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Holy shit! A new /777/? Why, it's a Christmas miracle, kids! Found ## Admin ## 14/12/19(Fri)22:32 No. 1 [Reply] Stickied

File 141902475943.jpg - (32.51KB , 600x336 , 777 selfhelp.jpg )

Clearly I'm a touch useless, and need some help to make myself a better person, someone whose more well rounded. Someone who can change /777/ more than twice a year, essentially.

Regardless, go nuts and do what you normally do! To suggest future /777/s use this thread: https://7chan.org/7ch/res/4700.html

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Useless 15/01/09(Fri)17:15 No. 165

File 14208201397.jpg - (7.26KB , 252x240 , 1354135812496.jpg )


Got such a hard on for the mods right now.

Useless 15/01/30(Fri)05:34 No. 222 [Reply]

File 142259249782.jpg - (211.69KB , 1600x1200 , 136923615376.jpg )

Good evening /selfhelp/.

I see there are lots of people who have trouble with anhedonia, depression and motivation on here so instead of just spamming this under every thread (I find it that useful) I decided to start one, acting as a reply to anyone interested.



>Tapping is a simple but effective technique somewhere in between hypnosis, meditation, and acupressure. You can learn it in a matter of minutes and use it to apply instant relief to stressful situations in your life.

>You can start using Tapping straight away by watching the introductory video above, and watching the other videos for further explanation and inspiration.

I'm only recommending it because personally it has helped me with depression and procrastination in the past. I used to do this years ago but now I'm coming back to it and I thought I'd share.

I'm sure you can use 'tap away' all kinds of emotions and feelings, not just the ones listed:
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anhedonia Useless 15/01/08(Thu)07:46 No. 154 [Reply]

File 14206995641.jpg - (12.38KB , 500x296 , anhedonia2.jpg )

I've had anhedonia for years but it keeps getting worse.

I don't enjoy anything. There is nothing that can give me pleasure. All just bores me to death. There is nothing I enjoy. Including communication or being with other people. Hobbies, TV, internet, series, documentaries, books, games. Nothing. Not being with people including family nothing.

I've already seen a psychologist and probobly get an emotional disorder and schizoid personality disorder (which can't be treated and is I think for a large part responsible for my anhedonia).

My anhedonia is increasing by the day and I'm fearing where this could lead me.

What do

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Useless 15/01/25(Sun)00:40 No. 210

Dude, what the fuck, I'm way more concerned about you than about OP. Try to have a good time here on earth man. If you know for sure that this is just mindless living for no purpose at all, then why suffering and having shitty feelings? get dumb and have some fun.

Useless 15/01/25(Sun)06:46 No. 211

idk man. i kinda see myself as zen, or a robot. It wasn't by choice but I'm glad I was able to adapt. Because had I not died inside, I would have killed myself or many others at this point. But it's like I can also choose to feel happy. Like I said I still get shitty feels but at this point in my life I'm glad I still have them. They were pretty much gone and at this point in my life I'm almost numb to the horror. My best friend just OD'd and my gf and I broke up. Honestly they were probably the two closest people I've ever met. But after shit shitting shit for so many years I kinda dissociate, to the point that I can laugh at it just being so fucking shitty. But then I feel a little sad at not even being able to be sad. I don't even know if it's me or if shit really is just so bad I'm not able to properly emote. I've been trying to get out of this hell hole I've been stuck in. I'm almost 25. I was really close to getting out and going to Cali or something befre my friend died. I would've had to leave my gf behind because she has three kids but I thought I'd at least have my bro. He's dead now so my dream to get out of here alive isn't really gonna happen for real because a part of me died with him, so my desire to even leave kind of went away. Then I got fired lol. In the end like I said all emotion is just a fake rollercoaster. It's hard to get 'back on the tracks' when it was so not fun you stopped the ride a long time ago. But I'm just trying to give the op some advice. I'm just saying that if you question it, if you disassociate, the emotions will disappear like people in the room when you're tripping on benadryl. The fact is you got into the habit of asking yourself if things made you happy. Happiness really is a lie. Some 'stuff' happens on the outside so you tell yourself to be happy on the inside. Don't try to think happy thoughts, don't think at all. You're doing it wrong. Happiness is a feeling, and you have permission to feel happy no matter the consequences.

In the end, isn't that an ideal universe? Where despite our meaninglessness and misery, we realize, we have complete control over our emotions, and can be happy for no other reason than the joy of being happy, no matter the circumstances.

