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Shambler 14/06/12(Thu)19:56 No. 5139 ID: c52816 [Reply]

File 140259580465.jpg - (171.00KB , 680x650 , result.jpg )

Lets play a game.
We all go onto http://innawoods.net/ and show our zombie survival gear!

I'll start!

I'd be at around 235 LB with all of this gear on me, but i wouldn't move too much. I would want to be hidden. Notice no thermal, because zombies are dead. Not alive. I went for the stealth set up, and the set up where i could just keep to my self. I switched out matches for a zippo because of possible rain. My armor is also to protect from me being seen. Why would you walk around in full riot gear in a zombie invasion? You have to take in the face there are other people, some trying to kill you.

Shambler 14/06/14(Sat)03:55 No. 5140 ID: 74c345

File 140271090355.jpg - (174.34KB , 680x650 , Me_Innawoods.jpg )

Alright, I'll bite. I chose for a very reasonable loadout for where I live (In my opinion). Being in Arizona, in a very urban, built-up place, with lots of heat, I decided against having anything that would be too concealing as the heat would kill you more surely than the Zombies could in this weather.

As for headgear, I went for a big hat and a keffia, again for heat reasons. I wear prescription glasses because I can't make out letters over 20 feet away, but otherwise won't need any special gear.

I have only around 50 pounds of gear on me, and all of it is geared for hiding out in the city. I have a Shotgun mainly for warding off potential rival humans, and a pistol and silencer for when I want to take out a few zombies. For food I would primarily scavenge around the city, and otherwise carry with me dried or canned foods, and plenty of water.

I also have cigarettes as a kind of currency thing- I don't smoke but I am pretty sure I could use these for trade. My Smartphone, MP3, book, and the cards are all to stave off me doing something stupid because of boredom.

I have a wirecutter, multi-tool, and first aid kit to both hotwire vehicles, cut chainlink fences, and patch myself up.

My plan would be to go and hide out during the day somewhere nice and cool, perhaps a library (In my town the libraries are usually a stone's throw from a supermarket), and sleep. During the night, when the temperature is better I would actually explore more of the city and do any real work on fortifying the library I choose as my home. I would get up on tall buildings and use the binoculars to try and spot signs of other people so check out, and mark them on my map (An actual paper one, as I wouldn't trust tech to last too long)

Out here near the Hoover Dam, the hydroelectric plant built-in to that dam would keep supplying places with power for a while, so finding a generator wouldn't be top priority, which is nice.

I'm just not sure if staying in-city or leaving to live in the wilderness somewhere would be better.
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Shambler 14/06/14(Sat)04:17 No. 5141 ID: ce2f72

Little late to the party.

Shambler 16/06/20(Mon)00:16 No. 5502 ID: e7bf3a

File 146637459633.jpg - (169.35KB , 680x650 , result.jpg )


Hey guys, greetings from Germany. I´ve fairly little experience in this, so I´´ll try to explain my choices.

Lots of durable foods. Water shouldn´t be a problem.

Short weapon is 9mm, because I expect this type of ammo to be more often available than more exotic types.

I guess 21 kilos is guite a load to wear... so no armor of course which might slow you down.

Night vision sounds kind of futuristic, but with electricity down and dark nights, this might come in handy.

Rifle is supposed to be sturdy, well stocked in terms of ammo.

Besides that: camouflage! All clothing is supposed to be difficult to spot in local fauna.
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Achievements for Z-Day Shambler 14/09/30(Tue)02:43 No. 5236 ID: 9491a9 [Reply]

File 141203780028.jpg - (51.25KB , 342x350 , achievement.jpg )

It's been a couple of years since we knocked one about so how about we put together another achievement list for when the zeds come?

At the least it'll give us something to talk about when we bump into other survivors as well as some incentive to keep going when we hit the wall.

Get submitting. I'll collate the best into another PDF for y'all.

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Shambler 15/09/30(Wed)17:57 No. 5428 ID: 1ace30

Name: Soap opera kill off. Prerequisite: lure zombies into an open elevator shaft 5 or more stories high.

Shambler 16/06/13(Mon)02:01 No. 5500 ID: 3e0e0c

Name: Blackened Fry-day

Prerequisite: Lure as many zombies as you can to an empty mall, seal them in, and torch the place. Bonus points if actually achieved on Black Friday.

