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Guide to Success from nothing Captain Derp 12/10/13(Sat)05:41 No. 387 ID: 353cb7 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135009966569.jpg - (36.42KB , 737x452 , your_office_gif.jpg )

I started with a criminal record for petty narcotics pos and a 'computer tresspassing' record guaranteeing me unemployment almost everywhere except manual labor. I was also living in a SRO in the worst area you can ever imagine, had no money, huge debt and couldn't even finish university so washed out in the second year due to poverty.


Any job will do. Some shitty manual labor position is great because then you also get some activity in so you aren't a fat bastard.

Easy jobs to get are landscaping (usually pays under the table cash), construction clean up, warehouse, or whatever you can find on your local Craigslist 'gigs' section. Alternatively there's the dreaded nightshift tech support. Look around for these on CL, or move to somewhere in your country where the jobs are. In Canada this means terribad mining and oilfiend work but it pays like $40/hr and there's nothing else to do up there, perfect for studying.

For me, I got a job at the post office and delivered mail, which meant I got off early and had lot's of time for school. Also consider institutions that will pay you to learn a trade, such as telephone companies and whatever else.


Basic income budget rule is 70/20/10

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Modern Mom 15/03/09(Mon)05:59 No. 2555 ID: df2efc

So basically I'm taking the Step one... working everyday for 10 hours a day. I tried to get a mining/oil related job but I had no success whatsoever. Where is the boomtown?

Modern Mom ## Admin ## 12/08/17(Fri)01:43 No. 1 ID: e5e5b6 [Reply] Stickied

File 134516062226.jpg - (17.39KB , 315x257 , Why don't poor people just buy more money.jpg )

Congratulations you poor bastards have earned your own board. Don't fuck it up. Any relevant rules will be created/added to this post when the time comes, but for the meantime try to keep it SFW.

Go Wild

Jesus Christ I'm useless; I should have specified that this board is for poor niggers to share money saving tips/vouchers and whatever.

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Modern Mom 15/03/23(Mon)01:04 No. 2558 ID: bc0dd7

Frugalness intensifies

Making Cash With Zero Fundage Biff 14/02/08(Sat)05:35 No. 1890 ID: 3e2241 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139183414112.jpg - (857.90KB , 708x1240 , 04kyosai10015.jpg )

Let's talk about ways to make cash online, it can really help out and once you get efficient with it and have a good group then you're golden.

I won't lie, I'd like to find a person or two from this board to be in a new group. You wouldn't believe how fast and simple things get when you get everyone working together well and can make the money on nearly autopilot, depending on what method you are using. Also tips and resources are always good.

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Biff 15/05/10(Sun)04:08 No. 2584 ID: fac0d4

Heya jews, I've finally sold a couple of books! I'm really excited and wanted to share that with you folks and also ask if there are any folks out there who do cover design? I NEED good covers for my books, the covers affect sales quite directly and I'm at like level 2 in my cover design skill, so I'm probably losing money by having the ones I made as the covers for my books, since I'm at like level 6-8 with my writing. I started and don't plan to stop until I get a check from this, even if it's like ten bucks, I'm disabled so it's not like I am scrambling for money, I just want to put in the work to make this a success. I hope someone out there can get an atom of inspiration or encouragement from this, I like this board a lot.

Book Art That Guy 15/05/28(Thu)17:03 No. 2606 ID: 25fc56

Howdy OP, I just found this thread and noticed a request for cover artists. I know a few people. The cheapest is a friend of mine who does most of the cover art now for Trinity Gateways. Here is an example of her work. In this particular piece, the painting was done by my friend, Blue. The photoshop and layout was done by the author, Doris.

Here is a link to some other cover art which Blue has done.

I forgot to upload the cover art That Guy 15/05/28(Thu)17:09 No. 2607 ID: 25fc56

File 143282574120.jpg - (36.89KB , 294x442 , He Begins.jpg )

Free Gas Jason December 14/09/29(Mon)23:24 No. 2358 ID: 39ed48 [Reply]

File 141202584448.jpg - (8.53KB , 277x182 , gas.jpg )

Warning this is illegal but you can easily pull this off if you keep your mouth shut.

