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Minecraft Technic 1.7.10 Pack deadbabies 15/01/19(Mon)21:07 No. 143678 ID: a2579f [Reply] Stickied

File 142169804159.jpg - (272.71KB , 1264x682 , chk_jschl.jpg )

Looking for people interested in playing a semi-cooperative game of modded minecraft. We're using the 1.7.10 Pack using the Technic Launcher (Yes, you have to use another launcher, but it won't overwrite your other Minecraft installs). You must have a legit copy/license of Minecraft to play. The setup is fairly straightforward.

The server is 24/7 dedicated, regularly backed up to both protect against errors and griefers, and if we get enough interest I will probably enforce a whitelist policy

If interested, please join the IRC channel on irc.7chan.org #ftb. We have all kinds of tech and magic mods to satisfy mostly everyone. You're welcome to co-op with our core group or set off on your own.

This version of the server's been running for a few weeks and is pretty stable. The server itself through vanilla and various modpacks has been running for two years and we could use some new, creative blood who is interested in playing!

For basic information on setting up and connecting the information is in the topic. If you're having problems, deadbabies (me) and DIMT can probably help.

All we ask is that you're interested in having fun and creating stuff. We can help you out with getting set up! Some vanilla experience and modded experience is helpful, but not required.

Java version 7 (not 8!) is required to play. The launcher works on Windows/Linux/OSX.

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15/04/07(Tue)19:15 No. 143970 ID: f5283f

ayyy is this still alive?

15/04/08(Wed)01:57 No. 143973 ID: b75f8b [Reply]

File 142845105578.png - (1.00MB , 1024x768 , supertuxkart.png )

My list of great freeware always seems to be expanding.

Do you think there will ever come a day where commercial games actually have to compete with freeware?

I already think I would find it difficult to justify spending money on new games if I had gotten into things with the knowledge of all the great free stuff currently out now.

15/04/12(Sun)09:45 No. 143977 ID: abb2d7

File 142882475548.jpg - (66.11KB , 638x476 , SoulFu_3.jpg )

There's already competition in roguelikes. The few commercial offerings face a very heavy competition from the free games. It could happen in other niche genres, but it's more difficult for FPSs or the like.

I can imagine it happening in all the industry in the following scenarios:
Bad ending: A global economic depression causes gaming giants and their customers to have almost no cash to spare
Good ending: Free Software philosophy is widely adopted (not only for software, but for art, etc as well) and people work together to make games
Secret ending: There's a way to automate the creation of graphics, audio and code with the same quality a team of experts could do and it's very cheap to do so (this shouldn't be impossible, but it won't happen any time soon)

asfd 15/04/12(Sun)10:33 No. 143978 ID: 6041bc

what is the second game?does mobas count for free games?dota2 is the only moba that actually let's u play the whole game at first,so it's included in the category at least

15/04/17(Fri)06:26 No. 143982 ID: f6412a

File 142924481333.gif - (16.37KB , 128x111 , porc.gif )

Secret of Ultimate Legendary Fantasy: Unleashed. Or SoulFu.

15/03/25(Wed)01:48 No. 143927 ID: ac3cc4 [Reply]

File 142724453964.jpg - (193.76KB , 1024x768 , cWEGSlTh.jpg )

No mater how much he fellatiates people that hate games he won't shut up about, no matter how much he bitches about "right wing dude bro frat boy jocks" ruining his industry, no matter how much he shittalks people exponentially better than he is, no matter how much his tweets and words piss you off, just remember one thing:

This is the man that skipped his grandmother's funeral to play a NES game and - as hinted at in his "Why Do You Love Video Games?" episode - he almost committed suicide, if not for Mario.

>showing an image of a man about to jump off a building
>Because of all the times I've been so low, so down, so weak, so hopeless, so depressed, I couldn't even talk myself back from the brinkā€¦ but Mario always could.

13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/04/11(Sat)09:37 No. 143975 ID: 1a6717

File 142873785861.jpg - (67.07KB , 640x330 , asperger.jpg )

So your interpretation is the only interpretation of what that next step could be?

