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Anonymous 16/12/14(Wed)07:30 No. 42560 Board: /sm/ ID: c7318e [Reply]

File 14816970394.jpg - (1.76MB , 1831x2577 , nim1.jpg )

Anybody got this?

Anonymous 16/12/14(Wed)07:32 No. 42561 ID: c7318e

Interior pages.

First time :D 14/05/31(Sat)14:51 No. 98937 Board: /fag/ [Reply]

File 140154067174.jpg - (0.96MB , 1944x2592 , CAM00424.jpg )

Hi guys. Yesterday i met a man online and he is 23 years old, im 21 and we talked about getting some action. Im not really a gay but when im horny all i wait is cock and now that i think about him all i want to do is ride him. We are not far away from eachother so we can just meet anyday. I never did it with a guy before so if anyone got any first time expiriance could you share :D on the pic is me + ill post the guy i met yesterday.

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14/07/30(Wed)03:55 No. 99138

I am so envious, you both look beautiful. I have also met someone online, but not in person yet.

1st time garuda 14/08/08(Fri)02:44 No. 99167

Take your time! Be sure to have foreplay! It'll help both of you get ready, especially the bottom. You both have great bodies!

V12Rojas 16/03/02(Wed)18:58 No. 100148

Remember to lubricate to prevent injury! It also makes it easy to take a large penis.

Bruce Banner 14/01/28(Tue)06:40 No. 1090 Board: /banner/ ID: 3b8914 [Reply]

File 139088760133.png - (71.55KB , 300x100 , halp_ban.png )

Bruce Banner 14/03/09(Sun)15:40 No. 1108 ID: a76e51

More like /be/ amirite

Anonymous-San 17/01/01(Sun)04:36 No. 35329 Board: /a/ ID: 10e3b3 [Reply]

File 148324176976.png - (263.00KB , 853x480 , vlcsnap-2016-06-05-23h09m37s116.png )

Just when you thought /a/ was safe from yours truly, I have returned. Not that anyone really cares, but hey, it's almost the new year, which means it's time for my annual screed about what I enjoyed...or not in 2016.
Oh yeah, time to eat some bandwidth.

Anyways, I've kept my eyes on the beloved 7/a/, since I do consider this my home board. But yeah, I have traveled across chan street from time to time, but trust me, it's better here. Maybe not for traffic, but at least here, there aren't so many idiotic rules.
I've never gotten banned nor edited due to grammar here. That-is a giant plus, since I need the linguistics gestapo like I need another hole in my ass, so I'll probably do more posting in 2k17 then I did in '16. If I can draw any more traffic here, I'll do it.
Btw, anyone still modding this board? Amethyst, you still around? Cable? DocF? I could have sworn I saw a thread not long ago that had a post from Bjoli (my brother in Sky Girls love....that and XII). In any regard, old/a/fag checking in to give my rundown on the year.
This will take a bunch of posts, feel free to jump in and complain.

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Anonymous-San 17/01/02(Mon)02:22 No. 35350 ID: 10e3b3

File 148332013587.jpg - (166.40KB , 841x1200 , MaiSloshedHiME.jpg )

Never did go IRC here-or any site really. I always vent in the threads. The past few years, I got requests to become mod here (yeah, me, a mod) and why not show my face IRC.

Just never felt like getting that familiar. So I kinda bailed on this place the past year or so. Occasionally posting here, as well as other sites. With 20 series caught in Fall alone, just the current ones, along with ebay 3 mights a week (I work 6 days/week), plus, losing one night due to other interests...making any posting time is pretty nebulous.

But 7 /a/ is where I cut my teeth. I might meander now and then, but I'll remain loyal. I'll be around. ...someone's gotta spam Mai HiME/Otome occasionally.

Anonymous-San 17/01/12(Thu)01:17 No. 35361 ID: 650399

what is good, my nigga. glad you are here

Anonymous-San 17/01/14(Sat)02:28 No. 35364 ID: 10e3b3

File 148435729542.png - (0.97MB , 1280x720 , SmugKoto.png )


Glad to be back, and thanks for still letting my dopey ass in the door.
So far I've seen about 8 shows this season, most I've liked, but I'm not even giving Akiba's Trip the 3ep treatment. This show is going nowhere and everywhere at once, with absolutely no sense of plot and some of the least likable characters ever. This isn't 3 and out, it's 2 and through.
But at least it's not Kemono Friends. That was 1ep that was almost dropped halfway through. Still lasted longer than that sad attempt to re-boot Komugi-chan though. That was a complete abortion.

