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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 14/07/01(Tue)06:30 No. 19701 ID: 6aae85


Fuck people who have kids Teenage Girl 14/02/10(Mon)09:42 No. 19051 ID: 75f557 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 139202176848.jpg - (39.88KB , 500x278 , strict parents.jpg )

I hate people who have kids. I get that the whole point for parents is that they want to have their offspring live a better life than they did, but that's fucking stupid. This board right here is evidence that we are not living a fucking better life, and all these asshole parents that brag about how much they love their kids and can't stop posting picture of them on Facebook should just kill themselves. Fuck them, all they're doing is creating a generation of more miserable humans that don't want to be here. What I hate worse is all the faggots who say "I'm gonna be the coolest dad/mom in town" and they don't even let their kids watch PG-13 movies until they are actually 13, I mean, what the fuck? Everyone who justifies having kids is just lying to themselves. But like, what do you guys think? The best response I ever get is "well I gotta pass my genes on" so if you guys have anything more thought provoking I'd love to hear it. At this point I would have to say most of my depression revolves around living with my parents.

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Teenage Girl 14/07/06(Sun)21:32 No. 19718 ID: befa90

Don't lie, you know you love it, bitch.

lol Weedz 14/07/22(Tue)00:28 No. 19801 ID: 3703f4

As a 32 year old man with 2 kids, I can tell you that you know shit about what you are talking about. When you get to experience to have a kid, your fucking whole kiddo-justinbieber world will fucking end and you will cry like a bitch when you see your first son.

So I know that's your way to think, maybe because you dislike your parents, but that doesn't mean people that actually love their kids are stupid.

Stupid is to think the way you do without trying it first.

BOOM bitch

Teenage Girl 14/07/22(Tue)06:55 No. 19802 ID: 86e709

It does that because when you have your first kid, your brain both issues massive hormone releases and physically rewires itself to the task of raising that offspring. That is why you feel like your whole world changes. It does. It also does this to a varying degree, in some less than others, and in cases of preexinsting trauma, the changes doen't always take. It's biology's way of ensuring you think having a kid is the greatest thing in the universe and the one and only meaning of your existence. At that point you have made yourself incapable of thinking rationally about the subject, suck in an emotional feedback loop rewarding how important having those fucked up brats you spawned makes you feel.

If you were able to think even slightly rationally about it, you'd arrive at the same conclusion everyone does, that there is no sound ethical argument supporting sexual reproduction at this point.

"Psychonauts". Teenage Girl 14/04/07(Mon)17:58 No. 19260 ID: 1c2bf6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 139688629562.jpg - (218.31KB , 960x727 , nD0tolL.jpg )

The way people describe psychedelic trips makes them sound like fucking retards. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and enjoy the freedom to use drugs. It's just the way self-proclaimed psychonauts talk about this shit that annoys me.

"Everything is alive, man, there's all this energy and personality in the environment, you don't know how it is dude..."

The bullshit these idiots say makes no goddamn sense. I mean I get it, you're trying to communicate the experience in some poetic way, because "that's how you gotta identify with it" or whatever. But that shit has a name, it's called dissociativity, euphoria, synaesthesia, et fucking cetera. You sound like a child.

And let me stop you there, mate, I know what you're about to say, "It's all about being like a child, dude... We're all children on the inside anyway, children are the only ones who are really *aware*, bro..."

Will you shut the fuck up with your half-assed attempt at caveman-tier philosophising? I don't need DMT to tell me shit that I can read in some fucking homeopathic reiki manual (if I wanted to give it any credit in the first fucking place).

"But it's *personal*, man, you have to experience it to understand it, no words can communicate the-"

Motherfucker just admit that you like the sensations of depersonalisation. Along with a bunch of pretty colours and hypersensitve fingertips. You didn't have a goddamn revelation, you regressed to a stage of infantile retardation and it was *fun*. THAT'S ALL.

Stop trying to be EE Cummings meets Carl Fucking Sagan.
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Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)20:23 No. 19797 ID: befa90

It'll happen some day. Maybe I'll have more credibility when the dollar collapses, good luck you spirited young hobos!

Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)22:24 No. 19799 ID: e9ee54

Maybe you'll have more credibility when your underground bunker collapses on you due to redneck engineering.

OP 14/07/21(Mon)23:20 No. 19800 ID: 1c2bf6

Yeah it's been enjoyable even if only for the tangential flamewars.

In retrospect, I agree completely.

Teenage Girl 14/07/14(Mon)01:47 No. 19753 ID: 1b02b6 [Reply]

File 140529525766.jpg - (100.22KB , 900x598 , jane_lane___daria_cosplay_by_faultyframe-d6hnx4z.jpg )

I'm quietly raging about my homosexuality and how others see/deal with it.

