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Post Discipline Sarah Palin ## Mod ## 10/08/28(Sat)08:56 No. 10363 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 128297855831.jpg - (69.54KB , 480x352 , TonyKiritsis.jpg )

Welcome to the /w/ - Weapons board here on 7chan. This board is for general discussion related to weapons and military.

THIS IS A SAFE FOR WORK BOARD. NO PORNOGRAPHY, FLAME WARS OR TROLLING. The global rules apply as always. Please browse the board before creating a thread to avoid repeat threads. Also, political debates will be deleted and subject to banning. Report any rule violations using the "Report Post" function.

Ammo website's The guy From Depeche mode 14/03/23(Sun)22:04 No. 14936 [Reply]

File 139560868530.jpg - (3.25MB , 3795x1600 , DemAmmo's.jpg )

Hello and good day. My friend and I are going shooting and would like to buy some cheaper ammo just for the range. I have been to the regular sites like "impactguns" and "cheaperthandirt", all I would like to know is what site's /k/ user's use to order there ammo.

I live in the California. And am looking to buy 45. 9mm. 223. 5.56 NATO

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Zed 14/03/30(Sun)01:02 No. 14947

That's a package from CTD. Not to mention their shitty prices.

FPOB!!R1ZmxlMzD4 14/04/05(Sat)06:33 No. 14951

I like to use ammoseek.com to find the cheapest ammo prices. Then from there I compare the shipping rates between sites to decide which site has the lowest price per round.

That's bad packaging and service, granted, but does it really matter when it comes to ammo? As long as it's not dented or exposed to moisture, it doesn't really affect the performance. I know a lot of people shit on CTD, but I've seen CTD having some of the lowest prices on firearms (not ammo though).

Sarah Palin 14/04/19(Sat)11:35 No. 14954

go to gunbot.net

they have a shit-ton of website that they pull from and update their price by round list every 90 seconds. Its actually really a badass website.

However it is based off of the individual website, so you'll probably have to register for that particular one, and some of them dont like to deliver to certain states...

a couple of them really don't like california

favorites thread Sarah Palin 11/01/22(Sat)07:02 No. 11385 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 129567614737.jpg - (386.25KB , 1600x1067 , r15749_r13680_1215920279950.jpg )

biological weapon:
rocket/grenade launcher:
rifle cartridge:
pistol cartridge:
gun manufacturer:

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Sarah Palin 14/04/01(Tue)19:48 No. 14948

Remington Versa
.45 ACP

Don't argue with me Q-25!UbWWYPj9XY 14/04/02(Wed)05:52 No. 14949

rifle: Remington 700, scoped
SMG: Cobray M11
MG: Browning Ma Deuce
shotgun: Mossberg 500
pistol: Browning Hi Power
biological weapon: Smallpox
rocket/grenade launcher: Panzerfaust
rifle cartridge: .308
pistol cartridge: 9mm

Favorites Matt 14/04/16(Wed)07:51 No. 14953

rifle: Vepr 7.62x54R
MG: M240
shotgun: 870
pistol: M1911
biological weapon:Sulphur Mustard
rocket/grenade launcher: Javelin
rifle cartridge: 7.62x54R
pistol cartridge: .40 S&W

Sarah Palin 13/12/07(Sat)06:40 No. 14856 [Reply]

File 138639481499.jpg - (89.60KB , 840x514 , pps43kit.jpg )

What does any body think about getting a PPS-43 parts kit. Most of them cost about 70 dollars which seems to be too cheap. Experience prefered.

Sarah Palin 14/01/17(Fri)07:28 No. 14883

That does seem pretty cheap. I have one of those and i love it.

However, i know that theres some kind of rule out there about the collapsible stock, so i'd make sure to check your local regulations about that.

The one i bought, the stock is permanently folded up over the reciever.

Fun as hell to shoot though.

Sarah Palin 14/04/16(Wed)03:52 No. 14952

A folding stock on a rifle wih a barrel less than 16 inches is considered a short barreled rifle, you would have to do extra paper work with he atf and aquire a title 2 tax stamp. I friend of mine has one of these with the stock pinned making it a pistol (less the 16 inches barrel has to be a pistol or an sbr).

