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Hookup Thread 4.0 11/05/26(Thu)19:15 No. 59498 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 130643014561.jpg - (62.72KB , 525x700 , --130610496576.jpg )

The last hookup thread was nearing 500 posts and is in need of a rebirth.

Post your age and location here. For extra /fag/ points, post your picture.

Don't forget to post your contact info as that is the point of this thread. If you don't, your post will be deleted. Replies asking for more info will be deleted. Contact the poster directly.

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Charmander12 14/10/15(Wed)22:16 No. 99380

Hot dick, Carl

11/03/05(Sat)10:11 No. 46496 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 129931628336.jpg - (60.00KB , 433x648 , 1274905481782.jpg )

How does one maximize their bottoming skills?

Practice is important, of course, but what are some tricks I can do right from the get-go? I figure I should prepare myself as I might be hooking up with someone in the next week or two.

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Ass Training 14/09/15(Mon)15:53 No. 99294

I was made to strengthen my ass muscles by practicing with a dildo inserted as deep as it goes.

Clench your ass for 30 seconds, relax for 5
Repeat 10 times

Clench and release 10 times as fast as you can

Pull the dildo out, shove it in deep, pull it out SLOWLY over the course of 30 seconds, while clenching as hard as you can.

I was told my as was to be quivering. This was intended as a workout, not as a pleasurable session (although it always was pleasurable).

How do you make cum shoot far? 14/05/27(Tue)00:11 No. 98923 [Reply]

File 140114226673.jpg - (67.38KB , 713x548 , bigshooterboy.jpg )

This is something I've been trying to work on. I want my cum to just fly out of my cock, but I'm not sure it's done. If heard some people say both that it's something your born with and others say you have to practice at it. I'm going with the latter because most of the time it just dribbles, but I have had a few times where I can get the cum to fly on to my shoulders. Is there some sort of magical technique (that's not surgery) to get superb far shooting cumshots all the time, or at least more often?

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14/06/09(Mon)08:54 No. 98965

I normally dribble but I edged until I couldn't anymore the other night, and mixed with some good kik action I shot over my shoulder.... I've never done that before. Just gotta work yourself up, and edge and you could achieve greatness op.

14/06/27(Fri)15:28 No. 99033

Pygeum supplements OP, that and also what anon said about drinking a lot of water.
Also don't beat off every day

14/10/28(Tue)22:39 No. 99394

Just the other night I got some to hit my face. Now I'm trying to see if I can get it to shoot every time. Thanks for the help guys. :)

14/10/26(Sun)23:19 No. 99389 [Reply]

File 141436199974.jpg - (42.39KB , 250x250 , xtube_sponsor_1294854505.jpg )

So XTube VIP members can now view and (with the right plug-in) download videos in HD.

Anyone on /fag/ use XTube?

Interwhatever+Plan+Fahey 14/10/27(Mon)15:11 No. 99391

Yeah, sure, I do.

14/10/13(Mon)06:52 No. 99376 [Reply]

File 141317596613.jpg - (312.81KB , 960x1280 , image1.jpg )

Hey guys, so I'm a short and kinda skinny guy (like this one in this pic) and I'm really into tall big guys, but it seems like guys like that tall big hairy and stuff only likes guys who look like that too

Someone here have the same issue?

14/10/26(Sun)08:26 No. 99386

I'm a tall big guy, into shorter skinny guys.

Cleaning before anal? 14/06/07(Sat)08:46 No. 98962 [Reply]

File 140212360715.jpg - (54.97KB , 500x378 , water.jpg )

Hey all, Curious virgin here.
Only thing I've dared to put in me so far is a few fingers. I was wondering exactly how clean anal sex is? I mean lets be honest you do shit from there...

Would I be okay with nothing more than a decent shower before taking a cock or is there something more I should do?

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Matchbox Prince 14/09/29(Mon)12:22 No. 99360

Oh, Jesus Christ no! Don't do anything like that. It's excessive and extremely dangerous. Shooting water under pressure into your colon? That's practically begging for a rupture and a very painful death by sepsis.

Unless your partner is literally hung like a horse, you only need to clean as deep as he's going, so about 6-8", not the whole freaking colon. This can be done with about two cupfuls of water right after a bowel movement and about 30-60 minutes before sexytimes. If you're fairly regular, that gets you roughly 6-8 hours before the next load of shit comes along to mess up the party.

