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Failtrain Thread Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 12/10/27(Sat)01:46 No. 137697 ID: 612b37 [Reply] Stickied

File 135129516388.jpg - (65.72KB , 1280x720 , McV4P.jpg )

Main Server:

MvM Server:

MvM (30-wave):

Also, I'll be taking requests for reserved slots in this thread, just give me your Steam ID and I will add it to the reserved slot list (The 30-wave server is not run by me, so it may take longer for that server to be updated). You can find your Steam ID at http://steamidfinder.com/

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14/01/21(Tue)03:59 No. 142093 ID: 8b8134

When did Failtrain start getting players?

FussyPoot 14/04/25(Fri)01:34 No. 142561 ID: 0bbbe8 [Reply]

File 139838244113.jpg - (236.58KB , 1007x1580 , october-08-star-ocean-the-last-hope-character-reim.jpg )

I'm new to JRPGs. Could any of you recommend me some?

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14/04/25(Fri)03:23 No. 142564 ID: 16901a

>I'm new to JRPGs.
How is this even possible? Seriously. Have you made a concerted effort to avoid them on by vaguely dumb nationalist rationale your whole life?

FussyPoot 14/04/25(Fri)05:06 No. 142565 ID: 0bbbe8

File 13983952047.gif - (976.52KB , 500x281 , 1379047408757.gif )

Then let me word it better. I've only been exposed to the surface of the world of JRPGs. Would you help guide me on a journey through to the center of this magnificent land?


Glitches 14/04/25(Fri)09:26 No. 142566 ID: 2c44c2

I totally wouldn't suggest starting off with Disgaea for strategy RPGs, way too grindy with no story. Something lighter like Fire Emblem (7 is the best place to start) would probably be better.

13/05/20(Mon)19:24 No. 140520 ID: 0a6db2 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136907065154.jpg - (9.84KB , 480x360 , monster.jpg )

What video game character has gotten the biggest emotional reaction out of you? For me it's that thing from Containment Breach. It scared me shitless.

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14/02/26(Wed)10:32 No. 142228 ID: 7753bc

Hit me hard too.

That set piece was almost as bad as the discourse it spawned.

14/04/22(Tue)17:49 No. 142544 ID: 38ef71

Republic Commando; {SPOILERS} having to abandon sev on the last mission i was running back to try and save him... he was truly my nigga

14/04/24(Thu)11:21 No. 142560 ID: b88d3c

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Maria and Draco from Final Fantasy 6

13/12/03(Tue)08:42 No. 141868 ID: 6fa42a [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138605652362.png - (44.08KB , 1400x1050 , ´・ω・).png )

Whatcha playin', /vg/? Tell us about it.

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14/04/22(Tue)05:38 No. 142542 ID: 977568

File 139813793159.jpg - (91.61KB , 467x350 , 1302054670671.jpg )

Strike Fighters 2.

Nothing satisfies my boner more than precision-bombing pilgrims from 30,000 feet.

14/04/23(Wed)21:27 No. 142548 ID: c77343

Wild Arms Alter Code F

14/04/24(Thu)02:15 No. 142558 ID: 0fcd37

no, fuq u!

Doom 4 14/03/12(Wed)21:42 No. 142334 ID: c7663b [Reply]

File 139465695243.jpg - (156.32KB , 1600x1200 , fileDoom.jpg )

I saw the early alpha, it will be Rage-like game with rpg elements.

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14/03/19(Wed)22:22 No. 142401 ID: 10d6c2

>no idea of the size of development teams grow
no idea how the size of development teams grow

That's what I get for rewriting shit 5 times and not proofreading before hitting reply.

14/04/23(Wed)22:13 No. 142551 ID: 937cda

what the fuck?

14/04/24(Thu)01:39 No. 142557 ID: 10d6c2

It does explain why so many graduates can't get jobs. They write resumes and cover letters like they're posting on reddit.

Which game? 14/01/05(Sun)17:12 No. 142007 ID: bb44ea [Reply]

File 138893832620.jpg - (724.44KB , 774x1032 , 2014-01-05 12_33_46.jpg )

Ok /vg/, i am hopefully going to get an Xbox One in February and thought that it would be best if i completed the games i have first before moving on.
At the minute, the tally is
1 - Zelda
1 - Doom 3
1 - Killer 7
But i now turn to you for more votes please!
(PS, not bothering with PS3 games since i only use it for blurays now anyway)

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/02/27(Thu)02:58 No. 142232 ID: 10d6c2

I guess some people aren't happy unless they're getting boned.

14/03/07(Fri)02:35 No. 142295 ID: 8072f3

>wanting an Xbox Done

14/04/24(Thu)01:31 No. 142556 ID: ace8e3

I see you have a lot of PC games on your 360, you might as well get a nice cheap rig and it'd go you a longer ways with all the really cheap games you get on steam, GMG and GOG, especially if you play a lot of multiplats.

The xbox1 basically has no exclusives outside of a really gimmicky and bad f2p fighting game.

At least the Wii U has Bayo 2, W101, Smash, Pikmin 3, and other stuff you'd probably be interested in or even if you hate PC for some reason you could buy a PS4 for cheaper and get higher fps/better resolutions and more games in the long run because Sony always ends up getting the most exclusives.