Zed!ZF41dz6F/Y 12/10/13(Sat)22:01 No. 14294 [Reply]

File 135015846957.jpg - (200.51KB , 1152x672 , Finished restoration1.jpg )

Hey guys, what do you think of .303?

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Sarah Palin 14/03/27(Thu)03:25 No. 14943

File 139588713447.gif - (280.25KB , 1170x639 , 1392517087130.gif )

Fucking trip post here too zed?
What /k/ get sick of you faggotry?
By the way I want to make this, or perhaps buy it.

Sarah Palin 14/03/27(Thu)03:54 No. 14944

Way off topic. What does that have to do with what they said, at all?

Sarah Palin 14/03/27(Thu)03:54 No. 14945

It's not "dead" or no one would post. It just doesn't get huge amounts of traffic, which is a good thing.

i wanna kill some fucking cans Sarah Palin 14/03/22(Sat)01:23 No. 14933 [Reply]

File 139544783664.jpg - (570.74KB , 1440x900 , pewpewpew!.jpg )

well hello there! im thinking of buying a gun in dos weekos (handgun) this will be my first handgun and was looking for some suggestions/ answers to a few questions i have.
A.) what are your suggestions for a first gun. im about 150lbs and 5'9 (in b4 manlet. also im trying to spend less than 500 bucks (is it worth it to get a gun for that cheap)
B.) how impractical is it to buy a revolver (that what i want and also how dumb is it to buy something larger than a 9mm i.e .38 or .40 (i am buying this for home/self defense as well as because its fun as fuck to shoot things in my back yard.)
c.) i will be buying this in my homestate (but not where i live currently) my home has almost no gun laws so i can walk in and walk out with whatever semi auto i want as long as i am over 18.. which i am. with this in mind whats the deal with guns going over state lines (i know i can look thsi up but while i have you...) ill be buying it in vermont and then heading back to ny. i do eventually plan on getting a license to conceal and carry.
thanks or fuck you...which ever is pertinent to your reply.
pic related... its the gun i want but obv wont buy

PONY!zomGDeAgLE 14/03/22(Sat)08:37 No. 14934

If I had a single round of CCI minimag for every time I've seen this question, I'd have enough to trade for a Noveske at current secondary market prices.

Come back when you've read through this -

PONY!zomGDeAgLE 14/03/22(Sat)23:35 No. 14935

This too while you're at it -

Sarah Palin 14/03/24(Mon)03:13 No. 14940

File 139562723525.jpg - (165.16KB , 500x562 , enhanced-3451-1393886514-10.jpg )

thanks, bud!

Carbon 15 Sarah Palin 13/11/23(Sat)23:00 No. 14839 [Reply]

File 138524403951.jpg - (63.67KB , 900x320 , c15.jpg )

I just got one of these new Bushmaster Carbon 15 carbines (5.57/.223 cal). I only put 30 rounds through it, which isn't much, but it's really nice. It has carbon parts so naturally it's very lightweight. Someone mentioned that it has some Teflon inner parts? I didn't look in to it before I bought it (which was dumb since normally I do, but I just took this guy's word for it) but it allegedly has very good heat distribution. It fired very nicely, no issues so far for the small amount of rounds that I put through it. I rarely hear of people having issues with this gun. So far the worst thing about it is the cheap magazine it comes with, but it hasn't caused any problems for me yet.

I got the one with the cheap red dot scope and have no complaints.

Thoughts on this gun?

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Sarah Palin 14/03/21(Fri)04:47 No. 14931

Oh I was going to say, the only real drawback with the rifle itself is the rail design. I mean, the optic like I said, that can easily be replaced though, but the rail... I don't know how to explain it. The top rail isn't just part of the upper, it's an aluminum piece that appears to be screwed to the top sort of. It's not a bad gun, it's just not the most high quality. Definitely works though.

Only time I've had it jam was when a buddy of mine put some crappy, old reloaded 5.56 rounds through it. With any store-bought rounds I've never had a jam. He must have had shitty rounds.

