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Hookup Thread 4.0 11/05/26(Thu)19:15 No. 59498 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 130643014561.jpg - (62.72KB , 525x700 , --130610496576.jpg )

The last hookup thread was nearing 500 posts and is in need of a rebirth.

Post your age and location here. For extra /fag/ points, post your picture.

Don't forget to post your contact info as that is the point of this thread. If you don't, your post will be deleted. Replies asking for more info will be deleted. Contact the poster directly.

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14/04/19(Sat)06:51 No. 98830

File 139788306769.jpg - (26.40KB , 480x480 , 10176025_10202827244135433_4223359224597755453_n.jpg )

San Bernadino (San Diego next week)
29 hit me up if ya want

11/03/05(Sat)10:11 No. 46496 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 129931628336.jpg - (60.00KB , 433x648 , 1274905481782.jpg )

How does one maximize their bottoming skills?

Practice is important, of course, but what are some tricks I can do right from the get-go? I figure I should prepare myself as I might be hooking up with someone in the next week or two.

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Try This 14/03/28(Fri)14:25 No. 98770

Always best to use something that works and this does just that.


Confusion 12/08/29(Wed)05:34 No. 96504 [Reply]

File 134621125784.jpg - (77.07KB , 500x625 , Wowzorz.jpg )

Ok so here's the thing. Straight guy. But I've posted here before about wanting a gay experience or whatever. Which, for me, pretty much entails me just getting my ass grounded and pounded and that pretty much being the end of it. Nothing romantic, love-y, yada yada. So what am I here for this time you ask? Wellllll, now I think I might want some of that lovey-dovey crap. Still want to get pounded, but also caress me and rub my shoulders, deep kissing, pounding me from behind while we're both on our knees, his arms locked around me tight. Stuff like that.

What is with the change though? How did it happen? Why did I go from wanting a simple pounding to wanting like...full relationship style love making?

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similarish... want to have vaginal sex 14/04/01(Tue)09:44 No. 98782

Any fags here that have tried it with a women? I have been fantasizing about it for awhile and want some advice to make it fun even if I am not normally into women.

14/04/22(Tue)06:52 No. 98835

File 139814234288.jpg - (134.35KB , 1280x720 , WIN_20140312_220355.jpg )

A straight guy sent me these pics asking me to blackmail him. (I'm a straight female) He didn't comply with my request to cut himself with a knife or razor because he said he would faint if he saw blood. So I am posting what he sent me.

This is his contact info

skype: digerydigerydigery
kik: hoisagen
gmail: hoisagen@gmail.com


14/04/22(Tue)06:56 No. 98836

I'm the one who posted the message above. I meant to make it a separate thread, so sorry for being off topic.

14/04/13(Sun)17:48 No. 98823 [Reply]

File 139740412057.jpg - (66.17KB , 757x960 , tumblr_lwd3b7lf1V1qg22hlo1_1280.jpg )

Why am I attracted to muscled homophobes?

dexia 14/04/14(Mon)03:12 No. 98824

I don't know, but if you ever find out make sure to post it here because I suffer from that too. I always want after guys I can't have...

Question Doug 13/08/19(Mon)18:21 No. 98273 [Reply]

File 137692931570.jpg - (3.01MB , 2048x1200 , p.jpg )

Guys, Would You do Me ? Yes or No ! (Pic Related)

14/03/25(Tue)17:59 No. 98762 [Reply]

File 139576675828.png - (866.15KB , 1017x758 , Immagine.png )

Hi everybody.
Here's the thing. I've heard of guys with fake accounts on fb trolling straight guys for nudes, and that's exactly what I want to do. And I would have done it, if only I knew how.
I think a fake account would be too easy to spot if not done correctly, and wasting hours to make a fake account only to get nudes from this one guy, wouldn't be worth it.

But I might as well just try it.

So, any of you has ever done it? Can anyone help me do it?

14/04/12(Sat)17:01 No. 98820

Hey there! I've done it quite some times over fb!

Give me an email or something so I can contact you and we can discuss this a bit. I'd also need a partner in crime :P

14/04/12(Sat)04:02 No. 98817 [Reply]

File 139726816162.jpg - (54.64KB , 640x426 , sad.jpg )


a chatroom for whatever

mod free room

14/04/08(Tue)00:58 No. 98802 [Reply]

File 13969114851.jpg - (42.53KB , 329x311 , bird achieves sapience.jpg )

>have had sex with a couple of guys over the last few years, only once each
>never really enjoyed it or never even came close to cumming, even jacking off felt better
>only thought i had while sucking dick was "I wish I was home" and felt guilty afterwards

I'm not even interested in having a bf, I'd rather play video games. Am I gay or what? I know I'm not straight but honestly sex, gay or otherwise disgusts and scares me more than anything (Afraid of STDs/being raped and I really don't want to waste my time). I'd really rather just jack off.

