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Celsius 09/07/12(Sun)16:23 No. 3532 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 124740858955.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , 12440595449.jpg )

Post some goddamn books

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REQUEST: Rocky Horror books PrincessBitchess 15/11/10(Tue)21:38 No. 17493

File 144718789250.jpg - (39.06KB , 403x500 , rocky horror mick rock.jpg )

Specifically the fantastic photo book by Mick Rock, and any others anyone has. That book is going for over $600 on Amazon, and is rare as fuck. Please help!

An Inexplicable Feeling Hipster Slut 15/06/25(Thu)00:16 No. 17436 [Reply]

File 14351841679.jpg - (212.38KB , 732x807 , image.jpg )

Where were you when you realised that there are seemingly countless intricacies all around you, even (or especially) in the mundane? Did you feel the awe of observation, the latent power in your observational capacities, did you feel like a child holding the world in your hands? What emotion did the knowledge that with nothing but a keen eye you can schism reality into two, both equally true and real? Did strange tears cross your cheek as mine did, do you feel newborn with infinite possibilities, with the realisation that with the shaft of an eye you have the power to construct and deconstruct life itself?

But, do you also feel that with such an insight you were removed from any perceivable reality even more just for understanding it inside your head?
Also that your see-through vision is tempered with emotion that alters them on subconscious impulse? It matters not that you understand the why and how. Do you too feel cursed now at the ultimate realisation that it is all for nought, that your almost messiah-like abilities, though giving you great wisdom, is attempting to rip your soul from a body not resigned to death?

What does one name this feeling?

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Hipster Slut 15/09/23(Wed)15:18 No. 17481


Hipster Slut 15/11/16(Mon)04:19 No. 17496

File 144764394690.jpg - (23.51KB , 460x259 , parasite.jpg )

These are the kinds of thoughts that are born in the idle minds of idle bodies. They are not to be welcomed nor fed. Doing physical labor, even cleaning the dishes or mowing the lawn, is more favorable than entertaining such fruitless thought patterns.

Soldier+of+Misfortune 15/11/21(Sat)04:59 No. 17503


Books by language Zero 15/11/15(Sun)10:00 No. 17495 [Reply]

File 14475780133.jpg - (60.50KB , 612x458 , burning-books.jpg )

If I needed a short list of best books chosen by the internet comunity by language wich would they be. For now specially interested in English spanish and french. But maybe it could extend, open for discussion.

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Hipster Slut 15/11/17(Tue)05:05 No. 17499

I must have misunderstood your request. In any case, if you have no other criteria beyond 'best' books, the western canon is a reasonable place to start.

zero 15/11/18(Wed)06:31 No. 17501

I hope that you undrstand that using this language to comunicate with you is quite hard actually, a bit primitive. I am sure ther has to be a list of a few books above the average in every language. (tu vais, petit chinge, je suis capable d'utiliser les adjectifs)

Hipster Slut 14/11/19(Wed)00:06 No. 17359 [Reply]

File 141635199415.jpg - (264.25KB , 1183x700 , 1414351983680.jpg )


I need my fix of good literature because only recently have I stopped flooding my head with that fraud that is called philosopy.

Since I'm spanish and I'm counting with the fact that many of you are not pretty much anny suggestion might serve.

I'm looking for a good lighthearted adventure like Stevenson's or a raw, crude, careless one (should I say "morals free) like Blood Meridian or other Mcharthy novels.

I do not have a problem at all with touching any subject.

Inmersive novels are very welcome too, since I'm also leaving my videogame and procrastination life and thus i need good material to start exercising my imagination.

I trust you good taste!

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Hipster Slut 15/04/29(Wed)22:56 No. 17421

Try Woman In The Dunes by Kobo Abe. On one hand it's a quite whimsical and absurd, although dark and claustrophobic adventure. On the other hand it's a thoughtful, primal and beautiful depiction of the mundane, the primal and the ridiculous of human experience. It can be light, poetic and enteraining in a darkish way, or cryptic and analytic, or something in the between depending how you take it.

Hipster Slut 15/08/02(Sun)06:37 No. 17453

This board is as slow as 4Chan's old, defunct text boards.

Hipster Slut 15/11/11(Wed)05:14 No. 17494

This makes it kinda meaningful to ask questions here. True, there may be some answer in the generals, but then you gotta watch it all the time.

Horror Hipster Slut 15/08/03(Mon)23:53 No. 17455 [Reply]

File 143863883158.jpg - (174.10KB , 1600x800 , 143847584277.jpg )

Why are some people so infatuated with Lovecraft? He is probably the most overrated horror writer ever.

He is basically emulating Hindu mythology and name drops 40 000 different gods while building some pseudo-imaginative netherworld where everything boils down to madness and hurr nothing makes sense durr. Pretty much every neckbeards wet dream besides watching anime.

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Hipster Slut 15/08/13(Thu)10:11 No. 17466


Lovecraft is really bland. That's the bottom line.

Hipster Slut 15/09/14(Mon)07:48 No. 17479

File 144220968817.jpg - (127.54KB , 612x592 , 143320486076.jpg )


>every neckbeards wet dream besides watching anime

Lovecraft fans are in general neckbeards.

>user was banned for this post

Hipster Slut 15/11/04(Wed)04:25 No. 17491


Yeah. Probably because Lovecrafts storytelling is as amusing as Star Wars lore.

Hipster Slut 15/10/04(Sun)04:50 No. 17486 [Reply]

File 144392703439.jpg - (16.13KB , 278x419 , 1442281841024.jpg )

is there anyone here that likes books

Hipster Slut 15/10/13(Tue)17:46 No. 17489

File 144475118530.jpg - (832.49KB , 3101x2067 , 2642870a.jpg )

Nah bro

Hipster Slut 15/09/23(Wed)15:27 No. 17482 [Reply]

File 144301487923.jpg - (226.09KB , 583x1100 , flashbird-cover-b3.jpg )

Hipster Slut 15/10/08(Thu)18:34 No. 17488

The sword handle on the cover is shaped like a phallus. Pretty gay.

Price of the Phoenix Hipster Slut 15/10/06(Tue)23:11 No. 17487 [Reply]

File 144416589250.jpg - (140.08KB , 600x1004 , 1253137.jpg )

Anyone know where I can find a copy of "Price of the Phoenix" by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath?

Krystallnacht Hipster Slut 15/02/06(Fri)11:06 No. 17401 [Reply]

File 142321720391.png - (1.03MB , 699x699 , 1414919872319.png )

Krystallnacht Hidden Library
Krystallnacht Library
It looks like krystallnacht Library is down.

It was a site filled with rare digital books. Does anyone here have it all or a siterip they can upload on Mega???


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Hipster Slut 15/07/15(Wed)18:55 No. 17442

Great site. Thanks

Hipster Slut 15/09/30(Wed)00:21 No. 17484

Still working as of now. There are some great rare books in here.

One question though. Why does every secret book collection with books I find interesting about survivalist, homesteading, obscure history, etc. have to have one file filled with really dumb racist hate rants, nazi fanboy bullshit, and "the jews are gonna get ya!" books. Its like nothing can be solely for one purpose everything has to have some kookville militant shit or just be useless eco-living pussy literature for bored housewives and hippies with no imagination or natural intuition.

Hipster Slut 15/10/01(Thu)01:15 No. 17485



Hipster Slut 15/09/29(Tue)13:36 No. 17483 [Reply]

File 144352657959.png - (21.40KB , 645x326 , plowpoem.png )

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