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Anonymous 16/11/10(Thu)02:35 No. 1 ID: 132ea3 [Reply] Stickied

File 14787417401.jpg - (69.55KB , 600x791 , hopeless.jpg )

this is a bad idea

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Anonymous 19/04/15(Mon)14:12 No. 1402 ID: 21867a

I just went on /hi/ and it's full of threads that should be in /civ/ or /phi/ instead. If this is an attempt at creating "unique institutions" for the sake of it as per >>2 then it's a classic case of delusional escalation of commitment, aka "I don't need to do anything about it because the community will figure it out themselves like they have in the past amirite guise?"

>I like it
well, good for you m8

Anonymous 17/03/14(Tue)18:18 No. 211 ID: 8ac136 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 148951190926.jpg - (6.65KB , 198x233 , 200x400px-LL-45d6b6c3_image.jpg )

What if black lives don't matter?

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Anonymous 19/08/22(Thu)23:41 No. 1654 ID: da667c

File 156651009542.jpg - (56.40KB , 857x767 , Bad Cops Bad Cops.jpg )

Don't mind him, he likes having conversations with himself.

Anonymous 19/08/23(Fri)01:16 No. 1655 ID: 113f61

Oh. I thought it was a really really stupid communist and a stupid communist arguing with one another.


Anonymous 19/08/23(Fri)01:22 No. 1656 ID: 602775

>Communism is anything I don't like

Anonymous 19/06/03(Mon)12:35 No. 1464 ID: 9fe361 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 155955812477.jpg - (202.91KB , 1428x952 , liang-jin.jpg )

The Tianamen Square Incident is being propagandized pretty hard in western media lately. Shit's posted everywhere, even 7chan/b/: >>/b/790842. Last week this lady comes forward to give credit to the stories that the military resisted orders to storm the square; reposts of Tank Man all week everywhere else; old sources dug up and regurgitated in every mainstream outlet.

I see what you are doing; it isn't going to work.

Either someone is trying to drum up anti-Chinese sentiment, or drive a wedge between the Chinese people and their government, or convince China to apologize for oppressing its people. None of those things are going to happen. It hasn't worked for thirty years and it isn't about to start working now.

People in the west, as offended as they may be, will not stick to this longer than it stays in the headlines and two weeks from now, no one's going to care. The Chinese people only remember that it is dangerous to discuss the matter and they will never accept any version of the story other than the party line. The Communist Party of China doesn't give a fuck, and will never apologize for something that didn't happen; that's right it didn't happen, because they erased it from history.

Also, maybe it actually didn't happen: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/there-was-no-tiananmen-square-massacre/

To be honest, I think a few hundred civilians were killed as a message to future protesters, but more importantly everyone who showed the slightest empathy was removed from their posts, disappeared, and/or 'reeducated'. Military officials, television reporters, civilians outside the action zone, everyone. There is no one left alive in China to speak against the official story and there hasn't been for thirty years. Think about this: no one under the age of thirty in China has ever heard about it; they are not going to believe you no matter how you try to prove it to them. They have all been raised to think that westerners are trying to undermine the prosperity of their country, just like they did during the Opium wars.

In fact, every military and economic conflict in which western powers were involved in China--even as allies of the Chinese government--have been recast as invasions, incursions, and attacks on Chinese sovereignty. This is also how they will see the western media dragging out the Tianamen Square Incident once again. No one in China will ever see it the way our media tells us to see it.

Nothing of value will come from drumming this up again.
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Anonymous 19/08/16(Fri)19:13 No. 1621 ID: dff24f

Medicare covers health care. She was notified about her health care costs and the expenses that Medicare covered. She could have then turned around and donated, out of her own pocket, to a charity the same amount of money. So government pays $80 for her insulin, she writes a check to a charity for $80.

But it's not like she had to go to a participating medicare provider. She could have gone to wherever she wanted and paid for it all out of pocket. But she didn't do that either.

Because, ultimately, she was as morally bankrupt as the philosophy she espoused.

Anonymous 19/08/17(Sat)16:03 No. 1635 ID: 49e694

>ultimately, she was as morally bankrupt as the philosophy she espoused
Bankrupt, or inept? I find people who endorse her are looking for an excuse to be morally bankrupt because they are morally incompetent. Knowing right from wrong is hard when you live by reptilian instinct alone; her "philosophy" lets people with this condition ignore the difference and yet pretend to be enlightened.

