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Celsius 09/07/12(Sun)16:23 No. 3532 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 124740858955.jpg - (1.25MB , 1600x1200 , 12440595449.jpg )

Post some goddamn books

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Hipster Slut 15/07/03(Fri)05:31 No. 17440

What makes you think you'll get a reply from a 6 year old post?

Hipster Slut 14/07/14(Mon)07:18 No. 17223 [Reply]

File 140531513620.jpg - (8.58KB , 300x168 , th.jpg )

“One sec I’m whetting my blade”. “Well, you’re the hurrier so time is of the essence”. “Thanks, Tiffany”. He took the blade, held it up perpendicular to the ground and let gravity do most of the work of bringing it down since he’s too weak of a fuck to do it himself, slicing off a nice cut of flanken for tonight from his on-the-fritz cow of little to no value to his milk production. “MMAAOOOOOAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMOOOOOOOOOAAA” “Ah shaddup you filthy ruminant”.

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Hipster Slut 15/07/23(Thu)04:58 No. 17445

"Oh, hello. This looks about right. 3 hours pass and this clueless waif still remains in my residence after I /politely/ shovelled him out. How the hell did you get back in? Did the direction you were intending to travel confuse you, leading you back to my place under the impression that it was your own?" "...I never left in the first place. You just told me to leave. Maybe you are thinking of Tiffany who you brought to the door." "Yes, equally undesirable; easy to confuse. It was my mistake for not rescuing the bowl in time which I could have dumped on your head to ensure that the trail of borscht dribbling from your head led out the door." "And Tiffany could have slurped it clean for you instead." "Isn't that true? And behold, your re-arrival magnetized her direction. Unfortunately, she's approaching my house again with her smelly friend. Inseparable stupidity." ... "What the fuck do you want, Tiffany?"

Andrea, without interrupting the grace of their approach, gazes at the aerobic piaffe of Tiffany's /naturally/ energetic friend from the doorway, the lintel of which slightly dismantled from Tiffany's recent passage through it. Her comment is expected to be uttered in three... two...

"Are you competing for the smelliest hair or the Special Olympics' dash? ... One moment please, I have a nuisance in the house that might have been asked to visit the furnace which would serve as their makeshift bonfire. I can only expect to see two eager people holding in their hands sticks of empaled marshmallows that will never burn" ... ""Tim, before anymore damage is done, I must cater to you first. The cangue must go over your head. Attic. A-tic. Ahhh-tic. Aye-tee-tee-eye-cee. Now."


"Ah, that is the pinguid residue and the eternal pressurized suffering of a chair that had underwent and endured the damaging effects of obesity. It bears the permanent scars of my grandmother's obesity. Discard." "What is that beside it?" " It's her omentum which I used to hold her things. Discard." "In it is her tureen I presume." "Discard." … "I'm sensing a sudoral eruption. Perhaps you should assume my place while I dry off the micrometer-layer of salty uric fluid upon my dermis." "Pardon me while I guffaw at a big contradiction in your logic which you may have overlooked in view of the fact that it satisfies your physical sloth. You concern yourself with the risks of exposure to an unnaturally sanitary environment over long periods of time, yet you sure as fuck don't pay heed to the fibers of your body begging to be contracted. So while you soliloquize the agonies of muscular atrophy, I will bask in the luxury of my lymphatic system imploding in the safety of a quiet home." "Do you want to be Tiffany's next me Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 15/07/27(Mon)11:31 No. 17448

"Ooh. So... He followed you, and you "kindly" returned him through my door, and somehow, for whatever reason the universe can conjure, you decided coming up to the attic with us would secure his stay, rather than shutting the door and walking away? What on Earth would prompt your diaphanous brain to conclude that following me would interrupt his following of you?---"

"--- Maybe tha---"

