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Celsius ## Admin ## 09/12/28(Mon)07:43 No. 1 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12619825919.png - (268.28KB , 600x750 , 122872653197.png )

Now that this is a real board, it's time to lay down some rules:

1. Don't be a faggot

Thank you, and enjoy

Historian 14/11/11(Tue)09:03 No. 14463 [Reply]

File 141569302939.jpg - (474.12KB , 858x1139 , 1415245660292.jpg )

Rough idea just coming together here, but at least half the people who live in the USA want to live in another USA. ...a USA without most of the US government. ...if the Native American reservation lands are technically Sovereign Nations unto themselves, but reside within the borders of the US... they get the security of the USA by default, but...

and they were to say "heyyy, huge corporate & biotech & energy companies, all the shit the squeamish US Gov doesn't want you to do, Stem Cell research, Cloning, Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor, etc... We're gonna designate this area over here, where you can do it all, & if your corporate headquarters & employees want to relocate here, we're simply going to extend everyone a 4% flat tax to you and your employees, and you can tell the US Gov and the IRS and SEC and their costly bureaucracy to go get stuffed.

The US Government would be woefully unable to compete with what a Tribe could offer. Those lands would quickly become the most valuable lands in the world, still owned by the tribes, because of the legal protections the tribes provide, and even on such a looow tax rate, those tribes would ensure the companies remain happy, and grow wealthy enough to not need the unreliable pittance from the US Gov, begin to acquire more of their own lands back, and finally prosper as the cool landlords of the worlds most desirable, powerful nations, probably the best role anyone could ever hope for, could stop relying on & self destructing from the casino racket, could afford to develop modern cities reflecting their own culture (instead of all the displaced european replica cities we're used to), the world would get the science it wants, etc etc etc.

If we willed our lands to Native Tribes, we'd be willing it away from the shitty US Government...

...I can't believe I'm thinking what the native americans need are giant corporations, but fuck there's a way to build an alternate USA.

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Historian 14/11/17(Mon)05:06 No. 14467

A more likely result would be the conservatives and capitalists and entrepreneurs migrating to the Tribal Nations while the overarching Federal system imploded.

Historian 14/11/20(Thu)20:29 No. 14468

This would likely never happen. You and OPs orignial idea. Both are interesting concepts except...That would mean that wealthy people would have to interact/invest in/live with brown people. And not just brown people the brownest and poorest people you can find on this continent. They would also have to live and produce their work in some of the most remote, undeveloped, and POOR areas of the country.

There are a few instances where tribes have turned it around, but these have been in places where the natural resources (Natural Gas,oil, uranium, etc) was accessed by the tribe before the corportate developers could steal it from them. Good example: the Southern Ute tribe of Colorado and their Natural Gas development. Bad example: the Peabody Coal mine in Northern Arizona.

In a lot of modern cases many tribes see the exact oppurtunity OP is talking about but the projects always falter, and it all boils down to the reasons I listed. Poor, under educated local work force, remote locations with no local markert,no developed supporting infrastructure, and beleive it or not Good old fashioned American racism. All of these shitty situations could be turned around, but there is no profit in it for the weathliest 1% so no one gives a shit.

And lets not forget one other important factor. Many Native Americans dont want anything to do with the bulk of modern western advancement. Western culture is a cancer that they have been trying to fight for 500 years.

Historian 14/11/22(Sat)12:33 No. 14469

Why do that? They can just sell payday loans and similar financial arrangements with federally unenforceable, though legally enforceable, terms because the contract is "signed" in tribal land. Americans are already giving tribes their money without having to deal with all the pollution (physically and spiritually) they'd cause by inviting assholes onto tribal land. All they want is your money and you're giving it to them already.

Besides, if all the conservative entrepreneurial capitalists left the US, the US would end up with a tax surplus, since red states consume more federal spending than they contribute in taxes.

