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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 17/12/27(Wed)06:12 No. 21788 ID: ae8f36

Step 1 - Don't ask for advice.
Step 2 - ???
Step 3 - Profit

Teenage Girl 18/03/08(Thu)15:24 No. 21820 ID: fef274 [Reply]

File 152051906563.jpg - (412.74KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180304_100847.jpg )

I woke up two hours early today to take a shit and ended up feeling like I was gonna puke the whole time but didn't. Then by the time I felt okay, it was time to go to work. I'm not happy about this.
Oh, and I found out my bike has a hole in the tire. This is bullshit!

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Teenage Girl 18/04/08(Sun)22:01 No. 21843 ID: cd0208

Sad memories I can't recall. Who thought I would fall a slave to demon alcohol?

Teenage Girl 18/04/10(Tue)10:03 No. 21849 ID: de56af

Although that one's too much, you know ten's not enough, there'll be no compromise today. I'll watch you lose control, consume your very soul, I'll introduce myself today.

Teenage Girl 18/04/11(Wed)02:25 No. 21850 ID: cd0208

Ozzy rules.

I got a serious nigger issue. And I need some suggestions on how to handle Niggerhater 17/07/16(Sun)02:30 No. 21511 ID: 83b43c [Reply]

File 150016502751.jpg - (26.26KB , 236x334 , a31ad95ab717b3b04df8045a0b19beef--lynching-strange.jpg )

Long story short, my best friends sister is getting beaten and pimped by a fucking shitskin niggerboy. My buddy died in Iraq and I can't just let this niggertry continue. I got his number and building number. I'm ready to do ANY FUCKED UP SHIT you fucking devious geniuses can conjure up. I'll post any results possible. He's a nigger so I won't get in any serious legal issues from what I do to him. The more fucked up the better.

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Teenage Girl 17/10/19(Thu)04:59 No. 21710 ID: 7397e5

Easy. Step 1- Call and tell him his hoe be slackin and with otner niggs at x location... He will leave said crack den, you then follow him to x location with trap waiting... Have you ever seen the movie SAW? its practicly the perfect set up for an irl sequel...
Step 2- this part can be done 1000000 different ways. Personally i would go the Eye for an Eye route. Tie his cotton pickin ass up and have (🐎) or other large endowed animal ready to rape and savagely damage his insides. This of course would be your discretion to video tape or not...
Step 3- DONT LET HIM DIE!! _(YET)_ Because the best part and most rewarding... Is to try all 10000000 ways of abusing this piece of shit fuck porch monkey. Over and over and over. Hey maybe even charge other men $ to rape and beat him. Pimp out that ass. Show him hes not a man and he can be used like he does to women. I cpuld go on for a long time but you get the idea! Please update us once you've decided

Teenage Girl 18/02/04(Sun)06:31 No. 21807 ID: 0a779e

Op is a larping faggot or has been v&

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:33 No. 21838 ID: 4abef3

i do wonder why you haven't shared a number

Poverty sucks ass Teenage Girl 18/01/22(Mon)22:52 No. 21798 ID: fef274 [Reply]

File 151665797642.jpg - (102.57KB , 773x640 , D3hXPY6BR4j1uff6ZhMsesiYSX0fYts8mb7Bjec96y0.jpg )

I think I might have a hernia and I'm not sure my insurance covers the surgery I'll need to correct it. Fuck.

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Teenage Girl 18/02/18(Sun)00:15 No. 21815 ID: 4670a6

File 151890932830.png - (258.53KB , 500x376 , dumbass.png )

>poor oral hygiene
Yeah, you keep thinking that, dumbass.

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:32 No. 21837 ID: 4abef3

why bother owning it by saving up money? They owe you. You'll show them!

Teenage Girl 18/04/06(Fri)02:08 No. 21840 ID: a870df

Are you the real YouTube HQ attacker?

Teenage Girl 18/03/18(Sun)01:11 No. 21826 ID: 67ad25 [Reply]

File 152133188982.jpg - (11.50KB , 384x384 , images (1).jpg )

Waiting at the DMV, to take a two-hour lecture, for a two-year-old speeding violation.