"---No, Tiffany. I want you to stand there and listen to me, without breaking and falling through the floor. Right now, at this very moment, we have a threat to your own health on the loose; a threat even worse than your diet. This threat is in this room with us unfettered, right now. I would have thought the instance of this threat travelling over three thousand kilometres with you without enough cash on him to sustain a three-day living to a patent office for his discovery of a lime-green colour he had never seen before would have been the cue you needed to realize that something, about someone, had gone awry. But no, that was not the case. You instead vouched for his authenticity probably hoping for some of the revenue you thought he would generate from a lime-green colour, which itself is barely distinguishable from the colour of the vegetables you should be eating. How do I know that you don't eat vegetables? How do I know that you haven't ever fully analyzed a tree or the ground below you? I wouldn't have thought it possible, but to the extent that I now have someone to compare myself and others to, safe it is to say that these are questions and conclusions for the zetetic soul, that is, a soul which has even enough curiosity about life to rationalize an infant's first sight and realization of it. These here, aligned linearly, are called barriers. I will use them, right now, to protect me from you, so that I will be safe when you create an idea in your head that my clothing is edible since certain infantile moths can eat them. Do you know what a line is, Tiffany? Observe. Now, I will create a ninety-degree angle with them to form the shape of the letter "L", then, I will create another one of these "ells" in reverse so that the ends touch one another. This is called a rectangle. I am now safe from you. Tim, please remain where you are. And you. I don't even know you. All I know about you is that you take in the words of a buffoon. You obviously do not know what that chair you're sitting on was originally used for, otherwise you would not be sitting on it. That chair was what I once used to secure the location of somebody in this very room if he became a threat by encircling it with a boundary which marked the point at which he could not trespass. If he trespassed it, an eighty-five-volt electric shock surged through his every fibre. Here is a proposition by which you'll be thrilled to abide and which will make you run even faster than the impu Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 15/07/27(Mon)13:17 No. 17449

At last, the device that incentivized a trip to the attic reveals itself to the visible room upon the relocation of the barriers.--"Ah, I didn't even notice."--After the breath of And--''Thanks."--fiery rage, the tension slackens to a haze of melancholy and leaves all guests questioning the remaining duration of their lives. Wrung emotions from being strung highly make opportunity for the absorption of better opportunities. Or is this the result of getting high from the noxious /naturally/ oily fumes of Nameless' hair? Eyes are shifting about with intrigue as the question dwells and as the cangue is expertly secured over the head of the untameable wildlife. Will it be Tim that escapes the attic or will the attic escape from Tim? Either way, it will be a struggle. Andrea pauses to a statue-like firmness upon the realization that she, the one and only, herself, made the error of not looking into the future. A movement has yet to be seen by the crowd as she devises a means to redeem herself from her flaw.

Krystallnacht Hipster Slut 15/02/06(Fri)11:06 No. 17401 [Reply]

File 142321720391.png - (1.03MB , 699x699 , 1414919872319.png )

Krystallnacht Hidden Library
Krystallnacht Library
It looks like krystallnacht Library is down.

It was a site filled with rare digital books. Does anyone here have it all or a siterip they can upload on Mega???


Hipster Slut 15/07/14(Tue)06:50 No. 17441

Seems to be back up. files seem to be re-uploaded [modified] mostly march 15 and 17.

Hipster Slut 15/07/15(Wed)18:55 No. 17442

Great site. Thanks

An Inexplicable Feeling Hipster Slut 15/06/25(Thu)00:16 No. 17436 [Reply]

File 14351841679.jpg - (212.38KB , 732x807 , image.jpg )

Where were you when you realised that there are seemingly countless intricacies all around you, even (or especially) in the mundane? Did you feel the awe of observation, the latent power in your observational capacities, did you feel like a child holding the world in your hands? What emotion did the knowledge that with nothing but a keen eye you can schism reality into two, both equally true and real? Did strange tears cross your cheek as mine did, do you feel newborn with infinite possibilities, with the realisation that with the shaft of an eye you have the power to construct and deconstruct life itself?

But, do you also feel that with such an insight you were removed from any perceivable reality even more just for understanding it inside your head?
Also that your see-through vision is tempered with emotion that alters them on subconscious impulse? It matters not that you understand the why and how. Do you too feel cursed now at the ultimate realisation that it is all for nought, that your almost messiah-like abilities, though giving you great wisdom, is attempting to rip your soul from a body not resigned to death?

