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/w/ - Weapons
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Post Discipline Sarah Palin ## Mod ## 10/08/28(Sat)08:56 No. 10363 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 128297855831.jpg - (69.54KB , 480x352 , TonyKiritsis.jpg )

Welcome to the /w/ - Weapons board here on 7chan. This board is for general discussion related to weapons and military.

THIS IS A SAFE FOR WORK BOARD. NO PORNOGRAPHY, FLAME WARS OR TROLLING. The global rules apply as always. Please browse the board before creating a thread to avoid repeat threads. Also, political debates will be deleted and subject to banning. Report any rule violations using the "Report Post" function.

How to Disable an MRAP for Less than $50 Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)22:34 No. 15290 [Reply]

File 14642948987.jpg - (136.22KB , 728x380 , mrap.jpg )

Most Americans are familiar with the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle because their local police department obtained one to look cool. Due to familiarity, this will be the vehicle used as an example. The same tactics will work against almost all other armored vehicles.

The parameters for this article are simple: The reader does not possess a great deal of tactical experience and has no access to firearms, high explosives, homemade explosives, or chemical weapons.

Prior to engaging an armored vehicle, it is important to understand what exactly you are dealing with, once the intimidation factor is stripped away. Read on...


Source: Originally seen on TFC and then other sites like The Antimedia, AnonNews, the anarchistcookbook and a bunch of other little obscure news outlets and forums.

Most of this should work on most other light armored vehicles (LAVs) such as the BearCat truck and anything similar.

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Sarah Palin 16/05/27(Fri)02:49 No. 15293

Who said anything about going near the vehicle, let alone when it's filled with occupants.

Go to the depo where it's parked, open the key-box, take the keys.

Sarah Palin 16/05/27(Fri)03:40 No. 15294


I'm fairly certain they don't have keys and even if they did that wouldn't help. You obviously didn't read the article and don't understand it's purpose at all.

Sarah Palin 16/05/27(Fri)04:29 No. 15295

>I'm fairly certain they don't have keys
They do.
>if they did that wouldn't help
Without the keys you can't open the doors, you can't get in and you can't drive it anywhere. At that point the vehicle is effectively disabled.

Padazryvayuschy:-) Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)13:21 No. 15288 [Reply]

File 146426167081.jpg - (23.87KB , 499x498 , chGjmOFw4LU.jpg )


Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)13:21 No. 15289

Padazryvayuschy:-) one love

Padazryvayuschy:-) Sarah Palin 16/05/26(Thu)13:16 No. 15287 [Reply]

File 146426140724.jpg - (41.78KB , 565x600 , CMODl8I7UUE.jpg )


The Ar/k/ mega torrent Sarah Palin 16/02/16(Tue)21:27 No. 15238 [Reply]

File 145565446125.png - (245.29KB , 550x600 , Screenshot from 2016-02-05 05:02:44.png )

Somebody at 4chan /k/ put together a ~300gb mega torrent of gunsmithing, weapons training, explosives, field manuals, etc. I thought you guys might enjoy it.

torrent file found here: https://thepiratebay.se/torrent/13561569

magnet link found here: http://pastebin.com/uF0NV5Nf


Sarah Palin 16/04/16(Sat)22:45 No. 15276


Have those hats ever been used in combat as an actual weapon?
I don't mean a head first charge over the top (as hilarious as it would be) but even still, in a manner where prior thought went went into it's usage, I imagine they have been used in the spur of the moment plenty of times.

Sarah Palin 16/05/07(Sat)05:59 No. 15283

Can manyone confirm OP's post?

Sarah Palin 16/05/25(Wed)11:25 No. 15286

Confirm what? The torrent? It works, and the good thing about torrents is peer confirmation...

As for what's in it, I'm working on downloading it. It will take about 2 days for this to complete with my bandwidth rates though. Not sure if I'm even going to wait for it to finish all the way, but at the same time it sounds interesting.

favorites thread Sarah Palin 11/01/22(Sat)07:02 No. 11385 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 129567614737.jpg - (386.25KB , 1600x1067 , r15749_r13680_1215920279950.jpg )

biological weapon:
rocket/grenade launcher:
rifle cartridge:
pistol cartridge:
gun manufacturer:

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General Acroth+Nilsson 16/02/11(Thu)11:35 No. 15237

I have other experiences.
Swedish Mauser rifle 4
Without rubber plug and short striker.
Carved into the box and flapping sight.
Eight holes in the barrel huh half a millimeter too big in the mouth.
And time well when I was on the eighteenth soldier who used the shit.

