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Anonymous 16/11/10(Thu)02:35 No. 1 ID: 132ea3 [Reply] Stickied

File 14787417401.jpg - (69.55KB , 600x791 , hopeless.jpg )

this is a bad idea

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Anonymous 17/05/06(Sat)03:56 No. 283 ID: 87f732

File 149403578224.jpg - (260.10KB , 1093x705 , your-place-in-the-universe.jpg )

I'm starting to like it.

Anonymous 17/11/27(Mon)00:25 No. 477 ID: ee2f87 [Reply]

File 151173870933.jpg - (101.57KB , 1067x600 , NKKILLAMERICA.jpg )

Just remember, anybody who doesn't want to go to war is gay.

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Anonymous 18/03/21(Wed)14:07 No. 572 ID: a77f7d

>You're paranoid.
We'll see. I am very curious how the proposed "talk" between Jong Un and Donald will go, if it ever happens. I see a few options for them:

1. They never actually have the talk for whatever reason; a fine and common strategy to gain the public's trust: express one's willingness to do something without ever actually doing anything. Works just about every time and keeps the status quo.
2. Best Korea promises to end its nuclear program and disarm if the US and other signatories will make good on their commitments to the Non-Proliferation Treaty or otherwise end their nuclear programs and disarm, which none of those countries will actually do, so the talks will fail and things go back to status quo.
3. Trump and Jong Un find they like each other, but don't make any promises to do anything; pretty much the same as option 1. The people are stupid, and will be as happy about this status-quo outcome as if it had achieved something.
4. The talk goes badly, leading to a pre-emptive strike by the US against Best Korea; China sends "reinforcements" as a prelude to annexation; the possiblity of WWIII becomes very real.

Note: I do not see any possibility that the DPRK unilaterally disarms or gives up on developing nuclear power and weapons. The only reason they are in a position to negotiate with the US, as they have often pointed out, is that possession of nuclear weapons is required to negotiate at the big-boy table.

Anonymous 18/03/21(Wed)16:24 No. 573 ID: 812a61

The status quo and everyone's willingness to uphold it in no way means that all the state leaders involved are "in" on anything or that it's some ploy to bolster international arms sales or the "military industrial complex".

It just means the status quo has worked out so far, so why change it?

The western factions(US, Japan, SK) don't want anything to disrupt trade.
China doesn't want chaos on it's border.
NK wants to continue to exist.

None of leaders have any reason to disrupt it.

NK is posturing, while the US prepares itself and it's allies for the worst.
There's no conspiracy to it.

Anonymous 18/03/22(Thu)01:18 No. 574 ID: 04ee6f

>There's no conspiracy to it.
This is the status quo: China and the US vie for dominance in Southeast Asian trade; Japan does what it can to hurt China and benefit the US but China is gradually winning; the DPRK stris things up with "strategic provocations" (breaking promises, making threats, and conducting weapons tests).

China gains ground, Japan loses profitability, the US feels economically threatened. At the same time, the DPRK revs up a weapons development program and anti-west rhetoric; Japan feels threatened, and purchases large amounts of military hardware from the US and debates repealing of Article 9 of their pacifist constitution. As soon as the check clears, the DPRK calms down, China continues to slowly gain ground, the US gets complacent, and the Japanese government puts the remilitarization campaign on hold. Rinse, repeat.

This is not a zero-sum game. The US profits by selling military equipment to Japan; China takes advantage of the instabilty to establish trade dominance; Japan inches ever closer to the remilitarization its right-wing has always wanted. Only the DPRK does not profit, because they are being used as a tool by all three governments.

Is it coordinated? I honesty don't know. It may not be a conspiracy so much as each involved nation acting selfishly and assuming the gambit will always go the same way. What scares me is that this would be the truth, and that no one is really taking the possibility of armed conflict seriously.

There are limits to posturing, although the DPRK has greatly expanded them over the years. Sooner or later one has to make good on their threats, or no one will ever take them seriously. Best Korea has been skating the edge of this, firing missiles into the sea over Hokkaido when it promised to fire on Guam, etc. If their puppeteers lose control, things could get very ugly very fast.

Anonymous 17/03/14(Tue)18:18 No. 211 ID: 8ac136 [Reply]

File 148951190926.jpg - (6.65KB , 198x233 , 200x400px-LL-45d6b6c3_image.jpg )

What if black lives don't matter?

