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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 16/01/13(Wed)05:42 No. 20848 ID: 1847f2

the tfw when nobody gave me advice :`(

Padazryvayuschy:-) Teenage Girl 16/05/26(Thu)13:24 No. 20989 ID: 726cf3 [Reply]

File 146426185447.jpg - (60.72KB , 650x488 , kwqDpDHASJQ.jpg )


Teenage Girl 16/05/23(Mon)16:46 No. 20985 ID: aa6ed8 [Reply]

File 146401481964.gif - (9.83KB , 192x200 , art331.gif )

I was 18 when I joined blue lodge freemasonry. My training ended prematurely because of supposed paedophilia.

I spoke to great people like Isaac Newton (Illuminati) and Francis Bacon.

I even met the Rosicrucian's "Most perfect man" The count of st. Germaine.

This last fucking asshole made me infertile and impotent. I was snorting amphetamine and masturbating. Nothing wrong there, right? All of a sudden this white thing comes out of my penis (not sperm, but looked like a soul). Also, the count of st. Germaine made a horizontal slice through my prostate using some kind of sword.

The count of St. Germaine is Leonardo Da Vinci's painting of the most perfect man. You know it.

Now the woman who is or was waiting for me. I will never satisfy her. I have a limp dick forever. I can't get it to full stiffness.

Then I EXITED MASONRY. I touched my eye with my hand. That's how you get out.

tl'dr infertile impotent because secret orders and niggers.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 16/05/23(Mon)20:05 No. 20986 ID: f0a0cb

What the fuck is this?

Teenage Girl 16/05/24(Tue)23:54 No. 20987 ID: ae95f9

If you take it at face value, this is a very Protestant kind of anti-Masonic horror story. You can tell because it involves a focus on the ritualistic behaviors that invoke supernatural powers outside of God. The more Catholic flavor of anti-Masonry claims that they're not ritualistic enough and will become deists at best and hostile to organized religions at worst.

However, the simpler answer is amphetamines. Of all the classes of drugs they seem to do the most efficient job of deluding people into becoming self-important assholes.

Teenage Girl 16/05/25(Wed)11:08 No. 20988 ID: aa6ed8

Disinfo bot

fortitude lost 14/03/07(Fri)08:42 No. 19150 ID: e91960 [Reply]

File 139417813956.jpg - (95.32KB , 1024x685 , 1393468992260.jpg )

I guess I'll spill this here

When I was 15 I started dating this "scene" girl. She was cute, but had a wide array of problems. Cutting, suicide threats, emotional abuse, cheating, the works. After 4 long years of dating, I finally decided to end it. The first time, this lasted 7 months of being broken up. we then got back together for a few months, then I broke up again, only for her to insist we could have a friends with benefits relationship. I agreed and every other month i got the "I think i'm pregnant" talk. Eventually I grew tired of that too and said we needed to cut it off entirely. She freaked out, sent pictures of her cutting herself, showed up at my house, threatened all sorts of stuff and then claimed shes pregnant. In the mean time, I've found a girl who really cares about me and stuff. She doesn't care about all the terrible things that have happened with me. We got together last month. Today though. Today something awful happened. I visited said ex because "post abortion distress" and so i showed up. Long story short, she ended up blowing me. I knew it would happen. I knew i'd be weak. I can't believe im such a fuck up. I haven't told my new girlfriend yet. I dont know if i can. I really should.

oh and some milf I had sex with extorted over 10000$ out of me because I "got her pregnant" while she was on the pill

Fuck girls. fuck sex. fuck everything

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Teenage Girl 14/03/14(Fri)03:34 No. 19220 ID: a31a4c

You should hook up with >>/b/719680
You have lots of common interests, like unwarranted self-importance and absolute faith in stupid ideas.

Teenage Girl 14/03/14(Fri)07:51 No. 19222 ID: e9ee54

It's absolutely hilarious that this guy rifles off a near-complete checklist of right-wing radio talking points for the past few years, then claims that he's not really a conservative. The self-delusion of this guy is amazing.

I'd say he was trolling, except I genuinely think he's just that special kind of stupid.

I thought you were gone? Please, by all means, keep crying about how liberals are to blame for your life being shit.

