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Vulpes Inculta 15/11/20(Fri)03:29 No. 22122 Board: /fur/ ID: 53373c [Reply]

File 144798656179.png - (1.27MB , 1182x1569 , 757e7e9a16aa48592780bdd618d61c0d.png )

Everyone turns into furries. How long do you spend locked in your home, constantly masturbating/fucking?

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2 days R3dWolf360 16/10/11(Tue)06:18 No. 24091 ID: a5918c

after 2 days, i would die of dehydration

Vulpes Inculta 16/12/03(Sat)08:48 No. 24280 ID: 7439f1

File 148075132271.jpg - (255.60KB , 1156x1591 , 566685.jpg )

Well, I was going to say that I'd immediately run out and start fucking all sorts of other little boys because that's perfectly normal in furryland. But given how this thread is going, I'll probably someone end up getting banned, instead.

Vulpes Inculta 17/05/22(Mon)22:23 No. 25123 ID: c5aeee


So much fucking kek in this post!

ian 17/12/20(Wed)13:39 No. 777291 Board: /b/ [Reply]

File 151377357935.png - (1.42MB , 1281x1962 , wp_ss_20171220_0002.png )

Who here used LiveJournal? Pic related.
I miss lj. It was an anonymous place where i knew some users irl.
That's Fagarina. I watched him for months while he did what mistress told him, signing off his posts with WOOT WOOT!

I wish id met Fagarina irl just so i might understand wtf.

One day soon ill be yelling at people to get off my damn lawn

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Weeabot 17/12/25(Mon)19:27 No. 777490

File 151422645080.jpg - (115.77KB , 800x400 , Clevon.jpg )

Yeah, keep believing that, Clevon, and don't you listen to them book learnin folks telling you to stop airwolfing your cousins. They never airwolfed their sister, they don't know nothing.

Nyan Cat 17/12/26(Tue)11:06 No. 777545

b u m p

Spiderman 17/12/26(Tue)20:26 No. 777556

nein you didn't

Modern Mom 15/10/14(Wed)08:33 No. 2756 Board: /jew/ ID: 0fb81b [Reply]

File 144480440693.jpg - (220.94KB , 1080x720 , Photo on 10-13-2015 at 9_53 PM #2.jpg )

Aw, this board is the epitome of what I do. I'll walk through my lifestyle. I've tried many things and kept only the things that have saved me money in the end. I don't care how others judge me, so I've taken things to the next level of weird:

My main motto in life when it comes to managing money is "Time is money". So even if I'm not at work, "chores" and other crap to me is considered work, or rather, unpaid work. So I deliberately avoid situations in which I'm forced to do more work than necessary (that is, by doing things the easier way).

1) I have carefully selected a place for me to live. One which is < 10 minute walking distance to my place of work. My job is perfect for me because I don't really interact with people much and I am sort of left to do my own thing (parcel courier). This ensures my employment because I cannot last 2 months in a customer service/work-with-others workplace without getting fired.

Also, note that this came first before everything else because it is top priority if you're looking to save money.

2) As a result, I no longer necessitate a motor vehicle. - $200 / 3 months for insurance, and $60/month for gas. And additional upkeep and maintenance expenses.

3) Rent your parking space out. +$50/month for me.

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Modern Mom 15/11/02(Mon)04:43 No. 2768 ID: 0fb81b

Depends on what sort of comfort you're referring to. Obviously not being stabbed in the feet by needles or anything. But generally if its uncomfortable (like sleeping on a massage table), you will adapt and over time think nothing of it. It's the adjustment there and letting your body adapt to the changes that might be the hard part.

I don't really find sentimental value in collectibles or physical objects, so maybe that just depends on the person. If you lack objects that you depend on (not need), you will always adapt to your current circumstances without them and put that want behind you. Or at least for me. To find comfort in nostalgic objects and such is like a fixation on something that the mind always wants. Take that fixation towards learning or something. I take solace in my online lectures on math and physics.