PeachxBowser is canon 14/04/23(Wed)19:18 No. 142545 ID: a98075 [Reply]

File 139827352179.png - (573.72KB , 800x960 , 1398042514410.png )

Here's one of the great unanswered questions in the Mario mythos: who is the mother of all of Bowser's children? There are eight of them in all, and Bowser bends over backwards to conquer random desert and water kingdoms for them to use as sandboxes. Yet, we've never seen a Queen Koopa.

Super Mario Sunshine addresses this question head-on. In the game, Mario has to rescue Princess Peach (as usual), only this time the kidnapper turns out to be not Bowser, but his previously unrevealed eighth son: Bowser Jr. When asked why he was doing all this crap, he said the reason was because he wanted to protect his mother:

Princess Peach.

14/04/23(Wed)19:25 No. 142547 ID: a98075

File 139827390938.jpg - (9.22KB , 320x178 , 51786.jpg )

... and after a moment of shocked hesitation, says, "I'm your momma?"

The kid replies, "Yeah, papa told me all about it."

At this point she should say, "Well, your dad's confused, because I would remember banging a giant turtle" or "You have me mistaken for someone else -- someone with a much, much bigger vagina."

But, no -- instead, Peach says, "So you're Bowser's son

14/04/24(Thu)01:16 No. 142555 ID: 721764


Did you beat Super Mario Sunshine?

14/04/24(Thu)08:26 No. 142559 ID: 54e99b

In a game where a an Italian plumber jumps on turtles whose shells go ballistic, uses mushrooms to grow double his size, rides a dinosaur, saves princesses, eats flowers to shoot fireballs, and fucking everything else that comes with the Mario series, you're really trying to make sense of who the mother of a menacing saurian's kids is?

Fuck this thread is stupid and so are you.

14/04/21(Mon)06:57 No. 142536 ID: fedad3 [Reply]

File 139805626999.png - (56.37KB , 370x160 , 20130618081801!Wildstar_logo.png )


It's coming June 3rd, with an open beta a week before that, and closed beta weekends for preorderers until then. I am such a preorderer and I have to say the game is pretty good, lacking polish and with many bugs, but they have a month and a half to work those kinks out and hey, Vanilla WoW wasn't perfect when it launched.

So the question is, do we have any plans? A 7chan guild would do nicely. Would we want Exiles or Dominion? Exiles have sexy nekomimi and space zombies, but Dominion has psychotic genderless rabbits and are generally just huge dicks to everyone.

Anybody else preorder? Experiences? Thoughts?

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/04/22(Tue)04:28 No. 142541 ID: fedad3

Well if you have a better MMO to play that isn't WoW I'd love to hear about it.

And yes it uses the "older" payment model - buy the game, pay for a sub. You'd rather some "free"-to-play Korean microtransaction cash shop?

14/04/22(Tue)06:19 No. 142543 ID: 8d533c

>You'd rather some "free"-to-play Korean microtransaction cash shop?
- developed by Carbine Studios
- a subsidiary of NCSOFT
- a South Korea-based company

I'll let you think about that for a moment...

14/04/24(Thu)01:15 No. 142554 ID: ace8e3

It's basically the crap you'd find in Korean game, except instead of the fast paced gameplay and sandbox elements you get a game that you have already played before with a terrible ratchet+clank + worldofwarcraft artstyle.

I'd rather play Aion or GW2, at least they're somewhat different albeit still boring as hell.

Fat Abbot 14/02/23(Sun)10:36 No. 142202 ID: 414c05 [Reply]

File 139314818682.png - (61.71KB , 228x195 , Fat Abbot.png )

What are some of the best RTS/RTT games you can think of, or simply games where there's a ton of niggers capping each other? I've played some total war games, mount and blade: warband, and eu4, but I'm getting bored of them all as they seem very repetitive.

8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/04/19(Sat)23:23 No. 142519 ID: 54e99b

Try Achron. It's a RTS where time travel is a major factor. Your dudes blew up? Reverse that shit. Just remember that the AI can do everything you can, and it does it better. The game is all about outsmarting a superior enemy.

14/04/20(Sun)09:23 No. 142525 ID: 771ebe


I tried playing Achron once and my head exploded. Recommended

14/04/24(Thu)00:50 No. 142553 ID: 9c1726

I'm currently playing C&C3, seems fun enough. Haven't tried online, probably dead.

13/06/15(Sat)05:22 No. 140796 ID: 0dd3ed [Reply]

File 137126656415.png - (2.68MB , 1186x788 , Gunpoint-screenshots-01.png )

hey /vg/, i want to start getting into stealth games. so far i have only played mark of the ninja and recently just got gunpoint. planning to play the thief series. which thief game do you think is the best one? any recommendations would be appreciated.

18 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/04/05(Sat)00:18 No. 142468 ID: 9c1726

Manhunt and Hitman are good, especially Hitman: Absolution. As for Manhunt, you can't even play that game without stealth, damage taken - realistic as fuck.

14/04/23(Wed)22:08 No. 142550 ID: 937cda

and assuming you play on lower difficulty.

you can barely take any damage on realistic.

14/04/24(Thu)00:41 No. 142552 ID: 9c1726

Well Hitman is unrealistic, yet you have give it to the whole concept, he was created for otherwise unrealistic acts.

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