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Comic Uploads Anonymous 09/07/25(Sat)16:37 No. 7618 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 124853265492.jpg - (1.54MB , 2560x1972 , Crecy-00.jpg )

I figured that I'd start up the comic upload thread again. I will also try to deliver any requests to the best of my ability. Let's start off with the obligatories and some of my favorites.


Batman- The Killing Joke:

Batman- Dark Knight Returns


The Death of Superman:
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Crecy 14/11/09(Sun)01:30 No. 24122

Anyone have a Crecy link? OP's is broken.

Leap year = Marvel year Bendis 13/04/26(Fri)22:05 No. 23541 [Reply]

File 136700670244.jpg - (505.86KB , 1010x1506 , FF001_Cover.jpg )

1964 01 Marvel year has passed
1968 02 Marvel years have passed
1972 03 Marvel years have passed
1976 04 Marvel years have passed
1980 05 Marvel years have passed
1984 06 Marvel years have passed
1988 07 Marvel years have passed
1992 08 Marvel years have passed
1996 09 Marvel years have passed
2000 10 Marvel years have passed
2004 11 Marvel years have passed
2008 12 Marvel years have passed
2014 13 Marvel years have passed

After 10 Marvel years the secret identity of ANY character became EXTINCT!
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Recalculation of Ororo's age Anonymous 14/08/10(Sun)03:48 No. 23965

>>23953 Uncanny X-Men 265 august 1990, reveals that Ororo is reduced to a 12 year old girl. This was done by the supervillainess the Nanny.
Uncanny X-Men 272 januari 1991 restores Ororo to an adult but YOUNGER than she was before Nanny reduced her to a preteen;

In 1990 she was a 28 year old adult.
In august 1990 she was reduced to a 12 year old.
In januari 1991 she was restored to a 23 year old adult.

She is now 23+6= 29

Ororo Munroe is ALREADY 29 years old!

Franklin Richards Anonymous 14/08/14(Thu)15:43 No. 23968

Franklin Benjamin Richards first appears in Fantastic Four Annual 6 (November 1968).

After 1968 he ages every Leap year(=Marvel year).

He is now 11.

Franklin Richards is ALREADY 11 years old!

Anonymous 14/12/18(Thu)23:04 No. 24168

File 141894027156.jpg - (141.65KB , 400x904 , rick-jones.jpg )

Rick Jones made his debut in The Incredible Hulk 1 (May 1962)
He was 15.
He is now 15+13 = 28

Rick Jones is ALREADY 28 years old!

New Indy Comic Jessica 14/08/22(Fri)02:11 No. 23973 [Reply]

File 140866627085.jpg - (3.15MB , 1499x2385 , Page01Watermark.jpg )

I have been working on this comic for a little while. This is the first page. I will have more pages to show, but for now i only have the one. What do you guys think?

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Jessica 14/11/25(Tue)18:22 No. 24152

Thank you so much!

Jessica 14/12/09(Tue)19:17 No. 24165

File 141814905870.jpg - (1.57MB , 1444x1138 , Page08-09.jpg )

Page 8-9. sorry for the repeat of page 8, page 9 needs page 8 next to it for the double spread to work. :)

Jessica 14/12/09(Tue)19:22 No. 24166

Also, i forgot to mention, if you guys would like to read the comic a little easier I have made a Tapastic page: http://tapastic.com/series/Visceral. you can also read it on your mobile devise thru the Tapastic app.

Your Favorite Cartoon Growing Up Yourgay!!OxAzMwZTMv 12/03/25(Sun)05:19 No. 22671 [Reply]

File 133264555190.jpg - (55.22KB , 400x300 , heman1.jpg )

Mine was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. What was your's /co/?

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Anonymous 14/09/17(Wed)17:30 No. 24030


Most of mine are listed, adding to the list:
Ulysses 31
A sci-fi reimagining of Homer's 'The Odyssey', a Japanese and French collaboration.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold
Years later coming back to this it holds up really well, this is a heritage cartoon I guess you could say in that I plan to show them to my kids whenever I get them. There were documentary episodes to accompany each cartoon episode that explained the events and customs from the new world the characters encountered, recommended viewing.

