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Guide to Success from nothing Captain Derp 12/10/13(Sat)05:41 No. 387 ID: 353cb7 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135009966569.jpg - (36.42KB , 737x452 , your_office_gif.jpg )

I started with a criminal record for petty narcotics pos and a 'computer tresspassing' record guaranteeing me unemployment almost everywhere except manual labor. I was also living in a SRO in the worst area you can ever imagine, had no money, huge debt and couldn't even finish university so washed out in the second year due to poverty.


Any job will do. Some shitty manual labor position is great because then you also get some activity in so you aren't a fat bastard.

Easy jobs to get are landscaping (usually pays under the table cash), construction clean up, warehouse, or whatever you can find on your local Craigslist 'gigs' section. Alternatively there's the dreaded nightshift tech support. Look around for these on CL, or move to somewhere in your country where the jobs are. In Canada this means terribad mining and oilfiend work but it pays like $40/hr and there's nothing else to do up there, perfect for studying.

For me, I got a job at the post office and delivered mail, which meant I got off early and had lot's of time for school. Also consider institutions that will pay you to learn a trade, such as telephone companies and whatever else.


Basic income budget rule is 70/20/10

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Modern Mom 17/02/04(Sat)12:37 No. 2947 ID: 571488

thanks for sharing this op

shame i'm a fucking idiot though

Modern Mom ## Admin ## 12/08/17(Fri)01:43 No. 1 ID: e5e5b6 [Reply] Stickied

File 134516062226.jpg - (17.39KB , 315x257 , Why don't poor people just buy more money.jpg )

Congratulations you poor bastards have earned your own board. Don't fuck it up. Any relevant rules will be created/added to this post when the time comes, but for the meantime try to keep it SFW.

Go Wild

Jesus Christ I'm useless; I should have specified that this board is for poor niggers to share money saving tips/vouchers and whatever.

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Modern Mom 16/12/24(Sat)18:09 No. 2930 ID: a746cd

So this is a board for Jewish Witchcraft? Can we also discuss plans to form our own state here(for exemple start WOIII).

Pressure Cookers Modern Mom 16/02/10(Wed)19:09 No. 2809 ID: fe3665 [Reply]

File 145512775028.jpg - (5.32KB , 272x185 , lataus (1).jpg )

Get yourself a pressure cooker. With it you can save on energy and food costs.
Faster cooking time = Less energy spent
Legumes and cheap meat cooks faster = cheaper food
Seriously, you can buy the most crappy cuts with most connective tissue and the pressure cooker will dissolve all that and you end up with delicious meat. Also cooking beans for example is a lot less hassle when you don't have to cook it for hours and hours.
Your relative probably has one somewhere that is useless to them lying around. They used to be a fad .

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Modern Mom 17/02/20(Mon)00:53 No. 2961 ID: f7301d


It's easy to use. Insert water and dry beans, turn up heat to high, start timer for 20 minutes, close lid. When vigorous hissing begins, turn heat to medium. When timer goes off, remove pot from heat and wait. When pot cools enough to unlock itself, open and serve.

OR soak the beans first and then change the 20 above to a 5 (roughly, depending on bean type). OR use black-eyed peas and 5-minute cooking time with NO soaking (black-eyed peas are naturally flimsy I guess). OR use lentils and change the 20 above to a 0, again with no soaking (lentils are very flimsy).

I don't know how to do it with meat but whatever I'm sure it's pretty easy.

Explosion is not an issue if you're using a cooker in decent condition. Modern ones have pressure-driven locking mechanisms to stop you from opening them too early and blasting yourself in the face, as well as, totally separately from that, emergency release valves so that if the main hissing valve clogs then you'll only end up with a controlled spewing rather than an instantaneous, shrapnel-throwing blast. If you visually peek and (if necessary) blow through the main valve before you put the cooker away every time, then you shouldn't ever get any clog there anyway, supposing you don't try to cook up a pot of glue or something.

Pressure cookers are AWESOME.

Modern Mom 17/02/20(Mon)00:58 No. 2962 ID: f7301d


Oh whoops I got the timings wrong... not that anybody is probably going to follow my instructions anyway, but in case somebody does, what I meant to say is:

black-eyed peas: 5 minutes between start of hissing and removal from heat
lentils: 0 minutes between start of hissing and removal from heat
harder beans (pinto, navy, etc.), pre-soaked: 5-ish minutes between start of hissing and removal from heat
harder beans, not pre-soaked: 20 minutes between START OF COOKING and removal from heat, so maybe like 13 minutes between start of hissing and removal from heat

It's not advanced math or anything; you get used to it. Pick your few recipes you like and memorize them and there you go, easy cheap food.

