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Incase art Anonymous 13/07/22(Mon)13:04 No. 41845 ID: 7df96b [Reply]

File 137449108339.jpg - (478.33KB , 1762x1101 , 8X0ZD1k.jpg )

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Anonymous 13/09/10(Tue)09:00 No. 42202 ID: 6823bd


Anonymous 13/09/11(Wed)00:45 No. 42206 ID: 5f2e95


gvdd lololol 14/07/28(Mon)16:34 No. 43581 ID: 46574d


RP Hookup Thread Ellie 11/06/25(Sat)20:34 No. 26474 ID: e1a12a [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 130902687253.jpg - (121.94KB , 684x503 , 130371689525.jpg )

Where did our RP hookup thread go? Oh well, guess I have to make another one. I'll post an entry soon, but for everyone else here's a little form:

Name: What do we call you?

Orientation: What kind of role do you play? M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/het/bi/pan dom/sub/switch?

Partner Pref: What are you looking for in an RP partner?

Kinks: What sort of thing are you into?

Squicks/Limits: What are the things that you refuse to roleplay?

Sample: Show us what your typical role playing looks like.

Contact Info: How do we get in contact with you?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Bweee chan 14/07/09(Wed)21:38 No. 43514 ID: 3f14fa

Name: usually it changes but I'm normally named oi (o.e.)
orientation: male/gay/ts sub. Usually a neko
I'm also not rlly a doormat sub but if you want you can train me to be

partner pref: anything from a Dom. Girl, boy, futa, strapon user, tentacles, anything as long Dom. Also need story not all sex but If you wish for that to be all then, ok

kinks: this could go all night. Mainly pain and bondage like hair pull bite.Being treated as a slave/pet/maid rlly love. Anything you can think of. I'll do for you I'm very open to new things.

limits: not really many I'm ok with stuff.

sample: "master d-do I have to wear this" I say while holding up a very skimpy maid outfit.
He nods looking very pleased.
i look at him and then at the outfit "umm, privacy?".
"what do you mean privacy? I own you so I can do as I please."
I look at him with anger "fine".
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

They 14/07/12(Sat)15:11 No. 43519 ID: a24edd

Name: Whatever you want to call me

Orientation: M/F/Trap/Futa Gay/sub

Partner Pref: Anything really

Kinks: Incest, age play, excessive cum, whatever

Squicks/Limits: Guro, scat

Sample: She let out a sigh. "He took me from my home, bound me, and brought me to a cabin. I fell for him. I don't know why, he had taken me from my father, from my home, talked me into giving him my innocence. But I fell for him. he treated me badly at first, but after a gave myself to him, He became so kind. We stayed there, wanting to run, but he brought me here." she said. "I know it is strange..."

Contact Info: reespbcup94@hotmail.com

Anonymous 14/07/28(Mon)02:01 No. 43579 ID: 15dab5

File 140650566793.jpg - (246.10KB , 928x1192 , 17bc6a5fd5bda893de68e33da720bf94.jpg )

Name: Slut, bitch, sissy what ever you want

Orientation: Male/trap/sissy/baby/sub

Partner Pref: anyone

Kinks: ageplay/abdl, forced regression/feminization, tg/tf, bondage, petplay, dom/sub dynamics, crossdressing, Incest, large Insect/eggs, beastiality
(forced) prostitution, corruption, humiliation, degradation,collar, humiliation and embarrassment, , sex or humiliation in public, spanking, enema, creampies, excessive cum, rape

Squicks/Limits: Gore, scat, vomit, necrophilia,

Contact Info: Demolaykazuma@yahoo.com

Peppercat 12/10/24(Wed)20:01 No. 40023 ID: 67474e [Reply]

File 135110171161.jpg - (13.55KB , 300x181 , 552383_107373962754830_754617483_n.jpg )

Peppercat thread! Femdom special. Will post what i have, though the amount is just about halved due to it involving shota or loli. - Will involve guys being sissyfied, so if you're homophobic, look away now.

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Anonymous 13/12/06(Fri)20:49 No. 42664 ID: e56778

anyone have that picture of some dood getting a blowjob while having a gun held against his balls?

Anonymous 14/06/03(Tue)04:40 No. 43238 ID: f34695


Peppercat 14/07/27(Sun)11:22 No. 43575 ID: 154454

I hear the summons.

Anonymous 13/09/05(Thu)07:55 No. 42171 ID: 463ce5 [Reply]

File 137836053346.jpg - (2.01MB , 1180x1348 , 12804256801.jpg )

The thread I started back in 2009 finally died, but since it got so epic (even Jeff himself posted there) I think it's worth sharing a saved version for posterity.


Jeff's pixiv: id=52884

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Anonymous 14/05/24(Sat)11:25 No. 43191 ID: aebf34

Man, these are some amazing coloring skills.

