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Rules & Requests Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/25(Mon)15:24 No. 19768 [Reply] Stickied

File 136180228748.jpg - (108.54KB , 724x540 , media_literacy.jpg )

Welcome to /me/ - Media.

This board is NOT for:
- Promoting your band, art project or shitty youtube channel.
- Raging about media (Go to /rnb/)

This board is for discussions about...
Movies, TV, Music, Books, Websites

Requests go in this sticky for stuff you can't find.

Your shitty Soundcloud (and similar) links go in the shitty Soundcloud thread >>18066

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war of the worlds goliath Anonymous 14/04/13(Sun)23:18 No. 20370

Does anybody know where I can find a good download of War of the Worlds Goliath?

Channel7 is back (again!)!!one! Anonymous ## Admin ## 12/07/17(Tue)22:04 No. 18876 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 134255545936.png - (104.89KB , 400x276 , Channel7 Logo Small - Zodia.png )

Channel7 is 7Chan's internet stream for movies and all that good stuff. You can check what's on by clicking this link and looking at the schedule sticky, or you can be a badass and just open the stream to view all sorts of crazy shit. Either way, we'd appreciate it if you watched.

You can open this link in your browser to get Channel7 in a new tab, open this one in VLC (or your preferred media player, but we know VLC works) or just click the Channel7 tab at the top right of the screen.
For those of you too slow to work out how to use the second option, you open VLC and click on Media > Open Network Stream and then enter http://radio.7chan.org:8000/CH7.m3u in to the box (it's almost as if that's it's purpose)

general TV thread Anonymous 14/07/30(Wed)00:59 No. 20493 [Reply]

File 140667477373.png - (151.24KB , 421x500 , scared.png )

Give me a TV series I'll really enjoy. Also, this is a general good TV series threaf. I like:
The inbetweeners
Chin chan
So looking for a new cartoon thing, already got regular show and adventure time but want something thoughtful like futurama and I also think that adventure time is going downhill.

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Anonymous 14/10/04(Sat)08:18 No. 20572


Bojack is great. It's dark, melancholy and unforgiving

Anonymous 14/10/05(Sun)03:20 No. 20574

op watch life and times of tim, do it and tell me what u think

Anonymous 14/11/17(Mon)07:26 No. 20622

Avatar: the last airbender, King of the Hill, The maxx, and Batman the animated series.

soundurucrouduru Anonymous 12/02/06(Mon)16:17 No. 18066 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 132854145799.gif - (17.56KB , 500x287 , soundcloud.gif )

I am much incredibly too lazy to look past page 2.

Musicfriends, do you produce your own work? If so, post 'em here! Hopefully we can get sort of a critique thread going.

experimental alternative electronic, "post-dubstep"
i like a lot of stuff on the hotflush & hyperdub records.

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Anonymous 14/11/16(Sun)23:17 No. 20619

File 14161762791.jpg - (5.18KB , 500x500 , avatars-000029129129-h20zzd-t500x500.jpg )



Anonymous 14/11/16(Sun)23:18 No. 20620

File 141617629669.jpg - (28.39KB , 500x500 , eeeee.jpg )



Anonymous 14/11/16(Sun)23:18 No. 20621

File 141617633147.jpg - (10.60KB , 313x400 , 216606_2339336366609_5016066_n.jpg )


Anonymous 14/11/15(Sat)19:34 No. 20612 [Reply]

File 141607647666.jpg - (230.52KB , 1900x900 , GalleryBatman75_1900x900_BM02_53333f0b095304_20275.jpg )

Looking for an animated batman movie i saw a long long time ago. All i remember from the movie is that it was good, and a scene were batman was urged by Alfred to get out of the sewage system due to methane gas.

Anonymous 14/11/15(Sat)21:21 No. 20613

Can you remember any other details? I read there's only 10 animated Batman movies, checking the list you might remember.

Anonymous 14/11/16(Sun)14:08 No. 20616

File 14161432848.jpg - (35.09KB , 576x610 , BTAS_JLU_01.jpg )

Found it. It's called Batman: Gotham Knight and it's just as good as i remember it 10 years ago.

Anonymous 14/11/16(Sun)17:16 No. 20617

Also it's the same batman universe as Gotham the Tv show, so it's worth checking out to get some back story to the prequel.

Anonymous 14/11/16(Sun)05:15 No. 20615 [Reply]

File 141611133876.jpg - (112.25KB , 681x566 , jazzhands.jpg )

what's the best free music streaming service/app?

I am reviewing music. Broken Ballrooms 14/11/15(Sat)15:31 No. 20611 [Reply]

File 141606187662.png - (1.60KB , 300x300 , Broken Ballrooms pure whitesmal.png )

Please post anything. I'll be posting my reviews to Twitter here : https://twitter.com/BrokenBallrooms

Anonymous 14/11/13(Thu)19:41 No. 20608 [Reply]

File 141590406282.png - (397.37KB , 480x360 , party.png )

Good sites to read about music?

Anonymous 14/11/09(Sun)21:38 No. 20607 [Reply]

Youtube - Toggle Video
  Hi, /me/. Did anyone here listen to brazilian music? You guys could give it a try. Just tell me some bands you like and i'll recommend some - IMO - good stuff to you. I'm beginning with Hermeto Pascoal. It's hard to describe the musician Pascoal was, but you may decide to put him along with some free-jazz musicians. For those of you who love some nature-based music, Pascoal is a must-listen.

Kingdom Back - WenaFoto Rezorac 14/11/08(Sat)07:51 No. 20606 [Reply]

File 141542950558.jpg - (484.70KB , 720x720 , Wena Foto.jpg )


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