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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 14/09/02(Tue)12:39 No. 19966 ID: 3690d0

would kusaba even allow that (and are you paying any fucking attention?)?

Teenage Girl 15/04/03(Fri)12:24 No. 20465 ID: 0127dd [Reply]

File 14280566421.png - (19.45KB , 300x309 , mad.png )



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Teenage Girl 15/06/05(Fri)23:39 No. 20630 ID: 18b905


PACs fail because they are completely money-driven. A million people behind a single cause who can only afford to donate $1 apiece can be defeated by a billionaire opposing that cause, who can afford a million and one dollars.

Teenage Girl 15/06/18(Thu)18:44 No. 20639 ID: b59fd5

This never happens because the bllionaires do not oppose the PACs, they run them.

Why spend your own billions when you can con a million other people to fund your agenda on the cheap?

Teenage Girl 15/07/03(Fri)10:19 No. 20655 ID: 5e1030

Not to mention directing companies you influence and/or directly control to spend tax deductible funds on campaign contributions. They're not supposed to be, but Fortune 500 companies always magically find ways around rules like that. Then the peons they elect sit in office and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct any attempt at closing those loopholes or god forbid requiring public disclosure of all political donations.

Slumber Teenage Girl 15/07/01(Wed)05:06 No. 20650 ID: 2506d6 [Reply]

File 143571997664.jpg - (34.20KB , 500x455 , tumblr_inline_n8xjnzkJst1sod0lp.jpg )

I feel like going to sleep for a very long time. Who wants to join me?

Teenage Girl 15/07/01(Wed)10:47 No. 20651 ID: b1f771

I'm in. Who else?

Teenage Girl 15/07/01(Wed)15:30 No. 20652 ID: ee87a8

Just woke up and I have work in a couple of hours so I can't. Sorry bro.

Teenage Girl 15/07/02(Thu)08:21 No. 20653 ID: 3b03d5

It starts to seem appealing, the idea of maybe cocooning yourself so that you might emerge as a beautiful butterfly, or even simply hibernating until you can muster the will to give a shit.

It's nice while it lasts, but then comes the realization that waking up eventually will happen.

You can tell yourself that life isn't a race, but those words ring hollow when you're busy resenting everyone else around you achieving milestones in their lives that you're not. Those assholes you friended on Facebook just because you kind of know who they are graduated high school a couple of years after you did; how are they already married with children when you're left doubting whether you're capable of love or a future?

You start to wonder what happened.

You remember that sleep happened.

Wow, that thought makes you tired of the world and its bullshit. Who in their right mind would want to deal with this waking hell? You know what would help with that? Going back to sleep, where people won't bother you with their living happily.

It starts to seem appealing, the idea of maybe cocooning yourself so that you might emerge as a beautiful butterfly, or even simply hibernating until you can muster the will to give a shit.

Teenage Girl 15/06/28(Sun)14:37 No. 20646 ID: 54d556 [Reply]

File 14354950334.jpg - (5.08KB , 297x356 , 1334587458186.jpg )

I've reached to a point in my life in which I finally discovered that there is no love, at least for me. Everytime I get to know a female, I take great interest in her for a short while, until routine kicks in and then I just start looking for something else.

No matter how hard I try and focus on the person I want to be with, I eventually grow tired of her. I've already gone through 4 serious relationships and, while telling myself "this is the one" during most of the time, in the end my sad reality hits me in the face every single time.

In conclusion to this, questions are starting to sprout from my brain: is love accepting that you are not going to feel the same way towards your partner, but knowing you want to be with him/her? does love evolve into some sort of friendship after years? is love a plain and simple lie?

Does love exist? Have you found it, /rnb/?

Teenage Girl 15/06/28(Sun)14:39 No. 20647 ID: 8eb665

cant say i have, op. didnt your parents love you?

Teenage Girl 15/06/30(Tue)08:24 No. 20648 ID: 6a713c

I've been in several serious relationships that ended much later than they should have for me trying to "make it work". At the time, I thought "this is the one", but sooner or later shit got disgusting.

I think we both over analyze love and relationships. It would be better for us not to be so concerned about it and let relationships begin and end naturally.

That said, obviously none of those girls were "the one". I believe in love, but not the "happy ever after" Disney "true love". As has often been said, having a single word for the many kinds of love is an oversight in the English language.

Passion doesn't last long. If both of you still want to be together after the passion ends, I think you will find other ways to be in love.

Best of luck to you OP.

