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/7ch/ - Site Discussion



Thank you.

  • Supported file types are: GIF, JPG, PNG, WEBM
  • Maximum file size allowed is 5000 KB.
  • Images greater than 200x200 pixels will be thumbnailed.
  • Currently 928 unique user posts.

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There's a new /777/ up, it's /Trump/ - Make America Great Again! Check it out. Suggest new /777/s here.

Movies & TV 24/7 via Channel7: Web Player, .m3u file. Music via Radio7: Web Player, .m3u file.

WebM is now available sitewide! Please check this thread for more info.

WebM Support Added! Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 14/05/25(Sun)10:22 No. 8117 [Reply] Stickied

File 140100616628.webm - (1.92MB , 480x270 , another day at 7chan.webm )

Hey guys, just dropping by to let you know that WebM support is now being trialed. This means that you can now upload WebM files to enabled boards and have them be seen and used just like GIFs.

Some notes:
* Expansion works, but to shrink back down to a thumbnail, you can either click the file link in the file information area, or click and drag to the left of the video such that when your mouse leaves the left edge of the video, it will shink. This is to allow for pausing of WebMs. Expand all images will work the same as well.
* As mentioned in the Previous thread, your file must not contain an audio stream for it to be accepted. Uploading a video with an audio stream attached to it will give you an error upon upload.
* Filesize limitations of the board you are in still apply. This is usually 5MB.
* Your file must be no longer than 3 minutes (180 seconds) in length or it will be rejected.
* Files with vertical or horizontal resolutions greater than 2048 pixels will be rejected.
* As this is still a trial phase, support has only been enabled on /gif/, /b/, and /7ch/. As time passes and when we're sure that this is stable, more boards will be added.
* Once again, as this is a trial phase, there may be bugs. Please report any issues you get with files being rejected or not rejected when they shouldn't be to this thread.

Naturally everyone cannot be expected to grasp how to create compatible WebMs, thankfully there is a nice tool to help. Check out https://github.com/WebMBro/WebMConverter. It'll help you get started making content right away.
For those more comfortable in the command line, check this for a good command line reference.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 17/01/20(Fri)18:13 No. 9131

We need this in /gif/ san

/777/ Request Mk II Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/12/26(Mon)23:43 No. 4700 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 132493938968.jpg - (8.24KB , 100x148 , uno-wildcard[1].jpg )

The admin handling /777/ left abruptly, so we're starting over!

Start posting new /777/ suggestions and I'll change the board next week.
(I'll ban for /sports/)

/food/, /home/ and /sports/ are all terrible. Stop suggesting them, your post will be deleted and you'll be banned.

12th Oct. 2013 - New Admin post, list of considered future /777/s, check it out.

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Anonymous 16/12/19(Mon)21:00 No. 9115


Welcome to /7ch/! Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 10/03/11(Thu)22:48 No. 1 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 126834409340.png - (14.09KB , 79x78 , 7chanlogo.png )

Welcome to /7ch/, 7chan's hub for site discussion.

What this board is:

  • Safe for work. That means no porn. I repeat, No porn
  • For users to talk to the staff about the general goings on here at 7chan
  • For staff to communicate to users for opinions and input
  • For users to make suggestions for new boards to add to /777/
  • For users to make feature requests for our imageboard software, Kusaba

What this board is NOT:
  • For users to request someone be banned
  • For users to request someone be unbanned
  • For users to say "x mod sucks" or "x post sucks"
  • For mods to belittle users
  • For users to request to become a mod
  • /b/ part two

Anonymous 17/01/07(Sat)16:00 No. 9124 [Reply]

File 148380122486.jpg - (25.01KB , 500x333 , 00000159.jpg )

The 90's Alt-Rock Party thread has a lot of embeds.

This is causing serious slowdown (near freeze, impatient users could percieve it as a freeze) in Firefox (geko), but not in Epiphany (webkit).

It could be something on youtube's end or 7chan's; not sure why the two browsers handle it differently.

Speaking of technical difficulties with 7chan, I haven't given up that someone will one day fix this >>8683 by doing this >>8826

Sazpaimon 17/01/08(Sun)01:25 No. 9127

The slowdown is probably related to the way that embeds are handled and quite frankly should probably be rewritten anyway. I'll look into it.

as for >>/7ch/8683, I just fixed it. New posts should work now, but not old ones.

Sazpaimon 17/01/08(Sun)04:13 No. 9128

Okay, I've redone the embed system for Youtube. Now it'll only load the video if you click the "embed" link. I've also gone ahead and added the video titles to the link as an added bonus.

Anonymous 17/01/08(Sun)08:20 No. 9129

I will always remember this day Saz.


/be/ is gone Anonymous 15/03/20(Fri)01:50 No. 8562 [Reply]

File 142681261391.png - (1.10KB , 19x19 , 11.png )

I see that why you had to remove it because of the lack of moderation. But if you had a moderator from the beginning, would it be possible to relaunch the board?

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Anonymous 15/05/03(Sun)03:08 No. 8637

Fuck you lol

Anonymous 15/05/12(Tue)00:05 No. 8647

...I don't understand.

Anonymous 16/12/06(Tue)03:29 No. 9110

Thanks for reminding me, I'll ask Saz about it.