Useless 15/01/29(Thu)18:52 No. 221

I'm unsure man, but then again, who am I to tell.
All I say is, men are mascots. We are the dogs of God. One day he trows a big, fleshy bone to us, the next one he forgets to even feed us water. And there's no wrong with enjoying the best of that tasty bone and shaking your tail while doing it, for when the bad times arrive, your strength to confront them without losing your happiness can come from the energy you stored on the good ones.
I get this thing that happiness isn't a state of external things but a predisposition of the mind, and I practice it too, trust me; but when things that really matter are going well it's all for the better, like a sign that all of that happiness and strength of yours that you putted out to confront all of the shit that came to you is finally being rewarded. Ask and you shall receive, plant and you'll harvest; that's pretty much the true.
And I'm glad to see that you can pass undamaged trough all of this tragic stuff, but don't fool yourself, there's a world out there, and your life is happening, here and now. So go live it man, 'cause there ain't much else you can do.

Useless 15/01/05(Mon)05:33 No. 125 [Reply]

File 14204324113.jpg - (27.11KB , 500x711 , aMES7Y.jpg )

I don't like to think of myself as a furry because I've met those people, stayed in their homes, and been to their parties and by and large they are the worst, most awkward dudes and I don't want to associate myself with that.

But the venn diagram between me and them has a hell of a lot of overlap. I'm a little bit of a sperglord (who has been through a lot of shit this year) and soft stuff calms me down when I'm getting anxiety attacks so I've started wearing a tail clipped to my hip out in public. I've got fur blankets in my home. I like petplay and collars in the bedroom. I browse /fur/ on the regular because that shit gets me off.

But oh my god I don't want to identify myself with those people. People have been asking me lately if I am a furry and honestly it's easier to just say "Yes." because then the conversation is over and I don't have to talk about it anymore (this is the same tactic I use to deflect conversation when people ask me if I am a racist or a alcoholic, just say "Yes." and the conversation dies).

I think building your self-identity around a sexual fetish is fucking retarded, so even though I share a lot in common with people who call themselves furries, I dont know what to do when people ask me about it. I've mostly been leaning on "Something like that" and other deflections).

Is it beter to just own it? Lean into it? Keep doing what I do but not mentioning it would be the best approach, but since I wear a tail in public and like my kinky dog shit in the bedroom, inevitably some people end up asking me about it and I never know how to respond.

I dont have a "fursona", I think fursuits look super dumb, and I have zero patience for people who insist being called "SPROOTFOX MCFLUFFERSON" or whatever, and yet here I am ending up getting grouped in with those guys.

Help me with my dumb, faggoty problem, 7chan.

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Useless 15/01/07(Wed)09:41 No. 145

It's just stupid ass labels that society makes. If you don't want to consider yourself a furry then you don't have to. Fuck labels. If there's stuff regarding the info about yourself that makes you uncomfortable then try to stop doing it.

The tail definitely overdoes it. The rest aren't really a problem. Try and find an alternative to wearing the tail. Bring something else that's soft or something.

Also, don't say that you're a furry if you just want the conversation to end. Saying no doesn't add to a conversation so that helps end it. It's not good to project an image to people when you don't want it yourself.

Useless 15/01/09(Fri)12:05 No. 164

for most homosexuals, gay pride parades aren't really representative of homosexuality, I think this has relevance and you should look into alienation as a concept

I used to call myself a liberal because socialism was a dirty word, I'm definitely not a fascist but there's an element of understanding of society amongst them that liberals don't get

sometimes I get the feeling that a lot of liberals would be fascists in a fascist's situation, whereas I haven't been

you're probably a furfag, oh well

Useless 15/01/29(Thu)00:32 No. 220

You'd probably have a great time in a fursuit if you like soft things and have anxiety issues. They're basically a place where you can hide from everyone no matter where you are, no one would even know you were in it.
It'd probably be better to either own up to it or find something different to calm you, like a rabbit's foot or something that isn't directly related to furries.

