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Anonymous 09/11/19(Thu)13:05 No. 12146 ID: 16eb7d [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 125863230542.jpg - (102.57KB , 1280x1280 , 1258490806611.jpg )

So. I've been looking for this manga for a while now. I'll post the description of what occurs within it, as well as a couple of generic diaper pics, since it's a diaper manga.

Guess this'll be the new diaper thread, too, since I'll post some pics to get it started.

Description begins in the next post.

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Anonymous 15/02/15(Sun)08:45 No. 44170 ID: 5d2265

Anonymous 15/06/05(Fri)11:47 No. 44371 ID: bca1f6

Dude of course. Diaper facesitting is the best

Anonymous 15/11/23(Mon)06:21 No. 44862 ID: 844d31

Bodily Functions Anonymous 11/10/16(Sun)07:37 No. 29853 ID: 373530 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 131874347091.jpg - (261.26KB , 1100x1287 , 126833125487.jpg )

Post any pics related to female bodily functions. Farting, pooping, peeing, anything that goes on in the toilet.

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Anonymous 15/11/03(Tue)05:22 No. 44794 ID: ada615

Awesome, thanks!

Anyway, here is some Hakueki Shobou, my 3rd favorite

Anonymous 15/11/20(Fri)00:11 No. 44850 ID: ada615

Whenever I see an eating contest with women in it, I always wonder what I would be like to photograph the next day.

Here is a Metal Land picture that is related and some Metal Land pictures that aren't related.

Humans with animal genetalia Anonymous 15/10/14(Wed)06:13 No. 44723 ID: 581f12 [Reply]

File 144479598685.jpg - (208.97KB , 934x1351 , 5a99b086d39091c088ab3c646af71a11.jpg )

Female, male, futa, cuntboy, humans with the equipment of animals. Go.

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Anonymous 15/10/14(Wed)06:17 No. 44727 ID: 581f12

Anonymous 15/10/14(Wed)06:19 No. 44728 ID: 581f12

Anonymous 15/11/19(Thu)20:53 No. 44848 ID: 581f12

File 144796279191.jpg - (205.90KB , 850x850 , sample_3792da5194a89eec7116d7948829af05c5ee6c78.jpg )

Anonymous 13/05/11(Sat)23:46 No. 41303 ID: 99f626 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136830879788.jpg - (895.50KB , 1291x1308 , Side Effects.jpg )

Looking for feedback about mt captions

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Anonymous 14/05/10(Sat)15:08 No. 43146 ID: 6ac9fc

there is real life feminism which is alright and there is internet feminism which is a cesspit where crazy cunts gravitate towards each other in endless tumblr circlejerks creating a feedback loop of crazy horseshit.

I know feminists irl and they're solid people but when people bitch about feminism they're not talking about their acquaintances in real life and they're talking about the horse-shit spewing nutjobs that have legitimate claim to the title of loudest most obnoxious shits on the planet

Anonymous 15/11/12(Thu)01:37 No. 44824 ID: 8af4f0

If your still taking request then could I request either a futa girl asking to have sex with me or a futa mother and or teacher telling the viewer to be their fucktoy

Anonymous 15/11/19(Thu)20:14 No. 44847 ID: 66b36d

look on the bright side guys at least you're not that canadian faggot from 4chan

Femdom/Hurtcore/Guro Anonymous 15/09/03(Thu)17:39 No. 44589 ID: abaa09 [Reply]

File 144129476840.jpg - (301.49KB , 594x840 , 07.jpg )

Not necessary hard guro. Just hurt/pain WITH PORN(like genitals/cum etc.) in it. Femdom is welcome

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Colors welcome! Anonymous 15/09/03(Thu)17:46 No. 44592 ID: abaa09

Colors welcome!

Anonymous 15/11/08(Sun)17:26 No. 44808 ID: d9b1e2

Anonymous 15/11/14(Sat)03:54 No. 44830 ID: 8a3f7e

What is the name of the hentai with the transexual fucking a young boy please?
(to 44808)

Anonymous 12/05/11(Fri)04:31 No. 37969 ID: eff6ef [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 133670351244.jpg - (181.73KB , 850x700 , 1326947410113.jpg )

Let's get a detachable thread going. Not guro. But detachable bodies and body parts. Preferably detachable penises. I get a superboner from those but I lost all of it :(

97 posts and 318 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/08/21(Fri)05:58 No. 44556 ID: cc7cfe


Anonymous 15/11/02(Mon)07:01 No. 44790 ID: 396fe6

File 144644406099.png - (663.10KB , 2600x2200 , princesses.png )

Anonymous 15/11/13(Fri)09:47 No. 44827 ID: 25e974

File 144740441954.webm - (1.22MB , 1920x1080 , dsmd.webm )

Anonymous 15/11/10(Tue)17:25 No. 44813 ID: 3513d3 [Reply]

File 14471727528.png - (472.76KB , 900x677 , image.png )

shit girl I'd do that for free

Anonymous 15/11/10(Tue)19:17 No. 44814 ID: 98f8fa

So you posted this just to make that joke.
I'll play along.
"Ha ha."

Anonymous 15/11/10(Tue)19:18 No. 44815 ID: 98f8fa

So you posted this just to make that joke?
Very well, I'll play along.
Ahem. "Ha ha."

Anonymous 15/11/11(Wed)15:38 No. 44822 ID: 69044b

also because it is my fetish, but sure, why not

Unbirth Anonymous 12/12/19(Wed)07:47 No. 40411 ID: e40242 [Reply]

File 135589965826.jpg - (333.68KB , 1050x1500 , hooliganism1.jpg )

The lack of Unbirth saddens me. Hope there is some folk willing to contribute more.

20 posts and 53 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/03/23(Sun)20:12 No. 42966 ID: ee0235

File 139560192318.png - (89.76KB , 640x480 , End 1-2.png )

I don't know if you remember this from a dead game, let me know if any of you still got this game, because I only got the demo of it.

Pic related.

Anonymous 15/11/11(Wed)05:37 No. 44818 ID: cc1e43

Sauce on 2 and 3?

Anonymous 15/11/11(Wed)05:45 No. 44819 ID: cc1e43


How about dickless futa? Anonymous 14/07/13(Sun)19:17 No. 43522 ID: 8eb0d1 [Reply]

File 140527184334.png - (1.22MB , 975x1024 , 1404825227558.png )

Only balls ond no penis - only anal orgasm. Dickless shota is fine too.

15 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/03/01(Sun)18:05 No. 44205 ID: 2c8070

This is really hot. To be a dickless cock socket with sensative balls that can be kicked and squeezed. And for the balls to do nothing but hurt when they are abused, no testosterone produced by them - only vulnerability and pain. Tits, fake lips and female hormones would be nice too.

Anonymous 15/03/15(Sun)20:53 No. 44238 ID: 20f78a

not having a dick doesn't stop the balls from making testosterone. So you'd still get horny and have urges to fuck chicks or masturbate, but the only way you could get off is having your prostate stimulated.

Anonymous 15/11/11(Wed)05:15 No. 44817 ID: cc1e43


Starcraft thread Anonymous 13/08/19(Mon)20:12 No. 42039 ID: 4ed722 [Reply]

File 137693592757.jpg - (260.71KB , 1200x674 , 98826.jpg )

15 posts and 54 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/05/13(Wed)19:50 No. 44337 ID: 6369c2

Anonymous 15/05/28(Thu)09:19 No. 44362 ID: 6369c2

Anonymous 15/10/17(Sat)16:36 No. 44746 ID: 6369c2

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