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Anonymous 18/03/20(Tue)11:03 No. 567 ID: 16e8f6

>no problem pandering and/or adapting to changing opinions
That's right, they'll say anything; be anything to stay in power.

Stop electing these shits who never keep their promises. If we want our government to respond to us, we have to demonstrate that it is responsible to us. Just once, we have to elect a president from another party. Any other party, to show the ruling parties they will be held accountable for their failure.

Anonymous 18/03/21(Wed)03:00 No. 569 ID: 4089f6

Yeah, that's easy enough to say. However, you've met those individuals that refuse to vote for a third party because it feels like a wasted vote when no one votes for third parties, though it wouldn't be a waste if enough people had the balls to vote for them. Give the world your best counterargument against that.

Anonymous 18/03/21(Wed)12:59 No. 571 ID: a77f7d

>Give the world your best counterargument against that.
Those people are stupid.

That is honestly the most profound argument I can make against it, and it depresses me to know it has no weight and will never convince them to stop voting against their own prosperity. I don't think argument is an effective method to encourage these people to act in their own interest; it's like telling a heroin addict that drugs are bad.

I'd rather there were an alternative to violence, eugenics, etc. to change the ratio of people who are willing to do something for themselves agaisnt people who think "woking the system from the inside" has ever worked, but talk isn't it.

What does one do when the vast majority lack the initiative to act in their own best interest? All I can do is keep spamming the truth here and every other part of the internet I visit: the two major parties only care about staying on top together; most any political gripe anyone alive has ever had was against the members or actions of one of those two parties if not both--the only way to be sure US democracy* works at all, at this point, is to elect a president from another party.

*I am painfully aware that the US is not a 'democracy', but a 'republic' that purports itself to be "democratic". This is yet another truth that is very difficult to communicate to other people in the United States because most of them lake the intellect to distinguish the two and/or slept through Civics and History in school.

Anonymous 17/11/01(Wed)17:56 No. 457 ID: 873203 [Reply]

File 15095554048.jpg - (58.94KB , 780x439 , 170106132950-creators-harvey-weinstein-exlarge-169.jpg )

Harvey Weinstein isn't a tipping point; he's the point of no return.

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Anonymous 18/01/20(Sat)01:21 No. 547 ID: a870df

That's funny. After I wrote a bad review of her game on Steam all those years ago I got banned from their discussion forum for it... and I'm still banned.

When people talk about snowflakes, people like these are the ones they're talking about.

Anonymous 18/01/20(Sat)04:30 No. 548 ID: f0cdfe

Let the dogs eat the dogs.

Anonymous 18/03/20(Tue)11:04 No. 568 ID: 16e8f6

They are not eating each other, they are eating us.

Anonymous 17/09/06(Wed)16:08 No. 420 ID: 9fd7e5 [Reply]

File 150470692837.jpg - (98.83KB , 590x590 , german-election-2017-1024864[1].jpg )

So all the posting about the German election got deleted. Why? Even as a non-German I still find it useful to know what's going on in other countries and also to see what sort of trends might apply to where I live.

Right now it looks to me as though despite the number of people who loudly dislike Merkel and her party there are still enough who either don't dislike her as much or dislike the other parties more that she'll get first crack at forming a governing coalition.

Anonymous 17/09/08(Fri)06:21 No. 422 ID: a4d268

Haben Sie F├╝hrerschein?

Anonymous 17/10/06(Fri)20:58 No. 442 ID: 9fd7e5

So a Jamaica coalition, they say. This is what it'll be like:


Anonymous 18/03/14(Wed)18:35 No. 565 ID: 4089f6

lol j/k they formed another grand coalition just like both major parties said they wouldn't. Good job, Deutschbags.

Anonymous 17/12/16(Sat)15:09 No. 503 ID: 517b6e [Reply]

File 151343335648.png - (64.46KB , 969x286 , theend_avatar.png )

So, the Trump administration is simply out to rape the United States and it's people in every which way it can and it's going to get away with it because they are too hopelessly divided on every issue to do anything for themselves.

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Anonymous 18/01/28(Sun)05:33 No. 553 ID: 1422fe

You've made the classic blunder of mistaking derision and scorn for concern. Russia is teetering on the brink of collapse from economic sanctions (due to the miscalculation of the Crimea invasion) coupled with the global drop in oil & gas prices caused by the US flooding the market.

An opposition party has formed despite Putin making it illegal to hold demonstrations without preapproval from the government. Massive rallies are held in open defiance of his laws.