Useless 15/01/06(Tue)14:26 No. 139 [Reply]

File 142055076793.jpg - (845.00KB , 1209x2610 , 141619373671.jpg )

Hello there /selfhelp/
What I have to tell you is kinda hard to explain and I'm not a native speaker so please be kind, and I'll do my best.
So, I had a sort of suicidal attempt the other day, on 1/1. I was on some acids and it came to me this feeling that I knew before in previous experiences with drugs and in my meditations, that there was some kind of force that was calling me.
Whenever this happens to me, my body starts doing some pretty twisted stuff. The previous time I was in my room, in the dark, and I started to hit the walls and my heart rate increased significantly. The more I let my self go to this force, the more I lose control over my body and the harder the self-aggression gets. That time I turned on the lights and started coming back to normal, 'cause I thought otherwise it would get me dead or at least insane.
This last time was the strongest call I felt. It was about 7AM, there was a storm out there, and I was at party with friends. Suddenly, the force started calling, so I went to the street to be alone. In there, I figured that if I wanted to join this force, it would demand my life. I jumped in front of a car (it dodged me, I'm still sorry for the guy, it must have been pretty fucked up for him), I superficially cut my neck with a broken bottle, but then I couldn't progress because my friends followed me and were already holding me and then they drove me to the hospital.
The matter is that this thing I call "the force", gives me a very peaceful, almost divine feeling. When I see it, his influence is at the same time growing and fading, and I could say it competes with my contact with reality. The further I apart myself from reality, the bigger it grows, and the more it calls, and the more I harm myself in the real world, and the less that matters at all because I know that if I finally die in that state I can stay in there forever.
So here is the problem: I like living, it's pretty ok, I don't have anything against it. Nevertheless, this "force" intrigues the shit out of me, because like I said it gives me a wonderful feeling I can't even compare with nothing worldly, but I know that if I pursue it and try to reach it again with drugs or meditation it quite probably will kill me in this life. And my mom and dad ain't OK with that, it would make them quite sad. And I love them and my friends, but you know, the force is the force.
What do?

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Useless 15/01/17(Sat)05:51 No. 198

I think I feel trapped pretty much everywhere. In my mom's house, now that I'm back at mine, trapped in my city, trapped in my very own body, trapped in my mind.
They day all of this happened and many times before I knew this. There's something in me that craves for coming out and I just can't help figuring what the fuck is it. I seriously don't have a single clue, and yet I know the answer is on me and is quite fucking obvious and I'm going to feel like a dick the moment I figure it out, I'm sure it was in front of me all this time.
I don't know myself, and don't know where to start.

Useless 15/01/18(Sun)12:29 No. 201

The path to self knowledge is always the most difficult. If you are feeling trapped, try moving to a different city. Try doing things you normally wouldn't, like if you currently work in an inside environment, find a job where you work outside. In general, start doing the opposite of what you have been doing, it will help you figure out who you are and what you like.

It is my general theory that god, nature, the universe, whatever you want to call it; uses a carrot and stick method of getting you to where and what you should be doing, so if you are feeling mostly negative emotions, the universe is telling you that you should be doing something else. Make a list of actions that you hate doing, then start changing your life so that you can avoid doing those things. I, for instance, hate getting up before I am ready to wake up, so I changed my career so that I could do that.

Glad you know that it is all on you, that's the first step. It doesn't get any easier from here on out

bIFF 15/01/28(Wed)11:34 No. 219

You should learn and read about what really happens when you die. Look up jakob lorber.

I Can't do Anything FiveYearOldAnon 14/12/26(Fri)06:15 No. 51 [Reply]

File 141957094487.jpg - (27.67KB , 305x308 , New Bitmap Image.jpg )

My problem is definitely a thing..

First of all, since disclosing my age would end in the slaughter of myself and all my peers (yes, that's an exaggeration, internet people), lets just say I'm five.
However, I will also say that I am in school. Ban me (please don't, that was a joke, I don't wanna be banned, and I submit to your administrative/moderator powers).

So, I'm considered to be really obnoxiously smart, as well as the best, most caring person in the world (slight exaggeration, but you'd be surprised).
Now, you might wonder why that's a problem. It's not. For starters, I have no access to money (because I can't work, and my parents have shit jobs that end with a balance of less than 0), and I live in the middle of nowhere. There's not much I can even try to do, since "middle of nowhere" is a rural-suburban hybrid filled with people above the age of 80.
Even if I were to run away for whatever reason, I have no money, and the nearest town (with people in it) is an hour's drive away. So the only (slightly) productive thing I can think of to do is sit here typing.

Secondly, I'm actually not an amazing person. I may not be the worst person ever, but I can't really judge myself, and nobody has (or, probably, will ever) see the real me. Hell, I even convinced a therapist I was completely sane. Continued research has lead me to believe I have multiple psychiatric disorders (though, as you can see, I haven't gotten it checked out by a therapist).