It's necessary to first say that there's nothing, aside from the extreme pleasure I get from fucking guys, right about homosexuality. I will argue alongside every homophobe that has spewed endless nonsense of how wrong it is and whatnot because ultimately it is a flaw of humanity, EXCEPT for their argument that it was a choice we have willingly made. How foolish it is to think that a child 4 years old would make the choice to behave like a girl, and to then be called out on it by his peers before he even knew what sexuality was. That was my brother, who, too, is homosexual but very feminine today.

To say that it is a choice at such an age is the equivalent of saying then that heterosexuality is a choice. You're shooting down your own heterosexuality in saying that they made the choice to, for if it is a choice, you yourself could easily change to being homosexual, right? Sexuality is as flexible as you think, right?

No, at the same time you started liking girls, I started liking boys.

It is a problematic mutation of mindset. I could argue that it is environmental down to the extreme subtleties that bypass adults but confuse children, or genetic, in which case we should be asking what of our lives is causing this genetic mutation. If diet, let's reassess everything. If Caesarian babies are suffocating in the womb, let's look at the physical characteristics of the mothers and fathers. Is it the roleplaying we enforce on children..? To behave a certain way because you are this gender?

At the same time, I think that homosexuals should not be taken seriously. To some extent we don't even deserve life, and should be treated like we're mental-illness patients. I'm deciding on the number of years it will be before liberalism goes too far and homosexuals are lined up to hit the guillotine or "sleeping pill".

Every day I wish that I was straight. I wish that I could cater to and be sexually aroused by the delicate framework of femininity. I see a boy holding a girl's hand, or curled up next to her giving her all his affection, and see him so subtly in love with her. He is an emotional provider to his love. I yearn to be a provider. I see two men communicating to one another and see the fellowship that I could never have, because I would be too affected by my hidden desire to put my penis in his butthole. I'm jealous that I am not them. I want to be normal, but I cannot be.

I remember when I was young, a friend's extremely young sister stood by the bathroom door naked calling out for her mother's assistance. The mom, who came down to cater to her, saw me staring at her and said "what the heck are you doing?”, throwing utter contempt at me for doing so. At the same time, that mother would be okay with me changing Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)05:06 No. 19794 ID: befa90

I don't see how, it's statistics and the same lame sources you guys use for your information on faggotry.

Current understanding is estrogen exposure in the womb feminizes male brains causing them to get gay. I didn't make this up, this is what the current literature says is a probable cause combined with possible genetic, environmental factors.
Eat a dick, but only if you have a fem brain.

Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)10:01 No. 19796 ID: e9ee54

>same lame sources
That's the problem. You're relying on lame sources.

Good to know that you've figured out precisely why homosexuality exists in nature at the same rate it does in human beings. You really should publish.

Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)20:26 No. 19798 ID: befa90

Stop being retarded and read it again: current understanding. The same lame sources refers to my view of them, not yours. If you support the mainstream scientific understanding of faggery that's all I'm highlighting here, except with the implications that come with them such as: shock horror what a pregnant woman does or does not eat can affect the growth of her child. But naw, just go on flippety flopping around while getting assrammed, if you're happy who's complaining?

Teenage Girl 14/04/13(Sun)01:03 No. 19272 ID: 3095a9 [Reply]

File 139734378112.jpg - (9.67KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

I was there for them when their lives came crashing down.

Then when I wanted to spend my birthday with them, they all suddenly pretended not to know me.

Friends do not exist. We merely form parasitic relationships with other humans.

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Teenage Girl 14/04/14(Mon)13:57 No. 19280 ID: a7db96

Well. We tend to form relationships with those similar to us.

Teenage Girl 14/04/17(Thu)06:30 No. 19308 ID: 10d6c2

File 139770902636.gif - (899.29KB , 300x251 , WookinPaNub.gif )

>looking for friendship in the wrong places

Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)03:14 No. 19789 ID: b5fe14

File 140590529034.png - (115.44KB , 386x418 , rolan.png )

I know this feel. I don't even understand why I treat people like shit alot of the time, probably just because they let me. Also that bit about good people is spot on, they are boring as fuck. Do you want good friends or fun friends?

Teenage Girl 14/06/11(Wed)10:52 No. 19587 ID: acc502 [Reply]

File 140247673330.jpg - (88.22KB , 640x640 , Whole.jpg )

Pure fuckin' BULLSHIT! I'm 5'4(162.5cm)in height with the waist like a Barbie doll! I can't find ANY FUCKIN'! Clothing stores with shit in my size! I need to put extra holes in belts with a knife! I need to safety pin my pant legs up! FUCK! I can't get my clothing tailored because I can't get a job and do you know why? NO ONE WILL HIRE SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO PIN UP THEIR PANT LEGS!


