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Celsius ## Admin ## 09/12/28(Mon)07:43 No. 1 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12619825919.png - (268.28KB , 600x750 , 122872653197.png )

Now that this is a real board, it's time to lay down some rules:

1. Don't be a faggot

Thank you, and enjoy

Historian 15/06/08(Mon)05:47 No. 14628 [Reply]

File 143373526616.png - (12.61KB , 320x200 , Conquest of Japan_8.png )

How would the Japanese have colonized the western coast if they had done so before the Europeans?

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Historian 15/07/04(Sat)02:09 No. 14669

let's say if they get to the tip of alaska proper (not islands) they can have a portal ride to and from queen charlotte island

so they have to island hop about the same as the europeans but this otherwise lets them traverse a bunch of who cares waters to a part that's a bit similar longitudinally to the likely landing spots of the europeans, and if they make it to hawaii they have a free pass to and from ecuador (simulating jumping to brazil from africa)

these are completely known portals, they aren't hidden, they are large enough to fit ships through, and an entire army through too, their purpose for these considerations is to equalize the ability to move that's all, and the british don't know about them at least initially to keep considerations of point of entry blockades so directly targeted, although the general fact that they're arriving around queen charlotte should be known if otherwise reasonable

Historian 15/07/04(Sat)02:38 No. 14670

it looks like japan was terrified of foreigners during the edo period, I think their sakoku would've vanished rabidly fast if they knew about north american natives though, they'd see them as a source of influence and power that could help them against the foreigners, and since they were mostly concerned with china and so on they'd probably set up two things, one puppet warlords with shogunate warriors and soldiers protecting them with the materials to do so, organizing the local native warbands and helping them achieve some form of dominance over their competitors in exchange for slaves, and gaining raw materials as well, they'd probably have become very reliant on slavery given their traditionialist views, and at the same time they'd probably be called on to fight for their puppet regimes which means they'd get into more fighting, which would mean they'd have to loosen some of the formal rules for lower class japanese out of a combination of hostility to having to fight for no gain, and increased ability to engage in banditry

I'm using wikipedia as a source of information here so some stuff might be wrong, but it says that edo japan put shoguns on one level, peasants on another, THEN craftsmen and finally merchants - this seems odd because typically it was craftsmen and merchants that were privileged above peasants I thought in medieval europe


you would get so many people signing up to go to the new land to conquer the enemies, it looks like this was all done over time, maybe the warring states period stuff wouldn't have settled this way to begin with if colonization started right at the warring states period's end

going there would also - like for britain, solve the lumber issue

finally for things I can think about the description makes japan seem highly similar to plato's republic suggestions, and I'm not so certain that's a good thing, still it looks like the society had it's ways around the formalized propaganda of an idea, as they always do

Historian 15/07/28(Tue)00:35 No. 14705

File 143803654979.png - (27.84KB , 929x922 , Torres Strait Islands, Australia.png )

Japan couldn’t even colonize Australia let alone The Western U. S.. But if they did life for Australian Aboriginals probably wouldn’t have been much different. An Asian country would have forced the Aboriginals to live a worse quality of life than that of Asian peasants which was pretty bad considering they couldn’t use horses, wear better footwear than small planks of wood nor utilize any form of mechanization. That puts Australian Aboriginals back in The Stone Age which is where they were when Europeans showed up. However Aboriginals would have been divided up into smaller groups but they would have been all forced to submit to a single royal head such as a shogun and any Aboriginal who resisted would have been brutally punished including death.

Historian 15/07/26(Sun)11:55 No. 14700 [Reply]

File 143790450840.jpg - (74.91KB , 762x756 , German_a74255_5498370.jpg )

How does everybody feel about the current restoration of the HRE?

Historian 15/07/26(Sun)14:06 No. 14701

First Reich was best Reich

Historian 15/07/26(Sun)23:42 No. 14702

Merkelreich ftw

Historian 15/07/28(Tue)00:06 No. 14704

Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire was the First and only really successful Reich.
Otto von Bitchtits was the sad sad second.
Which led directly to Adolf Fanboy coming in as the recognized leader of the "better then the first squeal, but still not as good as the original..." Reich

You are still right, the first Reich was the Best Reich.

Historian 14/05/17(Sat)18:22 No. 14299 [Reply]

File 140034373227.jpg - (12.14KB , 215x184 , 4679d64605fdb45908b1bcf85978d7c1_m.jpg )

If you're island government was insolvent and dependent on another country for regular multi-million dollar bailours, and you were a politician interested in fixing everything...what would you do? Country has no exceptional resources - just farm land but subject to the other countries law as an 'external territory'. I'm thinking it could declare independence and become a tax haven. I don't know if that works anymore given money laundering laws or whatever. Other options?