Of course, I'd do something about it, but as I've said, I have no real way to do so. Of course, there's probably something major I missed here, and the answer is probably obvious. So.. That's why I'm asking the internet for help (well, it's more that I have few other options, but whatever).

Also, keep in mind that just about my whole family is Christian. Not me (though I give the impression of a perfect Christian), as I've delved a bit into philosophy (that turned me away from religion pretty quickly, among other things).

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Useless 15/01/16(Fri)11:29 No. 192

First off, if you can legally leave school, do so NOW! school blinds you to reality. Next, HUSTLE, by this, find something that allows you to deal with a customer directly. You live near old people, mow their lawns, take out their trash, anything to get their welfare/social security scatch into your pocket. Fuck college and the associated debt and welfare handouts that come with it, they will make you weak and dependant on the system. Don't listen to these other baboons, they know not the way to true success, they live either with their parents (read WELFARE) or in a college dorm paid.for by either their parents or the state (read WELFARE) or in a section eight apt (WELFARE) or an apt paid for by mommy (WELFARE) or house that they got into debt getting (WELFARE). Get your own place by making friends older than you and becoming roommates with them, most people's number one criteria for a good roommate. is paying the bills on time. Again, sell something, either a good or a service, mow lawnw, shovel snow, clean gutters, pick up dog turds in peoples lawns, dive dumpsters for saleable goods, scrap metal, even delivering newspapers...whatever you can, however you can. Idk how old you are, but if you are over the age of thirteen, nature has deemed you an adult by your ability to reproduce.

As a parting gesture, I will send you to.a.website that, with patience and intelligence, will change your life (and I wish existed in my teens) www.djhives.com, it is NOT SFW, it has horrible spelling and grammer (for a reason, I might add) read it FROM BEGINNING TO THE END, THEN FROM THE END TO THE BEGINNING, THEN START ALL OVER AGAIN, seriously will change your life.

Good "luck", kid.

You are going to need "it"

Useless 15/01/19(Mon)13:40 No. 203

File 142167124249.gif - (478.47KB , 270x280 , hislolp.gif )


You faggot, you don't convince therapists you are fine: they decide that you are fine.

Whatever genius plan you think you concocted to trick them; they have been trained to identify it and have experienced it before. You are not special, even abnormal psyches only work in a limited number of ways and are mostly predictable.

I'm surprised you have the 'problem' you claim to have, seeing as you have access to the internet. The problem isn't that you are unique and special, its that you live in a place where you are unlikely to meet others on your wavelength.

You sound exactly like some guy I know on Steam and like a million others I have noticed on the internet in passing.

If you've been reading about psychiatric disorders, are intelligent and lonely; then you are very likely to 'experience' what you are reading about. Med students are prone to the same experience as they learn about physical ailments.

You're correct in that you aren't THAT intelligent, an intelligent person would have found this information for themselves, but you are intelligent enough. Combine that with a lack of interaction with your peers and here you are: shitting up my internet with your nothing problems because everyday life is too mundane for you and, for some reason, you think your lack of peer engagement is my problem.

Therapists also don't diagnose things. Idk if that's a translation error or not but it makes me think your whole story is lies.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Useless 15/01/25(Sun)07:03 No. 212

Ha. You sound exactly like me, except you're right you aren't quite aware of the issue. The problem is not that you are fake, it's that you're surrounded by people who make you fake. The solution is get the fuck out. Go somewhere populated by heathens and liberals and whatnot. I know you said you can't do anything, but idk I think you might not be thinking drastic enough. Maybe YOU can't do anything, but what could another person do? You don't have the balls to steal some money, even if your plan is to disappear? Man I wish I had just stolen some shit from my grandpa when I had the chance. I wouldn't even feel bad. Dude never really did anything for me and he has like 2 million bucks. Anyway the point is don't be a pussy, steal a good chunk of money from all those old peoples. Don't be stupid. Don't make it obvious. Theft is really hard to prove most of the time. If you really are really really desperate to do something right now, steal enough to get a greyhound ticket and get situated somewhere. Get yourself situated before they have time to even notice or investigate. Don't tell your family where you're going obviously. I'm not trying to make it seem like you gotta cover up for murder because the point is you don't. I've had plenty of my shit stolen from people I know and from unknowns, and even when I could point to something and say that's mine asshole, there was nothing I could do about it.

Alternatively you could go to college. Take the ACT, not the SAT. You can take it as many times as you want to get a good score, and the colleges you send it to won't know you took it a bunch of times. Or just get a perfect the first time since it's pretty easy. Idk why someone would say go to community. Don't do that. Schools with large endowments are always need blind and full need. They don't care how poor you are and will give you full need based on your FAFSA. If you're smart enough and poor enough you can go to Harvard for free. I'd be doing that myself right now, but shit got majorly fucked up.