You know, if you stop and think about it, there really isn't much difference between conservative southern culture and urban ghetto gang culture. Never talk to the cops, worship guns, and you're out to screw everyone else, even your family. Two sides of the same diseased coin. But at least gang bangers are honest about their behavior and motives.

Teenage Girl 14/03/15(Sat)05:44 No. 19224 ID: 10d6c2

>You blurt out shit that sounds right, but with any digging there's no substance to your claim.
Pot, meet Kettle.

>You think that's comedy?
Note Comedy | News | Talk-Show.

Just because a black man is in the White House doesn't mean that everyone who criticizes him is automatically correct.

Teenage Girl 16/02/12(Fri)20:13 No. 20853 ID: 6382d3 [Reply]

File 145530443399.gif - (55.60KB , 500x321 , 770.gif )

if I see one more of those fat ugly fuck activists trying to combat body shaming or something on "normal" social media I will body shame everyone into suicide

if I'm okay with seeing stank nasty I'll go to somewhere like here, leave normal places out of it you flubber dyke faggots I hope you die in a fire and end up in a fast food chain's cooking vats

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Teenage Girl 16/05/19(Thu)06:43 No. 20980 ID: f3e7d5

You're almost there.

Stupid people can't process that "global warming" could result in extreme snowstorms, etc. because they have no idea about the globe and equilibrium, etc. Corporate and political interests that stand to profit from further exploitation of the Earth step in here and say "look, see! no global warming! everything fine! scientists evil ner-do-wells!" and everybody buys it.

I don't know who coined the term, but sooner or later science acquiesced to giving up on telling people about "fighting global warming" and endorsed a strategy of "managing climate change".

Teenage Girl 16/05/22(Sun)13:03 No. 20982 ID: 11b8ea

Not everybody. Just the stupid people. Which, sadly, accounts for slightly more or slightly less than 50% of the voting public (depending on whether it's a presidential election year or not).

Teenage Girl 16/05/22(Sun)17:26 No. 20983 ID: e5c393

Stupid people are the clear majority.

Thought Teenage Girl 16/05/19(Thu)02:17 No. 20977 ID: 5446c8 [Reply]

File 146361704338.png - (198.66KB , 315x312 , 1448258944631-b.png )

I zone out constantly getting lost in my thoughts. I think about shit like the vastness of the universe and the infinite curvature of space. Then I remember I am not but an ape with bonus intelligence living on some insignificant pebble infinitely falling through the infinity of space and being hurled around a giant nuclear ball of flame and just how fragile everything us. I think about shit like how everyone goes about their day-to-day lives to rarely ever stop and examine what the hell they're doing and what the point of it is. I get stressed about things and then I just think why? Why must we stress over things that are temporary? It's all so ridiculously pointless. I feel disconnected from other people because it seems to me that they're all just following the latest cool thing to do. War, the most pointless thing, fought for nothing but the glory of the destruction of others or the garnering of resources. If we all just got along we wouldnt need to fight. But no, nobody can do this for some reason, there always has to be so much hostility. I like to imagine a world in which humans just got along. The hate. Hate crumbles societies. It topples empires. The very foundations of everything that makes us human are shaken by the quake of hatred. We fight all of our petty fights because we feel that our own selves matter more than the good of the whole. It's all so helplessly pointless.

Teenage Girl 16/05/19(Thu)05:08 No. 20979 ID: 0808a5

>It topples empires

Empires arent formed peacefully in the first place.

Teenage Girl 16/05/19(Thu)19:49 No. 20981 ID: 5f0caf

Your mind is full of fuck.

Worse things could happen; revel in your time.

Teenage Girl 15/02/04(Wed)00:06 No. 20385 ID: 7e6ce7 [Reply]

File 142300479375.jpg - (23.50KB , 569x428 , consdier the following.jpg )

A realization I had that bothers me a little.

Bestiality, Furfags, guys thinking they're supposed to be women, every sick fetish you can think of... all stem from the fact that we became accepting of gays. All of those bible thumpers who claimed "If we accept them, next we'll have to accept a man wanted to fuck his dog" were right.