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Teenage Girl 18/03/23(Fri)22:17 No. 21831 ID: 68be41

>omg what are you hiding
LOL, this is exactly what the cop who pulled me over (about 20 minutes after the fact) wanted to know.

By the time he caught up to me I'd been driving the speed limit long enough not to know why I was being pulled over--sober. He kept going back and forth, taking my ID, asking me if I was on something, checking things in his car, asking me if I was carrying something, checking this in his car, asking me if I was on something, checking things in his car, asking me if I was carrying something, checking things in his car, on loop for about a half hour until a a second car arrived. Finally he wrote the ticket and sent me on my way.

The truth was I'd just broken up with a girlfriend at the apex of a particularly bad day and had been venting my stress on the banked curves of the bypass (seriously, the bypass has banked curves and they still pull you over for speeding?? banked motherfucking curves). Good thing I'm white, because they'd probably have shot me and planted evidence to justify it otherwise.

cantankerous 18/04/05(Thu)11:31 No. 21836 ID: 4abef3

do you feel punished yet? nanny knows best

Teenage Girl 18/04/15(Sun)06:21 No. 21851 ID: dbad57

my whole life is a punishment

Teenage Girl 17/05/15(Mon)21:20 No. 21462 ID: a52bda [Reply]

File 149487604984.jpg - (46.79KB , 634x422 , 3827B32400000578-0-image-a-62_1473505933788.jpg )

I'm so fat that when I walk to work in the morning and stop to cross the street, I can see my pulse beating in my eyes. I know I need to eat better and get more exercise but I'm too lazy. I don't want to wait until I get the beetus to do something about my fatness but the only gym in the area is eleven miles away and I don't have a car. I feel doomed.

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Teenage Girl 17/10/30(Mon)16:29 No. 21719 ID: 8c663c

day one, walk one block down street, then back.
day 2 double distance.
when you reach a point that you feel you get winded you rest and get your heart rate down, then resume.
day 3 onwards add distance slowly, work your way up to walking a mile, then try for 2 if you have the time. a mile walk to the store, and a mile back is good. have done this before and im over 400lbs

Teenage Girl 18/03/11(Sun)03:03 No. 21824 ID: edf58d

Jesus Christ, are you the same guy who posted in the Labrador is shit thread? I can't believe there are two people posting good advie on this chan.

Teenage Girl 18/03/11(Sun)03:04 No. 21825 ID: edf58d


eat shit fuckface 17/04/28(Fri)21:06 No. 21439 ID: 21abc4 [Reply]

File 149340639280.jpg - (32.68KB , 552x843 , sexy.jpg )

everything is garbage i wanna beat the world to pieces. if you lived here you'd understand. Labrador is a big pile of dog shit that has no reason to exist besides cocaine dealers and 15 year old weed dealers. its total bullshit here. all people do is drive around like fucking retards in circles cuz theres nothing to do. No one builds shit. No one does anything. theres a fucking macdonalds and i cant even get a job there. like what is this pile of fucking shit? You know passwords. you need a phone to get a job. what the fuck. what ever happened to marching your ass to the counter everyday and applying or asking Q? its bad enough there are eskimos all over the place getting wasted and stabbing eachother being homeless niggers etc but theres another group called innus and they get everything for free and what do they do with it, buy beer and trucks. there's no reason to come to this worthless piece of fucking garbage unless you want to live outside where there is lots of wilderness and lakes but the towns are horrible piles of fucking aids infested garbage. All I can do is complain. the white people here are boring as hell. no sluts. wtf? how am i sposed to screw like i did back in goose bay. LAb city sucks dick. too many proudfags being proudfags

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Teenage Girl 17/05/07(Sun)03:39 No. 21452 ID: c7f3cd

My home city is a shithole. I was forced to move away due to crazy bullshit I don't need to get into but it took me six years to not miss it and to love the place I live in now. Maybe you should move again, OP. Pick a place that's completely different from where you are now or find a place far away that's similar but had better opportunities.

And if you're still unhappy at sixty, kill yourself.

