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/rx/ - Drugs
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Anonymous 13/08/30(Fri)04:12 No. 11744 [Reply] Stickied

File 137782875513.jpg - (50.02KB , 627x352 , 627.jpg )

Suggestions for drug-themed movies and TV serials?

Seen so far:
Breaking Bad,
The Wired,
Weeds (that was a shitty show in my opinion)
How to make money selling drugs (yeah documentaries are fine too)
and maybe some more, but I can't remember any.

And keep it centered around the topic please. I don't care what aspects, but I've been recommended movie "Leon" - very, VERY good movie, but the presence of heroin dealer doesn't make it about drugs.

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comatoast ## Mod ## 13/08/25(Sun)06:03 No. 11698 [Reply] Stickied

File 137740340835.jpg - (10.57KB , 400x300 , tumblr_m2jtf2R6t31qfqudho1_400.jpg )

Hey guys, I'm comatoast, and I will be taking over as moderator for /rx/. I wanted to say hello as well as update the rules to make them a bit clearer for everyone. These rules are here to make sure we all have a good experience and a trouble free time while discussing our relationships with our favorite substances.

Rules of Rx:
1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not by any means encourage nor discuss in a positive light the ingestion of toxic, poisonous, and lethal substances or encourage or suggest to anyone to overdose. We will forward your information to the proper authorities if you do this because people can and have died from this.
3. DO feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm and have a good time.
4. No trolling or flamewars.
5. All other global rules apply. (No underageB&, no CP, no spam, you know the drill.)

We have an IRC chatroom - please come and join us as you are and let's talk drugs together:
Server: irc.7chan.org Port: 6667 Channel: #drugs

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

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Anonymous 15/04/25(Sat)14:00 No. 12895

no to po jaki chuj tu zaglądać?

Hyrdocodone? Anonymous 15/04/24(Fri)00:41 No. 12892 [Reply]

File 14298289115.jpg - (34.78KB , 600x418 , image.jpg )

Hey guys, are there any negative effects to snorting crushed up Hydrocodone (asking for a friend)

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Anonymous 15/05/01(Fri)05:30 No. 12899

Whys that? And no I don't

Anonymous 15/05/01(Fri)19:26 No. 12901

It's useless. Hydrocodone is inactive until it's metabolized by your liver into Hydromorphone.

Just swallow it on an empty stomach or you'll waste them

Anonymous 15/07/03(Fri)09:55 No. 12951

you gotta figure out how much acetaminophen (APAP) is in it, too much of that (4000mg in a day is the "safe" limit really better to stay under 2500) and you'll turn yellow and die in pain.

Identification help...??? Anonymous 15/05/19(Tue)04:48 No. 12909 [Reply]

File 143200373210.jpg - (694.85KB , 2407x2745 , 20150519_014701.jpg )

guys plz help me in identifying this weed

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Anonymous 15/05/24(Sun)02:51 No. 12914

Looks like a sativa or an indica. Maybe a hybrid.

Anonymous 15/06/21(Sun)18:21 No. 12928

No one can help you with that you fucking retard.

It's fucking weed. It's good weed. Just be happy it is green and not shitty mexican brick weed.

Anonymous 15/07/03(Fri)09:48 No. 12950


I think that's marijuana.

Anonymous 15/04/07(Tue)11:33 No. 12876 [Reply]

File 142839921937.png - (24.41KB , 160x160 , Emoji Smiley-12.png )

just sprayed some keyboard airduste<r into an empty soda bottle and inhaled it. no time dialation but def a bit spaced for afew mins, 0.1 % butane. doesnt feel like I killed any brain cells

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Anonymous 15/04/11(Sat)04:18 No. 12881

Drink methylated spirits like a real abbo you dumb fuck.

Anonymous 15/06/28(Sun)03:51 No. 12940

Yea, avoid huffing. It is waay bad news.
It effectively displaces oxygen from getting to the brain. Or rather replaces oxygen.

Anonymous 15/07/03(Fri)09:30 No. 12949

if you want to have a cheap and dangerous high eat a couple nutmegs

FFS the only thing worse than huffing propellant is huffing gasoline.

Anonymous 15/06/23(Tue)08:06 No. 12929 [Reply]

File 143503956583.png - (5.12KB , 320x120 , 1434535497713.png )

How bad is weed for your lungs?

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Anonymous 15/06/28(Sun)00:57 No. 12938

Won't cause cancer; can cause coughing, mucous buildup, and diminished lung capacity.

Anonymous 15/07/03(Fri)08:14 No. 12947

what about vaping?

Anonymous 15/07/03(Fri)09:25 No. 12948


there is no guarantee that it can't, but it's much less likely to simply due to differences in mass of burned plant matter.

every cigarette smoker smokes several cigs every single day, a pack of 20 is not even that high of an amount to use each day.

while smoking 20 joints a day is snoop-class level of pot smoking.

Anonymous 15/04/02(Thu)02:37 No. 12871 [Reply]

File 142793507545.jpg - (16.42KB , 317x196 , speedohyeah.jpg )

Hello all,

UK here, was wondering if any of you have any advice regarding ritalin/adderall prescriptions.

I'm currently finishing a BSc in Physics, and I'm taking 1/32 of a gram of speed every day to keep me pepped up. The dose is obviously just a guess, I just split the gram in half five times, but it seems pretty ideal, has made my daily flask of coffee just that little bit more efficient.

I was wondering how realistic it is to get a prescription, and what would be the best way to start that conversation.

I'm thinking 'Hey, Doc, I have a problem. I can't figure out how to calculate a line integral in an arbitrarily large number of dimensions. Could you lay some of those sweet amphetamines on me?' just won't go down too well. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe this is truly the brave new world we were promised.

