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14/11/26(Wed)03:40 No. 143517 ID: f86070 [Reply]

File 141696962122.png - (507.64KB , 750x410 , 043.png )

Those who saw the success of Generations and Lost World with cautious optimism, those who wondered where and when the shoe was going to drop, wonder no more, because the shoe has dropped, and holy Raptor-Jesus-freeballing-Angel-Dust-while-tapdancing-on-your-mother's-grave, this is THE WORST FUCKING SONIC GAME SINCE SONIC 06.

Ever hear of Red Button Entertainment? They're made up of people from devs you might recognize, like Naughty Dog, Luxoflux, and High Impact.

Quite a pedigree.

Apparently they travelled to Opposite Earth where the mile-a-minute fuckup that is Sonic 06 is regarded as a critical masterpiece and decided to make exactly that on modern hardware.

This game runs on Cryengine. At least Big Red Button says it does. I'd be hard fucking pressed to point out what they needed it for, because previous titles running on the Hedgehog Engine (first made for, IIRC, the execrable Shadow the Hedgehog game on the next-to-last gen hardware) looked comparatively better for the time periods they were developed in. The reviled incompetent camera of earlier 3D Sonics makes its triumphant return here, along with shoddy collision detection and braindead companion A.I. You have companions that you're supposed to be able to switch between, but since they have a tendency to stand and jump in place, you can't do that. Why would you not be able to switch to them? Because Billy, the game won't let you switch when companions are jumping? Why would you code a game to do that? Well, why wouldn't you?

But before we get any further along in our examination of this trainwreck, we need to talk about WHY this game exists.

Sega looked at Disney's Infinity and Activision's Skylanders and thought "Damn, why are we not getting a piece of that action?" So they commissioned a Sonic game to sell toys, and in the process, we ended up with one of the most unnecessary and batshit incomprehensible character redesigns since Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts 'n Bolts.

Bandages. Everybody wears bandages. Bandages wrapped around shoes, around hands, around arms, around what the fuck ever. Bandages are to Boom what zippers are to post-VI Final Fantasy games: to be used anywhere BESIDES where they would make sense. Sonic's legs occupy about half his total body height, Knuckles looks like something out of a furry muscle fetishist's fanfic brought to life. Tails and Amy seem to have suffered less in this freakshow, but I stress that "less" is a relative term.
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14/12/13(Sat)07:54 No. 143560 ID: 8a30e2

File 141845367466.gif - (1.57MB , 376x273 , gotta go fast.gif )

Both >>143517 and >>143551 are right.

Sonic Boom is less of a 'bad Sonic game' than it is a shitty licensed cash-in game based on a Sonic cartoon. At least Sonic '06 has value for being a entertaining showpiece of Sega's own incompetence.

But Boom? The base gameplay is completely dull. It's just miserable to the point where there's almost no sport in playing or even watching it to make fun of it. That shit wasn't even developed by Sega themselves (if it was, that may have been an entirely different game).

That's really how bad Sonic Boom is; it's considered even worse than one of the worst in-house Sonic games just by virtue of being so bland. This isn't to say I was expecting anything from it at all (E3 2014 reports on the game were as negative as the reviews). But it's just stunningly mediocre.

Worst-case scenario? Some suits at Sega could interpret Sonic Boom's critical and sales failures as "Well, I guess people are less interested in any Sonic games now."

14/12/16(Tue)05:12 No. 143567 ID: f86070

Youtube - Toggle Video

>Worst-case scenario? Some suits at Sega could interpret Sonic Boom's critical and sales failures as "Well, I guess people are less interested in any Sonic games now."

...Aaand that's why there's Freedom Planet.

14/12/19(Fri)01:57 No. 143571 ID: 10d6c2

>Some suits at Sega could interpret Sonic Boom's critical and sales failures as "Well, I guess people are less interested in any Sonic games now."
Now if only Microsoft would interpret the xbone this way.

/kspg7/ - Kerbal Space Program General (7ch edition) 13/10/03(Thu)02:06 No. 141583 ID: 277f72 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 138075877490.jpg - (708.49KB , 4000x4000 , N3X15_w.jpg )


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkDOOsGg-9I [Embed]

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KSP is also on Steam.