Teenage Girl 18/02/03(Sat)14:45 No. 21806 ID: 76e459

File 151766554964.jpg - (96.48KB , 583x1000 , IMG_0471.jpg )

You need to figure out a way to get a vertical belt sander and a drill.

Then take chunks of driftwood and start sculpting them on it, and you'll realize you care a lot less about other people wasting their lives and a lot more about all the cool shit you can make fairly effortlessly and nearly for free.

Start making small interesting shit, then sell it off cheap, then make more interesting bigger shit, then sell it for more. Locally, Craigslist, farmers market, whatever. You already realize the importance and value in building shit. Go be the change you want to see in ur life.

Then buy more machines with the monies. Then build sweet fucking shit like no ones ever seen.

Teenage Girl 18/03/11(Sun)02:41 No. 21823 ID: edf58d

You Sir, are a goddam genius. Hopefully OP or someone else will profit from your pearls of wisdom.

Teenage Girl 17/10/25(Wed)05:22 No. 21714 ID: 9fd7e5 [Reply]

File 150890173563.jpg - (73.36KB , 880x552 , funny-math-answer-drawing-bobby-show-your-thinking.jpg )

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Teenage Girl 18/02/27(Tue)20:37 No. 21817 ID: 4089f6

>>21816 cont.

Now there might be a few of you who thinks that I was, and am, being an asshole and need to shut up. The thing was, I eventually almost convinced myself of the same thing. My line of reasoning was that the process had little to do with math itself and more to do with surviving the petty tyrants in positions of bureaucracy. You know the kind: the ones who would look for the most chickenshit of paperwork errors to ruin your life, sometimes because they hate you specifically but more often because they like flexing the the tiny sliver of power that is the only control they have over anyone in their lives.

I decided to quit my bitching for a bit and play their little games to get through the course and move on with my life. So what's my problem now? My problem is the number of grown-ass adults who seem to struggle with doing math in their head. Don't just take my word for it. Go out there and do some basic mental arithmetic in front of other people and see what happens. They'll definitely look at you weird, as though you're a mighty wizard, a demonic witch, or just your friendly neighborhood autist. Why is that? Nothing about math requires supernatural powers or developmental disorders. What's going on?

Like with any complex issue, there are lots of things going on and many factors at play here. That being said, it can't be a productive thing for teachers to actively discourage students from mental arithmetic because they need to show their work.

Teenage Girl 18/02/28(Wed)18:02 No. 21818 ID: 2855c4

>There's a good chance you might have been that student
I was that student, in fact. I really was; it is uncanny to see you type that.

Particularly in Jr. High, when my Algebra teacher finally had to admit that I couldn't be cheating because I had the highest score on the final--after a year of treating me like a scoundrel and regularly giving me zeros on completed homework. Like you, I eventually gave in to the never-ending torrent of teachers and school facutly who refused to accept my work unless I demonstrated for them how I'd done it. Later on I stopped studying math however, because I found I had greater skills and interest in other areas, and now I am rusted out--I need a calculator just to calculate a percentage of an amount.

Perhaps, if my teacher had instead taken advantage of my disposition and encouraged me to try more challenging math classes, my life would be very different now. Some of my friends were taking out-of-school "gifted" classes that I couldn't join because I hadn't shown such aptitude earlier and there were mandatory requirements to be completed in elementary school. This is just one of many ways I look back on my school life with outrage and despair at how badly the system failed me.

I was very lucky in that the day came when my parents threatened legal action against the school if they would not permit me to enter some advanced placement classes my last year of Jr. High. I was failing several basic classes because the teachers were miserable, insufferable people and the work was literally boring me to death (I might have killed myself); in the AP classes I got As and Bs. I've heard the curriculum has changed, but I doubt the spirit of the education system in the United States ever will. Only the top 1% in elementary school have a chance to reach their full potential in secondary or tertiary education; even if an "ordinary" student begins to perform at higher level later on, the school will not "waste resources" by giving them greater challenges.

Teenage Girl 18/03/03(Sat)03:08 No. 21819 ID: 4089f6

>now I am rusted out--I need a calculator just to calculate a percentage of an amount.
This is the biggest tragedy to me. The fact that you chose a career that has less to do with math is beside the point. After all, not everyone chooses to be a literary critic, yet it still benefits individuals to know how to read and society as a whole to expect that most everyone can read.

