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hhhhhh hh hhhh h hh 16/07/16(Sat)13:38 No. 14411 [Reply]

File 146866912945.gif - (66.90KB , 900x200 , FAGGOT rainbow (Jasc).gif )



Anonymous 16/07/22(Fri)19:45 No. 14428


Anonymous 16/07/20(Wed)10:51 No. 14425 [Reply]

File 146900466945.jpg - (48.83KB , 375x523 , 1461481592403.jpg )

the fuck is this shit

Anonymous 16/07/21(Thu)04:50 No. 14426

Pa k kieres saber eso jaja salu2

Anonymous 16/07/22(Fri)19:44 No. 14427

:N: :O: :T: :F: :O: :R: :Y: :O: :U:


Anonymous 16/07/14(Thu)06:46 No. 14406 [Reply]

File 146847157790.jpg - (181.03KB , 800x480 , 146838044684.jpg )

Eusebio es Fistroman 100% confirmed

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Heil Hitler 16/07/17(Sun)15:50 No. 14422

:hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hitler: :hit</img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img></img><span class="abbrev">
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        <p class="message">
                <img src= :O: :Y:
:U: :N:
:P: :E: :N: :D: :E: :J: :O:
:M: :A: :M: :A: :V: :E: :R: :G: :A: :S:

Anonymous 16/07/20(Wed)04:44 No. 14424


Anonymous 16/07/17(Sun)04:32 No. 14420 [Reply]

File 146872275344.png - (1.19KB , 72x72 , 1f602.png )

:7: :C: :H: :A: :N:

mediumfag 16/07/11(Mon)17:46 No. 14401 [Reply]

File 146825200268.gif - (4.44KB , 455x323 )

I claim those dubs in the name of Robotnikinin

Anonymous 16/07/11(Mon)21:30 No. 14403

:Y: :O: :U: :F: :A: :I: :L:
:win: :sage:
:7: :nigra: :nigra: :nigra: :nigra: :nigra: :nigra: :nigra:

Anonymous 16/07/12(Tue)09:07 No. 14404

I said 'those', not 'these'

Anonymous 16/07/13(Wed)11:03 No. 14405

:W: :H: :O: :S: :E:
:D: :U: :B: :S: :7

AIDS Swegman 16/07/11(Mon)02:29 No. 14396 [Reply]

File 146819698040.gif - (210.02KB , 300x257 , 1449103373844.gif )

Yo listen up here's a story about a little guy that once told me the world is gonna roll me, some stay dry and others feel the pain, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the... floor! Fucking magnets crawling in my skin. I'm too sexy for my favorite rocket ship. Never Gonna Give You Up, never gonna crank that weed everyday. I tried so hard got one little fight and my mom got scared, she said ’You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’

Anonymous 16/07/11(Mon)17:33 No. 14398

File 146825119563.png - (225.79KB , 620x670 , 1459828548043.png )

I don't come to /fail/ for quality

mediumfag 16/07/11(Mon)17:44 No. 14400

File 146825185146.jpg - (16.39KB , 480x360 , visibly old.jpg )

>got all of them except for my favourite rocketship
why is this inducing feels? get out of here, feels.
:sage: :sage: :sage: :sage: :sage: :sage: :sage: :sage: :hitler: :D: :I: :D: :N: :O: :T: :H: :I: :N: :G: :W: :R: :O: :N: :G:

thats better

Anonymous 16/07/11(Mon)21:25 No. 14402

:Y: :O: :L: :I: :S: :T: :E: :N: :U: :P: :H: :E: :R: :E: :S: :A: :S: :T: :O: :R: :Y: :A: :B: :O: :U: :T: :A: :L: :I: :T: :T: :L: :E: :G: :U: :Y: :T: :H: :A: :T: :O: :N: :C: :E: :T: :O: :L: Un-Hide Thread


File 146790789781.jpg - (7.98KB , 279x181 , imgres.jpg )

:W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :W: :7: :4: :5: :8: :9: :0:

Anonymous 16/07/07(Thu)22:25 No. 14395

:7: :7: :7: :7: :7: :7: :7: :7:

TOPKEK TOPKEK 16/07/07(Thu)18:03 No. 14390 [Reply]

File 146790740646.jpg - (9.21KB , 253x199 , images.jpg )

:T: :O: :P: :K: :E: :K:

TOPKEK 16/07/07(Thu)18:04 No. 14391

:T: :O: :P: :L: :E: :L:

Anonymous 15/11/22(Sun)16:15 No. 14067 [Reply]

File 144820532930.jpg - (50.49KB , 834x624 , 1389780220964_246.jpg )

This board is hard to read whenj you're dyslexic

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Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)03:47 No. 14332




Anonymous 16/07/01(Fri)19:28 No. 14389

File 14673940898.jpg - (66.17KB , 960x949 , image.jpg )

don't be dyslexic idiot :lolwut:

Anonymous 16/06/24(Fri)21:54 No. 14383 [Reply]

File 146679808194.png - (61.16KB , 745x1053 , 1442305862819.png )

You guys aren't gonna get away with this!

Anonymous 16/06/26(Sun)08:28 No. 14384

:T: :O: :U: :C: :H:
:M: :Y:
:P: :I: :N: :G: :A: :S:

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