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There's a new /777/ up, it's /selfhelp/ - You're Pathetic, We're Pathetic, We Can Do This! Check it out. Suggest new /777/s here.

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Holy shit! A new /777/? Why, it's a Christmas miracle, kids! Found ## Admin ## 14/12/19(Fri)22:32 No. 1 [Reply] Stickied

File 141902475943.jpg - (32.51KB , 600x336 , 777 selfhelp.jpg )

Clearly I'm a touch useless, and need some help to make myself a better person, someone whose more well rounded. Someone who can change /777/ more than twice a year, essentially.

Regardless, go nuts and do what you normally do! To suggest future /777/s use this thread: https://7chan.org/7ch/res/4700.html

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Useless 14/12/21(Sun)04:52 No. 14

were you drunk when you made this?

Useless 14/12/21(Sun)00:00 No. 11 [Reply]

File 141911643351.jpg - (2.88MB , 3456x2304 , IMG_0628.jpg )

This thread is for tips and tricks for maintaining your functional alcoholism.

Personally, when I start to notice that I am getting weird and sweaty after a few days of not drinking, it's time to taper down for while.

Useless 14/12/21(Sun)04:37 No. 13

i always feel like shit after a few days of drinking, as well as after a few days of not drinking, so i am stuck in this loop

Useless 14/12/20(Sat)04:14 No. 3 [Reply]

File 141904528757.png - (481.15KB , 1171x611 , FlashGot screenshot.png )

I'll list programmes I've installed on my PC and apps on my Android phone that I find useful and you do the same.

Running Windows 7-
Mozilla Firefox
I'm not going to start a shitflinging browser contest but I certainly prefer Firefox for one reason which is the vast array of add-ons to pick from. I use:
AdBlock Edge
Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus which saves all images opened in tabs in one click
FlashGot which saves any .flv's open in your webpage. Very useful at ripping music and other videos from Youtube at uploader's quality. Pic related.
Greasemonkey which allows installations of user scripts. One useful script I use is Dollchan which makes lurking other chans much easier since it has a very robust thread hiding system.
Thumbnail Zoom Plus allows you to enlarge an image in a web page by just hovering your cursor over it. Much faster than right click followed by open image in new tab.

Dims your screen according to the PC time. So at night the screen is dimmer than it is during the day. While also dimming the screen it adds a touch of sepia to it as well.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Useless 14/12/20(Sat)07:46 No. 6

f.lux seems neat. Thanks.

Useless 14/12/20(Sat)18:38 No. 8

Instead of VLC I use Media Player Classic: Home Cinema. I mainly use it when watching animation and it works wonderfully for that.

The version I find easiest to work with is but I'm sure the current one works just fine.

There's also an install guild for greater play back which I used:

The link on that guild for the xy-vsfilter 404'd so here's an alt:

I installed all that on an Windows 7 x64 bit for reference.

Useless 14/12/21(Sun)03:35 No. 12

File 141912931423.jpg - (57.40KB , 500x339 , clover-bookmark.jpg )

Clover is a program that makes the file explorer on windows have tabs like chrome.
Tixati is a nice torrent client.

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