Shambler 16/06/19(Sun)11:44 No. 5501 ID: dae879


Old Zombie Story on 7chan Luigi 14/09/08(Mon)21:46 No. 5215 ID: e57d6e [Reply]

File 141020559165.jpg - (7.41KB , 260x194 , Imagio.jpg )

There was a pretty epic story here that was posted some 7 or 8 years ago that featured 28days later type zombies but also... well raped their victims as well. I was wondering if anyone knows where that story is. It keeps... haunting me.

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MISSION COMPLETE! Luigi 16/01/17(Sun)04:52 No. 5456 ID: b54c45

File 145300274749.jpg - (5.79KB , 275x183 , Winning.jpg )




Shambler 16/02/05(Fri)11:00 No. 5460 ID: d21185

File 145466640920.jpg - (361.51KB , 1000x795 , crossed_01_02_color-b.jpg )

Nice one bro! Will definitely be checking that out, I could use a good splatterpunk yarn tonight

Shambler 16/05/29(Sun)03:36 No. 5499 ID: e9fdd7


Urban Dead Shambler 13/10/21(Mon)19:19 No. 4849 ID: 245d93 [Reply]

File 138237597052.png - (76.46KB , 1550x732 , intruders.png )

So after not playing this game or coming here for 5 years, I decided to go log back in and go back to our mansion, there are a bunch of squatters in here.

This is a serious problem.
>Does anyone still play this

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Shambler 16/05/16(Mon)08:46 No. 5496 ID: 13180b

This game stopped being updated a million years ago. Everybody moved on the Nexus War. Nowadays what's left of the community is on Nexus Clash, the watered down offshoot of NW

Shambler 16/05/25(Wed)03:15 No. 5497 ID: f23157

Even if the game's dead I'ma try it out.

Shambler 16/05/28(Sat)14:23 No. 5498 ID: ba7a94


Update for anyone who checks this abysmally slow board. I just started playing the game, and while I can imagine it's not as busy as it was in it's heyday, it's far from dead. Military reports are still being updated, people and zombies are still out in force. I had to evacuate the area I started in because a horde rolled in.

Shambler 11/09/29(Thu)08:25 No. 881 ID: 3447cc [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 131727753569.png - (1.99MB , 2140x2994 , 1316433961080.png )

make your choice

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Shambler 12/11/24(Sat)10:56 No. 4038 ID: 48230b

A and F are fairly solid choices. Both have firearms with common ammunition types, the kukri and hatchet are very versatile tools, the warhammer isn't particularly ideal to use as a crowbar but it's better than your fingernails for trying to pry things open, and the grenade is a lot more reliable than a bullet for suicide (seriously, kiss the grenade, you can't miss, people have managed to miss with shotguns in their mouths and it isn't pretty).

Shambler 12/11/25(Sun)18:35 No. 4039 ID: a7c550

F - A spare melee weapon/utility tool is more essential than anything else in my opinion. And no, I won't be dual wielding them, but I will be ridding myself of the primary weapon at the first opportunity that benefits me.

Shambler 16/05/13(Fri)09:42 No. 5495 ID: 783981

For me it's between B and G. Both are very solid setups. I like B because my ideal fantasy zombie setup is somewhere high with a bunch of supplies, ammo and zombies to snipe. The uzi and Katana are both very practical secondaries as well and CS gas would be my preferred thrown for it's nonlethal properties against other humans most likely.

There are potential drawbacks to this though. Namely that I won't start high up with supplies most likely. I imagine this scenario to be that we wake up in our beds one day with these items and Z day is in full swing. If I'm alone and in a city such as my current location, a sniper is the worst primary gun to have, and carrying both it and the katana on my back to hold the uzi could be problematic. These issues are immediately solved though by becoming part of a team of 3-10 people with specialized roles, which would be fantastic.

G basically has all the strengths that were B's weaknesses and vice versa. The rifle and the revolver, particularly the rifle are well suited for my current location and I do have some experience in urban combat exercises from my time in the military. G is also well suited for a wooded environment which I would find an attractive place to make a base camp. The knife isn't as good in a fight as the katana, but has utility as a tool. Incendiary grenades are the second best thrown weapon as well, just from badass factor alone.