15/04/15(Wed)22:14 No. 143980 ID: b2c2db

Youtube - Toggle Video
  I have decided that, sargon of akkad or people that watch his videos also visit 7chan, very nice great success

as juxtaposition to idiot male feminists I figured I'd post this 1/5 video (and the full playlist) from liana K, she calls herself a feminist but I feel like the word is poisoned too much to be of use, that said she's reasonable and intelligent in her analysis and arguments and I can agree with them mostly
she also has at least recnetly a large number of gameplay videos on her channel from what I skimmed the other day

(what can I say I'm an INTP and the fancy took me)I ALSO took a look at a video by anita sarkeesian about a game called "the scythian" - since I had been made aware of scythia's relation to greek amazons thanks to the comic "historie" and further investigation since it was a new name to me, it's definitely crude and boring as a review but it actually does fit the technical definition of "being about the game"

15/04/15(Wed)22:17 No. 143981 ID: b2c2db

oh and yes, a fat guy with a moustache inspiring a fat sperglord with a moustache (and glasses)

who's as destructive to and ignorant about the people around him as the guys from dumb and dumber

are we surprised? maybe not, maybe so, but one wonders if they should be, I mean he's the equivalent of angry german kid smashing his keyboard basically

Dead or Alive 5: Final Round Rollie 15/04/01(Wed)01:24 No. 143954 ID: b97d82 [Reply]

File 142784424278.jpg - (192.73KB , 1920x1080 , vlc 2015-03-31 11-47-57-82.jpg )

What do you guys think? I haven't played DOA since 3, so I'm a bit rusty. The graphics weren't as good as I expected, and the stages aren't multi-tiered, but overall I think it's pretty good

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/04/02(Thu)05:21 No. 143960 ID: f5283f

>I buy them for the gameplay

>user was banned for this post

15/04/02(Thu)06:28 No. 143961 ID: b75f8b


15/04/14(Tue)04:15 No. 143979 ID: f86070

Even if you're an absolute DOA fanatic, I'd wait at least 'till they patch online multi in; the price will probably go down at least a bit by then. Charging that much for a game that's objectively inferior to the current-gen console version, and missing content to boot, is a joke.

Also, Tecmo going full retard and threatening to never release titles again unless the mod community "behaves" is absurd. YOUR GAME HAS BOOB JIGGLE PHYSICS, TECMO. BOOB. JIGGLE. PHYSICS. What in the sweet red asshole of Satan's thirdborn son makes them think they aren't a massive pack of hypocrites for saying that?

15/01/22(Thu)06:19 No. 143701 ID: b75f8b

8chan has been around for over a year actually, but they didn't start getting big until five months ago when jewt pissed everyone off.

15/01/24(Sat)08:28 No. 143716 ID: b4ce36

That sounds familiar.

15/04/12(Sun)08:04 No. 143976 ID: b2c2db

I have a copy of alien versus predator 2, the old sierra game

I actually managed to find some servers and play it a bit with other people years and years ago, holy shit was it crazy

Netplay 14/06/18(Wed)06:01 No. 142805 ID: 114d7c [Reply]

File 140306409275.png - (60.77KB , 640x464 , Well, well.png )

So we've had this IRC channel for setting up internet games for ages now but I'm such a lazy jerk and afraid of not introducing it in just the right way that I never make threads for it.

Check it out sometime if you wanna play some games with your fellow 7chan pals:

Emulated video game netplay is of particular interest to us but we play plenty of games native to other platforms too.

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15/01/19(Mon)00:45 No. 143675 ID: b75f8b

Bump goddamnit.

15/02/10(Tue)03:49 No. 143792 ID: b75f8b

Sho' do love me some netplay.

15/04/02(Thu)02:18 No. 143958 ID: b75f8b

Bump for glorious netto games. We've been playing some OpenRedAlert lately. Perhaps you'll join us, anon?

