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/grim/ - Cold, Grim & Miserable As always ideas for rules, anonymous names and better headers are always welcome, post them in the main sticky and we'll consider them.
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Eeyore ## Admin ## 12/10/14(Sun)22:41 No. 1 ID: 8ff395 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135024730515.gif - (499.57KB , 500x291 , I googled Creepy gif and got this_ Not bad imo.gif )

Yep, this is an actual board. Congratulations to you.. you sad, lonely individuals. I think the best way to describe this board is to just copy paste the post that inspired it's trip on to /777/:
"There's too much happiness on this site already. We need more cold stuff, more darkness and unhappiness.
I propose a /grim/ board. Where we gather to share jokes that aren't funny. Grim stuff like gore perhaps. Murder stories. Genocide. Results of war. Pictures of areas in the dark. Pictures of crumbling ruins. Pictures of thing that are decreasing in value or are stagnant in value in the sense that they cannot get any more undesired. Also, Nigrachan is obligatory."

Lets have a minor tweak of the rules from the /777/, version. This board is not for gore. Gore posters will be banned. It's just for generally miserable shit, just go with the stuff that is in the above quote and you should be fine. Any further rules will be made up as we go along if necessary and will be added to this post.

Go Wild.

To request future /777/s use this thread.

New Admin post 30th Sept, 2013.

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Eeyore 16/02/16(Tue)19:55 No. 4756 ID: 02688c

a banner for you: >>/banner/1271

psychological banging tunetuna 16/07/25(Mon)10:58 No. 4972 ID: 3f8e9f [Reply]

File 146943709590.gif - (490.80KB , 500x229 , Tate_Langdon.gif )

i want to feel out of control

Eeyore 16/07/27(Wed)19:53 No. 4978 ID: 99813c

You are out of control. Do not fool yourself. You are not in control of anything.

Despair TrueDespair 16/07/17(Sun)13:59 No. 4970 ID: a3595d [Reply]

File 146875678053.jpg - (58.05KB , 1280x720 , DESPAIR.jpg )

Am I the only one who's just in a constant state of despair? I always feel so empty inside, and it's been this way for years. I enjoy almost nothing, and what I do enjoy is what most people would call "sick and twisted". Things like extremely violent thoughts, anything that could hurt me or someone else pretty much. I can't help it, no matter how much I try to think different, try to be positive or happy, I just go straight back to these violent and depressing thoughts. Maybe it's because I know my life isn't going anywhere, and I know I'm not going to make it far at all. Oh well, nothing to do but embrace it, right?

Eeyore 16/07/27(Wed)19:52 No. 4977 ID: 99813c

You belong in a different world. It's nothing to worry about, just a small mishap. There is nothing here for you, there never can be. You may be fooled by illusions at times, but, admit it, you are a fish out of water. Go back to the sea; a world where you belong. Things are different there.

Be patient.

Dream hard enough and you will be there.

Eeyore 16/06/30(Thu)08:40 No. 4952 ID: 759123 [Reply]

File 146726883672.jpg - (809.11KB , 1875x1332 , 1404534023044.jpg )

Who here has ever done self harm? Why did you do it?

I was in an extremely bad place in my life. Not quiet suicidal, but close to it. I don't even understand to this day to be honest. I went through much, and I guess I wanted those negative experiences to be physically felt instead of just crying. I've only done it twice, and the latest one nearly killed me.

Eeyore 16/07/18(Mon)03:49 No. 4971 ID: d098eb

File 146880654223.jpg - (1.16MB , 3264x1838 , lost.jpg )

I did for a year. I felt like my like had no true feeling and everything was just fake, so I started carving words and shit into my skin. It made feel real and alive but I then my mom saw the aftermath and made go to a therapist.

tunetuna+ 16/07/25(Mon)11:00 No. 4973 ID: 3f8e9f

i saw other people do it when they were in pain. i grew up in a place where the only way you could express any sort of true dark emotion was through something that was physically painful. the darkness was alluring to me. i wanted to feel something, in control.

Eeyore 16/07/27(Wed)13:36 No. 4976 ID: 82d094

life sucks and i heard self-harm makes it better. it does.

