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Guide to Success from nothing Captain Derp 12/10/13(Sat)05:41 No. 387 ID: 353cb7 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135009966569.jpg - (36.42KB , 737x452 , your_office_gif.jpg )

I started with a criminal record for petty narcotics pos and a 'computer tresspassing' record guaranteeing me unemployment almost everywhere except manual labor. I was also living in a SRO in the worst area you can ever imagine, had no money, huge debt and couldn't even finish university so washed out in the second year due to poverty.


Any job will do. Some shitty manual labor position is great because then you also get some activity in so you aren't a fat bastard.

Easy jobs to get are landscaping (usually pays under the table cash), construction clean up, warehouse, or whatever you can find on your local Craigslist 'gigs' section. Alternatively there's the dreaded nightshift tech support. Look around for these on CL, or move to somewhere in your country where the jobs are. In Canada this means terribad mining and oilfiend work but it pays like $40/hr and there's nothing else to do up there, perfect for studying.

For me, I got a job at the post office and delivered mail, which meant I got off early and had lot's of time for school. Also consider institutions that will pay you to learn a trade, such as telephone companies and whatever else.


Basic income budget rule is 70/20/10

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Modern Mom 14/12/20(Sat)18:08 No. 2506 ID: 03c0fd

>the AOSP kernel is fucking ridiculously huge and full of bugs

You mean Linux? Because in all this time reading source code, I've never seen those "bugs" you are claiming AOSP is full of, can you explain better what you mean?

Modern Mom ## Admin ## 12/08/17(Fri)01:43 No. 1 ID: e5e5b6 [Reply] Stickied

File 134516062226.jpg - (17.39KB , 315x257 , Why don't poor people just buy more money.jpg )

Congratulations you poor bastards have earned your own board. Don't fuck it up. Any relevant rules will be created/added to this post when the time comes, but for the meantime try to keep it SFW.

Go Wild

Jesus Christ I'm useless; I should have specified that this board is for poor niggers to share money saving tips/vouchers and whatever.

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biffbro 14/11/30(Sun)19:46 No. 2483 ID: dcff67

nigger please

Modern Mom 14/06/17(Tue)06:13 No. 2128 ID: aaad3e [Reply]

File 140297838260.jpg - (577.51KB , 1920x1200 , 1402727963592.jpg )

I'm thinking about becoming a Catholic priest. It seems like super easy work, a good gentle lifestyle and tonnes of esteem. I'll have to pretend to be a theist leader but I'll get loads of attention from bitches even if I can't bang them. Most of all, though, is I basically don't have to pay any money for a house cause I can live in the Church, and if I get any medical fees I bet the congregation will pay that shit.

Catholic priests = god tier jews?

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Modern Mom 14/12/24(Wed)01:10 No. 2509 ID: 76aa97

Try this instead:
That way you get paid, and don't have to live a lie.
Also, you won't get trapped if you don't like it. When it's over you're paid.

bIFF 14/12/24(Wed)04:17 No. 2511 ID: d509a6

tried that with a Jw, but the hypocrisy and condoning of child abuse was too much, plus the brainwashing was incredibly thorough, I'm still de-programming myself.

Modern Mom 15/02/23(Mon)01:14 No. 2553 ID: cd797b

File 142465046151.jpg - (15.44KB , 552x310 , 10897535_10153041725309030_10153041723224030_45124.jpg )

being a priest means having a lot of bosses. i got ordained through the mail,and the who ordained me died, so no boss. it's a useful scam to say your house is a parsonage to avoid property tax. legal because true.

Modern Mom 15/01/21(Wed)20:24 No. 2523 ID: 5dd9ba [Reply]

File 14218682885.jpg - (386.38KB , 793x724 , Ach_Bernd!.jpg )

If you're the educated (BSC, MSC) and you have to work below your qualifications, post there

Msc, biologist, call center monkey. This job has turned me into alcoholic. No perpsectives for change either, job market is awful for STEM graduates, even PhD's.

Although I'm almost 30, I still live with my parents.

