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Info Sticky Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時15分17秒 30466 ID: b35d09 [返信] Locked Stickied

画像ファイル名 132805891655.jpg - (2.76MB , 2600x3860 , 1325193706996.jpg )



Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時20分05秒 30467 ID: b35d09


Don't forget to join us on IRC at:

Game Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 04時51分42秒 29003 ID: 06d28a [返信] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

画像ファイル名 131881990230.jpg - (27.87KB , 380x318 , SS.jpg )

I have a game for you /a/, take an anime you like, and describe it in a way that makes it sound shitty. I'll start:

Samurai Champloo is about an orphaned girl, and two hooligans who do nothing but bicker with each other. They are all jobless, and thus never have any money.

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Anonymous-San 2015年04月08日(水) 04時59分09秒 34879 ID: 2f260d


Bravo for summing up basically every shounen ever.

Anonymous-San 2015年01月11日(日) 22時31分01秒 34816 ID: 262279 [返信]

画像ファイル名 142101186139.jpg - (319.99KB , 850x1174 , AssClass.jpg )

What do you guys think of Assassination Classroom?
I hope the anime makes it to my favorite parts from the manga.

Anonymous-San 2015年01月11日(日) 23時02分16秒 34817 ID: 48f89c

Been reading the manga and enjoying it.

Watched the promo episode a while back and was disappointed, I don't intend to watch the anime but let me know if it's any good and I might consider picking it up.

Anonymous-San 2015年04月28日(火) 01時01分19秒 34895 ID: 919783

Second season for anime was announced
It's on episode 14 now, as an adaptation, I felt like it could be a little better, they skim through way too much content at times, but Nagisa's assassin mode against Takaoka was well done.
Whoever decided the knife should be loud as fuck deserves a raise.

Anonymous-San 2011年12月29日(木) 06時25分44秒 29991 ID: 410a1c [返信] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

画像ファイル名 132513634449.jpg - (51.68KB , 480x360 , saito_hiraga.jpg )

What's your favorite male character from any anime?

Pic related; it's mine.

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Anonymous-San 2014年12月29日(月) 15時03分06秒 34775 ID: 8e258c

画像ファイル名 141986178617.jpg - (15.00KB , 533x400 , lupin_jigen026.jpg )

For the 6th anniversary of this thread, having watched a bunch of Lupin series this guy is definitely my favorite from any anime.

Are you still around, December 2008-OP san >30218?

Anonymous-San 2015年01月02日(金) 07時16分17秒 34801 ID: 3861c3


Anonymous-San 2015年04月27日(月) 01時01分35秒 34894 ID: 203fbb

I'm just going to post Melt from Tower of Druaga because he's a mage that cast spells by golfing. Honorable mention I guess.

I find it really hard to chose a favorite male character considering how they all seem so... blend.

Maybe Smile from Ping Pong the animation. And keep in mind that this characters main trait is that he does not have a character.

Anonymous-San 2013年07月04日(木) 18時42分34秒 33629 ID: 324f31 [返信]

画像ファイル名 13729561547.jpg - (232.62KB , 560x700 , 78e8f9a967c44ac56eff6ed693d8a6bd5f09775e.jpg )

This place is a fucking ghost town. Dumping Squid Moe for a larf.

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Anonymous-San 2015年04月08日(水) 20時25分53秒 34881 ID: b6d640

Hello OP. I saw your post.

Anonymous-San 2015年04月16日(木) 01時22分39秒 34886 ID: eae86b

Some are fucking worse

Anonymous-San 2015年04月24日(金) 05時32分46秒 34893 ID: c77094

I'd laugh if it wasn't so pathetic.

Kite 2014年09月22日(月) 01時44分32秒 34657 ID: f7c81e [返信]

画像ファイル名 141134307240.jpg - (42.97KB , 350x500 , Kite_Remastered.jpg )

Who were the footsteps at the end?

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Anonymous-San 2014年09月26日(金) 20時35分32秒 34661 ID: 7e2c44

yeah theyt both bhave absolutely shit endings. like both endings are the climax

Anonymous-San 2015年04月19日(日) 05時58分07秒 34888 ID: 0b26c3


Etna Is My Wife!rwTzXYi3BQ 2015年04月23日(木) 04時28分53秒 34892 ID: 175f3c

Shit sucks for story, but fun to look at til the end.

Anonymous-San 2014年10月24日(金) 09時48分24秒 34698 ID: f92971 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141413690442.jpg - (70.01KB , 664x572 , 1414029403153.jpg )

Do you have a waifu? /a/?