Teenage Girl 18/02/10(Sat)11:04 No. 21810 ID: cfb310 [Reply]

File 151825708353.jpg - (26.00KB , 500x347 , ge.jpg )

Why does nobody like me I'm even that different fucking jesus christ

Teenage Girl 18/02/11(Sun)23:40 No. 21811 ID: 136b3d

File 15183888188.jpg - (181.49KB , 500x376 , 4f180a50bed74fdcf28df698973e7bfe.jpg )

Teenage Girl 18/02/12(Mon)03:50 No. 21812 ID: 0a64cd

where can I get one of those?

Teenage Girl 18/02/12(Mon)17:06 No. 21813 ID: fef274

A teenage boy? At a high school, I guess.

reclusive Jody-bait Teenage Girl 17/10/17(Tue)17:26 No. 21705 ID: f73021 [Reply]

File 150825399649.png - (558.56KB , 886x626 , CF mil wife what i really do.png )

me: mid-20s, cis-F, ex-camgrl, 5'5, 110lb, surgically sterilized, mil-wife, goth, childfree

I've had issues with unwanted male attention since before puberty, but this shit is really getting to me right now. Yeah, I used to cam for cash for a while years ago to survive, but I'm one of those lame prudes who's repulsed by anything sexual outside of my committed relationship. I've dressed in black and been "goth" since I was a kid, so there's one fetish angle I've had to deal with. Now that I'm a military wife who's not a fucking hippo with the standard three crotch-dumplings, it's only ramped up.

I'm the type who likes to make casual, friendly conversation with complete strangers out in public, and it keeps biting me in the ass. At the airport OMW to/from my husband's BMT graduation and again to my current base I PCSed to, the men I'd talked with all started acting differently when the subject came up that my husband was in the military. Other chicks reading this, you should know what I mean. You know the look. The change in tone. That creepy glint in their eyes. While waiting in the boarding area for my connecting flight to get here, I was sitting next to a guy who was pretty great to converse with, and he brought the subject up, even giving me some answers. He said that he'd noticed how much I was being noticed. I told him that I didn't understand why, since I was wearing very plain clothes (black boots, black knee-high socks, black skort, black tanktop, black light jacket, not much makeup) and that I didn't like it. He said that it's the way I carry myself. That I come off as "approachable and relatable". I guess I'm glad to finally get that information, but I don't know what the hell to do with it. I don't think I could just turn into a cold bitch even if I wanted to.

FF to mid September... After waiting a couple of weeks, internet is finally getting installed at the new place. The fat neckbeard tech who came over to install it had that look in his eye and was staring way too much right off the bat, but in stead of being a bitch, I just wanted to make the most of things and got the casual conversation over to gaming. Make some Dark Souls jokes and rip on modern-day WoW, shit like that. When it came time to test the wifi signal on my phone, I unlocked it, tried to connect and it didn't work. I absent-mindedly left my unlocked phone on a box by the doorway of the computer room where he was working on the modem (on the opposite side of the room as him) and got some water. When I came back, my phone was in his hand, and he acted like he was just using it to test the wifi again. You know, in stead of using his own phone like the other techs from the company did later. When I took it back, my personal files folder app had been opened. Fucking seriously? Since then, the service guys who� Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

20 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 18/01/25(Thu)07:44 No. 21802 ID: 89a62c

File 151686265199.jpg - (2.38KB , 125x122 , 1502918700122s.jpg )

You can't just be friendly with men, thats just how it works you dumb fucking bitch.

Your husband is probably a shitbag too.

Yeah wow congrats youre steralized, wow you wear stupid clothing woe nobody cares.

Teenage Girl 18/02/05(Mon)17:15 No. 21808 ID: fef274

File 151784734824.jpg - (599.99KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20180127_144258.jpg )

Your contribution to this thread was bad. Shame on you for sucking shit so hard.

Teenage Girl 18/02/06(Tue)04:16 No. 21809 ID: 4cc494

I can't credit >>21802's diction, but his sentiment is spot on.

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