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Holy shit! A new /777/? Why, it's a Christmas miracle, kids! Found ## Admin ## 14/12/19(Fri)22:32 No. 1 [Reply] Stickied

File 141902475943.jpg - (32.51KB , 600x336 , 777 selfhelp.jpg )

Clearly I'm a touch useless, and need some help to make myself a better person, someone whose more well rounded. Someone who can change /777/ more than twice a year, essentially.

Regardless, go nuts and do what you normally do! To suggest future /777/s use this thread: https://7chan.org/7ch/res/4700.html

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Useless 15/06/27(Sat)15:51 No. 550

This. Don't disappoint me mods.

Paranoia and Monsters Useless 15/07/02(Thu)10:52 No. 566 [Reply]

File 143582714622.jpg - (8.07KB , 300x300 , 41CF1R0r35L__SY300_.jpg )

When I was little I used to see monsters in my room coming towards my bed and my mother gave me one of those spinning light ball baby toy things and told me it would keep the monsters away which it did. A few Years later I began to be terrified of the sound of water draining, toilets, baths, etc. Anytime I heard these sounds I would run quickly back to my bed or just away, I thought that monsters were chasing me and would kill me if I didn't get out of the room quick enough. I am no longer afraid of this, it stopped around 10 to 11 years old but sometimes I still get the feeling and just shakily walk away. I often become paranoid nowadays and feel like I'm being watched and something is behind me that I will keep turning around trying to see. I sometimes have disturbing nightmares (Hand falling apart, seeing my friend burnt alive etc) but otherwise my life is normal. Despite my paranoia and fears I love horror movies and I am very interested in many hallucinogenics and other drugs, even meth which I have not used. I have taken diphenhydramine in large amounts but just made me feel sick and heavy and have been drunk a few times. Is this normal? Do I have some sort of mental condition? P.S. as a child in the same room I saw the monsters I would feel a very strong presence like I was being squeezed and I would see a teddy bear with strong features, especially eyebrows, and it had fangs. It would squeeze a crystal between it's fingers and speak in a strange language in a whispering tone that sounded like many voices. I believe this was most likely a dream whereas when I saw the monsters, (shadow people maybe?? Like seen by meth users) I was awake in a dark room. I also had severe asthma as a child, many times I couldn't breath at all and needed a nebulizer, the worst experiences of my life, I always thought I would die. Does this sound like any mental disorder? I want preferably medical and science based answers but any answers at all are welcome, even spiritual shit. (I'm borderline Christian/Catholic but open minded though skeptical) PIC RELATED: My mother's solution to the monsters that worked.

Useless 15/07/04(Sat)14:40 No. 568

You "borderline" believe in talking snakes, magical fruit, and the true evil of mixed fabric- but you are sceptic? hmmmm....

as to your experience you should perhaps check out sleep-paralysis, that's what it sounds like to me.

Useless 15/07/05(Sun)04:09 No. 570

It's simple. I know because I have always been like you. The secret, the real secret is this - it has two parts:
1 - There is no supernatural. There is only natural.
2 - Stop looking to see if there is anything there.

It fades away and you can be proud of yourself.

Missing the point in life. Meloncholy 15/06/03(Wed)10:59 No. 482 [Reply]

File 143332196720.gif - (18.56KB , 240x320 , 249907-77493-0-228030-pc.gif )

Realize now from reading others posts here that my problems are really petty and trivial in comparrison.

I'm in my early thirties. I've been very unsuccessful thus far in life. At present, I have no friends outside of the internet. Lost my job two weeks ago. Car is acting up. Still living with my parents. Never have had a girl friend. Feel like my life is just one big rut. Went to college years ago and fully paid for two semesters entirely with money i earned from my first job believing fully I could get some sort of grant to take care of the rest of the semesters, but for whatever reason I did not qualify for any, so two semesters of college and an emptied savings account later and the next nine years I worked full time in retail.