I'm thinking more likely I'll have to spin a (possibly true, and I could definitely make it sound realistic) 'I've never been diagnosed, but I clearly have ADHD, I got expelled from school and moved around a lot and never got to speak to a doctor and blah blah blah' sort of yarn. And I figure, under no circumstances mention that I have been self-administering for years.

Like I say, my situation is not too terrible. But I thought if it was possible it would be super convenient. Drug dealers are in no way reliable, and there is no knowing what you are getting.

Any advice would be appreciated,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15/07/03(Fri)07:42 No. 12946

I'm quite sure you won't see my answer, given the date of your post, but anyway

I am a (nearly graduated) med student with no medical condition (ADHD, narcolepsy) who has gotten access to ritalin through simply asking doctors.
Having your viewpoint (ie: patient) and some knowledge of how doctors behave in this context, I think I might help you. I'm not familiar with how you are granted access to doctors in the NHS (I'm not from the UK), but I'll be optimistic and assume you're not forever bound to one GP depending on the area you live. If that's the case it's as simple as being "true".

Be very plain and short, once he asks you "how can I help you?" you tell him everything you do (regarding studying and using the amphetamines in the small amount, religious schedule and in no way recreational way that you do). Tell him you are not able to focus if you're not on it, that your productivity is seriously affected (make up stories about exams and what not, if you must). He is going to ask you about other drugs use, to which you will obviously deny (including alcohol). Also recreational use of the amphs you have access to, of course that's a no. Your main spirit is "I have a concentration problem that I self medicate successfully, only illegally. I'd like to have a legal, safe and healthy alternative solution to my problem"

Practice your speech and story before you go in.
Embrace it like it is true to you, whether it is or isn't.
Dress sharply, no 'junky' stuff whatsoever (doctors are a little close-minded, in general - no piercings, ear stretchers or visible tatoos)
Don't admit any other previous illegal drug use, and no ongoing legal or illegal other than your amphs in an exclusively therapeutical method. Keep in mind that he has no legal power whatsoever, so, if needed be, don't shy on implying (or clearly stating) that you can't and won't function without the drugs, that the use will go on with or without his consent (don't be an asshole in stating this, work the idea progressively if he keeps shutting you out)

You, for your own luck, are not a junkie. You are a person who uses amphetamines in order to function on an intellectual level, so by all means, you are entitled (i know you brits don't like this word) to a legal subscription. Absorb this as you go talk to your doctor, you're not trying to scam him into giving it to you. You need them pillz, only you need them from someone you can hold accountable for whatever they're giving you.

My best advice is you take the day before the consult to practice your speech. Put yourself in his position and try to figure the traps he could set to you, or mildly (and more realistic) what he might ask about you. Figure out the things you might have to lie about in advance, and practice it Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Methamphetamine and other stimulant Stories Anonymous 15/07/02(Thu)05:37 No. 12945 [Reply]

File 143580826776.jpg - (2.77KB , 340x408 , hatman.jpg )

Having only smoked weed, been drunk, and taken large amounts of diphenhydramine (1000mg I'm 280 lbs and over 6 ft no lightweight) I'm very interested in trying Meth or other amphetamines, especially the "shadow people, shadow warrior, tree people etc." Hallucinations seen after binging for several days. Share stories or stories of those you know who binged for several days on meth or another amphetamine.

Codeine Kingpin!ozOtJW9BFA 14/09/11(Thu)13:53 No. 12637 [Reply]

File 141043638685.jpg - (45.45KB , 727x531 , VAO204_4 Panadeine Forte.jpg )

Recently just acquired some Panadol Forte and i was wondering how much i should take to get get some effect?

Anonymous 14/09/19(Fri)07:33 No. 12641

depends on how sore your head is

Anonymous 15/07/01(Wed)20:32 No. 12944

File 143577555295.jpg - (20.59KB , 298x318 , footpeen.jpg )

has Tylenol in it. so i wouldnt do more than like 6 a day, unless you do cold water extraction to extract the codeine.

Anonymous 15/06/18(Thu)03:04 No. 12924 [Reply]

File 14345894656.jpg - (111.28KB , 475x360 , 1184338182168.jpg )

I got some lsd. guy i got it from is now saying its not lsd, but mescaline

what should i expect, what would you advice me to do, and should i mix it with mdma for even more laughs.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/06/18(Thu)22:34 No. 12926

Mesacaline is active at around 300mg. That must be a pretty big blotter.

In reality, its probably from the 25x-NBOMe series of compounds, especially if its just a single blotter square. You can tell for certain if you put it in your mouth, because LSD is tasteless and 25x-NBOMe compounds taste metallic and numb your mouth. 25x-NBOMes aren't too terrible of trips, but they are a little uncomfortable and toxic feeling and don't hold a candle to the headspace of LSD.

If it is bitter and numbing, I'd do half a tab in your upper lip. NBOMe tabs are usually ~1MG and ive found .5MG to be a good dose.

Anonymous 15/06/21(Sun)18:12 No. 12927

That is good advice.

Also I wouldn't mix it with other drugs yet, until you get more experience with the way it reacts to your body.

I have found that nbomes are more visual than LSD, and personally I don't really enjoy the feelings they give my body, so smoking some weed helps me out a bit with that. I wouldn't recommend smoking weed either though until after you have more experience with it, maybe take an ibuprofen or something.

As for what to expect it's fun and a good psychedelic experience if taken responsibly. Don't take more than 2 "hits" of that stuff as you can overdose on it.

If you're looking for things to do, it's really subjective, but I find music, a good book, a good movie, or just doing whatever interesting.

Anonymous 15/06/29(Mon)16:40 No. 12943

if it isn't a seed or part of a cactus, I wouldn't bother with it. for all you know, somebody's looking for a guinea pig to dump some research chemicals onto ;-)

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