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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 14/02/13(Thu)10:03 No. 19087

mod posted an unoffensive, non-sexual, non-nude, face only portrait of an adolecent girl.

bannable only on niggertits, to where you must return.

Teenage Girl 14/02/22(Sat)17:10 No. 19104 [Reply]

File 139308540386.gif - (121.43KB , 650x475 , 1289643428674.gif )

How do you cope with the fact that you aren't actually smarter than anyone? I'm trying to come to terms with that in here, and it's getting pretty tough.
Being intelligent used to be the one thing I was good at, but now I don't feel like I any longer am at all. At least, not more than the regular. So I feel like I'm literally good for nothing, and I'm finding it hard to live with that idea.
So, what do you do when you realize that you're just average at the things you considered they distinguished you?

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Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)04:30 No. 19303

>I'd rather work now for a better future and get it

Well sure, we all thought that sounded great when we were young and thought it worked that way too. The more realistic & important question is, will you still work for that better future even if you don't get it? Because we did, and it was a complete waste of time and effort. Every year, it gets more and more ironclad. Best of luck to you though.

> than wait til everything's irredeemably in the shit.

You're a little late. ...by a few decades.

Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)05:05 No. 19306

I don't think anyone was proposing that, getting shot is a terrible idea.

>You're a little late. ...by a few decades.
BULLLLLLSHIT! If people aren't being executed en masse it's still not too late for me to earn my dough and retire early. LIke srsly with ~$300K I can build a self-sustaining ecosystem all for myself, hopefully secure from all possible threats.
I'll be researching materials and whatnot once I have the funds to buy a house in a couple years. One thing I worry about is if my hobbies will still feel worthwhile when there's nobody left in town to appreciate them with me.

Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)10:19 No. 19309

>by a few decades
Amazing how America all went to shit right about the same time that Democrats abandoned Dixiecrats. According to some people, giving black people the same rights and privileges as white people meant the country went into a tailspin.

The moment we restricted their ability to indiscriminately murder blacks, gays, Jews, etc. that's the moment the country starts spiraling down the drain.

Laughable, isn't it?

Teenage Girl 14/04/13(Sun)01:03 No. 19272 [Reply]

File 139734378112.jpg - (9.67KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

I was there for them when their lives came crashing down.

Then when I wanted to spend my birthday with them, they all suddenly pretended not to know me.

Friends do not exist. We merely form parasitic relationships with other humans.

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Teenage Girl 14/04/14(Mon)04:59 No. 19279

You're probably just looking for friendship in the wrong places. People is sometimes so nice and friendly to me that I find it incomprehensible given how much of a weird antisocial asshole I happen to be. Most of them have known me for so long they are just used to it, but new people often act in the same way and I simply end up thinking there are lots of things I won't ever understand about human
relationships in general, starting with why others like me and trust me the way I am.
Try with good people. They aren't always a lot of fun, but them lives aren't a mess and they like to be helpful.

Teenage Girl 14/04/14(Mon)13:57 No. 19280

Well. We tend to form relationships with those similar to us.

Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)06:30 No. 19308

File 139770902636.gif - (899.29KB , 300x251 , WookinPaNub.gif )

>looking for friendship in the wrong places

Teenage Girl 14/03/20(Thu)23:02 No. 19230 [Reply]

File 139535295632.jpg - (147.91KB , 500x677 , 1390758527781.jpg )

I'm trying to hard to continue being a good person.

Ever since I was a child I would have this guilt upon myself, for my families poverty, for the stress we were all living in, for not being good enough in school to be in the top 3 of my class, for whatever reasons you could imagine.

Looking back I realize I have no real reasons to feel guilty about, I may not have been an ace student and I may be an ugly and thus unpopular loser forever... but I have never done things that would justify this constant self-guilt I've felt throughout recent years.

After losing my mother to cancer last year I am now feeling myself losing any patience and acceptance I had with the world. People you try to befriend and invest time and money to keep trying to become closer to them don't appreciate anything you do as a person, brother, friend, whatever. What I feel angry most of all is what I'm seeing online, I feel overwhelmed by how many people in the west are living in this warped perception of reality, how they assume people online live in the US like them, how they assume absurd shit like, they geniunely believe putin is the new ultimate evil when their governments are historically proved to do much worse. I could rant forever about the ludicrous things I see when I try to check out popular sites to find out whats happening in the world -i've yet to find any one site where I could relax and see the truth, maybe watchingamerica with editorials from around the world would be close-

As I previously mentioned I may have flaws but I've always looked at myself and seen my flaws there. I recognize that from all the shit I just said I may come off as hypocritical myself, but I don't presume to be smarter than the western world, but holy FUCK are people in that area of the world so fucking retarded and ignorant, even about their so-called ally countries and their own fucking state

Ranting like this allowed me to vent. At this moment I could jump for joy if I heard putin nuked the hypocrites off the face of the map. At this point I feel I could just stay up all night looking outside on the street hoping to see an excuse to start beating the shit out of people who couldnt care less about the world around them -bullies praying in packs on little kids and girls, littering, people honking in the middle of the fucking night

God, help me have the courage to abstain from snapping one day and actually doing something I will live to regret

Humans are horrible creatures, and I should know best
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Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)04:31 No. 19304

>It was proper usage.
No it wasn't, not with that comma there.

Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)05:00 No. 19305

I really wanted to ban someone here, but everything's in order.

Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)06:25 No. 19307

>It was proper usage.
It was the same cancerous greentext bullshit using something besides >

[Blah blah blah]
[Blah blah blah blah I'm clever]
[Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Fuck yeah I'm edgy]

You're not clever, you're not edgy, you're just cancer.

Teenage Girl 14/03/05(Wed)21:31 No. 19134 [Reply]

File 139405149372.png - (157.07KB , 379x455 , raven.png )

Started anti-depressants, feeling horrible.

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Teenage Girl 14/03/16(Sun)21:39 No. 19228

Tell me about your mother.

Teenage Girl 14/03/18(Tue)08:36 No. 19229

File 139512817726.png - (691.67KB , 1536x649 , Screenshot from 2014-03-17 21:49:19.png )


Teenage Girl 14/04/16(Wed)20:44 No. 19298

Oh wow it's really hard to read this thread. I'm guessing you're a young male, late teens to early twenties? I'd hazard your psychiatrist is a money-grubbing jew and hasn't warned you about the massive deceit the pharmaceutical companies use when applying for licensing to distribute by the FDA.

It's not my business to check it for you because I'm not familiar with a lot of your drugs, I know for certain that Prozac is bullshit, so good thing you stopped taking that (worse responses in trials than placebos, only had a positive effect in 2 of many trials by big pharma, that's the requirement to get a drug to retail). Check if there's data available to the public on the efficacy of the drugs. If trial statistics aren't available it's because the shithead companies are hiding the bad results.

Good luck with being a hormone-laden teen, go on holiday or something and see how much better you feel.

The Fox 14/04/09(Wed)22:05 No. 19266 [Reply]

File 139707390162.jpg - (9.76KB , 215x121 , image.jpg )

Scenes from tv/movies/games ect that give you feels?

Matchbox Prince 14/04/10(Thu)21:10 No. 19267

Holy shit that episode made me cry. "I haven't held you since you were a baby."

Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgdahnCtU0E

Teenage Girl 14/04/15(Tue)18:33 No. 19291

I liked Attack on Titan because the main character for most eps was in a rage, just pissed off at everything. It was refreshing to be encouraged to be pissed off with the guy, and you're in the right.

Gurren Lagann makes me feel emboldened, mainly the last few eps and some large enemy battles during the show.

"Psychonauts". Teenage Girl 14/04/07(Mon)17:58 No. 19260 [Reply]

File 139688629562.jpg - (218.31KB , 960x727 , nD0tolL.jpg )

The way people describe psychedelic trips makes them sound like fucking retards. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and enjoy the freedom to use drugs. It's just the way self-proclaimed psychonauts talk about this shit that annoys me.

"Everything is alive, man, there's all this energy and personality in the environment, you don't know how it is dude..."

The bullshit these idiots say makes no goddamn sense. I mean I get it, you're trying to communicate the experience in some poetic way, because "that's how you gotta identify with it" or whatever. But that shit has a name, it's called dissociativity, euphoria, synaesthesia, et fucking cetera. You sound like a child.

And let me stop you there, mate, I know what you're about to say, "It's all about being like a child, dude... We're all children on the inside anyway, children are the only ones who are really *aware*, bro..."

Will you shut the fuck up with your half-assed attempt at caveman-tier philosophising? I don't need DMT to tell me shit that I can read in some fucking homeopathic reiki manual (if I wanted to give it any credit in the first fucking place).

"But it's *personal*, man, you have to experience it to understand it, no words can communicate the-"

Motherfucker just admit that you like the sensations of depersonalisation. Along with a bunch of pretty colours and hypersensitve fingertips. You didn't have a goddamn revelation, you regressed to a stage of infantile retardation and it was *fun*. THAT'S ALL.

Stop trying to be EE Cummings meets Carl Fucking Sagan.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 14/04/14(Mon)14:26 No. 19281

That just means more for me, you stupid fucking pussy.

Teenage Girl 14/04/15(Tue)09:22 No. 19284

File 139754655717.gif - (785.46KB , 250x250 , TeamAmerica2.gif )

All the shitty tasting gum you can eat.

Fuck yeah.

Teenage Girl 14/04/15(Tue)15:33 No. 19287

I fucking love you, if I were less retarded I would've written your post because it's exactly how I feel.

Apparently watching TV from an early age retards brain development in areas responsible for imagination, and whatever else. Rather than using psychedelics I'd be far more interested in lucid dreaming, but for the drug user that requires too much effort and self-control, the easier artificial high is what they'll always go for like the mice hitting the pleasure button til they starve.

