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Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/10/26(Wed)10:01 No. 3905 ID: 4c1a8e [Reply] Stickied

File 13196161034.jpg - (71.49KB , 256x256 , slow.jpg )

For growing and shit or whatever I present to you:


Put in whatever resources that fit in here, whether it's from wikipedia, youtube, some university, or where ever. Just remember to keep it within the board's guidelines and rules.
Use it or lose it, faggots.

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Anonymous 19/05/17(Fri)12:48 No. 13979 ID: 25d34d


Anonymous ## Mod ## 12/02/02(Thu)05:26 No. 5920 ID: 4fb7fa [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 132815678430.jpg - (161.57KB , 500x452 , 6904084_Untitled-2.jpg )

This thread is for discussion of the validity of religion(s) and arguments for and against the existence of god/gods.

Any other new posts about this subject will be deleted, or locked and referred to this one.

New threads about religious concepts that play inside their own ruleset are allowed, and we kindly ask that you refrain from turning those well meaning threads into arguments about religion as a whole.

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Anonymous 19/05/21(Tue)03:31 No. 13984 ID: 85cec8

File 155840227641.jpg - (91.59KB , 679x770 , Gantz God.jpg )


READ THIS BEFORE POSTING YOU PILE OF FAGGOTS Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/09/09(Fri)04:51 No. 2371 ID: 175f07 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 131553668277.jpg - (24.94KB , 400x615 , formalblacktie2.jpg )

We interrupt your scheduled bickering for this important announcement: Understanding /phi/

  • What this board is:
    • A place to discuss epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and logic, in a general sense, or in an applied sense (in sex, science, vidya, your mother).
    • A place where not only is being a pretentious, hubristic dickhead is allowed, but is considered the norm.
  • What this board is not:
    • It is not /b/, /x/, or /rnb/.
    • A place to spew incoherent nonsense and verbal diarrhea.
    • A place to make claims with no justifications (and "because I say so" or "because you're gay" isn't a justification).
    • A place where the global rules do not apply.
An inability to follow these conventions will result in a warning!
Repeat offenders will be banned!

Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/12/04(Sun)05:06 No. 4980 ID: 4c1a8e

Dear faggots,
I shouldn't have to remind you, but if someone is posting something against the rules, please report it.

If you don't know how to report a post, please see our super-sugoi FAQ section on the front page.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Atheism is evil Anonymous 19/02/18(Mon)09:42 No. 13885 ID: 1556f2 [Reply]

File 155047936222.jpg - (403.53KB , 1035x732 , 1549204089557.jpg )

>Moral relativism (good or bad cannot be defined as the atheist doesn't acknowledge any authority)
>Meaninglessness (existence is hollow and devoid of values)
>Cult of Self (the own ego is the only thing that matters)
>Scientism (an obsession with science that becomes the only prevailing truth)

If you're a fedora you're pretty much advocating for psychopathy.

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Americium 19/06/11(Tue)22:05 No. 14020 ID: 5ac05a


Yes, I'm angsty because I won't kill myself if God doesn't exist, and science says things like video games are just a dopamine rush.

You're projecting hard there, boy. What's it like being a little bitch that can't cope with life unless you have God constantly holding your hand?

Anonymous 19/06/15(Sat)15:15 No. 14022 ID: 8493bc

File 156060452538.jpg - (152.26KB , 597x330 , Fedora is too big.jpg )


Anonymous 19/06/15(Sat)15:36 No. 14023 ID: b5b416

File 156060579630.jpg - (383.25KB , 1280x1707 , Wacky.jpg )


Why isn't circumcision banned in so many countries? Anonymous 19/04/24(Wed)02:02 No. 13965 ID: 87b921 [Reply]

File 155606417221.jpg - (4.42KB , 225x225 , download (1).jpg )

San Fransisco Failed, Germany Failed, Iceland Failed, there have been countless attempts to ban infant male circumcision that have failed despite having a majority support in the area? Areas where religious minorities are at an all time low, circumcision rates are essentially non-existent. Yet non-medically justified, routine genital mutilation (religious or not) continues to occur despite the gender counter part being forbidden by law.

What message does it send where males are violated at birth, while females have their bodies protected by law? Iceland hospitals refused to conduct infant circumcision and had signed agreements among the hospitals across the country to refuse such services as medically unjustified. As a result a vote to illegalize the practice was initiated which resulted in international uproar.

