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LIFE HACK! Modern Mom 14/11/19(Wed)01:32 No. 2456 Board: /jew/ ID: f26904 [Reply]

File 141635712971.jpg - (87.37KB , 487x649 , earring organizer.jpg )

How it works: If you own a lot of earrings, they can easily get lost or disorganized. Pinterest and other websites have a lot of ideas to help, from hanging them on cheese graters or sports rackets to replacing glass in a picture frame with wire mesh.

How it actually worked: I didn't have a cheese grater or tennis racket to spare, nor the time to measure and tack mesh over a picture frame. So I started looking around the house for other candidates. I had a mesh magazine holder that held glossies from 2011. Bingo.

Life changing?: Yes. Not only did I recycle the magazines, but I also upcycled the office supply into something more functional. I put the pairs of earrings I had on one side, and single earrings on the other side, in case I find their matches. I ended up filling the inside with my bangle bracelets so I got double storage with one item.

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Modern Mom 15/10/27(Tue)07:53 No. 2765 ID: 169f1a

Capitalistic cancer

Modern Mom 17/03/15(Wed)11:38 No. 2976 ID: f1c74b

Go away

Modern Mom 17/04/18(Tue)13:35 No. 2995 ID: e3157a


Anonymous 10/10/19(Tue)22:35 No. 9009 Board: /fl/ ID: b33b26 [Reply]

File CockHappy.swf - (2.06MB )

This thread is going to be really gay.

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Anonymous 12/12/30(Sun)23:15 No. 14766 ID: 828c97


Anonymous 13/09/23(Mon)19:05 No. 15274 ID: 972534

there are some like these on newfapchan.org

Anonymous 14/11/04(Tue)06:00 No. 16197 ID: 4bc243

No music? Might as well just watch the sissy webms on 4chan's /gif/, there's much more of them.

Anonymous 17/06/22(Thu)08:04 No. 14795 Board: /fail/ [Reply]

File 149811148243.jpg - (27.49KB , 393x317 , 1493260895191.jpg )


Anonymous 17/06/24(Sat)15:25 No. 14796

:H: :A: :V: :E:
:B: :O: :N: :E: :R:

name a better fail Anonymous 17/10/22(Sun)06:37 No. 14915 Board: /fail/ [Reply]

:3: :0: :C: :H: :A: :N:

O.P. 18/04/11(Wed)11:09 No. 780306 Board: /b/ [Reply]

File 152343779110.jpg - (4.77KB , 264x191 , 1523339125225.jpg )

How old were you when you quit or finished high school? I was 21, they forced me to quit and threatened me with the police numerous of times after I turned 18 because I was always hanging out with freshman girls.

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Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 18/04/13(Fri)03:08 No. 780335

I didn't try either but I still graduated. You must be dumb.

Cryomancer 18/04/13(Fri)22:53 No. 780358

Similar. I was incarcerated in this place for 18 months between my junior and senior year. They let me go, since I was underage and they never really could diagnose me with any mental illness because I knew how their questions worked.

I was like "If God didn't want me to pull the skin off those dogs, He would not have made their skin so peelable. It's so easy to peel, it's like the skin isn't even attached to the adipose layer. It melts right off with a minimum of snug pulling. Can you consult an expert on this? A dog biologist? I feel like those neighborhood dogs were provided to me so I could make my Daniel Boone costume." That shit is only 30% true but it worked.

They said things like my level of vocabulary was too high, too high for the people their organization was chartered to help, which i guess were strawberryed felonious Mexicans because my language level is shit... so I graduated high school when I was 20.

Closet Furry 18/04/14(Sat)12:53 No. 780378

It's good that you don't have any delusions that you were too smart for therapy; clearly the only reason you were let to rejoin society was massive incompetence.