Putin not only cares, he's fucking terrified because he thinks all of this is the result of a massive CIA plot. By failing to accurately gauge the situation he's making tactical blunder after blunder, opening vulnerabilities to the very people he's counting on to carry him through no matter what - Russian citizens.

He can claim everyone who opposes him are Nazis only so many times before people will start to question why he always trots out the exact same bogeyman every time he encounters opposition. He's quickly reaching the tipping point of citizens unwilling to accept his lies (hence the massive demonstrations) and is simply too old, fat, and dull to find a new bogeyman, which leads to his mistakes piling up in a massive tower of failure that will eventually topple and fall, crushing his flabby body under it.

Stalin not only killed more people than Putin, he killed them openly and without fear of reprisal because he held absolute power over the country. Anyone who opposed him was either killed or sent off to gulags. Putin has to kill in secret. He can't risk openly killing anyone who opposes him because he knows this will result in his downfall. This is why he's far weaker than Stalin. He can't do what needs to be done to install himself as permanent dictator for life. Stalin killed millions of Russians to maintain his power. It takes Putin days, weeks, even months to kill just one. Time is a luxury no human can afford, since it catches up with us all in the end... and with old age comes dementia. For someone like Putin dementia is a fatal flaw.

Anonymous 18/02/04(Sun)02:33 No. 554 ID: f55f63

>a massive CIA plot
Or a relatively tiny Secret Service propaganda taskforce, drumming up intelligence and prompting exaggerated responses on local media.

Have you been to Russia?

Anonymous 18/02/04(Sun)02:40 No. 555 ID: 96f033

Have you been to America, comrade?

>Secret Service
Apparently all you know about the secret service is that it has the word "secret" in its name.

Anonymous 17/09/24(Sun)05:47 No. 429 ID: 11862f [Reply]

File 150622482221.png - (837.09KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-09-24 12-44-58.png )

>Well, Donal Trump had it all wrong.
>It was actually me, who was born in Kenya.

This joke is funny because she is white racially and culturally and that she was obviously therefor not born in Kenya. The part that's a jab at Duck for perpetuating the "birther" conspiracy isn't what people will be laughing about when they hear this.

Hillary makes this racially charged joke on mainstream TV and no one calls out her shit?

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Anonymous 18/01/04(Thu)05:41 No. 527 ID: b73ce3

File 151504088659.jpg - (136.32KB , 500x1310 , Knives.jpg )

I'm not going to defend the status quo until you come up with a rational reason why people should cast votes for candidates they don't support or believe in. Being a contrarian is not rational.

Listen, I get it, you're an irrational emotional teenager, but sooner or later you're going to outgrow that phase and turn into an adult. Start down that path now, staying a manchild forever won't do you any good.

Anonymous 18/01/04(Thu)11:05 No. 528 ID: a17918

>candidates they don't support or believe in
Can you not read or are you just trolling? This is not what I have proposed anyone should do. I have proposed they find a third party candidate they can support. There are a lot of choices, and if there's nothing they like they can run for themselves. If you'll forgive me for not stating the explicit name of the fallacy you are making, it's that you assume what does not exist now never will: you cannot know that; and we both know the reason why is because not enough people take third parties seriously enough for them to shape up.

I know, it takes a ridiculous amount of money and pre-existing popularity to win the presidency--both conditions the two-party system reinforces--so it doesn't sound like there's much chance either way. That doesn't mean they shouldn't do it, on the contrary it very much means that they should. We all should be voting for minority candidates; we have to diversify our political arena.

Anonymous 18/03/03(Sat)12:23 No. 559 ID: 590f5b

Forgive me if I'm yet again attributing the actions of others upon you, but didn't you lambaste others for not casting a vote for Johnson?

Casting a vote for a candidate you don't believe in is not going to get you anything you want, even if it's in pursuit of some nebulous not clearly defined goal. Supporting a third party candidate only works when you can't grow up, grow a pair, and find a first party candidate that you can support.

Listen, I get it. You bought into the decades of right wing hogwash about Clinton. You're a child. You simply don't know any better. So rather than looking at the sources of all that shit and noticing that absolutely none of it ever led to anything more serious than a blowjob (even the very act of declaring that the blowjob was not sex in court when asked a very pointed question under oath that explicitly did not define oral sex as sex, even after asking for clarification on the question before answering it, meaning the entire impeachment was based on the lie that he perjured himself), you decide that someone who throws shit at a wall long enough must mean the wall was dirty before they started throwing shit at it, no matter how many times it gets washed away and disinfected, it's still going to be dirty because you're a germophobe.

