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Recomended Reading Smurfer ## Mod ## 09/08/01(Sat)01:50 No. 3145 ID: b315cf [Reply] Stickied

File 124908421528.jpg - (75.06KB , 347x364 , Halp.jpg )

A few things that might help get those questions answered faster.
Be specific when you are talking about something - "my mp3 player is broken HALP!?"
- What kind of mp3 player, (brand and model)
- What isn't is doing now that it was before (the reason it is "broken")
- What were you doing to it last, right before it broke.. Did you maybe drop it?.. get it a little wet? try to flash the firmware?!

These all help in determining what can be done.
These rules do not just apply to MP3 players.
Just be as specific as possible and don’t leave stuff out, we want to be helpful here, try not to make it a scavenger hunt for clues!
These same rules apply for other situations like “I got a new motherboard and now my computer doesn’t post!”
-old motherboard model
-new motherboard model
-ram (speed)
and any other component you might have in there (most of the other stuff usually won’t matter but list what you know.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)04:57 No. 21482 ID: 10d6c2

On this side of the pond it certainly is, at least among the kind of people who give a crap. I don't, but assholes are gonna be assholes.

The joy of driving a 20 year old car is none of that fucking shit applies. Though in most states they're not allowed to pull that thanks to regulations.

Left side of screen flickers Anonymous 15/01/27(Tue)20:25 No. 21647 ID: 4fb06b [Reply]

File 142238670017.jpg - (215.86KB , 1175x710 , Mary-Poppins-Disney.jpg )

Dear /halp/!

This morning my win-desktop was acting up during the boot process, so I gave it a hard reset.

On the second start the rigth page of the screen became black and the left side was like a window into something bigger. There was this message tab about the computer repairing something. But I couldn't read it all, I had to drag it from side to side.

Finally it started up properly. But now the left side of the screen was flickering. I tried to change resolution etc, but it still flickers.

I thought it was Explorer-specific, so I ran a game in Steam. But the left side still flickered.

Screen & graphics card:

Samsung S23B350 1920 x 1080
ATI Radeon HD 5450 512 MB

Anonymous 15/01/27(Tue)21:04 No. 21648 ID: 4fb06b

Hmm... Maybe it was temporarily damaged because of a potentially different Hz-setting. The flickering has disappeared now. I set my screen to not use other settings than 60 Hz.

Anonymous 15/01/28(Wed)03:38 No. 21649 ID: 10d6c2

Assuming this is an LCD panel, more than likely part of your display has failed due to a cold solder joint. When the display warms up the heat expands the connection and a stronger connection gets made, causing the problem to go away. When the display cools (turned off, or after the display is put to sleep, for an extended period), however, the problem should reoccur.

This could also be a similar problem related to your graphics card, assuming the connection is made over DVI (or HDMI) and not VGA, but it's far more common to occur in the display than the card. If it's connected via VGA then it's unlikely to be the graphics card, since the screen is drawn from left to right, top to bottom, so VGA problems tend to occur horizontally not vertically (top or bottom, not left or right). These are mildly-educated guesses though, next time it occurs try connecting something else to the display and see if the problem follows the display or it's tied to a single system. "Something else" can be literally anything that can be plugged into the display that should display video - video game console, DVD player, etc.

You certainly shouldn't try to drive an LCD panel at anything over than 60Hz, assuming you don't have a 120Hz panel, in which case it shouldn't be driven at anything besides 60Hz or 120Hz.

Avoiding future problems (hardware) Anonymous 15/01/04(Sun)03:22 No. 21625 ID: ba5ab3 [Reply]

File 142033817938.jpg - (175.61KB , 1024x680 , image.jpg )

Hi guys so I know this is below your level but soon I will be building a PC (my first really) so is there anything I should know before I do so and any useful sites I can use. Also can I have some tips. Any info is greatly appreciated thanks a bunch!

www.google.com/ncr Anonymous 15/01/04(Sun)23:54 No. 21629 ID: 85432d

>Hi guys so I know this is below your level but (...)
Well fuck you too, buddy.

Anonymous 15/01/05(Mon)00:03 No. 21630 ID: a6916a

Newegg have 2 video's that are about an hour long each explaining how to build a pc.