Martyn Grim 13/09/20(Fri)08:00 No. 4799 ID: 435599 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 137965685250.jpg - (1.98MB , 1650x2250 , 1376793706036.jpg )

This doesnt even work here, but I thought it was pretty cool

126 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 16/05/02(Mon)18:25 No. 5491 ID: ce522b


Shambler 16/05/09(Mon)16:26 No. 5492 ID: 7de1aa


Shambler 16/05/11(Wed)20:21 No. 5493 ID: fe3a91


Raison d'être Zodia 15/05/22(Fri)01:24 No. 5386 ID: f8ec2b [Reply]

File 143225065947.png - (81.09KB , 500x500 , Purifier.png )

Purifier perk: "As a purifier of the wasteland, you do +50% damage with melee and unarmed weapons against abominations."

In the zombie media I've seen I've never seen some guy just wiping out Zs berserker style. My frustration in a wasteland world and drive to have some legacy would mean my noblest pursuit would be killing every zombie on the planet. Half the time characters just ignore Zs so they become problems later, I wouldn't leave the job half-baked.

What would be your purpose for living post Z-day?
I'd be the cleanser of the Z-scourge.

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 15/12/24(Thu)23:21 No. 5445 ID: 2cf9f5

I'd try to round my niggas from a certain underground circle and begin a new civilization centralized in natural leadership with urban applied sociology instead of politics and marketing. From there recruit those who are deemed good and loyal enough.

I'd become something like a philosopher king of the wastes, however, instead of sitting on my comfy ass fort like a dorf, I'd create several trap filled forts in secret or hard to find locations. Tunnels, roads and passages would be controlled by me. I'd put spies on every faction I could, and direct those that are too dangerous towards their doom.

If I succeed in this endeavor, my first overt move will be to eliminate all the rider gangs in an area the size of California in three days.

And call me Santa because if you have been good boys and girls someone may drop a cache of raider contraptions and weapons at your doorstep.

Shambler 16/01/22(Fri)17:14 No. 5458 ID: 0ad6f3

Whoa you jumped to being a king already, what qualifies you for that?

Shambler 16/05/02(Mon)00:55 No. 5490 ID: a5aea0


Clearing out an area the size of California in 3 days of all gangs etc.? California itself is larger than some nations, has absolutely massive urban concentrations in certain parts, tons of wilderness and places to hide, etc. etc.

Sorry to break it to you, but if the US military was at full strength during a full blown zombie apocalypse, there's no way even they could clear an area the size of california in three days.

You could maybe do it if the whole area was deserts or plains, with few cities or towns.

Shambler 16/04/28(Thu)19:29 No. 5489 ID: bfda85 [Reply]

File 146186454228.jpg - (57.14KB , 324x354 , maconha.jpg )

Shambler 16/04/28(Thu)19:21 No. 5485 ID: bfda85 [Reply]

File 146186411951.jpg - (659.66KB , 1998x1372 , MAGICAL BUTTER.jpg )


Shambler 16/04/28(Thu)19:26 No. 5486 ID: bfda85

File 146186437268.jpg - (219.46KB , 600x600 , northern-light-automatic.jpg )

Shambler 16/04/28(Thu)19:26 No. 5487 ID: bfda85

File 146186439094.jpg - (290.89KB , 446x573 , northern-lights-2.jpg )

Shambler 16/04/28(Thu)19:26 No. 5488 ID: bfda85

File 146186441778.jpg - (550.32KB , 980x560 , northernlightsFULL3.jpg )

Shambler 13/02/21(Thu)03:47 No. 4348 ID: 161093 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136141482775.png - (163.34KB , 680x650 , deadislandnorway.png )


Suburban town.

Island on the western coast of Norway.

Mountains, lakes and forests.

Lots of rain, lots of wind, mild winter (rarely colder than -15°C).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

131 posts and 106 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 16/02/17(Wed)00:01 No. 5465 ID: ee4f1e

File 145566370992.jpg - (159.77KB , 680x650 , result.jpg )


Post-communistic region.

Plains. Lots of forest.

Lots of wind, seasonal swamps. +30 summer, -20 winter.

About 500 in 5km radius, 20000 in 10km. 20km from capital, holding 700k within 300km2

Shambler 16/02/22(Mon)07:57 No. 5467 ID: 92176c

File 145612426428.jpg - (147.91KB , 680x650 , result.jpg )

I am become Sasquatch.

If I had to leave today Shambler 16/04/26(Tue)12:57 No. 5484 ID: 7281ae

File 146166823742.jpg - (154.59KB , 680x650 , result.jpg )

If I had to bug out today I'd have this. I also have a bow but its not available. < Might be screwed with only a 22.
Location: Appalachian's
Climate: Temperate
Population: Low

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