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Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/13(Wed)23:43 No. 18742 [Reply] Stickied

File 14527250375.jpg - (14.72KB , 480x360 , 23434646734532.jpg )

After an over view of this board it is, quite, apparent this place is in need of a request thread. So, without further adieu, here it is:

This is the official 7chan.org/fit/ request thread.

Like any other board, requests made outside of this thread will be subject to deletion and a, possible, ban.

I know you guys are all jacked up on testosterone and steroids but try and keep the flaming and and trolling to the least possible quantity or degree.

Yours truly.
-7chan staff.

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[REQUEST] joel jamieson ultimate mma conditioning ImpressiveMMA 16/02/11(Thu)17:48 No. 18809

Does anyone have this book and can share? Appriciated.

/fit/erature Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:30 No. 2059 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 125018824060.jpg - (49.74KB , 250x337 , Burn.jpg )

Books, links, pdfs, etc. on fit-related material.


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REQUEST+&+OFFERS 16/02/11(Thu)23:50 No. 18812


Sorry, I uploaded 10-20-life by mistake.

Base Building - http://dropcanvas.com/8kh9f

FAQ Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)19:28 No. 2038 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12501845171.jpg - (38.01KB , 566x848 , fit.jpg )

This is the /fit/ FAQ. You should read it.

It contains a fuckton of incredibly useful information for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness.

If you post a question which has already been answered in this FAQ, don't be surprised if you find your post mocked, saged, or missing.

It's here for a reason.

Credit belongs to ZigCat for the original FAQ, with small amendments by /fit/ as a whole. RIP ZC.

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Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:39 No. 2062

For general and fitness-related chat. No being retarded, it's not /b/.

Server: irc.7chan.org port: 6667
/join #/fit/

Anonymous 16/01/13(Wed)23:13 No. 18739 [Reply]

File 145272320874.png - (45.13KB , 132x200 , 144935904774s.png )

So, I am looking to loose fat quickly and eaisly.
I ended up loosing the ability to go to the only gym intown because I missed payments and nowI owe them a shit load of money.

Basically I am asking for help on how to get healthy and loose fat with out fancy gym equipment. What routines can I do at my local park daily, for example. It can't be as simple as jogging every day can it?

I have been vegan for over a year now, aswell. But, I still haven't seen any drastic weight-loss.

After reading the stickies I assume it's because I still eat starches, oils, and processed junk food that happens to be vegan.

Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you 7chan.org/fit/

Take it easy~

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Anonymous 16/02/09(Tue)04:30 No. 18801

This people is giving you bad advice. Thermodynamics (calories in vs calories out) are a reductionist approach to the problem of weight lose and gain, mainly because it omits completely the fact that hormones regulate how much of your caloric intake you store and how much you burn, and also because factors regarding the source of the calories such as the glycemic index of a given meal also affects what happens to it.
I won't get deep into this fields if you don't ask me to, but I will suggest you not only to watch how much you eat but mostly what and when you do so.
You can start an intermittent fasting program such as leangains (there's a blog about it, google it), or a low-glycemic index diet such as the Montignac method, or even a ketogenic diet such as the Atkins (I lost 75 pounds in it, never to recover them, it's good and it works) in order to lose weight quickly in a healthy manner and also develop healthy eating habits in the process, which is IMO the main benefit of it all.
As for a training program without equipment, start some calisthenics, like 666 or Convict Conditioning (google those for more info), or freeletics if you have some money. Those are good.

Anonymous 16/02/09(Tue)22:21 No. 18802

Anyone who simply says that "Calories In/Calories Out" is wrong.

Want proof? 500 calories of sugar versus 500 calories of kale. Yes, they're both 500 calories, no, they are not equal nor do they affect your body the same.

Anonymous 16/02/12(Fri)00:42 No. 18813

>Thermodynamics (calories in vs calories out) are a reductionist approach to the problem of weight lose and gainit omits completely the fact that hormones regulate how much of your caloric intake you store and how much you burn
"It's glandular" says 90% of obese Americans while they're chowing down on blocks of cheese. Eating healthy and proper exercise are the core principals of every successful weight loss program. At the heart of that is calories in vs out.

>start an intermittent fasting program
aka eating less...

1 cup of kale = 34 Calories
1 cup of sugar = 774 Calories
How is this not Calories in vs out? Nobody whose on a diet substitutes 23 cups of kale for one cup of sugar! People eat food by volume, eating smarter will reduce the total calories you consume while maintaining the same quantity.

Anyone have these books by Eric Helms Anonymous 16/02/05(Fri)01:01 No. 18789 [Reply]

File 145463050713.jpg - (34.65KB , 480x360 , lol.jpg )

the muscle & strength pyramids?

