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New Textbook/Book Request Thread deadbabies ## Mod ## 13/08/25(Sun)06:03 No. 15270 ID: f34135 [Reply] Stickied

File 137740339172.jpg - (401.45KB , 1680x1050 , titanfalsecolor.jpg )

First off, hello there, I'm deadbabies, and I will be taking over as /sci/ moderator. Rules will remain the same. Please use the report function if you see posts that violate the rules, but also do not abuse it.

I have officially expanded the scope of /sci/ a bit. You may discuss Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics here now. No science is discriminated against as long as it's of the peer-reviewed variety. If someone wants to discuss Anthropology or Social Science, by all means, let them. If you do not like it, just don't post in the thread.

The IRC channel #/sci/ is now (finally) re-registered and I am running as operator on here. Feel free to stop by and say hi. I do leave my computer idling on IRC, so check back or leave me a message if you have any ideas, suggestions, or just want to tell me off. You can get onto #/sci/ by joining the server irc.7chan.org at port 6667. You can also use SSL at port 6697 but you will have to set your client to accept invalid certificates.

ADDITIONALLY and IMPORTANTLY I have had several requests on IRC regarding the old Ebook FTP that we used to have. Unfortunately, the mod who ran it entered the military and no longer runs or maintains it. I have no plans to make another one, but if one of you guys would like to, by all means advertise here.

That being said, I'm just going to leave this link here:


You may find what you seek here.

I will be unstickying the old ebook/source articles thread. Please post any new ebooks/source articles here, and feel free to post any working links from the old thread there; I will eventually be deleting it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 13/09/17(Tue)06:00 No. 15308 ID: ba9e6c

bib.tiera.ru is back up - lots of math and physics texts are available there

Anonymous 14/04/24(Thu)21:56 No. 15638 ID: cf7d56 [Reply]

File 139836940417.jpg - (32.02KB , 599x399 , image.jpg )

Faggotry is hormonal imbalance. It has to be. What else could it be besides environmental trauma?

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Matchbox+Prince 14/07/07(Mon)12:29 No. 15760 ID: 2f260d

>Having a gay in the group that had all the properties of a man, but with the attitude and sex drive of a woman

You don't know anything about homosexuality, do you?

Anonymous 14/07/20(Sun)19:04 No. 15762 ID: a4fae5

OP, it's an evolutionary population control mechanism. When a particular society gets too big, the gay. Gene gets switched on in more people.

Anonymous 14/07/21(Mon)07:43 No. 15763 ID: 789203

What exactly triggers this switch, and how?
How did it evolve? This is a particularly important question, because it's an adaptation that reduces the chances of reproduction of the individual. Seems like it would be antithetical to natural selection.
Why homosexuality and not simply sterility?

Which ThinkPad? Anonymous 14/07/04(Fri)03:02 No. 15757 ID: 327a8a [Reply]

File 140443575815.png - (287.31KB , 1000x1000 , KTGee_Used_Thinkpad_Guide.png )

Help me decide which Thinkpad I should get. I basically just want something I can use in CS class and installing either Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Arch or Gentoo on. I also prefer if it has 16:10.

Anonymous 14/07/06(Sun)19:52 No. 15759 ID: 3c414f

do not get a thinkpad, they have that business security thing on the cmos, if you engage that, you now have a brick.

Anonymous 14/06/03(Tue)03:43 No. 15708 ID: cd3867 [Reply]

File 140175978382.jpg - (114.95KB , 2000x1000 , math n shit.jpg )

How is it possible to divide two natural logarithms? If i'm not mistaken, it can be done if the two numbers can be derived into obvious exponentials, but what if they are not?

For example: Ln4/Ln2
This should be solvable without a calculator, but what about:

Keep in mind it's been a while since i math'd and also, english is not my first language, in case i don't make any sense.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/06/03(Tue)05:13 No. 15712 ID: cd3867

>2 to the what is 6?

This i most certainly do not know.
Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be this particular equation, i just made that up to see if there is any general rule to how one can divide natural logarithms. Without using a calculator of course.

Anonymous 14/06/16(Mon)00:58 No. 15744 ID: 178005

ln(x)/ln(y) = logy(x) = log(x)/log(y)

So you'll need a calculator unless x is a power of y.

Anonymous 14/07/05(Sat)01:49 No. 15758 ID: c7cc52

2 to the ln(6)/ln(2) is 6, so ln(6)/ln(2) is ln(6)/ln(2)

Anonymous 14/06/30(Mon)14:42 No. 15756 ID: aaad3e [Reply]

File 140413213526.jpg - (55.05KB , 620x349 , JD-art-junglefever-20130301210255614779-620x349.jpg )

Can I leave my CT scan printout in the sun and out in my room or whatever or does it get damaged?