Eeyore 16/07/14(Thu)09:23 No. 4963 ID: 5143f1 [Reply]

File 146848100934.gif - (825.92KB , 480x334 , grim-bush.gif )

Jeb Bush has no more faith in the Republican Party, the democratic system, or the American people.

We're gonna feel that weight.

Eeyore 16/07/26(Tue)15:23 No. 4975 ID: 4e3a7c

File 146953939868.png - (43.53KB , 647x379 , 1469508899892.png )

Bernie Sanders too.

Eeyore 15/08/25(Tue)23:06 No. 4537 ID: a677ef [Reply]

File 144053676645.jpg - (207.52KB , 720x960 , IMG_0875.jpg )

Who's that girl and why does she make you sad /grim/ ?

I just can't stop thinking about her. In a few weeks it'll have been a year. In another few it will be her and her boyfriends' anniversary.

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Eeyore 16/07/10(Sun)02:39 No. 4956 ID: f59a98

File 146811116565.png - (698.61KB , 1678x1050 , Screenshot from 2016-07-09 19:53:57.png )

>It's just for generally miserable shit

Eeyore 16/07/16(Sat)19:52 No. 4967 ID: edec6d

Lost the love of my life as soon as I got her - due to circumstances almost completely out of my control. Wasted the best chance I had at getting her back, and destroyed the rest of my life in other misguided attempts to fix the situation.

The fallout: my only real friend gone (we were going to be business partners - he left the country for good), my parents back to being near divorce (just when my father was finally showing signs of respecting me and my mother's mental illness was beginning to heal), my sister raped, my other sister breaking off her engagement with her first non-abusive partner (who was like a mentor to me), and the woman I would have married by now not caring less if I dropped dead.

Oh, and did I mention a college education and future career down the drain, along with a $14500+ debt accrued for ultimately no real reason? Which will take me years to pay off with the dead end job I'm stuck in...

(I'm a real winner, aren't I?)

One day I had everything, the next I had nothing. I thought I could finally have some happiness after all these years of bullshit, but I guess not. All that's left for me now is to wait out the next couple of decades, die in regret, and end up in hell. I'd commit suicide, but then my sister would be alone in the world and my cousin would kill himself too.

Eeyore 16/07/26(Tue)08:15 No. 4974 ID: 41f3a0

File 146951370662.jpg - (832.17KB , 1080x1080 , rufous_by_kuvshinov_ilya-d9zso3m.jpg )

I tried to reply to this thread twice, wrote down a whole bunch on shit each time, but ended up deleting it all.

There was this girl I was crushing on hard during Highschool. She was new to the school, even though we were months from graduating. She became a part of my circle of friends. When summer came, we did everything together. Every single day in my small, boring town. It was like the beginning of those cliche summer movies with teenagers. When summer ended, only one other person from my group went to college with me. After that, we all just drifted apart. The sad thing is, they probably thought nothing of it. They all made new friends and made memories with them, while I just kind of waited for something good to happen alone. She moved far away, only to come back months later. She started dating some punk I hated during highschool. I enlisted in the Army, and when I got back from training, found out he became a Ranger and married her.

This all happened years ago, but I still think about it for some reason. It was my dream since I was young to become a Ranger, marry a girl, and travel. I guess having my dream stolen like that realized I'm not the unique snowflake I thought I was.

Eeyore 16/07/10(Sun)02:50 No. 4957 ID: d3cdf8 [Reply]

File 146811180640.jpg - (156.38KB , 618x434 , ay_108457411.jpg )

I want a thread about times when violent/murderous thoughts came into your head and you had to try and control them.

I had some when I met a person who had done wrong by me (too long and boring a story) about 2 weeks previously.
I just looked at him and realised I could kill him with my bare hands right then. I didn't think about getting away with it, and I didn't think about consequences. It just came into my head how I'd be able to knock him down and break his neck in under 15 seconds, before anyone could stop me.
I still don't quite know why I didn't, he really deserved it in my eyes - but this was a long time ago and I have no reason to do it right now. But I still think about that moment.

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Eeyore 16/07/15(Fri)20:28 No. 4966 ID: 1d8ff0

I want to join the marines just to kill people. I wanna feel the rush.

