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Guide to Success from nothing Captain Derp 12/10/13(Sat)05:41 No. 387 ID: 353cb7 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135009966569.jpg - (36.42KB , 737x452 , your_office_gif.jpg )

I started with a criminal record for petty narcotics pos and a 'computer tresspassing' record guaranteeing me unemployment almost everywhere except manual labor. I was also living in a SRO in the worst area you can ever imagine, had no money, huge debt and couldn't even finish university so washed out in the second year due to poverty.


Any job will do. Some shitty manual labor position is great because then you also get some activity in so you aren't a fat bastard.

Easy jobs to get are landscaping (usually pays under the table cash), construction clean up, warehouse, or whatever you can find on your local Craigslist 'gigs' section. Alternatively there's the dreaded nightshift tech support. Look around for these on CL, or move to somewhere in your country where the jobs are. In Canada this means terribad mining and oilfiend work but it pays like $40/hr and there's nothing else to do up there, perfect for studying.

For me, I got a job at the post office and delivered mail, which meant I got off early and had lot's of time for school. Also consider institutions that will pay you to learn a trade, such as telephone companies and whatever else.


Basic income budget rule is 70/20/10

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Modern Mom 15/08/28(Fri)08:59 No. 2660 ID: 370606

I've been programming for 6 years, first learning by myself, then in Uni. I can honestly say I'm in the top 5-10% range of programmers skill-wise.

Yeah... You won't make 70k$ your first year with an online degree. Even people with Masters in CS generally make on ~50-60k$ their first year on the job market.

It takes about 10 undergrad courses to get a basic understanding of software development and at least 1-2 years MINIUMUM of experience to not be complete shit at it.

It's true you don't NEED a paper, however you need to be either crazily smart or really lucky to get a great idea you can sell.

There's about 3-4% of startups that work alright, 1% of those get bought for huge sums of money.

If you guys want the real fucking steps:

-Get degree online while working freelance part-time.
-Work for a decent size company for a good 4 years.
-Do what the fuck you want.
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Modern Mom ## Admin ## 12/08/17(Fri)01:43 No. 1 ID: e5e5b6 [Reply] Stickied

File 134516062226.jpg - (17.39KB , 315x257 , Why don't poor people just buy more money.jpg )

Congratulations you poor bastards have earned your own board. Don't fuck it up. Any relevant rules will be created/added to this post when the time comes, but for the meantime try to keep it SFW.

Go Wild

Jesus Christ I'm useless; I should have specified that this board is for poor niggers to share money saving tips/vouchers and whatever.

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Modern Mom 15/03/23(Mon)01:04 No. 2558 ID: bc0dd7

Frugalness intensifies

Modern Mom 14/07/04(Fri)07:36 No. 2154 ID: 1b02b6 [Reply]

File 140445218716.jpg - (179.27KB , 1600x1142 , 1400108349311.jpg )

I'm putting this in thrifty living because it would save me a lot of the problems caused by under-eating. I simply don't have the appetite others do.

What is the most calorie-dense food out there? Like preferably 500+ in just a tiny teaspoon of solid or liquid? Does any such thing exist?

I guess I would be saving money in the long run because then I don't suffer the consequences of under-eating.

Thank you.

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Modern Mom 15/08/14(Fri)04:11 No. 2647 ID: 9c70dd

Butter. Poeple on polar expeditions eat it for lunch. It contains 750 kilo-calories per 100g. If you melt 100g of butter you have a little less than half a glassfull. Close enough?

Modern Mom 15/08/29(Sat)01:24 No. 2661 ID: 418d7a

My experience with it has been the slightly higher priced "gold premium" tin in the tower shape mixes a bit better with water so you don't have to blend it.
Its a few dollars to make it much easier to stomach, although its really not that bad overall. Milk really amps the taste, along with adding fat and protein and sugar but it will up the overall price of each cup.
I say just use water. I've experimented with putting it in biscuits, oats, eggs, and other things and its does fairly well.

