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Filesharing Thread Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)00:48 No. 22514 ID: c49e6f [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 139224890099.jpg - (67.62KB , 647x906 , f2be9cc25683767be778b269910abe6c.jpg )

Post all filesharing links in here.
Any posts in languages that are not English or Japanese will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

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DandyB 14/09/29(Mon)03:13 No. 24299 ID: a22c26

Thank you, mate!

Rules and Regulations Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/04/16(Sat)12:03 No. 10522 ID: 3e3c00 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 130294821639.jpg - (134.29KB , 792x1120 , 8a3bbe8e2f5ac7050e2fb550d49f1aea.jpg )

Welcome to /ss/, 7chan's board for drawn straight shotacon material.

  • The definition of "drawn" is obvious. Drawn does not mean 3D "art", and posting such material will result in deletion and/or a temporary ban. In addition, toons and photorealistic pics will be deleted on sight.
  • Drama is not welcome or tolerated here under any circumstances. Repeated trollposts, sagefaggotry and anti-shota rants all qualify as drama.
  • This board is for porn, not for in-depth discussion of the subject matter of said porn. Repeat offenders will be banned and their threads deleted.
  • Posting a request thread without at least three related pictures is a bannable offense.
  • Remember that the global rules and FAQ still apply here, just like on every 7chan board.

Amateur Artists Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/07(Thu)19:42 No. 19089 ID: d2d72b

7chan is NOT DeviantArt. Do not post your shitty doodles here, under any circumstances. If you're good enough to warrant posting, someone else will post your crappy scribblings.


Anonymous 09/07/13(Mon)17:25 No. 22 ID: 2cd09e [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 12474987314.jpg - (150.71KB , 703x1000 , lrg-186-001.jpg )

I hope you douchebags saved the stickied dump last time, because I am NOT doing it again.

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Anonymous 14/07/27(Sun)15:28 No. 23753 ID: f8a897

So does that mean one makes a thread for it, then posts the images?

Anonymous 12/11/27(Tue)13:11 No. 18176 ID: 9ec195 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135401829581.jpg - (84.21KB , 560x525 , shota-mother.jpg )

Any games, flash or otherwise?

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pkmp 14/08/09(Sat)17:15 No. 23851 ID: f495d8


Anonymous 14/09/26(Fri)07:10 No. 24269 ID: db3c1f


sslover 14/09/30(Tue)12:50 No. 24306 ID: 93f671


Daughters Of Lilith Anonymous 14/05/31(Sat)09:30 No. 23324 ID: 19427c [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 140152144288.png - (240.48KB , 720x720 , lp01.png )

Not sure whether to post these here or on /elit/, but there's pictures attached, so I'm posting them here.

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Anonymous 14/09/04(Thu)18:16 No. 24068 ID: dcc941

Is there anywhere you have all these images uploaded so I can save them to my computer? This is really hot stuff, would hate to ever forget this.

Anonymous 14/09/05(Fri)06:55 No. 24071 ID: f452f9

>tfw not real

Srsly though, I've always had a thing for girls a few years older than I am. My first gf was 22 when I was 19.

I'm definitely not into incest, traps, and certainly don't want any sort of toys used on me or my ass. But the idea of women essentially saying "Hey let's fuck and this is how I want to fuck" is damn hot.

I've got likes/dislikes of my own and pretty much believe communication is the most important part of making sex awesome, which is why I like girls who will fucking speak up and say what they like/want.

Anonymous 14/09/30(Tue)12:35 No. 24305 ID: 0dd47d

The aspect of the fluff's "Dark side" that really got to me was the ones discussing the Daughters' organizations in more conflict-torn areas, where it's all-but-stated that boys who get too old to appeal to the Sisterhood anymore (16+) get conscripted and sent out to fight against "jehovist" enemies... with the direct implication that they're cannonfodder not expected to survive the "required tour of duty."

Makes me wonder about the possible character of a Lilian male veteran who did survive the killing fields and succesfully return from his military service. How would he be treated? Just hidden away? Offered Sisters to keep him placated? Actively shunned for being "tainted" by having taken part in the violent, masculine, "jehovan" experiene of war, away from direct Lilian guidance and control?