At the moment I'm two years into the most bizarre (and happy) relationship yet:
She's Chinese, living in China; I'm American, living in Japan (where we met). The only common language we can communicate in is Japanese, which neither of us speak natively.
She wants to come back to Japan for University and we've talked about getting married when she graduates.

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Teenage Girl 15/06/30(Tue)23:39 No. 20649 ID: 3b03d5

File 143570038686.jpg - (217.67KB , 2048x1150 , serial monogamy.jpg )

Judging from the experiences of others in your situation, you might want to consider creating your own church.

This fucking energy Teenage Girl 15/06/19(Fri)07:41 No. 20640 ID: ee9add [Reply]

File 143469250540.jpg - (40.10KB , 440x332 , 0.jpg )

I have so much damn energy but when its time to do something? NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Fucking energy HOW DOES IT WORK?

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Teenage Girl 15/06/22(Mon)07:07 No. 20643 ID: ebfaef

airwolfing rainbows!

Teenage Girl 15/06/26(Fri)01:50 No. 20644 ID: 7fd13b

magnets...you know they be lyin

Teenage Girl 15/06/26(Fri)19:15 No. 20645 ID: 10d6c2

I always plan ahead. That way I don't have to do anything right now.

Teenage Girl 15/06/18(Thu)08:52 No. 20638 ID: d3918b [Reply]

File 143461034260.png - (254.68KB , 600x600 , c05f3b51deea6f4460b92ee5b05d3da5.png )

This was originally written as a response to >>/b/741887 and >>/b/741890 but I figured that it would be better to post here than to shit up the other thread.

All this talk of incest just makes me sad that I didn't have any siblings. Even if my purely hypothetical sister didn't put out one of her friends might have, assuming that she had a chance of turning out slightly less bitterly antisocial than I did.

Of course it's easier to see in hindsight that virginity wasn't the real problem but merely a symptom of not having a proper social life. Of course getting my cock mongled would have been great, but underlying that is having people in my life who would be willing to mongle my cock.

It's easy to tell myself that I can't change the past and that it would be more productive to focus on the present and future which I can change. It's easy to tell myself that, but that doesn't stop the thoughts from reoccurring.

Teenage Girl 15/06/19(Fri)10:14 No. 20641 ID: 2720e7

As someone with two siblings (one older brother and one younger sister) I could never really understand those type of feelings. What I can say is that being a middle child is hell as I always got the short end of everything. But then again I had really shitty parents so I digress on that bit.

>It's easy to tell myself that I can't change the past and that it would be more productive to focus on the present and future which I can change. It's easy to tell myself that, but that doesn't stop the thoughts from reoccurring.
Sometimes I think that and wish I was an only child.

Teenage Girl 15/03/28(Sat)11:43 No. 20454 ID: c5c1a5 [Reply]

File 142753938744.jpg - (50.00KB , 630x400 , rooster-penis-dance.jpg )

I'm actually sick to fucking death of the current generation of artists.

There's no drive to find meaning, there's no effort into establishing truths, it's nothing but protests against Old World thought (without actually trying to forge a new identity) and blatant attempts at shocking the viewer.

I'm tired /rnb/ I no longer consider myself an artist since I will not associate myself with a group who defines art as having a chicken attached to your dick.

I'm also probably not allowed to because I have a dick and it happens to be white. Which means I'm somehow magically privileged.

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Teenage Girl 15/06/08(Mon)01:31 No. 20632 ID: 2793d2

File 143371991392.jpg - (230.68KB , 482x611 , chandelier.jpg )

Knowing Steven Cohen, I wouldn't be surprised if what you say is true

Teenage Girl 15/06/15(Mon)09:28 No. 20634 ID: d9b2c9

File 143435331849.jpg - (52.02KB , 620x349 , NGroosterwide3_20140328130603932454-620x349.jpg )

Count on the French to draw a line between art and vandalism.

(until one of them vandalizes the line)

Teenage Girl 15/06/15(Mon)09:32 No. 20635 ID: d9b2c9

File 143435356634.jpg - (130.80KB , 640x424 , 10766113906_dab817e492_z.jpg )

His ironically casual look.

it was not supposed to end like this Teenage Girl 14/12/22(Mon)19:55 No. 20284 ID: f19be6 [Reply]

File 141927454425.gif - (51.06KB , 500x376 , 1374792730743.gif )

I'm living at my friend's house after my brilliant family kicked me out for "unproductivity," read: not being a soft target when my relatives got wasted or had explosive episodes. I'm lucky to have my friend's place to stay at, except it seems to mean nothing now all thanks to my newly developed panic disorder.

