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Recomended Reading Smurfer ## Mod ## 09/08/01(Sat)01:50 No. 3145 ID: b315cf [Reply] Stickied

File 124908421528.jpg - (75.06KB , 347x364 , Halp.jpg )

A few things that might help get those questions answered faster.
Be specific when you are talking about something - "my mp3 player is broken HALP!?"
- What kind of mp3 player, (brand and model)
- What isn't is doing now that it was before (the reason it is "broken")
- What were you doing to it last, right before it broke.. Did you maybe drop it?.. get it a little wet? try to flash the firmware?!

These all help in determining what can be done.
These rules do not just apply to MP3 players.
Just be as specific as possible and don’t leave stuff out, we want to be helpful here, try not to make it a scavenger hunt for clues!
These same rules apply for other situations like “I got a new motherboard and now my computer doesn’t post!”
-old motherboard model
-new motherboard model
-ram (speed)
and any other component you might have in there (most of the other stuff usually won’t matter but list what you know.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)04:57 No. 21482 ID: 10d6c2

On this side of the pond it certainly is, at least among the kind of people who give a crap. I don't, but assholes are gonna be assholes.

The joy of driving a 20 year old car is none of that fucking shit applies. Though in most states they're not allowed to pull that thanks to regulations.

NEED HELP noko 14/12/20(Sat)07:15 No. 21579 ID: 473563 [Reply]

File 141905614717.jpg - (3.87KB , 318x159 , index.jpg )

Ive been trying for a while to get my linksys e2500 router to port forward but nothing seems to work.. Ive tried using a static ip but still had no luck.. Itd be much appreciated if someone could help me figure this out

Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)09:34 No. 21559 ID: 7038af [Reply]

File 141759566115.jpg - (43.18KB , 550x450 , wd-black-4tb.jpg )

Hello /halp/

I recently bought a 4TB drive to replace my full 1TB drive that I use for file backups and I'm just trying to plan out how I'm going to have it set up before it arrives. I was thinking it would be really nice if I could expand the 1TB with the 4TB making an effective 5TB drive in Windows explorer (running on Windows 7). Clearly though if the 1TB dies I would like it to revert back to a 4TB without any data loss on the 4TB. I keep hearing that with either striped (RAID0) or spanned (JBOD) (in disk management), if 1 drive fails then all data on all drives is lost. Is there anyway to set it up so that each drive is independent, yet Windows displays them as a single drive? I don't want the data to be this fragile.

Next question is that after selecting the appropriate method above, is there anyway to set up either spanning or striping without having to reformat the drives? I suppose if I was desperate I could clear out enough space on all my other drives to temporarily house the data while I reformat, but I'd rather not do that, as my other drives are fairly limited right now as well.

Keep in mind that I do know about linking a folder to another disk and I'd rather not do that either. I want J:\ (the root) to be 5TB, not the root combined with subfolders (1 folder is going to be well over 1TB with the others around a hundred gigs or so).

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Anonymous 14/12/12(Fri)21:56 No. 21573 ID: 10d6c2

If you set up the 4TB as a dynamic disk out of the gate there's no need to reformat anything. Though normally a Basic -> Dynamic conversion is a simple operation that doesn't require reformatting.

What you do with the 1TB in the interim is up to you, but I would hope that by the time you need that extra 1TB of space you'll have saved up the 60 or so bucks it'd cost for you to buy a new one... or the 90 or so bucks it'd cost for a 2TB...

Anonymous 14/12/13(Sat)11:21 No. 21574 ID: a1d1e6

if you're using windows, what you could do is have each drive have the partition take the whole space, then mount the second drive as a sub-directory of the first drive (you'll need to do it via disk management, right click the partition and pick change drive letter, then click change, and pick ntfs directory)

Anonymous 14/12/15(Mon)15:25 No. 21575 ID: 3b1e3b

Why not setup the 1TB as a dedicated pagefile? You'll lose the storage space but it'll still see plenty of use and having it on a dedicated disk will improve performance when compared to sharing it.

Anonymous 14/12/10(Wed)06:32 No. 21572 ID: 2d01f0 [Reply]

File 141818954365.png - (24.06KB , 241x325 , Ivan_and_Toby.png )

Is it true that you can use cookies to get premium downoads for sites such as rapidshare or depfile? How do I go about it?

Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)06:25 No. 21558 ID: 5c4c12 [Reply]

File 141758431662.gif - (2.23MB , 480x270 , dontcontainit.gif )

So I have that dumb 23 million minutes locked thing on my iPod, and I can't wipe the files on it because I want those files on it so I can't just reset it. How can I get into it? I've seen fixes where you get into an iPod control folder but I just CANT on my Windows computer because the iPod isn't synced to it in the first place, it's synced to a Mac, which supposedly you can't do that fix on. Unless you can and you guys can tell me how. On the Windows the thing doesn't even show up anywhere when it's plugged in, except for on iTunes but you need to authorize it from the iPod touch and obviously I can't do that. Is there any sort of command line fix?