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Useless 15/06/15(Mon)11:26 No. 529

Thanks for the seizure. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FgFhE4pEbyE

Useless 15/07/02(Thu)00:09 No. 563

Fuck careers, I'm still in my twenties and you're basically future me minus the fact that I actually have a degree after four years.

I have come to the conclusion that if I don't get out of this 9-5 I am going to die.

But I learned too late that loans are a method of trapping you. I'm paying off a car that is giving me no end of heartache, two months in and I get knocked by some idiot who doesn't understand the concept of the 4-way stop. The clutch is not working, I tell Ford the clutch is not tuned correctly they come back and tell me it's fine, I beta my way out and say ok and leave, burning my clutch all the way home.

I chased away every girl who clearly wanted to jump my bones by being Omega as fuck, despite desperately needing to get my rocks off.

If you have nothing holding you back I suggest becoming a drifter, I would.

You're not alone Bro, be strong for you.

Useless 15/07/04(Sat)14:54 No. 569

As someone who used to be a lot like that, I found something that changed my life and built a career in close protection.
Find something you can be passionate about and go for it. You can only become great if you like what you do, it has to give you purpose. whether it be cooking, shooting, or driving don't matter. find something YOU like and hold on to it and enjoy the ride...

Useless 15/07/01(Wed)23:57 No. 562 [Reply]

File 14357878252.jpg - (134.27KB , 1031x1181 , 1361772455848.jpg )

I push every friendly advance away despite being incredibly lonely.

I hate the majority of the human race, regardless of gender, race or ideology.

Yet I love my family and friends intensely and will probably do something very stupid if somebody hurt any of them.

I want to see suffering on a global scale yet I cannot bring myself to harm another.


LOVE ANONYMOUS 15/06/25(Thu)19:20 No. 544 [Reply]

File 143525284020.jpg - (37.84KB , 640x960 , 11401488_1037434542946810_7329316945278051747_n.jpg )

i love myself so should you dont hate

dom 15/06/26(Fri)05:58 No. 546

your hot as fuck!

Useless 15/06/28(Sun)08:55 No. 553

Is there a dick on the other side of that fine ass?

That would be kind of disappointing.

Useless 15/07/01(Wed)23:52 No. 561

File 143578757542.jpg - (20.28KB , 250x250 , 136816197116.jpg )

What if she offers to give you a reach around?

space blank 15/07/01(Wed)07:22 No. 558 [Reply]

File 143572817894.jpg - (904.93KB , 1920x1200 , fc400047-d104-4c2c-b449-6e15404a19ae_12.jpg )

So things are going downhill for me for the first time, but it feels like its a good thing. I did acid for the second time and went out in public with people and was still the shell of my old self, waking up fresh with sleep, I was still my old self, but I didn't want to be. I read No More Mr Nice guy and my perspective was changed completely of my childhood, this was of course more personal and introspective when you're on acid, but freshly awoken me wasn't having any of it. I'm a paradox, rambling now, but all I need to know is if fixing my mistake from the beginning will change anything. I've only had these problems since I first did 25i and acid years ago and the struggle in my head started. I feel really guilty for something I did to someone close to me, more literal than figuratively, but I masqueraded like nothing happened all these years and I haven't been able to be myself at any capacity since.

Is this how I fix myself?

howdointolife 15/03/08(Sun)18:10 No. 299 [Reply]

File 142583460466.jpg - (94.66KB , 1280x719 , WP_20140930_20_53_25_0_Smart.jpg )

Hey guys.

If this thread has already been made elsewhere I apologize. Picture unrelated btw.

I'm just gonna type a bunch of shit so this will probably be really meandering.