Anonymous 14/10/03(Fri)03:59 No. 24071

File 141230157364.jpg - (9.93KB , 200x251 , chowder.jpg )

I dont know about you but i LOVED CHOWDER

"DRAGON BALL Z: THE RESURRECTION OF F" TRAILER DEBUTS Anonymous 14/12/06(Sat)15:32 No. 24164

One of the biggest anime sensations of the modern age, "Dragon Ball Z" has a new film hitting theaters in the spring, and judging by the first footage, it's set to hit all the right chords with fans of the series.


What comic is this? elle 14/09/16(Tue)22:42 No. 24019 [Reply]

File 141090012042.jpg - (279.54KB , 530x600 , 985c89a63250b0c2b391f4af3a9780dd.jpg )

I'm trying to find a comic I read a while ago I remember the story, but none of the character names or how I found it. The art was all done in not-terrible 3D. Could I get some help?


We begin with an overview of how the world got f-ed up and was fixed by androids. A woman is looking at a part that she has to replace in some kind of 3D viewer.

Her daughter comes in asking to fly herself across the hinterlands, risking rape (or worse) because it's her birthday and she wants to have sex with her BF.

The girl mouths off to her android nanny, flies off, and, inevitably, gets kidnapped. She tries to fight off her captors with a sword crafted by nano-machines, fails, and later intentionally dislocates her wrist while being transported.


That's the last I read of it. Any help is appreciated!

(* pic unrelated *)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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elle 14/10/08(Wed)22:12 No. 24078

I found the web comic I was looking for. It's called Data Chasers.

Thanks for posting this one. It's good so far.

Eternal 1 from Boom! Studios Anonymous 14/12/06(Sat)15:07 No. 24162

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: William Harms is crafting a gripping, sophisticated story about what happens if science completely changes the rules of life itself. This is a story where characters' ethics and loyalties are tested, for society has changed but human failings remain the same. The next step in humanity is brought to glorious life by Giovanni Valetta.

Eternal, what it's about... Anonymous 14/12/06(Sat)15:09 No. 24163

In a world of clones, the Human Liberation Army wants to free people from New Life's grasp. Their leader Gail will take the most drastic, personal measures yet to do so. Rathmann, a former homicide detective turned New Life enforcer, is on the case, and is asking tough questions. Violet, a young girl and one of the few non-cloned humans—or Pures—left, is longing to enter the real world. But she has no idea the danger she is stepping into.

Princess Adora as Despara commits atrocities. How to redeem her: SHE-RA ! Anonymous 13/04/03(Wed)21:09 No. 23511 [Reply]

File 136501617191.jpg - (170.46KB , 768x811 , Despara aka Princess Adora.jpg )

Notice the sadness in Adora's face?
Masters Of The Universe 8 reveals that Adora, now Despara, is a lethal weapon in the service of evil! This means a great deal. This young beautiful girl is deprived of her true calling; a heroin who is meant to represent hope and inspire good. The Horde is to be despised for making her a villainess who ignites despair and enforces evil. As a reader I rejoice in Adora's yearning for a better life. I read it as a sub-conscious expression of weeping for being kept from what she was truly destined to be and being forced to endure this nightmare of a life. Adora must be freed from the Horde and be allowed to choose the kind of life she wants to lead. I am grateful that Despara is covered from head-to-toe. Adora (and her face) should be engaging opponents as a warrior for GOOD and not evil! The bond and friendship with her steed Spirit, can be given more weight to. They can encourage each other to always strive to do good because the guilt of committing horrible acts under Horde-control hangs heavy on them. Also, their desires to be (and stay as long as possible) She-Ra and Swift Wind is great because these are identities that are used in the service of good and have not, in the past, been used for acts of evil! The short-haired Adora can be transformed into the long-haired She-Ra. To have Adora's hair, height, mass, clothes and voice change when she transforms into She-Ra makes for a much better secret identity (a dark tan like He-Man got in the cartoon when Prince Adam turned into him, would also be nice).

