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Info Sticky Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時15分17秒 30466 ID: b35d09 [返信] Locked Stickied

画像ファイル名 132805891655.jpg - (2.76MB , 2600x3860 , 1325193706996.jpg )



Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時20分05秒 30467 ID: b35d09


Don't forget to join us on IRC at:

Game Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 04時51分42秒 29003 ID: 06d28a [返信] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

画像ファイル名 131881990230.jpg - (27.87KB , 380x318 , SS.jpg )

I have a game for you /a/, take an anime you like, and describe it in a way that makes it sound shitty. I'll start:

Samurai Champloo is about an orphaned girl, and two hooligans who do nothing but bicker with each other. They are all jobless, and thus never have any money.

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Anonymous-San 2016年05月14日(土) 23時01分38秒 35164 ID: c42c1c

画像ファイル名 146325969879.png - (178.09KB , 640x352 , paranoia-5.png )

Some kid with a bat goes around hitting people until the police step in. Everyone learns a valuable lesson about honesty.

Type-moon Anonymous-San 2016年05月03日(火) 19時05分45秒 35160 ID: ef66ec [返信]

画像ファイル名 14622951453.jpg - (937.53KB , 1333x1000 , tsuki.jpg )

Is anyone here?
IF so, then lets have a nasuverse thread.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月18日(水) 08時08分11秒 35166 ID: 79230a

画像ファイル名 146355169165.jpg - (104.64KB , 869x960 , truth.jpg )

Anonymous-San 2016年05月18日(水) 10時35分11秒 35167 ID: 2ac08a

Wow type moon is so lazy

Anonymous-San 2016年05月21日(土) 19時31分17秒 35172 ID: aaab17

Nasu doesn't get called a hack for nothing.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月21日(土) 19時24分17秒 35171 ID: 78e7b5 [返信]

画像ファイル名 146385145663.jpg - (702.52KB , 1653x2338 , SKMBT_C22016052110160_0006.jpg )

I'm trying to find out where this is from.
Can you help a guy out?

Anonymous-San 2016年01月31日(日) 10時54分20秒 35111 ID: 8cf119 [返信]

画像ファイル名 145423406087.jpg - (294.44KB , 1403x1100 , Blame_v03_c019_p210_211.jpg )

I love manga with outlandish settings, like Blame! and Dorohedoro. I love being taken to places new and alien. Why is it that manga(and all other forms of media) constrain themselves to such a select few settings that we've already seen countless times already?

Why does scifi have to be space travel and rubber-head aliens? Why does fantasy always have to be orcs, elves, knights and dragons? Is it so difficult to imagine something new?

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Anonymous-San 2016年05月01日(日) 20時44分38秒 35157 ID: 8d3ef3


I recommend the manga Gantz.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月02日(月) 18時42分07秒 35159 ID: 6905fb

It takes more time and effort to create a new world then it is to recycle an old one. The more original the work the more effort it takes to build it. and in some cases the building of a whole world by one or a few people can leave a story with holes.

I also enjoyed Blame! but there were times I was scratching my head in confusion and lack of explanation.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月20日(金) 08時16分20秒 35170 ID: d5575b

OP, there's a good chance it's due to people who are the hardcore traditionalists, i.e. fans of anything 80's and f-all anything after, because everything recent is shit, kind of fans.
Okay, there's a few series that may not have broken ground with artwork, but didn't mind pushing the envelope. One is widely admired, the other is scoffed at-mostly due to pre-airing belief in the hype, and the reality of the show.

I give you Franken Fran, the series that will NEVER get animated, due to content, and, Pupa, the anime. The show that one episode consisted ot having lunch with Nee-San....a show that you could watch the entire series if you had 40 minutes to kill.
Or, if you wanted to experience hallucinogenics without using anything but your eyes and ears, there's Paprika and, of all things......Kyouso Giga.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月20日(金) 07時12分39秒 35169 ID: d5575b [返信]

画像ファイル名 146372115819.gif - (479.41KB , 500x296 , NiceBoateyes.gif )

I know, an attempt to make a current series thread? On MY 7/a/?

Here's to hoping some neighbors from across Chan Street might join in. If some are lurking, good. Do so, then join in-no grammar gestapo in 7, just have a good time.