Modern Mom 16/01/11(Mon)01:06 No. 2799 ID: a9ab26

But, OP, what's your point in life? Being frugal is a virtue, yes, but in this summary you've not mentioned why you're saving this money, and you've not mentioned any sort of social interaction.

Don't you have friends that come over and question why you've plastic wrapped your house and are collecting lumber scraps, etc.?

Saving money has no purpose of itself. Are you planning on buying a sailboat and island hopping the Caribbean? Why do you so desperately need to save every cent?

Modern Mom 16/01/28(Thu)05:15 No. 2805 ID: b41207

maybe his friends are thrifty aswell...

Economic justice Modern Mom 14/09/22(Mon)20:33 No. 2335 Board: /jew/ ID: aaad3e [Reply]

File 141141079323.jpg - (392.81KB , 1200x798 , walkerfountainkingsdomain.jpg )

The poorest may now in certain ways enjoy what the richest a century ago could not have commanded, but this does not show improvement of condition so long as the ability to obtain the necessaries of life is not increased. The beggar in a great city may enjoy many things from which the backwoods farmer is debarred, but that does not prove the condition of the city beggar better than that of the independent farmer.

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Modern Mom 14/09/27(Sat)01:59 No. 2352 ID: ce94a9

But they already do, why should people who work hard have to pay for Tyrone and Jamal who like to smoke weed and hang out with their baby mama?

Why should people who never bothered to obtain a skillset be provided for? Are we not then just rewarding laziness?

Modern Mom 14/09/27(Sat)02:13 No. 2353 ID: 2d2aff

If the middle class made more money, they would then pay taxes... It doesn't matter who pays taxes... A stronger middle class creates a larger and consumerist economy, a stronger one. Most super rich hold onto their money where it sits.. Forever. They are useless and will continue to horde wealth indefinitely. It will only get worse and creates less opportunity for all of us.

Why reward heirs and the super-rich who have more money than they ever can spend?
They're living in a bubble where they can buy success.

Modern Mom 15/01/30(Fri)20:36 No. 2527 ID: 609961

File 142264656166.gif - (1.19MB , 125x125 , 1386651730158.gif )


Lesser of two evils, in that scenario. The access to money to keep somebody afloat could be the one thing steering a person down on their luck away from crime. Apart from a chance, and not a certainty, of getting miserable work for peanuts due to a shit economy. Hipsters are about the only people that enjoy being poor, and they seem to have phased back into whatever secret place they came from so suddenly.
Also, it doesn't help the system by tossing the baby out with the bathwater; in the event that somebody loses their job, and hits a spiral of poverty instead of staying afloat long enough to find another one. No government, to my knowledge, has found a perfect system of somehow perfectly distributing money to those who "really deserve" it.

Generally it's worth contributing the small fraction of paid tax to this, to spare people the alternative. If a country as shitty and socially nihilistic as America does it, there's obviously a reason.

Hello? Anonymous 16/10/02(Sun)14:28 No. 24696 Board: /elit/ ID: 121db7 [Reply]

Hey, did this board die hen I wasn't looking?

Anonymous 16/10/02(Sun)15:15 No. 24697 ID: 75c683

You realize this could be conducted with out looking at the time stamps of the most relevant posts? You don't need to shit up the board with this post.

Anonymous 16/10/02(Sun)20:38 No. 24698 ID: 121db7

Man there hasn't been a post here in a full week, I was just making sure this board hadn't entirely croaked.

Anonymous 16/10/05(Wed)02:50 No. 24702 ID: bcfa22

Need more necromancers imo

Anonymous 16/10/07(Fri)15:13 No. 189915 Board: /s/ ID: 42646a [Reply]

File 147584602695.jpg - (3.65MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_1858.jpg )

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up Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)11:35 No. 191073 ID: 77464b


Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)11:35 No. 191074 ID: 77464b

File 149164415574.jpg - (43.51KB , 575x431 , (m=e-yaaGqaa)original_203979252.jpg )

Anonymous 17/04/08(Sat)11:36 No. 191075 ID: 77464b

File 149164421313.jpg - (34.59KB , 575x431 , (m=e-yaaGqaa)original_203978722.jpg )

Eeyore 17/04/09(Sun)00:26 No. 5376 Board: /grim/ ID: aa33b3 [Reply]

File 149169038594.png - (326.04KB , 816x1056 , 39463946071079411.png )

I have a nice job. I make decent money. My family loves me, and I can afford to send them money regularly to help them out. have nice colleagues and I live in a nice country.

