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Shambler 13/02/21(Thu)03:47 No. 4348 ID: 161093 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136141482775.png - (163.34KB , 680x650 , deadislandnorway.png )


Suburban town.

Island on the western coast of Norway.

Mountains, lakes and forests.

Lots of rain, lots of wind, mild winter (rarely colder than -15°C).

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Shambler 15/12/22(Tue)18:21 No. 5444 ID: cad79b

We live one suburb away...

Shambler 16/01/12(Tue)21:38 No. 5451 ID: 7a80d0

File 145263112993.jpg - (163.69KB , 680x650 , zoooi.jpg )

civilization: rural land
location: island in a big lake
nature: lots of lakes, all connected to each other by canals, makes for easy, relatively safe transportation (as long as the zombies don't learn to swim)
i own all this stuff, thiss is not wishful thinking or anything.

Shambler 16/02/05(Fri)11:26 No. 5461 ID: d21185


Old Zombie Story on 7chan Luigi 14/09/08(Mon)21:46 No. 5215 ID: e57d6e [Reply]

File 141020559165.jpg - (7.41KB , 260x194 , Imagio.jpg )

There was a pretty epic story here that was posted some 7 or 8 years ago that featured 28days later type zombies but also... well raped their victims as well. I was wondering if anyone knows where that story is. It keeps... haunting me.

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Only part of the story... Luigi 16/01/17(Sun)04:38 No. 5455 ID: b54c45

So by the power of the great and glorious chaos, I found the internet wayback machine and found the post you were talking about >>5216


I am on a quest now to find the rest. I do not know if I will succeed, but by Gandhi, I am willing.

MISSION COMPLETE! Luigi 16/01/17(Sun)04:52 No. 5456 ID: b54c45

File 145300274749.jpg - (5.79KB , 275x183 , Winning.jpg )




Shambler 16/02/05(Fri)11:00 No. 5460 ID: d21185

File 145466640920.jpg - (361.51KB , 1000x795 , crossed_01_02_color-b.jpg )

Nice one bro! Will definitely be checking that out, I could use a good splatterpunk yarn tonight

Raison d'être Zodia 15/05/22(Fri)01:24 No. 5386 ID: f8ec2b [Reply]

File 143225065947.png - (81.09KB , 500x500 , Purifier.png )

Purifier perk: "As a purifier of the wasteland, you do +50% damage with melee and unarmed weapons against abominations."

In the zombie media I've seen I've never seen some guy just wiping out Zs berserker style. My frustration in a wasteland world and drive to have some legacy would mean my noblest pursuit would be killing every zombie on the planet. Half the time characters just ignore Zs so they become problems later, I wouldn't leave the job half-baked.

What would be your purpose for living post Z-day?
I'd be the cleanser of the Z-scourge.

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Shambler 15/07/14(Tue)21:09 No. 5408 ID: 47b9cb

I suppose that I would be the archivist/researcher/farmer. We would have to grow our own food (once all the canned and freeze-dried stuff is gone, which won't take long), and that means starting from scratch and reinventing the ancient process of primitive subsistence farming...my great-grandparent's generation lived this lifestyle by default, but the skills necessary for implementing it have been completely forgotten and lost by modern urbanized humanity. If there isn't a McDonalds, a Red Lobster, or a Safeway on hand, today's people starve in droves.

On a side-note; I think a new society evolving in the aftermath of a Zombie-Apocalypse is going to have a very low population density (obviously) and is therefore going to be compelled to be comparatively simple, primitive, and agrarian; the days of ironclad specialties (doctor, lawyer, scientist, ad-executive, political-lobbyist) will be over; every person will, perforce, be somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades; as in Viking age Scandinavia, a man will probably have to be a farmer, a fisherman, a hunter, a cooper, a blacksmith, a merchant...and a ferocious warrior, all rolled into one nasty, surly, pugnacious package.

Shambler 15/12/24(Thu)23:21 No. 5445 ID: 2cf9f5

I'd try to round my niggas from a certain underground circle and begin a new civilization centralized in natural leadership with urban applied sociology instead of politics and marketing. From there recruit those who are deemed good and loyal enough.

I'd become something like a philosopher king of the wastes, however, instead of sitting on my comfy ass fort like a dorf, I'd create several trap filled forts in secret or hard to find locations. Tunnels, roads and passages would be controlled by me. I'd put spies on every faction I could, and direct those that are too dangerous towards their doom.

If I succeed in this endeavor, my first overt move will be to eliminate all the rider gangs in an area the size of California in three days.

And call me Santa because if you have been good boys and girls someone may drop a cache of raider contraptions and weapons at your doorstep.

Shambler 16/01/22(Fri)17:14 No. 5458 ID: 0ad6f3

Whoa you jumped to being a king already, what qualifies you for that?

