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/fit/erature Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:30 No. 2059 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 125018824060.jpg - (49.74KB , 250x337 , Burn.jpg )

Books, links, pdfs, etc. on fit-related material.


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Hey guys Lukas 14/04/20(Sun)13:03 No. 13765

I am looking forward for this titles:

Original Strength: Performance by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert
Bodyweight Exercises for Extraordinary Strength by Brad Johnson

I will appreciate it.

FAQ Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)19:28 No. 2038 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12501845171.jpg - (38.01KB , 566x848 , fit.jpg )

This is the /fit/ FAQ. You should read it.

It contains a fuckton of incredibly useful information for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness.

If you post a question which has already been answered in this FAQ, don't be surprised if you find your post mocked, saged, or missing.

It's here for a reason.

Credit belongs to ZigCat for the original FAQ, with small amendments by /fit/ as a whole. RIP ZC.

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Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:39 No. 2062

For general and fitness-related chat. No being retarded, it's not /b/.

Server: irc.7chan.org port: 6667
/join #/fit/

Anonymous 14/04/19(Sat)19:37 No. 13756 [Reply]

File 139792904280.jpg - (15.70KB , 278x181 , index.jpg )

I ate a cup of almonds in the morning.

I ate half a cup of almonds just now (late night).

Half way through, the taste of all my almonds dramatically changed. I got this aweful taste flood my mouth (bitter). It's hard to describe. I washed out my mouth and it remained for around a minute.

Then, I tested another almond and got not taste.

What happened?

Anonymous 14/04/19(Sat)20:54 No. 13758

Almonds are bitter.

Anonymous 14/04/20(Sun)05:23 No. 13762


They weren't bitter till that night

Johnny Hawkstorm 14/04/20(Sun)07:27 No. 13763

File 139797167817.jpg - (2.68MB , 1200x1200 , hood_cover.jpg )

they must have activated

Anonymous 14/04/18(Fri)06:10 No. 13745 [Reply]

File 139779425145.gif - (0.99MB , 500x282 , tumblr_msr26jasva1sgnprso1_500.gif )

hey /fit/,
Started cardiac exercises, more specifically running, for the sake of being healthy. Lately I've really noticed what something as simple as diet determines how I'll feel/do on a run so I've cut all fast food, most processed food, and overall re-arranged my eating habits.
>What are some dietary plans you'd recommend/follow that will really make a difference ?
Money isn't very much of an issue, open to anything really.

Anonymous 14/04/19(Sat)20:51 No. 13757

File 13979334932.jpg - (59.67KB , 602x744 , 1284524418006.jpg )

Ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting (IF) and the so called "perfect health diet" (PHD) are what have worked better for me. The Montignac method is quite remarkable too. All this plans are somehow similar, based in restricted high-glycemic index carbohydrats and gluten, and rich in protein and fats.
I'm currently on a keto now and I feel my mind way clearer, am loosing weight and experimenting no trouble at all. I'm unsure of what your goals and current situation are:
If you need to lose some weight and want to see quick results while obtaining health improvement and alimentary discipline in the process, keto is for you, then you can move to another one because it's a time limited option;
if you're not in a hurry to lose weight but want long term lasting results, and you go to work/school in the morning and don't have time to prepare a decent healthy meal, then pick an IF mixed with the PHD suggestions (next thing I'll do);
if you're a girl aiming to become a cardiobunny, go for Montignac, as it's quite easy to follow, and women tend to be somehow less tolerant with more restricted diets and are prone to achieve alimentary disorders, so don't push it.
This are of course suggestions based simply on my personal experiences and somehow restricted knowledge, and some plans may work wonders on a person and be useless for others, but I have not a single doubt about the safety of this diets and I'm sure they are all worth at least a try. I'll let you some links, and the suggestion to download "The Ketogenic Diet" and "A Guide For Flexibe Dieting" by Lyle McDonald. Ask whatever you need, I know some things I write can be incomprehensible for I ain't a native speaker.

Good luck!

Possibly the most violent sport ever! Anonymous 14/04/07(Mon)02:40 No. 13661 [Reply]

File 139683122540.jpg - (451.62KB , 1200x800 , Calcio_Storico_partita_1.jpg )

Do you think this is more violent sport than rugby or MMA? http://goodmood-gm.com/interesting/calcio-storico-possibly-violent-sport-world/

Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)01:37 No. 13675

Rugby ain't that violent IMO, and yeah, Calcio Storico is pretty rough. The strange rules of the game are more interesting that it's violence though.