I'm 20 years old and I'm turning 21 in about a month. All I ever want to do is lay around watching Netflix and jerking off. I have many goals and things I want to do and I hate myself for being too lazy to do them. I'm a fatass (of course) and I want to do something about that. I used to be in decent shape when I played football in highschool, but that was almost 5 years ago and I'm steadily approaching 300 lbs now. I want to learn how to program but every time I start up a course on Khan Academy I lose interest within an hour. I bought a keyboard hoping to learn how to play it, and stuck with it for a few weeks but it's been siting in the corner of my room for months. I like writing and I have an interest in film making so I'm always thinking of funny/interesting scenes that I swear I'm gonna tie together into some kind of project but that's never gotten anywhere. I was in college for a while but I took this last semester off because I had no clue what I wanted to do and I figured I'd use this time to "find myself" or something, but all I've done is got a shitty job which I quit a month later. I'm starting a new, but still shitty, job tomorrow that I hope I'm at least a little more suited for.

My living situation is shit. My mom kicked me out about a year ago and I've been living with my girlfriend and her parents since then. Her parents are gross as shit though and the house is in a state of filth. Like, the living room has patches of inch thick dog shit that's been there for as long as I've been here. The bathroom is horrible and hasn't been cleaned in idk how long. There's roaches EVERYWHERE to the extent of if you were to lay out a bunch of those sticky roach paper things they would be all absolutely filled with bugs the next morning. We did this everynight for about two weeks with seemingly no drop in roach numbers. Her dad has a sbitty job at a recycling plant and the mom draws in disability every month, but it's bit enough and we're pretty broke. Her dad is cool enough, I don't talk to him much but her mom is insufferable. We think she may have mental issues. She wakes up and will literally sit there all fucking day watching Fox News and yelling about how muslims are going to kill us all. She reads Harry Potter fanfiction and plays facebook games on a shitty 10+ year old desktop that crashes every few hours, and when it does she goes in a rage about how God has ruined her life and how she "won't rest until she kills god". This is an everyday occurrence.

Me and my girlfriend have a good relationship, mostly. But she enables my shitty behavior and she's lost control of her Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Useless 15/05/02(Sat)01:54 No. 420

You should be glad you found a girl dude, dont talk shit about her.

Sereal 15/05/02(Sat)07:26 No. 421

go to your local military recruiter, join the highest paying branch, sign your name, get it done. Dont even think about it, just do it. Basically you get paid to exercise and get into good shape, and get your life straight.

Useless 15/06/29(Mon)01:44 No. 556


>fuck fuck fucking fuck

That last one doesn't even touch on the aspirations OP listed.

OP, lets say you've got two tiers of happy-seeking. First is the instant grat pleasures like Netflix and masturbating. The second tier is significant, creative pleasures like keyboarding, programming, writing and the sciences of Salman Khan.

The first step should be to dissolve the former two things. The energy drain from them must be enormous, and I don't think anybody on earth could remain interested in Khan Academy while so strung out. The second step would be to deal with whatever fallout of feelings youlll probably experience from not having a hedonistic fluff buffer like Netflix and pornography. I wouldn't try for learning anything until after you're sure that the loose ends created by that change are tied up.

From there I'm not sure what will happen, its too far into the future. Don't over extend yourself, and recognize when you're consuming when you ought to be reflecting. There's a reason Buddhist monks give up "worldly pleasures". That's all I can say without over extending myself and making faulty predictions.

Useless 15/01/06(Tue)14:26 No. 139 [Reply]

File 142055076793.jpg - (845.00KB , 1209x2610 , 141619373671.jpg )