Fuck people who have kids Teenage Girl 14/02/10(Mon)09:42 No. 19051 [Reply]

File 139202176848.jpg - (39.88KB , 500x278 , strict parents.jpg )

I hate people who have kids. I get that the whole point for parents is that they want to have their offspring live a better life than they did, but that's fucking stupid. This board right here is evidence that we are not living a fucking better life, and all these asshole parents that brag about how much they love their kids and can't stop posting picture of them on Facebook should just kill themselves. Fuck them, all they're doing is creating a generation of more miserable humans that don't want to be here. What I hate worse is all the faggots who say "I'm gonna be the coolest dad/mom in town" and they don't even let their kids watch PG-13 movies until they are actually 13, I mean, what the fuck? Everyone who justifies having kids is just lying to themselves. But like, what do you guys think? The best response I ever get is "well I gotta pass my genes on" so if you guys have anything more thought provoking I'd love to hear it. At this point I would have to say most of my depression revolves around living with my parents.

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Teenage Girl 14/04/13(Sun)16:18 No. 19276

I disagree. It's a great planet. A big bloody beautiful dynamic planet with great sweeping ancient rock formations, gleaming sculpted ice masses, rolling desert sands, great towering purple mountain ranges, vast mysterious oceans and undersea reefs and caverns, active plates, geysers and volcanoes, all in the perfect place in our solar system, a moon, a magnetosphere, all the things that make life comfortable and easy in a universe of extremely deadly things. It even has tens of millions of interesting, ever-changing unique, colorful, interesting species on it.

The problem isn't the planet being shitty, the problem is one species having to be shitty. One dominant species, from savage brutal origins, that has developed just enough intelligence to be dangerous, but is still primitive enough that it thinks being dominant over all things is what it's all about.

The rest of this world needs that species to either grow up already, or die off like 99.95% of those that came before it that couldn't reach equilibrium.

Teenage Girl 14/04/14(Mon)20:03 No. 19282

I like you.

Teenage Girl 14/04/15(Tue)05:56 No. 19283

So you disagree with the
>>It's a pretty shitty planet
part, but concur with the
>>and people should just stop coming here
one. It's fine, we don't have major discrepancies.

Teenage Girl 14/03/10(Mon)22:42 No. 19173 [Reply]

File 139448777091.jpg - (132.06KB , 600x399 , Gator_2013.jpg )

So I thought my boss was coming onto me. Then I remembered I have the sex appeal of a tic tac and she's just flirtatious.

Relieved as fuck, but some how feeling slightly miffed.

Share with me your mild disappointments, /rnb/

pic unrelated.

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Teenage Girl 14/03/13(Thu)17:35 No. 19219

Ok this is like 1000% correct, but we were being immature asses because that is what we do.

The times I got the most (sexual) attention from women were when we were all working in a closed setting, we slept at the workplace. I had a greater endurance for our work so I'd finish more than my share consistently and take up other people's burdens when they couldn't handle it. It was a manual job, so it's not like I was filling out shitty paperwork, and I enjoyed it and liked being there.

Like really, it's the nicest thing hearing reports that the women were all gossiping about who was hot and would get a porking and you're the topic of conversation.

Teenage Girl 14/04/02(Wed)21:35 No. 19256

Hate it when that happens, I feel like a sperglord for misreading things.

Teenage Girl 14/04/03(Thu)21:36 No. 19257

It's ok, here you're free to misread, misinterpret, or even completely ignore other people's posts and go off on any rant you choose in any thread you choose so long as you maintain or perpetuate RAGE or BAWW.


Teenage Girl 14/01/30(Thu)22:47 No. 18982 [Reply]

File 139111842452.jpg - (87.41KB , 800x1071 , 33dw3yw.jpg )

Why am I afraid of people even though I'm a borderline sociopath?

I have no problem with breaking the law and generally only set up relationships for material gain. I feel nothing toward even my closest family.

How the fuck do I become fearless?

inb4 edgelord, although I guess I am

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Teenage Girl 14/03/11(Tue)00:47 No. 19176

You're not a sociopath, kid, you're verging on omega male territory.
Being a selfish piece of shit =/= ubermensch status.

Teenage Girl 14/03/11(Tue)04:20 No. 19183

You still have feelings, is why. Try working on your social life. Try getting invested in other people's lives (without being intrusive, of-course) and see how you feel. You might not be a sociopath, you might just be withdrawn detached from you emotions.

I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. I'm just saying this shit because because I kinda felt like you for a while, but it turns out that I was just lonely (and sexually frustrated) and I hated my family. The more I tried to get in touch with my feelings, the more I cried. Now, I not lonely anymore and I really don't want friends (or family for that matter) all that much. Might be because I'm married and that gives me all the social/sexual interactions I need to function properly.

Teenage Girl 14/03/26(Wed)22:44 No. 19240

>if your afraid

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