Source 2 Announcement 15/03/04(Wed)05:13 No. 143869 ID: f99a3d [Reply]

File 142544242961.jpg - (81.18KB , 1024x768 , gaben for nintendo ds.jpg )

So Source 2 was just announced by Valve at GDC. And it's supposed to be free to devs. What do you think we'll see with this new engine? What could possibly arise?

Perhaps, after all these years, HL3?


10 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/03/23(Mon)18:07 No. 143920 ID: 89d01e

itll only take another 20 years

15/03/24(Tue)17:40 No. 143926 ID: 426f9e

I think Half Life is going to be used by Valve as a means of promoting something else.
HL1 got them started. HL2 played a major role in promoting Steam. I think HL3 is going to be released whenever Valve as a company needs to promote something new. Maybe when Valve's VR or the Steam Machines are ready to go mainstream.

15/04/01(Wed)09:00 No. 143955 ID: da1583

I would love to play that but that I can guarantee you will take YEARS to happen

14/04/19(Sat)21:34 No. 142517 ID: 16901a [Reply]

File 139793607512.png - (2.99MB , 224x384 , dimahoo Infernon guardian item.png )

APNG is a cool format.

21 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nattajerk 15/03/24(Tue)08:46 No. 143925 ID: a57ce1

I have the GIF of this somewhere, the speed booster 1shot kill is fucking sick

15/03/25(Wed)06:31 No. 143931 ID: b75f8b

Been meaning to make a replacement for it with a higher APNG-suited frame rate.

15/03/30(Mon)05:50 No. 143951 ID: b75f8b

File 142768740799.png - (2.32MB , 256x224 , Super Metroid Draygon speed booster kill.png )

Here we go.

15/03/25(Wed)20:50 No. 143933 ID: 47d077 [Reply]

File 142731304571.jpg - (203.96KB , 700x503 , aivi & surasshu - The Black Box - 01.jpg )

Kentucky Route Zero is the best game I've played in the last decade.

You fucks checked this shit out? With down with a a blunt or a bottle and check this bitch out sometime. You gotta be be ready to invest your attention and time as if you are watching a film, though.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/03/26(Thu)23:03 No. 143948 ID: 10d6c2


Looks like it's currently $25, but I know it's been in Steam sales so it's had to been listed for $10 or $15.

Hey, look, I learned something more about it by hitting the store page. It's episodic, like Telltale's adventure games.

15/03/27(Fri)05:13 No. 143949 ID: d2ef46

Not sold.
Know why?
Well guess what else is $25.
This shit.

Every time I remember its existence I have to get drunk.
No exceptions.

Why the hell should I buy Kentucky Route 0 when I could spend that money on beer.

15/03/27(Fri)09:32 No. 143950 ID: e6bc99

For $25 you could get a blowjob from an inner city hooker.

For $20 you could get GTA IV.

For $10 you could get MGS V.

Personally I only buy games when they go on deep discount. That way I can sit at home and drink my beer, that I bought on sale, and play games, that I bought on sale. Several hours of slurred team chat insults later I pass out and all is well with the world.

Post your Skyrim Character Here 15/03/01(Sun)13:43 No. 143867 ID: f5a920 [Reply]

File 14252138336.jpg - (273.04KB , 1366x768 )

Do I really need to tell you what to do here?

11 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
15/03/26(Thu)14:21 No. 143941 ID: b2c2db

is anyone able to mod skyrim's stuff so that crafting, enchanting etc have a more individualistic aspect to them? and maybe give 1h and 2h some more differentiation?

I'd like to see enchants that work as a shield or something based on sprinting or something maybe based on your right hand's attack, this would favour 2h's for magical shielding making it different than shield + sword for instance, while letting you use both, would change gameplay to make charging a mage straightforwards with an enchanter (using a ward proc or whatever for magical defense) a variant of the shield perk and make magekiller a valid enchanting niche

what about adding slight variations in weapon damage based on weapon type and direction you're going on for the smash? I know there was a spear mod, I wonder if backwards smash having a longer range would work for that aspect

give some variance in gameplay based on weapon types

crafting could give mechanics of an interesting nature too, is it possible to give time based procs? like heal on being hit or something, things limited to certain types of gear so you can't stack up the same thing and break balance?

