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/cd/ - Crossdressing

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Finally! A hook-up thread! Anonymous ## Admin ## 12/05/02(Wed)00:44 No. 8356 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 133591229889.jpg - (399.56KB , 1600x1200 , cd di hookup thread.jpg )

It's become apparent to us as of late, that /cd/ & /di/ are in need of a hookup thread, and since we care so little about you, it's taken us quite a while to get around to doing it. Anyway, here it is.
This is going to be a shared thread, that means that both /di/ and /cd/ will be using this thread.. Don't let it turn to complete shit, report rule breaking posts and most importantly, don't be desperate as fuck.

The rules for this thread are as follows:

1) A/S/L is important. Post your age, gender (or post/pre-op), and location. Oh, also, specify if you're a top or bottom if it's relevant.
2) Contact information! If you don't post contact info your post will be deleted. There's no point in posting without contact info. Skype, MSN, E-Mail, IM, anything will do. I'd steer clear of facebook etc, but it's up to you.
3) Post a fucking picture, seriously. Posts without pictures are way less likely to even be acknowledged by the userbase. You're all horny perverts, you're all drawn to images. Use this to your advantage.
Optionally, you can post what you want to do, if you want to meet up with people or just chat etc..

This thread is on trial basis at the moment, if it's still here in a few months then it's probably not going to be deleted/I'm too lazy to delete it.

Pic related: It's you.

Oh also: I forgot to say that irrelevant conversation is discouraged and will be deleted. Please keep all conversation to a minimum, it just clogs up the thread.

That and if you're just looking to meet guys and not traps/crossdressers then check out /fag/'s hookup thread.

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Hook up Jay 14/04/23(Wed)06:20 No. 32778

File 139822682587.jpg - (166.03KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )

31 M, Bay Area, Ca. Verse , email: afcwestchamps2002@yahoo.com. Looking for cd/trap/tgirl

Rules Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:32 No. 138 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 131912116616.jpg - (6.58KB , 300x168 , Crossdressing Anime.jpg )

1) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

2) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed.

3) Camwhoring is encouraged. If you're going to camwhore, don't just post one image and ask if /cd/ wants more. Post as many as you can, and if they do they'll tell you. Posts with only one image will be deleted and you'll be banned (for an hour or so) just so you know where you went wrong.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Traps go to /di/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

5) At the minute we don't think /cd/ needs a request thread. If however it should need one, this thread will be altered to allow requests.

If you want more content ask for it in the thread, posts asking to be e-mailed more will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

Im back!! jade 14/03/07(Fri)23:45 No. 31907 [Reply]

File 139423230036.jpg - (391.21KB , 1080x1920 , Snapchat-20140307015638.jpg )

It's been a long while since I have posted, got really busy, but now im back! yay!! send me love


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Anonymous 14/04/21(Mon)12:37 No. 32730

Im in Ohio jade :) Kik me and illl show you me dressed and we can play ravegirlbaby>>32292

jade 14/04/22(Tue)07:35 No. 32752

File 139814490343.jpg - (90.38KB , 640x480 , 140307-144112.jpg )

hoping to dress this friday! maybe a gif too ;)

jade 14/04/23(Wed)07:11 No. 32779

Hey loves!! I havent posted in a while, been soooooooooo busy but I will post more pictures soon. Also I would love your help deciding on new wigs, idk which would go best for me, HELP!! :P also need some new toys so attach me some links and if I get what you put down ill send you a special video after ;) mwah!

Anonymous 14/04/20(Sun)07:04 No. 32709 [Reply]

File 139797025162.jpg - (0.98MB , 1385x2592 , Foto0006.jpg )

Hi /cd/ I'm new here! Would you like to see more?

10 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/04/22(Tue)16:38 No. 32759

Got a kik or skype?

Axton 14/04/23(Wed)02:50 No. 32772

Dam that ass looks soooooo inviting and those legs are just sexy
more plz

Anonymous 14/04/23(Wed)06:13 No. 32777

Damn! I want to see you in a G-string.

LUSCIOUS+LUCY!KNs1o0VDv6!!EwMGyvLJZ4 13/09/01(Sun)21:52 No. 27956 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 137806513554.jpg - (420.38KB , 640x480 , 6sYnrNgs3.jpg )

Lucy thread number 4!