Anonymous 14/06/01(Sun)00:59 No. 43230 ID: 714a68

Anonymous 14/07/25(Fri)00:53 No. 43572 ID: 471d43

New pic: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=44911319

No boys in this one, curiously.

genitals swap Anonymous 12/07/05(Thu)18:45 No. 38488 ID: bbf489 [Reply]

File 13415067152.jpg - (692.81KB , 1228x1100 , 127745023951.jpg )

cuntboy + shemale together.

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Anonymous 14/07/08(Tue)04:41 No. 43503 ID: 1a1d1c

File 140478726090.png - (238.46KB , 698x842 , 02c059f88013af699f31a44fc72e1c89527f1d0f.png )

Anonymous 14/07/12(Sat)03:17 No. 43518 ID: 1a1d1c

File 140512785467.jpg - (211.63KB , 900x1100 , 137980565261.jpg )

Anonymous 14/07/21(Mon)19:45 No. 43562 ID: 1a1d1c

Breast Expansion Anonymous 12/03/22(Thu)03:37 No. 37715 ID: fe188e [Reply]

File 133238383267.png - (886.29KB , 1111x1209 , 1.png )

There was a great breast Expansion Thread going, let's start another... But try to find new ones.

I'll commence the first dump


25 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/04/19(Sat)17:29 No. 43078 ID: a0bf56

hy wats the password for this
1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5sahqs808e2zkxb/BEStoryClub.rar ?

BE Anonymous 14/06/22(Sun)20:46 No. 43316 ID: f9a48f

Some BE story club stuff right here:
Create an account and enjoy!
ps. GCB part 6 missing

anyone have this Anonymous 14/07/20(Sun)23:02 No. 43561 ID: 6ed001

File 140589015896.jpg - (531.34KB , 1200x1500 , ll-page06s.jpg )

Hey I know there are alot of pics out there but do anyone do

/d/ remorse Anonymous 11/11/01(Tue)03:26 No. 29994 ID: ee41c2 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 132011438858.jpg - (811.02KB , 1050x1400 , 719fb77e7954847903dfdd2d67caa0123a38f461.jpg )

You ever fap to something and then afterwards feel bad about it?

I often have thoughts about how if anyone found out what really got me off, they would look at me like I am a psycho. At least I know there are others like me here.

57 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/06/10(Tue)03:27 No. 43268 ID: f14cc5

You might bump into it if you browse around a few dead imageboards. Those are always plagued with shady spambots.

Anonymous 14/07/08(Tue)07:02 No. 43504 ID: 714a68

Yes... It all starts out so simple... But it just gets worse..

Anonymous 14/07/19(Sat)08:55 No. 43558 ID: 800849

I found The Club 2013 on eLit... I would fap, then throw myself against a brick wall. Then fap again...

I also began discovering girls when I was 12. Its legal as long as they aren't 5 years younger than you, right?

Anonymous 10/10/02(Sat)00:23 No. 18674 ID: 435e73 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 128597179159.png - (285.95KB , 900x800 , 1285925739822.png )

Gentlemen, I have found something hotter than mind control.

Body control.

The girl is forced to do things she doesn't want to, in the truest sense of the word-- if her mind is bent, she can't suffer or be embarrassed. So just control her body while her mind (and maybe even her mouth) are still hers to control.

64 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/07/19(Sat)01:44 No. 43554 ID: e2e54e

File 140572705173.jpg - (316.31KB , 839x1200 , convert_074.jpg )

source: puppet Idol

Anonymous 14/07/19(Sat)01:45 No. 43555 ID: e2e54e

File 140572711359.jpg - (309.33KB , 839x1200 , convert_075.jpg )

Source: Puppet Idol

Anonymous 14/07/19(Sat)01:45 No. 43556 ID: e2e54e

File 140572714410.jpg - (327.89KB , 839x1200 , convert_076.jpg )

Source: Still Puppet Idol

Bodily Functions Anonymous 11/10/16(Sun)07:37 No. 29853 ID: 373530 [Reply]

File 131874347091.jpg - (261.26KB , 1100x1287 , 126833125487.jpg )

Post any pics related to female bodily functions. Farting, pooping, peeing, anything that goes on in the toilet.

16 posts and 30 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/04/15(Tue)13:45 No. 43070 ID: 193d3c

Does anyone have pictures of girls shitting directly into each other's mouths?

Or maybe even vomit?

Anonymous 14/07/06(Sun)20:15 No. 43498 ID: ada615

Anonymous 14/07/17(Thu)23:35 No. 43535 ID: ada615

It exists, guroch.org has threads about it.

How about dickless futa? Anonymous 14/07/13(Sun)19:17 No. 43522 ID: 8eb0d1 [Reply]

File 140527184334.png - (1.22MB , 975x1024 , 1404825227558.png )

Only balls ond no penis - only anal orgasm. Dickless shota is fine too.

4 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/07/13(Sun)20:50 No. 43527 ID: 053ad1



Anonymous 14/07/14(Mon)06:56 No. 43528 ID: 8eb0d1

Anonymous 14/07/14(Mon)06:58 No. 43529 ID: 8eb0d1

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