Despite all that, I'm still sitting alone in my apartment at 8PM on a Saturday with a half empty bottle of Vodka in front of me.

What the fuck is the point of it all if you can't even be happy?

I wish I had the balls to kill myself to be done with being unhappy...

Mee 17/04/21(Fri)03:52 No. 5387 ID: 2e1d8f

As a teacher, I take some comfort in the thought that I am a warning to my students.

"Don't be like me," I say to them. "Find a job that pays well. Find someone who will treat you well. Hope for a better tomorrow. Learn to love, and learn to listen. Keep trying. Keep fighting.

Don't be like me."

Defraggomg a "My Passport " drive. Anonymous 17/06/30(Fri)01:05 No. 22480 Board: /halp/ ID: 4ae916 [Reply]

File 149877753997.jpg - (12.67KB , 355x355 , driveSY355_.jpg )

I have an external WD My Passport 2EE2 USB external drive and was wondering if I could use PerfecDisk Professional to defragment it?
I haven't really found anything that says either way.

Perfectdisk also says it will defrag SSDs but I am a little leery.

Anonymous 17/06/30(Fri)06:52 No. 22481 ID: e339bd

You can defrag an SSD but it's detrimental because every block is equally fast as any other block and you're just going to cause additional wear on the SSD (because the SSD controller decides which block presented to the computer gets mapped to which block of flash memory, so you're not moving blocks to a contiguous block of memory unless the SSD controller decides to do it - for its own reasons).

I don't have any idea what a 2EE2 drive is, and Google doesn't either. If it's a hard drive then you could defrag it. If the drive is connected over USB 2 and it's 1TB or larger you will be defragmenting that SOB for days, possibly even weeks (WD's first 2TB 2.5" drives were as slow as they were fat).

You don't have to pay for any special software, Defraggler is free and does a fine job, as would the defrag included with Windows. I stopped paying for defrag software when Norton left DOS behind and you should too.

Anxiety and stimulants Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)09:11 No. 13339 Board: /rx/ [Reply]

File 148801027814.jpg - (20.15KB , 420x236 , benzos.jpg )

I've been a huge fan of stimulants, prescriptions mostly, but I had to stop because I was getting mad paranoia and panic attacks (not while high usually, but for me panic attacks feel a lot like an acid comeup, which fucking sucks when you aren't expecting it). I take benzos and sleeping pills still, although not for recreational use. I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences and if they were able to do stims again, or maybe advice on how to control my anxiety

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.wennermedia.com%2Fso Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)21:21 No. 13340

This is called Meow Meow or White Magic....Best shit on the fucking planet

https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.wennermedia.com%2Fso Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)21:21 No. 13341

This is called Meow Meow or White Magic....Best shit on the fucking planet

The worst part Anonymous 17/04/20(Thu)12:35 No. 13363

In many times you have paranoia and more, the BHO dont have paranoia

KnJ on kickstarter kodomo no jikan translation on. kickstarter 16/06/27(Mon)13:17 No. 59137 Board: /cake/ ID: da3c85 [Reply]

File 146702626888.png - (783.46KB , 1024x576 , 5e6750dc877d4a8e57abe31feb81bba9_original.png )

Help localize and publish all of Kodomo no Jikan's 5 Omnibuses + Houkago for the English speaking world.


Anonymous 16/06/28(Tue)19:41 No. 59143 ID: 245a14

File 146713571272.jpg - (67.44KB , 679x618 , ClkQww2UsAABlRs.jpg )

only 7 days to go. We can do this!!

Anonymous 16/06/30(Thu)11:57 No. 59148 ID: 4bfdf2

They have my money. now I hope for the success of this.

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