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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 14/09/02(Tue)12:39 No. 19966 ID: 3690d0

would kusaba even allow that (and are you paying any fucking attention?)?

Teenage Girl 14/08/10(Sun)02:41 No. 19895 ID: 9dad4e [Reply]

File 140763130184.gif - (845.74KB , 245x220 , 4U7vuin.gif )

You know what? Fuck you. If you are so bothered by someone calling you out for being a perv, don't fucking be one. God, you love to impose restrictions on others, don't you, you jobless mooch?

Picture unrelated.

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Teenage Girl 14/09/26(Fri)00:21 No. 20116 ID: b15c8c


There's always the overly-used (and often incorrectly used) term "creeper"

Teenage Girl 14/09/28(Sun)20:53 No. 20122 ID: 2c275a


I hardly ever see this word in use and I cannot say that I have ever seen it misused.. Statements like yours, however, I have seen fairly often. I have seen more complaints about the overuse and misuse of this word than actual uses of this word.

How is that even possible?

Teenage Girl 14/09/29(Mon)20:12 No. 20123 ID: 19b664

Creepers are hyper-sensitive about being called creepers.

Sifted 14/09/26(Fri)01:49 No. 20117 ID: 96405d [Reply]

File 141168896428.jpg - (314.72KB , 1000x878 , 2389923-1353787305805.jpg )

Alright first bitch and moan session on here for me. Harsh feed back is approved I might just laugh at it. Also pic is entirely unrelated it was just convenient so fuck off.

I am sick and fucking tired of all the ass wipes that are consistently acting like ignorant fucks. Your god damn music sucks, pull your fucking pants up, learn some fucking decency, and for the love of fucking god stop scratching your fucking nuts. Oh by the fucking way I don't owe your bitch ass anything so shut the fuck up and leave me alone. And to all the loud mother fucking bitches out there fucking quiet down or stuff a dick in your mouth. At least make that big mouth fucking useful. God fucking damn I hate mother fucking ignorant pricks.

Teenage Girl 14/09/27(Sat)23:07 No. 20121 ID: b15c8c

File 141185202192.jpg - (10.56KB , 261x195 , 10653493_970389599645273_3366743041098406692_n.jpg )


I like that you didn't generalize black people, but rather the ignorant and rude fucktards.

The Fox 14/04/09(Wed)22:05 No. 19266 ID: afc846 [Reply]

File 139707390162.jpg - (9.76KB , 215x121 , image.jpg )

Scenes from tv/movies/games ect that give you feels?

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Teenage Girl 14/09/06(Sat)06:32 No. 19998 ID: 009644

File 140997793519.jpg - (61.46KB , 675x430 , 23510.jpg )

Judd Nelson was like 27 playing a fucking teenager.
Weird Science boy hit puberty and grew about 6" during the filming. They had a hard time shooting around his growth spurt and suddenly deeper voice.

I hated that movie when it came out and I hate it now. School was the last fucking place I wanted to be, and the last place I wanted to watch a movie about when I wasn't there. Fuck no.

Teenage Girl 14/09/26(Fri)00:00 No. 20114 ID: b15c8c

The scene where Zuko and Iroh reunite after Zuko realizes the error of his ways.

Teenage Girl 14/09/27(Sat)07:01 No. 20120 ID: 9d0850

When Setsuna reveals his identity to Princess Ismail, and warns her that Celestial Being will come to Azadistan if the fighting continues.

"Tatakai mo owatano ha roku nen mo mai yo... Anata ha mada wakai... Tatakaiteita no?"
"Ima demo tatakateiru. Tatakateiru."

Teenage Girl 14/09/26(Fri)21:05 No. 20119 ID: 498f59 [Reply]

File 141175833027.png - (683.33KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2014-06-11 23:57:45.png )

When you ask someone for advice about a problem,

and they tell you the problem is that you do it wrong,

defending the way you do it doesn't solve your problem.

Teenage Girl 14/08/31(Sun)02:25 No. 19955 ID: b20a90 [Reply]

File 140944474814.jpg - (218.26KB , 925x588 , 1409429916476.jpg )



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Teenage Girl 14/09/06(Sat)05:24 No. 19992 ID: 009644

File 140997385264.jpg - (46.52KB , 468x600 , cups.jpg )

I support you in your dream.

Not support like, I give you money to make it actually happen, or support like hosiery or a brassiere, just, support like think it's pretty cool, like penniless, powerless sportsfanfaggots.

Teenage Girl 14/09/26(Fri)00:15 No. 20115 ID: b15c8c

I find that women want power, but lack the resolve or skill to attain it.

When a woman becomes a politician, she should give off the presence of a politician; not a woman who wants to be handed power because "equality."

