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Failtrain Thread Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 12/10/27(Sat)01:46 No. 137697 ID: 612b37 [Reply] Stickied

File 135129516388.jpg - (65.72KB , 1280x720 , McV4P.jpg )

Main Server:

MvM Server:

MvM (30-wave):

Also, I'll be taking requests for reserved slots in this thread, just give me your Steam ID and I will add it to the reserved slot list (The 30-wave server is not run by me, so it may take longer for that server to be updated). You can find your Steam ID at http://steamidfinder.com/

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14/07/31(Thu)23:39 No. 142939 ID: 1151e6

I need a micspam server that doesn't suck

PlanetsĀ³ by cubical Drift 14/03/22(Sat)10:51 No. 142418 ID: 32b576 [Reply]

File 139548189251.jpg - (127.67KB , 640x480 , photo-main.jpg )

Something I just wanted to share for everyone to check out, i guess.


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14/06/20(Fri)21:35 No. 142820 ID: 114d7c

First-person RPG? No thanks.

14/06/21(Sat)09:23 No. 142821 ID: c1bebf

Huh. The vehicle creation system's got me very intrigued.

14/08/27(Wed)21:10 No. 143025 ID: aa4d07

Another Minecraft-like game? well, looks really good though

Keep em coming 13/09/22(Sun)19:13 No. 141531 ID: a52242 [Reply]

File 137986999962.jpg - (91.55KB , 1024x768 , chaos-legion-5.jpg )

I need some games to play. New, old, shitty graphics, great graphics, FPS, RTS, RPG, doesn't matter. Giving you a list of games i already played would be a pain so just list your favorites.

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14/07/29(Tue)16:48 No. 142936 ID: b63de3

Nigga, y u gonna say shit like "there are better rpg's", but only compare Chrono Trigger to games that were released years after Chrono Trigger was released? The closest game you listed was Final Fantasy Tactics and that game is 2 years apart and released on playstation.

lol Dark Soul usrs?

14/08/27(Wed)20:55 No. 143024 ID: aa4d07

Fallout series, nothing to say, just play them, you won't regret it.

14/08/28(Thu)03:11 No. 143026 ID: ac29dc

If you're trying to troll, it doesn't count if you act like a retard. That's just acting retarded.

But if you're being sincere, then judging by the way you type you're clearly a genuine retard. I won't hold it against you for not realizing that if you say a game is "one of the best RPGs ever," you should compare it to every RPG ever.

Thanks for disputing an opinion, by the way. It really helps OP out.

Anyways, OP, I recommend the following in addition to >>142913

I like it better than Borderlands 2 for one main reason. They didn't try to force the game to be humorous. Borderlands 2 is still pretty good, and it has a bigger world to play in.

Armed and Dangerous
Another shooter with genuine humor. Just check out a few videos to see what it's like. It was developed by Planet Moon Studios, who also made Giants: Citizen Kabuto if that means anything to you.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Dragon's Crown 14/08/24(Sun)01:47 No. 143011 ID: 7ff086 [Reply]

File 140883763390.jpg - (40.27KB , 600x800 , tumblr_mnb78gUi7o1srxaruo5_1280.jpg )

Why does the sorceress have such big boobs? I absolutely love em mmmmmmmmmmm yeah but is there a legit reason?

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14/08/24(Sun)17:41 No. 143017 ID: 629e98


14/08/25(Mon)02:04 No. 143019 ID: 2c1381

The boobs are a metaphor for he weight her magical powers put on her shoulders.

14/08/25(Mon)08:19 No. 143021 ID: 5034e9

because she is a mage and rely on spells she needs concentrate lager amount of mana.
her breasts became this big so she could acumulate more mana.
why the breasts? because that way mana is acumulated on her chest and can spread throught all her body, the same whay a heart pump blood

Steam Thread 13/12/16(Mon)17:15 No. 141920 ID: 77de8e [Reply]

File 138721053791.png - (6.44KB , 300x86 , 300px-Steam_logo_svg.png )

Talk about anything pertaining to Steam here. Tell the rest of 7chan your Steam ID and even give games if you feel like it. My Steam profile is at: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198108904969/

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14/08/10(Sun)20:56 No. 142961 ID: 30759f

File 140769696668.jpg - (92.16KB , 672x494 , gog.jpg )

>I don't want to join a quasi-nationalistic pseudo-religion.
Is that a requirement now? I signed up when they were offering free Fallouts and there was no mention in the EULA of eternal damnation for Steam-using heretics.

14/08/10(Sun)23:50 No. 142962 ID: e9ee54

I don't really pay attention, I just roll my eyes when you guys start preaching about what is and isn't DRM.

14/08/24(Sun)21:50 No. 143018 ID: 751456

File 140890980540.jpg - (82.01KB , 429x606 , dontcum.jpg )

soooooo, that metal gear on steam, amirite?

14/05/21(Wed)10:44 No. 142699 ID: 6f339f [Reply]

File 140066189346.jpg - (151.45KB , 1329x825 , CoP.jpg )

I've become extraordinarily bored of video games lately. I haven't played a game that I really really "enjoyed" from start to finish. I want that feeling like the first time through Portal 1 or 2. A sense of wonder and legitimate fun. Games where the story makes you really interested or the atmosphere really sucks you into the game.