They're on youtube and pretty much tell you everything you need to know.

Anonymous 15/01/22(Thu)17:07 No. 21644 ID: ffb8ea

search linustechtips on youtube

Anonymous 15/01/05(Mon)03:53 No. 21631 ID: ade12b [Reply]

File 142042643897.jpg - (8.33KB , 240x240 , dilemma.jpg )

I have $300 to spend: should I use it to build a low budget hackintosh (curious to try out a Mac for once in my life) or buy 32GB of RAM for my ASUS G750JW and max it out?

Anonymous 15/01/05(Mon)04:06 No. 21632 ID: e0d636

File 142042721834.png - (18.44KB , 800x600 , 128844216867.png )

I say neither, donate it to 7Chan someone needs to unsurp those /fur/ries and /b/tards from the top spots.

Anonymous 15/01/06(Tue)02:59 No. 21636 ID: 48a816

I wouldn't spend the money on the laptop. Most gaming laptops have a very finite lifespan, once the GPU overheats itself to death the laptop's fucked. Unless you're going to be utilizing some process that can use the extra RAM, like a RAM disk or some professional-grade image/video manipulation, you won't notice any difference from the extra RAM.

I assume you have some components on hand, to donate to the Hack, to get it for $300? A 4790K, Z97, and 16GB - all bought on Black Friday sales - ran over $600. Even scaling back the CPU and motherboard it's hard to make a halfway decent Intel rig for cheap, even if you go with mATX abominations.

Anonymous 15/01/21(Wed)15:43 No. 21643 ID: a51853

File 142185140329.gif - (943.54KB , 500x350 , Ed Wiggle.gif )

I learned that it's best to clean out and replace thermal paste on laptops at least once a year, then 6-12 months after that. I left my gaming laptop for 3 years without looking inside it cus I was worried about breaking it.
The thermal paste was completely baked on, and there was heat damage to the copper piping on the fan part that touched the GPU.
I cleaned it up and replaced the paste, it runs 20C cooler at all times than previously.

I had my first shutdown from overheating just prior to that, that's what finally prompted me to do it.

Torrents Anonymous 15/01/14(Wed)10:21 No. 21639 ID: 9f0c61 [Reply]

File 142122728424.jpg - (7.46KB , 224x225 , images.jpg )

Torrents work by making us download parts of the file from peers who are also downloading the file.
Does this mean that my download speed depends the rate at which my peers are uploading....and what if all of them limit their upload speeds to minimum(say about 0.1kbps)..??

I know the topic is a bit old, forgive me for the lack of knowledge :(

Anonymous 15/01/14(Wed)17:22 No. 21640 ID: a3b6c1

>Does this mean that my download speed depends the rate at which my peers are uploading
>what if all of them limit their upload speeds to minimum(say about 0.1kbps)
You would have a maximum download rate of 0.1 x the number of peers.
Large amounts of peers and the generosity of seeds prevent this from ruining your day. Seeds are people who have the complete file and continue to make it available to download.

Fortunately people who torrent tend to understand that sharing is an important aspect of the system, even when you've downloaded something to 100% it's normal to leave the torrent running and uploading so other people can get a copy. A rule of thumb is to have a minimum upload/download ratio of 2:1 so you're giving back to the community. Anything below 1 is considered taking advantage of the community and looked down upon. Some servers actively monitor ratios and will take measures to penalise these leeches.

Anonymous 15/01/18(Sun)08:55 No. 21642 ID: 48a816

A lot of clients will calculate the maximum download speed as a multiple of the download speed if the upload speed is under a set amount (usually 50K/s), so setting the download speed to an arbitrarily low amount is usually detrimental to the jackass.

However̉ the upload speed is going to be divided by the number of people the client is connected to, as well as traffic related to files they're downloading. So if someone has 50 peers connected and downloading a file, and their upload limit is 50̊K, each of the peers will only get 1K/s. If you're seeding a lot of files simultaneously then the download speed can get pathetic. This is why servers who have an absolute shitfit when you don't immediately start seeding every last file you downloaded are effectively being managed by morons.

