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Student Driver 14/04/27(Sun)10:47 No. 71 [Reply]

File 13985884701.jpg - (241.66KB , 800x533 , DSC07272.jpg )

What do you drive, members of the /auto/man empire?

Picture related, not mine, but basically identical to mine. 1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

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Student Driver 14/09/26(Fri)07:28 No. 273

Yo mention 7chan at the next firebirds autocross you go to. Ill let you drive my 84supra

Student Driver 14/10/02(Thu)07:13 No. 279

I saw that and got so excited until you said sedan, then i saw the front bumper. Why don't you have an ST like me, my 6 speed tang. scream st smokes any pansy automatic.

Student Driver 14/10/15(Wed)00:11 No. 294

File 141332466737.jpg - (69.35KB , 500x375 , r45.jpg )

2001 Audi A4 Avant
1978 BMW R45

THE GOD MACHINE 14/09/20(Sat)16:43 No. 257 [Reply]

File 14112241819.jpg - (185.86KB , 1644x1112 , ++++5.jpg )

What does /777/ think about stance?

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Student Driver 14/10/05(Sun)01:27 No. 283

There was another holier-than-thou post condemning this board:
Probably the same person.

Student Driver 14/10/05(Sun)02:00 No. 284

Holy shit calm down. You're taking a website way too seriously.

Student Driver 14/10/10(Fri)09:29 No. 288

File 141292616663.jpg - (71.23KB , 640x426 , SSR_LIVERY_Shakotan_02.jpg )

Its like shakotan style, but for white people

Ford fiesta se 2015 vs jetta clasic 2015 14/10/13(Mon)06:20 No. 291 [Reply]

File 14131740091.jpg - (41.55KB , 552x245 , image.jpg )

Wich one eould you buy and WHY?
I need help buying a car those are my options but if you have and advice is welcome.

I feel that the jetta is more of a car if you know what i mean.

The ford fiesta 2015 comes with ecoboost wich is nice too and the gas in my country is not cheap.

So wich pros and cons you see in this cars and comparations i am not expert in this topic but i am willing to learn!

Student Driver 14/07/17(Thu)10:22 No. 187 [Reply]

File 140558536496.jpg - (18.86KB , 300x300 , black and white vroom.jpg )

What sound does a car make?

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Student Driver 14/07/29(Tue)10:49 No. 195

File 140662375064.gif - (219.09KB , 200x150 , woowoo3.gif )

The good ones whistle.

Student Driver 14/09/17(Wed)16:14 No. 249

What does water taste like?

Student Driver 14/10/07(Tue)22:02 No. 285

like a big black cock entering your anus

Student Driver 14/06/24(Tue)05:43 No. 158 [Reply]

File 140358138793.jpg - (66.78KB , 1280x782 , 2014-lamborghini-aventador-lp720-4-50-anniversario.jpg )

So why do people like these so much?
inb4 they're fast, i know that

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Student Driver 14/09/25(Thu)18:53 No. 271

it looks sexy and makes me moist.

Student Driver 14/09/26(Fri)23:12 No. 275

the headlight on one of those is over $3000

Student Driver 14/10/04(Sat)18:50 No. 282

/me/ for media, music is media. Only board that generate enough traffic are added to the lineup.

Skunch 14/04/24(Thu)05:40 No. 68 [Reply]

File 139831082356.jpg - (52.20KB , 400x300 , nighthawk.jpg )

Anyone here ride motorcycles?
I've got a Honda Nighthawk 650 from '85, the thing is is a year older than me and a wicked thrill to ride.

Anyone else?

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bike dude 14/05/14(Wed)23:48 No. 104

File 140010409834.jpg - (56.25KB , 317x202 , monsterjF2Thurs.jpg )

old school no computer chips, non injection straight up twin carbs 2001 monster - ducati cataloged tank, corbin seat, hand set, carbon fiber bits & billet carved bits. The fly wheel has been shaved, buffed the crank, pistons & carb kit - Termigoni exhausts.

Student Driver 14/06/19(Thu)02:31 No. 148

File 140313791120.jpg - (267.12KB , 1600x1200 , IESU4vG.jpg )

aw yiss. cant believe im yet in one piece

Yatora 14/09/24(Wed)11:27 No. 267

1983 Suzuki GS550 here. 15k miles, original. I just got it running after it had sat in a garage since 1987.

Student Driver 14/05/28(Wed)18:02 No. 117 [Reply]

File 140129295635.jpg - (182.68KB , 670x498 , rebel.jpg )

Non-electric/ human powered vehicle thread.

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Student Driver 14/06/22(Sun)22:15 No. 154

File 140346811232.jpg - (120.76KB , 623x465 , Chariot.jpg )

Student Driver 14/09/11(Thu)08:29 No. 242

File 141041695874.jpg - (32.59KB , 350x329 , pirana1_350.jpg )

Battaglin Pirana, insane winning Time Trial bike before nearly every single fucking aspect of it was outlawed. Well done, ultraconservative bureaucratic ruling governing body of the sport.

Student Driver 14/09/20(Sat)03:42 No. 255

That poor dog looks like he knows he got the shit end of that deal.

Student Driver 14/05/16(Fri)20:08 No. 106 [Reply]

File 140026368697.png - (226.78KB , 515x378 , 2014-05-16 11_58_12.png )

What car is this?

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Student Driver 14/05/21(Wed)19:49 No. 111

Anyone know??

Student Driver 14/05/21(Wed)21:07 No. 112

Hyundai elantra?

Student Driver 14/08/28(Thu)01:03 No. 223

That would be a '03 Hyundai Elantra GLS

A small favor Hot Sauce Guy 14/08/02(Sat)03:19 No. 200 [Reply]

File 140694239549.jpg - (1.98MB , 3200x2368 , IMG_20140723_185519.jpg )

Greetings, fellow auto enthusiasts. I come to your doorstep with a simple question.

I found this Grill recently, and I intend to try to sell it, but I've no idea what model or make of car(s) it's made for. Can anyone out there identify it for me? Much appreciated.

Tobasco for size reference. I have more pictures if needed or requested.

Student Driver 14/08/02(Sat)03:30 No. 201

It's from a Mazda. All their grilles have looked pretty much the same for years, but are sized differently my year/model. Look around your town at Mazdas or maybe visit a salvage yard to try to find a good fit. Also, sriracha is a better hot sauce.

Student Driver 14/08/28(Thu)00:55 No. 222

File 140918012760.jpg - (15.87KB , 349x143 , 02_626_after.jpg )

How about this Mazda 626?

Student Driver 14/04/21(Mon)01:44 No. 61 [Reply]

File 139803744144.jpg - (63.54KB , 470x304 , Alpine_A110-50_Concept_5_12.jpg )

Dream cars thread.

I'd be happy with either of these.

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Student Driver 14/07/25(Fri)09:27 No. 192

volvo s60r ayy

王小碧 14/08/06(Wed)01:58 No. 203

File 140728312016.jpg - (382.40KB , 2304x1728 , yugo-cabrio-08.jpg )

Honestly, Yugo is quite a great car. Cabrio version would be quite nice car to have.

Student Driver 14/08/23(Sat)15:44 No. 215

The 2001 Hyundai Sedan V

Feels good man. There are lots of cars, with lots of different specs and looks, but this car feels better than all of them. It's almost a sexual quality.

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