Martyn Grim 13/09/20(Fri)08:00 No. 4799 ID: 435599 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 137965685250.jpg - (1.98MB , 1650x2250 , 1376793706036.jpg )

This doesnt even work here, but I thought it was pretty cool

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Shambler 15/12/17(Thu)13:54 No. 5442 ID: 3f3617

Roll dat shiet

Shambler 15/12/31(Thu)01:58 No. 5446 ID: 6c9a06

I rule

Shambler 16/01/21(Thu)00:29 No. 5457 ID: 2a162a


Hypothetical - Smart Zombies maninahat 12/03/20(Tue)23:26 No. 2799 ID: 187baa [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 133228238030.jpg - (5.26KB , 250x251 , bubwithagun.jpg )

Most scenarios only deal with stupid zombies. Let's up the difficulty. What would you do in an outbreak of clever zombies?

By clever, I mean average person clever: smart enough to unlock doors, operate firearms, devise ambushes and formulate plans. Yet also overwhelmingly determined to eat your brains at the first opportunity. In otherwords, we're dealing with zombies with all the benefits of both humans and zombies, and none of the downsides.

49 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 13/03/27(Wed)16:06 No. 4475 ID: 2b0533

Why would they spoil food and water when they need humans 1. to eat and 2. to reproduce.

You seem to be missing the point dude.

Zombie mess Sergeantfancypants 16/01/14(Thu)22:31 No. 5453 ID: 82d1da

File 14528070677.jpg - (491.08KB , 792x1000 , f9ae20465525c93ad2bbcbabc1db43b4-d31w0qi.jpg )

First off if this sergeantbrucewillis guy holds no military awards or honors I take it as an insult you try and use that handle,your tone is arrogant and silly in a place like this,BOY! second you kids need to look beyond the hipster crap of these zombies today and look to the fathers,zombies have the numbers always the idea,third i fall in the school of ROTLD where zombies being dead feel constant pain and only eating brains helps quell that pain.I realize this is just fapping to a world none of you could handle,like learning karate and expecting to use it a street fight! sure we can sit here all day,dicks in our hands but until shit goes down all the fluff you tactical ideals mean diddly...

more zombies Sergeantfancypants 16/01/14(Thu)22:40 No. 5454 ID: 82d1da

File 145280762447.jpg - (35.88KB , 400x267 , 282970_380591322004269_677476421_n.jpg )

I realize this is just havin fun making shit up, ive enjoyed reading this discussion greatly,and at its core there is fun to be had here.Zombies are humans and subject to human faults even in death and to try and quantify it is absurd.

How would you approach surviving? Shambler 15/11/08(Sun)21:50 No. 5437 ID: 813643 [Reply]

File 144701584810.jpg - (173.32KB , 1200x1600 , Michelangelos_David.jpg )

1. Finding a safe/secure place that keeps zeds out and is hidden from other human survivors

2. Search for food/water. If you live in a suburban area, just break into houses and prioritize canned food and bottled water.

3. Stock up on bartering items. Usually, these are consumables, like alcohol, medication, coffee, gasoline, ammunition, and to some extent, clothing and shoes.

4. Make plans to travel to the Hoover Dam. This place is probably the most study man made structure that also can also be the place where the human survivors can start over due to it providing electricity and irrigation.

Things you should do know are to makes sure you are proficient in body weight exercises, and to be able to run 3 miles + without being winded. Outrunning threats, and chasing down prey is really a basic human maneuver, and should not be underestimated.

I actually don't think zeds will be that big of a threat. I don't believe in zombie magic, and I honestly think actual zeds will just die out within a month or two, even if 99%+ of humanity gets infected.

maninahat 16/01/02(Sat)03:43 No. 5447 ID: 136591

1. I've already planned a hypothetically retreat - Strid Wood in Yorkshire. It's quiet, attractive, the nearby camping site can be used for expansion, and there are a lot of pre-existing natural and man made defenses.
2. Bum supplies from the local camp site. Set up a quick wire fence defense through the woods, which will deflect docile zombies passing through.
3. Start searching for survivors.
4. Swot up on pre-industrial trades, such as farming, textiles and smithing, seeing as how in the ensuing decades this will be the main staple of human survival, once most fuel and machinery deteriorates beyond use (this will happen within the space of a single generation).
5. Find means to preserve literature and educate the next generation. It will be the key to surviving long term, especially as although the population will be far too small to get things like sophisticated machinery and mass production working, eventually you will get to that stage and won't want to have to reinvent every god damn thing because all the books over the next hundred years or so have turned to mush.

Shambler 16/01/12(Tue)21:14 No. 5450 ID: 7a80d0

1. pack up my boat and check the nearby islands for zombies or survivors, pick the emptiest island
2. set up a camp and some simple fortifications
3. use my walkie talkie to check for nearby survivors to save
4. try to create a network of safe spots
5. sail to a town nearby that has a camping supply store and loot it/trade with possible survivors
6. found a central (fortified) place where survivors can gather, rest during their travels and prepare to reconquer the lands from the undead horde
7. build simple instalations that are able to turn rotten garbage into fuel
8. gather a militia to undertake actions like clearing villages from zombies to turn them in to safe strongholds
9. find a place where a vaccine can be developed
so how do you guys like my plan?