Updating iOS without signing on to ap store - possible? Anonymous 14/12/28(Sun)14:24 No. 21608 ID: d8f339 [Reply]

File 141977306940.jpg - (12.39KB , 233x246 , apple-rotten.jpg )

I just got a factory reset 1pad 1 from a friend and was wondering how I could install an updated iOS without going to the app store. I have no idea how to operate this thing it's very simplicity befuddles me.
I'm a PC user and the box contains the warranty and the "don't drop in water" instructions but that's it. I get that I can download the updates via my computer but my question involves the iTunes/Apple store.
As I understand one of the methods up update/install the ios is to log onto the itunes store and go from there. you can update it to ios 5 OR you can jailbreak it and update to iOS 7. I know you may not know this stuff but I'm asking. Does logging into the istore allow the thing to scan your system? Can it look for "illegally downloaded music " on my HD? or do I have to give it permissions? Also do you know if iOS 5 is that much clunkier than 7? If the Apple/Itunes store can do that bullshit is there another way I can update the OS - and how?

Also, re: setting up networks.
My router accepts devices based on MAC address but the thing wants to set up connections. Do I just update via the cable THEN find out the MAC addy and add it?

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 15/01/03(Sat)01:35 No. 21624 ID: d8f339

>> No. 21623

Don't forget bio-weapons, anthrax, ricin, phone and cable company monopoly.
- oh and I'm not in the US I'm one of the pampered few in NORTH KOREA with internet.

Anonymous 15/01/04(Sun)07:48 No. 21626 ID: 48a816

Libertarians: Yes they really are that dumb.

Anonymous 15/01/09(Fri)00:53 No. 21638 ID: 10d6c2

When you first open iTunes, or depending on the version one of the last steps of the installer, it will prompt you to scan your drives to "organize" your music. Skip this step.

Organize in Apple lingo means move to the iTunes Music folder that lives under My Documents or Music, depending on what version of Windows you're running. Even if you don't mind having iTunes scan your music, shoving files around onto a drive that likely doesn't contain enough space to hold them all is likely A Bad Thing (and don't expect Apple to check to see if there's enough free space on your boot drive before starting to move data to it, either).

If it doesn't scan your music files, it doesn't know about any music files. That being said, I've had hundreds of illegitimate MP3s in my iTunes library for over 10 years. If the RIAA's jackbooted thugs haven't broken down my door after all this time, I don't think they'll do jack shit to you.

HD crash Anonymous 14/11/02(Sun)22:41 No. 21512 ID: 2d01f0 [Reply]

File 141496447918.png - (8.00KB , 500x450 , 1412729496615.png )

My external HD just crashed.

I got a weird message saying a file was not working in the HD, and suddenly I couldn't access it anymore. I couldn't turn off/on the pc with the thing plugged in either.

When I connect the HD the system recognizes it but the names of the files don't flash on the screen anymore. And as soon as I try to open it my pc freezes.

Lifehacker site says this is probably caused by "degraded magnetic media" (bad sectors). Says I should let a pro handle it. Is this true? What should I do? I need my data back...

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/05(Wed)06:27 No. 21520 ID: 10d6c2

>Any data you "need" should be stored in cloud storage.
Especially naked pictures. Otherwise how will we ever get another massive dump of nude pics?

You should have your data backed up onto a second device, so that a single failure won't cause you to lose data. If you keep a third/forth/etc. copy in other physical location(s), that means even if your home burns down your data is still safe.

You could buy another case, crack open your existing case, and put the HD into the new case. Most of the time this works, since OEM case chipsets are unreliable as shit.

Although recently I've noticed Seagate has implemented really weird fucking disk formats that prevent you from accessing your data in any other case but theirs. Which is just fucking awesome when their case fails out of warranty. Last one I looked at stored data in 4 partitions of varying sizes and each partition was in a proprietary format - I would guess the drive stored data you accessed the most in the fastest partition and data you didn't access at all in the slowest partition, but fuck if that's documented anywhere.

Anonymous 15/01/05(Mon)20:27 No. 21635 ID: 51e7c2

Get a live cd and try this
If it spins you'll get some files back but their names will be fucked. Also, for God's sake take a fucking disk image. And be fucking careful with the 'dd' command, or you'll nuke your OS.