There are other things you can do. Start a website, a blog, or a youtube channel. Just start doing something man, anything. first you get da views, den you get da money, den you get da power.

Useless 15/01/25(Sun)13:00 No. 213 [Reply]

File 142218725299.jpg - (71.47KB , 460x390 , 1419555736543.jpg )

so my brother just committed suicide a few hours ago, I'm taking it pretty well. I wan to blaze and listen to music to help get over it but I'm not sure if that's just going to worsen the sadness. would it be wrong of me to do so, and/or should I?
-pic completely unrelated-

Useless 15/01/25(Sun)15:27 No. 214

... don't do that.
im not sure what else to say. just dont do that, man.

Useless 15/01/26(Mon)17:52 No. 215

I think this is a pretty good idea.

Having been through long term and acute bouts of depression, I find that satisfying selfish desires is a much underrated means of compensation. It's the littlest pleasures that give your spirits footholds to climb out of the deepest holes.

Don't self-medicate beyond weed though.

Hard drugs and alcohol will make things worse in every way, but most importantly medically: hard drugs may significantly impair your ability to produce and process serotonin and dopamine, reducing your ability to feel pleasure; alcohol is a depressant that will reduce your ability to control your emotional state and also a toxin that can cause severe damage to your liver and heart.

Useless 15/01/04(Sun)22:49 No. 120 [Reply]

File 142040816311.jpg - (18.14KB , 416x317 , 10612.jpg )

So, after two weeks of laziness and perversion holidays at girlfriends place, I've come back to campus, and it's the beginning of midterms. I was a pathetic failure on my first course computer studies even before said holidays, but I'm more than willing to turn my head around and boost performance before the exam. Everyone else looks, sounds and seems like empty shell, professors and such give extremely unrelated and enigmatic answers to my questions, and there are pretty much no schedules, except when I'm supposed to show up at exam. It's like the whole world is ignoring me since minus three days. I'm on edge of whole another level of existential crisis. Wat do?

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Useless 15/01/12(Mon)22:50 No. 180

This might just work.

Useless 15/01/16(Fri)11:46 No. 193

120 is giving you some good advice. College is a bunch of bullshit. I know know FAAAR too many people working 3rd shift stocking at walmart with bachelor's degrees. If your major isn't medical or engineering related, drop out right now. College is designed to drain time and energy, the only things of value in this world, the only things you CANNOT GET BACK! The reason you are.lazy and depressed right now is because you subconsciously know you are in slave training boot camp! Take those computer skillz and make some money, I know a guy who charges 50 bucks for "smartphone optimization"...he shuts down all the background apps on the damn phone... I'm sure you can do something similar. Hell, I with NO college.computer courses other than word, helped a guy wire.everything from his satellite through his comp to his tvs with nothing more than a handful of youtube tutorials for 500 dollars, if you can't figure out how to leverage that into a living then keep eating hot pockets until you kill yourself and do the rest of us a favor

Useless 15/01/20(Tue)04:42 No. 205

Not to rub it in, but you messed up by doing the "perversion holiday" thing. Sex/playtime is for after responsibilities are complete. Seriously, you'd be surprised by what pent up sexual frustration will do to your motivation and focus.

If you want legitimately be successful at your schooling, I would suggest becoming a hermit, as much as possible. Maybe the occasional weekend outing. Focus on your studies. Live them.

Mens Fashion Help Useless 15/01/13(Tue)07:09 No. 182 [Reply]

File 142112936560.jpg - (389.12KB , 928x1120 , Mens-Fashion-Clothings.jpg )

Something I sorely need help with is my sense of style. I'm tired of looking like an unwashed hobo.
While it saves time to place no effort on appearance, it also reflects my chronic underachieving nature.
I mean more than just suits, coordinated outfits and hairstyles and grooming tips are welcome.

ITT: how to dress for success, without looking like a huge douche or breaking the bank.

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Useless 15/01/18(Sun)04:01 No. 200

Where a suit and tie when doing anything important and wear jeans and a button shirt when doing casual things. It's simple and you'll never go out of style.

Useless 15/01/18(Sun)16:58 No. 202

Do you have recommendations on brands or types of cut?

This is a Smarter Every Day video about choosing cologne, it was funny, helpful and gave me some ideas.