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Historian 15/07/25(Sat)14:42 No. 14698

File 143782813825.jpg - (36.56KB , 512x390 , 68bc9720c3b19bb8aa98a088e400be.jpg )


Historian 15/07/25(Sat)22:05 No. 14699

File 143785471984.jpg - (37.20KB , 460x287 , Adolf-Hitler.jpg )


(and the next contestant, please...)

Historian 15/07/27(Mon)09:28 No. 14703

File 143798213528.png - (78.01KB , 1280x720 , 449.png )


what? it fits the lineup, every successive generation gets less fit to be a non-hypocritical leader of anything with the individual being gradually lessened in importance in favour of the things they symbolize

Queen Elizabeth's Nazi Salute Historian 15/07/19(Sun)12:43 No. 14689 [Reply]

File 143730260612.jpg - (8.67KB , 320x180 , salute.jpg )

Archive footage: Edward VIII teaches Nazi salute to the Queen:

Historian 15/07/20(Mon)07:13 No. 14691


Historian 15/07/20(Mon)18:39 No. 14692

It is also a good way to hail a cab, karate chop a taller person in the throat, OR show your true feelings and utter devotion to the National Socialist Movement.

Historian 15/07/21(Tue)20:36 No. 14693

Look how excited Princess Margaret is to be part of the master race!

More historical nonsense from Manly Men Historian 15/05/21(Thu)13:04 No. 14616 [Reply]

File 143220628368.jpg - (36.67KB , 460x276 , Heenan-v-Sayers-001.jpg )

Found this article about octopus wrestling and eating contests with animals, and I started thinking, can we fill a textbook with historical nonsense done by men trying to be manly? So fare I've turned up the article from above http://statbonus.com/2015/04/06/2-manly-feats-of-idiotic-strength/ and this cracked bit http://www.cracked.com/article_19246_5-manliest-hobbies-youve-never-heard-of.html except that one only has a few "historical" entries.

Historian 15/05/21(Thu)16:47 No. 14617

>can we fill a textbook with historical nonsense done by men trying to be manly

No lifetime is long enough to write that book, ha!

Historian 15/05/26(Tue)12:47 No. 14620

have you ever considered the possibility that a lot of seemingly nonsensical stuff is merely the expression of processes that have their own logical conclusion that don't fit the narrative of the rational human being because that narrative is actually incorrect and the attempt to reign it in is often due to personal discomfort with the existence of differences

I mean, what else is someone supposed to do now that it's no longer acceptable to ride a horse and stab someone with a giant spear as we go past them

Historian 15/07/13(Mon)09:59 No. 14680

A proposed evolutionary psychological explanation for human culture in general is mating. Essentially men do it all to get laid. Even shit like beerpong is hypothesised to be a ritual in some sense.

So that shit is not surprising at all. A lot of what we do now makes fuck all sense, but people will only realise that when it becomes "outdated".

Ukraine & Belarus (Belorussia) and their mythical nationalisms Historian 15/06/06(Sat)06:11 No. 14625 [Reply]

File 143356391557.jpg - (153.98KB , 733x480 , BRFPB.jpg )

Both Belarussian and Ukrainian nationalism are so misguided. They side with the Western, Latin occupiers (Poland, Lithuanian, Austria-Hungary) and ignore the fact that Belarussians and Ukrainians are part of Rus. They have more in common with the so called "Great Russians" of the Russian Federation than with Westerners.

Why is this? Why do they love their myths so much?

Nationalists lie, and one would be remiss to think that Russian nationalists are immune. But through a purely historical analysis, one can see the holes in the nationalist movements of Ukraine and Belarus. The departure from Rus which is present in both is not only a betrayal of ancestors but a change of identity. Ukrainian and Belarussian nationalism are far more Polish, far more Lithuanian, far more Austrian, than they are Ukrainian and Belarussian.

Ukrainians and Bealrussians are in fact Russians who lived under Western European rule. That is the only difference between them and Muscovy. Why embrace the foreign chains? Why deny one's identity in favor of a foreign force? Why seek to create weak, poor states continually begging for alms from the West? Why not re-unite with the Russian Federation to restore Rus?

28 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 15/07/11(Sat)05:57 No. 14677

I'm not worried by a multi-polar world with the EU and north america having a minor primarcy over others, alongside a semi independent south america and sub-saharan africa beginning to emerge as a real player finally, it's still "africa" as one thinks of it but it's slowly beginning to emerge as a structured and developed region and power bloc at the most basic level

at the rate things are going, aside from a few geopolitical faultlines, the world's going to end up with EU style conflicts, while at first glance this seems horrifying the truth is that it doesn't preclude fullscale revolt, I just mean that you'll have traditionally different groups semi bonded, workers of the world unite in open fullscale revolt all over!