Samsung S Advance after rooting Anonymous 14/12/02(Tue)19:42 No. 21551 ID: 04d051 [Reply]

File 141754572867.jpg - (346.45KB , 1634x2126 , Samsung-GALAXY-S-Advance.jpg )

I bought this piece of tech back in 2012, and it's still a slave to all my needs, but it regularly would slow down. Somewhere at the end of 2013/start of 2014 I decided to get it flashed and got it rooted. My problem is it's been acting even worse since then. It freezes every 15-20 minutes, it frequently crashes if someone sends me a message while I am watching a video. I wouldn't call myself a tech familiar guy, so I am asking nicely is there a way to fix this, do I need to downgrade, and if I do, will that even help me?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)00:53 No. 21555 ID: aff508

Are you sure about the SSD thing? Might be an imperfect flash..
Okay, this is fate. It's been a while since i was here, i get back and what i see on the Home page? A pic of what looked very much like my phone.. and it is!
That said, there's a million roms out there and lots of methods and guides, could be that it was flashed not so well..

Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)01:07 No. 21556 ID: 822064

The problem persisted before and after the flash.

I'm inclined to think it's the SSD due to age and because OP uses as "slave to all [his] needs". SSD's have always had problems with limited read/write cycles. Stuttering, crashing and freezing are typical signs of a failing HD so that's where I'm edging my bets.

Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)01:31 No. 21557 ID: aff508

Well i have had it for quite some time now, maybe i don't use it as much as those "FB all day LOL" kids, but i don't have those problems.
Maybe a "deep clean"? I read it's to get rid of every trace of past OSes.

Chan thread watch not working on 4chan anymore? Anonymous 13/12/17(Tue)10:34 No. 20881 ID: 90f18e [Reply]

File 138727287625.png - (50.99KB , 653x411 , CTW.png )

Chan Thread Watch seems to have stopped working on 4chan.

Anyone have some idea on a fix? (Or an alternative app?)

It's still working on other sites. (like 7chan, and p4c)

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/04/25(Fri)20:45 No. 21112 ID: 80ad68

Xchan stopped working on 4chan, halp

Anonymous 14/04/30(Wed)04:27 No. 21125 ID: 90f18e

File 139882482683.png - (10.54KB , 633x325 , Untitled1.png )

Yeah, looks like Xchan 2.5b is going to be the last version and its no longer compatible with 4chan.

the good news is that someone has made an unofficial update to Chan Thread Watch.

you can find that here. https://github.com/SuperGouge/ChanThreadWatch

its seems to work well with 4chan and 7chan.

Anonymous 14/12/03(Wed)00:18 No. 21554 ID: 584a9d


iOS version still up

Anonymous 14/11/12(Wed)05:38 No. 21524 ID: 42e165 [Reply]

File 141576711428.jpg - (81.34KB , 611x404 , Praise+omnissiah_d46a86_4623595.jpg )

What is this vehicle? I've been trying to found it, but google didn't helped :/

10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/11/29(Sat)07:01 No. 21546 ID: 42e165

>probably soviet BDRM-2 personnel carrier

Thats what I thought, but there are two front windows on BDRM-2 (and everything I found), but three windows on this picture.

Anonymous 14/11/30(Sun)06:32 No. 21547 ID: 48a816

Not to mention the BDRM-2 is a much smaller vehicle. That or the priest in front of it is a dwarf. BDRM-2's aren't much taller than a person, while this one appears to be half again taller.

Anonymous 14/12/01(Mon)08:50 No. 21550 ID: 42e165


Exactly. The thing that confuses me most is the hydraulics down there, which may suggest that this is rocket launcher, or something.

Anonymous 14/11/30(Sun)14:21 No. 21548 ID: eb89c4 [Reply]

File 141735367428.jpg - (100.29KB , 830x1000 , 1415836807415-2.jpg )

In theory, how would one go about preventing Apple from locating a phone/laptop/tablet?

No, I haven't found or stolen any, just want to know this in case I do find an apple device in the future.

My first guess is that you could probably low-level format the device. Would that work? Or is it hardware-level?

Anonymous 14/11/30(Sun)18:38 No. 21549 ID: 48a816

With newer iOS versions immediately after you format the device it will force you to login with the previous owner's AppleID. It's a bit of an inscrutable black box, but I believe the newer iOS versions are writing to a normally-unwritable section of the flash (similar the difference between CMOS & HDD/SSD on PCs).

Now if you were to simultaneously jailbreak and reflash it, you should be able to work around the issue, though it may require a custom iOS build with that security feature disabled.

Fuckin Windows 8 Anonymous 14/11/28(Fri)06:03 No. 21545 ID: 26341f [Reply]

File 141715098480.png - (242.69KB , 1366x768 , greenhorseshit.png )

So I just got a cheap new laptop about two weeks ago. Every now and then it would do this shit. Now I can't get it to stop. I've tried the easiest solutions like restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling flash, and updating my graphics driver.

The only suggestions I've found online are to disable ActiveX (irrelevant because I use FireFox) or to disable hardware acceleration which after a bit of searching I'm not even sure my graphics driver supports.

If it helps I have:
-AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
-Windows 8.1
-64 bit

Please /halp/, I wish to continue my dickin' about on the internet even while I sleep.

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