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/rx/ - Drugs
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comatoast ## Mod ## 13/08/25(Sun)06:03 No. 11698 [Reply] Stickied

File 137740340835.jpg - (10.57KB , 400x300 , tumblr_m2jtf2R6t31qfqudho1_400.jpg )

Hey guys, I'm comatoast, and I will be taking over as moderator for /rx/. I wanted to say hello as well as update the rules to make them a bit clearer for everyone. These rules are here to make sure we all have a good experience and a trouble free time while discussing our relationships with our favorite substances.

Rules of Rx:
1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not by any means encourage nor discuss in a positive light the ingestion of toxic, poisonous, and lethal substances or encourage or suggest to anyone to overdose. We will forward your information to the proper authorities if you do this because people can and have died from this.
3. DO feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm and have a good time.
4. No trolling or flamewars.
5. All other global rules apply. (No underageB&, no CP, no spam, you know the drill.)

We have an IRC chatroom - please come and join us as you are and let's talk drugs together:
Server: irc.7chan.org Port: 6667 Channel: #drugs

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

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Homicide!zMRPB5BxME 14/09/19(Fri)07:59 No. 12642

Comatoast is toaster

Anonymous 13/08/30(Fri)04:12 No. 11744 [Reply] Stickied

File 137782875513.jpg - (50.02KB , 627x352 , 627.jpg )

Suggestions for drug-themed movies and TV serials?

Seen so far:
Breaking Bad,
The Wired,
Weeds (that was a shitty show in my opinion)
How to make money selling drugs (yeah documentaries are fine too)
and maybe some more, but I can't remember any.

And keep it centered around the topic please. I don't care what aspects, but I've been recommended movie "Leon" - very, VERY good movie, but the presence of heroin dealer doesn't make it about drugs.

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Anonymous 14/09/02(Tue)16:20 No. 12617

Both of those are pretty great, and I'd like to add The Union and Cocaine Cowboys into the mix. The first one is a great documentary on cannabis, although it's obvious that it advocates legalizing/decriminalizing cannabis. The latter is a documentary about the cocaine sales in Miami in the 80's. I thought it was also a pretty good movie about the "behind-the-scenes" stuff with old smugglers from that era. The Cocaine Cowboys spawned a spiritual sequel documentary, Square Grouper, which wasn't as good as CC in my opinion. Anyway, The Union and Cocaine Cowboys - good documentaries.

Bonus: If you want to see a great junkie documentary, check out HBO's Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street.

Are u junkiz can tell me what kind of weed i smoke? whtedustbenzoweed 14/10/31(Fri)20:13 No. 12700 [Reply]

File 141478279568.jpg - (753.77KB , 1920x1080 , DSC03771.jpg )

Im from vnzuela and i got the best and i had the best of colombia or at least the most expencive but real good shit what u fahgs thing about??

Pix related,not the only one strain, jah bless u and lucifer with god

Favorite RC? Anonymous 14/10/30(Thu)23:36 No. 12699 [Reply]

File 141470858173.jpg - (95.67KB , 750x532 , 2cp_package__i2010e0122_disp.jpg )

As RC's are widely available and there are too many to try them all, which ones are yalls' favorites? which ones do you guys like the most?

my personal preferences are 2c-p, 25i-nbome, DOB, 3-meo-pcp, AMT, mxe, and ethylphenidate

Anonymous 14/08/12(Tue)17:16 No. 12555 [Reply]

File 140785659919.jpg - (22.88KB , 414x261 , 4172100.jpg )

hey /rx/, whats your favorite type of drug? ive tried just about everything and stimulants are my fave for sure. smoking meth was the best ive ever felt in my life, smoking crack was really fun too but fuck that comedown. adderall is my drug of choice because im prescribed and its awesome, especially when you plug it.

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Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)10:06 No. 12693

Dissociatives, especially DXM, are like an old friend to me and stimulants are definitely my second-favorite. Psychedelics are great too but a psy trip is often enough of an "ordeal" that I can't find the time to do it right.

Anonymous 14/10/25(Sat)18:54 No. 12695

Meth by far the best. I enjoyed smoking and slamming and going on sex marathons. However it doesn't seem to work any more after 2 months of heavy weekend usage. I feel the rush but no euphoria or sexual appetite, just insomnia and general hyperactivity. From what I've read I may have burned out neuroreceptors from overusage. I'm going to stay off it for a few weeks and see if there's a difference then. Also I seem to have mild anhedonia, especially during sex.

Anonymous 14/10/30(Thu)03:37 No. 12698

I do enjoy being in the psychedelic headspace more than any other type of high. It just really helps me appreciate life and being alive. Other drugs make me more depressed. I like weed too, but lately it's been just getting me to the point where I just smoke to smoke. Just wasting money on it when I could be on acid or shrooms instead.

I'm not just talking about like hippy shit, but I just like it better. Makes me feel better. Which is what a drug should do.

MDMA? Anonymous 13/11/17(Sun)04:15 No. 11966 [Reply]

File 138465810982.jpg - (61.95KB , 900x450 , 1g_MDMA-HCl[1].jpg )

So, I've never tried drugs before.

I'm really curious about MDMA, though.
Should I take it?

For those of you that have tried it, how was it? What did you do? How did you feel etc?