Comfy site. Anonymous 16/11/05(Sat)23:27 No. 9037 [Reply]

File 147838487586.jpg - (8.52KB , 178x236 , serveimage (51).jpg )

This site is superior to other Chans, because it does not have paedo shit on it, but it's not brain-dead either. Dead maybe, but not brain-dead. I hope this site becomes more active and more oldfags remember us.

Anonymous 16/11/06(Sun)08:36 No. 9038

>paedo shit

Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)05:48 No. 9101

7chan was literally made for paedo shit look it up

Anonymous 16/12/02(Fri)02:17 No. 9107

I remember Giant Black Cock

Anonymous 16/10/10(Mon)17:00 No. 9012 [Reply]

File 14761116155.gif - (181.37KB , 300x100 , v54tgWz.gif )

Please start using our /banner/s again.

The same banners have been in rotation so long I can't remember the last time I saw a new one.

Anonymous 16/10/15(Sat)19:25 No. 9018

Dear, god, this.

Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 16/11/19(Sat)11:35 No. 9046

Yeah that's my bad. I keep forgetting to check /banner/. I just added a handful of posts from there, like 20 or so. I'll add some more if I find more that I like.

Anonymous 16/11/27(Sun)23:09 No. 9104

File 14802845832.png - (549.42KB , 900x542 , anarmyofsamefag-mirror.png )

Thank you very much Sazpaimon!

/banner/ suggestion thrade?
>>/banner/1294 (chrome integration+1)

Captcha upgrade Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 16/11/19(Sat)21:17 No. 9047 [Reply]

File 147958663247.jpg - (67.20KB , 480x656 , tumblr_la0bdzTW5F1qb5gkjo1_500.jpg )

So, clearly, the current captcha that we're using has not done a very good job of preventing spam. So starting today, I'm going to try using Google's new captcha system to see if that solves our spam problem. If you have any issues, report them here.

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Anonymous 16/11/22(Tue)06:26 No. 9094

My bad, forgot links:
Cake board: https://web.archive.org/web/20161103170544/http://7chan.org/cake/

A thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20161103172747/http://7chan.org/cake/res/46872.html

An image from that thread: https://web.archive.org/web/20130821075853/https://7chan.org/cake/src/133955538079.jpg

I haven't looked to see how much is saved, but there's definitely some content there.

Sazpaimon 16/11/23(Wed)03:24 No. 9095

Thanks, I looked into archive.org earlier, and I found it very hit or miss. Each thread I looked at either had only thumbnails with a small handful of full images or nothing at all, and I wasn't sure if there'd be any value in threads with just thumbnails, but if there is, I can certainly restore them.

Your example, >>>/cake/46872 was actually the most complete one I've seen so far, so I went ahead and restored it.

Anonymous 16/11/24(Thu)03:40 No. 9098

You are amazing. Thank you so much!

Anonymous 16/10/04(Tue)06:05 No. 9001 [Reply]

File 147555392088.jpg - (29.64KB , 408x407 , 462d62f99768a82b3295528065121927.jpg )

Just letting you guys know that 4chan is in trouble.

If the place actually goes down, probably most of the users will go to 8chan, but even so, some of us remember you exist.

Be ready to feel like Germany.

God help us all


11 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous ## Admin ## 16/11/09(Wed)12:33 No. 9040

File 147869123219.jpg - (623.62KB , 1024x1657 , 1478329283571.jpg )

Russian CP spambots were going nuts on multiple IP ranges. This is a temporary thing.

Anonymous 16/11/19(Sat)10:14 No. 9044

/pco/ here. Can't reply to threads because the captcha doesn't show up.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 16/11/19(Sat)10:28 No. 9045

Saz is working on it. Should be working shortly.

New Rules Pam Beasley 16/10/30(Sun)08:39 No. 9029 [Reply]

File 14778131576.png - (213.93KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mioc2k86Qn1s3dncpo1_500.png )

>we are no longer enforcing bans on greentext, image macros, and many of the other unwritten rules

One of the reasons i come to 7chan is to avoid 4Chin's bullshit and all those 13 year old tryhard's shenanigans, and to let me rest my weary ol' soul in a place of premium content, superlative debauchery, and mediocre if not well informed and tepid conversations. If we give in and let our beautifully strict rules dissolve, and drop that heavy banhammer of sweet justice... we will be allowing those little shitstains to invade and infect this sanctuary.

The boards will be full of 4chan memes and stupid image macros.

Anons will be saying things like "such wow, much cool".

13 year olds will be posting 40,000 times a day and creating shitty and boring threads.

It makes me sick just to think that this was even considered an option. This is a threat to our way of life.
What're you gunna do about it??

(Quit whining, we can still ban you for anything we please.)

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/10/30(Sun)19:02 No. 9032

Shocking, I know.

Anonymous 16/11/01(Tue)17:34 No. 9035

1. stfu i love greentext stories. everybody always writing gigantic fucking diary entries. fucking sum that shit up, nigger

2. i agree with every other thing you said. mods should just ban people for being gay if they want. like you. how can you talk about enforcing rules yet post that nigger titted whore's name here? you are truly a faggot of the highest pedigree.

Anonymous 16/11/02(Wed)13:45 No. 9036

>you are truly a faggot of the highest pedigree.

this is what's at risk, people.

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