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Martyn Grim 13/09/20(Fri)08:00 No. 4799 ID: 435599 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 137965685250.jpg - (1.98MB , 1650x2250 , 1376793706036.jpg )

This doesnt even work here, but I thought it was pretty cool

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Shambler 14/09/09(Tue)07:05 No. 5219 ID: 598d8c


Shambler 14/09/15(Mon)05:49 No. 5221 ID: ba18ac


Noko Noko 14/09/18(Thu)02:05 No. 5225 ID: 0dd031


Shambler 12/09/22(Sat)01:32 No. 3744 ID: 3d7475 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 134827036052.gif - (1.79MB , 2500x3447 , 7chan zambi version.gif )

i did my best to edit the number requirements to make it work for here. i will give my birthday and a fake birthday to get this going.

my birthday is march 12.
the second number shall be november 16.

please reply results and your month and day for your birthday for the rest to use.

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Shambler 14/07/18(Fri)15:35 No. 5166 ID: 5c073d

le roll

sup!0CTLGCICdI 14/08/05(Tue)05:10 No. 5183 ID: 8638ab

all right, lets see

Shambler 14/09/18(Thu)01:55 No. 5224 ID: 0dd031

Birthday makes literally no sense so ROLL

>only 4 digits of post number but whatever I'll make the last one 0 or something

raiding Shambler 14/09/08(Mon)21:03 No. 5214 ID: 874729 [Reply]

File 141020300590.jpg - (366.87KB , 2205x544 , AB-logo.jpg )

so /zom/, what would be the first store you would raid/loot?
just as soon as you are stable, i would rade an army dumpstore i know, its accessible by boat so quite safe, and has lots of stuff besides just army stuff, like camping gear and crossbows and bats and such. what about you guys?

Shambler 14/09/08(Mon)23:34 No. 5217 ID: 8976f7

Industrial/DIY/Hardware/Outdoor store, it's 200m from the tracks and has almost everything I don't have already. It's also got the bonus of being in an industrial area so it's got fairly heavy gates/fences so on the off chance I do get stuck on site I can survive for a while as long as it rains enough (which this being England shouldn't be a problem).

Shambler 14/09/09(Tue)06:28 No. 5218 ID: ff2c05

Wal-greens is right by my house. I'd go and find a ton of pain relievers, antibiotics, general meds. Also I'd get gauges, food items and a collapsible cane incase of a leg injury

Shambler 14/09/17(Wed)19:37 No. 5223 ID: a7b479

Firstly I would acquire petroleum (gasoline for US citizens) and diesel fuel from either a rural farm house I know of that stores a significant quantity of diesel fuel or an industrial complex with large tanks I am also aware of.
I'd acquire petroleum as well as diesel - and hopefully collect a large quantity of both.

Following that, I'd venture to a Gardening/Hardware store I live nearby.

Gardening supplies I would seek include: fertiliser, quality seed raising mix, pest control chemicals, fencing wire, plastic pots, irrigation fittings and rubber sheeting.

Hardware supplies I would attempt to acquire include: fixings (nails, screws, rivets), steel, rubber matting, plumbing supplies, padlocks, batteries, specialist tools, welding wire, chemicals (chlorine, kerosene, engine oil), light bulbs/light fixtures and electrical cabling.

I wouldn't attempt going near any food stores or petrol (gas) stations for at least six months after SHTF because I am sure those locations would be a killzone due to other survivors.

I already have a significant quantity of seeds and the knowledge required to cultivate my own crops. I am also able to find my own clean drinking water, as well as having an extensive rain water catchment system where I'm currently living. I will be able to "hole up" inside my house for at least six months before any "bug out" type situation is required.

While the prospect of raiding/looting other stores in the area would be tempting, I don't think I'd risk it. The fuel, gardening and hardware supplies would totally complete my preparations.