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## Admin ## 14/09/21(Sun)03:03 No. 143151 ID: 4ec97c

Okay, just cleaned this out. No more gamer gate shit in this thread, take it to >>143119.

By the way, if you see shitposting, report it. We get beeped in IRC when a report is filed. If you have any questions RE: rules, pop into IRC and ask.

14/12/17(Wed)23:07 No. 143568 ID: 55ca64

File 141885402710.jpg - (218.61KB , 531x471 , 1408401664246.jpg )

might as well buy the kerbalizer while you're at it.

14/12/18(Thu)03:17 No. 143570 ID: 10d6c2

Only when I don't have to choose between buying a new car or buying a 3D printer. They keep falling in price but are still damn expensive to buy and operate. I don't want some picture, I want something to put next to my Buddy Christ figurine.

KSP hit beta this week. No new features from here on out, but at least the stuff that's there should start working better.

I'm starting to get annoyed at KSP newbies. They always insist on playing career mode and get pissed off because they don't know what they're doing. Is it just autism? False bravado caused by modern games? Parents who never let them touch hot stoves? False expectations of being instantly awesome at everything without any practice?

They should play sandbox until they figure out WTF they're doing, then switch to career for greater challenges.

14/06/14(Sat)04:15 No. 142788 ID: 55f3ff [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140271213210.png - (7.87KB , 230x230 , 60fps.png )

What's up with this new trend or buzzword/meme whatever of 60fps?

Is there really a difference? Why is this being done now?

64 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/12/16(Tue)00:08 No. 143565 ID: 7b7ad1

>>5d741c well spoken.
I'm glad people aren't parroting the bullshit about how humans only see 16 fps 'n shit.
don't buy any shitty games that were primarily made for consoles and you should be good, but I guess you know that.

>>10d6c2 who cares whether or not some surveillance camera that nobody with half a brain will ever put in his home has a certain feature? waht's the next topic? snooki's hairstyle? duh.

14/12/16(Tue)00:58 No. 143566 ID: 10d6c2

I'm just thinking about the children. Getting exposed to floppy horse dongs in their multiplayer dance games.

Besides, it's not like Microsoft forced thousands of people to get Kinect if they wanted an xbone. It's only recently that they finally admitted defeat and released a SKU without it. Maybe eventually they'll admit defeat and ditch its touchscreen interface too.

BTW, you know if you click on the post number it'll insert the text into your reply, right? No need to do that copy & paste thing you're currently doing.

14/12/17(Wed)23:56 No. 143569 ID: fe5251


You are so fucking butthurt.

I bet you can't even no-scope

14/12/10(Wed)07:11 No. 143552 ID: ee9e09 [Reply]

File 141819189417.jpg - (252.01KB , 1513x1325 , fmlstalker.jpg )

you guys seem to know things about this kind of situation, I've looked everywhere and exhausted my meager skills in computing trying to figure out how to deal with this, the only thing I can do with it is type quit and it'll exit, it doesn't blue screen, crash my computer or even give an error message, it just sits there, not interfering with anything else

since I've seen a lot of talk about stalker here I just figured I'd ask you guys since I know it's notorious for bugs and glitches

I was wondering if it's possible to extract all the files and put them into gamedata (the mod folder) and just run vanilla as if it were a mod in the computers eyes, and would that solve the issue?

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/12/11(Thu)04:51 No. 143555 ID: ee9e09

I might of, is this normal? I tried installing a patch but it just said the installation didn't exist, I guess I should try but the installation took for freaking ever, ugh

14/12/11(Thu)21:45 No. 143557 ID: d6a2ed

If you bought the game from Steam, it should be patched to the most recent version. And yes, before installing any mod or fix you must run the vanilla game once (just to the main menu) before installing a mod.

14/12/11(Thu)21:49 No. 143558 ID: d6a2ed

I just realized how retarded that last sentence sounds, but I assume you understand

Stolen vidya? 14/12/06(Sat)22:12 No. 143546 ID: 55f3ff [Reply]

File 141790035015.jpg - (69.66KB , 576x1024 , B0hkDd-IUAA5x3j.jpg )

I took a picture of this guy's unused Doom Beta code without him knowing it.