Now, I support gays 100%. I've had a few gay experiences myself. and that's why I'm bothered by this. Every one of these sick fucks has groups of people claiming they're the next form of modern acceptance that must happen. That we're all immoral for thinking a person wanting to be legally identified as a mascot costumed wolf, a man thinking he's a woman if he chops his dick off and takes hormones, or the idea that there are a million genders and orientations and you are whichever one you want to be, are weird or wrong.

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Teenage Girl 15/10/01(Thu)21:26 No. 20783 ID: 9ca664

I think your mom's terribly flawed m8 :^)

Teenage Girl 15/10/09(Fri)06:40 No. 20797 ID: fdf4b0

It was terribly flawed of your mother not to abort you.

Teenage Girl 16/05/19(Thu)01:45 No. 20976 ID: 5446c8

You've put all this into far too broad of a category.
>Because we started accepting gays
[Citation needed]
No. There have been furries in (recorded) history since 1925. http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/History
Beastiality is depicted on prehistoric cave drawings. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_zoophilia

>men thinking they want to be girls
Sex change operations since the 50s.
The mental condition, however has been around since the greeks at the very least http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22844818
>all other sick fetishes
1) Too vague
2) Fetishes are a part of human sexuality, period.
3)Sick serves only a subjective meaning here.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Am I wrong? Teenage Girl 15/07/28(Tue)03:20 No. 20682 ID: f60d7c [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 143804642061.jpg - (33.87KB , 390x285 , burnedflagX390_0.jpg )

I'm wondering how y'all view morality and stuff...

I'm religious, and think homosexuality is an abomination. Even though I morally oppose gay marriage, I don't really care for it because I don't think it makes a difference... society is already sinful and wicked, and homosexuality is just one aspect of that.
I support the freedom to deny wedding requests and if I were a baker or did any form of catering, I'd refuse to do a gay wedding.

I have and wouldn't hesitate to continue speaking against homosexuality. I went through christian schools and knew some gay students. I would not be shy about saying their feelings are abominable.
If I have a wife and kids I will teach my children to be like me. If one of them is gay, I'd still love them, but I'd also condemn them and since I'd be burdened by the concept of them going to hell, I'd try to distance myself.
Not out of hate... but it's reasonable why parents often time disown gay kids. It's not hate, it's because you know they're not going to heaven, so it's painful to get close to them.

However, I do not believe in doing anything I feel directly harms gays?

My question is,.. do I seem like a bigot? Or bad person? Or harmful to gays? Is the fact that I don't believe in directly hurting them enough for you to respect my views.
Doesn't the fact that I support freedom and refuse to do something that would directly take kit way justify my homophobia?
I mean, if I don't support taking away gay peoples freedom or killing them or anything... then why is it wrong for me to be homophobic personally.
And if you're allowed to say it's okay to be gay, then why is it wrong for me to spread my religious beliefs?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 16/05/12(Thu)10:23 No. 20969 ID: 9ea8d1

Yes, you are wrong.


Teenage Girl 16/05/18(Wed)15:31 No. 20973 ID: ebc792

>Am I wrong?
Morally speaking, I hold no stance on whether or not something someone else is doing is morally right or wrong, as morality is entirely subjective.
Objectively speaking, there is no evidence to support your god, nor is there anything in your own holy book explicitly condemning homosexuality. There is also a large number of studies suggesting that your intense hatred of homosexuality indicates that you are likely homosexual yourself, so yes, you are objectively wrong.

Teenage Girl 16/05/18(Wed)18:13 No. 20974 ID: ef4fff

>explicitly condemning homosexuality

Valid point is valid. WHile Leviticus forbids homosexual intercourse, there's nothing to say that being sexually attracted to the same sex itself is wrong in any book of the Bible. After all, >>20682's god is supposedly a man, who made himself a man to love and to dote on--who then betrayed him and so was cursed down to all his prodgeny to live in toil--to be saved only in death through a life of faithful servitude to the one who loved him, and still loves him. He's willing to forgive and move forward with there relationship at the next level; when Adam dies God's invites him to live with him for eternity.

Sounds like a homo romance to me.