Modern Mom 15/08/29(Sat)01:32 No. 2662 ID: 418d7a

oats are fine, they are already cooked in most cases so its safe to eat them raw.
Fuck potatoes and corn meal though. You're better off spending money on anything else, what you're eating is basically sugar without the benefits of actual sugar. Veggies are best canned/frozen, they sell green beans in 7 pound tins at most meijer or bulk stores. I suggest getting frozen if you can't manage that, but remember that veggies are basically fiber plus water. You might be better off just getting metamucil, careful with the dose starting up as you'll be shitting 2 pounds a day.
People who live in the bush and consume mostly fiber don't get diseases like we in the west do, like cancer/diabetes. This is presumed to do with the fiber/sugar ratio, which is like 12:1 over there and the opposite over here.

I good thing to remember is that the only reason fruit is 'healthy' is the fiber in it that keeps the sugar from fucking your system. As for the vitamins and shit, I won't tell you to take a multi but fucking eat some goddamn spinach you cunt.

Modern Mom 13/12/13(Fri)22:52 No. 1793 ID: 740f9c [Reply]

File 138697154813.png - (12.26KB , 354x354 , c.png )

How does one make counterfeit dollars? My buddy did it, back when I wasn't interested in knowing it, but he died back in 2010.

I don't want to make big bills since they catch on to that quick. Just small bills, like 1s and 5s. There was also someone counterfeiting 20s in the area so I'd be waiting and using different bills anyways. A basic run through of how to do it would be nice. It'd help me out a lot.

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Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:35 No. 2652 ID: a206fc

Too damn risky man.

That's one of the few nonviolent non headline grabbing crimes where the law can really pile on resources and hammer you legitimately. And they will, especially if you're not planning on packing up and changing cities every couple months.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:37 No. 2653 ID: a206fc

Seriously, doing it in any amount that's really worthwhile for more than the satisfaction of sticking it to the man is just asking for it.

Modern Mom 15/08/26(Wed)08:56 No. 2659 ID: 97e000


Wash the singles and print 10s. Don't be too greedy. And never spend them alone, three fakes looks bad, one fake and two real is plausible (if you‘re caught).

Fraud is probably higher return for lower risk anyway.

Dont have a flashdrive? Jason December 14/09/29(Mon)23:33 No. 2359 ID: 39ed48 [Reply]

File 141202642929.jpg - (5.21KB , 289x174 , lll.jpg )

Never buy flash drives,
Use sites like googledrive, opendrive, onedrive etc


From Jason December

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Modern Mom 15/08/11(Tue)02:43 No. 2646 ID: faf706

He's just being ironic!

iMEM 15/08/22(Sat)08:13 No. 2655 ID: 0abe60

Some good advice:
At suburban garage sales?: Go for USB. Check for 3.0 and haggle down.

Online Currency/Amazon?: Pick up some of the now dated 32gb class 10 tf cards. Easy to hide and store safely.

Have money for bulk?: Pick up some office desktops (the mini towers are great if you find them at auctions. Most 'refurbished' online are a dice roll.) Set up a server with 2-4, ~500gb per unit on average. Last one I found was 1.5tb for $125 but it needed maintenance.

Modern Mom 15/08/26(Wed)08:51 No. 2658 ID: 97e000


Gave all of mine away because their malware vectors. SDXC baby.

Modern Mom 15/01/21(Wed)20:24 No. 2523 ID: 5dd9ba [Reply]

File 14218682885.jpg - (386.38KB , 793x724 , Ach_Bernd!.jpg )

If you're the educated (BSC, MSC) and you have to work below your qualifications, post there

Msc, biologist, call center monkey. This job has turned me into alcoholic. No perpsectives for change either, job market is awful for STEM graduates, even PhD's.

Although I'm almost 30, I still live with my parents.