Anonymous 19/08/20(Tue)01:35 No. 1642 ID: c2be70

Read a book


Anonymous 19/07/14(Sun)00:00 No. 1540 ID: 1f3c8e [Reply]

File 156305523244.jpg - (131.17KB , 1024x687 , 1563048487198m.jpg )

HEHEH Why are leftists so stupid?


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Anonymous 19/08/20(Tue)21:15 No. 1650 ID: f14178

File 15663285446.jpg - (98.48KB , 1024x767 , Thoughtful.jpg )

The ironic thing is every time you think you're being witty you're posting evidence of your disorder.

You don't believe in Libertarianism yet you vote for Libertarian candidates. When its pointed out that you're not voting for candidates who represent your interests, you insist that you're voting for people who represent your interests. Because they represent "anybody else."

That's how Trump because president you know. He represents the "anybody else" you think is your mythical solution.

Your plan is full of flaws, yet you're unable to grasp anyone else's point of view. Only your point of view is valid. Everyone else's views are invalid. You don't even try to explain why anyone else's views are incorrect. You just repeat what you already wrote like somehow this time it's going to be absolutely correct.

Notice how I'm explaining why your point of view is wrong. I'm not just repeating what I already wrote. This is how people with normal functioning brains have a discussion. I realize you're completely unfamiliar with the concept but that's why you should go back in therapy.

Anonymous 19/08/22(Thu)06:05 No. 1652 ID: cfd027

>He represents the "anybody else" you think is your mythical solution.
No he does not. He marketed himself this way, and enough people were dumb enough to buy it that it got him elected, but it was never the truth. He does not get to call himself an "outsider" while also bragging about how many politicians on both sides he has given money to over the years. He has friends in politics and big business all over the world. He is the furthest thing from an outsider.

Gary Johnson represented my interests in the 2016 campaign: have a president that isn't a Republican or a Democrat for the first time in over a century. It helped that, unlike most of the other third parties available at the time, at least the Libertarian platform was fleshed out enough to imagine they had a chance of running the country with a degree of competence. On top of that, having a third party president (knowing congress will still be mostly Republican and Democrat, because of course change takes time) is the only way to restore the system of checks and balances. The president isn't supposed to be deciding what congress does; the constitution very clearly spells out that it is the other way around.

>anyone else's point of view
Your point of view is that we have to maintain the status quo, because this is the way things are and have been since your great grandfather was a baby, and change is too hard.

Fuck that. Fuck you. Change is hard? Deal with it. The status quo has failed the American people. How many recessions will it take? How many inconsequential foriegn wars? How many mass shootings? How much homelessness? At what degree of class division will you realize they're playing you?

These parties have divided us beyond the point that we could ever exercise our constitutional right to amend the constitution by a 3/4ths referendum. That's not by accident; the people have been divided and conquered.

Anonymous 19/08/23(Fri)21:40 No. 1657 ID: 77da28

File 156658923181.jpg - (89.68KB , 672x900 , Dont.jpg )

>Your point of view is that we have to maintain the status quo
Jane, you ignorant slut.

I told you to leave your parents basement and work for an independent campaign.

If you think I can say that and believe
>we have to maintain the status quo
then you are seriously mentally ill and should be under the care of a medical professional.

Anonymous 18/12/09(Sun)03:24 No. 1103 ID: e13277 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 154432227250.jpg - (35.73KB , 640x320 , Trump-Army-Navy-AP.jpg )

Federal law requires that any payments that are made "for the purpose of influencing" an election must be reported in campaign finance disclosures.

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Anonymous 19/07/17(Wed)06:10 No. 1559 ID: f5cc8d

Save it for facebook, faggot

Anonymous 19/07/17(Wed)15:51 No. 1561 ID: bb2840

"It's sometimes a few Jews" vs "It's absolutely never any Jews, fucking nazi"

Anonymous 19/07/19(Fri)09:09 No. 1562 ID: 88d768

File 156352017457.jpg - (93.27KB , 720x692 , No Guilt.jpg )

Cry more, fascist

Also, /fag/ is right up there if you need to hook up on the down low. Again.

