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Celsius ## Admin ## 09/12/28(Mon)07:43 No. 1 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12619825919.png - (268.28KB , 600x750 , 122872653197.png )

Now that this is a real board, it's time to lay down some rules:

1. Don't be a faggot

Thank you, and enjoy

Historian 14/05/19(Mon)12:00 No. 14304 [Reply]

File 140049361994.jpg - (37.93KB , 251x185 , steal_wig_.jpg )

Will post-WW2 Germans and and post-9/11 Americans be viewed similarly by history?

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Historian 14/08/26(Tue)02:41 No. 14379


I'm going to give you a while to see if the fucking enormous problem in your counter argument becomes clear to you.

Here's a hint... it has to do, with which of these groups of people, is dead and gone, and which OF THESE PEOPLE, is still VERY MUCH ALIVE AND BEING A CONSIDERABLE PAIN IN THE ASS, AND AS SUCH ARE RELEVANT TO WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW.

Jesus, it's like talking to fucking 4th graders with you people sometimes. It's all just, hear a word you know, go ahead and shout out whatever other words are loosely associated to it in your empty little brain. Fuck me I gotta get off the internet.

Historian 14/08/26(Tue)21:26 No. 14382

You could always just stay on stormfront.

Historian 14/08/27(Wed)11:41 No. 14383



Historian 14/01/29(Wed)04:43 No. 14113 [Reply]

File 139096699667.jpg - (32.95KB , 620x360 , fractalssanser.jpg )

at what point in history did you like the united states the most?

any particular reason for your answer?

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Historian 14/08/26(Tue)02:25 No. 14377

File 140901272131.jpg - (304.89KB , 970x1273 , Reciept.jpg )

lol you're on a fucking history board, talking about history, without knowing dick about that history.

>without metalworking or domestic animals

They had both of those things. You just expressed the stupidity and viewpoint every other idiot does that believes what little they were told in public school & never gave enough of a fuck to learn anything beyond that about the people whose land you're occupying. People who did shockingly better at managing it for thousands of years, who engineered massive civil projects creating the great plains, created an empire and trade routes between tribes stretching clear across the continent in 19 fucking directions, before running into the same structural problems every empire that gets too big to sustain runs into, but with the foresight to disband the empire before it collapsed and go their separate ways... all before this migration of the very worst of the eurofags, rolled in, who have in just a few short centuries, turned it back into the overcrowded trashed dysfunctional shithole they were escaping by coming here in the first place. Oh but the natives get to live in shrinking concentration camps now... (shit, I'm sorry does "reservations" sound more appealing to your fragile sensibilities?), so they should just thank the awesomely advanced Europeans for wiping out 95% of their population, taking all the land, and going back on every fucking contract ever signed right up through today. Good people, euro immigrants. Not a bunch of selfish savage barbarians whatsoever, shitting up the country, spreading their inherited jewish superstitions and bronze age cultures that you fucking dinks don't even know why you follow, which doesn't even fucking apply here...

I'm not going to say you should all be wiped off the face of the earth with a chimera virus, but someday, when somebody does it, it'll be easy to see how it was justified.

Historian 14/08/26(Tue)05:21 No. 14380

before it was the US.

Historian 14/08/26(Tue)05:31 No. 14381

>creating the great plains
Indeed, everyone on the internet knows the Great Plains used to be a series of mountain ranges. The Paleo-Indians came in and ground those fuckers down to a large plateau and filled it with vegetation they brought from outer space.

Country Assimilation Historian 13/05/20(Mon)20:17 No. 13751 [Reply]

File 136907386183.jpg - (187.27KB , 421x575 , Schlacht_bei_Fehrbellin.jpg )

hi, im interested in empires

will there be no more empires? too many pesky small countries makes me sick

i am interest of things like poland-lithuana joining empires in 18th century but now in present day

hypothetically what if America and China coagulated? Could America send it's warships to Europe and hold it down while China puts a knife to the japan, korea, and the other asian countries?

also if all those shit sand nigger countries had an shred of intelligence they'd all come under one leader and become massive powerful country, but that can never happen

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Historian 14/08/11(Mon)05:29 No. 14370

File 14077277436.jpg - (43.17KB , 475x370 , image.jpg )

America is a corporation.

Historian 14/08/11(Mon)08:18 No. 14371


Terrorism Pigsy 14/08/15(Fri)03:13 No. 14372

1980s: There has been a bomb in Oxford Street! and in the days before Al Qaeda there is only one prime suspect the U.S.A. sponsoring terrorists as always. The U.S. has sponsored every terrorist organisation in the world. One way or another throughout its short history the U.S. has attempted to kill you. Non-Hollywood history total U.S. casualties in the Second World War in Europe and Asia total: 418,500. And the Soviet Union: 28,000,000. the war began in 1939 the U.S. never declared war on Germany or Italy. The U.S. never come to the rescue of anybody Russia won the Second World War. The U.S. lost the Vietnam war and are losing the Afghanistan war. Hollywood is not history it’s fantasy.

Historian 13/10/07(Mon)06:17 No. 13953 [Reply]

File 13811194464.jpg - (19.86KB , 348x310 , 137790381173.jpg )

how should i begin my essay regarding class struggle? i have many ideas that i can integrate into my writing, however, starting it off seems to be rather difficult. thank you

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Historian 13/11/19(Tue)22:10 No. 14037

"A spectre is looming over Europe..."