There are many niche jobs for men. Usually labor-intensive jobs like construction, mover, warehouse, groundskeeper.

There are many niche jobs for women. Usually sexual, organizational or care-giving like stripping, modelling, daycare/elder care, marketing, secretary, bookkeeping.

I wouldn't take my car to a mechanic who only took an online course. I wouldn't vote for a woman if her only platform was "I deserve it because I am a woman."

I'm basically saying there are pros and cons for both genders. If an individual is adept enough to pursue something, then that's great. However, we must acknowledge that people can and are bad at various things.

Teenage Girl 14/09/26(Fri)06:19 No. 20118 ID: 86e709


Teenage Girl 13/04/05(Fri)02:24 No. 17004 ID: e048c4 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 136512144870.jpg - (159.09KB , 604x807 , gravity3.jpg )

I hate fat women. More specifically, the fat fucks that are in denial of their weight, their size, their fucking ugliness.

But what really makes my blood boil is the fatass women that believe that they are beautiful on the outside. They are simply not. Sure, there's probably a few guys in the world that have a fetish for fat women, but the general consensus is that they are not attractive. Recently now, landwhales that browse shit sites like Tumblr and make vlogs on YouTube have all sorts of fucking delusions in their heads. "Oh, it's my GENETICS that are making me overweight!". "Just because I eat all day and never work out and try to make myself look good DOESN'T MEAN I'M NOT BEAUTIFUL.". What's even worse is now they classify themselves as 'BBW'. It's really the most redundant shit I've ever seen. That's like saying "I'm an ugly person who isn't ugly". They also call themselves 'curvy'. NO, YOU ARE NOT CURVY BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAT ROLLS. I guess now there's "thin privilege", the idea that being thin and healthy is a privilege (as in, you didn't earn the body you sculpted by working out). I know I'm sounding nit-picky about little internet drama shit, but it goes on AFK too. I'm sure you've all seen it. Fat women who wear tight shirts because they think they're hot. The attractive girls who have one fat ugly friend in the group. Look, I realize that when you're fat it's a very slippery slope trying to lose all that weight, but when you're in complete denial and convince yourself that you should keep shoving burgers in your mouth because you're 'beautiful', you have a serious mental problem. Seriously, stop acting like something you are CLEARLY not.

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Teenage Girl 14/09/25(Thu)06:40 No. 20110 ID: 1b02b6

Right, but OP just said that it bothered him. People kill themselves all the time willfully.. at least let these people enjoy themselves to death. I don't think you're concerned about what society pretends to concerned about, which is the "diabetes" associated with being fat, it's that they really don't care they're at that level enough to make a change, and that bothers you because you want them to strive to be more like you. At least that's what I've rationalized, because I don't see a reason to hate them at all.

Teenage Girl 14/09/25(Thu)10:34 No. 20111 ID: 19b664

>at least let these people enjoy themselves to death
They can enjoy themselves to death just fine, but when they start complaining about what they're doing isn't killing themselves, that society shaming them for killing themselves is wrong, that's a whole other level of fucked up bullshit.

You want to be fat and kill yourself, fine, far be it from me to stand in your way.

You want to be fat and kill yourself, but whine endlessly about how you're not killing yourself, that everyone who points out you're killing yourself is wrong, that people are just being mean/bullying/etc. for no reason other than to be mean/bully/etc. - no. No fucking way.

Teenage Girl 14/09/25(Thu)21:59 No. 20113 ID: 19b664

Forgot my most important point, that's certainly relevant to OPs view... if they want to be fat and kill themselves, but get upset because nobody finds them attractive, and claim that it's everyone else's fault for not finding them attractive... fuck that shit. You want to make yourself ugly, then live with the consequences of making yourself ugly. No matter what your daddy said, you're not a special little fucking princess who doesn't have to obey the laws of nature like everyone else.

Stephen Fry Anotherfool 14/09/18(Thu)20:38 No. 20063 ID: b16efc [Reply]

File 141106550283.jpg - (113.98KB , 846x1000 , 2966587.jpg )

Who here watches QI? I love the idea of the show, but goddamn, Stephen Fry is pathetic. They just need a new host.

I've never seen a host of a "factual" show get so many "facts" wrong. Nor have I seen a man who classifies himself as intelligent and enlightened, act like such a gypsy. His remarks are never hilarious, his puns are never witty, and his demeanor is never "gay." For example, he continually insists that Earth has more than one moon. Stephen, for fucks sakes, stop lying to yourself. You can't just make up facts and create relationships where none exist! How can you live with yourself? You mock religious folk, calling them fools, when you are no better than those you deride.