It's an extremely simple topic that people have an illogical habit of complicating. The right to inflict bodily injury on another persons body without their consent. Religiously motivated or not. I cant religiously mutilate animals. It's considered animal abuse.

The main contention I have, is to put the practice into perspective to see the true tragedy and the reason why it's not complicated to see why it should be illegal. To turn the infant, into a grown adult, and keep the situation identical.

You are 25 years old. Your parents have decided to take you against your will to the doctors, where people over power you, forcefully strap you onto an operating table, strap your legs and arms down so you can't move, and without anesthesia, take a knife to your genitals, cutting the most private part of your body as you scream in pain. This is something you'd expect in a scene from the Saw movie franchise. Not something we would callously turn a blind eye happening to infants.

So what are you thoughts on why so many countries have failed their own children to protect them from genital mutilation.


Circumcision is culturally based and not medically based. Cutting a penis to reduce the remote chance of penile cancer is like cutting a girl's budding breasts to reduce the chance of breast cancer.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 19/04/26(Fri)06:39 No. 13971 ID: abfa13

File 155625358988.jpg - (229.38KB , 1199x800 , 1200px-2ChocolateChipCookies.jpg )

>if you're gonna take the law route, then why not outlaw the practice of Islam and Judaism altogether?

Are you seriously suggesting we should ban these religions? Because that would be thought control, even if it does some good, and there are laws against prohibiting religion in most countries. This was a dumb thing to suggestion, are you perhaps a Russian serf who has yet to learn the foundations of political philosophy?

>with a circumcision ban you'll have doctors at the very least risking their licences,

That's why people need to just stop circumcising their kids.

>your thinking is flawed because you assume the law will do anything to stop circumcisions from happening

Why do we have laws when you can't stop anyone from doing anything.

>the law is supposed to accommodate irrational traditions/religions just as much as (and probably more than) rational thought, not create conflict among different societies.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19/04/26(Fri)18:19 No. 13972 ID: b5aa25

>Are you seriously suggesting we should ban these religions?
No. I'm merely pointing out that irreligion is far more effective at reducing circumcision rates than circumcision being made illegal. It's not freedom of religion if you have a law which automatically criminalises a large number of muslims and jews for practicing their religious traditions.

The rest of your post is autistic screeching.

Anonymous 19/06/11(Tue)14:17 No. 14019 ID: 1a4ce1

me thoughts on this is too screechy to translate into anything nice. penises!

Classic Eastern Philosophy Anonymous 19/06/11(Tue)01:46 No. 14014 ID: c5509f [Reply]

File 156021040272.jpg - (20.72KB , 474x341 , proxy_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

I read the Art of War and the Analects of Confucius over a decade ago so I figured it was time for a much needed refresher and while I'm at it I might as well broaden my Eastern base.

~The Art of War~
~Tao Te Ching~
~Confucian Analects~
~The Great Learning~
~The Docterine of the Mean~
~The Works of Mencius~

Has anybody read through these and would you recommend them in any particular order?

Anonymous 19/06/11(Tue)13:52 No. 14017 ID: 1a4ce1


Anonymous 19/06/11(Tue)13:53 No. 14018 ID: 1a4ce1

I reccommend in order tao te ching, and then the preemphasized classic

EPISTEMIC DISAGREEMENTS Anonymous 19/05/26(Sun)20:23 No. 13989 ID: 5ace86 [Reply]

File 155889501828.png - (37.26KB , 200x252 , thumb_the-industrial-revolution-and-its-consequenc.png )

Why do experts in areas such as the sciences or philosophy in general disagree? Granted that two experts are given access to the same information, facts and have the same intellectual capacities, what is the root cause of their epistemic disagreements?

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Americium 19/06/02(Sun)12:07 No. 14002 ID: 5ac05a


What are we even talking about currently?

Anonymous 19/06/03(Mon)03:38 No. 14006 ID: 5d1945

Who is talking?