Also if you leave the lid off it's just a regular pot, as long as you treat it nicely and don't dent up the top edge or anything (that could mess up the seal). It's nice to have one extra pot for free.

Modern Mom 17/02/20(Mon)02:56 No. 2963 ID: 141386

They can also be used to make bombs also, so that's pretty handy.

save money on food by not paying for it shepard+dog 17/02/15(Wed)16:19 No. 2954 ID: f1d828 [Reply]

File 148717194117.jpg - (164.31KB , 1024x699 , LyMVjfm.jpg )

hello i see were trying to save money so i thought id share some general rules i use when dumpster diving

while it may seem nasy at first its amazing what is tossed away by the "effcent" capitalism we live under i currently just finished a pack of baggles with chease and ham to make a crude Mc morning sandwich

1 time
times one of the two most important factors time can take on multiple faces however such as the time from throw out till you find and the time of year it can also account for the time of dumpster removal and pick up these three factors come together under the general rule of time obviously the less time between finding food and a dumpster and when the food enters the dumpster the better as it will have less time to rot however given the time of year currently as I write this it is winter there for the outside is a complete freezer thus negating the factor of how long ago it was thrown away as the natural environment is preserving goodies

2 packaging
Packaging is the only barrier between delicious food and the rotting external environment found within a dumpster so only take items whose packaging is visibly intact this is also a decent security measure to determine whether or not bugs or varmints have tried to nibble away at the food

3 processed goods
Obviously the more processed that food items are the safer they are as things such as canning or pasteurization kill any potential bacteria inside the packaging so as long as the package is intact these items are prime value and anything else in your bag should be secondary to any sort of canned good or processed packaged food things such as flour or sugar should be avoided fruits and vegetables should also be avoided as they spoil easily and rarely have airtight packages that's can adequately protect the food inside

4 meat hiararchy
Due to my understanding of meat processing this kind of falls under processed Goods but it's a bit more specific from my experience pig meat is one of the only meats you can be almost 100% certain is safe to eat even in the middle of the hot summer sun this is due to the high amounts of salt that are used in the production process of pig meat the second popular meet would be some sort of steak or cut cow meat I do not recommend ground beef or any sort of Blended ground-up meat as it is harder to identify spoiling last on the list is bird meat I would advise to steer clear of bird meat of any kind due to the higher levels of diseases being present in bird meat such as chicken
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Modern Mom 17/02/15(Wed)16:39 No. 2956 ID: 0c2267

im glad this is here
good stuff, thanks

Modern Mom 17/02/15(Wed)23:12 No. 2959 ID: 7fd13b


Wow an effective way of stealing phone shaped things from a store...


shepard+dog 17/02/16(Thu)16:10 No. 2960 ID: 7d9d5d

thought i posted that as a seperat post ....oh well guess i got em both in one spot so i can reply to any question on both topics

Post-Modern Mom 12/11/05(Mon)03:48 No. 468 ID: 846bd5 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135208372511.jpg - (42.67KB , 420x403 , Thief.jpg )

If I were to start stealing things from stores to save money, how would I go about it? Related question: If I were to begin selling things I stole from stores, how would I go about it?

85 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 17/02/07(Tue)23:40 No. 2948 ID: 8455ef

This might work, but beware, most stores do follow closing procedures and employees will be told to check the store for customers. You will have to hide from unmotivated underlings while they do this and up to 45 minutes of your anus clenching and other closing procedures. Not to mention they might have additional security they put on during the night (my old wage-slave-store had motion detectors which are WAY cheaper than a camera system and cover everything). You would have to have intimate knowledge of a store to pull this off.

shepard+dog 17/02/15(Wed)16:42 No. 2957 ID: f1d828

Technically I cannot condone illegal activity but if you are particularly desperate such as in a homelessness situation perhaps you can find use in something I call the phone game I recommend only doing this at low and dollar stores as a means of covertly shoplifting pic related

What you do is pretend you are texting on a phone the damn thing doesn't even after work it could be a toy phone for all I care this is simply so that if someone was trying to watch you they would simply think you are sending text messages perhaps to whoever you are shopping for now I've only seen cans of sardines be the right size to do the phone game but basically what you do is you grab two or three of the item that you want and then place your hands together like you are texting with both thumbs and then just slip the 1-2 cans of sardines behind the phone and take the remaining can and put it back on the Shelf where it belongs preferably facing forward flush with the rest of the product so it looks like you put everything back this will allow you to grab things even while people are watching you and they won't suspect a thing and then you can take your phone hand which everyone clearly sees you are feeling with your phone so then with simple sleight of hand or diversion whatever technical word you would like to use you can slip the phone into your pocket along with the tins of sardines and you can repeat this process pulling your phone back out later to pretend you are having more texts and repeat the process until your pockets are full enough to survive

Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope you have a wonderful day

Modern Mom 17/02/15(Wed)23:12 No. 2958 ID: 7fd13b


Wow and effective way of stealing phone shaped items from a store.