Anonymous 19/06/30(Sun)16:14 No. 1519 ID: a49bc1 [Reply]

File 156190405856.png - (867.46KB , 6300x7000 , ffaf6319-9152-43b7-8a7d-2493daf88c9a (1).png )

Behold, The New Roman Empire of Africa. (aka The United States of Africa)

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Anonymous 19/06/30(Sun)16:28 No. 1521 ID: a49bc1

File 156190493147.png - (241.77KB , 490x687 , IMG_20190623_155342.png )

Anonymous 19/07/02(Tue)13:52 No. 1523 ID: 050a29


Anonymous 19/07/14(Sun)15:42 No. 1547 ID: c55e7f

If you help get the white left to integrate nationalism into their politics, it would help you become independent from whites.

Anonymous 19/07/05(Fri)12:42 No. 1529 ID: 97f293 [Reply]

File 156232336526.jpg - (91.82KB , 962x547 , 409CCCF200000578-4539206-image-a-21_1495659550246.jpg )

How about allowing unlimited immigration but only as long as they're young girls?

Anonymous 19/07/10(Wed)04:19 No. 1531 ID: a115ac

Jeffrey Edward Epstein, cut that out. You know they monitor all communications into and out of jail, this isn't going to help your case at all.

Anonymous 19/01/11(Fri)18:55 No. 1181 ID: deb816 [Reply]

File 15472293336.png - (244.44KB , 793x794 , 28bba05f71fb0cb4452ec1ec2f624f1d3a0d1ac85c61eeade3.png )

You wake up with a rocket launcher hanging in your wall, next to your gigantic weed farm for your company called KushFarmsInc which has made u a shit ton of money that u can keep to yourself since u won't need to pay taxes. Then you log into the internet to your online gun shop and see that you've made over 200 bitcoins over night, then you trade your bitcoins for a shit ton of Hentai and get high. What about that sounds bad?

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Anonymous 19/01/15(Tue)00:41 No. 1202 ID: a870df

Pick one. You can't have two.

Anonymous 19/01/15(Tue)01:21 No. 1204 ID: 5b79b8


Anonymous 19/07/05(Fri)12:39 No. 1528 ID: 97f293

Sounds fun, count me in

Anonymous 19/02/24(Sun)07:37 No. 1259 ID: 76b0be [Reply]

File 155099022780.jpg - (166.85KB , 900x506 , pewpew.jpg )

Don't forget, anyone who doesn't want to go to war is gay.

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Anonymous 19/06/18(Tue)18:41 No. 1501 ID: 8467a7

>Durrr I was there. Trust me. You're just a social media using kid.

Just STFU, moron.

Anonymous 19/06/18(Tue)20:10 No. 1503 ID: fb385f

File 156088142837.jpg - (37.44KB , 750x603 , Kid.jpg )

It's okay kid, some day a girl will take pity on you.

Anonymous 19/06/30(Sun)09:21 No. 1518 ID: fca98c

File 15618793142.jpg - (47.40KB , 431x484 , Soulless And Friends.jpg )

Its not like you'd accept any source that doesn't confirm what Fox News has already told you is the truth.

Anonymous 19/05/18(Sat)13:25 No. 1440 ID: 9a3531 [Reply]

File 155817873966.jpg - (451.71KB , 1600x1038 , 146703532487.jpg )

You: Pick up some retarded, bullshit Trumpian policy that can only destabilize the world, undermine western society, and eventually leave the planet in ruin.

Someone with a higher IQ: Confronts your idiocy with reality.

You: Demand sources to prove that reality is real.

Fool who thinks this argument could go somewhere: Provides sources that prove reality is real.

You: Doubt those sources, demands sources that you trust--which have only ever regurgitated the idiocy you wholeheartedly believe in.

Fool who still thinks there's a possiblity you could be convinced otherwise: Gives an anecdotal example from real-life, personal experience proving that reality is real and you are stupid.

You: Dismiss anecdotal evidence as irrelevant, purport that no one has attempted to oppose your point of view; disregard sources you disbelieve and anecdotes you also disbelieve as having ever been part of the argument.

Fool who would beat you to death with a hammer if he could find you: Tells you to kill yourself for the sake of humanity.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 19/05/24(Fri)22:47 No. 1450 ID: a115ac

File 155873085519.jpg - (155.68KB , 570x1191 , Wolves.jpg )

True. In order to use Google one needs a certain level of insight to how search engines work in order to get it to spit out the results you want. His gerbil is more efficient at using Google than he his.

Anonymous 19/05/27(Mon)01:34 No. 1452 ID: a57521

>he his

Anonymous 19/05/31(Fri)22:04 No. 1460 ID: b0f049

File 155933309927.jpg - (54.94KB , 576x587 , Hurr.jpg )

>grammar nazi on a chan

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