Anonymous 16/02/05(Fri)01:44 No. 18790

Really hoping someone could upload this. Matt ogus pushes it really hard on his Snapchat

http://yotafiles.com/450555 Katrina Jade 16/01/29(Fri)00:16 No. 18774 [Reply]

File 14540229608.jpg - (30.46KB , 640x640 , 11165271_1413533592301845_7262698943513294972_n.jpg )

http://yotafiles.com/450555 Leaked Video

The Revolutionary A7X Diet Anonymous 16/01/21(Thu)18:26 No. 18761 [Reply]

File 145339719459.jpg - (166.75KB , 736x981 , 035df86d50617c7c4eda623b53d4d5db.jpg )

Having a tough time sticking to that New Years Res? Have you been yo-yoing up and down in the pounds department, just struggling with weight your whole life? Want to get yourself beach-body fit for the upcoming summer months? Well my friends, after hours of scientific research and study, the dietary specialists at Metalsnob.net are confident we have ultimately found the golden key to weight loss.


>Eat whatever you want!

>Skip leg day!

>Cheat meals!

>But uses aversion therapy so you won't want to do the above anymore! If you had willpower you wouldn't be a whole hog eating whole hogs every week, so why not try The Revolutionary A7X Diet? You got nothing to lose but your beer belly.

mental illness and fitness therealULTRaNINJA 16/01/01(Fri)09:01 No. 18722 [Reply]

File 145163526189.jpg - (2.46KB , 100x100 , biscuit.jpg )

mental illness and fitness

• there is no such thing as mental illness
( it's a simple form of ground level witchcraft. no more than a parlour trick.)

if you've been diagnosed with mental health issues.

daily you will be visited by 'maintenance crews' which will enforce your mental illness symptoms.

these are dispellable by learning
witchcraft ( making scrolls in blood and learning a witchcraft language.) which has
the same effect as the witchcraft parlour trick that the mental health authorities use. conjouring demonic forces. but this time to fight for you as you're the one who conjured them. should be significantly more powerful than mental health authority witchcraft it is the cheapest trick there is, stays cheap because it is a business with no investment and all profit as it's business model.

• air quality
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16/01/16(Sat)04:59 No. 18747

ever since we added ten ten metre fire place to our gym

much healthier

fuck off ppl with learning...

/plg/ - powerlifting general Anonymous 15/08/23(Sun)14:44 No. 18464 [Reply]

File 144033388136.jpg - (172.97KB , 1403x981 , image.jpg )

I'm from 4chan /fit/, but 4chan is down and 8chan has been unindexed due to child abuse, so I ain't going there...

Does anybody want to talk about powerlifting and weight lifting?

Do you use a belt? Highbar or low Bar? Stats?
I literally have never heard of this site before so I wanna know your guys stats.


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clothing Anonymous 15/09/27(Sun)18:37 No. 18526

time for winter training clothes

just saying.

Anonymous 15/12/14(Mon)16:41 No. 18699

If you're interested in powerlifting, and bodybuilding, you can try powerbuilding.

The basic idea is to train like a powerlifter for 9 months of the year, with some accessories geared towards aesthetics, and then train bodybuilding for 3 months of the year for your competition.

The book "Destroy the Opposition.", which is in the sticky, is about how it works, although it's not a program book. Reddit's /r/powerbuilding is pretty good for programming.


Marc 16/01/08(Fri)02:13 No. 18731

Most PLing should have volume blocks anyway. Half the difference between a volume block and a hypertrophy block is how much you're eating. Add a couple glamour muscle accessories and you're good.

Anonymous 14/09/08(Mon)19:16 No. 15254 [Reply]

File 141019658990.jpg - (32.67KB , 600x400 , shutterstock77343454.jpg )

Gym Trainer isn't being fair , what to do ?

i joined this gym near my house , and the trainers there won't give my fair time on the equipment.

its been 6 days since i joined there, and i only used the Tread mill 2ce :/

the trainer barley notices me at all ,i don't even know if i'm doing it right.

Today i just did some stretchings and warmed up a bit , after 20 mins on the cycle , a group(4-5) of other female members arrived.

since all the treadmill was occupied i asked him i'll work on the light weights till the Treadmill is free .But he says , you have done enough for today ,better take go home and have some rest.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 15/05/17(Sun)13:17 No. 18218

Why run on the treadmill in the first place? Go outside and run ya hamster :P

I get it though you paid for it. stand up for yourself man. You are the customer and they are supposed to provide a service. PT's are bullies so tell em you'll see from your lawyer or something if they don't respect what you ask for.

Anonymous 15/11/13(Fri)01:40 No. 18633

Cancel your membership stop paying and find another gym or buy a workout set like weights and a treadmill.

Anonymous 15/12/23(Wed)23:12 No. 18712

Fuck trainers. Research, pick a diet, pick/make a program and fucking workout. You're being tricked. You're paying money for no reason.

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