Hello there /selfhelp/
What I have to tell you is kinda hard to explain and I'm not a native speaker so please be kind, and I'll do my best.
So, I had a sort of suicidal attempt the other day, on 1/1. I was on some acids and it came to me this feeling that I knew before in previous experiences with drugs and in my meditations, that there was some kind of force that was calling me.
Whenever this happens to me, my body starts doing some pretty twisted stuff. The previous time I was in my room, in the dark, and I started to hit the walls and my heart rate increased significantly. The more I let my self go to this force, the more I lose control over my body and the harder the self-aggression gets. That time I turned on the lights and started coming back to normal, 'cause I thought otherwise it would get me dead or at least insane.
This last time was the strongest call I felt. It was about 7AM, there was a storm out there, and I was at party with friends. Suddenly, the force started calling, so I went to the street to be alone. In there, I figured that if I wanted to join this force, it would demand my life. I jumped in front of a car (it dodged me, I'm still sorry for the guy, it must have been pretty fucked up for him), I superficially cut my neck with a broken bottle, but then I couldn't progress because my friends followed me and were already holding me and then they drove me to the hospital.
The matter is that this thing I call "the force", gives me a very peaceful, almost divine feeling. When I see it, his influence is at the same time growing and fading, and I could say it competes with my contact with reality. The further I apart myself from reality, the bigger it grows, and the more it calls, and the more I harm myself in the real world, and the less that matters at all because I know that if I finally die in that state I can stay in there forever.
So here is the problem: I like living, it's pretty ok, I don't have anything against it. Nevertheless, this "force" intrigues the shit out of me, because like I said it gives me a wonderful feeling I can't even compare with nothing worldly, but I know that if I pursue it and try to reach it again with drugs or meditation it quite probably will kill me in this life. And my mom and dad ain't OK with that, it would make them quite sad. And I love them and my friends, but you know, the force is the force.
What do?

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bIFF 15/01/28(Wed)11:34 No. 219

You should learn and read about what really happens when you die. Look up jakob lorber.

why? 15/05/21(Thu)21:26 No. 464

What you are discribing looks like a thing Freud Called "Death drive" - Thanatos. Other side is Eros -lust for life. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_drive
Of course it's endlessy interesting to cross to the other side, to push one's limits in all directions. But, its not that simple since Eros and Thanatos are deeply intertwined and depend and feed upon eachother. For example orgasam: it can be the ultimate pleasure- and how we experience it? As destruction of our borders, as dying for that short time in a state of perfect bliss. Death and love are connected by loosing the individualistic limits of our bodies and consciousness and soul, if you want to call it that way. In any case, pure logically, you can be sure that you will experience death. Moreover, that is the only certanty in your life. So there's on real need to hurry it up, and desire to push it over the edge is just destructive, but to push it before the is productive and leads to life, feelings, connecting to one self and other people, gaining new eyes and different perspectives. Farewell.

Useless 15/06/29(Mon)00:23 No. 555

I'm glad I found your post, for I much sympathize with your experience. I too am an advanced medical student, I have a somewhat large experience with hallucinogenics, and have had many of the perceptions and sensations you speak of.
I will speak of my thoughts, perhaps you can relate too.
I love life, to sum up. It is the most exciting thing I can conceive, since it contains everything, the entire existence. While experiencing LSD and mushrooms, I came in contact with what people call "awareness of the oness" or it's variants, but I, mainly for a principle, didn't atribute it to anything religious or even metaphysical in anyway, It just came as a surprising eye-opener about reality, about the greatness that my mind contains, the blunt and vast everything.
So, besides this love for life, I have an annoying bug inside of me, and idealistic foot that makes me boil against injustices and suffering in the world. I see so many wrong things, in every little facet of life, and these imperfections hurt me, deeply. So to a point I have this complete lost of hope on our cause, which leads me to the point where I identify myself with you the most: the entrapment.
I feel bothered because this world and this life, while great, are not perfect. My will is to become just a mind, in the middle of everything, of every single thing and situation and possibility. Total awareness. And even though I know about the potential "nirvana" in meditation, my belief is that this full awareness state is death. I am in no way religious or nothing like it, I just feel that after passing I will live as in a dream, where everything exists and is, where I control everything.
I have no will to suicide, but I do harm myself in many ways (drink excessively, pick fights), as a way of self destructing, I suppose.
I will stop typing because I've just seen the last time you answered, so you probably don't check this anymore. If you see this, say something, I'd like to have a word with you.

