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Camp Sherwood Anonymous ## Mod ## 14/01/23(Thu)13:11 No. 6471 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 139047908272.png - (277.91KB , 629x348 , Team-Vacation-1.png )

Thanks to our very vocal "community", the Super Awesome Camp Sherwood Team had a meeting last night (Wednesday, 22nd January)and has decided to take a long needed vacation. They've been hard at work lately and are tired of all the constant bitching and complaining. They'll be back at some point with some new content. Eventually. Stay tuned.

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Zed 14/04/16(Wed)19:34 No. 6960

File 139766969325.png - (1.26MB , 1146x1500 , camp39.png )

The Wertham Files Fredric Wertham 11/06/10(Fri)07:34 No. 2080 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 130768404022.jpg - (40.70KB , 500x409 , werthamphantomlady1.jpg )

Phantom Lady XXX 001


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Anonymous 13/11/06(Wed)01:04 No. 6043


Ohwait, I fucked up.

"Look, I'll get back to the Spidey issue after a couple of short-ish projects. I had a lot of work on that already so I could publish with a certain speed and I can't bear the idea of doing the same work right away. But Spidey will be back, don't worry."

help someone out! Anonymous 13/01/24(Thu)08:05 No. 4100 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135901111947.jpg - (889.85KB , 1600x1123 , 135830872326.jpg )

Hey, what is this and where can i get a free copy?!


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Anonymous 14/02/11(Tue)08:32 No. 6552

has anyone found a 2013 or 2014 siterip for mind control comics

Anonymous 14/02/27(Thu)03:00 No. 6633

I don't suppose anybody has got Audiophilia #6?

Anonymous 14/04/16(Wed)13:32 No. 6959

Thankyou for the other 7 parts link. Can u upload the 8th part. Thanks in advance

Lucys Lastique / Jaxtraw Thread? Anonymous 11/08/19(Fri)08:00 No. 148 [Reply]

File 131373362521.jpg - (324.16KB , 800x1200 , LLS14E01P00L.jpg )

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Anonymous 13/12/31(Tue)11:34 No. 6324

the file does not contain the new comics

Anonymous 14/01/26(Sun)02:10 No. 6508

So bondagecomixxx did a repack. I believe this is an up to date repack. Only catch is you have to be a GOLD member to download it. Anyone here a member?


Lucy! Henry Z 14/04/11(Fri)11:57 No. 6938

bump for links!

Metal Flesh Anonymous 13/08/11(Sun)20:50 No. 5254 [Reply]

File 137624702944.jpg - (140.54KB , 432x648 , humbot.jpg )

xxx renderings of metal and flesh

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Anonymous 14/04/10(Thu)18:25 No. 6937

Always did enjoy a good transformation scene.

Cheesecake Sketchbooks Anonymous 13/12/07(Sat)08:21 No. 6196 [Reply]

File 138640087239.jpg - (240.89KB , 609x900 , hotgirlscoldfeet.jpg )

So, does anyone know somewhere good for downloading sketchbooks? Particularly interested in Terry Moore at the moment, can't seem to find any on TPB or any of the porn comics downloading sites I'm aware of...

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Edge 14/04/10(Thu)11:34 No. 6935

I haven't seen Moore make anything else in awhile, did he quit or something?

Anonymous 11/02/26(Sat)04:42 No. 1707 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 129869175672.png - (43.96KB , 300x300 , Zone.png )

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Anonymous 14/03/29(Sat)12:10 No. 6859

File 139609140699.jpg - (36.71KB , 640x360 , bravest-warriors-gas-powered-stick-beth-and-plum-6.jpg )

Beth and Plum you get both lesbo AND tentacle action! I am only a horse, but with something like that, my gas powered stick would NEVER run outta gas.

Edge 14/04/10(Thu)00:23 No. 6931

File 139708219096.png - (709.40KB , 997x561 , 1000px-Excitement.png )

This is totally on my wish list for a Stacy and Candace sex parody...

>Sadly Hentai Key won't allow it!!!

Anonymous 14/04/10(Thu)01:50 No. 6934

IF ONLY they could do some sort of kick starter program for ZONE. We could easily finance ZONE's work for INFINITY!

Un-Censor and Friends Edoom99 12/03/20(Tue)21:09 No. 2472 [Reply]

File 133227418258.jpg - (790.58KB , 1400x1076 , Un-Censor JLA 14 unc_ok.jpg )

Fellow Anons,
I am once again trying to make the Un-Censor resurface.
Some may say that he might be Wertham. Some I know were done by other guys like Dhalen, NCBB, iwcwlt, ypyb, etc.
But the fact is: They are just too damn cool!
So let's do a check-list of all we've got so far, shall we?

All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder# 01 (2009)
Amazing Spider-Man #316 (1989)
Amazing Spider-Man #480 (2002)
Banzai Girl v2 #04 (2008)
Batman #611 (2003)
Batman The Widening Gyre #01 (of 06) (2009)
Bomb Queen II #01 (2006)
Captain America #363 (1989)
Crime Smashers #1 (1950)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 13/02/15(Fri)01:09 No. 4171

wow looks great

Anonymous 13/02/18(Mon)07:04 No. 4180

is there going to be a torrent? most of the links are still down.

Man, the Gen 13 comic is harsh. Makes me nearly cry. I can't imagine understanding that you're about to be disintegrated, and there's nothing you can do.

Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)05:45 No. 6918

bump for torrent!

Giantess with guy(s) Anonymous 13/07/07(Sun)17:51 No. 4862 [Reply]

File 137321229716.jpg - (682.80KB , 1268x1176 , Schlup.jpg )

The positions and angles that an artist chooses to depict these kind of xxx images, are a lot of fun.

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Mr. Koiwai 13/08/29(Thu)07:12 No. 5501 [Reply]

File 137775316735.jpg - (481.48KB , 1181x1565 , 01.jpg )

I couldn't find this comic in English anywhere so I decided to translate it myself. I did the lettering in MSPaint so it doesn't look that great. Sorry about that.

46 posts and 75 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Ser Maggot 14/03/15(Sat)15:12 No. 6771

@Mr. Koiwai

Would you mind if you translate some of the missing chapters? I just used Google to translate some of the missing chapters, and while it works, I don't think it's as accurate as someone who really knows the language.

That said, the official English translation will be on its way.

Mr.+Koiwai 14/03/28(Fri)18:56 No. 6855

>Implying I wasn't using Google Translate as well.
Just back it up with a spanish to english dictionary and don't be afraid to experiment with the wording and search for the words that don't translate.

Ser Maggot 14/04/01(Tue)22:08 No. 6881

Wait... what? And here I was worried about all those translation stuff. I'll be updating the gallery... soon-ish. Still have 3 Kiss Comix to translate (that are available).

And then I'll stop, I guess. I'll wait for the official version since I'm buying one.

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