What does one name this feeling?

Hipster Slut 15/06/26(Fri)04:02 No. 17437

Licking toads is fine.
Posting on the internet is fine.

Licking toads and then posting on the internet is a bad idea.

Hipster Slut 14/05/09(Fri)00:09 No. 17162 [Reply]

File 139958695434.jpg - (131.19KB , 1111x819 , 0ec2932174f813fdbc252beed80d9291d5160b26.jpg )

Anyone know any books that have underage gay relations?

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dev 15/05/15(Fri)00:34 No. 17425

File 143164287611.jpg - (20.38KB , 316x475 , 1251032.jpg )

dev+ 15/05/15(Fri)00:38 No. 17426

File 143164308427.jpg - (155.46KB , 564x900 , dream-boy-jim-grimsley.jpg )

Hipster Slut 15/05/29(Fri)18:23 No. 17433

File 14329166061.jpg - (66.34KB , 448x295 , purdy.jpg )

James Purdy is a good place to start.

Look at his books and you should find one.

Reviews Hipster Slut 15/05/21(Thu)00:53 No. 17430 [Reply]

File 143216239667.jpg - (24.00KB , 540x960 , 11150229_1106776552681475_7678795391660512146_n.jpg )

If any aspiring writers or small businesses want me to post glowing reviews of their products email me at arthurdunne101@gmail.com to negotiate a price

internet+library 15/05/11(Mon)23:56 No. 17422 [Reply]

File 143138140874.jpg - (31.07KB , 352x184 , cookbook05.jpg )

anybody have downloads for marvel cook and/or exercise books?

internet+library 15/05/11(Mon)23:57 No. 17423

or even their dictionary

Hipster Slut 14/11/19(Wed)00:06 No. 17359 [Reply]

File 141635199415.jpg - (264.25KB , 1183x700 , 1414351983680.jpg )


I need my fix of good literature because only recently have I stopped flooding my head with that fraud that is called philosopy.

Since I'm spanish and I'm counting with the fact that many of you are not pretty much anny suggestion might serve.

I'm looking for a good lighthearted adventure like Stevenson's or a raw, crude, careless one (should I say "morals free) like Blood Meridian or other Mcharthy novels.

I do not have a problem at all with touching any subject.

Inmersive novels are very welcome too, since I'm also leaving my videogame and procrastination life and thus i need good material to start exercising my imagination.

I trust you good taste!

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Hipster Slut 15/01/17(Sat)21:42 No. 17391

And I am a dumbass because Pimpernel was by Baroness Emma Orczy, not Dumas. It still stands as a good suggestion, though. The title character is pretty much the main predecessor of heroes like Zorro, the Shadow, and Batman.

Hipster Slut 15/03/17(Tue)07:31 No. 17408


My personal preference in that line would be Robert E. Howard; not only did he give the world 'Conan the Republican' (sorry...couldn't resist) but he is a deft hand at humor as well, as shown by the hilarious 'Breckenridge Elkins' tales.

Also, if OP is looking for PERFECT grammar and for a chance to increase his English-language vocabulary...and if he doesn't mind doing without sleep...there is always the vastly creepy works of the inimitable H. P. Lovecraft.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Hipster Slut 15/04/29(Wed)22:56 No. 17421

Try Woman In The Dunes by Kobo Abe. On one hand it's a quite whimsical and absurd, although dark and claustrophobic adventure. On the other hand it's a thoughtful, primal and beautiful depiction of the mundane, the primal and the ridiculous of human experience. It can be light, poetic and enteraining in a darkish way, or cryptic and analytic, or something in the between depending how you take it.

Hipster Slut 15/03/27(Fri)08:06 No. 17409 [Reply]

File 142743997772.jpg - (479.49KB , 1000x1500 , KierkegaardWasBadAtSmallTalk.jpg )

Hello, /lit/erates.