Eeyore 16/07/17(Sun)07:55 No. 4968 ID: aa9af4

At times I regret not having done this. I think I'm too old to volunteer now. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of military life; having clear responsibilities and no real choice what to do with myself.

I wouldn't be a great soldier though. I'm not very strong and I have a little too much fascination with death.

Eeyore 16/07/17(Sun)09:56 No. 4969 ID: a5a015

I was living with my ex boyfriend and after a night of to much drinking were he told me he wanted to hurt me bad, and mam me in a way that every time I saw the scar I would know he will always be with me. I told him he was drunk and saying stupid things and to go to bed and he did. Has he lay their sleeping, I poked him and he did not stir form his sleep. I had a thought if I just turned him over so his face was in the pillow he would die of suffocation, and it would totally look like a accent. I realized in that second Fuck this I can't take a life it would eat me from the outside in, so I just said fuck it and went to bed. The next day he woke me just to tell me that he was a ass and did not want to hurt me, just leave a psychical mark on me for life, so me paid for the next tat I wanted.

Eeyore 16/07/15(Fri)18:07 No. 4964 ID: 1d8ff0 [Reply]

File 146859883493.jpg - (22.02KB , 200x484 , g5NIU6tBDFA.jpg )

We're just here to slap each others harsh truths and smoke.

Eeyore 16/07/15(Fri)18:25 No. 4965 ID: 241956

while you could argue that some harsh truths are /grim/, I don't think this describes the purpose of this particular board at all.

smoking may help you live on through the /grim/ reality of certain truths.

Eeyore 15/03/28(Sat)03:55 No. 4262 ID: 55c33c [Reply]

File 14275113229.png - (92.78KB , 388x336 , ground_human_beef.png )

When I die, I want my heart ground up in a blender and fed to a dog (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQcETsMFnAU).

What wishes /grim/ be done with its remains?

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Eeyore 15/04/03(Fri)19:22 No. 4281 ID: 545ebe

Doesn't really matter. If there is such a thing as a soul or some sort of essence of me that lives on after my brain shuts down it will have no use for my body. We will shed our skins like snakes and move on.

Eeyore 16/07/08(Fri)20:48 No. 4954 ID: 0320f4

I want my healthy organs to be domates.

Eeyore 16/07/10(Sun)04:38 No. 4958 ID: c24a69

I definitely want my body to be eaten or had sex with. I don't think deviants get enough love, and I'd like to do something for one of them. I also like the idea of it because I think it's romantic in many ways.

bg music sound file? Eeyore 15/04/18(Sat)11:39 No. 4348 ID: e4da2e [Reply]

File 142934995666.jpg - (173.29KB , 1252x1252 , sfkbHRkW.jpg )

what's the background music file for this posting board /grim/? it is really good and I like it.. :(

yours sincerely,

a fellow /grim/-er

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Eeyore 15/06/15(Mon)08:44 No. 4456 ID: d4d28a

File 143435068831.jpg - (206.41KB , 1500x1500 , image.jpg )

Thanks for asking


Eeyore 15/06/15(Mon)08:55 No. 4457 ID: d4d28a

File 143435131070.jpg - (235.81KB , 900x900 , image.jpg )


A Beautiful Mind StarbuckTheOne 16/07/10(Sun)01:19 No. 4955 ID: d3f468

File 146810637079.jpg - (7.11KB , 255x198 , download.jpg )

Religion...a beautiful thing. Modern Christianity, a powerful entity in of itself. A delightful way to warp a mind in apparent opposition of one's true self in a battle for control...slaying common sense. An outward attempt to covertly control one by teaching "self control" in as much as obedience again is good and nature (our own) is evil and misguided. To view others in a negative light, causing premature judgement shaping us in the mold after our chosen deity, or this Christian God. An underlying dance between two planes of the mind balancing ever so delicately on the words of men long dead and ideas that have stagnated in time. Praying to an entity, yearning...a false hope. To believe in the unseen instead of the factual which holds weight in the "real world". A message of unconditional love granted on conditional terms...to be truly accepted for who we are by ignoring our most base and carnal desires. To refrain in vain and be lost again in metaphorical limbo between discerning what is actual and what is not. A mystery to ourselves with clues scattered about in our own psyche...but I digress. Amen.

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