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Anonymous 17/01/30(Mon)01:55 No. 16444 ID: b46211 [Reply]

File 148573774380.jpg - (7.25KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )

Hello there /sci/. I have a challenge for you. Take your favorite futuristic or otherwise out of reach tech from any movie (let's say a light saber) and try to explain if humans can replicate it with a few modifications.

Anonymous 17/03/05(Sun)03:26 No. 16465 ID: 9c4b9c

lightsabers contain crystals.

Anonymous 17/02/26(Sun)19:45 No. 16463 ID: ff4681 [Reply]

File 14881347566.jpg - (53.95KB , 374x339 , BAA09_16_brain_bio-chip.jpg )

so, I know you guys use word filters, or at least have a times, I have some questions about them, now, this being said, I'm aware that your guys' word filter isn't exactly used in the same way that this kind is... at least in spirit, or cause behind the technicalities

out of curiousity, does anyone know of any studies on manipulation of perception in a pervasive way involving mediums of communication and what is said or isn't said?
does anyone have any knowledge of studies involving methods of control that are linguistics oriented or say... are designed to pick up on related contexts and the like with various signifiers?

some stuff's popped up lately and I'm *extremely* interested in this, I might have to learn a fair bit of technical jargon and concepts but I feel like it's probably worth it

on the one hand it seems like the attempts to engage in this are laughable but at the same time I know that sometimes these sorts of things can get real good real fast, especially when there's already a load of collected data that's not purposefully spoiled to challenge the attempt at deriving context to start silencing apparently said things

Anonymous 17/02/27(Mon)02:10 No. 16464 ID: ef54e2


/sci/ , " TEACHING IS HARD , NO WAY , ! " , better than India , Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)06:43 No. 16459 ID: 89bc45 [Reply]

File 148739659977.png - (27.16KB , 398x107 , Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10_50_53 PM.png )

" You can be a teacher in an inner city school , especially in The United States Of America , as a The United States Of American , that is far easier than being a Cracker Barrel Manager , in india , . " , what reason do you people let indians touch any education that is not proper hygiene and basic road construction , ?

BEEN OVER 2,000 YEARS /sci/ , AND INDIANS STILL NOT ALL BATHED , ! Anonymous 17/02/18(Sat)06:58 No. 16460 ID: a710e1

File 148739752894.png - (310.86KB , 808x999 , Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11_06_44 PM.png )


Microsoft Edge Anonymous 16/11/08(Tue)04:49 No. 16376 ID: 57a468 [Reply]

File 147857694543.jpg - (35.31KB , 900x450 , Fight-on-Between-Opera-Software-and-Microsoft-Edge.jpg )

Serious opinions about this new browser?

And I want honest opinions and not those entirely based upon the fact that a past iteration of the engine was not good. Like all things, they can improve or get worse.

Anonymous 16/12/15(Thu)13:00 No. 16399 ID: 75c683

It's garbage.

Anonymous 17/01/18(Wed)18:33 No. 16420 ID: 3bc715

It's trying entirely way too hard to be 'good', also it spawned an endless cascade of edge jokes, and I am not fine with that.

replacing speaker with 1/4" jack chrissychris 16/12/19(Mon)21:09 No. 16401 ID: 8ed2cc [Reply]

File 148217815616.jpg - (110.29KB , 1000x1000 , 7chan post photo.jpg )

Alrighty, I am looking for some help.

For the sake of experimentation and fun, I'd like to replace the speaker of a shitty kids toy (very similar to the one in the pic) with a 1/4" audio jack so it can play through a larger amp, possibly even through guitar effect pedals.

I've already tried this twice. Taken apart the toy, soldered in a 1/4" jack, and plugged it in. Both times I ended up with a reallyyyy spotty and quiet sound. At first I thought it may be a bad soldering job, but now I feel like it could be due to the low power of the toy, it takes 3 AA batteries.

So what's the deal here? Any ideas what could be wrong?

Anonymous 17/01/01(Sun)23:02 No. 16405 ID: 67f38c

It has nothing to do with the electrical power. Real electric guitars don't have any batteries. The issue could be that the amp is designed to work with the signals from a guitar's pickup, which are probably not the same as the signals from a speaker. If I had to guess, the pickup would be taking the signals from each string individually, while the speaker from this kid's toy is taking the entire sound as a whole.

It's also possible that the teeny-tiny magnet in that speaker just isn't strong enough to send a strong signal. I'm not sure what you could do about this.

Cool little Simulator CometCrazy 16/12/27(Tue)01:31 No. 16402 ID: ec6349 [Reply]

File 148279866422.jpg - (45.39KB , 1271x601 , CometCrazy.jpg )

Check out this cool simulator

watch as the snowman comes back to life jsnap 16/11/29(Tue)02:28 No. 16393 ID: 2af0d7 [Reply]


PISA 2015 A SNEAK PREVIEW /sci/ Volume Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)05:48 No. 16389 ID: 9ed66a [Reply]

File 148013573313.jpg - (225.35KB , 1024x1432 , 0.jpg )

Here’s one update to discover on 6 December when latest results from PISA are made public


Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)05:49 No. 16390 ID: 9ed66a

File 148013577748.jpg - (215.34KB , 1024x1432 , 1.jpg )


Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)05:50 No. 16391 ID: 9ed66a

File 148013581985.jpg - (182.43KB , 1024x1387 , 2.jpg )


Anonymous 16/11/26(Sat)05:51 No. 16392 ID: 9ed66a

File 148013588421.jpg - (144.25KB , 1024x1387 , 3.jpg )


warbeast Anonymous 16/11/12(Sat)04:38 No. 16377 ID: 779e7a [Reply]

File 147892188039.jpg - (229.34KB , 900x296 , insect_musicians_tibi-prui_WH_WHITE.jpg )

let's say i have the materials and technology needed to create a biomechanicaL warbeast based on a cicada. i want it to be able to blast out 194 Db waves of pure fuck-you-up. but also be able to use different frequencies and amplitudes of sound for different things too.

so, what's the best way to go about making it?
how would it work?

Anonymous 16/11/15(Tue)00:46 No. 16383 ID: 7f4ba3

who hurt you anon?

Reference books of basic Mathematica Daniel M 16/06/27(Mon)07:31 No. 16332 ID: 358ff9 [Reply]

File 146700546292.jpg - (58.08KB , 600x600 , image.jpg )

I want to learn mathematics. The next year I'll start a career of Pure Mathematics and I have a lot of years (5 aprox.) of neet. I'm looking for books to learn the topics about Mathematics in High School, alegbra and trigonometry, what else? If you can give me reference, please.

Anonymous 16/06/27(Mon)23:09 No. 16333 ID: e667c6

google NAVEDTRA books.

Anonymous 16/06/28(Tue)13:44 No. 16334 ID: 8be421

Any textbook will really work. Khan Academy is a good online source for getting ahead. Best of luck

Anonymous 16/10/14(Fri)12:54 No. 16366 ID: 1f1505

You will want Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Discreet Mathmatics, Complex Variables, Proofs, and Abstract Algerbra. There may be others but I can't think of them right now.

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