Historian 15/07/11(Sat)19:22 No. 14678


For decades now, the People's Republic of China has been investing HEAVILY in sub-Saharan Africa. What happens to the world when one day the African nations wake up and find that the Chinese hold the pink-slips to their countries...and all their vital natural resources? I fear that China is determined on Empire, on world Hegemony, and they are doing it very cleverly, very subtly, and thus far without anyone paying any real attention. I doubt if Putin minds; the Soviet Union got a bellyful of Africa in places like Angola and came out of it with nothing to show for it but flag-draped boxes; I doubt if Russia has any slightest ambitions there (which history may judge to have been fatally short-sighted someday). Also, from Vlad's POV, as long as the Chinese are investing so heavily in Africa he doesn't have to worry too much about WWIII kicking off because China wants to gobble up the Russian natural resources in Siberia. Thus, cooperation between the world's two largest nations makes sense, at least in the short-to-middle term.

Historian 15/07/12(Sun)08:14 No. 14679


china and russia won't fight each other, the rush for africa's resources IS worrying but the world is waking up to the predations of the capital classes and finding that they are VERY unhappy with it, north americans are beginning to suffer from the investments by china just like the 3rd world has suffered by the investments of the rest of the world, if the left wins out in north america and in europe then africa will have natural allies in the populations and institutions against chinese hegemony, which will be able to be used to prevent the further growth of chinese commercial interests

global climate change is making things desperate for a lot of people because it's making bad situations worse and the chaotic instability is more widespread, internationalism/international solidarity is coupled with globalization quite closely and a lot of things that would be prevented by nationalistic differences are quickly melting away in this brave new small world

1920s Albania forum game Historian 15/07/10(Fri)17:59 No. 14675 [Reply]

File 143654396750.jpg - (87.92KB , 700x532 , Tirana 1922.jpg )


TL;DR: 1920s Albania forum game. Country is very poor and backward but there's also tons of political intrigue going on, therefore it can be fun. Players can join as whatever: cabinet members, miscellaneous politicians of Muslim or Christian faith, army commanders, tribal chiefs, religious authorities, student radicals, etc.

To quote sign-in thread:
>There are no set rules or list of actions; a player sends a private message to the GM saying what he or she wishes to do that turn, and the GM makes a list of plausible outcomes and subjects them to a random number generator to see which one occurs. There is detailed information on the situation inside the country in various fields of life, from the condition of its armed forces to the state of its cultural facilities. Players will generally be briefed each turn as to how their actions went as well as the situation they are in (e.g. how soldiers under their command are doing, how their efforts to organize people in a region are progressing, and so on.)

Historian 15/07/02(Thu)00:11 No. 14662 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Anyone who is a fan of Retro Computer stuff should visit that Archive here. Too bad the files are not really sorted, but there are tons of Amiga, C64 and Music warez from the Demoscene.

Link is http://saphirjd.me

Berlin Wall Historical American Dumbass 15/06/27(Sat)09:33 No. 14659 [Reply]

File 143539039044.jpg - (52.26KB , 620x372 , 112122245_1.jpg )

I have always thought about this but had never really worked how it would happen. On November 9th, 1989, the lives of every person in Germany was changed when the wall was claimed obsolete and had the first part of the wall fell only 5 days later.

But what if the Cold War never thawed? What if the Soviet economy had somehow regained it's balance and was able to continue the Cold War? What if the wall never fell?

I leave you, The people of 7chan, to think before you post, and think of the possibilities.

Historian 15/06/29(Mon)14:12 No. 14660

I almost wonder if the current middle east stuff would encourage and foster greater cooperation between the two power blocs if the cold war continued as they would remain generic enemies/opponents for years, or the blowup in the middle-east would never have happened and it'd be a direct race to exploit the 3rd world with a gradual simmering effect instead

Historian 15/06/30(Tue)21:53 No. 14661

Likely your latter scenario . The Soviet collapse destabilized so many other parts of the world, making them ripe for the picking for the US and other NATO countries. The Middle East was never more exploited then after the Fall of the USSR. And Africa was never more ignored. Until China got its feet under it.

I would say the cold war thawed a great deal but the Russians probably feel like some old school american's do that it was better with a big bad nemesis lurking around.

ISIS and all its stupid shit are scarey and all but they will never be as good a "bad guy" as the Soviets were. The Russians (well, Putin mostly), at least from an American standpoint, seem to want to make the US their "bad guy" and get back to the good old days of nuclear weapon stockpiling, arms races, and unchecked military spending. Lets get that war cold again, there is so much more profit to be made.

To bad China is in a way better place to be the world-wide Nemesis. China would not be what it is today (good and bad) if the Soviets had stuck around.

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