Appreciate Wilem Dafoe Historian 13/08/28(Wed)04:17 No. 13892 [Reply]

File 137765626264.jpg - (37.73KB , 1024x720 , 1356731690_Willem_Dafoe.jpg )

Historically, the best actor ever.

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Historian 14/10/15(Wed)09:10 No. 14446

That was pretty great.

Historian 14/11/09(Sun)06:03 No. 14461

I liked it too. What's with the recurring joke that Dafoe is someone you want to avoid?

Historian 14/11/15(Sat)04:52 No. 14465

no he is not.

Hitler did nothing wrong? Historian 14/11/08(Sat)06:59 No. 14456 [Reply]

File 141542635955.jpg - (68.39KB , 394x464 , Happy Hitler.jpg )

My purpose in posting this is not to incite a drama filled thread - what I'm looking for are people who can confidently denounce the claim that the Holocaust did not happen.

It's political suicide to see Hitler and the Nazi party as anything but evil, so I'm hoping someone can help out.
Embedded is a youtube link to a 6:30 hour long documentary entitled 'Hitler: the Greatest Story Never Told'. It's banned in a substantial number of countries, so VPNs at the ready if you want to watch it.
It lists many atrocities committed by allies during WWII, the ethnic cleansing of the German people following it, and shows research into the 'death camps' that Soviets liberated, this and more suggests the Holocaust story was a fabrication by the allied powers to support the existence of the state of Israel and justify WWII itself. My problem is that is rings of truth. After a read through of anti-denialist material I'm not happy that this event occurred as claimed in our popular history.

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Historian 14/11/08(Sat)07:07 No. 14459

Using some of the World’s first computers the British Secret Service had cracked the German top-secret Enigma code and had access to most German Military communications by 1942. Sir Frank H. Hinsley, in his book British Intelligence In The Second World War; It’s Influence On Strategy And Operations, stated “The returns of Auschwitz mentioned illness as the main cause of death but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.” The numbers of dead in the decoded messages tallied exactly with Red Cross and German Military records of the time. The British Secret Service also monitored various atrocities carried out by the Germans across the rest of Europe – why would the Germans report these to Berlin but not the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz and other camps?
The British Secret Service were monitoring all German Military and Police communications by 1942?

During World War Two Germany invaded France and occupied Northern France from 1940 to 1944. A secret army of French Patriots known collectively as “The French Resistance” fought the German occupiers in various ways. A large number of French Resistance members were imprisoned, tortured and executed including their leader, and French National hero, Jean Moulin. After World War Two French resistance members were released from various German concentration camps, including Auschwitz and other alleged death camps. On their return to France they all gave horrific accounts of their treatment by the Germans, and were full of hatred for them because of the events of World War Two. However they all denied any knowledge of gas chambers and a mass murder program in the concentration camps.
French Resistance leader Jean Moulin?

It was widely reported during World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) that the Germans, and their allies, were using gas chambers to kill thousands of prisoners. However, in 1919, after the end of the War British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin admitted in Parliament that it had been propaganda and no such gas chambers had existed. He also apologised publicly to the German People for this racist slur on them.
During World War One it was falsely claimed that the Germans were gassing prisoners?

Zyklon-B was the trade name for a cyanide-based pesticide invented in the early 20's. It was used in Germany, before and during the Second World War, for disinfection and pest extermination in ships, buildings and machinery. Zyklon-B consisted of diatomite, in the form of granules the size of fine peas, saturated with prussic acid. In view of its volatility and the associated risk of accidental poisoning, it was supplied in sealed metal canisters. One of the co-inventors of Zyklon-B, the chemist and businessman Bruno Tesch, was executed by the British in 1946 for his role in the alleged Holocaust.