Americium 19/06/03(Mon)10:11 No. 14007 ID: 5ac05a



Is the search for "truth" as a natural animal need? Anonymous 19/05/17(Fri)15:15 No. 13980 ID: 355757 [Reply]

File 155809890582.jpg - (128.41KB , 1000x600 , antonio_rodriguez_saint_augustine_google_art_proje.jpg )

I was thinking about the truth in thought of Plato, Socrates and St. Augustine.
Isn't their urge to find the "truth" just some form of the common biological/animalistic need to have the most acurate model of reality?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Americium 19/05/29(Wed)10:14 No. 13991 ID: 5ac05a


You're right anonymous, finding the truth of things like whether or not that thing coming at me is a lion or if eating this plant is poisonous aren't really needed by animals out in the wild.

Anonymous 19/05/29(Wed)13:45 No. 13992 ID: 50b655

if you're being sarcastic then you'll have to be a bit more convincing.

Americium 19/05/30(Thu)01:06 No. 13993 ID: 5ac05a


If you don't find it convincing that animals might have an urge to know the truth when the truth leads to their survival, then you don't understand the issue.

Animals that aren't concerned with the truth will either die off from the consequences of their bad decision making or be out-competed by animals that are better able to decern the truth and don't waste their time and energy on badly made decisions.

Questions Anonymous 19/02/23(Sat)04:57 No. 13901 ID: 243bfa [Reply]

File 155089427999.jpg - (68.76KB , 600x450 , nietzsche1.jpg )


I admit that although I have had an interest in philosophy for the past few months, I am not adequately read, even for the particular issues that have interested me, so I apologize if I have issues with clarity.

I've been taken hold by the ideas of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, but particularly Nietzsche.

I've done my best to deal with the striking personal effect that Schopenhauer's postulation that life is meaningless suffering and boredom. I find it too grim and I've found myself naturally gravitating away from it, likely for my own sanity. Instead, Nietzsche has been of more interest to me due to his life-affirming philosophy. However, as much as I'd like to agree with his idea that personal meaning can be found, it just doesn't stick.

Aren't we all just working and eating to keep ourselves alive? For what? Is there anything that can be found in the pursuit of a meaningful existence that will truly fulfill us and help us escape the void? However we decide to find that meaning, whether it be virtue, love, carnal sensations, refined aesthetic pleasure, or whatever else I can't think of, is it truly enough?

While this pertains to the previous paragraph, I wanted to better emphasize this idea: if you live aesthetically, either through art or as an artist, is there anything new? I feel like there aren't any 'boundaries' to be broken in this limited world, which leads me to another question: can an individual be TRULY unique, is there a way they can define themselves that distinguishes themselves from everyone else?

Someone please enlighten me. Open to all responses

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/04/03(Wed)14:57 No. 13958 ID: b5aa25

>Why do we play games? To win, according to the set of rules that govern the game
King Terry would like a word with you.

Anonymous 19/05/15(Wed)02:52 No. 13976 ID: 1e831b

Universals about life being this or that are usually nonsense because you pass through many different states while you're alive. Don't let people seduce you into thinking life is all one way or another, because life is always changing and that which changes cannot stay the same.

Anonymous 19/05/26(Sun)19:28 No. 13987 ID: 0ccd16

Bob Ross this >>13958.

Contrary to what every freshman philosophy major has believed ever since Dark Night, game theory does not account for all human behavior.

Anonymous 19/04/06(Sat)05:28 No. 13960 ID: 9a338e [Reply]

File 15545212923.png - (182.31KB , 524x358 , 190405-202935-7f2aea0a-4385-48e9-ae9c-11c97670aae6.png )

What did he mean by this?

> But the first to build a system of philosophy was Plato
> He said this world isn't real
> But there's a world of forms
> Where everything is perfect
> He was fucking wrong

> But they thought he was right
> So his work was taught and saved
> Ironically which led the west back into a cave

This came from this video.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19/05/15(Wed)02:51 No. 13975 ID: 1e831b

Platonism held society back. Later in the video he ties it to Platonism's influence on Christianity. The whole thing is about how Christianity is a bad thing, which like, who cares.

Anonymous 19/05/26(Sun)19:34 No. 13988 ID: 0ccd16

>Christianity held society back.

If anything went wrong, it was that people took shit too seriously. Rather than play with ideas and come up with new concepts, they made Plato out to be inhumanly genius and started to worship, rather than learn from, his teachings. Same thing's happened to a lot of other philosophers: whenever people start to ape your ideology and put you on a pedestal, a cycle of doing it wrong has begun that can only be broken by a reactionary opposition to your ideology.

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