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titousky@icloud.com 2015年03月31日(火) 03時04分48秒 34874 ID: a517f7

画像ファイル名 142776388839.jpg - (74.02KB , 620x705 , rinkokonoe05.jpg )

Rin Kokonoe xD

Anonymous-San 2015年03月31日(火) 03時24分29秒 34875 ID: 0a4d17

画像ファイル名 142776506956.png - (229.43KB , 500x510 , Shenhua.png )

Yes Lady.

Anonymous-San 2015年04月09日(木) 17時33分30秒 34882 ID: d0a009

画像ファイル名 142859360925.jpg - (778.05KB , 4096x3649 , Life.jpg )



Etna Is My Wife!rwTzXYi3BQ 2015年02月17日(火) 05時01分02秒 34855 ID: 9d965f [返信]

画像ファイル名 142414566272.jpg - (21.69KB , 384x480 , th (3).jpg )

Yo i really been having bad dreams where Medusa Sensei comes and murders me.

is the soul eater manga worth checking out? read up til the castle battles part.

1 投稿 と 1 画像 省略. 全て読むには返信ボタンを押してください。
Anonymous-San 2015年02月20日(金) 12時14分30秒 34858 ID: 210789

>>34855 Manga is okay, but it didn't blow my skirt up like the anime.

I know she is an evil bitch and all, but Medusa is SO fine. Early in the anime, when she was masquerading as the sweet school nurse, I was saying "Are you people fucking BLIND or what?!"

Anonymous-San 2015年03月01日(日) 20時59分42秒 34859 ID: bb7718

画像ファイル名 142523998268.jpg - (54.77KB , 416x330 , medusa-medusa-from-soul-eater-29435715-416-330.jpg )


Yes. Baba Yaga was different in the anime. In the manga, Medusa gets Arachne's body (pic) and the series goes entirely different route than anime. Anime is just filler and MUCH shorter than the manga.

Etna+Is+My+Wife!rwTzXYi3BQ 2015年04月08日(水) 07時37分48秒 34880 ID: 07f6f1

Damn I really like that.. Think it time to read the rest of the manga now.

Anonymous-San 2013年06月16日(日) 11時10分57秒 33533 ID: 6fec85 [返信]

画像ファイル名 137137385714.jpg - (7.87KB , 180x280 , 1322539757523.jpg )

so out of curiosity, who is/are the best sub group(s)?

14 投稿 と 5 画像 省略. 全て読むには返信ボタンを押してください。
Anonymous-San 2013年07月20日(土) 06時27分27秒 33761 ID: 2b5a89


Your choice of pic, as well as what it's from made me laugh about this whole conversation. What's the worst sub?

Easy-and it's not even online-I hope.

"Official" Malaysian, Region 0 dvds-hands down.

A friend of mine is, well...a bit dyslexic. Plus, he's not computer/internet oriented at all. Somehow-he got one of these "Official" R+V, as well as Capu2 on said dvds. He got them online from some place that even sells on ebay. I've got a few titles like that myself, as I wanted series that were otherwise unattainable, as I was still on dialup. Anyhoo-the R+V had to have the worst translated subs on the planet.

And those damn bats.

The worst of the sub groups mentioned couldn't be as bad as these kind of subs. Watching those, I just feel dirty.

Anonymous-San 2014年01月20日(月) 02時17分08秒 34346 ID: 0c843e

画像ファイル名 139018062775.gif - (314.28KB , 512x384 , 1359503465621.gif )

So which sub groups are actually in their own group?

Because it appears to me that groups such as commie, gg, underwater, FFF, UTW, etc., all have the same translators, typesetters, etc.

Am I wrong here, or what's the deal? Why don't they join up as one large group like Doki, instead of having x amount of "small, dedicated groups"?

Anonymous-San 2014年01月20日(月) 04時51分25秒 34347 ID: 2b5a89


The people who do work for various sub groups might be doing so due to different subject matter. I've seen countless posts where there are people working on projects who either love or hate what they're doing. So they're probably working on the ones they really like most. The ones they dislike, they're either bs-ing about them being bad or just doing them to get it over with.
Doki does do a wonderful job on the series they choose. But considering the majority of series they work on aren't considered srs series, they don't get a whole lot of love. But I like thier work myself, and really love the way they're doing Chimeral Club-the manga.