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Teenage Girl 14/07/18(Fri)02:26 No. 19775 ID: 10d6c2

Because fat people are disgusting, and most of the people on the internet are fat.

When someone more normal sized comes along, everyone jumps onto the sex train to party town bandwagon.

Teenage Girl 14/07/18(Fri)08:26 No. 19776 ID: 54e99b

Try to not describe how you look everywhere you go.
Men with womanly features seem to be a fad lately.

Teenage Girl 14/07/21(Mon)01:59 No. 19787 ID: cdebbc

Here are your options.
>be tall
>buy clothes online

Teenage Girl 14/06/12(Thu)05:08 No. 19590 ID: 4f6856 [Reply]

File 140254250794.jpg - (82.13KB , 1280x720 , 1249817566083.jpg )

Ok, so my roommate is a faggot. When I try to sleep during the day he makes noise on purpose. The combination of that and this being the exam period has made me chronically sleep-deprived.

In fact, I now apparently can't sleep at night even. Yesterday that piece of shit came into the room drunk 3 hours after I fell asleep, started walking around, threw my slippers out of the room for some reason and called his girlfriend on the phone telling her "I've been a bad boy" and "I can't sleep" in this disgusting fake cutesy voice. He finally fell asleep while eating some weird processed rice dish, talking on the phone, holding a paper fan and having his headphones on for whatever the fuck reason.

The fuck do I do? Keep in mind, I'm a pussy. I was thinking of "misplacing" something of his when I leave. Any ideas?

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Teenage Girl 14/06/28(Sat)22:23 No. 19683 ID: 208467

You pussied out. Don't try and sugar coat it.

Teenage Girl 14/06/29(Sun)01:38 No. 19686 ID: 60d36e



Teenage Girl 14/07/14(Mon)07:33 No. 19757 ID: 18d91e

File 140531599084.jpg - (57.24KB , 499x281 , thf5kr1.jpg )

man the fuck up faggot

Teenage Girl 13/09/06(Fri)20:21 No. 18165 ID: a91b1a [Reply]

File 137849170479.jpg - (39.19KB , 600x450 , 543543543543.jpg )

My friend wants me to see a movie with her tonight. I don't want to go, I hate crowds, I hate being around people. I would rather be by myself like I always am, do some homework, play video games.

I'm a fucking loser.

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im new newguy 14/07/12(Sat)07:00 No. 19749 ID: 8b1729

File 140514124326.jpg - (8.14KB , 261x178 , 1382305374926.jpg )

yo OP listen to me

you are an introvert, which just means that you are prone to feeling most comfortable by yourself.

go to the movies with that bitch of yours, and when you feel exasperated or uncomfortable, just recognize the fact that it's the effect of introversion and it's not real and doesn't mean anything

the fuck will be worth it, i guarantee it. After the fuck, you will be less introverted

source: psychology class at my college

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 14/07/12(Sat)10:11 No. 19750 ID: d0db92

OP, I know how you feel. I'm the exact same way. My girlfriend wanted me go watch some Hunger Games movie and I hate crowds and traveling and rather spend my eternity playing video games and I did.

But sometimes you got to do shit you don't want to do, that's life. Because sure as shit your girlfriend (if you still have one) is putting up with all kinds of shit she doesn't want to. It's a two-way street. If you are going to just act on your comforts, you might as well let some other guy take her out.

Teenage Girl 14/07/13(Sun)18:22 No. 19751 ID: bb0fa2

hunger games would make a great oculus rift game.

Everyone is shit Anon 14/06/28(Sat)22:08 No. 19681 ID: 4f1699 [Reply]

File 140398612286.png - (77.83KB , 1256x704 , forchan.png )

I'm a religious dude. I don't believe in any sort of religion, I just advise people, read random scriptures at folks, and abolish peoples sins. Practically all for Christians or gays. So the people I see are generally pretty nice since they're religious people (in the way that they believe in religious stuff)

So even THOSE people are complete shit. Everyone.. Everyone on the planet is a big fucking turd.

Everyone either has a disgustingly grotesque sense of morality, and if I could I would castrate them all. Or they are living their life to the fullest by becoming addicted to escapism.

"The point of life is to try and escape life with drugs and alcohol!"

You're a fucking retarded hamster-man stuck running in a wheel full of your own shit thinking you're going somewhere.