Go to a dollar store, they usually have a prepaid card you can put up to like 500 and the card is like a dollar. You buy one and put about 10 or 15. you take the card to a gas station and make sure its busy. Use the card as credit. Fill up your tank pass the amount you put in there. Leave the gas station and cut the card.


From Jason December

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Modern Mom 15/04/19(Sun)02:19 No. 2573 ID: 56ad41

I don't think the card readers are very sophisticated, you can use almost any kind of card.
There were people who were caught using their driver's licenses to steal gas. They all got caught, of course, because their driver's license number was stored by the machine.

Modern Mom 15/05/28(Thu)10:54 No. 2604 ID: df1dec

Well there's actually Vanilla Visa. It's about $5 for the card itself, and you can load up to $500. Greendot and that other shit is complete shit because they charge you monthly and they need your SSN to ultimately fuck you over.
Vanilla visa can be found at CVS or 7/11. They can be a little difficult to spot but they're really nice

Analysis by a Gassy Dude That Guy 15/05/28(Thu)16:53 No. 2605 ID: 25fc56

I call b.s.

I work as a clerk at a 24 hour pump-yourself, and I have an A+ certification in computer networking. If the purchase is done as a pre-pay, the system will not authorize the pump to start unless the purchase has already cleared. If the purchase is done at the pump, the system is even pickier; I cannot say that it specifically checks the balance of every prepaid card in exactly these circumstances, but the system rejects customers all of the time for reasons far less than an adequate amount of money on the card's account. The method described by OP would simply not work in our system nor any system I know.

I can offer specifics about the networks and software used if someone wants it, but even when I worked at a truck stop a year ago with an entirely different system, the method described by OP would not work their either.

Dumpster Thread That Guy 15/05/22(Fri)20:59 No. 2593 ID: 25fc56 [Reply]

File 143232114135.jpg - (70.69KB , 336x441 , art n science dumpster diving.jpg )

I've done it, Anons. I quit my job which I hate. Although my family and friends are in a panic because I don't have another crappy minimum-wage income waiting for me, I am entirely comfortable with this. I need a month off to write a particular book, anyway.

One way to supplement my savings while I am not working is salvage. By "salvage", I mean a polite term for dumpster diving. It's not a consistent form of income, but I am more than willing to give it a try.

The pictured book is the Art and Science of Dumpster Diving by John Hoffman. He also wrote Dumpster Diving: The Advanced Course. These books are out of print and getting harder to find. I had to order the former twice through Amazon before I finally got my grubby mits on a copy, but there is an ebook form of it available. I give both a huge recommendation and can go into detail if anyone is interested in reviews.

I have been a scavenger since college when my allowance wasn't quite enough to cover both bills and food. I have never before attempted to sell nor trade anything I have recovered. Turning forty this year, I decided to rent a small storage unit and return to this hobby.

I will begin giving a summaries of what I am finding in following posts. Hey, I don't like seeing a wall of text in an OP either. Summary: I am having way more fun diving than I ever did at any job.

6 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
That Guy 15/05/27(Wed)16:35 No. 2601 ID: 25fc56

File 143273731236.jpg - (1.33MB , 2560x1440 , IMAG0077.jpg )

Let's move on to non-construction materials. There is where we get into the fun stuff, what John Hoffman calls "a 'trade item' or a 'use item'" in _The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving_.

Pictured here is my favorite item that I've found thus far. This folding cart is in excellent condition, just a little dirty when I found it. It was folded when I saw it between a trash can and boxes of other rubbage, so I am confident that the previous owner did not simply use it a trash receptacle and hope to retrieve it later. I have been using it for moving items into and out of the storage room which is on the second floor of a storage facility building.

That Guy 15/05/27(Wed)17:06 No. 2602 ID: 25fc56

File 143273916674.jpg - (1.52MB , 2560x1440 , IMAG0075.jpg )

After running an errand in town, I decided to chance a late night visit to some dumpsters behind a library and two local outlet malls. The library was a complete bust. The garbage truck must have been there earlier the very same day.

