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/rx/ - Drugs
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comatoast ## Mod ## 13/08/25(Sun)06:03 No. 11698 [Reply] Stickied

File 137740340835.jpg - (10.57KB , 400x300 , tumblr_m2jtf2R6t31qfqudho1_400.jpg )

Hey guys, I'm comatoast, and I will be taking over as moderator for /rx/. I wanted to say hello as well as update the rules to make them a bit clearer for everyone. These rules are here to make sure we all have a good experience and a trouble free time while discussing our relationships with our favorite substances.

Rules of Rx:
1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not by any means encourage nor discuss in a positive light the ingestion of toxic, poisonous, and lethal substances or encourage or suggest to anyone to overdose. We will forward your information to the proper authorities if you do this because people can and have died from this.
3. DO feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm and have a good time.
4. No trolling or flamewars.
5. All other global rules apply. (No underageB&, no CP, no spam, you know the drill.)

We have an IRC chatroom - please come and join us as you are and let's talk drugs together:
Server: irc.7chan.org Port: 6667 Channel: #drugs

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

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Anonymous 15/04/25(Sat)14:00 No. 12895

no to po jaki chuj tu zaglądać?

Anonymous 13/08/30(Fri)04:12 No. 11744 [Reply] Stickied

File 137782875513.jpg - (50.02KB , 627x352 , 627.jpg )

Suggestions for drug-themed movies and TV serials?

Seen so far:
Breaking Bad,
The Wired,
Weeds (that was a shitty show in my opinion)
How to make money selling drugs (yeah documentaries are fine too)
and maybe some more, but I can't remember any.

And keep it centered around the topic please. I don't care what aspects, but I've been recommended movie "Leon" - very, VERY good movie, but the presence of heroin dealer doesn't make it about drugs.

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Anonymous 15/03/21(Sat)20:53 No. 12867

Enter the Void is by far the most trippy movie I listed, and the plot is very much centered around drugs, so it's the best one to watch if you want something more interesting to watch while you're high, /and/ desire the subject matter to be regarding narcotics. It's also rather philosophical, so there's that, too.

Serial Experiments Lain is EXTREMELY philosophical. It WILL mindfuck you to oblivion and back; even sober people I've watched it with who lack any understanding of its deeper meaning seem to get psychologically molested just as thoroughly.

Hyrdocodone? Anonymous 15/04/24(Fri)00:41 No. 12892 [Reply]

File 14298289115.jpg - (34.78KB , 600x418 , image.jpg )

Hey guys, are there any negative effects to snorting crushed up Hydrocodone (asking for a friend)

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Anonymous 15/04/30(Thu)08:37 No. 12897

I would parachute it.

Anonymous 15/05/01(Fri)05:30 No. 12899

Whys that? And no I don't

Anonymous 15/05/01(Fri)19:26 No. 12901

It's useless. Hydrocodone is inactive until it's metabolized by your liver into Hydromorphone.

Just swallow it on an empty stomach or you'll waste them

Anonymous 14/08/12(Tue)17:16 No. 12555 [Reply]

File 140785659919.jpg - (22.88KB , 414x261 , 4172100.jpg )

hey /rx/, whats your favorite type of drug? ive tried just about everything and stimulants are my fave for sure. smoking meth was the best ive ever felt in my life, smoking crack was really fun too but fuck that comedown. adderall is my drug of choice because im prescribed and its awesome, especially when you plug it.

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Anonymous 15/04/13(Mon)01:05 No. 12884

shooting up heroin. 100%. it's better than sex. not even kidding.

man, if i still had a hookup on that shit....

well, actually, nevermind. i'd probably be dead.

Anonymous 15/04/22(Wed)11:23 No. 12890

That feel mate, glad i'm off that shit too.

Anonymous 15/05/01(Fri)12:32 No. 12900

dissociatives, I love psychedelics but consider them too sacred to take recreationally, also they can be a little rough for a party thing, so dissociatives are my jam when im going out, that and molly, though its been a long ass time since ive had a solid roll

Journey Pipes Anonymous 15/04/25(Sat)12:36 No. 12894 [Reply]

File 142995821472.png - (627.82KB , 560x600 , journeypipegold.png )

Anyone have any experience with them?
How are they in comparison to rolling a joint or something?
Their designs look great

Also, has anyone got a shiny gold one their willing to sell?

Anonymous 15/04/30(Thu)08:57 No. 12898

They're more hassle than they're worth. Imagine all of the annoyances of a joint with all of the annoyances of a pipe, without any actual benefits over the pipe. Further, the glass ones are usually fragile as hell and the metal ones are harder to clean.

