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Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 11/03/29(Tue)06:31 No. 10538 ID: 7abf39 [Reply] Stickied

File Buttercup.swf - (864.12KB )

Hey guys, guess what?!

I made it so SWF files will now have thumbnails! Never again will you be fooled by lolicatgirls.swf like the fool you are.

Of course, not all SWF files are made the same, so there will obviously be some buggy or nonexistant screenshots. Unfortunately I can't fix them due to the way I created the screenshot maker. So while loops or videos will play fine, many games will come up a little weird. Deal with it.

I also just kinda slapped the Kusaba part of this together pretty haphazardly because I spent so much time getting the actionscript right. I'll fix any bugs if they arrise.

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Anonymous 19/03/11(Mon)02:45 No. 22026 ID: 7d0cff

ActionScript, wow. awesome.

Homicide ## Mod ## 10/10/18(Mon)18:44 No. 9003 ID: 8decbc [Reply] Locked Stickied

File z0r-de_1710.swf - (524.28KB )

Furry flash is still b& from /fl/.

/fur/ accepts .swf uploads.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/03/27(Sun)19:06 No. 10523 ID: 421856

This now includes the furry text adventures shit.

Minus 8 thread! Anonymous 18/09/15(Sat)01:32 No. 21928 ID: 3d2527 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File mwa.swf - (243.90KB )

It's not over yet

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Anonymous 19/08/13(Tue)02:11 No. 22123 ID: ec9adb

what is the original file name? ethical modders will append the original name which makes searching easier.

have you tried searching swfchan?

Anonymous 19/08/14(Wed)20:58 No. 22124 ID: 21b5ed

It's titled "why to many requests".https://7chan.org/fl/res/15298.html#15901

Anonymous 19/08/18(Sun)07:31 No. 22125 ID: 35c084

He's my nigga.
His art style is so cool, and I'd like to chill with him and Shad.

Spread the love(boxf) Anonymous 19/07/17(Wed)11:33 No. 22102 ID: 0075e5 [Reply]

File toadette_nips.swf - (9.23KB )

Here it goes

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Anonymous 19/07/29(Mon)20:26 No. 22112 ID: 8b03aa

I don't know who make these flash, but i love it

Anonymous 19/08/01(Thu)10:53 No. 22113 ID: 512bae

File wild2.swf - (13.28KB )

Zelda woah!
Expect a few Princess Daisy

Anonymous 19/08/07(Wed)12:01 No. 22120 ID: 0ad9a9

File scorcibutt.swf - (7.86KB )

sheep butt
stream speedrun

Jango Flash 19/08/05(Mon)21:57 No. 22118 ID: 9a35e1 [Reply]

File emoduck.swf - (475.26KB )

I am looking for a flash animation that starts with Jango from One Piece saying "I am a jobless man". A coin was flipped onto Fuu's haed (Samurai Champloo) and it was an AMV.

Anonymous 17/08/27(Sun)09:09 No. 21602 ID: ff4c38 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File vileplume34.swf - (1.26MB )

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Anonymous 19/03/13(Wed)03:35 No. 22031 ID: 56d15c

Man I wish we could talk to Minus8 again I have one or two ideas to suggest if he's ever interested.

Anonymous 19/08/05(Mon)09:57 No. 22116 ID: 308855


Anonymous 19/08/05(Mon)10:49 No. 22117 ID: 4a23cb

nice job asshole, are you trying to give me a virus?

Anonymous 11/10/10(Mon)23:23 No. 12271 ID: 544fae [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File SuperDeepthroat1_9_1b.swf - (1.05MB )

Oh shit nigga it's on now.

111 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
anoymos Amar&!PfcRh2Pal2 18/12/20(Thu)23:36 No. 22003 ID: ced96d

hi i want to play a fuck game

commando_steve commando steve 19/05/04(Sat)00:36 No. 22063 ID: 8a66ca


g g 19/08/05(Mon)01:13 No. 22115 ID: a09cf0


Femdom Flash Anonymous 19/08/02(Fri)11:16 No. 22114 ID: b3fd5c [Reply]

File swfchan_Border_of_Extacy_uncut_swf_((number)81412).swf - (7.01MB , swfchan Border of Extacy uncut_swf (#81412).swf )

I'm looking for more femdom or/and sadomasochist type flash games & animations. I've pretty much trawled for everything there is MMD, SFM and Blender and now i'm going back to .swf for moar.
The first few posts are some of my favourites I remember.
I was going to post minus8 ankha but couldn't because of duplicate rules bullshit.

Anonymous 19/07/21(Sun)05:24 No. 22106 ID: d55677 [Reply]

File Cranberries.swf - (5.44MB )

Anonymous 19/07/22(Mon)14:55 No. 22107 ID: ec9adb

RIP glasses

Anonymous 19/07/11(Thu)20:52 No. 22101 ID: 680a54 [Reply]

File Moon.swf - (5.51MB )


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