In summary Ghosts 14/07/07(Mon)01:02 No. 2161 ID: 91e813 [Reply]

File 140468774888.gif - (1.91MB , 630x420 , bulldorito_630x420.gif )

Follow all these to save/make money.

1. Do not drink or do drugs. If drink regularly and you find yourself here and broke, there's your problem. You need to deal with that before you can fix your money problems. No thrifty living tip will keep you wealthy and drunk or high, ever.

2. Use reusable house ware items. Do not use paper towel or plastic wrap. Ikea has kitchen towels for $0.50 each. Get about 5 and use them to wipe messes, blow your nose, everything. Get some cheap plastic containers to store food.

3. Shop around and identify the value retailers. Some grocery stores cater to the middle and upper class, and others lower, so find the lower. Depending on your location, there might be small family-run markets that sell fruits and vegetables a little cheaper.

4. Break the spending habit. Stop the psychological justifications your have to buy games, clothes, computer shit, etc. You may need to give all your money for a trusted friend/partner. You should be buying groceries each week and that's all.

5. Always be learning. You can go from zero to a $50k job in a few months if you commit yourself to learning software development online. This may take a large lifestyle change that means no more LoL, Youtube, chans, etc. For starters, see Codecademy and CS50.

6. Don't drive a car. Ride the bus or bike and move if necessary.

Here's a 1 week shopping list (priced from an expensive region, store brand stuff):
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Modern Mom 16/01/30(Sat)16:30 No. 2806 ID: 716d81

>2. Use reusable house ware items. Do not use paper towel or plastic wrap. Ikea has kitchen towels for $0.50 each. Get about 5 and use them to wipe messes, blow your nose, everything. Get some cheap plastic containers to store food.
I beg to differ. Sometimes disposable paper kitchen towels is the only ting that can do the job. Not that it should be used for everything.

Modern Mom 16/02/17(Wed)22:58 No. 2811 ID: 09a3b2

I eat very cheap.

Potatoes and beans are great as you fill full without eating much and there are lots of protein.
Home baked high fiber bread is also good and cheap.
Frozen veggies, spice, broth and noodles makes a cheap, healthy ramen soup.
Beans are great with both bread and rice.
Potatoes are great by them selves just cooked or baked, with a little salt and some spices.
I also "splurge" on fish and lean chicken to eat healthier.
All in all I eat for no money and am still eating healthy, and getting all the things my body need.

Modern Mom 17/01/16(Mon)23:59 No. 2942 ID: 99dc99

>butt wipes
>toilet paper

If you want to be thrifty, just clean up the pajeet way. You're just going to wash your hands after you wipe anyway, might as well put something on them to clean off.

Modern Mom 16/07/04(Mon)00:45 No. 2854 ID: 7715bc [Reply]

File 146758592276.jpg - (75.07KB , 425x514 , aldi.jpg )

Protip - ALDI

If you have one near you, this is a place to pay hundreds of dollars less for groceries. If you buy the right items, thy're even healthy.

7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 17/01/27(Fri)20:07 No. 2946 ID: 67e5a6

File 148554406349.jpg - (4.13KB , 160x113 , imagesCALV2UR1.jpg )

For those of us not living east of the Mississippi or the fucking concrete valley of Hell known as LA there are other stores with similar stocking methods and cheap prices. Try Save-A-Lot or any decent Mexican, Asian, or Middle Eastern Grocery store. The meat selection is often wider and sometimes better cut and the produce variety and bakery sections can be really amazing.

"BUT ANON the food looks weird and the products are all off brand"

Yes. They save money by not shelving out of the carton they come in, not packing meat in expensive packaging, and not turning their nose up at produce that may have a spot here and there. To be perfectly honest, these grocery stores are actually more enviro friendly (if that's your thing) then most main stream stores because of the reason listed.

"BUT ANON then I'll have to shop with brown people, who might look at me funny!!"

Shut the fuck up! Do you want to save money or not?