I am not a fan of the mentality that death is all that life is leading up to and that it will be the highlight of life, but seriously, dying is the only thing I am looking forward to. Sadly with my health and age, and medical advancements I am probably going to live another 60 years.

Maybe the problem is that I have a very high standard that I hold myself to (Not necessarily a morality standard, but a success standard) and no one else lives up to my expectations of how humans should act.

Kids back in elementary school annoyed me and I disliked them because they were all stupid and immature. But that's just the elementary-dwellers natural innate state right? Well when I turned into an adult I realized that people never fucking changed at all. They do everything exactly the same, just now instead of cooties it's drugs and sexual assault.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 14/07/06(Sun)12:44 No. 19715 ID: a67a87

Are you a secrerly agnostic Lutherian priest who holds contraversial weddings for homosexuals and quietly looks down on all of humanity while narcisistically waiting for death to free you from western civilization?

Because that's the only way to make sense of your point of view, assuming your not a 14 year old, newborn "atheist".

Teenage Girl 14/07/06(Sun)17:54 No. 19716 ID: dff6a0

Humans aren't going anywhere either way, OP. They're as fragile and pointless and fleeting as any other part of the thin scum of life covering this planet. They're also dangerously stupid, and all signs point to their own self-annihilation, so you don't have much to worry about long-term, but for their legacy of trashing the place for each other and everyone to come after them and all other life forms here.

Sucks to have been a living thing during the K-T extinction, and it sucks to have been a living thing through the Holocene extinction. There's no escaping it, you're art of a doomed species.

...I'd bet your abolishing sins is particularly funny to those who know what you're trying to do is absolve sins.

Teenage Girl 14/07/07(Mon)01:57 No. 19723 ID: 7ac9b9

File 140469105743.png - (741.39KB , 500x661 , ZLHO.png )

>You're a fucking retarded hamster-man stuck running in a wheel full of your own shit thinking you're going somewhere.

That had me loling 😄

Teenage Girl 14/06/30(Mon)21:47 No. 19700 ID: ab04a4 [Reply]

File 140415763042.jpg - (425.80KB , 1920x1080 , IMG_20140530_182511.jpg )

Three vehicles have died on me in the last six months.

The first one was not a big surprise, as it was very old, but gave out at an inconvenient time: one week before a vacation, during which I had a particularly intense amount of work to do, having rearranged my schedule to make time for said vacation. Cancelling and re-rescheduling not being considerable, it came down to acquiring transportation within 3 hours of the breakdown (an explosion in the engine, causing irrepairable damage). It still sits in front of my apartment, waiting for me to habe twenty-fucking-minutes free to call a scrapping service.

So I spent half my vacation funds and all of my backup savings on a new, "better" vehicle. I got swindled; it was a complete piece of shit and dangerous as all hell by design (a top-heavy lean-over trike with no gyro, unkown miliage and no proper oil change for an unknown amount of time; some of which I was told with some spin that made it sound like no problem and some of which i was outright lied to about or not told at all: i didn't have time to think it through and the seller was a personal friend and co-worker). It's in the shop now being disected so as to know if the engine block cracked, the crank ripped itself apart, or the cylinder seized. Maybe I'll have to pay a fee to have it scrapped.

Another "friend and co-worker" promised to help with the trike and let me "borrow" his moped in the meantime. No help ever came, and the borrowing is apparently not free. Having no choice in the matter, I've been riding this around the past month or so and dreading the day i'll have to pay up (since i already lost all my savings buying the trike and half my income cancelling work when it broke down). It broke down today; inexplicably won't start anymore. I could probably fix it if I had the right size of socket to take out the spark plug but then I'd have to have several hours of free time to get to the only hardware store in town that would have it, take the thing out, soak it in cleaner for at least a half hour, and then find out the problem is something worse. I'll probably have to pay for the whole bike, which is as much an ancient piece of junk as the last two and i'll havexto cancel work until i can find transport.

At this rate i'll probably lose half of my jobs permanently because my clients' patience is wearing thin and they don't even believe all this shit. Everything that's happened has either cost me a lot of money or lost a lot of income and it's only going to get worse.

i don't have the money to get out of this situation now and i will only have less as time goes on.


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Teenage Girl 14/07/01(Tue)15:27 No. 19703 ID: ab04a4

Sounds good. I wish life was like GTA.
Then I could even kill the people who've fucked me and not care about the consequences.

Teenage Girl 14/07/01(Tue)20:29 No. 19705 ID: e9ee54

Be sure to use house paint applied with rollers too. That textured finish will spell class to clients, and never raise police suspicion.

Teenage Girl 14/07/04(Fri)13:59 No. 19712 ID: 1a805b

I'll get right on it.

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