What about this world makes it acceptable to be a minority, a fool, and an idiot? There are many television personalities that profess enlightenment through science, but continually downplay and taunt any people who believe differently? Using Stephen Fry as an example; he is belittling others who "know" a different fact, even when the fact they believe is more correct than his own assumption!

How then are these people any better than those they claim are deject and degenerate? Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Fry, etc... They are all fools, but cannot come to terms with their hypocrisy. Why is it better to be a fool and a scientist, than a fool and not?

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Teenage Girl 14/09/20(Sat)03:08 No. 20083 ID: 39117e

You do know that he doesn't do the research himself, right?

He's the host. His job is to be funny and charming and keep things on schedule while reciting the "facts" and asking the questions they write for him.

Teenage Girl 14/09/20(Sat)06:03 No. 20084 ID: 61a295

Your rant is retarded.

1. Being gay isn't wrong. Being a minority isn't wrong. You are retarded.

2. Science isn't a religion. Stop treating it like one.

Teenage Girl 14/09/23(Tue)21:32 No. 20108 ID: eb89c4

>You can't just make up facts and create relationships where none exist!

>Science isn't a religion. Stop treating it like one.

Well, someone here's a stupid fucking cunt.

Also, I more or less hate gay people, but I agree with Fry's remarks on pedosexuality.

Teenage Girl 14/09/04(Thu)13:28 No. 19974 ID: 90cd76 [Reply]

File 140983008686.jpg - (268.85KB , 900x900 , DOGMAN.jpg )

I'm tired of talking to dumbass heterosexuals. If you're LGBT, you've probably met the people I'm talking about. You have a conversation, maybe a friend knows them or you just met them or it's online or whatever, but after awhile the conversation strays to your sexuality. Maybe they noticed your appearance was different from your average straight man/woman, maybe they heard an off-hand comment you made, or hell, maybe they heard something from someone else, but they wind up asking who you like to fuck. So you answer "I like guys," or "I like girls." Or hell, they might even start asking about what you're wearing or why you present yourself the way you do, and you mention that you're trans. In any case, they conversation gets stupider and stupider until they bring it to an apex by saying, "I don't really approve of this gay agenda. I think it's being forced on us." Are you a fucking retard? You brought it up! I didn't make it your business; I don't really give a fuck about your opinion. You made the initial comment. How the fuck is it in your face if I'm not even talking about it? I'm perfectly content to dress how I want and fuck my partner at home. You don't have to be involved. And not only that, but why the fuck do you even care? What kind of waste of space spends his/her time brooding over who strangers are fucking? Just get half of a goddamn brain already.

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Teenage Girl 14/09/21(Sun)20:53 No. 20099 ID: 2b5a89

File 141132559692.gif - (86.68KB , 200x150 , excelSaga-InnerDemons03.gif )

I'm just bored with anyone and everyone who feels they HAVE to tell me their sexuality-period. Gay, straight, bi, goats, barstools.....i'm not interested. I'm not holding you back from your gratification without consequences (or so you hope) lifestyle.
I'm just not interested.
You make sexuality your main topic of conversation and I'm walking away.

If I want to get into a conversation, I'd rather do it with someone who thinks with what's between their ears, not between their legs.

I'm not denying your supposed "freedoms", I'm just not interested in listening. Your dramas/braggadocio is boring, and I refuse to be your sounding board. Go bitch/brag to someone else.

Walking away now.

Teenage Girl 14/09/22(Mon)09:04 No. 20100 ID: 86e709

Maybe they don't HAVE to tell you.

Maybe they just want to say it for the other homos and your big dumb head keeps getting in the way of the signal. Ever think of that, mr megalomania?

Teenage Girl 14/09/23(Tue)08:36 No. 20107 ID: 5581ae

But if you bother to read OPs post, you'll see that others are inquiring about his sexuality in order to get up on their soapbox and comment about it.

I don't understand it either, except that some conservatives are really judgmental and intent on spending their lives ignoring most of a book they claim to have read.

Teenage Girl 14/09/22(Mon)23:14 No. 20105 ID: 9d53d7 [Reply]

File 141142044821.jpg - (70.54KB , 300x462 , happycatmonocle.jpg )

I reckon I'm depressed. I'm shitty at what I used to be good at, I no longer have the desire to create or play a game. I just want to sit and watch YouTube Poop all day.

I'm now living to work, I rise early, rub one out or smoke a little weed, or both, drag myself to work where I work until early evening, then drive back home with a guy from work where I try to feign interest in his retarded one-sided conversation. From there I get home, smoke more weed and shower. Then, if I'm lucky, I have the evening to myself where I sit in my room and try take my mind off work.

Meh. But then again I don't have the energy to even act depressed, it's almost too much work to even try feel sorry for myself.

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