Modern Mom 17/02/12(Sun)00:19 No. 2951 ID: 418381

but lidl is better though god tier shit at dirt cheap prices

Modern Mom 17/02/14(Tue)23:37 No. 2952 ID: 012da4

fuck aldis those bastareds dont have bags for the shit ya buy
dollar tree is cheaper and gives ya a fucking bag to carry shit home

Modern Mom 16/12/13(Tue)15:14 No. 2924 ID: 7d6fd0 [Reply]

File 148163847697.gif - (1.95MB , 1000x737 , 1465696730061.gif )

I have an appointment to get some tests done to prove i have ADHD and autism. (I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child but not autism.) so i can get SSI. Now, i know its not a popular thing, but how do i prove i have autism? Im socially retarded, that much is clear to me, but how do i prove that? Do i just start throwing up as soon as i try communicating with another human? I don't want to work, thats my dream. People are always going on about following your dream. I dont need moralists and baby boomers who have "strong" work ethics and ideas telling me what for.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 16/12/27(Tue)21:49 No. 2931 ID: 2e2e99

Working sucks but having your life be an amusement park ride like you want is just going to make work more and more appealing. If you really want it good than I suggest some high paying part time work and a nice dose of stop-being-fucking-lazy.
As much as I liked my 4 day weekend, I'm a bit glad to be back at work, I'm eating regularly, my bowl movements are coming often and I just feel better at the end of the work day.

Currently I work full time but my goal is part time or self-employment.

Modern Mom 16/12/28(Wed)07:19 No. 2932 ID: 7fa261

You don't have autism. You probably don't even have ADHD. Considering how much pre-meditation you've put into this, I wouldn't say you can credibly claim either disorder. You're probably just a faggot with bad social skills and an inferiority complex.

anon 17/02/09(Thu)19:26 No. 2950 ID: 467691

tell them what they want to hear , to get the things you want to get , im happying the same , with the difference that i dont have any dream

Modern Mom 16/10/27(Thu)16:42 No. 2897 ID: e39136 [Reply]

File 147757932491.jpg - (51.67KB , 420x364 , image.jpg )

Modern Mom 17/01/08(Sun)02:19 No. 2940 ID: 55a282

when I first saw this I thought the fat boss was kneeling down shoving a midget with his belly

Good first/low budget investments. Modern Mom 14/09/13(Sat)08:47 No. 2312 ID: 1862b0 [Reply]

File 141059083876.jpg - (93.91KB , 490x490 , jm-kilo-bar-front-back.jpg )

Hey there guys. I am a hard working 21 year old, and I've set aside $1500 from wage slaving to begin an investment portfolio. I'm currently considering using a chunk of that money to purchase silver bullion, because it seems like a guaranteed profit over the long run. Pictured is the exact object with which I would like to start my financial future, a 1kg silver bar that can be had for only $629 in the current economic climate. Does anybody have any tips for the poor, wannabe investor such as myself? And is anybody else starting this journey or thinking about it?

15 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 16/12/09(Fri)12:34 No. 2923 ID: 1fc8a1

Invest in silver. I am 39 now, and when I was 19 silver was $5 an ounce and now it is $17. Over 300% increase in only 20 years! A few years ago it was around $40!!!

Gold great if you can afford it as it's worth is tied to world currencies. In the same 20 year time perios gold has also risen 300% from $500 an ounce to around $1500.

Modern Mom 17/01/02(Mon)01:53 No. 2937 ID: d3d12c

You can use the 2008 market prices for most things, to determine the cheapest it's willing to get.

Silver hit $9/oz in 2008, went to $48 by 2011 before ComEx started manipulating the price w/ by dumping naked futures on the market.

ECB + JCB are having to buy ~$150bn of "stuff" a month just to keep their economies afloat. We're gonna get slammed with a ton of inflation sooner than later. Interest on fiat is verifiably the problem now, they'll resort to permanent money creation and pay off their own debts. Once that happens we'll get lots of inflation and hard assets will do very nicely.

Modern Mom 17/01/02(Mon)01:55 No. 2938 ID: d3d12c

Forgot to mention, I'm building my position anywhere between $9-16/oz.

Gonna sell $30+ easily.

I'm mostly excited for cryptocurrency, Peercoin is $5m cap vs Bitcoin's $12bn, and is the genesis for the system Ethereum uses (and a ton of other clones). $5m cap will easily get to $100m sometime 2017, it's cheapest I think it'll ever get right *now*. 33c average cost, I'll easily be able to dump these for $1, then $3, then $5-7, and saving a chunk for whatever stupid number it gets to.

Gotta love standard deviation movements in niche assets! Rare, but they exist!

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