14/04/08(Tue)02:40 No. 98803

File 139691760197.png - (9.50KB , 1500x902 , AceFlag.png )

Sounds asexual to me

14/04/10(Thu)02:04 No. 98810

What do you jack off too? Like, do you fantasize while wanking and what to if so?

Asexual does sound right but you're jerking to the idea of sex it could mean it's more complicated.

Matchbox+Prince 14/04/10(Thu)06:16 No. 98812

Sex is never going to be as easy or self-fulfilling as masturbation. That's not generally why you do it. Honestly, the "I'd rather play video games" and "scares me more than anything" makes it seem less like asexuality and more like you're just a paranoid, anti-social shut-in. Not that there's anything wrong with that (I'm basically the same).

Really, being gay or straight doesn't really mean "who would you rather fuck?", it's "who would you rather love?". Love, romance, companionship, that's the reason you have a relationship; sexual activity is just one of the many ways to show it to each other. That's not to say there aren't guys out there who just really, really like penises, and don't care much about what it's attached to, but that's a small minority. For most, if you don't have at least some feelings for someone, you won't enjoy sex, because you won't really care about whether or not they feel good. Probably, the other guy didn't care much whether YOU felt good.

So you like video games? Cool. If you even want to cozy up to someone and play video games with, or just have them watch while you play a single-player one or whatever, what gender would that person be? The answer will more than likely tell you whether you're straight or gay. If you ever get into a relationship with this person and care for them, and vice-versa, sex will probably happen spontaneously.

On the other hand, if you've no desire for any such relationship, even a friendship, it's pointless to wonder. We'll call it "functional asexuality".

Ass problems. QueenTheresa 14/04/04(Fri)08:14 No. 98793 [Reply]

File 139659209178.jpg - (27.12KB , 640x480 , picture004.jpg )

Mkay,the title kinda explains most of the problem,but I'll give a bit more detail.Basically,I'm a virgin.Sort of.I've been with a guy for a bit now,he's experienced with sex,but the only knowledge I have of ANYTHING is shit I've learned from erotic literature,porn,etc.I've never done penetration,but handjobs,sucking,fingering,etc.,we've been playing around with for the past month or so.A few days ago,we decided to try ass play for the first time,at least with each other.Everything was going fine,he came,and then,things went south,as he was intent on returning the favor.I enjoy having my ass tampered with,and I've got my bowel movements tracked down relatively well.If I'm not sure,I just hop in the shower and do a quickie clean up with a finger or two.None of that is causing me problems.However,after about five minutes of him finger fucking my ass,quite a bit of off-white,snotty material plopped into his hand,not from the end of my dick,but from my asshole.I'm unsure what the hell it is,and therefore I've got no clue what the fuck to do about it.I was completely mortified as I was VERY thorough with my cleaning before the little experiment and was certain there was nothing left in my ass to drip out.What is this weird white junk?Is it something I need to be worried about,is it avoidable,did I do something that caused a build-up of it to be released mid-fingerfuck?I'd like to try again relatively soon,as we both had a great time up until my ass had to go all wonky,but I'm afraid to try anything until I know what the hell happened

Matchbox+Prince 14/04/05(Sat)21:08 No. 98801

Your colon/rectum produces mucus in exactly the same manner as your nose. It's there to ensure your shit slides out easily instead of tearing holes in your intestines and making you die of sepsis. From my own experience, it's produced in greater quantities in direct response to stimulation (in a "hey, this piece of shit is rubbing really hard, better make some more mucus to make sure it gets out okay" sort of way) that varies from person to person. For some guys, it's not really noticeable, with me... well, I'm practically self-lubricated. This means that more of it is going to be produced if there is something that your body perceives to be an abnormal irritant, such as fingers rubbing where fingers don't usually go. Anyway, the stuff is typically pale, thick, and whitish to brownish in color, with a slight musty smell a bit like underarm sweat. If it all globs together, it can come out all at once, I'd imagine. Either way, it's harmless.

So, first of all, you aren't the first person to come here asking about this exact thing. The last guy, rather hilariously, thought he'd somehow torn a hole in his prostate from the other side and cummed out of his ass. Second, lighten up about sex! Even in the best of times, it's messy and silly and ridiculous. Your body is a loose bag of meat and fluids that is, in practice, roughly 50% slime; it'll never be perfectly clean. Things sometimes go wrong; you have to be able to laugh it off and keep going. Keep several towels handy.

It sounds like you're with a nice guy, so I'm sure he understands. Have fun.

What does anal sex feel like? 14/03/31(Mon)21:13 No. 98780 [Reply]

File 13962932311.jpg - (85.09KB , 650x797 , gasx.jpg )

Hey guys,

I really want to try anal sex with a guy and want to know what it feels like from guys that have done it.

I use fingers and dildo's already and just wondered what a real dick feels like?

14/04/01(Tue)06:25 No. 98781

shoot me an email. deathwished94@gmail.com
let me know where your from to start the convo and maybe we can get together.

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