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Anonymous 14/10/09(Thu)05:40 No. 12669

The brown stuff is shit and is normally actually a bath salts knock-off called methylone. Got to dancesafe.org and buy a testing kit, and test your drugs before you do them, lots of people are passing off all kinds of bullshit they bought off the internet as MDMA

Anonymous 14/10/10(Fri)00:44 No. 12670

you have no idea what you're talking about

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)21:28 No. 12684

File 141340130815.jpg - (24.96KB , 476x346 , Brewskie-Butt-cat-drawing-Hollywood-sign-skyline-L.jpg )

that's meth.

Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)08:39 No. 12686 [Reply]

File 141361436555.jpg - (224.76KB , 510x348 , lsd.jpg )

So this faggot on IRC is telling me doing LSD without having built a resistance to 'harder' drugs could fuck me up or even kill me.

Is this faggot a puritan shill or is he actually right? I don't believe him.

Finally found someone that sells it and I am planning on doing some tomorrow.

Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)12:58 No. 12687

Don't believe a god-damn thing that dumb piece of shit tells you. I first tripped after having done literally nothing else besides weed and it was the most wonderful experience of my life at the time. All you need to do is bring a positive mindset to the experience and be in a place that you feel safe, and you will have fun. Go for it, Anon.

Anonymous 14/10/21(Tue)11:00 No. 12691


same, except I was with friends and we were driving around

you're either ready for acid now or you just never will be, and after this if you come through like I think you will you'll be in good shape for just about any mind altering drug

you'll trip so long you'll give up on ever not tripping but you CAN control it and you CAN aim it where you want it to go

also keep in mind you have very human limitations do not break them, always small scale test an idea first and then decide if that idea is still worth doing for real

have fun anon, and know that I'm envious of your opportunity

make the most of it

Anonymous 14/10/21(Tue)21:34 No. 12692


>>12687 here. I was with a friend my first time as well. We were at his house near the beach, so we actually got to go walk down to the coast, set up a towel on the sand with a radio and just let it all wash over us. It was absolutely mystical. His friend that hooked us up was nice enough to hang with us to make sure we didn't do anything too stupid seeing as though it was the first time for both of us.

Anonymous 14/05/18(Sun)05:28 No. 12372 [Reply]

File 140038371137.jpg - (46.19KB , 848x832 , unnamed.jpg )

>go out to smoke in the woods with friends
>latvia friend brings his older brother and his friend
>agree to go get them pizza
>latvians brothers friend says thanks and gives me a 'souvenir from latvia' and hands me and a few friends a couple of pic related
>hear through his broken english the letters LSD
>'really? this is acid?'
>another friend that was given one starts laughing saying im gullible
>all the latvian guys there are adamant that its acid and seemed serious
>friend tells me they are rusing me cause im high

iv never taken acid before, im gonna try it tomorrow anyway, i just wanna know if its possible as iv never heard of it in sticker form.

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Anonymous 14/06/05(Thu)23:18 No. 12399

sup bros Latvian here
that is not lsd or any kind of drug
that is a sticker (collect 25 or 50 and get a free glass)

Anonymous 14/06/14(Sat)16:16 No. 12413

Old news kid, that was being done in the 90's and possibly earlier. It worked but it wasn't as effective as a direct dose in the preferred way. Just like with nicotine.

Anonymous 14/10/19(Sun)16:42 No. 12690

It's a sticker on some cardboard you twit there's no LSD in that..

aaa Anonymous 14/10/08(Wed)10:22 No. 12666 [Reply]

File 141275653152.jpg - (198.39KB , 980x735 , 20141008_031345.jpg )





O.o 14/10/08(Wed)10:33 No. 12667

You poor soul :'c you're so small

12667 <3 14/10/08(Wed)11:51 No. 12668

I'd rather have his dick than an asshole ripper.

Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)13:03 No. 12688

File 141363023936.jpg - (36.38KB , 439x346 , zoinks.jpg )

So you'd rather have one that nobody except the daintiest people on Earth would feel than something that might actually make an "impact", so to speak? That seems rather idiotic to me, but alright. At least you're comfortable with yourself.

Anonymous 14/09/08(Mon)05:30 No. 12629 [Reply]

File 141014704182.jpg - (50.32KB , 640x480 , buy-xanax-2mg1.jpg )

So, I was given a free bar of xanax. I have never taken xanax before and was wondering what to expect. What level of control will I have? I have only smoked pot, used inhalants, and been buzzed off alcohol. Should I allow a long period of time? I still live at home so I can't have my parents figuring anything out. So any info would be appreciated.

The picture is exactly what I have if that helps for dosage.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Homicide!zMRPB5BxME 14/09/19(Fri)08:01 No. 12644

I spaced mine out into 1/4 1/2 1/4 over about 5 hours when i did it but i was also drinking and smoking.

Anonymous 14/09/20(Sat)21:32 No. 12648

I took a couple when I was drunk before and just passed out.

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)21:31 No. 12685

File 141340148892.jpg - (18.67KB , 490x343 , Brewskie-Butt-ginger-white-cat-penguin-Antarctica-.jpg )

get ready to incarnate as a sloth, binge eat and have the best fucking nap of your life. Sticks are my fave

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