Flakka Anonymous 15/04/13(Mon)16:29 No. 12886 [Reply]

File 142893534769.jpg - (20.58KB , 263x226 , 1377838673452.jpg )

Has anyone here heard of this drug they're calling "flakka"?


It's apparently still legal where I am, and I wish to procure some before they change that. Where do you get it?

Anonymous 15/04/22(Wed)22:23 No. 12891

the internet is where you buy research chems. Search the name of the chemical and then verify your vendor with safeorscam.

MDMA? Anonymous 13/11/17(Sun)04:15 No. 11966 [Reply]

File 138465810982.jpg - (61.95KB , 900x450 , 1g_MDMA-HCl[1].jpg )

So, I've never tried drugs before.

I'm really curious about MDMA, though.
Should I take it?

For those of you that have tried it, how was it? What did you do? How did you feel etc?

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Anonymous 14/10/10(Fri)00:44 No. 12670

you have no idea what you're talking about

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)21:28 No. 12684

File 141340130815.jpg - (24.96KB , 476x346 , Brewskie-Butt-cat-drawing-Hollywood-sign-skyline-L.jpg )

that's meth.

Anonymous 15/04/21(Tue)16:29 No. 12889

File 142962656529.jpg - (45.66KB , 856x482 , fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas.jpg )

It made me psychotic.

Still, best night of my life.

Let's play "can you spot the junkie" Anonymous 15/03/21(Sat)18:40 No. 12859 [Reply]

File 142695962042.jpg - (60.97KB , 596x499 , 11028402_443373879151257_6268101539410425812_o.jpg )

>tl;dr post pictures of people who do a lot of drugs and sober people and don't tell which they are, and we'll see if you can tell who uses and who doesn't based on appearance (let's find out how common or uncommon it is for a user to actually look like the stigmatized cliche druggie)

I've noticed how seldom it is that I see a drug user who actually looks like a stereotypical unkempt washed-out junkie, so how about a pic thread? (Don't be paranoid; post some random-ass Facebook picture of someone you don't really care for if you want. Maybe we could use the aforementioned to see if we can tell which people actually do drugs.)

Pic related; does this person look like a malnourished, incredibly sleep-deprived tweaker to you? Because I know for a fact that they are.

(Actually not me, I'm a dude and maybe a 3/10 tops, though I know this chick)

Anonymous 15/03/22(Sun)03:40 No. 12868

Delicious. She doesn't look that malnourished from her face though.

Anonymous 15/04/13(Mon)00:50 No. 12883

She's cute

Anonymous 15/04/07(Tue)11:33 No. 12876 [Reply]

File 142839921937.png - (24.41KB , 160x160 , Emoji Smiley-12.png )

just sprayed some keyboard airduste<r into an empty soda bottle and inhaled it. no time dialation but def a bit spaced for afew mins, 0.1 % butane. doesnt feel like I killed any brain cells

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/04/08(Wed)07:15 No. 12879

Keep it up and soon you'll be walking on sunshine.

Anonymous 15/04/10(Fri)09:23 No. 12880

File 142865058720.png - (318.62KB , 335x348 , de3caefb0a7bfd387902066842aef19e.png )

I huff lighter fluid that is at least ten times more potent in butane than that, get good. Also unless you are homeless you should afford some whippiz to get that sweet nitrous oxygen high.

Anonymous 15/04/11(Sat)04:18 No. 12881

Drink methylated spirits like a real abbo you dumb fuck.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide Anonymous 15/01/06(Tue)03:39 No. 12794 [Reply]

File 142051194357.jpg - (444.79KB , 1464x1091 , 1420504345901.jpg )

Can we talk about the state of acid as it is? It seems circulation is way down and it's a lot harder to find these days. Will it get better or worse? Personally i've been lucky to have a solid hookup for it, but it's so uncommon it's scary. Acid thread!

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/02/06(Fri)04:47 No. 12835

where I live, we have a solid connection, and its the best stuff i've had in years. acid is still very much around. Go to music festivals and you will find it.

Anonymous 15/02/12(Thu)07:24 No. 12839

Best fucking response, lmao

Anonymous 15/04/02(Thu)02:57 No. 12873

Best acid analogue I've tried is Al-lad, none of the vasodilation you get with the NBOME's. I think it's a keeper, so long as people start producing it in decent doses, it is always sold out.

So yeah, I agree with above, LSD is becomeing a period piece. I heard most of the acid in britain is an NBOME now. Don't trust hippies, they don't even know when they are bullshitting you.

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