Shambler 14/08/19(Tue)17:44 No. 5189 ID: aaad3e [Reply]

File 140846308184.jpg - (1.43MB , 1920x1080 , rustled_jimmies_wallpaper_2_by_t3hspoon-d6sh5md.jpg )

I'm from Australia. Since there are no military grade weapons, equipment and logistics like in the USA lying around, I think the Army reserves will just take care of everything. I can't do shit by comparison.

Shambler 14/08/19(Tue)17:50 No. 5190 ID: d6e42e

The Army will probably end up trying to contain the spread of zombies by wiping out the civilian population. Depending on the type of zombie infestation they face, this may backfire horribly and they may find themselves overwhelmed and then realize that they are the zombies.

You don't really need military grade weapons to survive a zombie apocalypse; and you might even be able to pull a few good weapons off dead/zombified soldiers once the chaos begins but ammunition is going to become a finite resource and eventually the only usable weapons will be of the sharp or bludgeoning kind.

Shambler 14/09/04(Thu)08:22 No. 5211 ID: aaad3e

File 140981174718.png - (251.98KB , 1280x1808 , tumblr_nba889O9L21tkkdcvo1_1280.png )

Hold on there, that's absolutely ridiculous. Since when has an army contained a pandemic with genocide?

Shambler 14/09/10(Wed)08:58 No. 5220 ID: f679ae


There you go, using logic again. This is a national government we're talking about, here; expecting logic from government is like expecting ethical morality from a serial-killer.

Old Zombie Story on 7chan Luigi 14/09/08(Mon)21:46 No. 5215 ID: e57d6e [Reply]

File 141020559165.jpg - (7.41KB , 260x194 , Imagio.jpg )

There was a pretty epic story here that was posted some 7 or 8 years ago that featured 28days later type zombies but also... well raped their victims as well. I was wondering if anyone knows where that story is. It keeps... haunting me.

Shambler 14/09/08(Mon)23:18 No. 5216 ID: 8976f7

I swear someone requested a re-post of a similar sounding story about 3-4 years ago. Someone else dug out a link for them but it took about a month for the guy to find it.

Hopefully one of those two (or a 3rd party) still has it and is lurking around. Sadly I can't help any further.

Shambler 14/03/06(Thu)01:32 No. 5022 ID: 9c1726 [Reply]

File 139406592087.gif - (897.05KB , 189x204 , rea (10).gif )

I've had some disagreements with my bro, whether a plague, that would cause people to die, and reanimate after, is even possible. I imagine it being a bacteria, that devours brain cells, that makes a person a homo sapiens, and leaves only basic animal instinct to eat. Furthermore, the spread of sickness is in question, could it really take over whole world, or even continent, in matter of weeks or so?
I'm not saying anyones wrong, I just want opinions.

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Shambler 14/03/26(Wed)21:20 No. 5038 ID: 6cf3e9

What if we are talking non-starving entities, that require food only as extra? As in, they are swell when they have had breakfast - faster gait, even sprint, much more insight; but being hungry slows them and they become easier targets. That could boost the spread, yet ease the aftermath.

Shambler 14/04/09(Wed)21:48 No. 5048 ID: f5a094

File 13970729313.jpg - (191.44KB , 530x442 , 130100958545.jpg )

>whether a plague, that would cause people to die, and reanimate after, is even possible.
No. However, viruses like rabies infect the brain in such a so a victims 'personality' is gone but the body is still alive.
>I imagine it being a bacteria, that devours brain cells, that makes a person a homo sapiens, and leaves only basic animal instinct to eat.
Basically, rabies...
>Furthermore, the spread of sickness is in question, could it really take over whole world, or even continent, in matter of weeks or so?
A continent in weeks, absolutely. Unless we already have a vaccine, and enough of it. The world in weeks, probably not, it would have to be extremely contagious with a fairly low mortality rate.
>What if some weird ass once in a million years global happening, like solar flare radiation or whatever, would activate otherwise not active germ, that has only developed in all living things over past few decades?
If there was, say, a man-made virus, with basically no symptoms, it could be spread very quickly, since no one knows they're infected. If then some 'switch' was flipped, and the infected all suddenly turned 'zombie', there would be streets full of zombies almost instantly. Of course, this would pretty much have to be a man-made, programmable, nano-virus, and that kind of tech is still pretty far off.
> Main difference would be that although they might not feel pain, blood loss, trauma to the heart or lungs and other wounds would still result in death and the "zombies" would need to eat, drink and breath in order to keep going.
True. The only exception to this would be the 'Act-of-God' type zombies, actual risen dead. With any type of infection, the 'zombies' still have to follow intake food, water and oxygen. I didn't say 'eat, drink and breath' there because not everything 'eats' and 'drinks' in the way we think of it. Wild cats, for instance, get almost all of their water from their prey.
>What if we are talking non-starving entities, that require food only as extra?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Shambler 14/09/07(Sun)07:30 No. 5213 ID: a9d40f