30 posts and 76 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Power-Adam and the assholes of the universe 18 Anonymous 14/12/04(Thu)23:40 No. 24160

Despara fighting Saryn! Woohoo!
Great pages but VERY disappointed that the old cliche 'mask gets broken to pieces by the opponent' is depicted in a comic book for the umpteenth time.

Saryn is Skeletor's mom! Great revelation!

SHE-DORA unleashed! Anonymous 14/12/04(Thu)23:54 No. 24161

And then FINALLY butch Adora powers up.

To me her attire is clunky.
Doesn't lend itself to enable She-Dora to display her agility and dodge projectiles coming at her.

Most likely She-Dora will be shown as a BORING battering ram type of fighter and have dialogue like asshole Teela to match(Of course She-Dora doesn't have super-strength like She-Ra who is not present in this iteration).

Mafalda's 50th anniversary (1964-2014) Anonymous 14/11/29(Sat)21:26 No. 24158 [Reply]

File 141729276631.jpg - (46.10KB , 850x607 , mafalda.jpg )

The precocious young girl, Mafalda, has been a very popular character in South America and the rest of the world ever since Joaquín Salvador Lavado (known for his penname, Quino) began her comic strip in 1964. The strip actually only lasted until 1973, but Mafalda continues to be a popular character, especially as Quino has licensed her out to a number of uses (like cartoons) and most notably, has allowed her to be used by UNICEF to get their message across.

Anonymous 14/11/29(Sat)21:28 No. 24159

Now here’s the amazing thing – the whole series was created as an ADVERTISING gimmick!
Fellow Argentine artist Miguel Brascó approached Quino with the idea of doing a comic strip that would secretly work as advertising. The idea was simple, the strip would advertise the “Mansfield” line of household appliance from the Argentine Siam Di Tella company by having a young girl and her family all shown using their various products throughout the strips. It would be product placement in the strip (plus, all of the characters’ names would begin with M).
His clever ruse was quickly seen through and the strip was rejected. Some people, though, felt that the strip showed promise on its own merits and eventually Quino edited out the advertising aspects and began doing the strip straight and it became very popular.

pls halp Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)10:44 No. 24154 [Reply]

File 14169950662.gif - (1.27MB , 245x180 , 52e.gif )

Can someone post that comic where Superman and Wonder Woman breaks some wannabe superhero kid's back in front of The Flash and later on The Flash learns that kid's hero is him and he's all sad and shit?

Anonymous 14/11/27(Thu)20:17 No. 24157

that would be in Injustice year one, #13 issue if I remember right

here's the torrent for year one:

Anonymous 14/11/27(Thu)08:23 No. 24156 [Reply]

File 141707300298.jpg - (861.55KB , 1200x1200 , virtua__zip.jpg )

Hello /co/
I enjoy reading comics a lot, but I also hate paying so much for comics, seeing as every store in my town has disgusting prices, even the thrift book stores.
Does /co/ have any good web comics? I no none, my favorite genres are general action/adventure/gory

Maid of Might Anonymous 14/09/23(Tue)00:49 No. 24046 [Reply]

File 141142617457.jpg - (178.40KB , 1260x595 , DCE_Supergirl-INT.jpg )


Happy for the character Supergirl that in her 55th anniversary (1959-2014) of her comicbook existence, there is confirmation she will have her own tv series!

2 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/09/23(Tue)01:02 No. 24049

I LOVED Bizarro Clark on Smallville! Maybe a version like him can be developed for the show?

Imagine the suspense to behold Supergirl take out a thug like him through a combination of her intelligence and brawn.

I'll root for an underdog like Kara Zor-El anytime!

"SUPERGIRL" COULD CROSS OVER TO "ARROW" & "TH Anonymous 14/11/26(Wed)21:12 No. 24155


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