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Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 11/03/29(Tue)06:31 No. 10538 ID: 7abf39 [Reply] Stickied

File Buttercup.swf - (864.12KB )

Hey guys, guess what?!

I made it so SWF files will now have thumbnails! Never again will you be fooled by lolicatgirls.swf like the fool you are.

Of course, not all SWF files are made the same, so there will obviously be some buggy or nonexistant screenshots. Unfortunately I can't fix them due to the way I created the screenshot maker. So while loops or videos will play fine, many games will come up a little weird. Deal with it.

I also just kinda slapped the Kusaba part of this together pretty haphazardly because I spent so much time getting the actionscript right. I'll fix any bugs if they arrise.

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Anonymous 14/12/10(Wed)19:56 No. 16247 ID: 86bbff


Homicide ## Mod ## 10/10/18(Mon)18:44 No. 9003 ID: 8decbc [Reply] Locked Stickied

File z0r-de_1710.swf - (524.28KB )

Furry flash is still b& from /fl/.

/fur/ accepts .swf uploads.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/03/27(Sun)19:06 No. 10523 ID: 421856

This now includes the furry text adventures shit.

Anonymous 15/08/29(Sat)12:30 No. 17188 ID: 149db9 [Reply]

File notice_me_senpai.swf - (6.39MB )

notice me senpai~ notice me

CAKE Triadbeast 12/01/08(Sun)07:04 No. 12862 ID: 23106f [Reply]

File anal_fuck.swf - (333.09KB , anal fuck.swf )


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Anonymous 15/06/20(Sat)07:16 No. 16843 ID: 1fb8ea


full ecm 2

you're welcome

Anonymous 15/06/24(Wed)08:07 No. 16867 ID: 72c683


But is all of it uncensored?

Anonymous 15/08/29(Sat)10:24 No. 17187 ID: 291512

Link is dead man. Got another one?

Anonymous 15/01/12(Mon)20:09 No. 16313 ID: 053b53 [Reply]

File Mario_&_peach.swf - (1.44MB , Mario & peach.swf )

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Anonymous 15/08/14(Fri)11:24 No. 17072 ID: 7887d3

purindad.tumblr.com USED to be minus8's blog, but it was deleted, probably because child porn.

Anonymous 15/08/16(Sun)12:00 No. 17082 ID: 2608f9

Might have been intentional. He had a Soup too, but now all that's on it is a post that says "how i delete this soup"

I think he just doesn't like the pressure that his popularity brings.

Anonymous 15/08/28(Fri)08:22 No. 17178 ID: 8ef49d


Let me tell you about homestuck Anonymous 15/08/27(Thu)02:51 No. 17164 ID: e6c1c5 [Reply]

File [S]_Wer_makin_ths_hapn.swf - (1.10MB , [S] Wer makin ths hapn.swf )

Anonymous 12/07/16(Mon)05:00 No. 13784 ID: 7f987b [Reply]

File 10r.swf - (6.09MB )

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Anonymous 14/03/30(Sun)18:08 No. 15557 ID: 9c6a79

So I watched this.
When it started, I didn't start fapping.
I started laughing.
It was just crazy, and I'm like "How does one come up with this kind of shit?"
So I kept watching.
And I was amazed.
I wasn't even hard. I was just laughing like crazy at how ridiculous all the scenes were.
So I kept watching.
And now, I feel violated.
Thanks, -8, for making me feel violated.

Anonymous 14/04/12(Sat)06:10 No. 15590 ID: 956093

To those who were wondering the song or level for this was Remix 10 from Rhythm Heaven fever.

Anonymous 15/08/19(Wed)09:13 No. 17095 ID: b6d289

Holy fuck, thanks for telling me the song source. This thing is such an earworm.

If only I could get the audio from the .swf. That's what really gets stuck in my head.

Anonymous 10/08/21(Sat)13:47 No. 8455 ID: c4c81d [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 011.swf - (501.46KB )

ITT: Flash that are probably not appropriate to listen to loudly at 6 AM but you're too tired to care because they're so awesome so you listen to it looping for like 2 hours without realizing it.

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Anonymous 15/05/23(Sat)01:36 No. 16782 ID: a5b5ed

Damn son, it's like I'm in 2002, rocking that Encarta 3D tour.

Now I feel old

Anonymous 15/05/23(Sat)22:22 No. 16785 ID: e55853

how do i open these?

Anonymous 15/08/18(Tue)18:33 No. 17092 ID: 53ee15

Goddamnit, anybody got source for the Matlock remix, I'm kinda in need.

Anonymous 15/06/11(Thu)23:37 No. 16821 ID: 98f6c7 [Reply]

File 2582.swf - (731.40KB )

Anyone know how this game works?

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Anonymous 15/08/14(Fri)04:21 No. 17070 ID: 15e769

I don't think speed matters as much as maintaining a steady rhythm.

I find I can keep a steady pace at ~5 clicks per second gets good results. If I go faster I get too much variance and if I go slower I'm focused too much on precision clicking to enjoy it properly.

Anonymous 15/08/17(Mon)01:41 No. 17085 ID: 829cb6

5 clicks a second is a 200mSec click rate. That sounds pretty damn fast. I tried an auto-clicker to make sure things are regulated and it still doesn't work. No win for me. I appreciate the advice though.

Anonymous 15/08/17(Mon)01:54 No. 17086 ID: 829cb6

I tried to translate the text. All I can get so far is that there is a retail version with a timing bar -_-

Anonymous 15/08/14(Fri)02:07 No. 17068 ID: 712dda [Reply]

File 1411492393703.swf - (45.93KB )


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