In the concentration camps it was used for sa Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Historian 14/11/08(Sat)07:09 No. 14460

The whole World has probably seen the film of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp, it is horrific to say the least. Human skeletons are walking round with dead bodies covering the ground. This film was shown Worldwide at the time to show the evil of Nazi Germany. However, Belsen was liberated by the Western Allies, and was never alleged to have had any gas chamber or be part of a systematic mass murder programme. The victims are in fact all dying from typhus which is confirmed by German Military, Red Cross and British Military medical records – this is never pointed out whenever this film is shown. Ironically the deaths were mostly due to a lack of Zyklon-B, at the end of the war with Germany collapsing, leading to a mass typhus outbreak in the camp.
British Military sign warning of typhus at Belsen concentration camp shortly after liberation?

The Nazis were technology freaks, to say the least, and filmed and photographed virtually everything they did during World War Two. Hitler even had executions of his political enemies filmed so he could watch them with his cronies. However there has never been a single photograph or film found of any of the alleged gas chambers in operation. The Nazis did film, and photograph, themselves committing many atrocities across occupied Europe so it seems unlikely they wouldn't film the alleged gas chambers. All the films we are shown of gas chambers are Hollywood recreations made after the war.
Hitler and his cronies demanded film of virtually everything happening in Nazi occupied territory but no film of gas chambers was ever found?

+Murat Harman My like clicker doesn't seem to be working, but I tried liking all your comments. ?

One of the star witnesses to the Auschwitz allegations is Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel. Wiesel was born in Sighet, Romania on September 30th, 1928. Wiesel has given evidence at various trials around the World on his alleged experiences in German camps during World War Two. Wiesel is a well-known writer of fiction with over 40 published books. However, it is his autobiography of Auschwitz, Night, which has come under scrutiny. Firstly, Wiesel claims the bodies were disposed of by a secret Nazi method of using bodies to burn bodies – if this was scientifically possible wouldn't they just use this method to burn the bodies? Secondly Wiesel claims that his concentration camp number A7713 was tattooed on his left arm like all inmates, however, video evidence shows no such tattoo and he has never explained where his tattoo went. Thirdly his camp number, A7713, was assigned to a different prisoner and there is no record of him at Auschwitz despite all camp records being recovered after the War. Fourthly, in all his different accounts of Auschwitz, Weisel never mentions any gas chambers. Fifthly, Wiesel makes bizarre claims about mass graves that would shoot fountains of blood up in to the ai Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

dicks!DbXBbO/WrQ 14/11/09(Sun)08:45 No. 14462


Orlando Figes - Crimean War Historian 14/11/04(Tue)20:33 No. 14455 [Reply]

File 141512959389.jpg - (40.77KB , 190x266 , figes.jpg )


I want a good overview book of the Crimean War but it doesn't really seem like there is a canon account of this historical period. Figes has written one, but he's a rather modern historian. All the published histories of the Crimean War seem pretty modern.

What do you think of Orlando Figes? Is he a solid, dependable writer? Do you think that he would show a pro-British bias in this book?

Historian 12/08/09(Thu)21:35 No. 12933 [Reply]

File 134454092230.jpg - (162.66KB , 377x398 , confucius.jpg )

Why are Confucian societies so non-religious nowadays? At first, I guessed communism, but it turns out that Nice Korea and Japan are also pretty non-religious. They constantly rank low in religiosity polls, and are among the few societies where it isn't correlated with wealth.

(Confucian sphere is more or less China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam).

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Historian 12/10/19(Fri)18:25 No. 13125

Since I've been living in Japan the last six years, I have a bit of perspective on religion here that I'd like to share.

In fact, a Japanese religion was my very first interest in asian culture (yeah, I am the 1% that didn't come to japan for animu, really): Zen, or zazen as they say in japan (also refers to the meditative posture). Zen is supposedly a stripped-down version of buddhism that anyone can practice, but it also supports sects that practice more extreme self-denial.