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Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)20:51 No. 2537 ID: 0b7694

bs in civil engineering

my most recent occupations were
commerical crabber <-really fucking awesome
weed trimmer <-awesome
scrapping metal <-self employed, awesome
hauling furniture <-self employed, awesome
my last engineering job was testing well water as a technician which was fucking awesome but im an idiot and dropped our trailer on the freeway and suddenly no room in the budget for me the next week. although i was taking their per diem allowances to the max, lol

I almost got this job that was 16hours a day 7days in a row at min wage (w/ overtime) that woulda been great resume padding
environmental, technical, boats
but then i found out there was random drug screenings and i was out

Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)20:55 No. 2538 ID: 0b7694

^^^also im living rent free in a forclosed house stuck in legal limbo and once that is through im gonna drive to ny to live with a bitch and fuck her till i find a cheap flight to a country where i know someone who is also visiting
>gonna fund it with the money i rack up w/e i actually have a professional job which is actually a lot since im such a fucking jew

and the jew that i am, w.e i had a proffesional job, i saved the fuck out of that money, yeeeee

Modern Mom 15/02/23(Mon)01:08 No. 2552 ID: cd797b

File 14246501275.jpg - (92.81KB , 634x498 , article-2515703-19AF908200000578-663_634x498.jpg )

i'm a lawyer, but i'm crazy so i avoid the lawyer gigs, so i support myself from doing medical studies, a little bit of rent from some shacks i own, another investment i have, and dumpster diving. if i have to i could go get warehouse job, but for 10 years i havent had to.
photo: them apples.

Modern Mom 14/07/04(Fri)07:36 No. 2154 ID: 1b02b6 [Reply]

File 140445218716.jpg - (179.27KB , 1600x1142 , 1400108349311.jpg )

I'm putting this in thrifty living because it would save me a lot of the problems caused by under-eating. I simply don't have the appetite others do.

What is the most calorie-dense food out there? Like preferably 500+ in just a tiny teaspoon of solid or liquid? Does any such thing exist?

I guess I would be saving money in the long run because then I don't suffer the consequences of under-eating.

Thank you.

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Modern Mom 14/09/01(Mon)08:20 No. 2294 ID: adcc76

I have to opposite problem, I'm lifting and in college so naturally I'm doing GOMAD, besides rice and milk is there anything like fruits and vegetables that I can buy in bulk to save money?

Modern Mom 15/02/21(Sat)02:34 No. 2547 ID: 0b7694

carrots are hullllla cheap

Modern Mom 15/02/23(Mon)00:56 No. 2551 ID: cd797b

is there anything like fruits and vegetables that I can buy in bulk to save money?

the book possum living suggests go to the feed store, buy 50 pound bags of stuff like rolled oats, corn meal. make sure its in a form humans can eat.

otherwise, check who in town has the best deal on #100 bag of potatoes.

dumpster diving can be good exercise and free fruits veggies bread etc.

when i was 150 in school and tying to bulk up to 160, i ate/drank this orange flavored starch drink from gnc and ate a 1#, $1 from big lots, bag of chips before bed, that's 1800 calories.

then i got fat from years of gin and tonics and free food, now i'm down to 170 and nervous about if i have cancer or tapeworm or something.

Good first/low budget investments. Modern Mom 14/09/13(Sat)08:47 No. 2312 ID: 1862b0 [Reply]

File 141059083876.jpg - (93.91KB , 490x490 , jm-kilo-bar-front-back.jpg )

Hey there guys. I am a hard working 21 year old, and I've set aside $1500 from wage slaving to begin an investment portfolio. I'm currently considering using a chunk of that money to purchase silver bullion, because it seems like a guaranteed profit over the long run. Pictured is the exact object with which I would like to start my financial future, a 1kg silver bar that can be had for only $629 in the current economic climate. Does anybody have any tips for the poor, wannabe investor such as myself? And is anybody else starting this journey or thinking about it?

Modern Mom 14/09/13(Sat)09:06 No. 2313 ID: 15121f

This thread is the same topic, repost there and delete this thread?

If you can't delete it just report it and it'll get removed.

Silver's cool but afaik its price fluctuates greatly. It will be useful in a post economic crash era though.

Modern Mom 15/02/21(Sat)02:25 No. 2546 ID: 0b7694

if you have a large stable piece of property, just buy copper

it is way down due to gas being down, but it will inevetable rise as it is used in all sorts of stuff

its like $2/lb and hopfully up to 4$/lb within five years but definitely will be within 10years

Modern Mom 15/02/22(Sun)12:28 No. 2550 ID: 8289b5

Don't speculate with commodities. Check this video.

Modern Mom 14/09/04(Thu)21:59 No. 2296 ID: eb89c4 [Reply]

File 140986074049.gif - (1.37MB , 264x264 , 1408570479087.gif )

I have a very minor phone debt of like 50 EUR that I never found out about until it was too late.

They ended up giving it to a collection agency. I moved around a bit so I didn't get the letter from the collection agency either.

Am I fucked in terms of money? Do I have to pay a shitload now? I'm poor as fuck and a student.