The first mall had some workers there who were in the process of (I think) removing an old tile floor in one of the shops. They paid me little mind as I explored all of the other dumpsters on site. These dumpsters were nearly empty, but one in particular turned up an unexpected find. I pulled out a set of eight leather purses. The one pictured here is an example, but the others came in various colors. I made a customary offer to wife, and she chose a blue purse for some cosplay purpose. The remaining purses are ready for me to sell them, and they even still have the original sales tags on them. If a second visit turns up anything at all, this will be my favorite dumpster.

Upon visiting the second mall, I came up entirely empty. I also was stopped by a security guard, but she seemed more nervous than me about the encounter. She asked what I was doing, and I told her that I was looking for cardboard boxes. There was a tremendous amount of cardboard to be had at that location, but due to a recent rain storm, every bit of it was wet. For some reason, salvaging pasteboard boxes is more acceptable in society than salvaging just about anything else, and my excuse was not entirely a lie. I would have probably kept a box if I had found one. Regardless, she was concerned with the fact that my truck was left parked in a loading zone, and I had to move it. I probably could have told her that I was eating garbage, and she still would have only cared about parking.

Sooo /jew/, would anyone like to buy a purse?

Actually, there will be a post later -- possibly several posts -- about unloading these goods. I would be out trying to unload those purses right now if it were not for the fact that I have misplaced my wallet today. My lost time is your gain, 7chan.

That Guy 15/05/27(Wed)17:14 No. 2603 ID: 25fc56

File 143273965744.jpg - (1.06MB , 2560x1440 , IMAG0078.jpg )

I almost forgot to mention, the price tags on each of these purses tell me that the retail price is $49.99. I am hoping to get $10 from each. If I can sell them all and get only $5 per purse, I will be satisfied as this will cover most of the rental cost on my storage unit for a month.

Moving on, vacuum cleaners are one of the items I most often see sitting next to trash cans in rich neighborhoods. On one night in one well-to-do subdivision, I found both of these. Pictured here are an upright vacuum cleaner and a carpet washer. Both are in good working condition. I checked the trash can next to where I found the vacuum, and yep sure enough, there I saw the folded up cardboard box of a newer vacuum. Some richer had decided to simply throw away a working appliance rather than gifting it or trying to sell it.

Vacuum cleaners take up more space than I would prefer, but they are solid finds. I don't know until I get them home and test them to learn the state of their conditions. Often, they are simply missing a belt. Within half an hour, I can unclog and repair most vacuum cleaners. If I think I have room for it, I will always grab a vacuum cleaner to take to the storage unit.

Free Food 13/03/01(Fri)01:06 No. 992 ID: c1c58c [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136209638123.jpg - (93.38KB , 640x480 , Plate-of-food.jpg )

How can I get food for free? Are there better methods than shoplifting?

49 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/05/03(Sun)20:58 No. 2581 ID: 0e87be

If you're in a city, there's plenty of artsy places that leave food around.

Modern Mom 15/05/04(Mon)03:35 No. 2582 ID: 9196ab

eat at your parents or friendly neighbors.

Modern Mom 15/05/25(Mon)09:53 No. 2594 ID: a4220b

Sikh temples.

Good first/low budget investments. Modern Mom 14/09/13(Sat)08:47 No. 2312 ID: 1862b0 [Reply]

File 141059083876.jpg - (93.91KB , 490x490 , jm-kilo-bar-front-back.jpg )

Hey there guys. I am a hard working 21 year old, and I've set aside $1500 from wage slaving to begin an investment portfolio. I'm currently considering using a chunk of that money to purchase silver bullion, because it seems like a guaranteed profit over the long run. Pictured is the exact object with which I would like to start my financial future, a 1kg silver bar that can be had for only $629 in the current economic climate. Does anybody have any tips for the poor, wannabe investor such as myself? And is anybody else starting this journey or thinking about it?

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/04/29(Wed)23:01 No. 2574 ID: ddd46b

First off, there's no such thing as wage slaving/slavery. If you believe your skills aren't being compensated enough, find another job. you're not forced to work there, and simply because there "are no other jobs" isn't an excuse. There's always something. In primitive societies, they don't accuse nature of enslaving them because they'll die if the don't work. Same concept. If you are literally being held at gunpoint with this job, and aren't getting paid, that is illegal. Last I checked, businesses don't do that, nor do they take any of your pay. Governments do. It's accurate to say that for a portion of the year, you are a slave to Government, but I digress.