Could I have some constructive criticism? I accidentally wrote an overly involved thing while responding in a thread. It might have potential?


I grew up in an extremely Southern Baptist household, which meant that I also grew up thinking that ritual cannibalism and live burial wasn't weird. You may take every stereotype you're now thinking of and then apply it to the first ten years of my existence. Young earthers high on Jesus, the Spirit, dodgy epistemology, and an ensuing even dodgier understanding of the hard sciences. We were the chosen few and demons crept in every shadow. Little hawks that knew it was the most noble to join the service of our country (for She was Blessed) or the Lord. Perhaps they were the same thing.

It was a gradual descent from this all-consuming light, but eventually when my eyes adjusted to the dark I was quite dissatisfied with the gaps in my knowledge re: reality. I hid textbooks I stole from the public high school in the ceiling of my church's youthroom. They supplemented and frankly surpassed my homeschooling on the four days of the week I was there. It was a simple matter to stand on stacked chairs and poke a ceiling tile aside with a yardstick. There was no insulation in that layer, which was fortunate.

I still love mythology. When people talk about their gods, they talk about themselves, except for when they talk about their government or dreams or truth. It's ugly and fascinating.


So, the homemade bomb club is a result of zero parental supervision, mutually enabling pyromania, and unscrupulous fireworks stands.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hipster Slut 15/04/09(Thu)01:29 No. 17415

Psh, Pshaw! You Southern Baptists with your organized national structure and you're endless efforts to mollify the PC Psychos; how can you summon up the gall to actually classify yourself fundamentalists? Now, I grew up in a zealot Missionary Baptist household in the rural South, and my only contact with Outside Civilization was our trips to the nearest vice-filled City...a cotton-farming burg of maybe a thousand souls, sixteen miles away; we made this journey three or four times a year for the first sixteen years of my life. Yes, William Faulkner wrote stories about boys like me.

Which didn't mean that by the time I was fifteen I hadn't decided that all that religious fluffernutter that had been ramrodded down my throat was complete bullshit; I kept my incipient Atheism to myself until I was big enough and fast enough to outrun my Dad if he decided to kill me...and to whip him if he did manage to catch me. The folks never really accepted my (lack of) beliefs, though; vindictive people, Baptists.

As for a critique of your written account, I am really left not knowing what to make of it; how is growing up in a repressive, fanatical household (which I can sympathize with) have to do with your delvings into the exciting and colorful world of Improvised Explosives (which I can also sympathize with)? What we have is a beginning and an end (just like in the Bible, remember; "I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA..."), with nothing connecting the two. We go from Prayer Meeting to pipe-bombs. We need another two chapters, maybe more, to tie the narrative together into a whole.

I would be interested in reading the completed tale. I will leave you with words spoken to me often during the tail-end of my formative years, "Kill a Commie for Mommy" (for whatever reason, my Mom never developed any true-blue, red-blooded affection for this sentiment; Baptists...go figure.)

Hipster Slut 15/04/21(Tue)03:25 No. 17419

File 142957953644.jpg - (162.19KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )

Seems a little long winded. Know what I mean? The prose is good, nice and meaty. Add a dash a dash of youthful desperation, synthesize a story arc, maybe give it a little more scope. Your experience is a relatable one, to me and doubtlessly many others, so if I were you I'd attempt to add a bit of something. A sinister suggestion of unanswered possibility perhaps. Pick an experience out of that vast wealth of sensory knowledge and supply it with that acidity you felt when you were knee deep in it and see what comes.

My testicles are neither... Hipster Slut 15/04/12(Sun)18:08 No. 17416 [Reply]

File 142885488034.jpg - (2.28KB , 125x96 , 1427124599806s.jpg )

... spherical noar ellipsoidal. They are cubical to within 1 part in 8863. This is an extremely precise measurement foar a bioalogical object. Since they are a part of me (and not apart from me) then I must admit their roal.


Redcream 15/04/22(Wed)14:51 No. 17420

You aren't Redcream but a cloan

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