51 No. 145286 ID: 645dfe

yes i do

18/07/06(Fri)06:24 No. 145302 ID: c5037c

File 153085106118.jpg - (145.67KB , 800x796 , MegamanX4.jpg )

Request: original ff12 guide 18/06/18(Mon)21:27 No. 145295 ID: 18cb91 [Reply]

File 152935006674.jpg - (225.99KB , 768x1024 , 1529005152.jpg )

I know it's one of the worst game guides ever made but I'd like to have it again. Came in handy for a few things. Anyone have a pdf of it laying around? The only one I found was on Scribd and well it's Scribd lol. I don't plan on paying for it again and mine got lost in a move.

18/06/20(Wed)04:01 No. 145296 ID: 18cb91

bumping for attention

18/06/07(Thu)23:53 No. 145287 ID: 645dfe [Reply]

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

  Hi, I have a indie game out, you can download it for free. Please try it, I hop yuo like it!


18/06/07(Thu)23:54 No. 145288 ID: 645dfe

File 152840848847.png - (16.91KB , 640x480 , NESphonebooth.png )

sorry i am autistic, here is the link:


18/06/16(Sat)23:43 No. 145294 ID: 645dfe

File 152918541256.png - (5.08KB , 800x600 , fence.png )


I just released this to itch.io It's a big free-roaming and trippy exploration game. Please consider playing!


SHARKS!!!! FRICKEN SHARKS!!!! 18/06/05(Tue)09:50 No. 145284 ID: eb4eb4 [Reply]

File 152818505930.png - (1.09MB , 1280x720 , Postal2.png )

So I was playing POSTAL 2 and was looking on the workshop mods and I saw a Shark Launcher and thought I wonder how this would turn out and well.....


18/06/08(Fri)16:15 No. 145289 ID: 17ca40

this place sis still alive?

18/06/09(Sat)01:09 No. 145290 ID: a870df

File 152849936829.jpg - (121.51KB , 479x640 , Walk Me You Monster.jpg )

Yes, but we don't respond to posts unless they're actually interesting.

18/06/04(Mon)20:13 No. 145281 ID: 15fdba [Reply]

Youtube  This AVGN video is pretty good.

18/06/04(Mon)20:42 No. 145282 ID: 9252ae

hello Jaako

18/06/04(Mon)22:18 No. 145283 ID: e75f10


Clamp Your Gob You Fucking Moron 18/06/01(Fri)08:41 No. 145279 ID: adb04d [Reply]

File 152783528885.jpg - (85.73KB , 897x390 , devolver_e3_2018.jpg )

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