Silver and copper bullion are great investments over the long term. I wouldn't get a solid bar, get it in 1oz coins, or 5oz at the most. If you need to sell a few oz for whatever reason, it will be easier to do so. you can keep them in plastic coin containers, and any decent site that sells metal bullion will sell the containers too. I like to use provident metals.

Modern Mom 15/05/05(Tue)19:53 No. 2583 ID: 3c5808

investing in ingots of silver or gold won't make you money for at least 30yrs or the next "artificial" price spike

Look up online listings of scarcity of resources and timelines online. Oil will temporarily go down, and will reach maximum value in a couple decades. Maple syrup, platinum, and various so called "rare earth" minerals are ONLY expensive now because of industrial cartels and said production/growing regions not moving to more sustainable/profitable regions. EVERYONE, even the US has LARGE AMOUNTS of access to rare earth minerals, it is just not feasible for the economic and undeniable environmental(no eyes, wasting away cancer) impacts.

That Guy 15/05/22(Fri)20:44 No. 2592 ID: 25fc56

File 143232028859.gif - (3.24MB , 300x194 , ani statue stare.gif )

OP, you are off to a great job getting an investment portfolio started in your young twenties. Having a tiny bit of savings is a much less stressful life than having zero and living hand to mouth.

Regarding on what to buy, I and going to buck the trend here. I own a couple of small silver coins for something that I can turn into cash quickly if I need them. Otherwise, I leave precious metals alone. The companies who sell precious metals to you are making the money, otherwise they would be buying instead of selling.

Follow the standard advice of the 15% Rule: Invest no more than 15% of your portfolio into any single investment. An exception to this rule can be forgiven if one is buying a home.

I suggest starting with stocks which pay dividends. I like to invest in companies which balance each other, like an oil company stock and stock in a company which manufactures bicycles. Even if an entire industry collapses, at least part of your portfolio will soften the loss by gaining ground. Cherry pick some stocks of companies which you personally like, regardless of their past stock market performance. Hold onto these stocks for as long as you can; day traders often see their winnings wiped out by hundreds of transaction fees.

I have an account with the online broker, TradeKing, and I am pleased as spiked-punch with that service. Purchases are dirt cheap, thus protecting my razor thin profit margins. There are a couple of catches for having an online broker. First, monitor your investments at least twice a year to see if you are changing your mind about any particular item and to see if you are due soon to be hit with an inactivity fee. When my computer crapped out on me, one of those $50 inactivity fees hit my portfolio, resulting in a net loss for the year. The other thing you need to watch if your taxes. The IRS frequently mistakes a sale of stock as a windfall of income even if you sell at a loss. I once had to write the IRS a letter explaining such, and that letter was adequate.

Bonds are a measure of confidence in a government. Being not very confident, I own none. I suggest sticking to the 15% Rule so that all of your bonds combined compose no more than 15% of wealth.

Do NOT buy a new car. Don't let anyone sell you a load of crap about building credit. If you aren't taking out a business loan to build a factory, you don't need credit that badly. Cars are a particularly bad use of money. If one takes the average American's car loan payment and extrapolates that over twenty years, then compares placing the same amount of money in a savings account, the difference will be a million dollars in the bank by the time you turn 41 -- or a used car.

The Lying Escort A pissed off guy 15/03/08(Sun)23:35 No. 2554 ID: 5dacae [Reply]

File 142585412931.jpg - (253.92KB , 944x948 , $_86.jpg )

So you guys are going to love this one. I called up a hooker for the first time to see what kind of shit I could get myself into. Except, I actually ended up in big shit and had a shit time. She comes down for our meeting 15 minutes late saying she's tired which yeah I can understand but then we get upstairs and it's "wait 5 minutes i'm tired" then we get into it I pay this degenerate 80 pounds (roughly 140 us bucks) for 1 hour and shes already way behind on time, So I get it up and start fucking then I ask her to go on top and she's like nah. Blowjob? Nah. too tired. So not only does she fuck me over, She said in her ad she was completely shaving and the thing was a fucking bush. Then there is her pictures which were either outdated completely or just photoshopped to fuck AND her fucking breath stank! Wtf! I can't imagine how many poor bastards this skank has screwed over. I left early without my money telling her to prepare for a shit review. Then I have her mobile number so maybe I should just give it out? Thoughts on this?