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Modern Mom 15/02/23(Mon)01:08 No. 2552 ID: cd797b

File 14246501275.jpg - (92.81KB , 634x498 , article-2515703-19AF908200000578-663_634x498.jpg )

i'm a lawyer, but i'm crazy so i avoid the lawyer gigs, so i support myself from doing medical studies, a little bit of rent from some shacks i own, another investment i have, and dumpster diving. if i have to i could go get warehouse job, but for 10 years i havent had to.
photo: them apples.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:49 No. 2654 ID: a206fc

File 14397257581.jpg - (21.06KB , 250x166 , benefits.jpg )

Huh, $2,000 and half a year of trade school and after 7 years in the business I'm making enough for a good apartment in an ok area of town, a good used car, 401k and good health insurance while socking away money for a house some time down the road. Hell, first job out the gate I was pulling down a third more than minimum wage.

Never gonna be rich, but I can be comfortable.

Modern Mom 15/08/25(Tue)11:03 No. 2657 ID: f056bc

BSME, graduated May 2014.

Spent the last year and a half working for my folks on the farm, essentially for room and board.

Yesterday I got an offer for an engineering position. I'm going to send in my acceptance today.

The job sounds pretty sweet, but I find it a little strange they didn't even want to have an in-person/on-site interview.

Hang in there everyone.

Modern Mom 14/06/17(Tue)06:13 No. 2128 ID: aaad3e [Reply]

File 140297838260.jpg - (577.51KB , 1920x1200 , 1402727963592.jpg )

I'm thinking about becoming a Catholic priest. It seems like super easy work, a good gentle lifestyle and tonnes of esteem. I'll have to pretend to be a theist leader but I'll get loads of attention from bitches even if I can't bang them. Most of all, though, is I basically don't have to pay any money for a house cause I can live in the Church, and if I get any medical fees I bet the congregation will pay that shit.

Catholic priests = god tier jews?

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bIFF 14/12/24(Wed)04:17 No. 2511 ID: d509a6

tried that with a Jw, but the hypocrisy and condoning of child abuse was too much, plus the brainwashing was incredibly thorough, I'm still de-programming myself.

Modern Mom 15/02/23(Mon)01:14 No. 2553 ID: cd797b

File 142465046151.jpg - (15.44KB , 552x310 , 10897535_10153041725309030_10153041723224030_45124.jpg )

being a priest means having a lot of bosses. i got ordained through the mail,and the who ordained me died, so no boss. it's a useful scam to say your house is a parsonage to avoid property tax. legal because true.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:29 No. 2651 ID: a206fc

Gotta go to priest school first, or be super charismatic and start your own church. In fact, a lot of the job requires the congregation to like you for the bennies to keep coming in.

You wanna be the priest everybody wants to officiate at their weddings and christenings, not the guy the boss priest always fobs off on the confessionals.

Leaving "Home" Modern Mom 15/03/27(Fri)06:10 No. 2560 ID: cd727d [Reply]

File 14274330042.jpg - (38.61KB , 583x389 , potsandpans_0.jpg )

Hello /jew/, I'm leaving home here in a few months and was wandering about kitchenware. My family refuses to help me whatsoever. What is the best way to go with cookware at first? cheap and shitty, or the more expensive longer lasting stuff?

This goes for everything kitchen related. Cups,plates,silverware. Everything.

10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/08/06(Thu)23:10 No. 2642 ID: 2879cc

One cast iron.
One everyday nonadhesive pan. (sautés, pancakes, everyday use)
One scrap pan (stainless if possible) so you can do most of your dirty shit with it without burning your nonadhesive

A set of big pots (pot, strainer, cover)
A set of small pots (for sauces and alike)

A microwave-resistant pyrex for rice

the rest is up to your choice.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:08 No. 2649 ID: a206fc

File 143972333932.jpg - (23.52KB , 605x270 , Combo-Cooker-605x270.jpg )

All the mentions of Cast Iron cook ware, I gotta say you can't always find worthwhile stuff on the cheap. New cast iron isn't THAT expensive if you know what you're looking for. Got a brand new medium size pot, actually a 3 quart extra deep skillet with a lid that doubles as a pan from a reputable manufacturer for $60. Sure that's more than I'd usually spend on ANYTHING but that sucker's gonna last me a lifetime and it's true- cast iron does cook most foods better.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)13:18 No. 2650 ID: a206fc

Also, if you decide to cheap out on utensils that's fine, that's what i do, but wash them as soon as you finish your meal cause that shit WILL rust if you let it sit. Sometimes even overnight if you have rotten luck. Stainless steel really means stain RESISTANT.