Teenage Girl 15/04/03(Fri)12:24 No. 20465 ID: 0127dd [Reply]

File 14280566421.png - (19.45KB , 300x309 , mad.png )



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Teenage Girl 15/07/03(Fri)10:19 No. 20655 ID: 5e1030

Not to mention directing companies you influence and/or directly control to spend tax deductible funds on campaign contributions. They're not supposed to be, but Fortune 500 companies always magically find ways around rules like that. Then the peons they elect sit in office and obstruct, obstruct, obstruct any attempt at closing those loopholes or god forbid requiring public disclosure of all political donations.

Teenage Girl 15/07/08(Wed)17:40 No. 20660 ID: 19ed78


Teenage Girl 16/05/18(Wed)15:23 No. 20972 ID: ebc792

They're not being segregated based on race, rather everyone is segregated based on wealth. The reason black people tend to be poorer is because they grew up in places which were already poor and e.g. got a poorer education from their public school as a result. (Public schools in US are funded by property tax on surrounding areas, and since the people living in these poor areas are, well, poor, there aren't many homeowners who have to pay property tax)

Teenage Girl 14/06/30(Mon)21:47 No. 19700 ID: ab04a4 [Reply]

File 140415763042.jpg - (425.80KB , 1920x1080 , IMG_20140530_182511.jpg )

Three vehicles have died on me in the last six months.

The first one was not a big surprise, as it was very old, but gave out at an inconvenient time: one week before a vacation, during which I had a particularly intense amount of work to do, having rearranged my schedule to make time for said vacation. Cancelling and re-rescheduling not being considerable, it came down to acquiring transportation within 3 hours of the breakdown (an explosion in the engine, causing irrepairable damage). It still sits in front of my apartment, waiting for me to habe twenty-fucking-minutes free to call a scrapping service.

So I spent half my vacation funds and all of my backup savings on a new, "better" vehicle. I got swindled; it was a complete piece of shit and dangerous as all hell by design (a top-heavy lean-over trike with no gyro, unkown miliage and no proper oil change for an unknown amount of time; some of which I was told with some spin that made it sound like no problem and some of which i was outright lied to about or not told at all: i didn't have time to think it through and the seller was a personal friend and co-worker). It's in the shop now being disected so as to know if the engine block cracked, the crank ripped itself apart, or the cylinder seized. Maybe I'll have to pay a fee to have it scrapped.

Another "friend and co-worker" promised to help with the trike and let me "borrow" his moped in the meantime. No help ever came, and the borrowing is apparently not free. Having no choice in the matter, I've been riding this around the past month or so and dreading the day i'll have to pay up (since i already lost all my savings buying the trike and half my income cancelling work when it broke down). It broke down today; inexplicably won't start anymore. I could probably fix it if I had the right size of socket to take out the spark plug but then I'd have to have several hours of free time to get to the only hardware store in town that would have it, take the thing out, soak it in cleaner for at least a half hour, and then find out the problem is something worse. I'll probably have to pay for the whole bike, which is as much an ancient piece of junk as the last two and i'll havexto cancel work until i can find transport.

At this rate i'll probably lose half of my jobs permanently because my clients' patience is wearing thin and they don't even believe all this shit. Everything that's happened has either cost me a lot of money or lost a lot of income and it's only going to get worse.

i don't have the money to get out of this situation now and i will only have less as time goes on.


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Teenage Girl 14/07/01(Tue)20:29 No. 19705 ID: e9ee54

Be sure to use house paint applied with rollers too. That textured finish will spell class to clients, and never raise police suspicion.

Teenage Girl 14/07/04(Fri)13:59 No. 19712 ID: 1a805b

I'll get right on it.

Teenage Girl 16/05/03(Tue)17:48 No. 20964 ID: 35c778


Got some shit together. New jobs, new (ancient, used) vehicle, riding a bicycle and the train more. No fucking money. Everything goes to gf; student-visa to learn the language here (if she graduates, she could stay).

Getting old, and scarred over. Since last we met I've been hit by a car while riding a bicyle (cracked rib), fallen off a bike drunk twice, and twisted my ankle while hitting my face on a dance floor (new scar). Where are my cybernetic replacement parts?!

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