Yep, just happy to be here!
(pic, as usual, not really related)

Anonymous 15/11/22(Sun)16:15 No. 14067 Board: /fail/ [Reply]

File 144820532930.jpg - (50.49KB , 834x624 , 1389780220964_246.jpg )

This board is hard to read whenj you're dyslexic

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Anonymous 16/05/28(Sat)03:47 No. 14332




Anonymous 16/07/01(Fri)19:28 No. 14389

File 14673940898.jpg - (66.17KB , 960x949 , image.jpg )

don't be dyslexic idiot :lolwut:

STUART 16/08/07(Sun)07:50 No. 2863 Board: /jew/ ID: 39f38e [Reply]

File 147054902731.jpg - (1.64MB , 3264x2448 , DSCN2078.jpg )

Camping? Angela 16/09/16(Fri)15:56 No. 2876 ID: 6329e3

File 14740342025.jpg - (2.08MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )

This picture makes me want to camp again. I went last weekend camping next to a waterfall in deep northern woods of Maine...I had an incredible time hiking. I hope you brought beer and coffee!!!

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 14/11/09(Sun)03:05 No. 4616 Board: /pr/ [Reply]

File 141549870368.png - (41.13KB , 300x300 , unnamed.png )

I'm trying to get into doing contracted work for people seeking Wordpress themes, what is a typical request that clients will ask me for?

I'm considering in throwing together a small game in JavaScript and having it interface with MySQL and other Wordpress technologies to show people that I am capable of putting together Wordpress themes that can perform a wide range of functions with HTML5/AJAX/CSS/MySQL/PHP.

Sorry if it sounds like I have no idea what I'm doing, but that's sort of the reason why I'm asking this question in the first place.

To The Asshat who keeps banning me Agrimmar 15/01/20(Tue)05:19 No. 2421 Board: /irc/ [Reply]

File 142172755919.jpg - (49.91KB , 550x309 , angry-anime.jpg )

for no reason in #channel7. Knock it off or Ill have Deadbabies eat your mom.

Poe 15/01/20(Tue)11:13 No. 2422

name and shame m8

15/12/10(Thu)02:40 No. 144405 Board: /vg/ ID: 238747 [Reply]

File 144971162770.jpg - (73.95KB , 480x615 , goldfish.jpg )

Dumping a bunch of games I got in a bundle that I already have. First come first serve. All keys are for Steam.

Guns of Icarus: QJTW6-EL9FY-A452E

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15/12/10(Thu)02:42 No. 144408 ID: 238747

Gunpoint: CN8C8-VAI6J-IK6N8

and that's it. Gee, I hope people even still use 7chan... 4chan was down.

Anyway please let me know if you grab any keys so I can scrap the pages.

15/12/10(Thu)03:14 No. 144410 ID: 2f2e5e

Came here because same, got myself free game

15/12/13(Sun)05:42 No. 144418 ID: b2e0ea

File 144998175992.png - (320.39KB , 802x494 , jay.png )

Anonymous 17/01/01(Sun)18:30 No. 114988 Board: /tg/ [Reply]

File 148329185115.png - (71.11KB , 167x192 , ddd.png )

Does anyone knows where I could get a set of dices like this?

Anonymous 17/01/01(Sun)19:28 No. 114991

White with pink speckles? I have a set of them just like that. If I post a dated pic would you be comfortable mailing a cheque or money order? I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You can have mine for the cost of $12 so I can replace them plus $4 for shipping. My local shop has lot' of those EXACT dice. Maxx Collectables in Winnipeg. Maybe Garth will ship them to you.

Anonymous 17/01/01(Sun)20:17 No. 115000

I'd love to see them

Also I checked the website and I didn't see store, just a website, do you have an ebay store or something?

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