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Heil Hitler 14/03/23(Sun)15:44 No. 12496 [Reply]

File 139558587793.jpg - (3.15KB , 168x166 , hitler.jpg )

:hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hit</img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img><span class="abbrev">
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        <p class="message">
                <img src= :O: :T: :T: :H: :I: :S: :T: :H: :R: :E: :A: :D: :A: :G: :A: :I: :N:

Anonymous 14/10/20(Mon)00:11 No. 13244


:F: :A: :G: :G: :O: :T:

:nigra: :fail: :sage: :cp:

Anonymous 14/10/22(Wed)02:40 No. 13245

:Y: :O: :U: :F: :O: :R: :G: :O: :T: :T: :O: :sage:

Anonymous 14/10/19(Sun)18:37 No. 13243 [Reply]

File 141373663414.gif - (410.43KB , 228x152 , mm hm.gif )

:T: :O: :O: :M: :U: :C: :H: :P: :I: :N: :G: :A: :S:

Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)04:19 No. 13238 [Reply]

File 141359876258.jpg - (49.06KB , 489x535 , unnamed (1).jpg )

Gib moneis or i repot u

Anonymous 14/10/18(Sat)17:28 No. 13239


Tripcode!NAMdiwz0Sw 14/02/07(Fri)00:25 No. 12290 [Reply]

File 139172912877.jpg - (194.07KB , 1431x1443 , image.jpg )

:m: :e: :m: :e: :s:

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Doug 14/03/23(Sun)01:54 No. 12493

I love electric light orchestra.

Anonymous 14/07/23(Wed)20:58 No. 12927

:A: :R: :E:

Sage Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)22:52 No. 13237


Anonymous 14/05/21(Wed)06:19 No. 12685 [Reply]

File 140064594340.jpg - (46.26KB , 311x330 , 1377398018233.jpg )

:I: :W: :I: :L: :L: :R: :A: :P: :E: :Y: :O: :U:

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Anonymous 14/10/08(Wed)02:12 No. 13194

File 141272717511.jpg - (195.43KB , 750x1672 , szslock.jpg )

Anonymous 14/10/13(Mon)01:03 No. 13204

File 141315503830.gif - (240.25KB , 200x150 , 1406708293444.gif )

:Y: :O: :U: :R: :D: :I: :C: :K:

:M: :Y: :A: :S: :S:

Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)22:49 No. 13235

File 141349259448.jpg - (47.59KB , 446x252 , image.jpg )

:Y: :E: :S: :P: :L: :E: :A: :S: :E:

Grouptxt 14/06/30(Mon)01:25 No. 12811 [Reply]

File 140408435429.jpg - (1.52MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )

Rest in kill :( (????-????)

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Anonymous 14/07/12(Sat)05:39 No. 12866

:H: :U: :H:

Anonymous 14/07/12(Sat)18:56 No. 12868

:D: :I: :C: :K: :C: :H: :E: :E: :S: :E:

Anonymous 14/10/16(Thu)04:54 No. 13233

:S: :H: :I: :T: :P: :O: :S: :T:

PINGAS 14/09/05(Fri)11:19 No. 13101 [Reply]

File 140990877859.gif - (1.00MB , 380x222 , aD00zLN_460sa.gif )

:C: :A: :P: :T: :A: :I: :N:
:O: :F:
:M: :Y:
:H: :E: :A: :R: :T:

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)23:55 No. 13229

:C: :A: :P: :T: :A: :I: :N: :O: :F: :M: :Y: :D: :I: :C: :K:

Anonymous 14/08/15(Fri)07:32 No. 13004 [Reply]

File 140808074669.jpg - (311.98KB , 1024x768 , Photo-0312.jpg )

Just so you all know, i smoked salvia once and these dancing letters surrounded me while screaming, "YOU'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE AND YOU'LL COME HERE AGAIN!!!"

I don't know who made these letters exist but fuck you.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/09/09(Tue)14:46 No. 13120

This should be the official motto of /fail/.

Anonymous 14/09/11(Thu)15:03 No. 13124

:K: :E: :K:

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)23:48 No. 13228

:K: :E: :K: :M: :Y: :P: :E: :N: :I: :S:

!SmPI6cA8IY 14/10/08(Wed)06:14 No. 13196 [Reply]

File 141274169268.jpg - (318.11KB , 923x1382 , image.jpg )

:F: :U: :N: :P: :O: :S: :T:

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)04:17 No. 13227

File 141333942312.jpg - (5.14KB , 236x214 , orange.jpg )

::G:: ::O:: ::O:: ::D:: ::P:: ::O:: ::S:: ::T::

Anonymous 14/10/14(Tue)03:30 No. 13216 [Reply]

File 141325023151.jpg - (14.15KB , 500x375 , chrome-orb 2.jpg )

Now that i have your attention
This board is bad

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/10/14(Tue)23:03 No. 13224


Anonymous 14/10/14(Tue)23:09 No. 13225

you are the living enbodiment of this :B: :O: :A: :R: :D:

Anonymous 14/10/15(Wed)03:37 No. 13226

::F:: ::U:: ::C:: ::K:: ::O:: ::F:: :F::

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