Alrght, honestly I think the only true possible cause that could happen, is fungus. I'm talking about the kind of fungus that takes over insect's bodies, mind controls them, then grows inside out from them, ala The Last of Us style.

Shambler 13/02/21(Thu)03:47 No. 4348 ID: 161093 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136141482775.png - (163.34KB , 680x650 , deadislandnorway.png )


Suburban town.

Island on the western coast of Norway.

Mountains, lakes and forests.

Lots of rain, lots of wind, mild winter (rarely colder than -15°C).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Shambler 14/09/03(Wed)06:09 No. 5208 ID: 8dc7d4

File 140971738293.jpg - (170.39KB , 680x650 , WW2.jpg )

Just Posting

Shambler 14/09/03(Wed)14:03 No. 5209 ID: 5d1fe0

File 140974580743.jpg - (139.08KB , 680x650 , Bank.jpg )

Deus 14/09/03(Wed)14:05 No. 5210 ID: 5d1fe0

File 140974595566.jpg - (177.21KB , 680x650 , Deus.jpg )

Shambler 14/08/20(Wed)17:36 No. 5192 ID: 7fa8aa [Reply]

File 140854898453.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hellrisinghand.png )

Hey /zom/, so about half a year ago I posted about this game here.

Its a browser based survival game where you get to play one of three races during the apocalypse, those being that of humans, vampires or zombies.
As a human you have to try to survive, generally by searching for items that will be of use to you, teaming up with other humans and annihalating the undead.
And as zombies and vampire's its your job to attempt to kill off the humans.
If you played before, lots of features have been added as well as a new map, NPC's with some new types of buildings and items.
Will post some guides

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Shambler 14/08/23(Sat)16:13 No. 5203 ID: c7a6b1

So I have a base set up in dobwood

Shambler 14/09/02(Tue)00:36 No. 5204 ID: e23869

New vampire here. Should I bother killing human wretches? The one I just fought took about 15 AP and was consistently doing more damage than myself. Since I can't recover HP until I get about 150 exp this seems like I'm going to end up dead really soon.

Shambler 14/09/02(Tue)00:37 No. 5205 ID: e23869

Nevermind, as I was writing that I got gunned down by a human with an assault rifle lol

Shambler 14/08/23(Sat)02:18 No. 5202 ID: a9bf36 [Reply]

File 140875311045.jpg - (3.77MB , 1425x21501 , zom090611.jpg )

after a long search

Shambler 14/05/27(Tue)03:26 No. 5107 ID: c22883 [Reply]

File 140115396340.jpg - (1.26MB , 1320x3244 , Bandit Camp Group Members.jpg )

Let's play a game, /zom/. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Who would you pick, and why?

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Shambler 14/08/02(Sat)21:47 No. 5179 ID: 857ae9

shaq, lucy and peter, i figure that lucy would give birth before peter gets shot, and with his help i should be able to get some sort of setup going with the group, and i might possibly find another badass

Shambler 14/08/12(Tue)23:57 No. 5188 ID: fd46cc

i choose only ancalagon, because fukin' geckos m8

Shambler 14/08/21(Thu)01:30 No. 5201 ID: d014a1


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