And if I take a photo of it, will that be 'good enough' to reference it in the future or do I need the original?

How about MRI scans? I'm going to get one of those too soon.

Anonymous 14/02/23(Sun)14:05 No. 15550 ID: c4b814 [Reply]

File 13931607112.jpg - (17.06KB , 500x390 , 10768_273185959499082_1150917839_n.jpg )

is .999...=1?

35 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/06/11(Wed)12:44 No. 15743 ID: fec6a7

That's a strictly mathematical-theoretical fact, though. You are thinking in terms of real life measures, which are always subject to some kind of experimental uncertainty, and where it makes absolutely no sense to talk in terms of infinite decimal places.
And the whole point of it is that they _are_ the same (real) number, it just admits two different representations(and from it you can very well deduce that a fuckton of numbers do too).
Here, Wikipedia even has an article on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0.99999 with proofs starting from the very ways we build the real numbers.
There's also section which deals with this behaviour under alternative number systems, particularly some founded under non-standard analysis(a system which admits both infinitely big and infinitely small entities as numbers), some of which admit interpretations where there's a _infinitesimal_ difference between 0.99(9) and 1.

Anonymous 14/06/30(Mon)05:08 No. 15755 ID: 1f5ea1

That's because of floating-point rounding in your calculator.

Anonymous 14/07/13(Sun)12:02 No. 15761 ID: 746f3c

in words, .999... is to 1 what neighbour is to neighbor.

need calculations without sci notation _kp_ 14/05/30(Fri)22:51 No. 15694 ID: 105678 [Reply]

File 14014830663.jpg - (100.20KB , 238x579 , rs.jpg )

Hello Gents & Ladies,

I need to calculate x=2^n
where n goes from 0 to 319 in interval of 1.

I tried MATLAB etc but they all start converting the result to exponential form whereas I need the result to be accurate upto unit position.

Can any wise person suggest a way/software to calculate this ( and preferably do it for all values of n so that I don't have to manually calculate for each) ?

Your time & thoughts are much appreciated.

9 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 14/06/07(Sat)16:20 No. 15725 ID: 7ced40

One down, 318 to go.

Anonymous 14/06/11(Wed)12:25 No. 15741 ID: 789203

Sure. GHCi FTW.


Anonymous 14/06/30(Mon)05:06 No. 15754 ID: 1f5ea1

You want the individual numbers, or the sum?

I Prefer the Complexity of Math Anonymous 14/06/27(Fri)20:33 No. 15753 ID: 56f3c4 [Reply]

File 140389402368.png - (23.35KB , 732x852 , NoComplexity.png )

How do i determine whether the relation defines y to be a function of x. If it does not, find two ordered pairs where more than one value of y corresponds to a single value of x.

help wer 14/06/27(Fri)00:24 No. 15749 ID: ad7ee9 [Reply]

File 140382149423.jpg - (0.96MB , 2048x1536 , 20140626_205905.jpg )

What the fuck is this!!!

Anonymous 14/06/27(Fri)00:27 No. 15750 ID: c1bebf


It appears to be homework. Perhaps you should do it.

Anonymous 14/06/27(Fri)01:20 No. 15751 ID: 9102bd

HCl and NaOH precipitate salt (NaCL) and dihydrogen monoxide (HHO), the source of all evil in this world

Anonymous 14/06/27(Fri)09:45 No. 15752 ID: 856bb6

File 140385512411.jpg - (28.46KB , 503x345 , IMG_155644668428229.jpg )

H2O nigga. It's the only stuff remaining. I do A2 chemistry. H2O (commonly known as water) is a common product in many reactions.

Cryptoforums.net Technology Forum Cryptoforums.net Technology Forum 14/05/13(Tue)10:25 No. 15656 ID: 288b60 [Reply]

File 139996955137.png - (8.43KB , 82x77 , CF-logo.png )

Hello chans of the internet. We at https://cryptoforums.net have created a MyBB forum dedicated to the discussion of things like Bitcoin, Privacy, Security, Cryptography, GNU/Linux, Philosophy, Politics, Freedom, Cryptocurrency, Hacking and many other general subjects. We are currently in our early stages and we want to invite more members. If you like any of those subjects you should come check us out! We also respect anyone's opinion even if negative so give us all your positive/negative support/criticism!

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Some+nigger 14/05/14(Wed)04:05 No. 15662 ID: 199869


have fun kids

Anonymous 14/06/04(Wed)08:42 No. 15715 ID: d98933

Exactly. Privacy? Security? On a board that does not allow anonymous posting? Let me guess, you log ips and keep the records while talking about all that hacking stuff too.

Anonymous 14/06/23(Mon)04:43 No. 15746 ID: df86e5

We obviously have to log IPs due to the many card spammers that come. We won't disclose anyone's IP unless legally required.

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