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Cheetahmen 2 17/06/10(Sat)19:10 No. 144973 ID: 76b42b [Reply]

File 149711460953.png - (1.41KB , 256x240 , CheetahmenIITitle.png )

Hey there,
Ever heard of Cheetahmen 2? If you haven't, here's a great review about it:
If you have then great. What do you think of the game? Complete fuckery isn't it? Why do you think they never finished the sequel though?

17/06/11(Sun)04:28 No. 144974 ID: d31d2d

no one cares, stop advertising your shitty fucking youtube on this shitty fucking dead site you fucking chink faggot

17/06/11(Sun)09:39 No. 144975 ID: 5ce511

Youtube  When I am appointed god-emperor I shall implement immediate beheadings for people who post links rather than using embed.

Ling ting tong, time to get a job.

17/06/11(Sun)19:41 No. 144976 ID: ca7e87

I think that if you want to start up a new youtube channel in a massively over-saturated market, you better bring something unique to the table rather than try and lure people with a game everyone and their goddamn mother made a video/"review" on after one guy thought it was amusing to do so and a legion of brainless fucks copied it.

I fucking hate youtube channels like yours and I haven't even looked at it.

What a pile of shit. 17/06/04(Sun)13:29 No. 144971 ID: 90f359 [Reply]

File 149657579846.jpg - (89.10KB , 619x594 , POS.jpg )

This game was a 10/10 in early beta, now its a parody of itself. Chris ruined this game.
>crappy RNG on top of RNG
>LAB (LOL we spent a lot on it so we wont removexD/Chris)
>One shots everywhere because Chris balances around people using log out macros instead of adding a timer to logging out the character
>retarded skills that cover the screen in particles so we can't see shit
>ascendancy which forces you to choose a certain class to play certain ways


17/06/04(Sun)16:25 No. 144972 ID: 1d7577

I'll be honest I like the LAB but everything else is bang-on. I'll also had a couple more:

Logically compatible, incompatible skill gems:
- There was this one OP build once so now we're stopping anything with remotely similar mechanics.

Entire game content stored in a single file:
- What's that? You failed an integrity-check, re-download the entire game.
- Been AFK and missed a couple of updates, re-download the entire game!
- We've added a new map, re-download the entire game!

17/05/21(Sun)11:07 No. 144962 ID: 7e7727 [Reply]

File 149535762275.jpg - (189.24KB , 1920x1080 , bloodmoon2.jpg )

Is this one of the best games released on the last decade or what?

17/06/03(Sat)11:14 No. 144970 ID: 2b6103


The temple system is tedious AF. The weapon breaking system is tedious AF. The armor system is tedious AF. The travel system is tedious AF.

This game is tedious AF.

Obscure games 16/10/21(Fri)21:55 No. 144724 ID: 0beb42 [Reply]

File 147707971443.jpg - (93.47KB , 1280x800 , ptu7bXv[1].jpg )

Tell us about that game that you love but nobody plays. Bonus points if it's abandonware or free

32 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
17/04/09(Sun)16:46 No. 144930 ID: ace97b

speaking of Bungie, Oni is pretty fukken sweet.

17/04/11(Tue)04:06 No. 144931 ID: a870df

The first couple levels are awesome but after Microsoft acquired them it felt like they just phoned in the rest of the game to ship it as quickly as possible.

17/06/03(Sat)05:03 No. 144969 ID: 7598ce

What do you mean by "F"?, Red Eclipse somewhat alive. This month i saw a spike in the playerbase and some old players came back.

pls play this game (we will have a tournament this summer https://redeclipse.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1178&sid=2e5e11060cd0b48cf5d5edd429b14bf6)

rimworld general? Kashiwagi 17/05/01(Mon)21:37 No. 144941 ID: 4e3501 [Reply]

File 149366747261.jpg - (194.43KB , 1280x720 , rims.jpg )

>Be me
>20, college, pretty good looking
>Kind of sworn of grills cos too much work
>Find pic related, rimworld is lit as fuck
>future gf gifts it to me, don't think much of the game, seems like something an autist would play
>give it a chance
>start to grow more interested
>Colony keeps dying, but each time is so fucking lit
>stop playing
>2 weeks later
>find mods for it, Edp prepare carefully, can now make own custom characters
>at first make myself, don't like him, so keep trying, eventually make entire clone of myself
>all while I play the game, start to make exact replicas of people I know in my real life on campus, namely the hot grills
>make people that I'm angry at, dislike, laugh at, and some i'm jealous of
>start having max 12 characters all of who are all people I know irl in every playthrough
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
17/05/13(Sat)01:13 No. 144955 ID: ca7e87

Unless X stands for "the only one who Y" in which case the answer is always no, regardless of what Y is.

17/05/13(Sat)05:33 No. 144956 ID: ce58f0

Am I a winner?

> normally yes
> normally


17/05/27(Sat)14:08 No. 144965 ID: fb5950

File 14958869316.gif - (296.46KB , 256x145 , FuckYeah.gif )

Am I a loser?

> normally yes
> normally

Fuck Yeah!

Byond Games 16/11/17(Thu)08:10 No. 144759 ID: 38613e [Reply]

File 147936665173.png - (151.98KB , 1646x936 , byond 2005.png )

Who remembers Byond?

what was your favorite Byond game?

16/11/17(Thu)23:31 No. 144760 ID: 5abde1

File 147942191055.png - (1.82MB , 2440x1204 , 1387634354591.png )

> Was
Anon, I have news for you. It's still very active, and has a couple of popular games, like Space Station 13 and NESTopia.

16/11/21(Mon)08:02 No. 144762 ID: 38613e

File 147971172140.png - (100.37KB , 272x421 , Byond.png )

Im aware, trust me...

17/05/24(Wed)09:49 No. 144964 ID: 440110

one of those Bleach MMO's. I had given my zanpakuto the name Amaterasu

he Sims 4 Anon 17/05/23(Tue)23:30 No. 144963 ID: 6d062b [Reply]

File 149557505340.jpg - (99.78KB , 464x640 , The-Sims-4-City-Living-Official-PC-cracked.jpg )

The Sims 4 City Living – RELOADED | +Vintage Glamour stuff pack +ALL DLCs


Gabe Newell 17/05/17(Wed)11:28 No. 144960 ID: e6ca37 [Reply]

File 149501333056.gif - (177.91KB , 480x270 , G_20170409_0338273.gif )


17/05/17(Wed)18:43 No. 144961 ID: e6ca37

File 149503942336.png - (2.64MB , 1920x1080 , 14948788520840.png )

17/05/16(Tue)12:59 No. 144959 ID: 2a5230 [Reply]

File 149493235925.jpg - (1.16MB , 2560x1440 , recluse brand channel art 1.jpg )


I have Autism, please be understanding.



GCN 17/05/11(Thu)06:46 No. 144953 ID: e65116 [Reply]

File 149447797859.png - (551.20KB , 1200x673 , GameCube-Console-Set.png )

Let's have a Nintendo Gamecube thread. So tell me, do you dolphin or do you have the actual console? What games do you/did you like most?

Here are some games that were actually great.

17/05/11(Thu)09:32 No. 144954 ID: 412291

Bought one on the release day, though it's long since left my possession.

Super Mario Sunshine
Double Dash
Geist (although at the end it turns into a pretty boring FPS)
Metroid Prime 1 & 2
Pikmin 1 & 2
Wind Waker

I actually held off buying Futurama for PS2 because they had announced the GameCube version, only to cancel it, at which point I had to find a used copy for PS2. Fuckers.

Imported a box of component video cables and paid for the one I kept by reselling them on eBay with a markup.

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