Good trick I use, new or used, is to look at the forks. If the sides of the tines look a little rough/unfinished compared to the flat top and bottom, like it was just punched or cut from a sheet of metal, then that suckers gonna rust damn fast.

Food stamps and how to use them bIFF 14/12/18(Thu)05:42 No. 2503 ID: d509a6 [Reply]

File 141887777657.png - (38.63KB , 471x1236 , dxm.png )

I get 85 in foodstamps for the whole damn month. That seems a bit low, but whatever. Let's talk and argue about things to buy and eat that are good and bad!

Chips,processed meats,all soda

Water, rice, beans,veggies,fruits

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Modern Mom 15/04/17(Fri)04:48 No. 2572 ID: ee0a4b

However, whole chicken is very useful if you can cook, because it's so versatile.

Easiest is to just cook whole or half in oven, but if take the time to cut it into breasts, thighs etc, you can use the carcass for making broth or chicken stock.

Chicken stock in turn has a multitude of uses. Use it as soup base, to add body to bolognese, rice pilaf, risotto etc. Drippings from oven cooked chicken can be used for many of the same things.

Same thing can be applied to cheap bony cuts of pork or beef.


I also agree that vegetarian, or mostly vegetarian is a very good option.

I would avoid vegan though, it makes getting correct nutrition needlessly complicated. Almost all the shortcomings of a vegan diet are remedied in a vegetarian diet since it includes milk and eggs.

Modern Mom 15/04/30(Thu)09:13 No. 2576 ID: 96ee8e

Only buy what you can't already get for free. So quality fresh meat, lots of health and inexpensive cuts like beef heart and pork jowels are a good bet, liver too if from healthy animals.

Avoid canned food and staples other than milk and butter. Though, bacon is cheaper than butter. Just use bacon/bacon fat for all recipes. Even cookies.

Get all your shitty canned stuff for free from food banks and such. Also all the bread that you can possibly use... Speaking of which, old glazed donuts make good hooch. Lol, with some real hops and a bit of molasses you wind up with a decent brew in a week or so.

Modern Mom 15/08/16(Sun)12:52 No. 2648 ID: a206fc

One piece of advice I have, aside from all the good advice already given, is to put together a stable of recipes, your own simple cookbook of stuff you like and can make for any ingredient, especially if you're not a skilled or enthusiastic cook.

Chicken's dirt cheap this week and I've got rice at home- chicken n rice.

Ground beef's on sale and that's some good looking lettuce and I alredy got leftover rice and hotsauce, grab a tomato or two- lazy taco bowls and taco salad for lunch tomorrow

Got a tupper ware of the leftover taco meat or chicken, a tomato you havent used yet and some eggs- fuckit omelet.

How many ways can you leverage this 5 pound bag of frozen green beans?

Potato's, rice, beans. All good staple foods, how many ways can you prepare them beside boiling them in a pot?

Turkey's damn cheap right after thanksgiving. Hell, it can be cheap before thanksgiving sometimes, local supermarkets around here give cheap ones away or at least discount them when you buy a certain amount of food. Same with hams around Christmas. How many ways can you prepare the frozen leftovers before you get sick of it.

Cheap food's all well and good, but you gotta know what to do with it as well.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Extreme coupons Modern Mom 15/08/10(Mon)21:59 No. 2644 ID: 885a14 [Reply]

File 143923679167.jpg - (54.53KB , 600x400 , You-win-the-Internet-free-Internet-coupon-600x400.jpg )

I witnessed a show where families used coupons to reduce their checkout bills by ridiculous amounts.
A girl was shopping for eligible items, they weren't very useful and she was getting huge quantities. The final bill was $680 with all her coupons she reduced it to $27. For the quantity of crap she had that's outrageous, she could start her own shop.

How did she get those coupons? Aren't they one per customer or something? If you know tell me of the weirding ways of the coupon clippers.

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