Beautiful painting you posted, absolutely beautiful

My Cycle of Failure Useless 15/06/14(Sun)06:49 No. 516 [Reply]

File 143425735861.jpg - (1.05MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )

My failure works in a 7 step cycle
1. Feel like shit, like I have nothing going on
2. Find something that makes me feel excited and interested in the world
3. Declare to myself that my life will forever be changed and that I will do this one thing consistantly (learning a language, an instrument, how to code, etc.)
4. Have a productive first day
5. Take a short break
6. Realize it's been several days or a week since I've done the thing at all
7. Go back to step 1

Surely I can't be the only one like this. Can I be?

Useless 15/06/14(Sun)07:17 No. 517

that's happened to me too.

you just have to actually stick with it.
make it into a routine thing when practicing, etc, and push yourself until it becomes natural.
or pick something else, i dunno.
i haven't really figured it out either.
you gotta break the cycle.

Useless 15/06/14(Sun)14:48 No. 520

I find it helps to just put in that tiny bit of effort every day.

Dont put yourself down for failures, as nobody is perfect. Dont stop putting in effort every day, but dont assign yourself overwhelming tasks. A small amount of effort adds up surprisingly fast. Most of all - make sure you make any changes FOR YOU and make sure there is a specific target. Youll work harder for the goal, and youll be able to see measurable progress towards that goal, making the daily effort a bit more rewarding.

Useless 15/06/27(Sat)22:18 No. 551

I didit.

> Start cycling, amass tools, make my own bicycle, participate in races and critical mass just to forget about it.
> start running, ran for two years. Finished my first marathon over a month ago. Haven't bothered running after reaching milestone;
> start making computers. Decide Linux/sysadmin is much better. After six years decide that programming is much better, despite knowing anything more than html/css/js.
> start reading on FOSS. Discover philosophy - roam through FOSS, marxist, anarchist, stoic, cynic works, can't speak shit because thoughts scatter all the time, lose momentum and nearly abandon
>start bodyweight fitness - ran, visited every outdoor gym, done some endurance and adventure races, forget about all of it after lakes freeze over and unable to swim
> start learning languages, fluent in three and able to understand many related languages - west/east Slavic, Romance languages, stop practising after returning to home clay

I can't be moderate in my interests, so I lose momentum all the time

Useless 15/06/12(Fri)01:46 No. 508 [Reply]

File 143406636633.jpg - (88.39KB , 680x481 , 7581106-md.jpg )

How can I stop being insecure of my intelligence? Or just stop being insecure in general?

5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Useless 15/06/15(Mon)08:30 No. 525

File 143434983855.jpg - (341.83KB , 1331x1331 , image.jpg )

That was liberating for m, to know no one cared.

Do you want them to care? About what you say, about what you do?

Useless 15/06/19(Fri)05:57 No. 534

OP here, the insecurity's not only self-deprecation, but it's also the feeling of contempt and envy for others who look or talk or just SEEM to be smarter than you. I'm also a bit arrogant and pretentious, and when it comes to the intellectually stimulating things I enjoy I often question myself whether I really enjoy these things or I'm just doing them to raise my self-esteem. There just isn't a day where I don't question whether I'm really smart or just an arrogant idiot. It's like I revolve my life around it. I don't want to be envious of anybody anymore, and I don't want this insecurity to rule my life, someone, please help! (Apologies if this was written a little poorly, I'm kind of in a rush here)

Useless 15/06/21(Sun)00:05 No. 536


A monk asked Seng ts’an, “Master, show me the way to liberation.”
Seng ts’an replied, “Who binds you?”
The monk responded, “No one binds me.”
Seng ts’an said, “Then why do you seek liberation?”

You can't just wave a magic wand and make those feelings on insecurity just go away. Take a good hard look at yourself, and ask what makes you feel that way in the first place. If you're doing something that hurts you, then why are you doing it? Perhaps you're getting relief from something else that's at the root of your problem. Treat this, and your insecurity will resolve itself.

Who binds you, OP?

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