Personally, I use a plastic syringe (you can find them at pet stores; they're used for force-feeding small animals). Three or four times the capacity, repeat once or twice depending on how clean it comes out. I've never had a problem.

If anyone's interested, I can copy/paste a longer explanation as an excerpt from a "guide" I'm currently writing about the art of bottoming. In case you're wondering, my own "credentials" include having been sticking my fingers and small objects into my ass since the age of six, and experimenting with cleaning techniques and more serious anal play for over fifteen years.

14/10/12(Sun)17:32 No. 99374

Kinda late, but hell yeah copy&paste everything you got

T 14/10/25(Sat)08:45 No. 99385

I can't speak for anyone anyone else but I usually have bowl movements around the same time everyday, so I know depending on what time it is, once I do a little enema I'm good for up to 12 hours. So one thing I would say is try to get you body into a routine. Getting your body in a schedule sort of speak can help you determine how long you'll stay clean for. Now as for preparing, you pretty much want to do what was mentioned here >>99360 . You can use one of those enema bottles they sell at pharmacies, they hold about the exact amount of water you need. Don't use the enema liquid though, just stick to warm water. I myself got an enema bulb (they have it at amazon for like 5 bucks) which is like those bottles they sell at the store but lasts longer and I find it's easier to clean.

The bulb I bought is actually a bit big and I learned that if I use too much water sometimes it doesn't all come out right away, so I make sure I do the enema before a shower.(aka before I go out because I don't have a bf) This way I can make sure I'm 100% clean and I can finger myself a little bit and make sure there is no extra water left in there, so I won't have an accident.

Last time I had sex with someone I used a bulb almost full, 3 times or so (holding the water in a couple minutes every time after the first use). Took a shower, made sure there was no extra water, got ready and went to meet the guy I was talking to. We ended up having sex about 2-3 hours later, and then again the morning after. No problems.

13/11/20(Wed)15:14 No. 98507 [Reply]

File 13849568651.png - (499.87KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot (142).png )

So this has been bothering me. We've all heard of the pornographic video usually called "Two drunk brothers fuck bareback" but I've always wondered the sauce on it. It's about seven minutes long and it seems to be dial up age video quality. So, what does anyone know about it?

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13/12/05(Thu)06:23 No. 98563

That's more plausible for some reason. I have a pretty attractive brother--objectively speaking--and a beautiful cousin. The cousin I would fuck so hard he would never walk again. My brother on the other hand...

Marta Huffington 14/10/18(Sat)00:47 No. 99382

I've always wondered about this. I saw it titled as "Serb fucks Australian neighbor" or something like that and just bought that story. The top seems nervous and looks out the window a few times, and I think at one point he says "You think that's her?" or something along those lines.

14/02/17(Mon)13:58 No. 98703 [Reply]

File 139264192932.jpg - (32.98KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mxiiuzBJDg1rtzmoqo1_500.jpg )

anybody got any tips for getting nudes off straight guys without giving away the game?
(pic unrelated)

14/10/14(Tue)16:57 No. 99378

say you're an artist who wants to paint them nude
works every time

14/09/19(Fri)02:48 No. 99316 [Reply]

File 141108769388.jpg - (79.44KB , 500x667 , woe is me.jpg )

why are /fag/ & /men/ separate boards when everyones just posting nudes on both?

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Matchbox Prince 14/09/22(Mon)07:02 No. 99338

The mods used to keep the "rate me!" threads out of here, but they stopped giving a shit. They're all homophobes, and traffic is so shitty, so I suspect they don't even mod /fag and /men anymore

14/10/04(Sat)19:03 No. 99364

Maybe for those who want to look at men but don't feel comfortable with the fag label? Looks less suspicious in your browser history too.

Gay Male Chat 13/11/09(Sat)21:24 No. 98477 [Reply]

File 138402866530.jpg - (66.01KB , 600x338 , hakunamatata2.jpg )

Guys, it's time for a chat!

Gay male chat - come in, say hi, cam up, have a good time.

Link in pic, registration only requires to pick a name and password. (no email needed)

See you in there!

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14/05/16(Fri)21:56 No. 98879


14/05/20(Tue)04:37 No. 98888

File 140055345269.png - (210.84KB , 403x403 , lesbians.png )

come and visit :-)

matt 14/10/04(Sat)04:39 No. 99362

Loves cock

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