Modern Mom 14/09/04(Thu)22:45 No. 2297 ID: 15121f

Explain that they are cocks and you will not pay. Or something like that. Ask for advice from the Student Office for finances or equivalent, there's probably protocol for these things.
A fucking collection company for 50 EUR? They're the Jews, not you brother.

Modern Mom 14/09/04(Thu)23:07 No. 2298 ID: eb89c4

Yeah, that's more or less the advice I got from a guy I know who's been in a similar situation. He also suggested I pay the original sum directly to the company.

I already wrote to them and asked to at least tell me the name of the collection agency. I'll see what happens next.

Modern Mom 15/02/22(Sun)10:57 No. 2549 ID: b11d27

If you do pay it, always pay the company you originally owe, NEVER the collection agency.

I had an ambulance bill a while ago that I never should have gotten because they didn't have my insurance info on hand. It was for around $350. Called the ambulance place and got it straightened out. Somehow got sent to collection agency anyway. Called ambulance place back and they said my bill was paid and I didn't owe anything. Collection agency said I owed over $1,000 for that one bill.

That was almost 2 years ago. Still getting calls from collection agency a few times a week despite telling them that bill was paid long ago, and that I'm not stupid and would never give them more than twice the amount that I actually owed.

I don't know how collection agencies are still legal.

Making Cash With Zero Fundage Biff 14/02/08(Sat)05:35 No. 1890 ID: 3e2241 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139183414112.jpg - (857.90KB , 708x1240 , 04kyosai10015.jpg )

Let's talk about ways to make cash online, it can really help out and once you get efficient with it and have a good group then you're golden.

I won't lie, I'd like to find a person or two from this board to be in a new group. You wouldn't believe how fast and simple things get when you get everyone working together well and can make the money on nearly autopilot, depending on what method you are using. Also tips and resources are always good.

69 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
bIFF 15/02/12(Thu)11:20 No. 2534 ID: d509a6

wowza, so long! i am happy to make a new one, but id rather rez this one better than ever!

Bitcoins Ike + Kyle = Kyke 15/02/20(Fri)21:31 No. 2543 ID: cbe673


I use this site to make a little bit of money its like a euro or 2 a day extra so thats pretty nice
you can earn even more but im scared to put money on there but it looks legit

Has anybody done this before and if so got any tips for me?


Bitcoins Ike+++Kyle+=+Kyke 15/02/22(Sun)08:23 No. 2548 ID: cbe673

I just bought the 20 euro upgrade and now made 12 Euro back already in 3 days its really good i believe its legit some people called it a bitcoin faucet or something i really suggest taking a look at it

Post-Modern Mom 12/11/05(Mon)03:48 No. 468 ID: 846bd5 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135208372511.jpg - (42.67KB , 420x403 , Thief.jpg )

If I were to start stealing things from stores to save money, how would I go about it? Related question: If I were to begin selling things I stole from stores, how would I go about it?

72 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 14/10/16(Thu)19:49 No. 2391 ID: c3f089

BOGOF offers:
Buy 5 of them (you can mix it in with a whole trolley of stuff if you've got a legit shop to do)! After you've paid for them offload one to your mate, go the customer service counter and tell them they charged you for one too many. Get it refunded.

Modern Mom 14/11/14(Fri)09:38 No. 2446 ID: e82e6a






Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)23:18 No. 2545 ID: 0b7694

ha, thats a great one, lol

Modern Mom 13/12/13(Fri)22:52 No. 1793 ID: 740f9c [Reply]

File 138697154813.png - (12.26KB , 354x354 , c.png )

How does one make counterfeit dollars? My buddy did it, back when I wasn't interested in knowing it, but he died back in 2010.

I don't want to make big bills since they catch on to that quick. Just small bills, like 1s and 5s. There was also someone counterfeiting 20s in the area so I'd be waiting and using different bills anyways. A basic run through of how to do it would be nice. It'd help me out a lot.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 14/04/23(Wed)21:04 No. 2049 ID: 435fb3

isnt this illigal?

Modern Mom 14/04/23(Wed)21:59 No. 2055 ID: 937cda


But if you do manage to learn and make (good) counterfits, I'm sure you can make good money selling them on the Silk Road or some other dark market online.

Modern Mom 15/02/20(Fri)21:55 No. 2544 ID: 0b7694

my buddy printed a bunch of 10s and twentys on nice paper at office depot
went home and cut them out pretty straight and then crumpled them up just enough, not to much.
he would spend them at food trucks or other places with rediculous lines being ran through really fast

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