In short, you really need to stop and examine what your motivation is for being a contrarian. None of the shit you've brought up so far is logical, just emotional. There must be someone else because you're a special unique snowflake and you can't ever possibly find a shade of grey you can believe in. Big deal. Become an adult and start investing time into things instead of taking the pablum you're being fed.

Johnson is an idiot. He was an idiot. He is still an idiot. He will never stop being an idiot. You need look no further than his time as governor to find numerous examples of him being an idiot time and time and time again. Wanting to smoke weed with a politician is not reason enough to vote for them. They have to actually stand for things you believe in. And believing in smoking weed isn't enough, no matter how much that may pain you.

Anonymous 17/12/01(Fri)21:08 No. 485 ID: cfbfa4 [Reply]

File 151215889622.gif - (501.52KB , 300x272 , JyrIfuU.gif )

The proposal to turn the Internet into cable television:

This will be "considered" at the FCC's monthly meeting on December 14th.

It's not what I thought it was. I thought it would be about putting control of the internet into corporate hands, raising the cost of hosting and streaming services nationwide, and forcing the people to pay for access to individual web sites like cable TV channels. It does those things, but its higher priority is undoing things that were done during the previous administration. This is yet another attempt by the current administration to make the American people and the world forget there was ever a black president by erasing any trace of a political legacy that could be attributed to his leadership (even though the president has no authority to direct the FCC). Destroying the internet as we know it will be a side effect.

Specifically, the proposal reverses this order:


Key to the proposal is defining broadband Internet access as a luxury, not a utility. Specifically, to reclassify broadband ISPs as Title I "information services", reversing their 2015 reclassification as Title II "telecommunications services" and bringing us back to 2014's Verizon Communications Inc. v. FCC, in which it was determined that the FCC relinquished the authority to regulate broadband ISPs blocking or throttling any information being transmitted through their networks by distinguishing them from "common carriers" as was confirmed in 2004's NCTA v. Brand X Internet Services.

The proposal repeats certain words and phrases to an almost hypnotic effect, among them "restore internet freedom" (what it purports to do) and "heavy-handed, utility-style regulation" (in reference to the 2015 order) and "light touch" (to describe it's strategy of regulation-free regulation that will magically prevent the telecom conglomerates from holding the internet for ransom).
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/12/04(Mon)23:42 No. 487 ID: a870df

File 151242732362.jpg - (39.22KB , 640x508 , Sometimes More Is Required.jpg )

What's real fun is that under Title I and without common carrier protections, they are liable for all traffic carried over their network.

If you commit a crime using their network, under Title I they're considered to be an accomplice to the crime. This is what common carrier prevented.

But because Verizon's execs want ever-greater forms of compensation, they sued common carrier out of the way, which lead to them being classified as Title II.

Now they're back to Title I without common carrier protections. Which means they're back to being liable for acts committed by customers using their network.

Almost every sketchy business that only accepts bitcoin as payment? ISPs are now liable for them. The act of receiving and transmitting information about the blockchain transaction? Liable.

They wanted it, they got it. And I hope they choke on it.

Anonymous 17/12/09(Sat)10:56 No. 497 ID: a20cea

>under Title I they're considered to be an accomplice to the crime
They're just going to make that go away with lawyers and money you know.

Anonymous 17/12/10(Sun)13:28 No. 498 ID: 15ac11

File 151290893567.jpg - (46.90KB , 600x402 , gop-bonner-party.jpg )

They'd better beef up their legal departments, since they're accomplices on federal, state, and local levels.

Getting dragged into court in every municipality in the country tends to be a bit of a drain.

But I'm sure that the GOP, being such vocal supporters of state rights, would certainly never stand in their way.

Anonymous 17/11/03(Fri)11:52 No. 458 ID: db770c [Reply]

File 150970632511.png - (846.01KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-11-03 19-38-54.png )

Was this Russia?

You know what's happened; the resistance to forced memes is gone.

The internet has made goatse of society's anus.

Anonymous 17/10/29(Sun)18:11 No. 456 ID: 5fc4cd [Reply]

File 150929710744.jpg - (63.37KB , 600x400 , cjbikedriveby.jpg )

>Woman Gives Trump The Middle Finger After Following Motorcade on a Bicycle


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