Historian 14/07/28(Mon)03:06 No. 14356

You should start with an introduction of course. Tell the reader why you're doing this, what the purpose of the text is and what it is that you want to convey.

Historian 14/08/11(Mon)05:02 No. 14369

Shit is hitting the fan. Example. Example 2. Therefore it is prudent for me to speak about this right now. The purpose of my book is to analyze gaping anuses, while disputing the fact that OP is a fag. Hopefully you will understand more about how OP is definitely not a fag after reading this willy dribble

The Holocaust- Twenty Amazing Facts Historian 14/08/07(Thu)08:07 No. 14366 [Reply]

File 140739163969.jpg - (8.30KB , 264x191 , ariel_photos.jpg )


Historian 13/06/13(Thu)23:03 No. 13807 [Reply]

File 13711574261.jpg - (272.13KB , 709x1002 , 136380713247.jpg )


Slavoj Zizek doesn't know why communism failed, what are your thoughts?

Particularly i'm interested in leftist views of why communist efforts have so far been completely catastrophic. I don't really have any idea but I realise that the soviet union, maoist china or most other places which had successful revolutions installed systems that look nothing like actual what was proposed in actual communist theories.

Pls don't fill up this thread with arguing about whether or not the SU was 'true communism' - it was a catastrophe for humanity regardless of theory. Pls keep to the question, ok?

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Historian 14/08/03(Sun)10:34 No. 14363

I'd suggest taking a look into the writings of Gramsci and the Frankfurt school for some of the reasonings developed by communists for the failure of Marxism. Those two perspectives give a pretty good starting point for why communism failed, at least from within the lens of Marxist theorey-craft.

Historian 14/08/03(Sun)15:22 No. 14364

Shitty working conditions and low pay are why China makes everything.

Historian 14/08/05(Tue)19:11 No. 14365

That's an extremely oversimplified "explanation" filtered down to near meaninglessness.

just like:

High wages and good quality of life are why the USA makes nothing.

rome roma invicta 14/08/02(Sat)16:24 No. 14361 [Reply]

File 140698948190.jpg - (77.93KB , 960x531 , tumblr_mr01n8m5va1s4fw12o1_1280.jpg )

Some Roman images please!

adfasfgas roma+invicta 14/08/02(Sat)17:28 No. 14362

File 140699333538.jpg - (376.59KB , 1280x850 , tumblr_mbweprBmdO1qbp4nno1_1280.jpg )


The Samson Option Historian 14/08/02(Sat)10:10 No. 14359 [Reply]

File 140696702264.jpg - (611.43KB , 840x784 , the samson option.jpg )

>We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.' I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.

This threat was made against the entire world because the Paletinians were uprising against them in 2003.

Historian 14/08/02(Sat)10:38 No. 14360

File 140696871879.jpg - (683.53KB , 1022x768 , IMG_2241.jpg )

Yeah, good thing we're arming them to the teeth too, & funding this shit loud & proud.

It's funny, how what is "normal" for the US, is not this, not whatsoever. Post World War, USA decided it was better to be the worlds new Nazi's than wait for someone else to become them, and thought, fuck our entire approach as a nation, we can play the game of global geopolitics, did a massive 180, and jumped headlong into every squabble they could, granted extraordinary extra-constitutional wartime powers, and immediately sought to ensure a permanent state of war to make them permanent. These ambitious dicks had watched from the cheap seats France and Englands approach to pitting shit-tier countries against themselves internally and externally post WWI, and thought, hell, looks easy enough... So here we are nearly a century later, ten fucking failed overthrows later, still flooding every country and militant group in the entire middle east with unlimited weaponry and funding massive political instability everywhere possible on every conceivable scale.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Even England and France who love this kind of shit, who created the borders to perpetuate the culture clashes in these very countries originally, after pretty successfully doing it to marginalize billions of people in Inda and nearly the entire continent of Africa, are still going, "ehhh monfraire, deez shizz is getteen oud of hand a bit I theenk, non? You ehhh, has a plan of some sort, yes?"

USA respons by renaming frenchfries.

Historian 14/04/24(Thu)14:37 No. 14274 [Reply]

File 13983430472.jpg - (345.37KB , 907x1200 , GYNzpLS.jpg )

Ugh, Germans got screwed out of history, we should be living in a German America and a German Europe, but no... those filthy UK used them to keep the entirety of central and eastern Europe occupied

Someone should do something about that...

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Historian 14/06/17(Tue)22:27 No. 14335

They're listed as American Indian.

It's probably just stereotypical southern rednecks, who say they're Mericun because they live in perpetual ignorance (and fear).

Historian 14/06/25(Wed)17:20 No. 14341

Actually, Spain was the first modern European state, and it was the pressure it made over the rest of Europe what forced the others to unify themselves as well. Then everything went to shit because two good rulers in several centuries.

Germans actually did pretty well overall.

Historian 14/07/22(Tue)19:36 No. 14350

yeh, they're doing pretty well again, too. For the last couple years, they've been having to take increasingly extreme measures to avoid such a massive imbalance of power in their favor that they destabilize the rest of Europe.

Their economists are trying to avoid the extreme conditions that led to political activism and uprising a century ago, but much of it seems to be inherent and unavoidable in the people and culture.

Once their swinging social and economic pendulums both happen to align on one far end of their spectrums, shit will get interesting.

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