If I redeem it can I be banned? And if so would it be console or account ban?

Stolen vidya stories?

14/12/08(Mon)16:50 No. 143548 ID: ebce68

Do it and find out.

If you have the balls to steal something you should have the balls to deal with the consequence.

14/12/09(Tue)01:30 No. 143549 ID: 10d6c2

If they really feel like being dicks they could arrest you for the original theft and tack on various computer-related crimes. You weren't given permission to access their beta server.

Supreme Commander 2 14/11/30(Sun)00:33 No. 143525 ID: d30fc3 [Reply]

File 141730402066.jpg - (69.33KB , 256x361 , aaa.jpg )

So, just got this for a few Euros. Steam is just finishing the updates (which are bigger than the game itself, lol). Any suggestions before I head into the single player campaign (I presume there is one)? All I know is that it's a spiritual successor of Total Annihilation and that I haven't played the first one. Thanks niggas

9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/12/02(Tue)05:14 No. 143539 ID: af006b

Space Command

14/12/05(Fri)02:52 No. 143542 ID: 31c7c8

You nigs, I already bought Beef Supreme Commander 2 based on the Total Annihilation successor thing. Hopefully it's worth the couple hundred pennies it cost.

14/12/06(Sat)02:35 No. 143545 ID: 10d6c2

But I'm not Korean.

Also, Blizzard is dead to me. I have no interest in WoW or the other cash-grab titles they've released since WoW. Kotick can suck my balls.

Tactical/Round Based RPG Thread 14/11/14(Fri)04:41 No. 143475 ID: 0aeb16 [Reply]

Game Trailers - Toggle Video

  can we have one? idk what to play

3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/11/14(Fri)13:34 No. 143480 ID: fe6394


14/11/14(Fri)22:36 No. 143482 ID: b75f8b

File 141600097936.jpg - (74.89KB , 640x908 , Gladius.jpg )


14/12/05(Fri)12:16 No. 143543 ID: 3c2bd6

naah.. just pc gaems.. also, games playable with 1 hand, prefer round based rpg

13/05/20(Mon)19:24 No. 140520 ID: 0a6db2 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136907065154.jpg - (9.84KB , 480x360 , monster.jpg )

What video game character has gotten the biggest emotional reaction out of you? For me it's that thing from Containment Breach. It scared me shitless.

61 posts and 21 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/11/20(Thu)02:45 No. 143492 ID: e4ff78

Youtube - Toggle Video
They do look great, something's real nice about the texture on them.

Don't decry me as a massive homo, this trailer makes me get shivers. The game itself didn't have the theme of hopelessness the trailer gave off, games that do would be my favorite.

Can't think of anything else at the moment, just that I <3 Doom. The premise always got me pumped: you're alone fighting through hoards of demons and hell itself. Like whatever Doomguy's feeling must be righteous fury, and it feelsgoodman.

sims 14/11/29(Sat)23:13 No. 143524 ID: 55423e

File 14172992259.png - (164.73KB , 256x306 , The_Sims_Coverart.png )

my custom family had a son who was eventually seduced and corrupted by chris roomies. he started hanging out with the sorority down the street and his mom cried every night.

though >>142138 has a point too.

14/12/01(Mon)13:02 No. 143534 ID: be44f2

for me it's the wallmaster

14/11/16(Sun)23:58 No. 143484 ID: e41fff [Reply]

File 141617869288.gif - (6.54KB , 291x66 , logo.gif )

So, I just noticed CoolROM doesn't have roms for any nintendo console anymore. I can't be the only one upset about this.

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/11/21(Fri)21:15 No. 143499 ID: e41fff

I actually got the joke, I just don't like when someone acts like a smartass like that

14/11/24(Mon)03:18 No. 143505 ID: f86070

File 141679553599.jpg - (54.90KB , 640x510 , half-of-everything-is-luck.jpg )


One does have to admit, though, that sites like CoolRom are one of the shittiest ways to get ahold of roms. They don't even list seperate romdumps for games, which means you're hosed when you're looking for the right version of a game to apply a romhack to.

14/11/27(Thu)03:06 No. 143520 ID: 85eedd

I can see how that can be a bummer. I've never really gotten into rom hacks, though.

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