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Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 11/03/29(Tue)06:31 No. 10538 ID: 7abf39 [Reply] Stickied

File Buttercup.swf - (864.12KB )

Hey guys, guess what?!

I made it so SWF files will now have thumbnails! Never again will you be fooled by lolicatgirls.swf like the fool you are.

Of course, not all SWF files are made the same, so there will obviously be some buggy or nonexistant screenshots. Unfortunately I can't fix them due to the way I created the screenshot maker. So while loops or videos will play fine, many games will come up a little weird. Deal with it.

I also just kinda slapped the Kusaba part of this together pretty haphazardly because I spent so much time getting the actionscript right. I'll fix any bugs if they arrise.

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Anonymous 13/02/18(Mon)01:44 No. 14861 ID: 992cd9

For example, say that I wanted to make one of those stick figure fighting animations with sound, gradient colors and text speech bubbles.

That goes very fast to make in Flash with a few tweens, keyframes, frames that play audio upon being entered and of course text that enters on a frame and goes away on another. Animations and coloring are put in their own movie clips. All done with a easy GUI.

I wonder how hard it would be to make the same thing in HTML 5. Of course it also have to be of the same quality, with vector graphics.

Homicide ## Mod ## 10/10/18(Mon)18:44 No. 9003 ID: 8decbc [Reply] Locked Stickied

File z0r-de_1710.swf - (524.28KB )

Furry flash is still b& from /fl/.

/fur/ accepts .swf uploads.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/03/27(Sun)19:06 No. 10523 ID: 421856

This now includes the furry text adventures shit.

Flashbulb Anonymous 14/09/16(Tue)12:12 No. 16016 ID: 0e3049 [Reply]

File MechanicalHornedHorseAssault.swf - (2.97MB )

I've been working on a SWF editor, Flashbulb, and it's mature enough that it's ready to share. Instead of messing files up with decompilers, you can now edit them directly. Import and export sound and graphics, change the framerate and background color, remove unwanted dongs, even mess around with Actionscript 3 variables. It's still a long ways from being finished but quite useful as is.

Here's a wall of text describing what it is:

Download it here:

Obviously it's coming from an untrusted source and could be malware, so upload it to Jotti if you're worried about it (virusscan.jotti.org). The choice is yours.

There's another swf-related tool in the utilities section of my website. It raised a complete shitstorm when I brought it up elsewhere, so I'm just going to glaze over the fact that it's there.

Anonymous 13/10/13(Sun)06:23 No. 15298 ID: dfdc23 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File ps3.swf - (657.41KB )

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Anonymous 14/09/16(Tue)07:30 No. 16013 ID: 07d41e

>Mario & Peach are a pair. Just like Daisy is to Luigi.
In your dreams. Mario and Luigi are perma-friendzone'd, and they're fat and hairy and ugly, so it doesn't matter if they're supposed to be a "pair."
Porn doesn't need to be canon, it needs to be attractive.

Anonymous 14/09/16(Tue)07:38 No. 16014 ID: c4788f

Faceless person, who cares who's fucking Peach, so long as she's getting fucked.

Anonymous 14/09/16(Tue)08:29 No. 16015 ID: 374977

I fucking love you -8

by the way, have you heard of Soup.io?

it works pretty much the same way as tumblr but without the censorship

that's where noill moved his stuff

Anonymous 14/03/01(Sat)09:21 No. 15474 ID: dfdc23 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File ppppu.swf - (2.30MB )

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Anonymous 14/09/09(Tue)12:12 No. 15945 ID: fea425

any news from cubespoon?

Anonymous 14/09/15(Mon)04:57 No. 16006 ID: 5684df

Unfortunately, no. His tumblr hasn't been updated in over a month, and after asking around, most of the followers of the project assumed he had abandoned it.

Anonymous 14/09/15(Mon)09:13 No. 16007 ID: 753388

the number that comes after three and the after-name giving to a girl in japanese that start with the letter C and end in N

Anonymous 14/09/14(Sun)22:04 No. 16004 ID: 2ba48c [Reply]

File 1nd4.swf - (65.96KB )

Anonymous 14/09/15(Mon)01:49 No. 16005 ID: f99a3d

Can you at least keep these contained to one thread?

Anonymous 11/05/27(Fri)21:45 No. 10945 ID: d1826c [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File wakeupbrother_swf_(application_x-shockwave-flash_O.swf - (886.64KB , wakeupbrother_swf (application x-shockwave-flash O.swf )

This thread?
This thread.

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Anonymous 14/07/17(Thu)11:13 No. 15767 ID: 8ef743

File blackdudefalling.swf - (204.28KB )

Does this count?

Anonymous 14/09/08(Mon)06:14 No. 15924 ID: f99a3d


I think that this would fall into this thread.

Anonymous 14/09/14(Sun)18:27 No. 16002 ID: f99a3d

File How_to_make_friends_pokemon_tips_2.swf - (4.03MB , How to make friends pokemon tips 2.swf )

Anonymous 14/09/13(Sat)12:08 No. 15989 ID: e4ad60 [Reply]

File rei_promises.swf - (179.62KB , rei promises.swf )

Anyone have sauce on this song?

Anonymous 14/09/13(Sat)17:48 No. 15990 ID: f14cc5

As Cities Burn-The Widow

Next time try googling the lyrics.

Anonymous 14/09/14(Sun)10:39 No. 16001 ID: daab08

Thank you so much.

Anonymous 14/09/10(Wed)10:43 No. 15956 ID: b81500 [Reply]

File Data_2.swf - (2.67MB )

Anonymous 14/09/13(Sat)22:18 No. 15996 ID: 234ab4

Do you have the rest of this game?


Anonymous 14/09/12(Fri)23:13 No. 15984 ID: e6ae14 [Reply]

File liv_room.swf - (78.95KB )

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