Cthuko pissed off a ton of people when they pulled the "we're quitting" with one ep of Yozakura Quartet. But it was good to see this was a ruse, as they were just about the only english-sub site to cover that series. But pissing off the fanbase didn't do themselves any favors.

MMXIV 2014年12月28日(日) 04時34分13秒 34772 ID: 2b5a89 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141973765246.png - (639.38KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2014-01-11-23h34m11s107.png )

Time for the end-of-year thread, did one last year, why not a redux? I think the last one is all the way back on like, page 2 or something. What can I say, been a bit of a slow year, and doesn't seem like people talk much about anime, especially newer stuff. I mean, someone else has watched, right?

What got me to do this now is due to just realizing that in '14, I've probably watched as much as ever, but I'm not saving that much. Yeah, I keep series I like to re-watch, which is about 60-70%. But I just realized that there's a series I just finished, and have no desire to re-see. And probably more than ever fits that this year.
I thought they were pretty good, but have little to offer in 2nd viewing. The series that initially were saved on external hd, but no more are: Yuki Yuna, Seikoku no Dragonar, Outbreak Company, and Hamatora (as well as Re:Hamatora).
There are a few series I haven't re-watched yet/maybe, and are on the bubble of being deleted: Kanojo ga Flag, Mekaku City Actors, Witch Craft Works.

Not bad series these, but not exactly all-time greats either. Fortunately, that's only a few that I did manage to get all the way through. There were a few I bailed on early though, for various reasons......

27 投稿 と 45 画像 省略. 全て読むには返信ボタンを押してください。
Anonymous-San 2015年03月29日(日) 07時25分27秒 34869 ID: d5575b

woah, since turn of the year, and this is still front page. Yep, traffic's been kinda slow here nowadays. I guess folks wanna talk anime other places more.
Dunno, I don't do IRC (still.) (won't either-ain't got the time), so I guess that's where the action is. Wussies. Yeah, callin' you fuxxors out-post something here instead. Or is actually including a picture too much work? Okeydokes, enough ranting against the instant gratification crowd. I been drinkin, and enjoyin' the final week of Winter '15.

Bout the only other show (outside o' my screed) mentioned was Assasssination Classsssroom. Which I didn't watch, sorry.
I got holed up with a smaller watchload than usual, but made up for it by re-watching tons.
Surprisingly-the must-watch series for me this past season have been Saekano, and Kantai Collection. Saekano just kinda built things up enough and the characters-not to mention the plot was actually....consistent, this was a must finish, and glad I did.
Kantai-I had no idea the story/history/merchandise behind it, but seeing an S2 already announced-I'll be watching for sure. The character/ship design-animation/history buff/and yeah-plot got me hooked. I WILL be getting a Kongou figure for my collection.
yeah, this's gonna be a multiple-posting post. Whaddaboudit?

Anonymous-San 2015年03月29日(日) 07時32分55秒 34870 ID: d5575b

Then again, the ecchi factor got to me pretty well too, as I did finish Shinmai Maou no Testament and Miritari. I will watch S2 of Testament, and would if they did one of Miritari. Which they won't beacuse this series gets fried, whiteknighted, and sjwed to death. Just because some aholes don't like kumapantsu. Or just won't admit to it.
Testament had one of the best babe-designs of the season, and since the character design of everyone was low-budget eroge, having Yuki stick out (take that any way you don't want to), is, well, Testament to, and about that show.

Anonymous-San 2015年03月29日(日) 07時57分00秒 34871 ID: d5575b

Only because I enjoy Japanese food did I stick with Koufuku Bakafoodagatari. But I did stick it out. But, like last season't Mekaku City Actors-dunno if I'll ever schedule it for re-watching.
Yurikuma Arashi-that'll get re-watched. Finally a yuri-series lately that was interesting enough to watch. Sakura Trick got dropped early, but this was just out there enough (Silver Link has taken chances 2 years in a row and scored here) that this'll take multiple re-seeings.
The Rolling Girls and Maria The Virgin Witch were way better than expected, though more than a couple of eps dragged.
DurararaX2, like you didn't think OVAs were on the way if the season wrapped up in 12.

Then again, X2 might get aired on Toonami by 2017, so someone else'll comment on it. I noticed Airi apparently went on a diet, but even her megane awesomeness was outshined by the next fujoshi to be added to my harem. (along with Harumi Fujoshi, Rika Shiguma, Rika Takahashi, Takako Kimura, etc...), as if Mairu could fly under my radar....

Okay, so what have you /a/holes watched this season-or plan to?

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