Anonymous 13/06/17(Mon)10:48 No. 11879 [Reply]

File 137145891899.jpg - (25.17KB , 493x335 , preventing-hairloss.jpg )

Hey guys, well having a bit of a problem here, figure buy maybe someone else out there has the same problem as me. Hair loss, it began at my teens and now im mid twenties. No one in my family is bald or having the same problem. I tried going with a dermatologist and told me something about my hair being thickening. I still have a fair amount of hair, but not as much as i used to. Any help?

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Anonymous 13/06/17(Mon)20:54 No. 11883

Advantages exist in this century as well!

Anonymous 13/06/25(Tue)09:29 No. 11898

Quit drinking and smoking, quit eating dairy products, quit consuming caffeine.
Hair loss is caused by bad diet, foods that inflame the skin (caffeine, alcohol), and hormones that accelerate the death of hair follicles (BgH hormones in milk).
At your age it may be too late to stop the progression but you can slow it down with a healthy diet and clean living.
I'm 50 and have a full head of hair with no bald spot. I have never drank, smoke, I avoid all dairy products except for the occasional bit of cheese on pizza, and I stopped drinking caffeine because it was wrecking my skin.
Also if you are fat, you can make yourself diabetic and diabetes accelerates hair loss.

Anonymous 14/04/04(Fri)06:10 No. 13655

> At your age it may be too late
> Hair loss is caused by bad diet

um, bullocks

Male alopecia is basically your hair follicles' reaction to testosterone. Minoxidil is the only approved method for preventing/sustaining the loss. There are of course oral treatments such as finstride but they'll literally kill your cock.

You may also want to consider hair transplant, but they cost a fucking lot.

Sex problems Anonymous 14/03/30(Sun)05:23 No. 13631 [Reply]

Just finished sex, and I ejaculated urine. Never happened for years while masturbating, but I masturbate differently. What could this mean?

Anonymous 14/04/02(Wed)05:52 No. 13644

It could be the sphincter of your bladder going really wrong, you seriously should consider going to an urologist ASAP.

Anonymous 14/04/02(Wed)05:55 No. 13645

Can you explain a bit more about your new masturbatory habits? for the sake of science, not need of an /elit/ description.

Anonymous 14/03/13(Thu)02:11 No. 13551 [Reply]

File 139467310614.jpg - (20.52KB , 300x273 , mrwrong.jpg )

The routine recommended in the sticky

Deadlift or stiff-leg deadlift 5x5
Bent Over Rows 4x4-8
Weighted Pullups or Lat Pulldowns 3x4-8
Seated Row 4x4-8

Squats: 5x5
Front Squats:4x4-8
Lunges: 4x4-8

Flat Bench Press: 5x5
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14/04/01(Tue)04:22 No. 13639

the 5X5 means 5 working sets, warm up with increasing weights

knuckle push-ups vs. palm ones? Anonymous 12/11/27(Tue)04:06 No. 10864 [Reply]

File 135398557526.jpg - (17.04KB , 400x334 , 391387_421135724599147_142794856_n.jpg )

Benefits and risks of knuckle push-ups vs. palm ones?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 12/12/19(Wed)16:59 No. 10995

True story.

Knuckle pushups also increases the range of motion slightly, making for a better workout.

As a personal related anecdote, I can no longer do palm pushups, after a biking accident (I can't hyper-extend my right thumb any more). Knuckle pushups are perfectly fine for me still.

Anonymous 13/04/25(Thu)08:23 No. 11614

remember once you're done with knuckles you need to move on to fingertip, with decreasing fingers

Then handstands, knuckestands, and fingertipstands.

Eventually, you can get down to a one finger stand.

Shit be crazy yo

「あ、私のほうこそ、ごめんなさいね」 alex3o2zg 14/03/31(Mon)00:04 No. 13633

At home fuck!!SzBJLmBGLk 14/03/21(Fri)22:42 No. 13606 [Reply]

File 139543812774.png - (335.10KB , 354x536 , Screen shot 2011-09-19 at 6_35_28 PM.png )

Hi, I'm lazy and fat and I discovered smartphone applications that helped me discover the wonderful world of fitness.

What could I do at home or outside without paying and/or interacting with people?

I currently do the whole 100 push-ups / sit-ups / squats, and I also run a bit with the C25K program.

Do newbies have also found interesting stuff that would be available for other newbies?

Best regards and stuff...

Anonymous 14/03/24(Mon)05:36 No. 13610

Download Convict Conditioning, read it and put what it says into practice. Lower your ammount of reps. A lot.
Also, this blog http://www.fitness666.com/p/bodyweight-666.html can be really useful.

Who's that hottie on the picture?

Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)22:45 No. 13621


Thank you very much for the answers. I'll try to read the books.

The hottie lives on Google Images and I wanted to show how much of a fitness master I was with a simple picture (even if I'm a previously fat smoking male who lost a lot of weight recently).

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