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sander-san 14/04/22(Tue)01:31 No. 32745

File 139812307049.jpg - (23.04KB , 640x480 , Maximumacceleration.jpg )

Lol he found himself such a creep that he totally shut off from trapping and even anything sexual.
(what he told me)

I'm always wondering wen he'd come online on skype because we skyped mad much.

But for some reason lucy blocked me or something.

Damn garrett first you make me fall in love with you and than you disappear like a fart in the wind.

Its Sander here, bro if you're still checking the thread do know i still wanna skype with you.
I'm having a difficult time getting on skype because i'm working allot through the week but hell in the weekend i can make time.
I wanna know how you've been and shit.
Pic related its me NOW.

Anonymous 14/04/23(Wed)00:07 No. 32770

Lets start a campaign demanding that Lucy returns to us.

Anonymous 14/04/23(Wed)06:11 No. 32776

Simmer down, psycho. If she wants to come back, she will.

round 2 chrissyCD 14/04/14(Mon)18:20 No. 32605 [Reply]

File 139749242365.jpg - (97.91KB , 640x480 , IMG_0125.jpg )

I'm back with more

i hope that you can enjoy them as much as the first set

I've also set up a tumblr and should have all my pics and extras up on their at some point http://chrisyycd.tumblr.com/

2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
chrissyCD 14/04/14(Mon)23:43 No. 32613

File 139751179130.jpg - (110.12KB , 640x480 , IMG_0140.jpg )

SR 14/04/17(Thu)03:27 No. 32646

looking very cute, specially on the last one. can we get some underwear or nudies? :)

Anonymous 14/04/23(Wed)03:15 No. 32773

Where do you buy your clothes?

First Post Here Anonymous 14/04/14(Mon)08:56 No. 32591 [Reply]

File 139745860326.jpg - (107.66KB , 478x640 , patterned fishnets 1.jpg )

One of my first times really sharing, I'm still kind of new.

Tips? Where should I go from here? More clothes? Makeup? Shoes?

13 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
SR 14/04/17(Thu)03:26 No. 32645

more but pics please, in sexy lingerie!! :P

Anonymous 14/04/22(Tue)06:50 No. 32750

Got an email I can contact you?

Anonymous 14/04/22(Tue)21:55 No. 32767


Present. :p

fei 13/04/14(Sun)02:54 No. 23123 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136590087654.jpg - (1.80MB , 2740x2728 , 1355289828705.jpg )

it's been a while since I've been here

146 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/02/15(Sat)05:55 No. 31475

File 139244013738.png - (6.47KB , 365x276 , 1361164156705.png )


I'd be the happiest guy ever if I could put down your briefs a little bit just like that photo, just enough to be able to gently eat you out, making sure everything gets pretty wet with my saliva.

Well, do you actually play with your ass? Like sticking dildos into it or things like that or you just like to tease?

Anonymous 14/02/15(Sat)12:33 No. 31479


Would you indulge my fetish and take some pics of your mouth open with a big load of semen on your tongue?

Anonymous 14/04/22(Tue)17:55 No. 32762

If you were mine, you'd be required to spend all your time at home scampering around in these states of undress.


(thanks for sharing)

CD from DC blake 14/03/28(Fri)18:49 No. 32332 [Reply]

File 139602898374.jpg - (269.39KB , 640x480 , 8739362292_29de9ff800_z.jpg )

hi all i posted here awhile back, but now i have started dressing more!


22 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
blake 14/04/22(Tue)09:32 No. 32754

Still too shy for meet ups but here's my email !

more! blake 14/04/22(Tue)09:53 No. 32755

i dont have as good of an outfit but I don't think ya'll will mind.
-blake <3

blake 14/04/22(Tue)09:57 No. 32756

File 139815345361.png - (754.70KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot 2014-04-22 01_55_58.png )

preview image cuz yeah its hot

just postin Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)10:40 No. 32509 [Reply]

File 139703282753.jpg - (811.05KB , 1536x2048 , photo 2 (15).jpg )

having a real hard time not being more open bout this. So i figure ill open up too the web first.

3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)10:46 No. 32513


Anonymous 14/04/22(Tue)06:57 No. 32751

Got an email?

just postin just postin 14/04/22(Tue)08:35 No. 32753

File 139814855767.jpg - (119.71KB , 480x640 , download.jpg )


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