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Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 11/03/29(Tue)06:31 No. 10538 ID: 7abf39 [Reply] Stickied

File Buttercup.swf - (864.12KB )

Hey guys, guess what?!

I made it so SWF files will now have thumbnails! Never again will you be fooled by lolicatgirls.swf like the fool you are.

Of course, not all SWF files are made the same, so there will obviously be some buggy or nonexistant screenshots. Unfortunately I can't fix them due to the way I created the screenshot maker. So while loops or videos will play fine, many games will come up a little weird. Deal with it.

I also just kinda slapped the Kusaba part of this together pretty haphazardly because I spent so much time getting the actionscript right. I'll fix any bugs if they arrise.

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Anonymous 13/02/18(Mon)01:44 No. 14861 ID: 992cd9

For example, say that I wanted to make one of those stick figure fighting animations with sound, gradient colors and text speech bubbles.

That goes very fast to make in Flash with a few tweens, keyframes, frames that play audio upon being entered and of course text that enters on a frame and goes away on another. Animations and coloring are put in their own movie clips. All done with a easy GUI.

I wonder how hard it would be to make the same thing in HTML 5. Of course it also have to be of the same quality, with vector graphics.

Homicide ## Mod ## 10/10/18(Mon)18:44 No. 9003 ID: 8decbc [Reply] Locked Stickied

File z0r-de_1710.swf - (524.28KB )

Furry flash is still b& from /fl/.

/fur/ accepts .swf uploads.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/03/27(Sun)19:06 No. 10523 ID: 421856

This now includes the furry text adventures shit.

things thread. Anonymous 13/07/14(Sun)05:31 No. 15123 ID: 61bc3c [Reply]

File kagerou_pan.swf - (1.86MB , kagerou pan.swf )

Anonymous 14/08/21(Thu)11:07 No. 15839 ID: 47ad62

damn sauce

Anonymous 13/02/11(Mon)02:50 No. 14844 ID: 24561c [Reply]

File michael-moore.swf - (7.66MB )

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Anonymous 13/03/12(Tue)01:52 No. 14900 ID: 24561c

File baby-sand.swf - (6.01MB )

Anonymous 13/03/12(Tue)01:55 No. 14901 ID: 24561c

File Seinfeld-pissed-off.swf - (5.63MB )

Anonymous 14/08/21(Thu)10:45 No. 15838 ID: 47ad62

George Bush is doing a good job.

gi joe Anonymous 12/10/28(Sun)03:55 No. 14507 ID: 9d5a9b [Reply]

File GI_Joe_-_PSA05_-_Ice_(small).swf - (2.74MB , GI Joe - PSA05 - Ice (small).swf )

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Anonymous 12/10/30(Tue)02:10 No. 14545 ID: ffaf27

The only thing praiseworthy in that was the synching. Which leaves me stumped as to why I'm still laughing.

Anonymous 12/10/30(Tue)09:07 No. 14547 ID: 63ec64


Anonymous 14/08/21(Thu)10:29 No. 15837 ID: 47ad62

Shit have these been continued at all?

Anonymous 14/03/01(Sat)09:21 No. 15474 ID: dfdc23 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File ppppu.swf - (2.30MB )

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Anonymous 14/08/10(Sun)18:40 No. 15831 ID: 796fe9


Anonymous 14/08/12(Tue)11:39 No. 15833 ID: 7261cb

lol, coming over from 4chan finally and finding the same shit. this is p. great shit, tho


Anonymous 14/08/19(Tue)10:36 No. 15836 ID: 21594d

he does it for freeee

Anonymous 13/10/13(Sun)06:23 No. 15298 ID: dfdc23 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File ps3.swf - (657.41KB )

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Anonymous 14/08/08(Fri)05:40 No. 15829 ID: 4bc96e

Hey as long as Minus8 keeps doing what he does best, I don't mind wherever he posts his flashes.

Keep up the good work dude!

Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)20:38 No. 15834 ID: dfdc23

File ttt.swf - (596.54KB )

Anonymous 14/08/18(Mon)20:39 No. 15835 ID: dfdc23

File tt3.swf - (517.91KB )

Anonymous 14/03/07(Fri)05:11 No. 15490 ID: cb51a5 [Reply]

File Phap_Thai.swf - (4.64MB , Phap Thai.swf )

This was worse than watching a fuckied up gore video.

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Anonymous 14/07/05(Sat)16:15 No. 15737 ID: 053ad1


This video, reaches deep down inside me and grasps my funny bone with a firm grip, pulling it to surface and proceeds to massage it until pure ecstasy overwhelms my entire being.

Anonymous 14/08/07(Thu)22:54 No. 15827 ID: 9bb8f2

Hilarious... now someone put in translated captions please

Anonymous 14/08/11(Mon)16:34 No. 15832 ID: 834758

what's that song?

Anonymous 14/07/07(Mon)08:42 No. 15739 ID: b07cda [Reply]

File hot_squirting_threesome.swf - (671.95KB , hot squirting threesome.swf )

Anonymous 14/08/07(Thu)22:46 No. 15826 ID: 9bb8f2

nope sorry no boner too tired

Anonymous 14/06/30(Mon)10:06 No. 15732 ID: a35e28 [Reply]

File ぽち公_-_リナのHシミュレーター_(hl_.swf - (142.50KB , ぽち公 - リナのHシミュレーター (hl_.swf )

so this flash. I desperately wish for it to be updated and modded. Sadly, the creator ( http://pochi.lix.jp/menu.html ) has not modified it in years. It would appear that he prefers to continuously mod his K-on dress up game instead. I have grown tired of waiting, yet I can't program, draw, or animate worth shit. that is where you fine gentlemen come in. would any of you take up this most worthy cause?

Anonymous 14/08/07(Thu)05:14 No. 15824 ID: 2b103f

Ah this. Would be wonderful with alternative versions of this. :3 Sadly I can't do such stuff, like you ...

Anonymous 14/08/07(Thu)05:24 No. 15825 ID: 2b103f

File lul2.swf - (132.46KB )

here again

I have another version. Uncensored.

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