Music to kill by Shambler 11/10/01(Sat)19:00 No. 927 ID: b0e8a4 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 131748844289.jpg - (113.92KB , 1280x1024 , 1287813927675.jpg )

If life had a soundtrack, what would you want playing in the background when you're decapitating zombies and/or blowing them into bits?


68 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Ragnarox 13/07/03(Wed)17:41 No. 4704 ID: 8865a0

Roaming the wasteland;
Charles Trenet- La Mer

Slaughtering an army of Zombies;
Marilyn Manson- Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag

Shambler 13/08/21(Wed)00:16 No. 4772 ID: f283f8

Apulanta - Hell Yeah

Shambler 16/01/11(Mon)23:57 No. 5449 ID: 5f4210

File 14525530408.png - (412.80KB , 1920x1200 , black_gasmask_desktop_1920x1200.png )

If it were my last stand

How to train your... Shambler 14/02/06(Thu)20:34 No. 5010 ID: 55be72 [Reply]

File 139171528916.jpg - (675.82KB , 634x886 , zombitch__by_thenota-d6cunrd.jpg )

Back in the day, perhaps even before /zom/ existed, some guy on /b/ published a really bizarre piece of work titled "How to Train Your Zombitch". Now, I'm not entirely sure that the name I'm listing is 100% accurate, but it was a totally zany postapocalyptic guide detailing the process of catching one's human-sized fleshlight, tarting her up and... well, using her for stress relief. Why am I bringing all of this up? TBH, my hard drive crashed and burned, so I'm looking to refill on zombie pasta. This is the first one that came to my mind, but if you have something that's equally messed up and are willing to share, go right ahead.

Thanks in advance!

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 15/07/29(Wed)09:19 No. 5410 ID: 6bdf77

Anybody got the post where it describes oral sex with a zombie girl who's chained up and had her teeth pulled and later on may even cuddled with her?

Shambler 15/10/11(Sun)19:27 No. 5429 ID: 367af2

File 144458444955.jpg - (64.33KB , 480x640 , z493_n.jpg )

Shambler 16/01/04(Mon)01:11 No. 5448 ID: 833d8c

Oh, it's what I wanted alright.
Thank you so much for finding this, >>5043.
I was sure it was lost forever.

Shambler 12/12/15(Sat)09:06 No. 4119 ID: c4b012 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 135555877995.png - (501.29KB , 987x573 , Who wins.png )

Let's hear your arguments.

138 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 15/03/08(Sun)15:00 No. 5363 ID: b2c2db

Youtube - Toggle Video
  the power of stick compels you, the power of stick compels you, the power of stick compels you

also rock, oh and the stick video is in a neat channel with all sorts of melee ranged killing tools explained and shown off

That Guy 15/05/28(Thu)18:39 No. 5393 ID: 25fc56

I vote for the Crusader Knights. Most of these guys were raised as villagers which is the next thing to being a post-apocalypse survivor. It also depends on the basic scenario.

Team vs Team: The U.S. Marines got this.

Cooperative: The Crusaders have the background to see them through.

Teams Isolated from One Another: The Crusaders definitely have the more appropriate skill set.

In two out of three scenario, the Crusaders are better positioned to survive, so I'm throwing in my vote with them.

Shambler 15/10/15(Thu)11:37 No. 5432 ID: 1d9efc

I vote very confidently for the Marines, and this is due to just two words: Battlefield Medicine.

See, the marines are all going to be trained at least in basic first-aid. They know how to clean and dress wounds, how to prevent infection, how to diagnose ailments. They'll all know human anatomy and medical technique well enough to at least perform a successful amputation if necessary. In a squad of that size, there will be several well-trained medics to boot. Once they run out of supplies, they'll still be savvy enough to do things like use alcohol to disinfect wounds.

The crusaders, on the other hand, don't even know what infection IS, much less how to prevent/treat it. In short order, all of them are going to die of relatively small wounds out there in the wastes. You step on a rusty nail, you're dead. You brush your leg against an old barbed-wire fence, you're dead. You get hit in the hand with one of your friend's swords, you're dead.

Achievements for Z-Day Shambler 14/09/30(Tue)02:43 No. 5236 ID: 9491a9 [Reply]

File 141203780028.jpg - (51.25KB , 342x350 , achievement.jpg )

It's been a couple of years since we knocked one about so how about we put together another achievement list for when the zeds come?

At the least it'll give us something to talk about when we bump into other survivors as well as some incentive to keep going when we hit the wall.

Get submitting. I'll collate the best into another PDF for y'all.

19 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Shambler 15/06/19(Fri)05:03 No. 5403 ID: 145da8

Shoot the Chute

Prerequisite: kill a zombie at the top of a slide, sending its body and head down to the bottom.

Necromancer Deckard+Cain 15/09/21(Mon)03:53 No. 5426 ID: 83e83d

File 144280043819.jpg - (204.43KB , 750x1000 , sonee_rosey_by_xanabit-d2ylhex.jpg )

If you had utter psychic control over an army of various undead abominations, how would you proceed?

Shambler 15/09/30(Wed)17:57 No. 5428 ID: 1ace30

Name: Soap opera kill off. Prerequisite: lure zombies into an open elevator shaft 5 or more stories high.

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