The average Japanese will tell you they have no particular religion. The same person also goes to a Shinto shrine to pray for the new year in the freezing cold every year and will be cremated and buried with a new name chosen by a Buddhist priest. They go to shrines to pray for luck and to temples to pray for wealth, or vice-versa. Retirees go on pilgrimages, wearing white head-to toe and bearing a walking stick with sacred verses inscribed on it, by charter bus. They may be married in either a Shinto or Buddhist ceremony, depending on the will of the more important family elder, with only immediate family and elders present. A few days later they will be married again at a theatrical Christian ceremony where they invite all their family and friends. I have actually worked as a show-priest for those weddings--it's good money.

Shinto is said to support a pantheon of gods, and buddhism a non-theological icon Shakyamuni, but to most Japanese they are all "kamisama". All of Japan's gods have lost their names. Only elderly preists and shamans know anything about what the core values of shinto and buddhism are in Japan. All of Japan's religions have lost their dogma as well. Christianity has come in to the mix, gathering a few devouts here and there and blending into the nonsense everywhere else.

Christmas is a big holiday in Japan, although it isn't an official holiday. They celebrate it by buying gifts for children, eating vanila cake with white icing and strawberries, and going on romantic dates. Valentine's Day, when women give chocolate and gifts to men, and the purely Japanese "White Day", when men return chocolate and gifts to women are also big holidays. Halloween is catching on recently, but Easter doesn't seem to translate well.

Even bigger, however, is the Obon season--a week-long buddhist holiday in which the souls of ancestors are welcomed into the home. Along with your ancestors, your wife must prepare the house to welcome a lot of living relatives as well, especially if you've had a death in the family this year because you must have a "hastubon", or "first Obon", for which you will welcome your entire extended family, business and personal associates of the deceased, members of the community, and anyone passing by to ring t Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Historian 12/12/30(Sun)07:42 No. 13466

Yes, China is fairly non-religious. It may have something to do with the age of the culture/civilization. As it matures it has a tendency to "grow" away from religion in the same way an individual might when exposed to various experiences and new knowledge over time.

I know for a fact that many Chinese tend to be quite superstitious to varying degrees. That said, they may not adhere to the big name religions, but instead to an amalgamation of old pagan beliefs tinged with Buddhism/Taoism.

Besides, Confucianism doesn't have much of the predominant role it used to have anymore thanks to Mr. Mao.

Historian 12/12/30(Sun)19:25 No. 13468

>Confucianism doesn't have much of the predominant role it used to have anymore thanks to Mr. Mao
The communists have retained large parts of the culture, think only of the exam-driven selection for the bureaucracy.

Historian 14/04/04(Fri)05:25 No. 14242 [Reply]

File 139658190169.jpg - (72.13KB , 634x409 , article-2507837-196DFE4A00000578-0_634x409.jpg )

How much money does America and the EU give to second/third world countries to give people jobs in maintaining/developing their forests and such?

Imagine if we gave all our war budget to countries to renovate their shit and regenerate all the things that we are losing

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 14/10/21(Tue)17:40 No. 14450

File 141390605328.jpg - (31.45KB , 300x450 , 11aa068845e5f73c16322e5206e19ae7.jpg )

I always find it really weird that Americans like JFK so much. What exactly did he do that was so different?

He wasn't interested in social reform - Johnson did that.

He wasn't interested in rational diplomacy, and pushed any aggressive angle he could in foreign policy, including violating missile treaties, which is playing with fire, and pursuing an escalation in the war in Vietnam to defend a nasty like dictatorship in the south.

Also, he was corrupt as hell, and only got into politics because of his family ties, which included a lot of mob money and union bribing, etc.

I may have been swallowing bullshit (its possible) but I haven't heard anything good about him. It seems at least possible that he is only applauded out of the idea that he died tragically young. "Oh, he would have done such great things!" Yeah, like what? We could speculate anything here.

I agree with most of the rest of your post though. Just the JFK bit that got me itchy.