Anonymous 15/01/08(Thu)01:42 No. 21637 ID: 2d4ce1

Can't help you with the failing external...

I'm trying to prevent a loss of data stored on my externals by also burning same data to DVD's.
A BlueRay burner would be a better choice,I know;)

By picking the data you really need to have,burning them to a DVD or BlueRay it will make a quite good backup.
I've never trusted any external HD's,but I'm using 2 WD's,had them for almost 4 years now.

Have done like this for ages,CD-R's long time ago & will be using BlueRay later.
Time is needed though,burning might consume some time,but that's a small price in order to have access to the important data.

This seems very interesting,thanks.
Think it might be useful to try with an older HD,now defunct.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/11/27(Thu)11:15 No. 21541 ID: eb89c4 [Reply]

File 141708334435.gif - (2.63MB , 450x450 , 1415930417162.gif )

Lets say that in theory I have a computer that I want to install a rootkit on in my possession.

How would I go about doing this? Be as specific as possible.

Anonymous 14/11/27(Thu)14:12 No. 21542 ID: ba85c3

>How would I go about doing this? Be as specific as possible.
Well... you install the rootkit. The how of it comes down to the specific rootkit you're using, read the instructions.

Anonymous 14/11/28(Fri)04:58 No. 21544 ID: eb89c4

Yeah, but which one do I install? How do I make sure it's not detected?

Hell, where do I find one?

Anonymous 15/01/04(Sun)12:09 No. 21627 ID: 2f7053

visit any site that ends in .ru and you'll get a free rootkit.

Rectail prolapse Anonymous+ 15/01/01(Thu)04:57 No. 21621 ID: eb3637 [Reply]

File 142008461911.jpg - (600.19KB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )

I'm very nervous, I don't unusually look at my anus in the mirror. But I did today because I really don't know why. And I kinda pushed my anus out (like if I were trying to poop, but I wasn't)wondering what it would look like and I noticed a red thing coming out, but only when I push out. I don't know if this is normal or not. It's not that extreme. I did some research and saw it might be a partial rectail prolapse, but I'm not sure. I don't know if that happens to everyone when they push out or not. I don't want to go to the doctors all freaked out to find out that this happens to everyone. I've always had trouble going the bathroom. Please only serious responses

Anonymous 15/01/05(Mon)13:34 No. 21633 ID: 85432d

This seems a better fit for /fit/ but anyway, the short answer is yes, you should see a doctor. Red things pooping out of your asshole is rarely a good omen.

Installing a home server 450AHX 14/12/27(Sat)12:46 No. 21600 ID: 789203 [Reply]

File 141968076460.png - (41.82KB , 1024x1230 , Diagram1.png )

Hi. I'm planning to install a combined NAT router/firewall/file server (SMB and FTP). This is the hardware I'll most likely use; other than the disks, basically just the spare parts I have lying around:
* A dual core Celeron at 1.6 GHz
* 1 GB of RAM
* A 6 TB software RAID and several network adapters
My question is regarding the OS I'll use. I've been working with computers for many years now, but I'm still kind of a newbie as far as networking goes. Except for pfSense, which doesn't seem to offer file server capabilities, it's been a pain to configure the network (routing, firewall settings, NAT settings, DNS). Windows Server 2012 has been the least painful, but a) I don't know how it will run on that hardware, b) it seems like overkill, and c) I don't know how I feel about having a Windows box facing the public network (plus I have a dynamic domain name). I'd really like something that can configure itself more or less automagically. Can anyone recommend a Linux distro or whatever?

7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/12/31(Wed)03:08 No. 21616 ID: 48a816

>I didn't have to fuck around with configuration files or any of that nonsense.
Then you should just stick with Windows and get used to being hacked every couple weeks.

450AHX 14/12/31(Wed)09:11 No. 21617 ID: 789203

That's the kind of attitude that keeps pushing OSS usability forward.

Anonymous 14/12/31(Wed)23:58 No. 21619 ID: 48a816

Your entitled attitude to not having to spend an iota of effort to learn how anything works is why your generation is fucked.

BTW, for your mythical virtualized servers, have you considered connecting them via a crossover cable?

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