How many of his brothers has he seen fed into the grinder?

/ss/ JOE video and audio files M5k 13/02/23(Sat)03:25 No. 19201 ID: 071e41 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136158630229.png - (526.00KB , 907x1000 , a9c68a5c9b7b53ad14e84377600d25c0.png )

Not totally sure if this is allowed, but it's something that I've found enjoyable, and I think you all will as well.

These first two are just standard JOI/JOE audio. Mother/Son stuff. I personally like the first one, but if you're into accents, you'll love the second.


These next ones are a single story, pretty good if you've got a couple hours to kill. Not strictly /ss/, but in the neighborhood. Still Mother/Son.


These next ones are JOI video. Pretty English lady coos into a webcam like it's her prepubescent son. Her name is Kelly Hart, and she does a lot of this stuff.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/09/26(Fri)17:25 No. 24272 ID: 6eea6e

I DL it. But what format are the "undefined" files? what should I rename them to. thanks

Anonymous 14/09/27(Sat)11:05 No. 24278 ID: 1345c3


The undefined files are M4a, or whatever the soundgasm website uses. They open in vlc just fine.

Anonymous 14/09/29(Mon)00:40 No. 24297 ID: ae75b6


If there's any one woman who /ss/ should put effort into finding certain vids of, it's kym_mom.

Someone HAS to have them, out there.

They actually released some vids of her on Motherless after literally years, but they're short and nothing really happens in them.

Anonymous 14/02/27(Thu)09:13 No. 22632 ID: d0aaca [Reply]

File 139348882675.jpg - (278.72KB , 675x930 , 41897377_big_p0.jpg )

Matsurino Naginata has been providing some awesome fantasy webcomics or examples on his Pixiv account lately. Unfortunately, I've seen no translations yet. Here is one of them, from http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=41897377

Anonymous 14/02/27(Thu)09:16 No. 22633 ID: d0aaca

Anonymous 14/02/27(Thu)09:19 No. 22634 ID: d0aaca

Anonymous 14/09/28(Sun)19:34 No. 24295 ID: c421e8

Translated version is up on Exhentai, just search his name

Ballbusting/Tamakeri Thread Tentickle 14/09/11(Thu)12:26 No. 24127 ID: b9be3c [Reply]

File 141043120252.png - (556.52KB , 800x566 , tamakeri40.png )

Having no luck at regular Shotacon thread, so let's try here!

Tentickle 14/09/11(Thu)12:28 No. 24128 ID: 662103

For any pics of boys getting their balls busted by gorgeous girls

Anonymous 14/09/16(Tue)12:53 No. 24173 ID: ba5cfe

only found these 2 in my collection.

Anonymous 14/09/22(Mon)22:20 No. 24242 ID: 617e79

This is the author fyi.

【ガンダムビルドファイターズ】ママン Anonymous 13/10/10(Thu)15:38 No. 21595 ID: e22acf [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 138141230488.png - (333.56KB , 603x851 , 38988986.png )

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Anonymous 14/09/20(Sat)10:14 No. 24214 ID: 2251f1

so where are all of these from....

Anonymous 14/09/20(Sat)18:06 No. 24219 ID: 2cf16d

File 141122918812.png - (840.76KB , 1100x1011 , 45915283.png )


It's mentioned multiple times in this thread, man.

Anonymous 14/09/22(Mon)00:45 No. 24236 ID: 2251f1

Yeah you right

Anonymous 14/08/22(Fri)23:03 No. 23960 ID: 8753a0 [Reply]

File 140874142392.jpg - (303.16KB , 560x420 , 45512230_big_p8.jpg )

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Anonymous 14/09/20(Sat)10:14 No. 24213 ID: 2251f1

^thank you

pwal 14/09/21(Sun)02:17 No. 24223 ID: 29cded

where can we find this manga ? :)

Anonymous 14/09/21(Sun)02:35 No. 24224 ID: 7ba3f2

The cover art is for this one, it comes out October 3, 2014



I think the artist for these is Yuuki Rei / ユウキレイ

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