PONY!zomGDeAgLE 14/03/21(Fri)12:22 No. 14932

Take a real good look at the magwell here:

Sarah Palin 14/03/24(Mon)01:32 No. 14938

I saw. That's an older model c15 which had numerous issues (which is why it earned a bad reputation). I noticed that's actually 9mm. I never said its indestructible. Just because that one did doesn't instantly make them all bad. Of course alloy is more durable but still. It is good considering it's price.

Sarah Palin 12/09/22(Sat)06:46 No. 14274 [Reply]

File 134828917213.jpg - (113.19KB , 960x540 , SAvsR.jpg )

Concealed carry, home defense, range shooting, you name it.

12 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sarah Palin 14/02/21(Fri)04:59 No. 14906


Sarah Palin 14/03/16(Sun)18:09 No. 14923

Depends a lot on where you are. Booby traps generally are bad though, never know who might be letting themselves in (assuming no family/friends/girlfriends/boyfriends, since , you know, neckbeard, but maintenance/rescue workers/law enforcement wouldn't like that at all).

Reinforced doors and barred windows are where it's at.

Sarah Palin 14/03/21(Fri)04:35 No. 14930

Clips? I'm sorry are we discussing an SKS here or something?

Also it's a myth that revolvers can't jam. Yes they can. They are more dependable, that much is true, but to say that they can't is an outright lie.

>revolver is quicker to load.

Also false. Less capacity is an issue as well. I see you mentioned that but that's more of a pain when you're just recreationally shooting. Or what you say could be true in self defense, but that's assuming you hit every shot. So yes, the capacity is a drawback whether you admit it or not.

I was considering getting a revolver of some sort, but you're just talking crap.

US Automatic Rifle Age Limitations Sarah Palin 14/01/23(Thu)06:43 No. 14887 [Reply]

File 13904558154.jpg - (37.55KB , 474x316 , 22931480b4.jpg )

Hello, /w/. Currently I'm 17 and looking at getting a license for a full-auto firearm within the next few years (probably by age 19) and wanted to know if any of you knew the legalities behind age on this.
I understand the process behind what must be done in order to obtain the license to own a rifle of these sorts in my state but am having difficulties finding if one must be 18 or 21 in order to complete this process. I live in the state of Indiana where I know that obtaining a concealed carry requires a person to be at least 21, but not once have I seen a defined answer for automatic rifles.
For the curious: The rifle I'd like to have is a Steyr AUG A3 (pictured)

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
gitfucked 14/03/19(Wed)09:05 No. 14925

no you dont pleb
now shut the fuck up with you shit tier misinformation.

Sarah Palin 14/03/19(Wed)09:21 No. 14926

OK, Mr. Secret Service Agent, thanks for the Obama notice for us to stahp. On the other hand, I don't want to.

Sarah Palin 14/03/19(Wed)10:06 No. 14927

oh my god you guys are literally retarded.

Kind regards,

comatoast!!RjZwMzLwLl 13/02/01(Fri)23:32 No. 14548 [Reply]

File 135975797769.jpg - (61.38KB , 645x645 , 385186_478452395537072_1135495559_n.jpg )

Shot for the first time today.

.40 Cal
Spring Field XDM

Pretty crazy, However exciting.

3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sarah Palin 13/02/12(Tue)09:14 No. 14557

File 136065687831.jpg - (16.21KB , 402x274 , 1360642089764.jpg )


Remember to hold it like your buddy Rick Grimes!

PONY!zomGDeAgLE 13/02/17(Sun)02:49 No. 14561

File 136106579732.jpg - (162.29KB , 600x399 , Sevigny_2008Area2_Sued_Small.jpg )

What I do is grab the grip with my main hand so that the middle finger does the most squeezing and the thumb loosely points towards the target. Then I wrap my support hand around the grip so the meaty part by my thumb covers the bare part of the grip and the fingers overlap. Again, both thumbs don't contact the frame or slide but point at the target and the middle fingers do most of the squeezing. That way both hands are pretty high up on the grip to control recoil while keeping thumbs from brushing against the slide or safety or anything else important.

Basically, like this guy (Dave Sevigny).

tracher999 14/03/15(Sat)19:54 No. 14922

you lucky bastard i even get the chance with pussies from parents

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