Elves dreams update Anonymous 11/04/03(Sun)18:47 No. 274 Board: /pco/ [Reply]

File 130184926967.jpg - (326.30KB , 1200x1670 , Elves_Dreams_17_01.jpg )

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Anonymous 14/09/26(Fri)22:01 No. 7932

Anonymous 14/09/26(Fri)22:01 No. 7933

Anonymous 14/09/26(Fri)22:02 No. 7934

Anonymous 18/03/10(Sat)13:52 No. 6811 Board: /gfx/ ID: 9ca584 [Reply]

File 152068637271.jpg - (86.85KB , 800x1200 , E26C52B2-7441-487A-9BF4-DC6E616B2A5D.jpg )

Hey guys! I have a big hangover and Would love to see her naked. Please Fake her!
Would love to see her with a hairy pussy and flat boobs!
Thx guys!

Anonymous 18/03/10(Sat)13:55 No. 6812 ID: 9ca584

File 152068654284.jpg - (35.12KB , 500x750 , E96EEC07-CB63-406F-9E4B-45ED298872D4.jpg )

Anonymous 18/03/10(Sat)14:42 No. 6813 ID: 1c97da

You're retarded.

Closet Homosexual 17/07/03(Mon)22:07 No. 106251 Board: /di/ ID: 458063 [Reply]

File 149911246930.webm - (1.91MB , 272x480 , 1498479126830.webm )


Closet Homosexual 17/07/18(Tue)21:17 No. 106279 ID: 93bdf2


shes really hot,someone give me her name on 4chan, but impossible to find content of her, she's an escort, apparently

How would you approach surviving? Shambler 15/11/08(Sun)21:50 No. 5437 Board: /zom/ ID: 813643 [Reply]

File 144701584810.jpg - (173.32KB , 1200x1600 , Michelangelos_David.jpg )

1. Finding a safe/secure place that keeps zeds out and is hidden from other human survivors

2. Search for food/water. If you live in a suburban area, just break into houses and prioritize canned food and bottled water.

3. Stock up on bartering items. Usually, these are consumables, like alcohol, medication, coffee, gasoline, ammunition, and to some extent, clothing and shoes.

4. Make plans to travel to the Hoover Dam. This place is probably the most study man made structure that also can also be the place where the human survivors can start over due to it providing electricity and irrigation.

Things you should do know are to makes sure you are proficient in body weight exercises, and to be able to run 3 miles + without being winded. Outrunning threats, and chasing down prey is really a basic human maneuver, and should not be underestimated.

I actually don't think zeds will be that big of a threat. I don't believe in zombie magic, and I honestly think actual zeds will just die out within a month or two, even if 99%+ of humanity gets infected.

maninahat 16/01/02(Sat)03:43 No. 5447 ID: 136591

1. I've already planned a hypothetically retreat - Strid Wood in Yorkshire. It's quiet, attractive, the nearby camping site can be used for expansion, and there are a lot of pre-existing natural and man made defenses.
2. Bum supplies from the local camp site. Set up a quick wire fence defense through the woods, which will deflect docile zombies passing through.
3. Start searching for survivors.
4. Swot up on pre-industrial trades, such as farming, textiles and smithing, seeing as how in the ensuing decades this will be the main staple of human survival, once most fuel and machinery deteriorates beyond use (this will happen within the space of a single generation).
5. Find means to preserve literature and educate the next generation. It will be the key to surviving long term, especially as although the population will be far too small to get things like sophisticated machinery and mass production working, eventually you will get to that stage and won't want to have to reinvent every god damn thing because all the books over the next hundred years or so have turned to mush.

Shambler 16/01/12(Tue)21:14 No. 5450 ID: 7a80d0

1. pack up my boat and check the nearby islands for zombies or survivors, pick the emptiest island
2. set up a camp and some simple fortifications
3. use my walkie talkie to check for nearby survivors to save
4. try to create a network of safe spots
5. sail to a town nearby that has a camping supply store and loot it/trade with possible survivors
6. found a central (fortified) place where survivors can gather, rest during their travels and prepare to reconquer the lands from the undead horde
7. build simple instalations that are able to turn rotten garbage into fuel
8. gather a militia to undertake actions like clearing villages from zombies to turn them in to safe strongholds
9. find a place where a vaccine can be developed
so how do you guys like my plan?

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Thread Rules:

  • READ THE FUCKING THREAD BEFORE POSTING. Duplicate requests get deleted, repeat offenders get banned.
  • Requests and responses only. Fuck your discussion

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