Useless 15/01/20(Tue)04:19 No. 204

Start with a few items, then branch out from there:

4-5 button-up shirts -- These can be OCBDs (oxford cloth button-down, named after the way the collar is held to the shirt by buttons), or casual, soft spread collars. Avoid getting stiff pointed collars or spread collars unless you plan to wear them formally. Look for words like "casual" or "sport" rather than "dress" or "no-iron". The latter usually imply a more refined look that would be desirable for formal wear, such as with a suit and/or tie.

Figure out what colors look good on you, and work with your hair color and skin complexion. I have dark blonde/light brown hair, and I find that sky-ish blues work pretty well for me. Darker colors, such as slates and greys, usually seem to work better on people with darker hair, in my opinion. Experiment, though. Grab a massive load of shirts in your size, and take them to the fitting room.

Regarding sizing, if you are anything close to slender or non-obese average body type, go with a slim fit. I have a bit of belly myself, but I still go with a more slim fit cut. The standard cut shirts, almost universally, fit like tents unless you are overweight. Looking like you are wearing a tent is never a good thing. If you're skinny, then go as tailored as possible.

2-3 v-neck sweaters -- Get a load and take them to the fitting room. Try combining different colors until you find some matches that you like. Starting out, try keeping the shirt color lighter and the sweater darker. For example, a sky blue shirt with a charcoal sweater. And, yes, I did say "v-neck". Crew necks aren't the best for collared button-ups, in my opinion. I strongly recommend mereno wool for its combination of warmth and breathability, as well as its water-resistant characteristics.

2 pairs of jeans -- Again, if you are anything close to the non-obese side of average, go with slightly tailored jeans. Don't go too skinny, but slim-straight is the perfect level for most people. Start out with Levis. They're quality isn't that great these days, and their size consistency is horrible, but for starting out, they will work fine. Avoid faded/distressed/washed jeans, and go for a solid color. Dark indigo is great, and will go well with the darker-brown oxfords that you are about to buy.

1-2 pairs of shoes -- Casual oxfords should be your go-to. Get some in a nice, moderately-dark brown. Wingtips are a nice choice for a more sophisticated look, but I'd recommend saving those for when you feel more confident about choosing clothes. Since you live in a cold climate, get a high-quality pair of leather boots in either brown or black, preferably brown for your first pair.

Socks -- If you have long legs, I say wear socks that match your shoes. If you have short legs, wear socks that match your pants. If you feel confident enough, get Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Useless 15/01/02(Fri)16:16 No. 96 [Reply]

File 142021178072.jpg - (149.89KB , 1600x1200 , quake-3-arena_1600x1200.jpg )

What all do you do to get through the day? I am looking for new ways to distract me from my real problems. Lately videogames have been losing their appeal on me. Having played Quake III and Quake Live so fucking much lately, I have been losing interest in all the other games I usually play. So I am looking for something new to fill my timeslot.

I have recently installed Arch Linux, which is great thusfar for occupying my time, and I am thinking about giving Gentoo a try. I am also finally checking out anime, and slice of life animes are fantastic too. I am also thinking about exploring coding as well, going to start with C++ and Python maybe. Then probably LISP, and whatever else.

9 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Useless 15/01/14(Wed)02:16 No. 187

That is exactly how I feel about it. I love starting from the bottom and going up. It is very relaxing too. Not only that, but it is fast as fuck. Gimp loads in ten seconds, and Libreoffice in about the same time. Had I been on Windows, I know for a fact gimp would freeze midway and regain responsiveness two minutes later and I can only assume worse for libreoffice. Quake III Arena is hitting twice as many FPS too and I am extremely grateful for that. My experiences have been satisfactory and I have barely even begun.

Useless 15/01/16(Fri)11:05 No. 191

No. 159 has the right idea, though learning a new skill is not a waste of time if you leverage it correctly. What are the problems you are facing currently?

Useless 15/01/17(Sat)01:56 No. 197

Nothing. I am paying the bills on time, which is the main thing, and I am eating. Though my 'real' problems are more psychological. Don't have any friends so all I do is think. We have all experienced it. I just want escapism.

Though regardless, this thread isn't about any of that, just about cool hobbies we can take up during freetime.

Any artists out there? I am also interested in getting into some of the arts, from music to sculpting. It would also be fun drawing hentai. Any recommendations for different genres of arts? Anything you personally enjoy? I will investigate it you can trust that. I am very likely going to give that crocheting/amigurumi a try soon. It is very interesting.

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