Anyhoo....this series, Netoge etc., etc.. I've enjoyed it so far, but it does have me thinking twice about it. I haven't read any manga or LNs about this series, but had it on my radar since seeing it listed on AniChart, about half a year ago.
I'm just not sure what to think about it.
It's definitely got a lot of Haganai, Chuunibiyou, and KonoSuba in it, humor & looks-wise. But-this could somehow go somewhere out in left field easily. On the bad side, it could go Golden Time route--or--what if this wound up going the direction of say, a certain......
Nice Boat?

Anonymous-San 2014年11月15日(土) 05時31分08秒 34732 ID: eed856 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141602586723.jpg - (1.01MB , 4000x2899 , samuraichamploo.jpg )

Why the fuck can't the Japanese end a series properly? I have yet to see a single anime in which the ending has satisfied me. They always end horribly.

FMA: Nothing explained
Trigun: Most anticlimactic boss fight in history
DBZ: Ending was just... What
Ultimate muscle: Anticlimactic
Gurren Lagann: Eh.
Yu-gi-oh, Bayblade and all the other "buy more shit" animes: Massive build up to final fight that always fails to live up to the hype.

But this shit... This shit right here... Samurai Champloo is the worst of all. Long journey, plot, character development and then just... Nothing. Nothing at all. It's as if nothing happened at all.

So, /a/, what animes do you believe have good endings and which do you think suck?

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Anonymous-San 2016年04月05日(火) 05時22分14秒 35136 ID: f65031

Shin sekai yori had a good ending for me.

Anonymous-San 2016年05月05日(木) 01時00分43秒 35161 ID: c8b314

画像ファイル名 146240284269.jpg - (59.68KB , 607x329 , Treaty_of_Martine-Abh_Empire.jpg )

A mixed/poor ending - Banner of the Stars - drew more attention to romance, probably in order to end the series, and away from war, which would of course furnished every possible way to continue the series. Plus, I've never wanted a show to end less than this one.

It just "ends."- Nichijou - it was one episode after another, until the last one in the sequence (after which none followed)

A great ending - Higurashi - Once everyone somehow gets through a month without hacking each other to pieces, you just love them all. This franchise spun a fine yarn. The closing chapters did not disappoint.

God Tier ending - Boku No Pico - three shotas fucking each other in every possible combination while fireworks go off, splooge flies around, and the city lights flare. Reminded me of the internet

Anonymous-San 2016年05月19日(木) 17時38分55秒 35168 ID: 75c683

画像ファイル名 146367233524.png - (265.17KB , 500x805 , 145316732074.png )

You know what serious has a shitty ending?

fuck Anonymous-San 2016年05月13日(金) 13時59分41秒 35162 ID: 0c0799 [返信]

画像ファイル名 146314078124.jpg - (92.42KB , 1024x576 , 1IDG638h.jpg )


Anonymous-San 2016年05月16日(月) 06時49分53秒 35165 ID: d5575b

画像ファイル名 146337419344.png - (918.08KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2016-05-15-22h57m02s156.png )

Anonymous-San 2016年04月28日(木) 09時15分10秒 35156 ID: 81c74e [返信]

画像ファイル名 146182771022.jpg - (29.63KB , 626x450 , papa alucard.jpg )

made this. hope you like it


more to come

Anonymous-San 2016年05月02日(月) 16時32分54秒 35158 ID: 75c683

>This content is not available because the uploader has closed their youtube account :/

Anonymous-San 2015年07月06日(月) 00時59分31秒 34967 ID: 32d05d [返信]

画像ファイル名 143613717149.jpg - (445.76KB , 803x953 , 1436128647687.jpg )

What's the most sexist, mysoginist, anti-feminist anime you've ever seen?

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Anonymous-San 2016年04月15日(金) 09時03分06秒 35147 ID: d5575b

画像ファイル名 146070378695.jpg - (71.89KB , 800x600 , NotherDayInTheLifeOfPunie-Chan.jpg )

YOU need to check out Punie-Chan then.
Watching sadistic loli-witches break bones with grappling holds-on other women.....
Yeah, if you haven't-Magical Witch Punie-chan is a must.

Anonymous-San 2016年04月16日(土) 07時17分10秒 35148 ID: c8b314

If it's not as awful as it sounds, I won't forgive you senpai!!!

Anonymous-San 2016年04月17日(日) 05時12分29秒 35149 ID: d5575b

>> sempai

Now if you said it "No sempai, this is OUR fight".....

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