Literally everything gives me a panic attack. I was watching a scary movie last night, and boom panic attack. I went to a job orientation (that's after you're hired), and boom panic attack followed by being fired. This is really excellent, especially since I am taking all the steps to get better. I go out once a day to mix with people, but it makes very little difference since they of course do not talk to me.

This happened after I lost my insurance and my prescription medication which they should not have been prescribing me, because it says on the label not to prescribe it that long. However the withdrawal period is over and this is just pure me, anxiety ridden and unable to accomplish anything.

Hopefully public health insurance has mercy on my and helps me, whenever it finally goes through. Maybe a treatment center will know which box to throw me in if I end up snapping.

Then again, who really cares? I'm not even the same person I was at the start of this, and I went from wondering if people would cry at my funeral to wondering if I would be a John Doe. Of course the idea of dying is likely my anxiety, but it sucks to have friends, family, and partners you loved who can no longer give a steaming fuck about you.

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Teenage Girl 15/05/15(Fri)11:50 No. 20616 ID: 3cf736


See? You are a jerk. QED.

Roger 15/05/30(Sat)03:00 No. 20626 ID: 6753bd

I have confrontational panic attacks. They have progressively become worse. I have found no assistance in the last 10 years. I will not leave my apt unless really necessary. I am behind on 1. Income Tax 2. wife's green card 3. Food stamp application 4. Maintenance complaints with apartment. 5. Wife's Soc Security. I try to get a little done each day, but not very successfully.

Teenage Girl 15/05/31(Sun)05:43 No. 20627 ID: 5fd72a

>wife's green card
>Wife's Soc Security

Maybe you just want your wife to leave the country.

Teenage Girl 14/10/02(Thu)13:15 No. 20125 ID: d66931 [Reply]

File 141224854055.jpg - (153.25KB , 491x750 , 1410810605803.jpg )

I dedicated so much fucking time to making you happy, striving to be the kind of man I thought a woman could want.

I loved you. Seriously loved you, like no one before. Not my mother, my father...no one. And like a goddamn fool I let it happen thinking maybe we had something. You gave up every-fucking-thing you had to help me when I was stranded after prison. Your home, your guns, all your stuff, gone. I was dead set on getting all that and more back for your sacrifice.

Why couldn't you see it would take time? All those glances at guys riding bikes, all the remorse over your guns, all your nice stuff. I needed time to get it all back; it can't happen overnight. But you got impatient. I saw how you looked at me from time to time. Like I didn't provide for you. Having fun and having material possessions came before the fact that I gladly supported you through all your flaws. The bed wetting, the occasional tantrum, the herpes, and your refusal to have children. I didn't give one single fuck about all of that. Because I loved you. And I wish it could be like how it was in the beginning.

We got along so well that it was sublime. We were completely comfortable with everything and nothing offended the other. For the first two months, I was almost certain I had found the one. I'd want to know why you changed, but you didn't. You were just putting on a front this whole time.

When I felt like I was losing you, I gripped tighter. I put in more and more time at work so I could help pay your medical bills and get you the things you wanted. I thought I had pulled the leash as close as I could get it.

Sean wasn't the gateway. I didn't see it before, but this wasn't just any gate, it was a goddamn flood gate. First you cheat on me with Sean, then another and another...all without me knowing. But you thought I was stupid. Maybe you still do. Your passwords were a minor hurdle for me; it was only a matter of time.

The utter fucking betrayal I feel now is almost incomprehensible. Not only that, but I feel completely shamed and disgusted. There are times when I think about how many times I've kissed you after you recently sucked someone's dick and I come close to losing it, every fucking time. How many times did I do oral not knowing another guy's cock was just pumping it out? There are some laws of Islam I would gladly accept in this case.

What else gets me, you had every single encounter recorded on your phone. Not the smartest idea. But what truly bit me deep down inside, what truly twisted my guts the worst, was that you had some marked as ??? for the name and Bareback? as the contents.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Matchbox Prince 14/10/04(Sat)07:15 No. 20128 ID: 2f260d

I'm curious about why you were in prison. Because if it was domestic violence, this whole thing would be like some kind of bizarre reverse karma.

Teenage Girl 15/06/05(Fri)07:57 No. 20629 ID: a6a98f

Probably just repeat the last two segments to her and wash your hands of the cunt anon. You deserve better.

Rage/Baw Videos Teenage Girl 15/05/20(Wed)06:26 No. 20617 ID: 3bb870 [Reply]

File 143209596380.jpg - (21.60KB , 239x294 , image.jpg )

The most rage/baw inducing videos on the Internet.

Teenage Girl 15/05/20(Wed)23:30 No. 20618 ID: ddfce5

quid pro quo

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