Historian 14/10/23(Thu)04:32 No. 14451

but everyone loves griffith! or at least used to
he's got a shining city on a hill and doesn't afraid of monsters in the wilderness

nevermind that he's causing the problems half the time, and you know that kind of annoying JFK conspiray quote post? I did some research and found that he wasn't talking about some illuminati conspiracy blah blah blah but rather communist teachers


Historian 14/10/23(Thu)08:40 No. 14452

Relevant link from an economics thread here. Planet Money gives a handy overview of explaining our "Foreign Aid":


Historian 14/01/05(Sun)14:13 No. 14095 [Reply]

File 138892763696.jpg - (26.30KB , 430x492 , 77.jpg )

umm... holy shit?


tell me this isn't real? anyways, herut merged into likud in 1988 apparently, about 25-26 years ago, likud being the current reigning party under netenyahu

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 14/02/02(Sun)09:36 No. 14122

If you want to know what Einstein thought about... Pretty much everything on earth, there is plenty to read. He was not silent on anything, and wrote a ton of letters, speeches, articles, etc, which detail his many also extremely logical thoughts on matters of the world. A fine sampler is the popular collection "ideas and opinions", by the author.

If you're even remotely interested in what he actually thought or meant by anything he said or did, read his own words, don't let people cherry pick and create their own interpretations of what he thought and attempt to spread those as more valid than his own. Watch out for that shit. That site reads like a tabloid because it is one.

Historian 14/10/15(Wed)06:03 No. 14444

What do you mean "tell me this isn't real"? How the hell can you take exception to it, unless you don't understand what's being written?

Historian 14/10/16(Thu)13:40 No. 14449


oh I actually like it, I'll check out "ideas and opinions" sometime, I mostly checked out quotes in wikiquote and other quote sites a couple years ago on various characters/people/figures/whatever, so I'm half-confident I've got the right impression but I'm definitely interested in getting it right

anyways, the "tell me this isn't real" thing was actually me saying "pinch me am I dreaming?" I'd been aware of some brutal behaviour by israel to gaza for some time and was happy to finally find some information that puts zionism on the backfoot through appeals to authority, as well as examples of people who didn't hold to it's views that it would claim to represent

Historian 12/06/07(Thu)01:08 No. 12470 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 133902408191.png - (52.85KB , 180x182 , eser.png )

So is the Islamic invasion of Europe an intentional act being perpetrated by a multitude of interest groups in the Arab world.

Or they are invading Europe because the laws are so lax, Africans are too poor to do so, and Asiatics are in their own realm.

The dude in germany getting beat up by turkish immigrants for wearing a german immigrants got me thinking. Plus this issue started late 90s and just seems to be rolling out of control.

49 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 14/01/22(Wed)04:01 No. 14108


But would it kill those who share genes with them but not religious beliefs?

Historian 14/10/15(Wed)06:07 No. 14445

Probably this. People spin it as a racial attack, of course, because they're dumb. The depth of devotion to football teams on the continent is almost unfathomable to Americans.

Historian 14/10/16(Thu)05:10 No. 14448

To be fair, the depths of devotion to American Football teams is equally unfathomable to Europeans. Some of those guys are equal members of the lunatic fringe...

Historian 12/01/25(Wed)04:59 No. 11345 [Reply]

File 132746394379.png - (38.02KB , 158x158 , sadfrog.png )

The good guys lost the Napoleonic wars.

37 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Historian 13/06/02(Sun)22:45 No. 13779

The annoying thing is that by the time the wars became "Napoleonic", no good guys were left. Just one big military dictatorship vs. a few (enlightened) despots and one constitutional monarchy. When the Republic was still alive, at least you had some well intentioned extremists to root for.

Historian 13/06/17(Mon)10:25 No. 13813

File 137145754065.jpg - (41.28KB , 520x353 , NapoleonMoviePoster.jpg )

Napoleons Military Dictatorship >>>>>>>>>>> Austria, Russia and Prussia of the time.

Historian 14/10/15(Wed)09:29 No. 14447

Boring shit.

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