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/05/21(Thu)03:05 No. 2589 ID: d040d8

You can post reviews on sex forums. You'll probably have to search a bit for the one that's more relevant to your local area. It's also possible to just lurk moar on those kinds of sites so if you insist on wasting your money on a ho you can find the ones that won't rip you off as badly.

Your biggest mistake was letting her get away with that shit. If you don't have the balls to say "no blowjob no cash," grab the money, and walk out, you deserve to be ripped off. However, she wants the money and will do what it takes to get it. It's up to you to make sure that "what it takes" is more than the bare minimum.

Modern Mom 15/05/21(Thu)03:40 No. 2590 ID: e2cf8e

Couple of ideas:

1) Use a phone booth, book her for another gig a fair few miles away, then don't turn up. That's 50p to consume her time, money and stitch her out of other opportunities to earn. Repeat ad hoc till you feel justified (Pro Tip: Use a different phone booth each time so you don't get caught out with caller ID).

2) Same as above but rather than not turning up, turn up and bash her brains in.

Modern Mom 15/05/22(Fri)20:22 No. 2591 ID: 25fc56

File 143231897455.gif - (808.40KB , 207x207 , ani jazz hands.gif )

This is an underrated comment.

People don't call cheap hookers for high levels of customer service. They call hookers to get their dicks wet. You got your dick wet. It was you, OP, who were the most dishonest of the two of you for not paying.

If you are still married to the idea that hookers should be striving for five star ratings on Angie's List, then do it yourself. Sell your on ass on Craig's List, go that extra mile, and see how much respect you get for it.

Online consumer surveys Modern Mom 15/05/21(Thu)02:53 No. 2588 ID: d040d8 [Reply]

File 143216961484.jpg - (722.30KB , 2620x1588 , pinecone.jpg )

These generally will give you a little something to put into a Paypal account if you're persistent enough.

Stuff like MySurvey and Opinion Outpost are easier to sign up for but don't pay out as well or as consistently. You might get a few surveys that you get partway through only to realize you don't qualify for them (mostly by being the wrong demographic). However, Opinion Outpost sometimes gives referrals to Pinecone Research, which is a good one to get with because those surveys pay better and more consistently when they show up.

Most of these will give you online points that they encourage you to use in their online store, but the best deal is to cash them out into Paypal deposits. If you converted the points to dollars and compared what else is in their stores you'd realize that they're charging full retail price for most of that stuff, and paying full retail price is for suckers.

Leaving "Home" Modern Mom 15/03/27(Fri)06:10 No. 2560 ID: cd727d [Reply]

File 14274330042.jpg - (38.61KB , 583x389 , potsandpans_0.jpg )

Hello /jew/, I'm leaving home here in a few months and was wandering about kitchenware. My family refuses to help me whatsoever. What is the best way to go with cookware at first? cheap and shitty, or the more expensive longer lasting stuff?

This goes for everything kitchen related. Cups,plates,silverware. Everything.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/04/30(Thu)15:55 No. 2578 ID: 2459de

>Steel wool

You are terrible and also wasting money. Know what does the job as good as steel wool without ruining your fucking pan? Salt and old newspaper. Jesus.

Modern Mom 15/04/30(Thu)20:33 No. 2579 ID: 65a334

Cast iron skillet - Doesn't get worn, doesn't get old, lasts so long you could give it to your grandchildren.
Knife - Basic chef's knife. Stamped steel is cheap as shit.
Cutting board - Just get a fresh one. One side for meat, the other for vegetables.
Just some pot with a lid that you can boil water(and eat out of)

That's the most minimal setup you need

Modern Mom 15/04/30(Thu)22:29 No. 2580 ID: 65a334

I also have to add that the way to take care of a cast iron skillet is to just wipe the grease away. If it's really dirty then throw salt on it and scrub it with a paper towel or a piece of cloth.
I have an old-ass cast iron skillet from the 80's that I found in the university flat I moved into and it still works like a charm.

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