Other games I've felt captured this feeling well were the STALKER series, Metro 2033/Last Light, and the Thief series for atmosphere. To The Moon for an example of story. Bioshock 1, Portal Series, Silent Hill 1 and 2, and Deus Ex series for examples of both.

Was going to get the new Thief, but I don't trust it since I have played every installment but the newest and it seems too action-oriented.

I've been playing CS:GO and I'm currently updating BF4, I know they won't fix this feeling, but potato chips can stave off hunger, so y'know.

Any suggestions on games that are an amazing experience start to finish?

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14/08/15(Fri)21:55 No. 142980 ID: b20a90

>the STALKER series
Seems interesting. Have been playing Armored Princess for the last month. Entertaining, but it's pretty much same-same.

14/08/17(Sun)21:11 No. 142996 ID: 62040a

mechwarrior online> see teh books for story
hearthstone > fuck your story this is great.
xcom> decent story, fun gameplay.
Dishonored is great for being sneaky n stuff with cool atmosphere. i liked it much better than the new thief game. Story is excellent as well. Surprised no one mentioned it.
Titanfall for fps multiplayer. I love it, it's great.

14/08/23(Sat)22:11 No. 143010 ID: d21d96

Fallout 3! Even New Vegas. I'm playing through Fallout 3 again for the 5th time, and I always get lost in the game for days.

14/08/23(Sat)12:11 No. 143009 ID: e3fe28 [Reply]

File 140878871155.jpg - (457.77KB , 552x800 , tumblr_n4k0ymwPvo1rfyiu4o1_1280.jpg )

I've recently purchased Armored Core V since I loved AC4 so much. I'm getting ACV:VD and AC4/FA as well, all for PS3. If anyone else digs these games, I'll give you my gamertag. None of my other friends are interested in co-op'ing with me, which is a bit saddening and online play is D.E.A.D.
I don't really wanna post anywhere else, either. Just somethin about 7chan gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Maybe nostalgia. I've had some pretty good game partners from these boards. I'll be checking this thread at least daily. Also, Ebay has some good prices on these games if you're willing to pick it up and play with a guy who can teamwork and isn't full on retarded(Sometimes I do dumb things.. I like going Rambo). Hell, maybe we can just die a whole lot together going apeshit in our jacked up mechs!Fuck em up as much as ya can before ya go out, right? Ah, oh well..

End transmission...

14/08/22(Fri)23:42 No. 143007 ID: ba3daa [Reply]

File 140874377725.jpg - (36.84KB , 345x274 , tonk.jpg )

Siema PL. World of tenks thread? Any EU maggots around here?

14/08/22(Fri)23:46 No. 143008 ID: ba3daa

Youtube - Toggle Video
  It's a very silly game

14/08/18(Mon)08:05 No. 142999 ID: d00bd0 [Reply]

File 140834190241.jpg - (652.82KB , 1680x1050 , Nature-Waterfall-Wallpaper.jpg )

wondering if you all could help.
I've been trying to remember this game...it's and older RTS. strong focus on the economy. eg, you could train archers but needed padded leather, arrows, and helmets. padded leather meant a quilter to join cotton and leather, which meant a skinner and tanner, which meant cow raising. You had stone workers who hacked at mountains, the block cutters who turned it into building material, then people who moved it around from place to place. I remember that most if not all the units were trained at your central building, a 'school'? that had a clock on the tower and would ding when it finished a new person. I remember you could have watch towers where people would drop stone blocks onto enemies.
any ideas? thanks a lot =]

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/08/18(Mon)22:43 No. 143001 ID: d00bd0

stronghold looks along this vein...but this game was earlier i feel. lesser graphics and a smaller military edge. i cannot say for sure if i simply never played the matches long enough, but i don't recall much more than a swodrsman, archer, and maybe another one or two. no artillery if i recall

14/08/19(Tue)02:15 No. 143003 ID: 10d6c2

Could it be something from the Settlers line? I only played the original, which wasn't that complicated, but I know the later ones had more complexity.

14/08/19(Tue)04:38 No. 143004 ID: d00bd0

looked at settlers 1-6. 3 or 4 look almost spot on, but I don't know for sure. I'll see if I can find copies and try them out. I'm not neccessarily looking for the game, per se, more the economy focus of play, kinda like ANNO 2070. sorry, I coudl have made that point with my first post.
tl;dr thanks =]

TFC 14/06/28(Sat)04:56 No. 142833 ID: 993e00 [Reply]

File 140392418870.png - (315.81KB , 914x683 , 10-09-26 19_45_30.png )

Anyone know of a terrafirmacraft minecraft server to play on that isn't advertised on the official TFC or MC forums? I'm looking to avoid a userbase with an average age of 14. Bonus points if you're able to host it.

5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
14/07/12(Sat)07:41 No. 142881 ID: e9ee54

Bitch, less what?

14/07/12(Sat)22:08 No. 142882 ID: f73b7f

Bitch, 'less yo' shut yo' mouth and make me god-damn sandwich imma rip yo' tits off.

14/08/04(Mon)02:25 No. 142945 ID: 8a9e62

Sorry but TFC is heavily favored by autists due to its anal crafting system. Even if you find a server with an average adult age, you'll never escape rude and angry behavior from people who don't try to understand others.

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