15/03/26(Thu)14:43 No. 143943 ID: b2c2db

I wouldn't also mind seeing a change to poisons so that they last a certain amount of time as well, time based damage primarily, but have it stackable based on weapon type, 1 stack for 2h, 2 stacks for regular 2h's and 3-4 for daggers, 2 stacks for arrows and bolts

things that reinforce tropes but keep the balance of powers similar

I don't know if having a .2% increase to effect of spells per skill point would be valid, but might be a good way to keep scaling in line

also give potions a bit of % of life restoration on top of the static amount while one is at it based on skill, enabling superior alchemists to make better healing potions using the same materials in a way that scales, while also giving enemies % stat boosts per level of the character while allowing continuous skill gain as well, something like .1% improved stats or something (just to help emphasize focused differentiation)

I've been playing a lot, hit level 30 or so on two different characters, one with vanilla skyrim the other with all expansions, it's a clear difference in gameplay, but I feel like some improvements could be made regardless, and while one is at it, make axes have a chance to bleed targets much more than they already do, make criticals do more for daggers, give daggers the critical chance via bladesman perk, but as 1.5X that of swords and reduce the backstab damage to 12X damage instead of 15X from the sneak perk for instance perhaps (or not)

also, is there any potential for cross-skill requirements? something playing along the system that gives 2h conjured weapons bonuses based on 2h skillset + conjuration skillset I wouldn't mind seeing weaker crafted ammunition variants of different effects, poison arrows batches, thrown weapons with a new class of skills that staves are also used udner (thunder-bolts), and grenades for alchemists

the alchemist's grenades for instance could do stuff like spawn a certain number of arrows from an explosion that hit random targets or something, using archery as boon as well as alchemy, or daggers etc etc etc, the bombs themselves requiring a number of these things, so you have shrapnel weapons

enchanting could also be used to help empower the level range of certain illusion spells like calm, fury etc and summoning conjuration skills or something to make them more competitive
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

15/03/26(Thu)15:09 No. 143946 ID: b2c2db

Youtube - Toggle Video
  oh and another thing for spears, make a lance class, make it horse only or at least swing very slowly

if you've ever wanted to do a shock charge on a big monster of a beast like in all the stories this would be it, make it spear class and 2h, perhaps allowing spear to be like 1h's in that it can spear/shield combo or be used as a 2h if not used with anything else in conjunction with the spear and shield combo being much more limited to forwards/backwards type attacks whereas the 2h spear side smashes could be a jab to the side of your own screen, or coming from that side into the enemy, making the spear able to go around defenses a bit like a dagger stab(some melee nuance)

but I guess if I ever wanted these I'd have to do them myself, I guess this is quite a list, I think it'd make skyrim better though, and if there's different body parts being hitboxed or if it's possible, relying on this for slightly individuated bodily attacks, so that for instance, damage is done semi fallout style (not with broken arms etc necessarily but just hp damage calculations) using like 50-70% of the total armour value of your gear and 200% of that particular region's armour gear piece so that a mix and match system could be in place where lighter gear gives stamina bonuses, heavy gear gives health bonuses and mage gear gives magicka bonuses or more slot individuated stuff innate to the armour type (global armour % increased for heavy chest, forward smash attacks boosted for using helmet, penalties for side hits, the opposite for light armour) and not just enchants, so you could have full plate with light boots and bracers for instance

making your armour selection more varied in type but still yielding boons and reasons to use them for your character making differentiation really really really meaningful, and for hits based on area to mean more and really change combat styles, certain things like giants could just use the old system of course if it required some overall changes to the system, by making everything identically armoured for a giant or dragon or mammoth, but also allow for targeting of wings and tail to do a lot less damage, the head to do less in fact etc, the body shots to do more

more complicated yes, but I'd say something like this would allow for some crazy cool shit, add in survival mods that are already in place and you've got a freelancer/real man-at-arms mod, cold resist for light armour, fire resist for heavy armour, lightning resist for mage clothing etc

the calculations might kill the computer or crash the game I guess, but I can dream

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