Sarah Palin 16/04/07(Thu)19:07 No. 15273

File 146004887591.gif - (1.65MB , 320x180 , cMGGiEP.gif )

This shit is still going on?
This thread is old. Kill it already.

Sarah Palin 16/05/17(Tue)22:13 No. 15285

I will super Mario you guys right in the ear you lazy cows

Sarah Palin 16/05/07(Sat)02:58 No. 15282 [Reply]

File 14625827065.jpg - (115.68KB , 1024x773 , 2637365.jpg )

What does /W/ think this French Saber is worth, in it's condition?

Sarah Palin 16/05/07(Sat)06:00 No. 15284

File 146259362452.jpg - (53.17KB , 1024x437 , 2637365_0.jpg )


@nâr©hI$✝s co0k🅱🅾🆗 Sarah Palin 16/04/29(Fri)08:46 No. 15280 [Reply]

File 146191238265.jpg - (69.24KB , 586x594 , Screen-Shot-2016-04-01-at-3_34_42-PM.jpg )

Where can I find the anarchists cookbook in eBook format? None of the links I've tried have panned out. They're either bogus or watched sites. Hope you niggs can help a fag in need of some reading.

Sarah Palin 16/05/02(Mon)17:46 No. 15281

Will a pdf work? You can just convert it.

Military Surplus and Camo! Zed 15/01/25(Sun)07:40 No. 15115 [Reply]

File 142216800090.jpg - (0.96MB , 2496x1081 , Fleck differences.jpg )

Maybe this will breath some life into this board.

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Zed 15/10/08(Thu)19:07 No. 15177

File 144432406773.jpg - (1.08MB , 1185x1908 , _9053200_1.jpg )

Got some neat stuff recently.

Sarah Palin 15/12/30(Wed)22:07 No. 15214


nice collection for sure. Perhaps i'll post some of mine...

also nice to see your ebay store is fairly priced

Sarah Palin 16/04/25(Mon)12:46 No. 15279

File 146158118888.jpg - (256.89KB , 750x1000 , ATF Jacket Front.jpg )

>be bored at 5am
>find this thread

homemade weapons? Sarah Palin 14/07/26(Sat)07:38 No. 15001 [Reply]

File 140635311397.jpg - (44.45KB , 704x469 , medium.jpg )

1.A heat source (hot plate, stove, etc.)
2.A hydrometer, or battery hydrometer
3.A large Pyrex, or enameled steel container (to weigh chemicals)
4.Potassium chloride(sold as a salt substitute at health and nutrition stores)
Take one gallon of bleach, place it in the container, and begin heating it. While this solution heats, weigh out 63 grams of potassium chloride and
add this to the bleach being heated. Constantly check the solution being heated with the hydrometer, and boil until you get a reading of 1.3. If
using a battery hydrometer, boil until you read a FULL charge.
Take the solution and allow it to cool in a refrigerator until it is between room temperature and 0øC. Filter out the crystals that have formed and
save them. Boil this solution again and cool as before. Filter and save the crystals.
Take the crystals that have been saved, and mix them with distilled water in the following proportions: 56 grams per 100 milliliters distilled
water. Heat this solution until it boils and allow to cool. Filter the solution and save the crystals that form upon cooling. This process of
purification is called "fractional crystallization". These crystals should be relatively pure potassium chlorate.
Powder these to the consistency of face powder, and heat gently to drive off all moisture.
Now, melt five parts Vaseline with five parts wax. Dissolve this in white gasoline (camp stove gasoline), and pour this liquid on 90 parts
potassium chlorate (the powdered crystals from above) into a plastic bowl. Knead this liquid into the potassium chlorate until intimately mixed.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Sarah Palin 16/02/26(Fri)19:34 No. 15248

That's why the FBI published the "Anarchist's Cookbook"; to route out revolutionaries and cultists by the trail of their own bodies.

Acroth+Nilsson 16/04/18(Mon)19:08 No. 15277

For a real farmer is a self-made weapon a hijacked chain from a chainsaw.
In folded at one end with electrical tape to handle.

Acroth+Nilsson 16/04/20(Wed)23:27 No. 15278

You can also mix the chemicals but it is not Poppular here at all.
But acytylen and oxygen in the weld in a plastic bag is fun.
Busting a light bulb and filament ignites.
With a conventional battery.

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